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(Scientific Paper): Establishing Evidence for the Existence of ‘Shapeshifting’ Reptiloids: A Co-Existence with Homo sapiens.
May 10, 2020
9:46 pm
Richard Daystrom PhD
Livermore, CA.
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December 19, 2018
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ATTN: The entire manuscript with photos and diagrams is available upon request. Please contact John Greenewald Jr. contact@theblackvault.com. He will send the entire manuscript in a Attached File.

Establishing Evidence for the Existence of ‘Shapeshifting’ Reptiloids: A Co-Existence with Homo sapiens.

By W.O. Belfield, Jr.
Optidose Orthomolecular Nutritional Advocate


 “Science is a search for the exploration of how things work, not a search for something called “proof” that by direct implication prevents questioning.”

                                                                                                      James Le Fanu M.D -   


     Cultures that are influenced by Judeo-Christian traditions believe the image of snakes (carnivorous reptiles of the suborder Serpentes) in mythology are commonly representative of deception and evil. In the biblical story of Adam & Eve, the Book of Genesis refers to a serpent who prompted the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden in Eden.

     The Western world’s aversion towards reptiles originates from this Biblical account of Adam and Eve. This loathing towards reptiles, has skewed human thinking from asking the following question. During the 200 million years or more that reptiles were the dominant species on Earth why did not evolution favor a more complex reptile that possessed advanced technology.

“The most erroneous assumption is to the effect that the aim of public education is to fill the young of the species with knowledge and awaken their intelligence, and so make them fit to discharge the duties of citizenship in an enlightened and independent manner. Nothing could be further from the truth.

                                                                                                             - H.L. Mencken-  

     The myopic teachings of mainstream science continues to indoctrinate students into believing that Homo sapiens are the most intelligent species to ever walk the face of the Earth. As will be demonstrated this notion is absolutely ridiculous! Pointing out this flawed view will be considered by others as an affront to the human psyche and the human tendency towards self-aggrandizement.

      In the oceans Cetaceans (The term Cetacea in biological terms means whale or large sea animal. There are three types of marine mammals that compose the cetacean species which include whales, dolphins, and porpoises) have an extraordinarily complex form of communication that some say is more complex than human speech. When humans are evaluating if a species is highly intelligent or not, they place a high value on its technological sophistication.

    In the case of Homo sapiens we are smart enough to make weapons of mass destruction (WMD’s) and at the same time stupid enough to use them. Where is the intelligence in this? Using technology as the only criterion for intelligence is a form of prejudice.

    Technical prejudgment does not consider whether a species is kind to its environment. How a species manages its environment is interrelated with how they behave towards each other and to other lifeforms. Compassion is synonymous of mercy, considered a highly evolved trait. Compassion or mercy should be the most important criterion in judging a species intelligence. For purposes of this discussion the main focus will be on land dwelling intelligent species.

    Reptiles dominated the Earth for over 200 million years. There is no point during reptilian dominance in which one can locate exactly the emergence of a highly technological species. It has been hypothesized that there was enough time for the evolution of at least 3 separate high-tech species of Reptilians.

Comparison of Dominance between the Reptiles and Mammals on Earth

    Currently mammals have been the dominant species on Earth for about 65 million years. With regards to being considered an advanced technological species the latest version of Homo sapiens are relatively “newcomers” to this high-tech club.

    As a rule, there is no simple way to understand how long a period a million years is. This is especially true when trying to describe the dominance of a species on Earth. The common understanding is that a million years is an exceptionally long period. The best analogy to show millions of years of time is to use an imaginary map of the United States. This map will compare the reign of dominance of Reptiles and Mammals on Earth. Millions of years will be shown as a distance in miles.

   The Reptilian reign on earth started in San Francisco and ended in Chicago. The distance from San Francisco to Chicago is 2,133 miles. The Mammalian reign on Earth started in New York and is currently in Chicago. The distance between New York and Chicago is 790 miles. Let us say Homo sapiens arrival on Earth began in Cleveland and is currently in Chicago. The distance from Cleveland to Chicago is 345 miles.

    Homo sapiens have been on Earth for a measly 345 miles. This seems to coincide with the estimation that the current version of humans has been on this planet for 250,000 years. So far, the existence of Homo sapiens comprises 44% of the mammalian dominance on this planet.

   As we continue along the Age of Mammals timeline the mastery of technology develops at an alarming rate. Homo sapiens high level of intelligence may have started in Cleveland, Ohio. Chicago is currently the point at which mankind must deal with their problem of technological adolescence which is the ability to destroy the entire ecosystem on the planet Earth.

    The following questions arise concerning reptilian dominance. The reptiles were the dominant species on Earth three times longer than the mammals. Why didn’t reptilian evolution evolve a highly advanced technological species? This question is not given one iota of consideration when Darwinian evolution is being taught in our institutions of higher learning.

    In the short period of time that mammals have been the dominant species on Earth. Evolution appears to have produced an advanced technological species. Again, why didn’t this happen to the reptiles? According to Darwinian evolution there is no such thing as species bias (A disproportionate weight in favor of or against a certain species.).

    One of the main tenets of Darwinian evolution is that it does not play favorites with regards to species evolution. To quote James Thurber (1894-1961) “there is no exception to the rule that every rule has an exception.” One can only hope species bias is not an exception to Darwinian evolution. If this happens to be the case then one must consider panspermia, directed panspermia or intelligent design as a sort of “wild card” (An unpredictable event) in Darwinian evolution.

    It has been hypothesized that the reptiles had a sustainable rate of evolution which is somewhat rare. So far, there is no evidence of any kind to suggest that there was any genetic intervention with reptilian DNA. There long dominance on Earth is a testament to this fact.

   During the Mesozoic era (the age of Reptiles) given the mega-size and lethality of the species inhabiting the planet what EBE in their right mind would want to visit this planet and begin tinkering with the indigenous species DNA (Directed Panspermia). In the case of the Cenozoic era (the age of Mammals) there is an ever-growing preponderance of evidence to suggest that EBE’s have been visiting the Earth for an awfully long time.

   During these visits there were instances in which there was tinkering with hominoid DNA. (Scientific Article: HUMAN “JUNK DNA” A GENEALOGICAL REGISTRY CONNECTED TO A COGNITIVE SUPPRESSING BIOCHEMICAL BARRIER; In Understanding the True Origins of Humanity.)

 The availability of scant evidence seems to suggest that Reptoids (a sapient humanoid race of bipedal reptiles) may have descended from the dinosaur Troodon Formosus 75 million years ago in what is now called Canada. Troodon was a small dinosaur, only about 6 feet long, and had an exceptionally large brain compared to their body size.  There is a belief among some paleontologist’s that they may have been the smartest of all the dinosaurs. Troodon’s eyes were large suggesting nocturnal activity they faced slightly forward, giving it some depth perception. Troodon had exceedingly long, slender limbs suggesting that it was a fast runner.

   Troodon is Greek for "wounding tooth” and refers to the dinosaur's sharp teeth with serrated edges. Although originally thought to be a predator, there is some evidence to suggest that Troodon may have either been an omnivore or an herbivore. The teeth are short but broad and have large serrations like those of herbivorous dinosaurs; fossils have shown signs of wear on its sides. Its diet may have consisted of smaller animals, including mammals and perhaps a significant amount of plant material.

   Its long arms folded back like birds' wings, and its hands possessed partially opposable thumbs which is crucial in having a precision grip. This will prove invaluable in developing technology. Another requirement for having a precision grip is a large brain. It had large, sickle-shaped claws on its second toes which were raised off the ground when running. This claw is common in the superfamily Maniraptora, to which Troodon belongs.

    When left unimpeded the forces of natural selection (Encyclopedia Britannica: Process that results in the adaptation of an organism to its environment by means of selectively reproducing changes in its genotype, or genetic constitution”.) transformed Troodon Formosus into a Reptoid. Reptoids are believed to be a sapient humanoid race of bipedal reptiles which live secretly on Earth, often infiltrated and disguised among Humans”. Unlike Homo sapiens they still retained their ability to internally synthesize their own ascorbate. This ability has contributed to them having a long and healthy life and a high IQ (Intelligence Quotient).

    During their evolution, the fittest of the Reptoids started to exhibit paranormal abilities. A common ability for Reptoids but uncommon for Humans. Probably, the most common ability was mental telepathy. Mental telepathy allowed the Reptoids a more precise way to communicate with each other without having to be bothered by the cumbersome constraints of language. As their knowledge expanded, they eventually had to develop a formal language and writing. This allowed them to record and store information.

    Earlier it was hypothesized that do to the exceptionally long evolutionary history of the Reptiles, there may have been the evolutionary lineage of at least three high tech species of Reptilians. In evolutionary order they were the Draconian’s (Reptoid-Alpha), Saurian’s ( Reptoid-Beta ) and the Reptiloid’s (Reptoid-Gamma). It can only be surmised that the technology of these three Reptilian species was and is still far superior to any current human (mammalian) technology.

   While on Earth the three Reptilians were primarily subterranean dwellers. During their technological adolescence one can easily surmise there were power struggles concerning the usage of natural resources. Later, there would be differences of philosophy with regards to the managing of a new upstart mammalian species. The Hominoids.

    As the Reptilian population expanded subterranean space was becoming scarce. As these Reptoids began to venture to the surface they needed livable habitats. It has been conjectured for some time that the Reptoids were responsible for the engineering of the megalithic structures that appear all over the Earth. An example, being the pyramids. They had the technology to accomplish these great feats.

    Armed conflict between the three classes of Reptilians may have resulted in the victor exiling the vanquished to the surface. For the few survivors of such a tactic, the ability to “shapeshift” (The ability to change one’s physical form at will.) was a survival adaptation. The Reptiloids ability to shapeshift allowed them to embed within the hominoid tribes. The hominoids unknowingly taught them how to survive on the surface.

    Over time this ability helped the Reptiloids to get on the good side of the Hominoids. The Hominoids superior numbers proved to be of benefit when going up against the Draconian’s and Saurian’s. This strategy to insert themselves within the hominoid tribes would eventually become a time-honored tradition extending to the Homo sapiens.

    The Draconian’s and Saurian’s did have one Achilles heel it was that their superior abilities resulted in superior ambitions. This would eventually be their undoing. Their tribal differences during their technological adolescent phase of evolution coincided with unusually high levels of geological activity on Earth. These tumultuous circumstances compelled the Draconian’s and Saurian’s exodus from Earth.

    The Reptiloids remained on Earth. They continued their evolution paralleling mammalian evolution. The Reptiloids ability to “shapeshift” enabled them to coexist with the hominoids during the Miocene era. The Draconian’s and Saurian’s would periodically visit the “old neighborhood” (Earth). It is suspected that these visitations had a purpose. The Reptiloids would mine for desired metals and ores in exchange for state-of-the-art technology.

    These repeated visits back to Earth where not in violation of the universal biological law the “Principle of Planetary Visitation”/ “Visitation Law”. This universal law takes into consideration the unique “microbial footprints” on planets that can sustain life.The law states that any alien life form which does not share a common genetic ancestry with the life forms of the visiting planet must sequester itself in an artificial environment to minimize or prevent microbial cross contamination. A visit lasting longer than 6 months to a year creates a situation whereby the genetically incompatible alien visitor is in jeopardy, as to risking the possibility they would never be allowed to return to their home planet. This happens to be one of several biological laws that simply cannot be ignored. Existence cannot be without them. Physical reality is consistent with these universal laws. Where the laws do not operate, there is no reality.

     It would be fair to assume that these Reptoid visitors were exposing the Reptiloids to advanced alien technology they assimilated when they left Earth eons ago. The Reptiloids now the lone representative of a former Reptoid trio. They would welcome any advanced technology from their spacefaring cousins. Especially if it could be used to control and manipulate an ever-growing hominoid population on Earth.

    Conventional science makes a rather convincing case that the extinction of the Dinosaurs was the result of the Baptistina asteroid crashing into the Yucatán peninsula 65 million years ago. According to the imaginary timeline this extinction event occurred around Chicago.

    American Paleontologist Robert T. Bakker has made a controversial claim that a plague (The Immigrant Plague Theory) not the Baptistina asteroid (Asteroid Theory) was responsible for the K-T or K-Pg extinction. Dr. Bakker further states that the Baptistina asteroid impacted the Earth after the Dinosaurs of the Cretaceous became extinct.

    According to Bakker if the asteroid did hit the Earth during the Cretaceous period while the dinosaurs where in existence there should have been large “killing fields” of dinosaurs. This is where the dinosaurs would have died immediately after the impact. Dr. Bakker has observed that they are not finding such killing fields during their fossil digs.

    Eventually, the Paleogene (Tertiary) Period saw the rapid diversification of mammals. During the Plio-Pleistocene era Australopithecus arrives on the scene. What is utterly amazing, there were the Reptiloids occupying front row seats to the evolution of the mammalian Hominoids.

   The old saying "after ever massacre there are a few survivors" is still true today as it was back in the days of the Reptoids. The Reptiloids from an evolutionary standpoint are the youngest of the three Reptoid species. Previously mentioned the Reptiloids were the survivors of the Reptoid Technological Adolescence period of evolution. Now the Reptiloids, again, find themselves being the lone Reptoid survivor of an asteroid impact on the Yucatan peninsula.

    A question must be asked could the Reptiloids be the initiators of Bakker’s “Immigrant Plague Theory”. They may have required the aid of either the Reptoid-Alpha and Reptoid-Beta or both the Alpha’s and Beta’s to exterminate the large numbers of tetrapod Dinosaurs. This would have been done by unleashing a plague on the surface of the Earth (this has all the hallmarks of 2020 Coronavirus). The primary reason being so that the Reptiloids could have uncontested access to the Earth’s surface.

    This ploy had a dual purpose. Earth’s surface provided more food and space for an expanding Reptiloid population and perhaps more land was required to arrange for a time-sharing arrangement to be made with their spacefaring cousins. The main reason being so the Reptiloids could use their advanced technology indiscriminately to regain once again as a Reptilian their right to the throne. This allowed them sovereign rights to the planet Earth. Without the ability to shapeshift it is doubtful if the Reptoid-Alpha and Reptoid-Beta could have adapted to a non-subterranean existence. As a result, the Draconian’s and Saurian’s evolution continued outside the confines of the Earth.

    Environmental conditions for Reptilian evolution

    When re-examining Reptilian evolution, we can surmise they spawned from a different ocean than the mammals even though they both began their evolution on Earth. For the most part the environmental conditions for Reptilian evolution were very sustainable almost idyllic. The entire environment on Earth was either semi-tropical or tropical even at the North and South poles.

    These tropical environments contained a massive storehouse for nutrients. The Reptilian species not only ingested large amounts of nutrients but they also manufactured their own internal supply of ascorbic acid (C₆H₈O₆). During times of great bounty, the enzyme for the internal biosynthesis of ascorbic acid L-gulonolactone oxidase would temporarily turn off.

    This internal supply of ascorbic acid was especially beneficial for those Reptilians from the North and South Poles. The Polar Reptilians migrated annually because of the change in seasons. Ascorbic acid or ascorbate would minimize the biochemical stress of the migration. While the rest of the planet experienced little or no seasonal changes. 

    Another way of looking at this, the Reptilians evolved in “good weather” conditions with little or no famines. In comparison Mammals evolved in “bad weather” conditions which included the recurrence of famines. It is not uncommon for Homo sapiens to be referred to as “bad weather” creatures.

   The original site for ascorbic acid production in the early Reptilians was the kidneys. Natural selection would change the production site from the kidneys to the liver. When it was the mammals turn to be the next dominant species on Earth evolution performed the exact same change that had previously happened to the Reptiles. Ascorbate biosynthesis from the kidneys to the liver.

    What precipitated this change from the kidneys to the liver in both the Reptilians and Mammals was the need for an increase in energy for a more active lifestyle. This was especially true for the Reptilians. The change was a requirement from being Poikilothermic (cold blooded) to Endothermic (warm blooded).

    During the Jurassic-Cretaceous Period in which the Reptilian’s thrived the molecular oxygen level in the environment was at 25% - 30%. There is a belief among some paleontologists that the dinosaur’s large size was attributable to the high O2 level on Earth. Reptiles that permanently lost the ability to synthesize ascorbic acid would have died from oxygen toxicity or hyperoxia. This is the main reason why Homo sapiens and dinosaurs could never have co-existed together during the era of Reptilian dominance.  Homo sapiens evolved in an oxygen environment around 21%.

    Let us say by some miracle of technology man was able to go back in time to visit the dinosaurs.  Immediately upon their arrival when they started to breath in the high level of molecular oxygen, they would immediately be at risk of oxygen toxicity.  The first 16 to 20 minutes of breathing in the high level of O2 the central nervous system would be affected, in addition the high levels of molecular oxygen would begin to affect the pulmonary and ocular systems. The symptoms from being exposed to high levels of molecular O2 would cause disorientation, breathing problems and vision changes such as myopia (nearsightedness).

    A prolonged exposure from about 21 to 60 minutes and longer would begin to cause oxidative damage to cell membranes, the alveoli in the lungs would begin to deflate.  There is also the possibility that the individual’s eye would experience retinal detachment along with brain seizures. For the Reptilian’s to have existed in a high oxygen environment it was an evolutionary imperative for them to synthesize their own ascorbic acid(C₆H₈O₆). This allowed the Reptilian’s to detoxify their biochemistry.

    In 1996 Indu B. Chatterjee PhD co-authored a research paper titled “Evolutionary Significance of Vitamin C Biosynthesis in Terrestrial Vertebrates.” Dr. Chatterjee presents an interesting case that extremely high concentrations of oxygen in the range of 30% to 35% in the Carboniferous-Permian period persisted for about 50 million years. 

    The persistence of high concentrations of O2 during the Carboniferous-Permian period may have been a major factor in the accelerated diversification and mass extinction of the tetrapod’s (are the amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals; these four groups are united by the fact that most animals in each group have four limbs). The mass extinction was credited to be at the end of the Permian period, Chatterjee hypothesizes there was probably no sudden catastrophic event such as a comet or asteroid crashing into the earth.

    It is presumed that this extinction event was spread over millions of years.  Dr. Chatterjee postulates that “global hyperoxia leading to oxygen toxicity might be the causative factor for the extinction of most of the early amphibians and reptiles.” The only defense animals had against oxygen toxicity was to possess the ability to internally synthesize their own ascorbic acid(C₆H₈O₆). The production of ascorbic acid allowed these animals in a hyperoxia environment to survive successfully.

   The Reptiloids ability to internally synthesize their own ascorbic acid allowed them the flexibility to exist in not only in a hyperoxemic environment but also a hypoxemic environment. Homo sapiens do not possess this ability.

   This brings us to the evidence provided by the Creationists in the debate as to whether man coexisted with pre-historic dinosaurs. The evidence is “the Paluxy riverbed dinosaur footprints” outside of Glenrose, Texas. When examining these ancient riverbed fossils, one must admit that they are very impressive.

    Indu B. Chatterjee’s PhD, theory on the exceedingly high concentrations of oxygen in the range of 30% to 35% during pre-historic times may provide another explanation for the Paluxy riverbed dinosaur footprints.

    This theory explains why Homo sapiens could not have co-existed with pre-historic dinosaurs.  Dr. Chatterjee has established that during the Carboniferous-Permian period that there was a remarkably high concentration of molecular oxygen (30% -35%). Chatterjee’s research shows that O2 concentrations at 30% to 35% are high enough to cause global hyperoxia

     Let’s say that during the Jurassic Period the global levels of O2 decreased by five percent to 25% - 30% this is still at a high enough level to cause oxygen toxicity (on earth the level of molecular O2 for human existence is about 21%).

    Dr. Chatterjee concluded by stating the best antidote against oxygen toxicity was for animals to produce their own ascorbic acid.  Having lost the ability to produce their own supply of ascorbate Homo sapiens could not have possibly co-existed with prehistoric dinosaurs in a high molecular O2 environment.

   Without the ability to biochemically synthesize ascorbic acid the only other alternative to manage hyperoxia is to reduce exposure.  Fortunately, studies have shown that a near complete recovery from most types of hyperoxia is possible. Homo sapiens inability to synthesize their own ascorbic acid, breathing in high levels of molecular oxygen in the environment of the pre-historic dinosaurs would have severely impacted the health of the visiting humans.

    As stated, before conventional theories of evolution would like for us to believe that during the 200 million years of reptilian dominance on Earth that reptilian development stopped at the tetrapod stage. Putting aside the inherent biases concerning the conventional theories of evolution there is a plausible explanation for the Paluxy footprints.

    What if evolutionary pressures continued on a dinosaur type such as the Troodon Formosus (which was mentioned earlier) into a Reptoid? It would be reasonable to presume that Reptoids would adapt very easily to a hyperoxic environment seeing that their ancestors existed in such an environment.  Creationists believe that the footprints along with the dinosaur footprints were of human origin. It is much more plausible to believe that the Paluxy footprints would have been made by a Reptoid. The best candidate being a Reptiloid.

    The Reptilian evolution with ascorbic acid gave them a longer healthier lifespan. For example, the average human life span is 70 to 80 years with debilitating diseases.  The average Reptilian would on average live 150 to 200 years with little or no debilitating diseases because of their ability to synthesize optimal amounts of ascorbic acid (C₆H₈O₆).

Reproduction Process of the Reptilian Reptiloid

    A longer lifespan for Reptoids meant fewer offspring. With a longer lifespan there is not a preoccupation with procreation. Mating may have occurred every 4 to 7 years depending on the carrying capacity (the maximum population that an area will support without undergoing deterioration.) of their subterranean environment.

    When compared to the Reptoids, humans can give birth to a lot of children in a short period of time. Human females lack of an of estrus cycle (allows her to reproduce anytime of the year) is an important factor for the 7.7 billion and increasing humans currently on Earth.

    The conversion to an endothermic metabolism provided little to no change in the Reptilian reproductive system. Reptilians do not possess the external sexual organs like mammals. They have internal sexual organs. It has been hypothesized that the Reptiloid genitalia is concealed within a vertical slit located at the base of the torso (cloaca: A common passageway for feces, urine and reproduction often considered as a “sewer”).

     What Reptiles and Mammals have in common besides being endothermic is sexual dimorphism (the difference in morphology between male and female members of the same species). The Reptilians have a low birth mortality rate when compared to Homo sapiens high birth mortality rate. A long-life span and a low birthrate is conducive to a small population of juveniles which is proportionate to the elderly population. This is an example of Natural Selection. Reptilian reproductive success allowed their species a long steady evolution.

    Reptiloid reproduction is like that of marsupials (Kangaroos). The egg is contained in a shell that is a few micrometers thick. The shell has a small quantity of yolk within it. The egg gradually descends into the uterus. Once there the egg is fertilized and quickly develops into a neonate. Like the Kangaroo it is believed that the neonate emerges from the uterus after only 33 days. As a rule, only one young at a time is born.

    The Reptiloids did retain some of the old reptilian anatomical features such as not having a navel as well as having no mammary glands on their upper torso. Mammals need only a male and female to create offspring. The Reptiloids may require three willing participants for a sexual arrangement that ensures the outcome of a healthy offspring. The three participants are male, female and a metapelet (surrogate female). The Metapelet is basically an elderly female whose job is the caring and raising of the Reptiloid neonate.

    An egalitarian relationship is required between the male and female Reptiloids. This ensures continual advancement both socially and technologically. For this to happen the biological mother participates in what is called the Maternal transfer. This is a process by which the neonate is transferred from the biological mother to the metapelet. Once the neonate has transferred to the sporran of the surrogate female it immediately fastens onto one of her teats and starts to feed.

    Meanwhile, the neonate in the sporran grows rapidly. After about 190 days, the neonate is sufficiently large and developed to make its full emergence out of the sporran, after sticking its head out for a few weeks until it eventually feels safe enough to fully emerge.

    The evolutionary purpose for such an arrangement was to allow the young female Reptiloid to pursue important intellectual pursuits that would benefit their society. Because of their long life span they do not have large populations like the humans. Female Reptiloids of breeding age are valued more for their scientific and technical talent than for their nurturing skills.

    Natural Selection placed reproductive constraints such as an estrus cycle on Reptiloid females as a prevention to overpopulation. This particular evolutionary design prevents the Reptiloids from exceeding the carrying capacity of their environment. Ascorbicogenesis (the uninterrupted biosynthesis of ascorbate during a species evolution) influences evolutionary sustainability. This major achievement of Natural Selection allowed the Reptiloids to arrive at their Evolutionary Apotheosis. “Shapeshifting” is a result of their achieving Evolutionary Apotheosis. This will be discussed later in the context of the Reptiloid efficiency in altering their biochemistry for nanotechnology processes.

    This evolutionary process of ascorbicogenesis has produced a Reptiloid neonate that is neurologically and physiologically more precocious than Human infants. The Reptilian neonate spends little time being immobile and begins to communicate and learn at an accelerated rate when compared to Human children.

   The occurrence of a guerdon[ˈɡərdn] (advantage) is the result of achieving Evolutionary Apotheosis. The guerdons can be advanced telepathy, clairvoyance, super strength, genius/intelligence, and shapeshifting abilities.  In this case the guerdon is “shapeshifting”. The various guerdons are dependent on how efficiently the Reptiloid can biochemically utilize their nutrients. The most efficient utilization of nutrients results in the highest guerdon which is shapeshifting.

     Humans are not part of the normal evolutionary flow of this planet. This places them in an unlikely position of never achieving Evolutionary Apotheosis. To compensate for this, humans are obsessed with technology to the exclusion of anything else. This blinds them from ever acquiring the advanced trait of compassion.

The Reptiloid Phenotype

      The use of “anecdotal evidence” tempered by using a scientific hunch is the best that can be done in constructing a Reptiloid phenotype (The outward appearance of an organism) The Reptiloids range from five and a half to 9 feet tall. They have lean, firm bodies with powerful arms and legs. A sustainable evolution has endowed the typical Reptiloid with a strong physique and a high intellect. In a hand to hand combat situation with a human this would prove to be no match for the average Reptiloid.

    Reptiloids have long arms with three long fingers and an opposable thumb (just like humans they possess a precision grip). Their feet have three toes and one recessed fourth that is toward the back side of their ankle.

    They have scaled skin that is usually greenish brown in color. Some also have coffee colored scales that have dark green colored rims. The scales (or scutes) on their backs, thighs and upper arms are generally large.

     Their hands, abdomen and face are covered with smaller scales, allowing for more flexibility. It has been described that their nasal openings are at the end of a small, flattened nose and are described as two small slits that slant upwards in a V formation. They have wide lipless mouths and most of them are reported to have differentiated types of dentition (teeth,) including canines (fangs.) 

    Contemporary Homo sapiens are taught to believe they can trace their evolutionary history back to their arboreal past. When early primates left the forest for the savannah’s this put them on the evolutionary path to becoming Homo sapiens.

    During this point in their mammalian history, human females no longer had an estrous cycle. Not having an estrous cycle endowed human females with the ability to reproduce anytime of the year. If environmental conditions allowed for an optimal nutritional intake there would be a rapid increase in the human population.

    The population increase was established on the carrying capacity of their environment. This may be one of many explanations why early humans were “hunter gathers.” The ability to reproduce viable young quickly, offset the high infant mortality rate caused by disease and predation.

    Since Homo sapiens are hypoascorbemic they had to live-in wide-open spaces to have easy access to vegetation and meat which supplied them with ascorbic acid. On the other hand, Reptilians with their longevity and their low birth rate were basically subterranean dwellers. The Reptilians could biochemically synthesize their own ascorbic acid. They did not have a heavy reliance on the environmental or external sources of ascorbic acid like humans.

    The Reptiloids low birth rate was the primary reason why they adopted a subterranean lifestyle. This was to protect their young as well as the adults from apex reptilian predators which roamed the surface.

    Often it has been hypothesized that millions of years of being a subterranean dweller allowed for the evolution of their ophthalmic system to become specialized to a nocturnal environment. As a result, the Reptilian eyes are much larger than the human eye this allows them to take in as much ambient light as possible. This evolutionary development of their optical system permitted the Reptiloids to surface at night to forage for food. The maximum intensity of light their optical system could tolerate would be the dim light of sunrise and sunset.

    In addition to their nocturnal vision it seems probable that the Reptiloids could have developed an echolocation system like mammalian bats and cetaceans. This enabled them to move around in darkened areas to avoid obstacles. In addition to navigating in dark areas, they could hunt and identify friends from foes.

    The development of mental telepathy a form of ESP was utilized to communicate with other Reptiloids in the darkness. At night, once on the surface mental telepathy proved to be an important survival skill. Ultimately the best survival skill that the Reptiloids would develop would be “shapeshifting”. Mainstream science totally disregards shapeshifting for it causes fear and a sense of uneasiness to anyone who thinks about it.

   Conventional science which deliberately avoids the subject of “shapeshifting” and has no working hypothesis for this remarkable phenomenon. “The Electric Universe Theory” which is not accepted by mainstream science does provide a hypothesis for such a phenomenon.

The Electric Universe Theory.” The Electric Universe theory is based on the idea that 99.9% of the Universe is made up of plasma – electrically charged gas – and that the electromagnetic forces that are found everywhere may have more influence on our Universe than gravity. Nearly everything in the Universe is formed of plasma, all stars, including our sun is made of plasma.

Paul Wagner (Gaia)The theory also suggests that the universe is a vast, electric organism, chock full of yet-to-be-discovered masses, holes, relationships, and phenomena. EU advocates believe that we are at the beginning of exploring the possibilities around the concept.”

     This theory acknowledges the importance of collagen as a basic building block of multicellular organisms. The living matrix (collective whole of an organism, including its energies, tissues, cells, systems, and that which connects them.) is composed of materials with extraordinary properties that are throughout the universe. These materials are hydrated liquid crystals, semiconductors, piezoelectric, thermoelectric and electrets. An electret is “a solid dielectric that exhibits persistent dielectric polarization”.

    This new cell matrix model is considered an electronic circuit which possesses a nuclear matrix, cytoskeleton matrix and a connective tissue matrix. The connective tissue matrix is the largest organ in the body. It is the only organ that affects all the other organs.

    An important aspect of this new model is the receptors called integrins. Integrins “are transmembrane receptors that are the bridges for cell-cell and cell-extracellular matrix (ECM) interactions.” Traditionally, collagen is defined as the main structural protein found in animal connective tissue.

    Collagen, as defined by the “Electric Universe Theory”, is the basic building block of the connective tissue matrix. Ascorbate(C₆H₈O₆) has many other roles in which it functions as a specific co-factor for biochemical reactions, for example, in the synthesis of aggrecan (A proteoglycan, containing chondroitin sulfate, that is a major component of cartilage. This is another way of saying chondrogenesis, the formation of cartilage.) and collagen in which it is necessary for the crosslinking of long fibers into a 3D matrix, in the absorption of iron, in the metabolism of many essential biochemicals including carnitine and neurotransmitters (e.g. norepinephrine, serotonin). Thus, Collagen is a triple helix surrounded by a hydration cell. The EUT describes collagen as a hydrated semiconductor in which water is essential for conduction.

    The Reptiloids ability to “shapeshift” is driven by stress. This is not the usual stress of everyday living but a controlled stress. Hans Selye MD., PhD defines “Stress is a nonspecific response to any demand on the body.” The factor influencing this stress is ascorbic acid(C₆H₈O₆). A high amplitude pulse or optimal amount of ascorbate produced biochemically serves to increase the quantity and quality of receptors or integrins which optimizes collagens ability for electron transfer.

    These semi-conductor receptors maximize electron transfer. In addition, optimum environmental conditions may create a maximum amount of integrins in the collagen molecule which then can act as a high-speed interface for electron transfer.

    When the “Tantivy (high-speed) phase” is achieved, the Reptiloid collagen behaves as an amorphous crystal. An optimal amount of integrins in the collagen matrix or the amorphous crystal, allows the Reptiloid body to be at its highest frequency. When this state has been achieved this will produce a wavelength that is remarkably like a hologram. It is common to think of a hologram as a 3D image created by projecting light onto a photographic plate. Instead of using a photographic plate Reptiloids use a liquid crystal derived from collagen.

    This wavelength emits the image of a humanoid or another object that is detectable by the human ophthalmic system. The nature of ascorbic acid being “somewhat unstable and transient” as described by Irwin Stone PhD. Hypothetically it is believed that “shapeshifting” occurs because the Reptiloids frequencies have become distorted and the liquid crystal is no longer stable. The cause is due to the inordinate amount of energy required to stabilize the liquid crystals transitory nature. This coincides with the findings that optimal levels of ascorbic acid cannot be sustained indefinitely.

We are no longer on the Reptilian frequency. Now the “shapeshifting” maybe revealed.

    Due to the unstable nature of ascorbic acid a form cannot be maintained indefinitely. What happens next is a marvel of nanotechnology (the branch of technology that deals with dimensions and tolerances of less than 100 nanometers, especially the manipulation of individual atoms and molecules.). What causes the actual “shapeshifting”? “Shapeshifting” occurs when there is an atomization or breakdown of the liquid crystal. This causes the hologram to distort and reveal the true Reptiloid form. Shapeshifting requires a tremendous amount of energy to maintain an image. It has been hypothesized, the Reptiloids can only maintain this heightened state for no more than 4 hours.

    There are four frequencies (A frequency is the number of waves per second.) that Reptilians can use for “shapeshifting”. They have four waves at their disposal. 1.) Sine wave   2.) Square wave   3.) Triangular wave   4.) Saw tooth wave.  

    The difference between an analog and digital signal is that an analog signal is represented by the sine wave whereas; the digital signal is represented by square waves. Analog signal is a continuous wave that keeps on changing over a period of time. Digital signal has a distinct nature and has a finite range of values. A digital signal is more immune to the noise; hence, it hardly faces any distortion. Digital signals are easier to transmit and are more reliable when compared to analog signals.

    It would seem reasonable to presume that to master an extraordinarily complex skill like “shapeshifting” a Reptiloid must go through a period of rigorous training. The resilience (quick to recover) of their anatomy and physiology will determine how much energy is needed to be utilized. Maximum energy is required for altering their body to function as a digital convertor. Initially the Sine (analogue) waves that is generated are likely to be “raw” data which is converted into a processed signal which is the Square (digital) wave.

    The human ophthalmic system sees color wavelengths ranging roughly from 400 nanometers (violet) to 700 nanometers (red). The human eye and most TV cameras cannot detect the transmitting wavelength being generated by the Reptiloid. When the liquid crystal (collagen) begins to destabilize this is an indication that the Reptiloid is in the process of losing focus and unable to maintain their transmitting wavelength.

    For the human ophthalmic system to directly witness the occurrence of a “shapeshifting” event there would have to be a disintegration of the liquid crystal. This would be an extremely rare event. For a Reptiloid to experience such a situation they would have to be in a critical state of stress such as experiencing intense pain. They would be experiencing Hans Selye’s PhD General adaptive Syndrome (GAS) stress model Stage #3, Stage of Exhaustion or Extinction. This period of near death would be the only time in which the human ophthalmic system would directly observe the “shapeshifting”.

    As a part of the Reptiloids intensive training to master the ability to “shapeshift” they are taught to ignore pain. On a scale of 1-10. #1 being no pain and #10 being unimaginable pain. Reptiloid “shapeshifters” can ignore pain up to level #7 (consists of very intense pain like an average migraine headache). Level #8 (pain you feel is so intense you can no longer think clearly at all). Level #9 (is excruciating pain, so intense you cannot tolerate it and demand pain killers or surgery). Level #10 (Unimaginable pain. This pain level is so intense you will go unconscious shortly)

    The following is an example of what might be involved in catching a Reptiloid in the process of “shapeshifting”. Most of the time to see such a transforming event requires a high-quality camera. First, one would have to have prior knowledge as to the location of the subject of interest. This may explain why there is so very few quality photos of shapeshifting.

    A high-quality analogue camera such as an EO-3AN 1/3" CCD Color Analog Camera, NTSC or something similar would be good to have in taking a video of this trans-morphing event. The next step would be to take the analogue video and convert it into a high-quality digital video. The video is then slowdown for a pixilation effect. “Pixilation: is the term used in computer graphics industry to describe blurry sections or fuzziness in an image due to visibility of single-colored square display elements or individual pixels.”

    In creating a pixilation effect by way of slowing down of the digital video produces a lower quality video. This changing of the computer frequency untunes it from the Reptiloid frequency. We are no longer on the Reptiloid frequency. Now the “shapeshifting” maybe revealed.

    As previously mentioned, “shapeshifting” began primarily as a survival tactic. During times of political and social turmoil those Reptoids that were deemed incorrigible were sent to the surface to die. Those Reptoids that could shapeshift survived. Basically, it was to protect them from a plethora of lethal Reptilian predators of that time period. Without the “shapeshifting” ability the Reptiloids could at best survive only briefly on the surface.

    Hypothetically, let’s say if the hyperoxemic environment of the Jurassic-Cretaceous Period could be neutralized so that a unit of well-trained Navy SEAL’s could be sent back to that time period. The Navy SEAL’s of course would be equipped with state-of-the-art weapons. This elite military unit could at best only survive 72 hours. They would be no match for the apex predators of that period. Now! if the soldiers possessed the ability to “shapeshift” this would greatly increase their chances for survival. Shapeshifting would be the ultimate form of camouflage to protect the soldiers from being easily identified by predators.

    As mentioned before to maintain this transformation Reptiloid’s had to expend an inordinate amount of energy. Shapeshifters could only maintain this state for no more than four hours. As they approach their four hour limit they begin to fatigue. In this fatigued state they are vulnerable. At which point they seek the confines of their subterranean dwellings to recuperate.

    The Reptilians did not have to spend a lot of time nurturing their young. They devoted most of their time and energy on social issues and technology. Technology became important for them to flourish in a subterranean environment. As Reptiloid technology advanced, they eventually became proficient at cloning. This would prove to be a great asset to compensate for their low birthrate.

    The Reptoids who left Earth and avoided the big extinction would become space explorers. Periodically they would return to Earth. On their return visits these spacefaring Reptoids would share their newly acquired knowledge with the earthbound Reptiloids. This acquired knowledge was important from the standpoint that when used it permitted the Reptiloids to unobtrusively coexist with the evolving mammals.

    In time the Reptiloids would come to the realization that the apex predators during the middle of the Triassic-Carboniferous period were not as lethal as those predators during the Jurassic-Cretaceous period.

    When they became fully aware of this situation on the surface, it provided them with the opportunity to unleash their advanced technology above ground. Thus, begins the construction of megalithic structures on a global scale.

    In Summary

   Reptilian dominance lasted for over 200 million years. It has been theorized that Reptilian dominance on Earth may have produced at least 3 separate species of highly technological Reptoids. These species were the Draconian’s (Reptoid-Alpha), Saurian’s (Reptoid-Beta) and the Reptiloid’s (Reptoid-Gamma). Out of these three Reptoids, the Reptiloids are the ones who mastered the technique of “shapeshifting.” These three highly sentient beings existed long before the creation of mankind.

    The Reptoid-Alpha and Reptoid-Beta ventured out into the Solar system. As their science and technology became more advanced this further gave them the impetus to explore the farthest reaches of the cosmos. Over time these spacefaring Reptoids would return to visit the Earth as aliens. As to be expected there was a technology sharing with the Reptiloids who decided to remain on Earth. As the space faring Reptoids were exploring the cosmos, the Reptiloids with their advanced technology were gradually migrating to the surface. This is the time when they began to build megalithic power structures on a global scale.

    It should be noted that if mankind is to ever survive its “technological adolescence”. This will usher in a new period of space exploration. When humans begin to explore the outer reaches of the cosmos. It is well within the realm of possibilities that they will encounter a diverse array of Reptilian hybrids scattered throughout the cosmos. Since by nature Reptilians are subterranean creatures this allows them to inhabit just about any planet in the cosmos. Many of these hybrids will have their origins dating back to the Jurassic-Cretaceous period on Earth.

    With the integrating of technologies, the once subterranean Reptiloids permanently became surface dwellers. They would now become very instrumental in the building of the ancient civilizations such as (This is not meant to be a comprehensive listing but just a sample):

  1. Göbekli Tepe (10,000 – 8,000 BC)
  2. Çatalhöyük (7500 – 5600 BC)
  3. Mehrgarh (7000 – 2600 BC)
  4. Mesopotamians (5300 – 539 BC)
  5. Ancient Egyptian (3150 – 332 BC)
  6. Minoans (3500 – 1100 BC)
  7. Chinese (1700 BC)
  8. Tiwanaku (1500 BC - AD 1200)
  9. Olmecs (1500 - 400 BC)
  10. Romans (753 BC - AD 476)

    To be able to build these ancient civilizations they had to overcome one huge challenge. The challenge was could they solve their labor shortage. Due to their low birthrates the Reptiloids did not have a large population to have a dedicated labor force. Eventually their mastery of cloning would provide them with a solution.

    The Miocene Era is often referred to as the age of Apes. The Reptiloids began conducting genetic engineering experiments with numerous ape species. These experiments would last an exceptionally long time. The goal of these experiments was to produce a labor force that would have enough intelligence to learn, be submissive and have a short life span. Whether it was intentional or not they created an inferior copy of themselves.

    The culmination of these genetic experiments ended with the genetic engineering of Homo sapiens. It has been proposed that there may have been two versions of Homo sapiens. The current version of Homo sapiens is 2.0. One must wonder if there are blueprints in the offing for Homo sapiens 3.0!

    The UFO/UAP phenomena is part of a multi-tiered cover-up to hide the fact that there was and still exists a highly advanced technological species of Reptoid still inhabiting Earth. The Reptiloids have been co-existing with Homo sapiens for well over 250,000 years. One can easily imagine if such information were to be revealed chaos would certainly ensue in the streets of human society.

   For millions of years reptiles had a “predator prey” relationship with mammals that predates human evolution. Now comes the Miocene era. Now there is just one reptilian species who is continuing their evolution on Earth. The “holdover” from the era of reptilian dominance are the Reptiloids. They are continuing their evolution alongside the Miocene apes. During the Reptiloids long evolutionary history on Earth they now possess the technology to visit via space travel their Reptoid cousins. There is reason to believe that this situation is still occurring to this day.

    These earthbound Reptoids have been and are now at the apex of their evolution. To solve their inherent labor shortage the Reptiloids had an exceedingly long evaluating process to determine whether Miocene apes could be domesticated. The project of genetically modifying a species would prove to be no easy task. When altering a species genome one can hypothesize the desired outcome. The genetic engineers must wait until the subjects mature to see if the designed traits appear or if any deleterious traits appear. This process may take thousands of years to get correct.

As these genetic engineering efforts were taking place the Reptiloids are perfecting their new evolutionary trait of “shapeshifting.” This allows them to be embedded in human society. The Reptiloids have always been influential in the formation of the major institutions on this planet. Below is an example of such organizations:

  1. International Monetary Fund (IMF)
  2. World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
  3. World Health Organization (WHO)
  4. United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)
  5. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
  6. World Bank
  7. World Trade Organization (WTO)
  8. Group of 8 (G8)
  9. United Nations (UN)
  10. North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

    From the very beginning the Reptiloids have been very well integrated in human society. The positions that they covet are positions that do not have much public exposure. As mentioned earlier they can only transmorph for no more than four hours. The Reptiloids prefer to be behind the scenes. This allows them to be well integrated in the major institutions on Earth. They have always occupied positions of influence.

    The following quote from David Icke (David Vaughan Icke is an English writer, public speaker, and media personality best known for his views on what he calls "who and what is really controlling the world" ) will lend credence to the point of view and prove that the Reptiloids have always occupied positions of influence all throughout human history: “these aliens have contributed to the installation of world leaders throughout the ages which in turn has influenced specific historical events which led to tragedy and or success in our world growth and development as a species. It is said that these shape shifting lizards control politics around the world even the Royal family, media and television.” This strategy continues to this day.

    It has been stated that the human genome contains 10% Reptilian DNA. If this can ever be substantiated this would provide humans with a legitimate claim of being an heir to this planet. Besides having some Reptilian DNA, humans have a vast numerical superiority over the reptilian inhabitants on Earth. This possesses a real problem for the Reptiloids in that they cannot control all 7.7 billion people on this planet. Is not known publicly how wide the technology gap is between Humans and Reptiloid’s.

     A cosmic mythology has existed for some time concerning great space battles in our Solar system. Among some astronomers there has been some speculation that there once existed a planet between Mars and Jupiter. During a space war, the planet was destroyed resulting in the creation of the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

    Superb research conducted by Jonathan Brandenburg PhD concerning Xenon 129, provides credibility that some sort of space battle occurred around 250 million years ago on Mars. The gas isotope Xenon 129 was found by satellites orbiting Mars. Xenon 129 is not a natural isotope. It is an isotope residue left after the detonation of a thermo nuclear bomb. The evidence seems to lead one to the conclusion that the severely damaged ecosystem on Mars was the result of an above ground nuclear detonation.

    Supposedly, a similar situation which took place on Mars happened millions of years ago on the planet Venus. Some sort of catastrophic event may have damaged the atmosphere of Venous by creating a “Runaway Greenhouse Effect”. Water was dumped into the atmosphere trapping as much heat as possible, with the surface temperatures continuing to rise.

    To summarize one planet was obliterated, and two other planets were rendered uninhabitable. The question that must asked why wasn’t Earth rendered uninhabitable? Could it be that the Reptiloids had the technology to repulse an invasion attack directed towards the Earth? Suffice it to say that pre-humans did not possess such technology. If what has just been described happens to be the case perhaps a debt of gratitude should be given to the Reptiloids for saving the planet Earth. Humanity would not exist if this planet were destroyed.

    There continues to be a “blood feud” between those Reptiloid shapeshifters who believe that they are the rightful heirs to this planet. This faction is being influenced by their spacefaring relatives. The other faction consists of those shapeshifters who desire a peaceful coexistence with Humans. To complicate matters even more is the fact that a new upstart group Homo sapiens is now a major player in this feud. Humanity now finds itself in the midst of a “blood feud”. It is unfortunate that humans are not aware that they have been pawns in this Reptoid feud. This drama has been going on for thousands of years and is still being continued to this day.


                  Copyright© 2020 Wendell O. Belfield, Jr

W. O. Belfield, Jr.

May 10, 2020
11:38 pm
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May 3, 2020
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I've heard different variations on this reptilian theme. David Icke says that what appears to be shapeshifting of a Reptiloid is actually a human seeing a Reptiloid's spiritual frequency briefly. Bill Deagle says that physical shapeshifting is impossible, but that there may be another explanation that suggests the same essential situation. Cathy O'Brien says shapeshifting in some cases is a mind control trick done under hypnosis using a carefully placed hologram for the subject to see. At any rate, the reptilian theme is definitely frequently used as an explanation of the big picture of human existence.

(p. 468)
The bloodlines

Thousands of years ago, indeed aeons probably, a non-human race interbred with
humans to create hybrid bloodlines and this story is told in every native culture.
Such sources retain far more of the true history of human existence than the
manipulated and mendacious "history" taught in today's schools and universities.
We even see an expression of these accounts in the amalgamation of ancient
writings, some real, some added much later, that we know as the Old Testament.
This tells of the Sons of God (sons of the gods in the true translation) who interbred
with the daughters of men to create the hybrid race, the Nefilim. The accounts say
that the Nefilim caused mayhem wherever they went. Different versions of the
Nefilim story with the same common theme can be found all over the world and
South African shamen like Credo Mutwa, for example, refer to the Nefilim as the
Chitauri--the "Children of the Serpent" or "Children of the Python" because this
non-human race takes a reptilian form. Such accounts are featured in detail in
Children of the Matrix and The Biggest Secret, as are the modern accounts of insiders
who have confirmed to me that the world is indeed controlled by bloodlines that
are not in fact "human", but reptilian-human hybrids. By "insiders" I mean those
who work for this network against their will; those who have experienced its
privileges and diabolic rituals before turning against it; and those who have been
victims of its grotesque agenda and mind-control projects. The ancient idea of the
Divine Right to Rule, the right to rule because of your bloodline, originates from
this interbreeding. The "divine" does not relate to "God", the Infinite Spirit, but to
the "gods", the non-human entities involved in the interbreeding. They became
known as the "dragon bloodlines" and the symbol of the dragon comes from these
(p. 469)
reptilian "gods". Chinese emperors claimed the right to rule through their genetic
connection to the serpent gods and still today we have "royal" families around the
world who come to the throne only because of their DNA and for no other reason.
In more recent times these bloodlines have moved out of the overt positions of
"royal" power and dictatorship because people would no longer stand for that form
of rule. Now they dominate the population in another way, through politics,
banking, business and media ownership.

Icke, David. 2002. Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center Disaster: Why the official story of 9/11 is a monumental lie. Derby, England: David Icke Books.


(p. 165)
Bush's most effective example of "You Are What You Read" in his book
About Faces occurred during his reading of the page depicting lizard-like
"aliens" from a "far off deep space place." Claiming to me to be an alien
himself, Bush apparently activated a hologram of the lizard-like "alien" which
provided the illusion of Bush transforming like a chameleon before my eyes.
(p. 166)
In retrospect, I understand that Bush had been painstakingly careful in
positioning our seats in order that the hologram's effectiveness be maximized.
U.S. Army Lt. Col. Aquino's occultism provided trauma sufficient to
maintain my Project Monarch mind controlled existence despite his inability to
affect my core spirituality. Therefore, I was not routinely subjected to the other
favorite "trauma of choice" -- alien themes -- like many slaves (including
Kelly) I knew had been. The effect of Bush's illusion hologram on such
victims is binding and strong. Even Aquino envied the mind shattering effects
of Bush's alien theme visual traumas to the extent that he wrote and published
his own comic book sequel to Lucas' Star Wars. While occultism is easily
dispelled with reason and fact, Bush's alien theme continues to be reinforced
through NASA'a involvement in mind control atrocities. Additionally,
California's 24 year incumbent Senator Alan Cranston of the Select Committee
on Intelligence has perpetuated this trauma base for decades, as have others.
Despite my having escaped routine "alien" theme traumas, Bush's "You Are
What You Read" hologram proved devastatingly sufficient for him to gain total
control of my robotic mind from that moment on until my rescue in 1988.

O'Brien, Cathy. 1995. Trance Formation of America. Reality Marketing.

Both of these books are quite good, and O'Brien's book is a must-read, in my opinion, if someone wants to know the extent of the depravity of our elected leaders. It's so sickening and depressing, though, that it's emotionally difficult to get through the whole book.

May 11, 2020
10:29 am
Richard Daystrom PhD
Livermore, CA.
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December 19, 2018
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I appreciate your reply. When one applies common sense to what we have been taught in school. One begins to find serious inconsistencies in what is being taught. For example if crocodiles and alligators which existed during the Reptilian dominance on Earth and survived the "Mass extinction" why couldn't a higher form of Reptilian survive the same extinction?


W. O. Belfield, Jr.

May 11, 2020
11:47 am
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May 3, 2020
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The number of adherents to the reptilian leader theory is large. Notably, even Princess Diana was heavily involved in this claim...


She used to call the British Royal Family "lizards" and said "They're not human." Note the reference to mind control again, to which she was supposedly subjected.

I suspect there is something to all these claims, though I'm undecided as to what it is. It could be as simple as a mind control trick to which many children have been secretly subjected and don't remember, or as complicated as David Icke's mentioned DNA awakening ceremonies, which really creeped me out when I read about them.

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