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Paris Hebdo attack a false flag?
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February 23, 2011
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April 23, 2015 - 5:56 pm
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Now it's German's turn.

  1. Germanwings airliner crash was a plot (3/29/2015)


I think Germanwings airline crash was similar to recent airplane accidents – MH370, MH17. It was done by a big black hand. The purpose is to intimidate German to join war against Russia in Ukraine. France was warned too – that was Paris Hebdo “terror attack”. Now it’s German’s turn.


In disappearance case of MH370, I allege they used Uninterruptible autopilot system. (see #825, 826, 830, 832, 835, 851) In this case, they used EM sleep wave.


Co-pilot Lubitz was in forced asleep and couldn’t react to any outside world’s noise.


Who was Andreas Lubitz, Germanwings co-pilot blamed for crash?


By Diana Magnay, Ashley Fantz and Catherine E. Shoichet, CNN

, Fri March 27, 2015


The only sound the recorder picked up from Lubitz as the Airbus A320 went down, Marseille prosecutor Brice Robin said, was the co-pilot's steady breathing.


I had a lot of experience with that mandated sleep wave. It was a “sudden, irresistible sleepiness”. I couldn’t wake up even if there was a severe headache. (Headache was caused by a separate EM microwave ray shooting, sleep wave only force people to go asleep) I wrote about this 13 years ago. See “12. Mind control EM sleep wave (1)” to # 16.


“Steady breathing” may well explain Rubitz was in deep sleep. Air-controller’s communication, knock at cabinet door, passengers’ scream, none could interrupt him. As for the locked door, if someone could install sleep device in cockpit, they could do similar work as well.

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February 23, 2011
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May 11, 2015 - 8:01 pm
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12. Mind control EM sleep wave (1)

When I talked about microwave killing, some readers asked if that is a mind control pulse wave. I went to the web site they gave me. The neuro-electrical magnet wave which imitate brain wave could produce Microwave hearing,forced speech, etc. I don't have that kind of experience, or maybe they have applied it on me but I didn't know. Because it is hard to tell which is natural or caused by remote control frequency weapon. But I do know there is an EM sleep wave which is vastly in use by law enforcement agent.

It was in 1992. One Tuesday morning on my way to Galt. On highway 205, a strong sleep desire fell on me. It was a straight highway, so I tried to drive with eyes closed a little while. But once eye closed, it's hard to open my lids again. I had to fight against drowsiness with extraordinary effort. Then I turned on to highway 120. It was a narrow road with only one lane each way. In dim, I suddenly found there was a dark shadow before me. it was a big truck with a trailer. It stopped on road and started to move when I approached. The sudden lit of tail lamp was so bright red, like in my hands' reach. I made an emergency brake. The cargo in my van rushed forward with inertia, bang hit the front window glass . I could hear the crack sound of porcelain. Luckily I didn't hit the trailer. It was only inches away. My body was wet all over by sweat. Strange for me, such a big scare didn't drove sleepy away. I fell into drowse again until there was another emergency brake. I found the truck driving at only 30 miles per hour. Sometime later, when I opened my lid, I found the truck sped away. It's the end of 120 and we would turned into 99, a busy highway where he could not drive at 30 miles any more.

Later when I had the experience of microwave radiation and other related suffering, I gradually realized there was a sleep wave. But at that time, though it was unusual, I only attributed this to sleepy. Who knew there was a mind control EM sleep wave?

13. Microwave ray shooting and EM sleep wave(2)

I was able to be aware of microwave killing due to a newspaper article. It said FBI's lab developed a tech

that they could shoot and penetrate iron plate in distance by microwave ray. By then I knew they could watch people behind wall by Infra-scanner already. And if they shoot microwave ray behind wall, it's really dangerous for innocent people. Unfortunately, this fell on me soon.

One midnight, I awoke with bitter headache. "They are shooting with microwave ray. I must find something to cover me." I alarmed myself. But before I could do something, an irresistible sleepiness overcame me. I fell in sleep again. This scene repeated several times that night. I always fell in sleep after awakening by headache.

Next day, the headache was so severe that a slight movement would cause suffering. It lasted several days. I thought there was an internal hemorrhage or swell in my head. With great fear, I gathered a lot of metal plates, iron cabinet in my bedroom and slept behind them at night.
Though I was once puzzled how could I go sleep while having heavy headache, I was still didn't aware of there was a sleep wave then.

14. EM sleep wave (3)

I used to sit on a sofa where I could watch TV as well as reading. That day about 5 p.m, when I was reading newspaper, a sudden drowsiness fell on me. It was so strong that I went to my bedroom right away. Once laying on bed, there was no sleepiness at all, not a little bit. That really puzzled me. I went back to sitting room and sitting on sofa, immediately, sleepiness grasped me again. This time I recalled two events happened before. The drowsiness feeling were so similar. They were all deep and irresistible.

I was in panic. What was that? I knew they were using radioactive material and microwave. It seemed that it was a ray with limit field, because my bedroom is just a few feet away and I could not feel it there. I guessed it was a kind of microwave with different frequency and worried it might hurt my brain because it restrained my mind so deeply that I couldn't help to go sleep. On the otherhand, it was a pure feeling of drowsiness, no pain, no dizziness, only extraordinary strong desire to sleep. If I hadn't have above experiences, I would never know its existence. How could you tell it from a nature one.

15. EM sleep wave in China (4)

In 1993, I abandoned my job in flea market. In July 1994, I went to China. I was tired to sleep under the cover of metal plates in U.S. My friends in China stopped communication with me so I knew Chinese police were cooperative with U.S.A.'s, but I thought they would not use high tech. weapon against an innocent man.

I lived in my uncle's home. It was an apartment on third floor (toppest floor) in the building. In August, I heard a noise on roof. People said someone was installing a commercial billboard there. I saw workers erect power transmission lines on roof. A few days later, about 7 o'clock in the morning, I was chatting with relatives when I felt a sudden feeling of sleepiness. I saw my aunt quickly fall in sleep. Other relatives said they were going to bed and back to their bedroom. I was very familiar with this - a sudden, irresistible sleepiness. Later that day I told them about the sleep wave. They didn't believe me. I understood because it was so natural that even I myself would not believe if I hadn't the experience.

This was the only time I felt they use it in China. I think they didn't expect I know sleep wave. When they found I know the secret, they gave it up. The work on roof was postponed. The billboard was never installed. Next year on May, when I left China, the metal shelf installed on August was still there, rusted.
Since then I knew the sleep wave can be a field which influence many people.

16. EM Sleep wave (5)

In 1996, I learned what is sleep wave from a book named 'CIA' (Chinese edition).

It said in July 1987, former Soviet leader Gorbachef flied to Thamalhan, a KGB base, to see an experiment. It was a tiger in the cage. The tiger was irritable. Dr. Chernianko pushed down a button. Within seconds, the furious tiger laid down as gentle as a cat.

Doctor told Gorbachef they successfully handled animal's sentiment by controlling it's brain nerve with remote control electrical wave.

CIA got the information and found Pentagon had first developed such technique. Military Intelligence Chief, general Ackerman was alleged delivering the secret to Soviets. Ackerman was shoot to death several days later. Pentagon announced he died of heart attack.

I immediately realized this was EM sleep wave.
The wave imitates human's sleep wave in brain. It's so natural that you can't tell if it is artificial. Nine years ago I could tell it because it was a sudden, strong feeling. Now they improved their technique. In same sofa I recently often gradually fell into drowse when I wrote article (for post in internet) in daytime. Only at the movement I would get into sleep, I'd realize same thing happened again and moved away. In other place, I never feel sleepy. I think I would never have known there's a sleep wave if they had used that improved technique(gradually go in sleep) nine years ago.

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April 9, 2009
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May 12, 2015 - 1:51 am
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I have sleep apnea, do you think its the government controling me? 

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May 15, 2015
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May 15, 2015 - 7:03 pm
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Just a thought on the Charlie thing .. 

The only film I saw that showed anything of value was the rooftop film of the "shooting".

It is my opinion that It looked like a set up from start to finish.

The "set " is limited to the edges of two buildings .. and the camera man just happens to be there.

The car rolls  in and stops on a water line on the tar . As such, its just in the "Set" . The people run and shoot. The man who is shot, is lying on the concrete and obviously still alive. The camera pans back and the man with the rifle is now running to "do the deed" ..  He   approaches the spot ... the man is not in the same place .. he is now about 4 meters further. There is no blood on the pavement.

He is shot "In the head " by the man on the run. He is in the act of rolling over, and a white dust cloud is visible behind him,  He just lies there .. Hi head is intact .. If he was shot by a kalashnikow at that range his head would be all over the place. He does not even twitch!!

The clowns run back to the car and collect a jogger from the pavement, and drive away .. All the action is conveniently clearly visible from the camera vantage point. After that, these clowns do a car car chase through Paris.  IF they were pros, they would drive down a side street to a prepared place drive into a garage, get changed, have a coffee and drive off slowly in a different car. They would not be leaving id tags etc behind!

I did not see any bodies from the attack .. I saw a state funeral ... it was a great show! The magazine was on its last financial feet .. now its made some money ..

But the main thing is that it has polarized the french people .. united their thinking .. its pure manipulation of Sheeple.

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May 15, 2015
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May 15, 2015 - 7:39 pm
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Not a lot is as it seems, or is described.

In my opinion the MH 370 thing was done using an AWAC system to control the aircraft.

The Boeing in question was fitted with external control capability as was the Germanwings aircraft. It has been removed from the other to types of airliners after 9/11.

The transponder was switched off and 12 min later the thing vanished from the radar!  There are only two ways it can do that .. It can fall in the sea  or it can be shielded (as were the attacking forces in Baghdad during "Shock and awe ".  Unfortunately they forgot a few things .. 

The indonesian military radar works on a different frequency .. and saw the aircraft minus its ID signature. The southern Thai radar saw it as well.  The aircraft flew into the Indian ocean until it flew out of range of those  radars ... heading for the Maldives. 

Another thing they forgot was that the Rolls Royce engines have a telemetry system that is received by three satellites which tells RR that its all good with the engines. 

RR did not know where these engines were, but it did know that they were running fine for 5 1/2 hours after the transponder was turned off, AND that they landed safely as the engines were cycled down correctly.

There are  only two places it could have landed in a non commercial environment.  One is at Pine gap in Oz and the other is in Diego Garcia. DG seems to be the one. 

its NOT 4 km down in the ocean off WA. 

Who has the clout to tell Australia to spend $60 mil on a search?

Incidentally the search down there ( which only started a month ago as previous equipment could not do the depth) has now found a sunken ship! ( something works) 


First reports are worth listening to .. The story gets changed after a few hours .. The first reports on the Germanwings thing was a lot of reports from some eyewitnesses who saw two French fighter jets fly overhead in the area as the airliner crashed and they heard the explosion of its strike. It was even reported in a british newspaper and the report was later removed.

This aircraft was also fitted with the remote capability.

Looking at a film of the radar moving display at that time shows the aircraft flying just before its fatal plunge, and at about 3 minutes in, a large aircraft near it on the display, vanishes from the display!! How??

Who was on this that they wanted to kill? 


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April 9, 2009
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June 16, 2015 - 4:12 am
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There's a very small country in the Middle east that was said to have had a hand in this event. How could someone identify French fighters at such an altitude? I do agree initial reports are usually most accurate, then the spin takes hold.......most likely it was hijacked from the ground. The rest is misdirection.........unless of course everything we know about drones is false.



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