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The Role of the Black Knight (Gamma Ray Biopoiesis) Satellite.
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December 20, 2018
10:48 pm
Richard Daystrom PhD
Livermore, CA.
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December 19, 2018
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The Role of the Black Knight (Gamma Ray Biopoiesis) Satellite; Dual Influence of Transitional Point Mutations; The Ramifications of the Visitation Law and the Survival Paradox on Evolution.


   Wendell O.  Belfield, Jr.
                           Optidose-Orthomolecular Nutritional Advocate                           

 “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.
 It is the source of all true art and science.”      

                                                                               -Albert Einstein-


     It is an exceptional event when Extra-terrestrial Biological Entities (EBE’s) have survived and flourished after going through their “technological adolescence”. Through this “baptism of fire” they have attained the maturity to use science and technology with wisdom and foresight. Even with this deeper understanding on how to use the tools of science. They are now faced with the daunting prospect of repairing the collateral damage to their home planet that was sustained during their period of juvenescence.

    They now have the means to travel throughout the cosmos to gather the resources to repair their home planet. When planets are selected for their resources a labor force is needed.  They now can manipulate the forces of evolution to create a labor force from an indigenous species. This kind of knowledge and power is close to being godlike!

    In comparison the typical terrestrial researcher when at their best can only achieve an inconsistent understanding of science. There is a point during their research to compensate for a lack of in-depth understanding they rely on deductive reasoning (The beginning with a general case or law and deduces specific instances.). For instance, researchers investigating the biosynthesis of ascorbic acid have somehow developed a hypothesis that in the past there have been species on Earth that have lost the ability to synthesize ascorbic only to regain it again. What is not known for sure is what species has lost and regained (duality) the ability to synthesize C6H8O6.

      When it comes to truly understanding science humans are neophytes when compared to advanced EBE’s. The reason being, humans when using science and technology experience varying degrees of apprehension. Unaware of the fact it is the result of being in a stage of “technological adolescence.”

    A research paper authored by Guy Drouin, Jean-Rémi Godin and Benoît Pagé titled The Genetics of Vitamin C Loss in Vertebrates” states the following; “interestingly, these GLO gene losses and reactivations are unrelated to the diet of the species involved. This suggests that losing the ability to make vitamin C is a neutral trait.”  The inability to synthesize ascorbic acid does not adversely affect the reproductive process of an organism. The only warning, that the organisms diet must be optimal if not then the inability to synthesize C6H8O6 becomes a serious problem. What is puzzling, how does evolution know when to activate and deactivate the GLO molecule so that it does not become a maladaptive trait? It begs credulity to believe that the gene controlling the L-gulono-gamma-lactone oxidase molecule can be turned on and off in a cavalier manner.

    Niacin, niacinamide and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) is very crucial in the formation of the Jacobson 2 Niacin Nutriture DNA Repair Molecule (J2NNDRM). These three substances are interconvertible by way of the pyridine nucleotide cycle. Whenever there is damage to the DNA molecule this initiates the hydrolyzation or splitting of NAD. Once the hydrolyzation is completed the main byproduct is adenosine dinucleotide phosphate (ADP). ADP is split by the enzyme poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase, or poly (ADP) synthetase, or poly (ADP-ribose) transferase.

   The poly (ADP-ribose) is activated by DNA breaks. This helps in repairing the breaks by unwinding the nucleosomal structure of damaged chromatids.  Poly (ADP-ribose) may also increase the activity of DNA ligase. This enzyme cuts the damaged ends off the strands of DNA and increases the cells capacity to repair itself. In summary it is important to remember that Niacin (C₆H₅NO₂) is necessary to repair damaged DNA.

   Natural selection is popularly termed "survival of the fittest" or "elimination of the weakest."   Natural selection is a mechanism by which the fittest members of a species survive to pass on their genetic information, while the weakest are eliminated (die off) because they are unable to compete in their environment

    A seemingly hard to believe beneficial mutation occurred when poikilothermic (cold-blooded) amphibians and reptiles which had been synthesizing ascorbic acid in their kidneys for millions of years switched to the liver. This dramatic adaptation occurred when Natural selection chose certain reptiles to (to the best of our knowledge amphibians were not included in this change.) became homoeothermic (warm-blooded). The liver being the new manufacturing site of ascorbic acid gave these reptiles the capability to produce an increased amount of ascorbic acid to minimize physiological stress. As mammals became the dominant species the liver became the only site for C6H8O6   production.

    Questions abound as to how the transfer of ascorbic acid production went from kidneys to the liver.  Did one kidney at a time stop producing ascorbic acid, or did both kidneys stop simultaneously? Another issue let’s say for example that each kidney was producing 2500 mg of ascorbic acid per day. The liver was not yet producing ascorbic acid or if it was it was producing less than 2500 mg. The two kidneys were producing a total of 5000 mg of ascorbic acid per day.

   After the kidneys ceased production, how efficient was the liver when it commenced the production of ascorbic acid? During this transition from the kidneys to the liver did some species become hypoascorbemic? Was this to the detriment to some species?

    If one kidney at a time stopped producing ascorbic acid did the liver immediately exceed the amount of ascorbic acid previously produced by a single kidney? If both kidneys simultaneously ceased producing ascorbic acid did the liver ramp up immediately to exceed 5000 mg per day?

    The diet of the animal had to be a major factor during this transition from the kidneys to the liver. If the nutritional value of the diet was sub-optimal the affected animals would be at stage #3 of Dr. Han’s Selye’s, General Adaptive Syndrome stress model. Stage of Exhaustion or Extinction.  This is the ability of the organism’s immune system to resist disease.

    During this transitional evolutionary process an awesome event happens. The kidneys and the liver are simultaneously synthesizing mega-doses of ascorbic acid. The biosynthesizing of mega-doses of ascorbic acid is called the “Ubermensch Moment”. The “Ubermensch Moment” is a recherché [rəˌSHerˈSHā] occurrence during evolution whereby the species is no longer susceptible to vagaries of disease and aging. For a very few select species this is a permanent condition.

   This very rare event allows for the unfettered development of the neural system. Achieving the ability of systemic trans-dimensional thought (the ability to transcend certain dimensions such as space, time and possibly other unknown dimensions.) becomes as natural as breathing. The age- old question comes up. Is natural selection capable of making such measured choices?  

     To explain such a radical change the standard answer given by mainstream science is “if given enough time evolution can do anything.” It has been postulated that transitional point mutations are responsible for such changes. Transitional point mutations are caused by an error in the replication of the DNA molecule.  A point mutation occurs when a single base in the nucleotide sequence is replaced by another base. These mutations can also include the insertion or deletion of a single base in the DNA strand.  The consensus among mainstream science is that point mutations occur after exposure to mutagens like heat, radiation and especially gamma rays.

    Gamma rays are considered the most energetic form of radiation known. Nuclear radiation is so lethal because of the release of gamma rays. Gamma rays are produced by the hottest and most powerful objects in the universe, such as neutron stars and pulsars, supernova explosions, and regions around black holes. This high energy form of radiation can damage human tissue and cause mutations. In circumstances where gamma radiation is intense most life forms would be killed within a short period of time.

    Random cosmic events such as the explosion of neutron stars, pulsars and supernova’s will emit gamma rays. The distance, duration and intensity will cause random mutations in organic based lifeforms. In the context about to be portrayed it would be a stroke of luck for a random event such as an explosion of a star to produce a beneficial mutation.

    What if there was a way to produce a controlled gamma wave beam that would produce the desired transitional point mutation. An array of Gamma Ray Biopoiesis (Black Knight) satellites orbiting the Earth could provide such results. If such a series of satellites were to be deployed they would certainly have a “cloaking” or “ghosting” capability. They could be rendered invisible especially when in an operational mode to appear as stars in the night sky.  This would delay in determining the source of the gamma ray beam.

    In 1899 Nikola Tesla discovered an electronic signal that he suspected was coming from space. This signal was later detected in the 1920s by HAM radio enthusiasts. 1960 North American System Listening Station picked up a radar echo. They had detected an unknown satellite in orbit.

    Johnson director of the Adler Planetarium said “the object does not even have the decency to maintain a regular schedule like any other heavenly body or man-made object we have ever seen. It appears some nights and some nights it does not.” The satellite was in a polar orbit. It was further discovered that this could not have been the work of either Russia or the USA as they could not achieve polar orbit at the time. The USA named the satellite the “Black Knight.” 

    This lone satellite was one of many Black Knight satellites that were at one time orbiting the Earth. The lone survivor was probably a communications satellite placed in a geosynchronous or geostationary orbit over the poles. Its purpose was to provide telemetry and telecommand data to the other Black Knight satellites in a geocentric orbit. A telecommand signal from the geostationary satellite to the geocentric satellites would have them re-position their gamma-ray emitters either toward the Earth or away from it. The orientation of the emitters away from the Earth would serve as a precaution against any premature misfiring. When all the emitters or specifically designated emitters were directed toward the Earth rest assured something of significance was about to happen.

    The Black Knight satellite is a Gamma Ray Biopoiesis satellite (GRBPS). When these satellites were fully functional it could target with controlled gamma ray beams selected lifeforms on the surface of the Earth. The distance (separation between two objects), duration (length of time) and intensity (power) when optimized made the gamma ray beams effective in producing the desired transitional point mutation.

    It is a possibility that a number of these Black Knight satellites (perhaps between 6 to 12 satellites) were placed in orbit around the Earth thousands or even millions of years ago. Overtime the geo-centric orbiting satellites fell into disrepair and succumbed to a decaying orbit. The cause was software malfunctions of its orbital system propulsion thrusters. The exception being for the lone communications satellite. Initially it was inserted into a stable geosynchronous orbit over the poles. This satellite would still continue to transmit a communications signal to the other satellites unaware that the others were no longer orbiting the Earth.

   It has been hypothesized that these satellites had several functions. First, they would monitor the evolution of lifeforms on Earth. Whenever it was deemed necessary the environmental matrix would be altered with gamma ray beams. Via the deployment of the Gamma Ray Biopoiesis Satellite’s. These satellites when fully operational had the potential to produce enough energy to generate a global extinction level event (ELE). Such a system could have been a factor in the 4 or 5 extinction level events that have occurred in Earth’s pre-historic past. The main purpose of these satellites was to create or provide an evolutionary advantage for selected species.

     Irwin Stone PhD who was well dialed into the properties of ascorbic acid has stated that when in solution “ascorbic acid is somewhat unstable and transient”.  It has been known for some time that vitamin C is not entirely heat stable. When heated to temperatures above 70-degrees C (about 160 F), ascorbic acid (the chemical name for vitamin C) decomposes to dehydroascorbic acid. This decomposition process is accelerated in the presence of copper, iron, and oxygen; all abundant during food preparation. Toss in the fact that it’s also water-soluble, which means it leaches out of food when subjected to water, this is why it is difficult to retain much of the vitamin C in cooked foods. It has even been shown that vitamin C levels in orange juice can vary wildly, depending on the age of the juice and whether it is fresh or frozen.

    The rate of ascorbic acid decomposition increases as temperature increases. The reverse also holds true. As the temperature decreases the rate of ascorbic acid decomposition increases. Environmental ascorbic acid is a crucial component in the life forming environmental matrix. Which can be altered by the Black Knight (Gamma Ray Biopoiesis) Satellites.

    The search began about 5 to 10 million years ago to see which species of Miocene apes would adapt best to a hegemonized lifestyle. During the Miocene Epoch four stages were implemented to create a favorable matrix or template for the eventual design of Homo sapiens. The array of Dark Knight Satellites was used to deliver a precise gamma ray beam that would do two things, deactivate the enzyme L-gulono-γ-lactone oxidase and the Jacobson 2 Niacin Nutriture DNA Repair Molecule.

    The deactivation of the Jacobson 2 Niacin Nutriture DNA Repair Molecule ensures that the enzyme L-gulono-γ-lactone oxidase would never again be functional. This is no longer a transitional point mutation because it is permanent. If a small population of hominoids targeted by the gamma ray beam happened to be in a protective shelter such as a cave, this may have offered enough protection so that the genes governing the Jacobson 2 NNDRM would not be damaged or deactivated.

    It has been estimated that it would have taken the Jacobson 2 NNDRM about 50,000 years to repair the GLO enzyme. To humans 50,000 years is a long time. In evolutionary time 50,000 years takes place only “in the blink of an eye.” After many years of observation, the late Abram Hoffer, PhD, M.D the world’s preeminent authority on niacin (B3) has stated; "it is clear, therefore, that humans have the ability to synthesize niacin, but this process is ineffective and is probably on an evolutionary decline. Nevertheless, the synthesis of niacin from tryptophan is a very inefficient process and 60 milligrams (mg) of the amino acid are necessary to provide 1 mg of niacin. This process also involves vitamins B1, B2, and B6. If these are in short supply, the synthesis of vitamin B3 will be even less efficient.”

    The evolutionary decline of niacin has been going on for many thousands of years. Since niacin is crucial to the synthesization of the Jacobson 2 NNDRM, this molecule has the herculean task of repairing damaged DNA while the biosynthesis of niacin is on the decline. 50,000 years to reactivate the enzyme L-gulono-γ-lactone oxidase maybe the best that evolution can do under the circumstances.

    Hominoid species with an activated GLO enzyme would have a natural propensity to live underground. Since these hominoids were not susceptible to scurvy type diseases they did not require easy access to environmental ascorbic acid. Those Hominoid species that possessed a deactivated GLO enzyme would live above ground to ensure a trouble-free access to environmental ascorbic acid for their survival.

    The earlier versions of homo sapiens began with the sequential deactivation of the first three biochemical reactions in the synthesis of ascorbic acid. The disabling of these biochemical reactions created a matrix for the design of Homo sapiens. There was a wait of about 50,000 years to see if the induced transitional point mutation produced the desired changes such as accelerated neural development. These initial stages were not successful. It would seem there was an urgent need to have a genetically designed labor force.

     During the bio-synthesis of C6H8O6.  A Transitional Point Mutation can deactivate the GLO enzyme in any or all the first three biochemical pathways. Unfortunately, the mutation at these pathway sites not only affects the GLO enzyme but other biochemical pathways. This mutation adversely affects the recycling of various anti-oxidants. An important anti-oxidant that is affected is Glutathione. “Glutathione is an important antioxidant in plants, animals, fungi, and some bacteria and archaea. Glutathione is capable of preventing damage to important cellular components caused by reactive oxygen species such as free radicals, peroxides, lipid peroxides, and heavy metals.” Wikipedia.

    Besides, affecting the re-cycling of anti-oxidants. It has been theorized that biochemical pathways #1 through #3 are susceptible to mutations which creates a non-functional psuedogene. This psuedogene while responsible for deactivating the GLO enzyme and affecting other biochemical pathways still allows for normal reproduction. In this case a non-lethal mutation is the result of the psuedogene.

    When pathways #1 through #3 are non-functional this “would not only affect the formation of the enzyme L-gulono-γ-lactone oxidase,” but other biochemical pathways. An example being, Caprolactam degradation and the pentose phosphate pathway. It has been hypothesized that Caprolactam degradation made the affected species vulnerable to the mycobacterium tuberculosis organism.

    It is surprising how scurvy can cause persistent oxidative damage in tissues. This oxidative damage still occurs in the presence of adequate levels of other antioxidants such as vitamin E, glutathione, protein thiols, superoxide dismutase (SOD), and catalase and glutathione peroxidase.

     Indu B. Chatterjee further observed that “oxidative damage in persistent subclinical ascorbic acid deficiency may be critically involved in many common degenerative diseases including atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction, cancer as well as aging.”

    The Miocene apes just like most animals during this epoch metabolized their food through a process known as Glycolysis also known a cellular respiration. Any kind of alteration to the Glycolysis pathway would automatically ensure that the Miocene apes were at stage #3, Stage of Exhaustion or Extinction of Hans Selye’s General Adaptive Syndrome stress model.

    Cellular respiration takes place in the cytoplasm and mitochondria. Cellular respiration is a catabolic process. That is, food is broken down to release energy. How an organism utilizes food for energy is known as their metabolism. Enzymes are needed for animals to make the process energy efficient. A series of enzymes would have assisted these pre-human’s (just like today’s humans) to perform cellular respiration and take food (carbohydrates, proteins and lipids) and turn them into useable energy.

    Even though, a neutral mutation is not lethal it can still have a significant effect on many biochemical processes. A neutral mutation allows the affected apes to continue to reproduce successfully. With a deactivated GLO enzyme a new born enters the world being hypoascorbemic. Research has shown this may no longer be the case. Thomas E. Levy, M.D., JD has revealed “the loss of the ability to make vitamin C via GULO develops shortly after the baby is born, but the ability is present during fetal development, and often for up to a few months after delivery. Other individuals appear to make vitamin C for much (or all?) of their lives. In utero, fetuses have been shown to have vitamin C levels 4 to 11 times higher than those of adults.

    It now appears that shortly after birth a newborn loses the ability to internally synthesize ascorbic acid. This is a very important discovery. This demonstrates that humans still retain some ability to internally synthesize ascorbic acid. It is now within the realm of possibilities to permanently activate the L-gulono-γ-lactone oxidase molecule. The prescient Irwin Stone PhD (one of the early pioneers of Orthomolecular therapy) believed that when Homo sapiens can attain the ability to internally synthesize ascorbic acid this would be tantamount “to creating a new human subspecies, ‘Homo sapiens Ascorbicus’ with unusual resistance to disease and stress and with a prolonged life span.”

    When the new born loses the ability to internally synthesize ascorbic acid, (Could this be where the concept of “original sin” was derived? According to Christian doctrine, this is the condition or state of sin into which each human being is born) it is now relegated to being hypoascorbemic or scorbutic. They are now susceptible to a whole range of subclinical scurvy-type diseases. Over time those Miocene apes that were affected could no longer maintain the required genetic diversity to sustain a viable population.

    Before the onset of puberty, it would be a medical milestone to permanently reactivate the L-gulono-γ-lactone oxidase molecule and its existing biochemical feedback loops. The biofeedback loops are stress indicators which relay information to the liver with regards to how much ascorbic acid should be produced to minimize the stress of a microbial invasion. This pre-puberty reactivation would be the greatest medical achievement of the 21st century. This would dwarf any achievements in artificial intelligence (A.I). 

    If the L-gulono-γ-lactone oxidase molecule is activated after puberty there is a good chance the biofeedback loops would no longer be functional.  During pubescence the biochemical changes that are occurring are prodigious enough to deactivate pathways considered no longer essential. The liver would still produce ascorbic acid but not in amounts enough to minimize stress. For example, dogs and cats produce ascorbic acid but not in sufficient quantities to ward off viral infections.

    Success was finally achieved during the fourth and final chemical reaction in the biosynthesis of ascorbic acid.  The enzyme L-gulono-γ-lactone oxidase would be deactivated without affecting other biochemical pathways. Glycolysis was left intact.

    Compared to other enzymes, the GLO enzyme (pathway #4) is therefore predisposed to being lost because it makes a single compound unnecessary for other pathways. If the Jacobson 2 NNDRM was left intact it would take about 50,000 years for the repair and re-activation of the GLO enzyme. For those species if the enzyme was repaired, they would again resume their rightful place in the normal flow of evolution on Earth.

    The species targeted for the fourth phase of experimentation was Homo Neanderthalensis. Primarily cave dwellers this made them a difficult target for the Black Knight satellites. Those unfortunate Neanderthals that received the full brunt of the gamma rays were tribal outcasts that were considered expendable. These expendable outcasts spent long periods of time in the open foraging for food and seeking shelter. Their exposure to the gamma ray beams would not only have deactivated the GLO enzyme but also the Jacobson 2 NNDRM.

    Those Neanderthals that divided their time between cave dwelling and being outside were more apt to experience the reactivation of the GLO enzyme. These species became successful in their own right because of their continued existence among present day humans. Examples being the, “Abominable Snowman”/ Yeti, “Big Foot”/ Sasquatch and the Skunk Ape

    Those Neanderthals that permanently lost the ability to internally synthesize ascorbic acid began to experience accelerated neural growth. Nutritive resources that once went towards robust health and longevity was now redirected towards neuro-enhancements. This would increase their chances towards environmental adaptability.

    It will never be known for certain how many Miocene apes there were in this Epoch. Many were sacrificed. The few that did survive genetic re-engineering were designed soley to be hegemonized. In the final analysis, Matthew 22:14 'Many are called but few are chosen' seems very appropriate in describing this event.

    The chosen ones were Neanderthals who would never again experience the full health benefits of the enzyme L-gulono-γ-lactone oxidase and the Jacobson 2 NNDRM. The Black Knight Satellites would no longer be needed for the final stage of genetic engineering. The next level of genetic modification for the chosen Neanderthals would come by way of CRISPR gene editing technology.

    Direct contact between “Extra-terrestrial programmers” and the Neanderthals was required to execute the CRISPR gene editing technology. Probably, there were components of the gene editing process which was done off planet, while other segments were done on Earth. When conducting on-site genetic engineering experiments EBE’s must consider the universal laws governing the cosmos.

    The following scenario provides an important lesson concerning the universal laws which governs the cosmos. The physical reality that is taken for granted is undeviating because of these universal laws. Over time there will be a greater understanding of these laws and perhaps even their exceptions. If there are such areas of the cosmos where these universal laws are not applicable, there can be no reality. We judge reality by the response of our senses. When we are convinced of the reality of a given situation, we abide by its rules. No matter how advanced a being is they must obey these universal laws that govern the universe. If they disregard these laws, they will endure the consequences.

    Advanced extraterrestrial beings needed to be up close and personal to continue the process of genetic engineering. Knowingly, they were in violation of the universal law of Lex Visitatio commonly known as the Visitation Law. The law states that any Extra Biological Entities (EBE’s) which do not share a common genetic ancestry with the life forms on the visiting planet must utilize an artificial protective environment to prevent or minimize microbial cross contamination. EBE’s which are immunologically incompatible cannot have an extended stay of more than 3 months. A long visit jeopardizes their chances of ever returning to their home planet. They would become Persona non grata in both their visiting and home planets.

    The purpose of the “Visitation Law” is to deter genetic tampering of a species undergoing normal evolutionary development. An EBE visiting an immunological compatible world can have an extended stay for an unlimited amount of time.

    When EBE’s decide to inhabit an alien world this is considered a last-ditch survival effort. They do this at the risk of their own peril. With the realization that they are immunologically incompatible with the planetary ecosystem. There is a presence of mind on their behalf that they have created a very serious situation. Not only for themselves but also for the indigenous lifeforms. A visit lasting longer than 3 months greatly increases the chances of environmental microbial cross contamination (MCC). An extended stay decreases their chances of ever returning to their home planet. This is the penalty for violating Lex Visitatio. MCC not only adversely affects the alien visitors but also the indigenous lifeforms.

    An example of this would be the account described by Charles Hall. Charles Hall, has a master’s in nuclear physics and former weather observer for the United States Air Force.
“According to Hall; who claims to have communicated with the Tall Whites, they are very real, very complex and very much a part of the community living at Nellis Air Force Base, a highly secretive 5,000 square mile “no fly zone” military compound in the southern and central Nevada desert. Nellis is so secret, so secluded, so guarded by military police, an attempt to enter, an attempt to locate the Tall Whites, who live under the sand dunes in concrete and steel bunkers, would be like committing suicide.”  We cannot be certain because we do not know if the “Tall Whites” have a common genetic ancestry with humans. From what has been stated the USAF has provided permanent accommodations for the EBE’s. This leads one to presume that the EBE’s stay on Earth may have violated the “Visitation Law”. 

     If these EBE’s where immunologically compatible with their environment on Earth why would they need to be housed under the sand dunes in concrete and steel bunkers? One can make a compelling case that they are being quarantined.

   To circumvent this problem of immunological incompatibility EBE’s will genetically re-engineer an indigenous species to do their bidding on a planet. Eons ago female Neanderthals were selected as the top candidate for this hybridization program. They were to be the template which would eventually give rise to the Homo sapiens. It is this combination of genetics that is the genesis of the much sought-after “missing link” in the evolution of Homo sapiens.

    The “Extra-terrestrial programmers” created a hybrid breeding program which was an extension of their proclivity towards narcissistic behavior. The extra-terrestrial DNA has 46 chromosomes. Neanderthals have 48 chromosomes. For there to be a successful interbreeding program there had to be a reduction in the female Neanderthals chromosomes from 48 to 46. This decrease would be compatible to the EBE’s genetic code. To achieve this reduction would not be an easy process.

    Using something equivalent to CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing technology (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats). The fusion of ape chromosomes 12 and 13 created human chromosome number 2. So far there have been no examples in nature where a mutation has caused the fusion of two chromosomes.  The successful fusion of two chromosomes has only been performed in a controlled laboratory environment.

    Every technological society goes through a period of technological adolescence. This is a point in history where they wield great technological power with little understanding of it. They now possess the power of not only destroying themselves but also the very planet that they inhabit.

   It is a rare exception for a technological society to emerge from this period of adolescence unscathed. As a rule, it is common for a society that is going through this period of adolescence to either be destroyed or to have survived with minimal to moderate damage to their environment and society.

    The survivors now possess a deeper scientific understanding of their technology. Hopefully, they now have the maturity to realize that just because they can do something doesn’t mean you should to do it! Previously, death was equivalent to finality in primitive societies which espouse “tribal warfare” such as is the case on Earth. Now for the first time survivors of their technological adolescent phase of evolution realize that death no longer has the certainty that it once had.

    In trying to repair the damage which occurred during their period of adolescence they now understand that death in the fourth dimension does not necessarily mean finality. In achieving this understanding, a new philosophy is adopted which is called Salvos Paradoxon or more commonly known as the “Survival Paradox.” Among mature civilizations, simply put, the “Survival Paradox” is the ability to turn death into a fighting chance to live. Eventually all things do end but they no longer must end prematurely.

    What is considered the normal course of Evolution is when natural selection, the process by which traits that enhance survival and reproduction become more common in successive generations of a population. Interventional Evolutionists who have survived their technological adolescence have now internalized a philosophical belief of Solvos Paradoxon or Survival Paradox.

    In order not to violate Lex Visitatio when exploring other worlds for natural resources an indigenous labor force is needed. If one is not readily available, they will genetically engineer a labor force using an indigenous life form as a template. Solvos Paradoxon is the justification that is used to exploit a planets resources if it doesn’t disrupt the natural evolutionary flow of the planet.

     The chosen ones are social “outcasts” that evolution deemed as unfit for reproduction.  These “outcasts” were at stage #3. The stage of exhaustion or extinction of Hans Selye’s General Adaptive Syndrome stress model. The Survival Paradox provided an evolutionary reprieve to these “outcasts” while at the same time laying the foundation for creating the desired labor force that will not be in violation of the Visitation Law. These genetically engineered “outcasts” would eventually be re-inserted back into the relentless game of Darwinian Evolution.

    How common is the process of genetic hybridization throughout the cosmos is anybody’s guess? It has been theorized that such was the case on Earth in the past and perhaps even the case during contemporary times.

    The Fermi Paradox is named after physicist Enrico Fermi (1901-1954). The Italian nuclear physicist (in the United States after 1939) who worked on artificial radioactivity caused by neutron bombardment and who headed the group that in 1942 produced the first controlled nuclear reaction (1901-1954).

   The Fermi Paradox addresses the seeming contradiction, serving as a challenge to believers in the existence of advanced lifeforms throughout the universe, that there is no scientific evidence that extraterrestrial civilizations have tried to visit or communicate with humans.

    There is a simple answer to the Fermi Paradox, immunological incompatibility. EBE’s when visiting any planet even a planet that seemingly has no life must be concerned about the possibility of microbial cross contamination caused by immunological incompatibility (I.I). According to the Visitation Law if such an incompatibility exists the longer the visit means the less chance of ever returning to one’s home planet.

    Therefore, EBE’s don’t land on front lawns of homes and walk out of their space ships without a protective space suit with a six pack of beer, pop open a couple of brewski’s and sit down and begin a dialogue with the humans. Seriously, this would probably kill them! because of “Immunological Incompatibility” with the surrounding environment. If the microbes in the beer didn’t kill them being around the humans certainly would.


    Homo sapiens are in the throes of a technological adolescence. There is no precise definition for “technological adolescence”. The late Carl Sagan provided a succinct explanation of what it means to be in a “technological adolescent” state of mind. He asserts the following; “We live in a society absolutely dependent on science and technology and yet have cleverly arranged things so that almost no one understands science and technology. That's a clear prescription for disaster.”

    Mankind’s stewardship of the planet Earth has been abysmal. For over a century the addiction to fossil fuels has destroyed the environment. The oceans have been poisoned, new sources of fresh water are just about non-existent, the soils are nutritive deficient, the air is polluted, and the ozone layer has almost been obliterated. For 70 years a geoengineering (Solar management) program has been in operation, supposedly, to mitigate the damage done to the environment. This program has only exacerbated a dire situation.

    Dane Wigington of GeoengineeringWatch.Org emphatically states the following: “Massive methane eruptions are pushing the planet toward Venus Syndrome. The climate engineering cabal is completely committed to chemically ice nucleating the polar regions in an unimaginably desperate and destructive attempt to cover up the unfolding methane catastrophe. For well over 70 years global powers have been consistently ramping up covert climate engineering programs that have now all but completely derailed the planet's life support systems. Without the knowledge or consent of their populations, governments around the world colluded and collaborated on the organization and deployment of incredibly destructive climate "intervention" programs that are further fueling the catastrophic consequences of anthropogenic activity on planet Earth. Of all the forms of decimation the human race has inflicted on our formerly thriving biosphere, the ongoing geoengineering assault is mathematically the most ominous and destructive.”

    There is no doubt that random uncontrolled cosmic gamma rays can produce genetic mutations. The question is can random cosmic rays produce desired genetically engineered mutations that can serve a specific purpose. The Geopoiesis Radium Satellite aka Black Knight can deliver precision-controlled gamma ray beams that can produce the desired transitional point mutation.

    If by some chance mankind does survive its technological adolescence, they will have to do what so many EBE’s before them have done. Leave their home planet in search of materials to make repairs. Humans will have to do something very similar to what the EBE’s have done in the past. The question that must be asked is will humans under the guise of Salvos Paradoxon utilize the long accepted cosmic playbook of interventional evolution to avoid the constraints of Lex Visitatio.

   It would indeed be ironic if Homo sapiens the product of genetic re-engineering of an indigenous lifeform would abhor the thought of interfering with the normal course of evolution on an alien planet. If this happens to be the case this could be the genesis of the “Prime Directive,” noninterference with other cultures and civilizations. At its core would be the philosophical concept that galactic visitors should refrain from interfering in the natural, unassisted, evolution of societies, even if such interference was well-intentioned.

   For millions and millions of years highly advanced EBE’s that were at times considered as gods may have thought of the philosophical notion of the “Prime Directive”. It would take a genetically created being designed solely for hard labor and considered an inferior being to not only think about the ideals of the “Prime Directive” but would also put into practice its principles. Wow! Wouldn’t that astonishing. This seemingly simple philosophical concept may well be the biggest achievement in the history of the universe. 


The End           

W. O. Belfield, Jr.

October 30, 2019
3:02 pm
Troy A. Miles
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October 20, 2019
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September 8, 2019
3:26 am
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(Perhaps no Value and no Purpose) (that is the whole point)



70 A.D. yes, the temple was destroyed in jerusalem ............ 41 years before that (for matthew generations), in 29 A.D. .......... Jesus was crucified .......... he claimed the judgment would be cut short and it was!  God had nothing significant to do afterwards, in that day.


12/21/2020 is 41 years to Halley's Comet in 2061 A.D. .......... and humanity will die, completely.  (or from the Turin Shroud of Jesus in 1997 ....... 23 years for 2300 of daniel to 12/21/2020, versus 29 years from his birth .......... the values are very similar).


God's most significant activities have been moving from the "east" to the "west"........Beginning with Babylon in Genesis, God stayed there until the Babylonians were rebuked for taking jewish slaves with Daniel ................Secondarily, God stayed in Europe, that is the focal point of the gospel's written conclusion, until Europe was rebuked for taking jewish slaves..................FINALLY, God stays in the USA until they are rebuked of Jewish Slaves, 9/11/2001, THEN HUMANITY IS DEAD.


There are many teachings about prophecy, the "jersey devil", "william penn in philadelphia coming down", "oak island", and "etc." ............. about a Black Planet/Knight, coming down to finish the proclamation before God kills all humanity.  That was finished on 9/11/2001.

God did destroy Babylon, with a Comet and a Flood before basic sin finished that place, same for Europe, and same for USA, that was 9/11/2001, and the Black Knight Satellite.  Humanity will die next year, and fortunately, many people are being saved, and that is the nails in the coffin with satan, and global suicide.

December 6, 2019
3:05 pm
Straight Zeke the Geek
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Famous Black Knight UFO satellite myth 'solved' by YouTube novice in just 11 minutes


After releasing the pictures in 1998, NASA said it was a thermal blanket, but it did not stop a wave of conspiracists branding it a huge cover up.

Aliens, traitors and mortal enemies would oppose me and attack me but not my loved ones, my family, my countrymen or my allies.

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