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National Security and Censorship
July 20, 2013
8:29 am
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December 2, 2012
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There has been over the last few years a massive increase in censorship. It is likely the incident that occurred on 9/11 is a major reason why (or excuse) this increase has occurred. I will say there is something not quite right concerning the so called terrorist incident on that day. The US intelligence community were having their budgets cut, and there were no reasonable threats to the security of the US or its allies since the fall of the USSR as a world player. Then it happened, all very convenience, and the reaction of some of the leadership is also cause for concern.

Since then the Bush and Obama Administration's has used censorship under the guise of "national security" to withhold information, and to manipulate public opinion. Sometimes the censorship in the case of documentation is border line ridiculous. The distribution list is censored the name of the individual responding to you request is censored in documents released. There is also a more suspicious activity which involves the manipulation of legal processes, which may have in their opinion national security justification, by using legal techniques to place information in inaccessible locations as to be unobtainable using various legal laws and acts which do have the authority to make the information avaliable. Sometimes the powers that be just do not want to inform the public of any activities or provide any information, this is more likely a systematic response or a culture that has developed, sometimes paranoia on the endless possible, improbable, and impossible threats which may or may not occur.

The reaction of the media, the public and foreign powers or interested groups is also of concern and is deem a possible and actual national security threat or has implications to the stability of the United States. This is depending on current events, information that has been declassified, leaked information (such as Snowden) from sources, and deliberate manipulation of events and information by interested parties in the USG.

It boils down to this, if in any doubt classify it. Also an uninformed masses are easier to control and provide less grief, and of course be used for their own ends. We must not forget also it is Important to keep control of your own military personnel, and that is essential also.

It has been said that the US military and Administration policies are ensuring national security, but national security of whom? The 40 per cent of Americans who live below the poverty line and eating out of garbage bins? Or is it the structure of power and the central command structure which must be protected? Or is it the middle classes who provide the majority of the tax which funds the US military machine as well as other agencies in the civilian sector? It would be more plausible that the power structure is the first to be protected under national security the very individuals who sometimes cause the threat to occur directly or indirectly through a sequence of events which leads to the development of the threat, a process which repeats itself, since the US military machine needs threats to justify its existence and of course those at the top of the chain who have certain indoctrinations and mind sets and agendas.

July 21, 2013
7:53 pm

Regarding censorship...from Washington DC...I note that this has been going on for many years now ...since the Jimmy Carter years and only waxing worse.

With this current administration it has become noticeably intense and even to the point of not only censoring certain individuals but also to the point of censoring certain
states themselves. I find this pattern of censorship very noticeable....censorship. It seems to be their most noteworthy modus operandi ...with the concurence of a
Pliable and willing media.

The dots which some can connect to form a trail are speaking of a leadership in this country who do not trust the American People to determine their indivudial futures and
Therefore be monotored spied upon...controlled and made malleable and pliable by censorship and other guilt manipulation techniques.

I noticed this template particularly surrounding the Martin/Zimmerman case where so many of the "Usual Suspects" are coming out of the woodwork
to ply their stock in trade in Racism and guilt censorship manipulation techniques..inclcuding White House administrators and Cabinet peoples/appointees.
For they seem to have little power or ability to solve real genuine and pressing problems in this nation but can go out of their way to censor or control states and certain individuals..even to
interfere with the business of the individual states.
In the case of the Martin/Zimmerman business this was quickly catapulted center stage as a made to order for "Crisis Management " control and techniques..cause celeb
political ..race baiting, control and intimidation...defaulting through...even for race censorship of most of "The Usual Suspects".

THe same litanly of controlable psuedo leadership is once again coming out of the woodwork to lead the charge..bolstered by Washington DC and the MSM. Jackson, Sharpton, and
Others from Washington DC and the media and also with predictability.

This is where people need to step back and look at the the connnect the dots.

What they are doing is going after gun ownership..with the Conn, School shooting at Sandy Hook...then gone after Racism in the Martin/Zimmerman trial in Florida.

In both cases..the media and Washington DC have lead the charge..wholesale...while doing nothing about Racism elsewhwere or the death of children in big cities where most of
this takes place daily. Once one knows this ...pattern ...the contrast is quite stark. For this is informations and thinking that neither Washington DC nor the MSM want
us to know.

There are only a handful of people starting to speak out against this stark contrast in priorities by leadership in this country and leadership is attempting to go after
and censor them as well.

While I am not a big follower of Fox news I was very pleased to see this video by Dana Loesch telling it how it is. Would that we would have more speakers like this in
the MSM. I hope that the light bulbs are coming on for more people. If this trend continues I see events being stage managaed to silence even these crisis
creation. For that seems to be the primary stock in trade of this current Washington DC Actors..not leaders. Drama Queens....not leaders.
This is why I think they do not trust the common American...and must stage manage us constantly. For their primary stock in trade is "Acting " ..not leadership.

Here is Dana Loresch and her video. ... f-chicago/

Once again the diffrence or contrast in what Dana Loresch is stating and what is attempting to pass for leadership out of Washington DC and in and among the leadership of
" The Usual Suspects" out of Chicago and other major cities with these similar problems is very stark and visible once you know and are shown.
But Washington DC and our current crop of psuedo leadership/actors will never teach us this line of thought or knowledge.

What I find very interesting is that neither will the other Psuedo Conservatives in the Republican Party teach this to the American people. This tells me that even the
Republican party is in on this Acting scam. They are not separate but a part of the problem. And people are beginning to suspect this of the Republican Party as well.
That they too are not the product advertised.
I believe this is why some people are beginning to speak of leaving the Republican Party and going it alone...and rightly so.

They, Washington DC, prefer instead to neuter the individual states..ala stand your ground laws and also go after individuals to make political merchandize of areas
which are up to the states and localities.

This current crop of actors out of WAshington DC has become obvious that all they have is Racism to ply their trade and will on the whole nation. That racism is their
default setting to get over on all America an it's people. That racism is their ballywick. Their one trick pony.

The problem is that people are beginning to see it and them for what they are ..a one trick pony. Real leaderships across this nation requires more than a one trick pony. It
requires more than racism. Leadership requires more skill than social skills..more than acting and kissing up to actors and Hollywood and the media.
And matter how few are beginning to see this and ask speak to each other via the web notice the pattern.
To notice that this is in fact censorship going on at the highest levels of government.

In short ....Racism is taking up to much time and effort among Americans. They want to get on with their lives...not live and feel guilty about race. They dont want it blasted
in their faces through a constant barrage by the MSM or any Psuedo leadership. For they find this pattern of the MSM and Washington DC to be tiring and taxing of them. And Washington DC has
already severely taxed this nation with Obama Care and other social projects. They do not want Racism on top of all that. They expect more and better from leadership.
They expect more than this kind of Jerry Springer guilt technique.

I speak of all Americans here...not just this group or that group...but all Americans are beginning to sense this about Washington DC...and by association ..the Main Stream
Media as well.

For by this constant bedside association with Washington DC the Main Stream Media too has become taxing to the American Psyche.
And the viewer ratings of much to do with the MSM are showing this clearly ..that the MSM has become like Obama Care..another tax on the psyche and soul of the American People. Many are tuning out much of the MSM. They are voting with their remote controllers.
They need to learn to do this in a voting booth...with both political parties.

At the rate for which all this drama is becoming taxing on the American is going to take another created or made to order crisis to be parasited by WAshington DC to
turn the tide for these power actors..masquerading as leadership...for their masters.

I look for this newly managed crisis/crises to be brought quickly under the umbrella of national more and more it becomes obvious that the ones who need managing,
watching, controlling, and handling are the American People themselves. It is they ..the American People who are more of a danger and threat to the goals set over this nation
than any terrorist or international plot. Americans must be stage managed to where they are needed to go..not to be independent individual thinkers..but stage managed as were they xerox copies the millions.

Buckle is going to be a long hard ride with more managed Guilt crisis and censorship on the horizon.


July 24, 2013
6:24 pm

Media censorship..for and towards Political Correctness

Here is a media person using and misusing Racism..openly and boldy to censor another person with their guilt programming. ... privilege/

White Privilege is a watch word for control and censorship..guilt programming and manipulation.

This CNN person is a one trick pony ..with only one stand or trick in their tool box....racism. This is the textbook starting point of making and creating racists from a default position..assumed about other people race...hence they are racists. Yet here you see them trying to put the racist onus off on other race.

Once you see this for what it is...they become their automatic guilt default. You realize after becoming aware of it that it is they who are racists...because all they have is race on which to establish themselves.

This is very similar or in like manner to the gay community..having only sex and sexual orientation on which to demand respect and recognition to default through on everyone else.

Same thing with the womens and sexuality by which to demand changes of everyone default through and on the public purse.

All three of these groups follow a similar pattern which makes me realize that they are being controlled and manipualted against the American Public..towards a goal..and by the same controllers/handlers.

All of them using and misusing guilt censorship to silence or censor others..and all of them have government sanction to continue this patteren.

It was only recently that I began to look at this pattern of operation..that it would eventually fall under the control of National Security...because politically it is essential to groom all three of these groups for control and votes. These identity groups in government favor have now become an essential national resource for government existance..and survival. They must be protected and controlled.
And the MSM is a willing compliant partner in this to are both Political Partys.

Here is another recent development in the racism program...promoting racism to default through and circumvent the free marketplace. ... gregation/

Now this article I was musing upon for a few days before the White privilege article broke.
As I recall it the Fannny Mae and Freddie Mac programs were supposed to help overcome this very making very desirable low interest loans to people who could not otherwise get loans. It turned out to be a tremendous failure and hurt the whole economy and many banks and lending institutions at the insistance of government Social Engineers. America is still today feeling the effects of this failure of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and these loans.

How is government going to overcome this outside of another loan program? THey may call it another name but it will have the same consequences on this economy and nation. Apparently they did not learn the first time but are going to do it a second time and on the publc purse.

They are trying to circumvent free market economic principles to make social changes to what they see as an unjust system.

They are eventually by this rationale ..going to collapse the portion of the economy which does work and function.

Because they are themselves..racists with only race on their minds and souls.

Or to put it another way...about highly educated people...trying to run things by logic and reason... "equality is going to be found at the Poverty level...for everyone."

Nonetheless ..the hits keep coming. Look for more of this coming down the road at an accelerating pace.

Censorship...guilt programming and for it eventually to fall under the umbrella of National Security.

Here are more people pushing their brand of racism looking to default through on the public guilt and conscience on the heels of the Zimmerman/Martin trial with whom they disagree with the jury. More racism from one trick ponys. ... americans/

They are preying on the public conscience and trying to hold the jury accountable for their private well as the rest of us by guilt censorship and control.

This is why I make note of these techniques...because they are happening more and more in this nation. ANd such guilt techniques do not work on me. I have no interest in them beacause of they way they are used and misused on people for political gain at the expense of the public.

The question in my mind is when will this predatory conduct become taxing on the American Public and they begin speaking out against it and the political parties which promote silence if by nothing else. Also speaking out against the MSM promoting this kind of racism under the guise of guilt conditioning or guilt poliltics.. guilt censorship and control.

Buckle up ..there will be more of this to come..and with predictability by the " Usual Suspects"


July 24, 2013
7:37 pm

More on Censorship....

I dont watch much of the Main Stream Media anymore as I am become dubious about much of it including Fox News.

Hence I have no idea how much of this informations has been put out by any of the MSM. But nonetheless I found it very interesting
how much information was covered in this short article verses what I have heard in most of what MSM I have even bothered to watch or listen ..even on the web. Most of it on the left and the right and on the web too has been to me what I call ..emotional Predatory both sides. I am not much interested in that.

But I found this to be interesting and sent to me by a fellow I know.

I link it here for the readers to see if they have heard much of this informations through most of their main sources. It offers a different view and understanding from what I've heard from most people with whom I am in contact and most of the media..left and right ... hool-miami


July 25, 2013
4:57 pm

More Taxing censorship by the "Usual Suspects"

Here is well known Al...once again issuing out the standard lines and dividing a nation along racial lines..because he is an official authorized and sanctioned "Racist." All Al has in his place and in his dossier is racism. Anything else and he is a fish out of water. By this fingerprint I do not consider Al and others of this ilk to be leaders...they are dividers definitely ..but leaders no. ... grievance/

This is an attempt at censorship and control...trying to control or direct the flow of informatoins and playing the blame game. Showing their tolearnce and understanding...patience and long suffereing. Ironic for a minister.

TO do this they not only discriminate by race..but by age discrimination as well..while expecting and trying to default through on their racism.

I believe that since Dana Loresch made her speech on Fox news...a number of other reporters and comentators have come out of the woodwork and given their opinions and views on "The Usual Suspects" and Racism..and how it is used/misused to censor and control people who cannot think things guilt.

As I stated in my previous post..this guilt/censorship techinque is become very taxing on the psyche of the American People and some are beginning to speak out againsts it And thus you see the reaction of Al And the rest of the "Usual Suspects" to this speaking out against this guilt manipulation. Now we see them using such childish techniques as is done in this video to continue their blame game.

This is more mob mentality attempting to default through. This is the kind of self justification used by children in junior high and high school. It is not leadership..but it is the blame game to take light off of them and what they really are...racists who make their livings promoting race and racism. They are dependent on race and racism to continue to prosper.

Under these auspices or conditions racism will never be solved when your bread and butter is looking for more of it to strengthen your profits and must constantly find more racism and then, to bolster your position, rub everyone elses face in it unquestioned and default.

This is of what Ameicans are growing weary...with "The Usual Suspects." It is this of which Americans are finding to be taxing on their souls. The realization that Racism does not intend to be solved or make progress upon..but cede to more of this race/racism manipulation, race baiting, and promotion through guilt conditioning and blame game. Americans finally discovering this is not leadership.

And now included in the "Usual Suspects" some Americans are beginning to look at the MSM and see that they are neck deep in the same fingerprint. They are tuning out the MSM as well. It is about time.


July 25, 2013
5:12 pm

More censorship..lack of national security ... eir-lives/

These people are now afraid for their lives and the safety of their children. And rightly so.

Someone is attempting to censor and control intimidation. Is this domestic terrorism?? Where is Homeland Defense?? Department of Justice??, FBI?? Are these agencys now under the auspicies of "The Usual Suspects??"

Has this now become excellence and "Enlightenment" here in America?? The preferred way to conduct business?? Making political merchandize of people involved in accidents?? Even to the point of threats??

Will they be audited??

Would things have been much better for everyone in America if Zimmerman and that other fellow had just left them in the vehicle unaided??

Or are these totally unreasonable questions to illustrate how far we have sunk as a nation and people??


July 25, 2013
7:16 pm
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There seems to be a frenzy of paranoia concerning National Security, its becoming more a surveillance and paramilitary state.

July 25, 2013
7:34 pm
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August 26, 2009
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"magonia17" wrote: Since then the Bush and Obama Administration's has used censorship under the guise of "national security" to withhold information, and to manipulate public opinion.

Actually, I would respectfully disagree. My FOIA requests show (not my political beliefs) that the Bush administration as a whole was much more open with the public, and their processing of FOIA requests. In the past couple years, I've seen huge problems arise since Obama took office and he put certain people in certain places.

Why is that? I am not sure. I was pretty excited with Obama's statement in the beginning of his term -- but he fulfilled nothing of his promises.

John Greenewald, Jr.
The Black Vault Website Owner / Operator

July 25, 2013
8:13 pm
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December 2, 2012
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"blackvault" wrote: [quote="magonia17"]Since then the Bush and Obama Administration's has used censorship under the guise of "national security" to withhold information, and to manipulate public opinion.

Actually, I would respectfully disagree. My FOIA requests show (not my political beliefs) that the Bush administration as a whole was much more open with the public, and their processing of FOIA requests. In the past couple years, I've seen huge problems arise since Obama took office and he put certain people in certain places.

Why is that? I am not sure. I was pretty excited with Obama's statement in the beginning of his term -- but he fulfilled nothing of his promises.

Do you asked for the records that were created as a result of your request? I would be interested whether these are more heavily censored now than in the Bush Administration.

July 26, 2013
6:26 pm

"magonia17" wrote: There seems to be a frenzy of paranoia concerning National Security, its becoming more a surveillance and paramilitary state.

And rightly so Magonia17.

It is become obvious to me that the government or whatever really is the government views the average American as a "competitor" in the marketplace against them.

It is the average American they must monitor..must know what they are buying much resources they are they think or do not think.

Only someone viewing a competitor would want to know all this information in order to control their competition...and such economic competition is known as a threat.

I saw this on the Drudge Report yesterday..and so here it comes..right down to a monkey riding on your back for free...manditory.
Interestingly enough it seems to have disappeared from todays postings on Drudge. ... 32280.html ... passwords/

Here is another link to illustrate that now our government is looking upon us as competition. Government of and for "All " the people???
Think this through carefully are going to see more of this kind of deliberate division by government. Dividing ...not uniting. I keep saying that Leadership is drastically missing from government more and more as time transpires.

This one coming from guilt where people no longer think but react to a pre programmed thinking pattern which is not their own. ... ty-threat/

Here is another one.. ... ter-to-do/

They are going after high school kids now...the most vulnurable of our nation..with guilt programming and prevent them from thinking for themselves.
All the problems we have in this nation and this is peak performance from and through the "Usual Suspects."

You are going to see much much more of this deliberate "Confusion" by government when there are so many more important and pressing problems going on in this nation.

Buckle up. It is getting difficult to find real leadership now days...and I mean from both political parties.


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