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(news Article): America Is in Deep Trouble If We Don’t Realize Government Is A Criminal Entity Controlled by An Entrenched Elite Who Are Unspeakably Evil
September 10, 2019
5:53 pm
Richard Daystrom PhD
Livermore, CA.
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December 19, 2018
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America Is in Deep Trouble If We Don’t Realize Government Is A Criminal Entity Controlled by An Entrenched Elite Who Are Unspeakably Evil


Tuesday, September 10, 2019 by: News Editors
Tags: AmericacorruptionCriminaldeep stateevilgovernmentHillary Clintonillegal immigrationleftleft cultpoliticstreason

 Most of us patriots figured out years ago that our political system is hopelessly corrupt and that it is virtually impossible for true reformers to gain control of Congress or the White House. The only thing the Deep State and the elites behind it fear is one of their own turning against them, like JFK, but then they took care of that little problem in Dallas. Yet, when Trump appeared on the scene, we still dared hope that maybe, just maybe, he would try to reform the system and even manage to stay alive long enough to do it. There was nothing in his background to give us real reason to hope, except that he wasn’t a lawyer, he wasn’t a Hahvahd (A play on words meaning Harvard) graduate, and he wasn’t the Witch Hillary. We had her number long before 2016. So, we voted for him, and we hoped.

Trump certainly talks a good line and has actually told the truth about a number of things, which is more than we can say for most of our glorious leaders. His tax, trade, and regulation policies have been helpful. He talks a good line on immigration as well, but illegals continue to flood across the border, and Trump never punishes local or state governments and officials who violate federal law by offering “sanctuary” for the invaders. Sadly, there is no sanctuary for America’s homeless population or for the victims of illegal alien criminals. He even supports increased “legal” immigration.

And, from the start, he has staffed his regime with the usual suspects: CFR members, Hahvahd (Harvard) lawyers, neocons, Goldman-Sachs alumni, and Bonesmen. He promised to drain the swamp, but after over two and one half years, the Witch has not been indicted, nor Hussein Obama, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Comey, McCabe, or any of the other thieves, liars, and murderers. He hinted at improved relations with Russia, but has continued the sanctions against that nation because Putin dared to occupy Crimea…which had historically been part of Russia. Trump promised to end our various undeclared wars that drag on forever, and the level of US involvement has decreased some, but we still have some troops in Afghanistan, Iraq, and now even in Syria, and we are supporting the Saudis in Yemen. Trump has done nothing to reduce our deadly national debt or even reduce our deficit by reducing military and entitlement spending.

The murders of people like Seth Rich and Jeffrey Epstein continue. Anyone who believes that Epstein killed himself is brain dead; this murder was so blatant, so in-your-face obvious that, rather like the equally obvious 9/11 false flag, it is an insult to our intelligence. Epstein was murdered while under the control of the Federal Bureau of prisons, which Trump now owns; he has had ample time to appoint an honorable man to head it; clearly, he has not done so. And the false flags continue; the hopelessly murderous and corrupt FBI always seems to be involved in some way. Someone tell me again how the alleged El Paso shooter managed to shoot almost 50 people while, as a frame from the video shows, carrying one and only one 30 round magazine for his AK-47. Maybe if I was “woke” I would be better at math, but I am unable to make the official scenario work.

Read more at: AllNewsPipeline.com

W. O. Belfield, Jr.

February 25, 2020
9:00 pm
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October 6, 2019
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Good post, Dr., as I agree with much of it until the last paragraph where supposed 9/11 truths are, again, flashed out amid the other revelations.  Like other highly charged subjects, there is truth mixed with opinion and obvious disdain for the machinations of the entrenched elite...which is a good thing.  Why go with another 'everyone is in on it' El Paso shooting ct?  You had me at the start then had me backing up with the FBI orchestration of murder and complete bureau criminal corruption.  So not one decent person in the whole lot, huh?  Not only disheartening but a horrible indication of the other alphabet agencies of law, power and means.  BTW, I know you probably didn't write it, but calling myself a patriot seems a bit presumptuous and wrong.

I agree with Zeke about the negativity being counterproductive to the aim of exposing the culture of money manipulation and obfuscation permeating the halls of power.  We all know it happens and been happening throughout history, but I think it's a mistake to demonize everybody involved with Congress, the White House and all the different departments, agencies and bureaucracies.  However, whenever I see something that defies logic, common sense and/or decency, I'm tempted to abandon optimism and civility...


Senate democrats voted Tuesday against the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act which would have required that medical care be provided to babies that survive being aborted.  With only 3 democratic senators going against the party and voting in favor, senate democrats have effectively declared their support for outside the womb infanticide.  Little innocent, defenseless babies, man; they against all odds escape the hangman's noose of 'women rights' only to be unceremoniously murdered before they even have a chance to live.  Shouldn't the health and safety of newborn life be the first concern; I mean shouldn't we cherish life above all other?  Isn't it, in fact, murder to take the life of a human being, regardless of how tiny they are or how short of a time they have been part of the human race.  Besides all that, how could anyone...

When I see stuff like that, it becomes clearer why some would make accusations of evil murdering demon conspiracy.  These same people would move heaven and earth to save some obscure insect from extinction, but can't be bothered to ensure tiny little newborn babies will live after surviving the choice they never had.

December 11, 2019
7:14 pm
Straight Zeke the Geek
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December 3, 2019
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I don't fully concur that these ramblings of evil government are true. Pessimism is addictive and a pessimist will often distort the truth in their passion for building negativity. I agree that much government is tearing us apart but most of that is behind us in the Obama, Carter and Bush administrations. They continue to hold great abusive power but we got Trump and Clinton on our side. I miss Raegan, my favorite of them all. Trump is similar to Raegan, that will need to do. And you know, things are getting better.

I say keep the criticism up, double check the government, ruthlessly watch them back, refuse the absurd things government nutcases try to drown us in. Appreciate the decent and fair folks that we do have on our side. 

Aliens, traitors and mortal enemies would oppose me and attack me but not my loved ones, my family, my countrymen or my allies.

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