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Environmental Accelerating Revitalizing Protein (Stokaline X) Hypothesis  
January 1, 2019
10:21 pm
Richard Daystrom PhD
Livermore, CA.
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December 19, 2018
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Environmental Accelerating Revitalizing Protein (Stokaline X) Hypothesis

Wendell O. Belfield, Jr.
Optidose-Orthomolecular Nutritional Advocate


                         "Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts."      
                                                                                                -Famed physicist Richard Feynman-    


       127.6 miles (2 hours 49 minutes) from the Los Alamos National Laboratory is the town of Dulce, New Mexico. When driving through the town of Dulce, to the casual observer it would not be obvious that secret research is being conducted in this city.  It so happens research is being conducted in a deep seven story underground facility. Dulce, New Mexico is the home of the “Pulsar Project”. The “Pulsar Project” is a joint collaboration with humans and “others” who possess a high intellect. The gist of this research deals with counteracting the effects of radiation exposure on humans.

       With the destabilization of environmental ascorbic acid, EARP was no longer at its zenith during the end of the Cambrian explosion. Going forward in time, Spanish explorer and Conquistador, Juan Ponce de Leon in 1521 was one of the first settlers of Puerto Rico and was the First Spaniard to officially visit Florida. He is best, remembered, however for his search for the Legendary Fountain of Youth. In his quest to find the Fountain of Youth Ponce de Leon may have been 520 million years too late! 

      The typical definition of extinction is “the dying out or termination of a species”. Extinction is very rarely made in reference to the describing of the phasing out or the ending of a biochemical molecule in nature. It has been hypothesized that the “Stokaline X protein” is a possible residuum of the EARP molecule (Environmental Accelerating Revitalizing Protein) that existed over 500 million years ago. With some degree of confidence, it has been hypothesized that the pure protein part of EARP is an apoenzyme. Just like many other proteins in nature the coenzyme component of EARP is a non-protein. When fully operational, EARP’s active enzyme is called the holoenzyme. The holoenzyme consists of the apoenzyme with the coenzyme attached to it.  The coenzyme is often a vitamin molecule. The dominant coenzyme was ascorbic acid (C6H8O6).

    The EARP holoenzyme could attach not only to ascorbic acid but to different vitamin coenzyme molecules. It has been further hypothesized that when EARP reached hyper-status during the Cambrian period the holoenzyme could simultaneously join to a variety of vitamin coenzyme molecules.

    It has been conjectured that EARP is levorotary (the turning of polarized light counterclockwise) and chiral (is not superimposable). It has been speculated that the methyl groups not only confers stability to this protein when fully activated but it may well be involved in turning genes on or off.

    The late Robert F. Cathcart M.D asserted that ascorbic acid is an excellent free radical scavenger.  Ascorbic acid will donate its electrons to neutralize free radicals. Free radicals can be thought of as “gremlins” that are responsible for a whole range of diseases which causes aging and tissue damage. When ascorbic acid donates its electrons to a free radical it changes in to dehydroascorbate (C6H6O6).

     Environmental conditions in which there is a high amplitude pulse of ascorbic acid, the formation of dehydroascorbate instantaneously sends a biochemical signal to the EARP molecule by way of receptors or integrins. The purpose of this signal is to initiate a synergistic relationship between ascorbic acid and EARP which will optimize ascorbic acids ability for the rapid transfer of electrons. In this relationship EARP serves as a molecular accelerator and ascorbic acid is the revitalizing agent. In this synergistic relationship the “gremlins” never accumulate they are instantaneously neutralized.  Disease is non-existent, and organisms seem to live forever. Eventually there is death but not after a very long and sustained period of optimal health.

    In the “Pulsar Project” brief the   Stokaline X molecule was used in conjunction with a variety of vitamins. The document indicated that there were no side effects when this molecule was used with other micronutrients. The use of this molecule can be considered state of the art Orthomolecular medicine at the cutting edge.  This document revealed the molecular structure of Stokaline   X.  It would seem that the discoverers of Stokaline X must have had a detailed knowledge of Earth’s previous ecosystems.

    Stokaline X (A code word used by the U.S. Military. The name may have been co-opted from the original Star Trek series. “By Any Other Name.”23, February 1968, Season 2, Episode 22. Stokaline was referred to as an injectable multiple vitamin compound), has been used experimentally and maybe clinically in cases of radiation exposure. According to anonymous sources; Atsuo Yanagisawa M.D, Ph.D. (Japan) informs his patients/workers of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster repair crew that he is giving them ascorbic acid including niacin, potassium iodide and Stokaline X.  It has been speculated that intravenous injections are given before and after exposure to radiation. It has been hypothesized that this molecule used in conjunction with ascorbic acid and with other selected micronutrients can instantaneously repair and protect DNA from electromagnetic and ionizing radiation.

    In order for a planet to sustain a diversity of lifeforms its surface must have approximately 70% of its surface covered with water, followed by ascorbic acid and the EARP molecule. All three substances function synergistically with each other. During specific stages of the Cambrian explosion each of these three substances were given periods of individual distinction. For example, according to the “Electric Universe Theory” H2O is the basic interface between the living biological matrix and the cosmic matrix for electrons. Earth’s electronic environment is stabilized by electrons. This is very important for the next phase of life on earth. After the establishment of a constant supply of electrons it was now ascorbic acids turn to be featured from this trio.

    Irwin Stone PhD was well dialed into the evolutionary importance of ascorbic acid in facilitating life on this planet; 1we can surmise that the production of ascorbic acid was an early accomplishment of the life process because of its wide distribution in nearly all present-day living organisms.  It is produced in comparatively large amounts in the simplest plants and the most complex; it is synthesized in the most primitive animal species as well as in the most highly organized.  Except possibly for a few microorganisms, those species of animals that cannot make their own ascorbic acid are the exceptions and require it in their food if they are to survive.  Without it, life cannot exist. 

    Because of its nearly universal presence in both plants and animals we can also assume that its production was well organized before the time when evolving life forms diverged along separate plant and animal lines. This early development of the ascorbic acid synthesizing mechanisms probably arose from the need of these primitive living organisms to capture electrons from an environment with very low levels of oxygen.  This process of scavenging for rare oxygen was a great advance for the survival and development of the organisms so equipped.  It also may have triggered the development of the photo-synthetic process and sparked the tremendous development of plant life. 

    This great increase in plant life, with its use of the energy of sunlight to produce oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, completely changed the chemical composition of the atmosphere, over a period of possibly a billion years, from oxygen-free air which would not support living animals as we know them to a life-giving oxygen supply approaching the composition of our present atmosphere.

    The increase in the oxygen content of the atmosphere had other important consequences.  In the upper reaches of the atmosphere, oxygen is changed by radiation into ozone, which is a more active form of oxygen.  This layer of high-altitude ozone acts as a filter to remove the deadly ultraviolet rays from sunlight and makes life on land possible.  This series of events, which occurred more than 600 million years ago, preceded the tremendous forward surge of life and the development of more complicated, multicellular organisms in post-Cambrian times, as is seen in the fossil record.

    The only living organisms that survive to this day in a form that has not progressed or evolved much from the forms which existed in the earliest infra-Cambrian times are primitive single-cell organisms, such as bacteria (Prokaryotes), which do not make and may not need ascorbic acid in their living environment.  All plants or animals which have evolved into complex multicellular forms make or need ascorbic acid.  Was ascorbic acid the stimulus for the evolution of multicellular organisms?  If not the stimulus, it certainly increased the biochemical adaptability necessary for survival in changing and unfavorable environments.”

    A series of events led to the genesis of life on Earth.  Ascorbic acid was a major factor in the genesis of life on Earth which occurred more than 600 million years ago. This early stage in the beginnings of life preceded the Cambrian explosion (540 to 500 million years ago). Ascorbic acids contribution to the formation of Earth’s protective ozone layer helped to catalyze the formation of proteins.  Ultra-violet radiation was no longer an obstacle in the development of proteins. The dominance of EARP along with the extraordinary stability of environmental ascorbic acid would be the driving force behind the Cambrian explosion. 

    After a mass extinction during the Ordovician period the reanimation of the EARP molecule along with ascorbic acid was reestablished during the Silurian period (First insects, vascular plants on land.). The stability of environmental ascorbic acid allowed the EARP molecule to do some extraordinary things.

    It has been proposed that around the middle or the end of the Cambrian explosion the EARP molecule became an influential natural phenomenon. Throughout this pre-historic period the CO2 levels were about twenty times higher (8,180.2 ppm) than current levels (409.01 ppm). During the Cambrian period the high CO2 levels with an increase in rainfall/EARP molecule created a sustainable worldwide tropical ecosystem.

    The EARP molecule gave the various biosystems the power of accelerated regeneration. Several periods of rejuvenation would occur before the demise of a life form. During periods of renewal plants grew at an accelerated rate. These biological systems lasted for millions of years before transmuting. 

    The Cambrian explosion is considered biology’s version of the “Big Bang.” The consensus among scientists is that “major new types of organisms appear suddenly and abruptly. There exists such a radical diversity that it becomes implausible that they shared a recent common ancestor.” During this period Earth’s pristine oceans became the ultimate biological interface for electron transfer with the cosmic matrix. Optimum environmental conditions allowed for the unusual stability of environmental ascorbic acid. The entire planet was covered in a tropical ecosystem.

     Graham Hancock is a British writer and journalist that specializes in unconventional theories involving ancient civilizations, stone monuments or megaliths. He has made a controversial observation that Devils Tower in Wyoming is a petrified tree stump. When alive the base of this tree was over a mile. This mega-titanic tree rose to a height of a mile to two miles. Could there be a modicum of truth in the old English fairytale of Jack and the Beanstalk?

    Geologists are very adamant that Devils Tower is a laccolithic butte composed of igneous rock in the Bear Lodge Mountains near Hulett and Sundance in Crook County, Northeastern Wyoming. What is perplexing is why Devil’s Tower has a strong resemblance to a tree stump. If it was a tree what could have sheared off such a gigantic tree? A couple of things have to be considered.  

    These titanic trees may have functioned as an Environmental Control Unit (ECU). At their optimal numbers these mega-titanic trees nurtured a tropical ecosystem that covered the entire planet.  According to the “Electric Universe Theory”, optimum environmental conditions allowed for the development of a maximum amount of integrins. Integrins “are transmembrane receptors that are the bridges for cell-cell and cell-extracellular matrix (ECM) interactions.”

    These integrins created a cellular environment whereby the EARP molecule served as a high-speed conduit. The purpose of this high-speed conduit was to exploit ascorbic acids ability to rapidly transfer its electrons to neutralize free radicals. As a result of the accelerated rate of electron transfer there was little, or no DNA damage caused by free radicals in this global biosystem.  Such an ecosystem would not allow the accumulation of free radicals. In such biosystems disease would be almost nonexistent for the reason free radicals would be immediately extinguished.

    These atmospheric Environmental Control Units or mega-titanic trees were a major contributing factor for the high oxygen content (30%-35%) on the planet Earth at that time. In future geological periods the high oxygen content along with an above normal global atmospheric pressure would play  a significant role in the dinosaur’s large size. The huge size of the dinosaurs allowed for an increase in the synthesization of ascorbic acid to counter the effects of oxygen toxicity in their environment.

     Mainstream science has determined that amino acids the building blocks of proteins are quite common in comets and asteroids. So far there has been no evidence of the existence of proteins in these celestial bodies. While in space the atomic bonds of proteins would be vulnerable to cosmic radiation. Depending on the dose level of cosmic radiation, changes in the hydrophilic and hydrophobic flexibility of the proteins atomic bonds could be adversely affected.  At dosage levels that would be fatal to an organism for a brief period of time proteins would still be able to fold (intramolecular self-assembly). Lethal levels of cosmic radiation would evaporate the entire protein molecule.

    As plate tectonic activity increased on Earth, this would be a contributing factor to the destabilization of the planetary supply of ascorbic acid. The increase in plate tectonic activity would contribute to an increase in volcanic activity. On average volcanic eruptions would deposit about 282 tons of elemental Sulfur, 605 tons of Chlorine, and 691 tons of Fluorine. To quote Irwin Stone PhD, these contaminants along with others would create an environment whereby “ascorbic acid is somewhat unstable and transient”.   Regional sectors with minimal or no ascorbic acid, no water and a waning EARP molecule would be referred to as deserts (wasteland).

    Conventional science explains the appearance of the plateau on “Devils Tower” as the result of thousands or millions of years of erosion. Since proteins seem to be a somewhat rare commodity in the universe, as odd as it may seem, these trees could have been harvested for their large reservoirs of EARP and other proteins. It has been postulated that these mega-titanic trees were a primary source of EARP. The harvesting of these huge atmospheric generators would have definitely destabilized Earth’s environment along with the environmental supply of ascorbic acid. After the extinction of Homo sapiens it would seem reasonable to suspect that the Earth would for the final time reconstitute its extraordinary tropical ecosystem before its sun goes supernova.



    When Irwin Stone PhD wrote about the evolutionary importance of ascorbic acid in his fabulous book “The Healing Factor”, he inadvertently created a “rabbit hole” (a metaphor for an entry into the unknown). It is not known how many individuals have ventured down this “rabbit hole” that Dr. Stone created.  In, trying to gain a further understanding, of the evolutionary history of ascorbic acid, proved to be quite unavoidable.  In entering this” rabbit hole” one is reminded of the quote from the epic poem “The Aeneid” written by the Roman poet Virgil; "May fortune favor the foolish," On occasion I would find myself resurfacing to write down my thoughts.

    Physicists build and rely on huge particle accelerators like CERN’s Hadron Collider to get a glimpse of particles that may suggest the beginnings of the universe. Physicists may simultaneously experience a humbling feeling concerning the complexity of the universe while at the same time be in awe of how a simple equation can explain the complexity of the universe like E=mc2 (Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity) describes the speed of light.

    Those of us in the life sciences do not have machines to transport us back to the beginnings of life; all we have is our imaginations and intellect. The starting point in such a journey was the genesis of life on the planet Earth. The ending is the extinction of Homo sapiens on Earth. Unlike the search conducted by the physicists, the beginning of life for those in the life sciences has always been hiding in plain sight. When physicists experience wonderment at discovering a new particle, I experience a similar wonderment for ascorbic acid (C6H8O6). This seemingly ordinary molecule is the product of the biosynthesis of a simple sugar called glucose (C6H 12O6). Ascorbic acid from the very beginning has been involved in every facet of life on this planet, from the formation of the protective ozone layer, to the development of photosynthesis to the diversification of life forms along separate plant and animal lines.

    The Higgs boson, or “God particle,” is believed to be the particle which gives mass to matter. Peter Higgs, who first proposed the Higgs boson’s existence, is an avowed atheist that isn’t all that amused by the nickname “God particle.”   Supposedly, there isn’t really any religious intention behind the nickname.

    Without ascorbic acid life could have never existed on this planet and perhaps on others. Ascorbic acid “always” enhances or improves its molecular environment; it never debilitates its molecular environment (except when fighting an illness). I will now interject by saying that I am not a religious person, but I do believe in God. With great trepidation I have come to the conclusion that ascorbic acid (C6H8O6) is a direct extension to the power of God “the Almighty Creator of heaven and earth.” If particle physics has its “God Particle” then biochemistry can hang the moniker of the “God Molecule” to ascorbic acid.

    The EARP molecule was pivotal in revealing the true potency and efficacy of ascorbic acid under hyper-optimal conditions. This unpretentious molecule (Ascorbic acid) displayed its ultimate potency during the middle or late Cambrian period when it assisted in generating on Earth a real paradise whereby disease and old age were reduced to a level of insignificance during this brief period of time. The iniquitous measures that were taken against Homo sapiens as a species, was the intentional or unintentional   shutting down of the fourth pathway (L-gulono-γ-lactone oxidase) in the biosynthesis of ascorbic acid. This prevented the ability to internally synthesize ascorbic acid in humans.

    In the remote future it is with high expectation that as the new science of Elemonics (chemistry to music) matures that ascorbic acid in conjunction with DNA will reveal the true history of the genesis of mankind. Knowing the true history of Homo sapiens will greatly improve the effectiveness of medical science.

    Religion and science have reached a crossroad whereby both are needed to take mankind to the next evolutionary level. Science has the technical know-how to permanently turn on the fourth pathway for the internal biosynthesis of Ascorbic acid. Since Homo sapiens have a short life span (less than 120 years) they are confined by the constraints of linear time. Linear time restricts human knowledge of the past, present and future. Out of a sense of fear humans have reluctance in acknowledging the existence of multiple dimensions. Religion on the other hand is more comfortable with the existence of multiple dimensions. The short human life span is an impediment in the merging of religion with science. Science has difficulty in proving with empirical evidence the existence of multiple dimensions. Religious faith provides the bridge between science and religion that is needed to believe in the existence of multiple dimensions. If and when the fourth enzyme (L-gulono-γ-lactone oxidase) crucial to the internal synthesis of ascorbic acid is turned on, a long life and robust health will be immediate. After a while, successive generations of a long lifespan and good health will finally release mankind from the shackles of linear time.



  1. Stone, Irwin The Healing Factor: New York, The Putnam Publishing Group: 1972; Chapter One.


W. O. Belfield, Jr.

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