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August 17, 2015
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August 18, 2015 - 5:49 am
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  What I am about to say here is as profound as when mankind discovered the earth was not flat.  I am not sure what is known in elite circles but I feel now I should expose the truth.  Light does not travel at all, think of empty space full of dark photons like a blanket that saturates matter.  When Matter and dark photons occupy the same space weight and gravity is created.  The light you see travel is actually energy and dark photon reactions.  The dark photons never move although they are elastic they do not travel.  What travels is the energy wave that turns on dark photons like a switch when in the presence of matter.  Dark photons can be energized but without matter there is no light.  If a person was to describe a black hole with the dark photon theory you could see that extreme gravity and weight of a dyeing star create a gravity well forcing the matter back to pure energy.  This can be described as quantum tunneling and the closest we seen is Nikola Tesla' tunguslka experiment which caused a quantum tunnel large enough that grass plant life survived in the center and the entire Russian forest laid down.  Yes you can travel through a black hole easily there is plenty of room provided you had the right technology to stop the reaction with the matter, dark photons and energy of your ship.  What tesla built was a quantum tunnel drive and everyone else saw it as a tsunami creator.  Nikola Tesla used the earth as a capacitor to store the vast amounts of energy that created the event in Tunguska.  Nikola tesla discovered dark electricity created in capacitors when the charge was suddenly fluctuated.  Some call it splitting the positive violently ripping the electrons back and forth across the dark photons releasing dark energy.  Nikola Tesla discovered dark energy when people were shutting down the power suddenly when a dark blue flash occurred with millions times the potential energy killing the worker.  Nikola Tesla's knowledge of course suppressed.  Revealing online the artificial capacitor that could create an artificial gravity well would probably get me killed or hung as a heritic.  Lets just say with a miniature artificial gravity well you could create the infamous plasma sword well known in starwars.  You could create a generator capable of blasting you t the next star in possible hours or days.  In Russia a man was silenced for inventing a thorium battery, we are on the verge of war and if we survive the catastrophic head games our government is playing we might one day venture into space and not suffer the long term effects of space because we would of harnessed artificial gravity.  For plazma creation you need extreme opposite tempuiratures a vacuum and magnetic pull which can be created easily with an artificial gravity well.  http://www.deanrogerray.com   dean@deanrogerray.com   They will not let me blog everything on my site so it is just entertainment for now.  I hinted the artificial gravity capacitor in this post if you invent it pay me millions of dollars please...lol Laugh

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