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What's The Difference Between Miracles and Fairy Tales?
June 24, 2016
11:17 am
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April 9, 2009
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When the courts defend their rights to protest, even at the price of mental abuse and cruelty to those most vaunerable and defenceless burying a loved one, common decency laws should be enacted IMHO. Where does this defend that families right of life, liberty and  the pursuit of happiness?  

July 3, 2016
6:21 am
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March 18, 2015
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  When the courts defend their rights to protest, even at the price of mental abuse and cruelty to those most vaunerable and defenceless burying a loved one, common decency laws should be enacted IMHO. Where does this defend that families right of life, liberty and  the pursuit of happiness?   


While I disagree with the modus operandi of This Westboro Baptist Church....the courts have continually ruled...that the rights of one groups or individual are not intended to disparage or weaken the rights of another group...or individual.


See Title 18 section 241 and section 242.



The manner in which many have learned to handle Westboro Baptist Church is to keep them at length..so that they are not so intrusive. They keep their protest way down the road from where the burial is happening.

I do not approve of Westboro Baptist Church and their methods using and misusing the funeral of a diseased person  as a backdrop for their protest. Very poor taste..in any country....under  any custom or tradition...quite literally classless. Their actions leave a very bad taste in my soul in disrespect.


But the courts have continually ruled on this..as to this aspect of rights...and I am in agreement with them that it should never be rights for some but not for others.


Once again the Miracle here is that more and more people are catching on to Westboro Baptist Church.




July 4, 2016
2:09 pm
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June 5, 2009
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I'll have to agree with orangetom on that one.

"History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit, and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments by controlling money and its issuance." - James Madison

August 2, 2016
6:49 am
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March 18, 2015
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Greeny2 and others,

You think the Westboro Baptist Church is bad.?? Try this one out for size..


Talk about mental abuse...Wow!!


For some years now ..and now accelerating...the government through the White House...through the Department of Education...down through a front called.."Pacific Educational Group has been going into schools..and teaching a devout and zealous religious dogma called..."White Privilege and White Guilt."


I have only recently realilzed how this template of behavior is not only racist..but it is fitting within a Luciferian Religious principle...a backwardness..a subversiveness...and being done in an Hidden and occult manner ..in schools and in the military where it will not be subject to public scrutiny.

The Occult nature of this thing..this dogma ..this subversiveness ..is the important tell tale sign of what is trying to pass for excellence and intelligence today...Enlightenment.

It is subversive...and revolutionary...Saul Alinsky in it's nature. Those of us in the know...know to whom Saul Alinsky made his dedication in the front of his book "Rules for Radicals."


Now White Privilege and White Guilt is a morphing of a dogma begun or invented by a feminist in the 1980s named Peggy McIntosh.



What todays crop of professional subversives have done is adapted this devout and zealous religious dogma to be disseminated in public schools...among those easily manipulated and coerced into feeling guilty about who and what they are ...due to lack of education and experience to develop certain character traits. In otherwords these subversives are predators on our children in teaching this new religion in the school system.


This new religion is being sponsored and promoted by government monies through a think tank called "The Pacific Education Group."



Now...to understand the subversive and Luciferian Nature of what this group working with Government is doing in our school systems..it is necessary for us to go back to an Individual named Dr. Martin Luther King.


His expression from his "I have a dream " speech is to the effect ..that....

"A person is known by the content of their character ..not by the colour of their skin"

Now Dr Martin Luther King's statement is a very close variation of the Biblical principle of "By their fruit shall ye know them."


Now contrast this with what Government is today sponsoring and paying for by way of the Pacific Educational Group...in teaching to captive audiences in public schools..."White Privilege and White Guilt."

This religious dogma states .. "By the Colour of their skin shall ye know them"

They are teaching racism in order to solve what they think is racism.

Government under this administration have become the thing they dislike in others.

And they are foisting this devout and zealous religious dogma off on the most vulnerable and unprotected...in public schools. It is subversive...on children who have not enough years, education, nor experience to develop good character traits.


Once again...one has to be educated to become this stupid..but someone in government has done a good job of it and showing their  true religion.


When where and how did government switch to a Luciferian form of religion and why did they not tell the public they had so done???

Why are they going after our most vulnerable in order to program them into shame and guilt..our children and grandchildren??

Why are our so called Conservatives..the Republican party entirely silent on this subversion??

And I mean totally silent...because they are in on the scam. They are an important part of it.


These people are "Predators " on our children and our nation..subversives teaching race and racism as a devout and zealous religion.


I knew back when that Cambridge Incident where the constable was called to the White House...for conversation and beer...that this administration had  mostly race and race issues on their plate and if given the chance would hold the entire nation hostage to this template...to fan the flames of racism.

It is the best they can do...the very best.

Between racism and runaway sex and sexuality..it is the very best this administration can do.

And runaway sexuality is also Luciferian in nature if one knows how to dissect the pattern.


The Westboro Baptist Church pales in comparison to what they are teaching in subversive propaganda/programming across this land in public schools.

This program of the Pacific Educational Group is even being promoted into some private schools today.



Also here....


Now this teacher promoting this program got caught in a firestorm from parents who have not themselves been totally indoctrinated into this religion.


What this kind of subversive program ..this seduction of our children is ...is open racism...if you like ..it is the mental as well as the spiritual rape of our children from young ages into government authorized racism.


And this is not the only Open Lucerferian program into which people are being propagandized and covered up by the media...and leadership.


Westboro Baptist Church pales in comparison to this.



I have been going around teaching this about the Luciferian Religion and principle taking place in our public schools as well as in our Military and the rampant runaway religion behind it...teaching it to various people. Teaching them to teach others.

Those versed in the Word..understand it right away. Those who took a bite out of public education as a religion did not or were not able to follow it and think I am a kook. No problem by me.

The problem ..is that even leftist liberals are suspecting something is very wrong with our school system today. The direction they are going. They are looking for answers.

Very difficult when so many are only educated into the "Kardashian Principle."


I have also been teaching others to be on the look out for the next "Hitler" that the body politic wants/needs to manufacture in order to secure their hold on the unthinking and easily emoted voter. Teaching these others to also teach others about the "Hitler " religion used/misused by the body politic on an unsuspecting and untutored public. Teaching people who can see, hear, and understand how this phony body politic manufactures a bad guy to keep unthinking emotional people on their treadmill of deceit.


The Miracle is that there are those out here, however few, who can see, hear, and understand  this principle at work for the confusion and counterfeit that it is. These people know the name of the counterfeiter and author of confusion by name.

They also know  that our government has clearly switched gods to the author of confusion and the counterfeiter and told no one they have so done.

But this can be detected by the fruit produced...as instructed for His people.


Thanks to all for their posts,


September 4, 2016
10:38 am
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September 19, 2009
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A fairy tale is a fantasy but many miracles have been unexplained events that have happened in history.

September 10, 2018
7:39 pm
Marc-André Coulombe
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September 10, 2018
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This can be summarized very easily. Induction vs deduction. If one only consider induction as a tool to bring truth, this will be an endless debate. This will not be the case if one accept deduction into thinking process.

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