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(Re-posting) The Unacknowledged Truth Planet Earth at the Center of a Galactic Controversy
January 22, 2019
12:17 am
Richard Daystrom PhD
Livermore, CA.
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December 19, 2018
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 The truth has always been regarded as something with little or no significance in the utilitarian world. It seems to be the nature of humans to play fast and loose with the truth.  The pursuit of the truth even though fret with hidden dangers, has at times been looked upon as a noble endeavor. Human society has always been awash in half-truths, false innuendoes and lies.  Whether the truth is bad or good there has been a very small minority of people that cherishes the pursuit of the truth. These individuals have been the major agents of change that has advanced humanity. In order for them to rise above the fray of falsehoods, they stood on the shoulders of great people who have gone before them.  Only then can they see truth with clarity. Only at this point John 8:32 32 “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."


The Unacknowledged Truth

Planet Earth at the Center of a Galactic Controversy
By W. O.  Belfield, Jr.
Optidose-Orthomolecular Nutritional Advocate


“To cherish what remains of the Earth and to foster its renewal

is our only legitimate hope of survival.”

                                                                                                   - Wendell Berry-


    This is an account about the cosmic struggle between good and evil. The global elites (the powers that shouldn’t be) will never acknowledge the truth about the true origins of humanity. The control that the military industrial complex, the financial institutions and the major religions have over humanity would end if there was such a disclosure.

    The “Others” from planets light years away or from trans- dimensions, also, do not want humans to know the truth. Such a disclosure would be taking a big chance that this would unify humanity in ways never before imagined. The reason being the “others” do not want humans to export their particular brand of civilization which is “tribal warfare” throughout the cosmos. These major institutions and the EBE’s are part of a quarantine or penal system which is to ensure that humans never leave this planet on a colonization foray. The one exception is Richard Dolan’s “Breakaway civilization” which is utilizing alien technology on other planets. Again, Earth’s general public will not have access to deep space.

    Under ideal circumstances when sentient life is allowed to evolve unfettered the chances are excellent that they will evolve into a sapient being. A sapient being lives in unison with the energy field that connects all living things in the galaxy. It has been speculated that God may have started out as a sentient being and evolved in an uninterrupted evolution to become a sapient being. This is a real rarity in a universe that is in a constant struggle between good and evil.

    “We live in a society absolutely dependent on science and technology and yet have cleverly arranged things so that almost no one understands science and technology. That's a clear prescription for disaster.”

                                                                                                              ―Carl Sagan-

    The struggle between good and evil has its genesis when the evolution of a species has been deliberately tampered with and the normal course of evolution is not given a chance to return to normalcy. The struggle becomes exacerbated when the genetically altered lifeforms are allowed to thrive and become sentient. When these sentient life forms enter their technological adolescence, this is at a period when their civilization wields great power without understanding it. Because of this lack of understanding many civilizations do not survive their technological adolescence. They destroy themselves.

   Those that do survive their technological adolescence do not survive it unscathed. Survival hinges on the fact whether environmental repairs can be made on their home planet. The instinctive attitude of “survival at all costs” is the core value that perpetuates evil. This subconscious reaction promotes an inward-looking mentality which is toxic when interacting with primitive or advanced life. When a planets environment is damaged do to the reckless use of technology, the planet in need of repair rarely has or doesn’t have enough of its own resources to effectively implement repairs. Now begins the desperate search for other planets.

    In order to conserve energy while exploring planets it is not feasible to bring an entire work force to mine for resources. When a desirable planet is found with the desired resources needed for repair, there is a sense of urgency to remove the resources. The main problem that these life forms encounter is that they are not acclimated to the alien environment.

    Not being acclimated means some sort of environmental protective outfit is necessary in order to minimize exposure to the planets ecosystem. “The Visitation Law of the Cosmos” states that any alien life form which does not share a common genetic ancestry with the life forms on the visiting planet must utilize a protective artificial environment to prevent or minimize microbial cross contamination.  To conduct mining operations in environmental suits would be draconian. 

    Once a planet has been selected it becomes necessary to create an expendable labor force. This is what happened on Earth. According to the Sumerian tablets the Anunnaki took a creature of the Earth (Homo Neanderthalensis) genetically modified them so that they would be genetically compatible with the Anunnaki. The Anunnaki’s purpose was to make an inferior copy of themselves to form their labor force. This genetically engineered labor force was designed to only be smart enough to take orders (doesn’t this sound somewhat familiar).

    One of the main tenets of mainstream Christianity (Genesis 1:27) is that out of love God created man and woman. The evidence indicates that humans were genetically created out of a sense of urgency solely for labor. Humans were considered as chattel slavery. One can imagine that if this information was acknowledged by mainstream Christianity, Christian theocracy would be severely undermined.

     “Others” had the sensibility to realize that a genetically created labor force would disrupt a planets natural evolutionary flow. Contingency plans were made in the event when the labor force was no longer needed. The Biblical flood was the first real attempt to exterminate all human life the problem with the flood was the collateral damage it exacted on other earthly lifeforms.

    The second attempt specifically targeted the human beings. A deactivated enzyme L-gulono-γ-lactone oxidase (this enzyme is crucial in the internal synthesis of ascorbic acid) ensured that the workforce had a short lifespan. The deactivated enzyme made the labor force susceptible to a whole range of diseases from scurvy to subclinical scurvy type diseases from the common cold, heart disease and cancer.

    To ensure the termination of the labor force, the susceptibility to diseases was made certain by the fact that they could not only synthesize their own ascorbic acid (C6H8O6) but also vitamins A, B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B5 (pantothenic acid), B6 (pyridoxine), B7 (biotin), B9 (folate), B12 (cobalamin), E and K. Vitamins B3 (niacin) and D can be synthesized internally but not very efficiently. The purpose of this strategy was to re-establish the planets natural evolutionary flow, before the tampering. Hopefully, this would resume the normal course of evolution as if nothing had happened.

    What has and continues to have the Cosmos in turmoil is a simple oversight when the L-gulono-γ-lactone oxidase was deactivated. The Annunaki failed to realize that the ingestion of minimal amounts of environmental ascorbic acid prevents scurvy. When given the slightest chance life will find a way to survive. As a result Humans continued to proliferate at the expense of a shorter lifespan and a susceptibility to a whole range of diseases.

    The Anunnaki who participated in this genetically engineered fiasco, no longer exist. At the time those who were intimately involved in the creation pleaded a case for human existence. They felt that due to the rapid development of their brain there was a strong possibility that humans could be assimilated into the normal evolutionary flow on Earth.  It turns out they were wrong! A detailed analysis provided by Dane Wigington asserts the following; “Geoengineering / solar radiation programs are completely disrupting the hydrological cycle, destroying the ozone layer, and contaminating every breath we take.” Man’s stewardship of the Earth has been and continues to be dismal.

    It is extremely rare to have a genetically engineered species specifically designed for labor to proliferate to such an extent that they now have access to weapons of mass destruction. As a result of this the Galactic Council is at a standstill with regards to what to do with the human species.

    A galactic moratorium has been mandated to prevent those species who have survived their technological adolescence from exploiting planetary resources for their own purposes. As to be expected there are some species that refuse to recognize the moratorium. This continues to be a major source of galactic consternation. These species feel there survival is in jeopardy because of the fiasco that occurred on Earth. Those planets that recognize the moratorium must make a case to the Galactic council to justify the exploitation of a planets natural resources for their survival.

    The survival of planets is now in the hands of a deliberative body.  Accusations have been made especially when planets have perished because of the deliberative nature of the Cosmic Council. This has resulted in a cosmic conflagration going on with those who agree to abide by the moratorium and with those life forms who want to destroy humanity to repeal or roll back the moratorium.

    Humans are not part of the normal flow of evolution on the planet Earth.  They were genetically designed for labor in a similar way Africans were used in institutional slavery during the 18th and 19th centuries.  To the chagrin of the creators humans did not die off as planned. According to, Darwinian Law Homo sapiens “in the struggle for survival, the fittest win out at the expense of their rivals because they succeed in adapting best to their environment”.

     The trials and tribulations that occurred during the struggle for survival, Homo sapiens have attained a sentient level. Among some members of the galactic community who possess the advanced trait of compassion, humans earned the right of continual survival. There were other less evolved members who openly detest humanity because other adolescent life forms that were natural to their planets evolutionary flow could conceivably perish because of the galactic moratorium. With the expression of this kind of attitude, the act of self-defense in the name of self-preservation may have provided the justification as to why the military industrial complex weaponizes any alien technology it gets a hold of.

    If this scenario was acknowledge by the powers that shouldn’t be, there is no telling how the general public would react. As long as there are powerful bureaucracy’s disclosure of any kind will never take place. There is a fraternal group of global elites who are of the belief that they can trace their ancestry back to the Anunnaki. The Anunnaki were very highly intelligent beings that had a lifespan of 300 to 400 years.

   Unsubstantiated rumors claim these global elites (demi-gods) are actively involved in bio-engineering industries. The goal is to use bio-engineering break- throughs that will increase the life of humans.  A technique using parasymbiosis (living together without either mutual benefit or disadvantage.) is being used as a means to increase the human life span.  Eventually, when there is a global collapse of governments and major institutions the genetically enhanced globalists will re-institute a global feudal system that in some ways would resemble those that flourished between the 9th and 15th century.

   Once in power these global elites will re-write the history of mankind to serve their new masters. It is common knowledge that the first humans came from South Africa and they happened to be Black. In order to eliminate this fact they have deemed it necessary to exterminate the Black race. Some feel this plan is already in effect. This art of madness is carried out through the use of food, medicine, immunizations (use of vaccines as one form of medical genocide) and public water systems. The preferred means of this “madness” utilizes science to systematically poison those of African descent.    

   The goal is to eliminate the junk DNA (regions of DNA that are noncoding.) of the Black race. Conventional science does not understand the purpose of junk DNA. Cutting edge science has hypothesized that junk DNA could serve as a historical memory bank with regards to the origins of the human race. With further speculation it is believed that junk DNA has already been deciphered.  All humans contain junk DNA. Since the Black race is genetically closer to the original humans it is hypothesized that their junk DNA contains a higher percentage of DNA that would reveal the history of the origins of the human species. The extermination of the Black race would allow those in power to create a new narrative concerning the beginnings of the human race.

   “Of all the creatures that creep and breathe on earth, there is none more wretched than man.”

                                                                                                             — Homer-

      In rare instances humans have from time to time demonstrated some altruistic behaviors. Unfortunately through the perverse use of economics the emergence of any kind of benevolent behavior by humans has always been suppressed for the benefit of an elite few. What a waste of humanity!

     The human species is a delusional species with a total disregard for life. The arrogance of the human species has blinded them to the fact that they are on the brink of extinction.  I happen to concur with Mike Adams of Natural News when he emphatically states: “for years, I’ve warned that humanity is a suicide cult which has engineered its own destruction by relentlessly poisoning the natural world with chemical pesticides, heavy metals and GMOs.”

W. O. Belfield, Jr.

February 6, 2019
11:26 am
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January 23, 2019
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Dr. Richard Daystrom said
 The truth has always been regarded as something with little or no significance in the utilitarian world. It seems to be the nature of humans to play fast and loose with the truth.  The pursuit of the truth even though fret with hidden dangers, has at times been looked upon as a noble endeavor. Human society has always been awash in half-truths, false innuendoes and lies.  Whether the truth is bad or good there has been a very small minority of people that cherishes the pursuit of the truth. These individuals have been the major agents of change that has advanced humanity. In order for them to rise above the fray of falsehoods, they stood on the shoulders of great people who have gone before them.  Only then can they see truth with clarity. Only at this point John 8:32 32 “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."


The Unacknowledged Truth

Planet Earth at the Center of a Galactic Controversy
By W. O.  Belfield, Jr.
Optidose-Orthomolecular Nutritional Advocate


“To cherish what remains of the Earth and to foster its renewal

is our only legitimate hope of survival.”

                                                                                                   - Wendell Berry-

(Debunk ?) (The Earth is the Center of the Universe, that is the Reality)

The Lake Gosford UFO Incident - Australian UFO Encounter (1994)

1. Halley's Comet and "Planet Nibiru" Effect (son of man, birth/death)

2. Earth's Moon and "Rainbow across Universe" (unobserved, "True Unified Field Effect")

Biblically speaking, 2 Kings 20:10-11 ... is the moment God made this difference clear, in shutting down the "Chakra Network of the Earth" (by consequence of that, true unified field shut down, and then division indicated) .................. This coincides with the death of "King David/God", God stopped paying for the jewish's people sin, and that action was finished with the crucifixion. (when God removed them from the book of life in revelation-removed tribe).

Scientifically speaking.  A "True Unified Field" does not function in this universe, it was not created that way.  God only introduced this into the universe via the earth's Moon for humanity.  And this Activity resonates with the known universe, the universe was not formed from a "big bang", it was spontaneously created.  That is why the Earth's Moon, reacts to the known universe, (hyperdimensional activity and associations beyond our measure ability).....................That is the legal basis to claim the Earth is the Center of the Universe.

Its not readily apparent that our Earth is the Center of the Universe.  Only in special circumstances, like during the Birth of Jesus, and his Crucifixion.  Some other incidences in human history, nothing more then that. 

Science throws around a lot of language, it has not legal evidences to support.  "Dark Matter, Dark Energy" is more fake science.  In Reality:

1. Matter/Mass in its lowest state (s)

2. Light Constant Limitation in Space


1. Matter/Mass does not create Matter/Mass, and it does not create "Light or Time" (Matter/Mass is not created or destroyed, the big bang theory is false)

2. Space does not have "Light or Time" in it without Matter/Mass (theory of relativity is false, time does not exist by itself, same for Light)


So You can Understand, the "Fake Science" that is going around, has no "Scientific Proofs in the Particle Colliders" .............. and you will not find any "proofs", re-voicing the problem?

Cascading Field Theory (simple)

(Note:  There are "Spontaneous Magnetic Field Deviations" ............... its an imaginary or anti-particle reaction with a graviton that is substituted by the action of restrain by a photon/light particle or time particle ................ for these collective reasons, you see evidence but no proof that the "Big Bang or Theory of Relativity is Valid, when they are not") (the magnetic field is where we would go to for evidence of a "unified field potential", based on those reactions)

(I'll try to make this simple, remember, science is wrong and I am right!)

Dimension 5 = Hyper Dimension (the Hyperdimension is everywhere all at once) (light/time/gravity, is not "everywhere all at once", that is the problem of conventional thinking) (... think this way ... "space is everywhere all at once" ... understand that is true yes? .............. space is dependent on a "continuum of field reaction and potential, even if not present" .................... they Hyperdimension is not dependant of anything, but it is this infinite variable system, that defines, all field expression, all resulting constants, and all resulting dimensions, understand that is true)

Dimension 4 = Super Gravity (Time/Light/Gravity, are 4th Dimension Constants) (The 4th Dimension is the "Containment of Definitive Complexity and Pattern" in the Field Environment) ......"time/light/gravity" are containers, they are divisions of inactivity in the hyperdimension, and they natively react to restrain "matter/mass" .............. "time/light/gravity" are clearly separately and inert from "matter/mass", without a "true unified field", it takes special circumstances for gravity, light or time to be measurable, like in a black hole in special circumstances of super mass, only.

Dimension 3 = Matter/MASS (This is the general center of activity in the total "field environment" of reaction, that means, when something is called "Matter/Mass", different dimension activity will be seen here more dominantly, additionally, (Matter/MASS can be called the "infidelity/inaction, between the 4th and 5th dimension")

Dimension 2 = Magnetic Field (Matter/MASS attraction in isolation of gravity force, in cycles, and because there is no "true unified field", gravity force is that would otherwise be present, is spontaneously deviated (of/inside the magnetic field) by outside "light/time" force (4th dimension constants force).

Dimension 1 = Antiparticle (Matter/MASS reactions are restrained specifically as a result of not having any degree of a "True Unified Field") (you should not see as many antiparticles or you would not see certain types anymore in a "True Unified Field")

Dimension 0 = Space, is a Void, it pushes  (space does not have, "light or time" in it without Matter/Mass) (In a Black Hole, Space is not a Vacuum it does not Pull, Matter/Mass is pulled together by gravity not by space) (space is not a vacuum, that pulls in which case gravity/light/time would be present without Matter Mass)



Now its time for me to ask you a question about Understanding? ... What is more complicated, space which is nothing, or a Particle?  Dimension is a study of Persistence and Complexity in the Field Environment..............when you go to the Dimension 5 or "Hyperdimension", that is the measurement system for establishement, of, "dimension"/"fields"/"constants"...............that is something we are not designed to understand.  There's a lot of "filling the blanks" .................... these statements have no scientific basis "Dark Matter/Dark Energy", you have not "True Unified Field".  On the other hand, these statements have no scientific basis at all "big bang theory and theory of relativity", they are a result of your mental illness, where the 4th dimension is incorrectly called "time or light", as a substitute for your walk of faith, they become your angels, and your information is not true.


Science Exposed as a False Witness, following Christians Exposure as a False Witness?  (the degree is the benefit of genocide?)

Well, God hasn't reacted yet, so most of my conclusion regarding, nuclear euthanasia and 3 Days of Darkness are only projections.  The "Turin Shroud of Jesus"/UFO Guardian Diagram, is the answer to our understanding of Daniel's Weeks, but many other signs.  To put things on an equal basis, Cydonia Equation on Mars/Betty and Barney Hill Diagram, (broken particle chain, as evident in the antiparticle system).  Denote "Genocide".

One Conclusion I've tossed around: God identifies with the 3 days of darkness, and then does not react further, mankind is rebuked until the universe is destroyed, its reaction is over.  The more correct conclusion, God is only speaking to Moses for 3 Days of Darkness, not to mankind or a church.  The on/off switch of the moon, will remain off until the "dead work/flesh" issue is addressed and if that isn't addressed, then, humanity dies in the shame of not being used as the "seed populations for the new earths", god just substitutes them for the previous generations.  This is the most valid conclusion so far (back to me and god's mercies, in the rebuke of the nations, genocide).

(the earth is the center of the universe, my guess is, beyond this, in many ways all teleportation of what constitutes mass in a broader sense, has to in some way pass through the eye of our earth's moon, and i'll leave this discussion at that! "True Unified Field" is a "4th Dimension Constant, Dark Light", its something God has to inject, its not natively there)

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