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Washington Bomb - 12/21/2015?
December 5, 2015
10:37 pm
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November 14, 2015
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Article Osama Bin Laden instructed Al Qaeda to deliberately Crash the 4th Hijacked Flight 93 before striking Washington D.C. ... ... ... ... We've Understood the "Sign of Antipas (Divorce)", to be approximately 93 days in length, beginning on 12/21/2015 ... ... ... ... authenticating ISIS's claims about detonating the Nuclear Weapon in Washington D.C. (which is now in their possession in the USA, for some time now) ... ... ... ... We've discussed previously the pattern of behavior for ISIS and the Islamic State, which is to parallel prophecy in the advent of terrorism.  ... ... ... ... We've discovered the reinforcement of this behavior, is the simple fact that there will be "NO HIGH PRIEST" at all during the "Sign of Antipas (Divorce)".  That means there is no deviation in the extermination of Genetic Dan on a Global Level, paraphrasing. 

Therefore, the detonation of the Nuclear Bomb in Washington D.C. on 12/21/2015 is a parallel of prophecy (we will discuss), that appears to make the statement that God will reveal "ANTIPAS", in the likeness of a High Priest, then ISIS and the Islamic State will snare the nations into global conflict instead of migration to the USA, for the remainder of their lives, until they are all exterminated on 3/23/2016.

(Manasseh, Judah, Ephraim, Aaron (Separatist Inheritors* Aaron is unresolved) ... Genetic Dan parallels those genetic lines, and they are very wicked, full of murder and ra** according to the Census Bureau's globally.  4th Flight ... Flight 93 ... marking the Nuclear Bomb in Washington D.C. beginning 93 Days, until their extermination of Genetic Dan)

Why Choose Washington D.C.? Dependant on Osama Bin Laden's Declaration?

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He was born to Amenhotep III and his Chief Queen Tiyee and was their younger son. Akhenaten was not originally designated as the successor to the throne until the untimely death of his older brother, Thutmose. Amenhotep IV succeeded his father after Amenhotep III's death at the end of his 38-year reign, possibly after a short coregency lasting between either 1 to 2 years.

Pharaoh Akhenaten was known as the Heretic King. He was the tenth King of the 18th Dynasty. Egyptologists are still tying to figure out what actually happened during his lifetime as much of the truth was buried after he died. Article
Pharaoh Akhenaten and that his attempts at revealing the secrets of the Egyptian Mysteries and the cosmic origins of humanity caused him to be assassinated by the corrupt black magic Egyptian Priesthood. Article

My birthday is 10/18/1982 ... ... ... ... Assassinating the Antichrist is an impossibility.  Now, from their perspective, God will rebuke the Nations because of their Sin, by revealing "Antipas" as an Entity, rather than a Sign.  (However the Gospel calls Antipas a Martyr, so that Argument is Invalid).  Nonetheless, the Islamic State views this information as a Prophecy, that demands, a "Sin Offering" to reveal "Antipas" as more than a simple "Sign of Divorce".  Because it says Moses was Dead (or Moses became the Father), before Akhenaten had lost his position as the Father (reference to Genetic Dan).  (God does not allow Moses to become a High Priest before the 5 months, so the Argument is Invalid).

This is where the elimination of Washington D.C. comes into play! The Gospel says "Antipas was Slain where Satan Seat Is", According to Akhenaten he killed the place of their Leadership where the "Sign of Antipas" took place without a High Priest to Reign, and as the inscription states, "God Responded", but not in a way to challenge the design or program of the Gospel. ... ... ... ... The USA has chosen a Colored President, to reign over the War on Terrorism, that is what constitutes the language of this apparent Prophecy.  What makes Washington D.C. above all else the target of the Nuclear Detonation on 12/21/2015 if any at all.

The Goal is not to obtain mercy from the gospel or challenge God's Position, it is to appear as if ISIS or the Islamic State identified with some reaction from God so they can parade the conflict that will be unleashed as the nations war with themselves, until their lives are euthanized on 3/23/2016 at the 12210th Day of the Antichrist's Life Span.  That is Goal. (Ince** or Ra** of Mother to S** also motivates ISIS and the Islamic State to reach this conclusion, as I've stated, I've only had limited contact with ISIS or the Islamic State, some of my relatives have continual relations with them ... that includes some of the peopel belonging to Genetic Dan that some of you have been associating with, as a result of this discussion, unfortunately, as I've also stated, none of that concerns me, since we wanted to gain an insight into prophecies reflection on the matter) Lets Continue:

66 Books in the Bible, is that supposed to mean something? Yes, 70 Generations of Reuben Listed in Luke 3, minus God, minus Enoch, minus Jesus, minus Joseph.  That is 66.  God performed all the work of recording the Gospel, God allowed individuals to act on his behalf, but ultimately God corrected their work. ... ... ... ... Enoch walked with God, however Jesus had to serve as a High Priest with the 144,000 of Reuben ... so that is a reference to Jesus. ... ... ... ... Moses was a dumb slave, rap** and beat continually just as he is now, God gave the first recordings of his law to Moses, not just because Moses was a dumb slave, but because the 144,000 of Reuben were shut down.

114 Books in the Quran, is that supposed to mean something? Yes, maybe.  1335 of Daniel minus 12/21 = 114.  If the Quran functions as a challenge question to revealing "Antipas" the sign of Divorce as something more than just a sign, as the result of a "Sin Offering", then the answer is yes, otherwise the answer is No.

(We discussed previously how I survived a lethal dose of weapons grade uranium.  You are free to verify and publicize this information, along with ISIS and the Islamic State's Goal of detonating the Nuclear Weapon in Washington D.C. on 12/21/2015.  Or I suggest you begin to accept the ideal of ending your lives peacefully, as that is the gospel intention if you do not intend to migration, what ever else becomes necessary, as I've stated.  Will only become necessary as a result of the force used on a certain individual ... we have not yet reached a certain level in your suicides, so I've been excited for some time, as we approach the next level of your suicides)

December 6, 2015
4:19 pm
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November 14, 2015
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Washington Bomb - 12/21/2015? Part 2 King Hezekiah's Royal SEAL


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Article ... Top: King Hezekiah's Royal SEAL ... Bottom: Thunder Clap and Ray SEAL (Ch.3, Figure 32, the 12th Planet, Zechariah Sitchin).  Above the "Winged Globed" on King Hezekiah's SEAL, is a Face leaning to the Right (Like the Mayan Calendar).  The Sumerian SEAL instead of showing a Face leaning to the right, it shows a BEAM/"TOWER OF BABEL", extending from a human foot -- originating from the EARTH'S MOON, and pointing into the Planet Earth (FOOT).

King Hezekiah was not called a "High Priest", and Abraham was not called a "High Priest".  When the "Sign of Antipas/Divorce" was revealed in their generation.  ... ... ... ... Zechariah was however, called a "High Priest", the Buddha, during the "Sign of Antipas/Divorce". ... ... ... ... There is going to be no "High Priest" when the "Sign of Antipas/Divorce", begins, until the Antichrist is Resurrected.  This is nothing new that is happening, your kind (s) simply have no value for the covenant, you are simply to live the remainder of your lives peacefully until you are euthanized.

The "Sign of Antipas/Divorce" appears to originate from the Earth's Moon, before this, mesopotamia claimed a Beam crossed space in so many ways, so we must keep watch, since this is the same event, described on different scales.  (Or as summarized in the Vedic Teachings we discussed).

12210 Days of Antichrist Lifespan - 97 Days ("7 of 9" for Sign of Antipas) = 12113 Days.  The Ratio of Information on King Hezekiah's SEAL OF DIVORCE appears to be teaching something.  Perhaps you will have an indication of this Sign on 12/17/2015, matching the Mayan Teachings recorded in the book: "Book of Chilam Balam of Chumayel" which deliberately references a date before the 12/21 solstice, which they would of understood accurately, as they kept the Mayan Calendar itself.  Otherwise, I've asked God to kill all of their Genetic Lines, Globally on 12/21/2015, since there is no need to keep these people alive, considering the level of cruelty and killing they will do on a global level.  However, you must understand that despite my good intentions, my position is incorrect.  God may simply keep them alive to challenge the nations call forth a remnant to the USA, if that is indeed true, then we must simply allow them to kill and die for these 93 days until they can be euthanized.  Love and Blessings. (We have a 10 Hour walk on tuesday or wednesday, to keep these people tamed until such a time as these measures in secret are no longer effective this will be done soon. As I've stated we must keep watch, some of you may mistakenly read the Sumerian SEAL as a declaration to detonate the Nuclear Weapon in Washington D.C.)

December 6, 2015
4:58 pm
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November 14, 2015
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Washington Bomb - 12/21/2015? Part 3 Global Imperative!

According to the Prophets

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Tree of Life Yggdrasi-Norse ... There are three Norns who lives at the well Urd. Their names are Urd “past”, Verdani “present” and Skuld “future” The three Norns are the goddesses of fate. They spend most of their time spinning the threads of life, deciding the fate of every human, animal and every god. Whenever a child is born, the Norns spins the fate of the child in their threads. The three Norns will every morning start the day by placing a rooster at the top of Yggdrasil.  Article

There are Three Locations excited by the "Sign of Antipas/Divorce", 1) Earth's Moon ... 2) City of Philadelphia/USA ... 3) Washington D.C./USA. ... ... ... ... Washington D.C. is indicated by the "Black House" ... ... ... ... This could very easily be the location of the White House/USA. ... ... ... ... So you can understand now, why millions of American Citizens will die in a Nuclear Explosion, perhaps hit multiple times by multiple nations.  As I've stated, I can only kill these people if I am the target of force, however.  Washington D.C. is the target for different reasons, namely because ISIS/Islamic State wants to be seen as the "High Priest", to make the nations kill themselves until they are deceased.

"The Cydonia Equation on Mars", is a hyperdimensional ratio that show the SEAL displaced, that is what is being shown in the diagram of the Tree of Life (Yggdrasil).  Going back to the History of the USA, very briefly: "Roanoke Colony" vanished from the face of the earth in 1590. ... ... ... ... The precise location may very well have been at its center, where the White House, is located in Washington D.C. at this very moment.  So you can understand why millions of American Citizens in that area will be put to death as soon as this happens, or in about 12 to 15 days from now.  As I've stated, I can only put these people to death, the numbers are inconsequential if I am the target, therefore you must simply prepare yourselves to die.  Love and Blessings. (Tuesday or Wednesday we have a 10 Hour walk to keep these people tamed, until these measures are no longer effective, soon these measures will no longer be effective, given the level of truth).

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