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Very Important Messages To the World
March 28, 2012 - 6:06 pm
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I was recommended this website , and thought some of the readers maybe interested in it.

What is interesting about this website, is that the visionary or "mystic'" <(as they are sometimes referred to as) , is under the spiritual direction of Monsignor Esseff , who was also the spiritual director for Mother Theresa., and gave many teachings to her order.

Monsignor Esseff , himself was at one time under the spiritual direction of Padre Pio, later canonized St. Pio. (it was considered a great honor , and blessing to be under the spiritual direction of Padre Pio)

Here is an excerpt from the introduction page of this website created to make these messages public, by Monsignor John Esseff.

Let me introduce myself; I am Monsignor John Esseff, a diocesan priest of Scranton, Pa., ordained in 1953. In 1959, Padre Pio became my spiritual director. For many years, I was the spiritual director for Mother Teresa of Calcutta. As a favor to her, I traveled all over the world, giving retreats, to her sisters. Above all, I am privileged to be spiritual director for hundreds of souls, at every stage of the spiritual life. Some are beginners, others are advanced and some are mystics.

For many years, I have been director for a special soul. Five years ago, Jesus and Mary began to speak to this soul through the gift of locutions (as described by John of the Cross). These locutions now total over 800. I have discerned the validity of these locutions. Until now, these locutions were personal teachings given for the small community that gathered in prayer. Beginning on December 10, 2010, a new phase began, namely, some locutions were to be told to the whole world.

The beginning locutions are very special; focusing on the Fatima Vision (released by the Vatican (June 2000).

Locutions are the hearing of an inner voice , but you do not see any vision. Many of these are from a divine nature, though some can be of a demonic nature as well.

One of the first messages was the following


Let the Word go Forth

Dec 10th, 2010


I will soon begin to speak to you for the whole world. You will receive these words as you have received all the other words. You will write the words down and record the proper dates. You will take these words to Monsignor Esseff, for his discernment. If his heart discerns that these messages should be released to the whole world they will go forth. He will correctly say that these are being given to one of his directees. The time is short and that is why I have moved you so quickly.

Here is the link to the website, and I will add messages to the thread as I read through them, and will choose certain ones from the past that I feel I should put out there, as well as new ones that are being received. These are a plea to look at the messages of Fatima , (which were concerning some of the situations that were to come), and again Our Heavenly Mother is pleading for prayer, and repentance, while we still have time. The love she has for her children is so underestimated, and she wants each and every soul on this earth to know they have a spiritual mother to go to when feeling troubled, confused, and lost. She so desperately wants to help ALL of us find the way to the salvation and peace of Jesus.

Though this isn't an apparition, I choose to put it on here as an example to some of the members of how much the Virgin Mary is calling out to the world , and what she is warning us about.

March 28, 2012 - 6:13 pm
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What I found interesting about the following one is how she points out, who actually controls and is the hidden power behind the humans that control these events.

196. The Coming Destructive Events


The events will begin, pouring out one after another. In the beginning, men will just see this as another difficulty to be grappled with. Then as a second and a third event happen, they will wonder how they can respond. Then as the events pour out more and more, all will realize that the state of the world is changing.

What do I mean by “the events”? These come from the hidden heart of Satan. Each event is touched by his demonic fire. They are human events, but they are not just human decisions. These decisions come from the hearts of people who are controlled by Satan. Their hearts are given over to hatred, anger and destruction. They are captured hearts. Unfortunately, they are not captured by love. They are not owned by my Son, Jesus. They are captured by the Evil One.

He will use the smallest first, to set a little fire of destruction (I do not just mean wars or violent destruction, but all manner of disturbances). Then other sources of his darkness will be poured forth. After that, seeing that each of these new problems has had its effect, he will reach deep within his bag and pull out unforeseen problems. These he will release upon a world that is already having difficulties coping with the previous problems.

At this point, he is not finished. He will hold his greatest powers in reserve. He will wait and he will rejoice in the destruction and confusion that he has stirred up through his minions, those whose hearts he controls. Yet, there are others. These still wait in the wings. It is not yet their time to go on stage. Satan wants to orchestrate everything. He wants it in his way and in his time.

But, I will not let this happen. This is what I am trying to teach mankind. Satan owns people. These people are destructive and he has armed them with every possible weapon (Again, I am not just speaking about weapons of war. There are weapons of lies, of confusion, of political authority, of financial power. There are the weapons of mass communication and of the internet. His weapons are everywhere and he owns people in every nation and in every walk of life.)

I know Satan’s people, his weapons and his plan. I know his army and his legions of followers. I would have destroyed him long ago, but the human race has chosen to follow his darkness and to reject my light. So, it has walked into his trap and he is about to release his powers in all of their fury. I say this clearly. It will be released, step by step, always with increasing power and darkness. He will send forth many, but not all, of what he has accumulated over these centuries.

What can I do? I can protect all those who come to me. That is why the Father has sent me. This is the constant theme of the messages. The destructive events will pour forth but I can save those who trust in me. I do not say that I will save your lives. I will save your souls. Also, I will save you from much of the suffering (but not all). I will save your loved ones. You will see them return to the faith. Tell them not to despair. Tell them that all of this has been told to you ahead of time, so that all can believe that in these events, the Woman of Light stands in your midst calling all into the Noah’s Ark of her Immaculate Heart.

Comment from website about this particular locution

Comment: This lengthy locution describes what will happen, the step by step unleashing of Satan’s powers through evil people. The prophecy is given so that, when this does happen, people will understand and turn to Mary, who promises to be a Noah’s Ark.

March 28, 2012 - 6:18 pm
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This one is very important to understand, and answers some of the questions I have read as to why the heavenly father, has not chastised the world more up to this point. ... e-delayed/

195. Why the Chastisements are Delayed


“Why do I wait so long? Why do I hold back my chastising hand?” These are the questions that the heavenly Father can legitimately ask. He sees the sins of mankind. He watches them flout his laws and even deny his existence. He has given mankind the beautiful earth and the gorgeous heavens. So, why does he not act? This is the great mystery, the delay, the constant delay, the pushing back.

The heavenly Father waits patiently, hoping that he does not have to act, always hoping that mankind would turn to him, so he could act with the greatest of mercies. He even raises up intercessors, who come before him night and day. These are God’s closest friends, and they plead with him to show mercy. In this way, he can put aside his justice for a while. He can claim that these chosen souls are like Moses who pleaded with him and allowed him to forgive the Israelites.

This is the drama which takes place behind the scenes which I will explain for all to understand. God has many attributes, innumerable attributes that man cannot even understand or imagine. These attributes are the ways he acts with mankind. They are the qualities of his Divine Person. Even in the bible, God seems to have many faces. At times, he chooses Israel, then he chastises, then he promises and then he restores. God has only one face, but he has many qualities and all come into play in any relationship which God has with man. The bible tries to catch this diversity, this complexity of God (even though he is perfectly simple).

God is not arbitrary. All of these attributes are in perfect balance and harmony. God is very predictable. If mankind repents, God will forgive. If mankind sins and continues in its sin, God will chastise.

But the question here is about time. When will God chastise? When a person repents, God forgives immediately, but it is quite different with his chastisements. He puts them off and puts them off. People even complain, “How long, O Lord, before you vindicate our rights?” This is because God stretches his mercy as far as he can, until showing mercy is foolish, destructive and harmful to the human race. I must say, “We have reached that point” yet he still delays only because many chosen souls plead before his divine presence. They delay the chastisements and gain time for repentance. This is my message, “Do not put off the time of your repentance” or else you will be worthy of God’s chastisements. I speak to you as a mother warning her children.

March 28, 2012 - 6:19 pm
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197. All Out Warfare


The door is open and no one is standing guard to keep out those who introduce confusion and destruction. Many voices are raised that bring only darkness, like clouds that cover over the sun of truth. Who will part these clouds so the earth is not totally enshrouded and the people of earth do not despair? How will they know that God still loves them and works for their good? Let us begin.

From the very beginning, darkness and confusion entered human history. The story had just begun and was in its very first chapters, when the evil one intruded, causing confusion within the first woman and sin within the first man. For mankind, this problem has always existed. From the beginning chapters, the heavenly Father also had a solution. He would raise up a woman and there would be enmity between Satan’s children and her children (Gen. 3:16). This was God’s plan from the moment that darkness entered into the world. God did not make a world of enmity. Warfare was God’s only solution to a problem that entered into a human history by a sinful choice.

That explains all that is happening today. Man has made a thousand sinful choices, of the greatest magnitude. He has opened the door. No one stands guard. The enemy intrudes and has free access to every part of human life. He enters the halls of congress. He sets up his household (yes, his household, meaning his minions) in the places of greatest power. He claims hearts that even deny he exists. (These are the most vulnerable.) His power is everywhere, in all the systems, in all the leaders, in all the people whom he influences.

What is God’s response? Will he call a truce? Will he sign a peace treaty? Will he agree to certain conditions? Will there be an arbitrated compromise?[highlight=#ffffbf]No, he will send a Woman and there will be total warfare until the Evil One is cast out and my Son, Jesus, again becomes the Lord of human history. Get ready for war because God will not compromise. You have one choice, which army will you serve in? No one will be on the sidelines.[/highlight]

Comment: This explains exactly what is going on. Warfare is God’s only option when men choose to follow Satan.

March 28, 2012 - 6:23 pm
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This is by far the best description I have heard of Satan, and how he works Very important to read , in my opinion.

198. The Clash of Intellects


[highlight=#ffffbf]“Everything is arranged correctly. All is in place”. Satan believes that he has a plan which cannot fail. He sees his targets. He knows those whom he wishes to destroy and those whom he intends to use. It is like a chess game and he trusts his great intellect which God gave to him.[/highlight]

When God created Lucifer (the great “light-bearer”), he gave him the greatest created intellect. He allowed him to see what others could not see and to understand great mysteries. When Lucifer turned his heart away from God, he plunged into darkness, but he kept his great intellect. Only now, he had no light and his intellect was no longer focused on light. He understood only the powers of darkness.

Everything he touches follows his path. It goes from light into darkness. He counterfeits light (for he has none himself). He attracts by false lights. This is how he draws mankind into darkness. How many he has drawn. He began with the first parents, attracting them by his lie. Now he has drawn millions into a darkness which they do not understand but will soon be revealed for all to see. That is what I mean. He thinks “Everything is in place. All is ready”. This is what I will explain.

The manifestation of his darkness has already begun but few recognize it. They think that the troubles afflicting the world are due to human beings. (No human being could be this clever). Soon, he will bring about great manifestations of darkness. His purpose is to cause despair so men lose hope.

That is why I speak now. His plan is not perfect. I do not leave mankind to its own understandings. I am ready to offer the wisdom of my Son who constantly outwitted Satan and those whom he controlled. I will offer my wisdom in the depth of each person’s intellect. There will be inner lights and divine wisdom. But all must call upon me quickly. You cannot wait until the last minute. Your minds are inadequate and need my light now.

Comment: This locution speaks of intellects, Satan’s, man’s, and God’s. Mary offers God’s wisdom.

March 28, 2012 - 6:27 pm
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199. Waters That will Quench the Satanic Fire


What is hidden from man? What lies behind the scenes? There is a demonic fire, raging in full force, which feeds upon human suffering. Yes, his fire feeds on your suffering and when you see the great suffering in the world today, know that this is food for his fire, which would consume the whole earth and make it into Satan’s hell. That is his goal.

Is there not a stream of water, which can put out his fires? You have already tried your human water and have seen your efforts collapse. Your water is no match for his fire, so he will encourage you to try your solutions again and again. He knows there is one stream which flows from my Immaculate Heart. When men invoke me, the stream comes forth in abundance and the demonic fires are quenched. This is the warfare I am describing, the war which takes place every day of human history.

Now the conflagration has spread from the individual heart to the world scene. A new leader has arisen in North Korea, but the one who appears to be the leader is not the leader. He is the puppet, the face that is put forward, the anointed son. The powers are in the background. They were always waiting for their chance and now they see the opening. Be assured of this. Satan will have his man handpicked and ready, prepared for years for this moment when he can seize power. And others are with him, ready to proclaim him so that all know that he has their support.

As the Satanic fire continues to consume the world, the powerful waters of my heart do not flow out because mankind is unaware. They do not see the forces behind the scenes. They do not even think in terms of the supernatural. For man, all is reason. Life is rational not supernatural. Well, this is my challenge. “Put out the demonic fires with your rational powers. Try to stop the fires that are consuming your world. You will totally fail. You have no water that can turn back his flames”.

My water would lessen passions, cool anger, soften hearts, open eyes, refresh spirits and draw people into faith. I would do this for families, for churches and for nations. The great rivers stand ready to flow. Satan is aware of this. He wants to keep man blinded and trusting in the power of reason. Then he will have time to consume the world. How long will you delay? Parts of the world have already been lost.

March 28, 2012 - 6:32 pm
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202. The Pope Must Lead the Church to Fatima


Throughout the world, people begin to prepare for the feast of Christmas. Many do so in a very sincere way. How different the original Christmas and the Christmas of today. The birth was unknown to the world. The light had come but only the shepherds shared in the story. How much more was to unfold, with John the Baptist preparing the way. Then, my Son came onto the scene, anointed with the Holy Spirit and power. All the events unfolded, prophesied ahead of time, and culminating in his death and resurrection.

Since then, the gospel has gone forth, preached to all the nations and drawing all who believe into great light. Now, everything is threatened. The work of centuries is being attacked as never before. [highlight=#ffffbf]The darkness is trying to put out all the lights of Christ and to erase all the faith. Satan looks forward to this coming year. Some he will destroy by death but their martyrdoms will become eternal lights, always lighting up the heavens. Even more, he will try to destroy by fear, when the disasters will shake people’s faith. But most of all, he will try to conquer by despair, when so many surrender to the seemingly hopeless situations which they will face.[/highlight]

Words to the Church

Where is my Church? It will proclaim the truths as usual, and this is its task. But, this is not enough. My Church will need help, my help. So, these words are for my Church in this coming year of 2012. You have the deposit of faith but you do not have within your grasp what you will need to sustain your people in faith, in the face of all that will occur in this coming year. You are weak. You are helpless. Your light is not strong enough. Your lights are fragile and vulnerable. You are not ready for the assaults of darkness. How clearly can I speak to you? Whole sections of the Church are ready to be swept into darkness. The work of conversions done over centuries is about to be toppled. You will see it before your very eyes, like a mother viewing the death of her child.

Command to the Holy Father

What can I say to you? How much must I warn you? Go to Fatima! Take all the believers with you. Go to Fatima as quickly as possible! All that you need lies in my Immaculate Heart at Fatima. Do not listen to those in high places who caution prudence or who tell you to wait. Holy Father, lead my Church to Fatima. Why are you waiting? What is the delay? If I had not spoken, if I had not appeared, if I had not placed the treasures there, then I could excuse you. Things would not be so clear. Clear away your desk. Set aside the other issues. Proclaim a year of Fatima. Be very specific. Get people to read my messages. Get them to understand the great blessings that remain unopened. People need concrete advice on how to walk. This is a clear path. Before the destruction begins, I want my whole Church to go to Fatima. I will be there.

Let no one ask in the middle of all that will happen, “Where is Mary?” I have told you where I am. Those who go there, in body or in spirit, will be kept safe.

Comment: No locution has been so specific, so clear and so urgent. Let us say often, “Lady of Fatima, pray for us.”

March 28, 2012 - 6:41 pm
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This one is so sad , but very true, they have been robbed of their religious heritage.

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237. The Fears of the Young

The Immaculate Heart of Mary Speaks to the World Comments Off


“Do not be afraid”. These are my words to the young. You face so many challenges, especially a world whose future is quite in jeopardy. You are caught up in tidal waves of uncertainty. You seek for answers. You ask, “Is anything secure?” That is why I speak.

The Least Religious Generation

[highlight=#ffffbf]You are the least religious generation in the history of America. I do not say this to reprimand you. I say it to enlighten you. You have been robbed of your religious heritage and have been nourished only on secular food.[/highlight]

For other generations, the presence of heaven and the importance of a life with God were taught by the adult world. Now this adult world, for its own gain and profit, has stolen God, heaven, eternal life, the presence of Jesus and my presence from you. We have all been erased, as if we do not exist and can offer you no help.

The Battle Between Hope and Fear

[highlight=#ffffbf]When I say, “Do not be afraid”, I must always add, “because I am with you”. This is my message. Ahead of you are gigantic problems. You will face in your lifetime more trials than any previous generation. These trials will bring about overwhelming fears and fear will become your biggest problem. It will paralyze you at the very moment when you will need to take action, daily actions over a long period of time. Survival will demand extraordinary hope. However, fear kills hope. That will be the battle, between fear and hope. One kills the other. So, when I say “Do not be afraid”, I am giving hope a chance to save you.[/highlight]

Seek Mary’s Help Now

[highlight=#ffffbf]O young reader, I see you and your generation. I see all the events that are ahead. You will not survive without me. Now is the time to come to know me and to experience my help in your daily trials. If you do this, when the greater trials come, hope will triumph over your fears. I say again, “Do not be afraid”.[/highlight]

Comment: The young generation has so many years to live. Who can even grasp the world they will face and the fears they will experience?

they will face and the fears they will experience?
236. Young People and Their Decisions

The Immaculate Heart of Mary Speaks to the World Comments Off

Many times people do not see the ramifications of their actions and only later they grasp the seriousness of what they have done. Today, I want to speak about the evil of divorce, which has become so widespread.

Decisions Made Before Marriage

Divorce is the result of many decisions. It is, so to speak, the ultimate decision, separating what God has joined, breaking open the marriage bond which leads to so many unforeseen ramifications.

Let me address the beginning decisions made before marriage. Hopefully, my words will pierce the hearts of those who are not yet married so that they will never be led to choose divorce.

Results of Promiscuity

When a person is young, there are many attractions and many distractions. The serious side of life often seems far away and youth seems to be a perennial state. [highlight=#ffffbf]Caught up in this free-love society, the young person does not see the results of promiscuity. They see no need for chastity. Their hearts are stolen away. Time is wasted. Relationships that should lead to the deepest friendships and even to marriage are destroyed. Time is wasted. Other relationships, often less satisfying, are taken up. A very special opportunity for a good marriage has been squandered.[/highlight]

Getting Married

Finally, the person settles into marriage but the deep commitment and enthusiasm have been lost. It is a marriage of convenience, the best that can be salvaged after many destroyed hopes. Such is the situation. There never was a firm and lasting commitment because so many previous relationships were severed. The two people are almost strangers to each other. Their hearts have had so many prior relationships that they cannot grasp the seriousness of permanency in marriage. Relationships based upon bodily pleasure are too superficial to be good soil for a lifelong marriage.

[highlight=#ffffbf]So, I speak to young people. You will never get these years back. Do not squander them. Listen to the deepest and truest motions of your heart. Sacrifice for these goals. Only true and honest decisions will prepare you for a permanent marriage[/highlight]

Comment: Mary begins to tackle the overwhelming problem of divorce at its very roots, i.e. what decisions do young people make in the dating period.

March 28, 2012 - 7:03 pm
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240. Inflict No Violence

The Immaculate Heart of Mary Speaks to the World Comments Off


[highlight=#ffffbf]The world does not know how to respond to God’s messengers. Many times, they kill them. At other times, their message is distorted. Yet, they speak out, knowing that some people will listen and be saved. So, I speak, knowing that although these words are foolishness to the world, some will listen and be saved.[/highlight]

The Events Will Speak Loudly

I do not need to say much because the events themselves will speak so loudly. Then, no one will be able to set aside their message. What are these events and what will be their message? [highlight=#ffffbf]They will be the actions of man against man. In this way, no one can blame Almighty God. The destructive fires will not come from heaven but from hell, through the decisions of those whom Satan controls. They will be large and violent events, not like those that the world has gotten used to in recent years. There will be many events because nations will respond. No one will act sanely or rationally.

Anger will pour out and lead to unheard of violence and destruction. No one will be spared who lies in its path. All will be touched – good and bad. Now I explain why I speak.[/highlight]

Do Not Inflict Violence

[highlight=#ffffbf]When all of this happens, I do not want my children to act like the world. I want them to stand apart and not get caught up in the violence. Satan wants you to be in his army. He wants anger to flow from your hearts, just as it will flow so freely from the hearts of your neighbors. He wants to entrap you. He wants you to take up arms. He wants you to strike back. He wants you to yield to his fires of violence. See this for what it is. Everything will be Satanic. The fires will burn in the hearts of the good and the evil person. Satan does not care who fires the bullets, as long as others are harmed and suffer.[/highlight]

[highlight=#ffffbf]I say this at the top of my voice to everyone who is my child. When the events begin, you are to hurt no one. You are not to take up weapons. You are to flee all violence, especially the violence that you yourself might cause. If you heed my words, I will save you. If you do not, then you are no better than the rest. These are words that most will reject, but I speak them so some will listen and be saved.[/highlight]

Comments: When violence breaks out, the tendency is to respond with violence. This plays into Satan’s hands. Mary says clearly “Inflict no violence”.

Notice how she says these destructive fires will not be from God, but from man against man , sprouting from hell, through the men that satan controls.

March 29, 2012 - 3:33 am
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190. A Clear Summary of the Messages


One thing is obvious. The world cannot continue in this direction. By my words, I have revealed, as far as possible (that is, as far as you need to know) what lies ahead if the world continues on this path of self-destruction. The power to destroy the world and human life as it now exists is already in place. [highlight=#ffffbf]The fires of anger and hatred burn so fiercely in the hearts of so many. The instability of economic structures affects even those who otherwise would feel safe and ab[/highlight]ove the fray. Human life is so fragile and complex, that it can easily be disrupted.

All of these things I have shown you so often because they are the first part of my message. The second part is also clear but not as much accepted. [highlight=#ffffbf]All of this could have been avoided. Mankind did not have to come to this moment. It was not an inevitable result of natural causes. This is the part that the world cannot receive, but I will say it again. Satan has brought all this about. He has used the intellect and the selfishness of man to build a world that, with a few strokes of his genius, he can destroy so that human life is changed for centuries. That is the moment in which mankind finds himself.[/highlight]

For so long, especially since the French Revolution when the goddess of reason was exalted, man has excluded God, the human race has been tricked by Satan and has had to deal with two world wars that never needed to occur.

Now, he has mankind on the edge of a greater precipice.[highlight=#ffffbf]The heavenly Father will not allow Satan to fulfill his plan but he has only two options. Mankind can return to God and walk in his ways. Or, the heavenly Father can allow the divine chastisements to stop mankind in its tracks. The second is just the lesser of two evils. There will be the chastisements of heaven so there is not the destruction planned by Satan.[/highlight]

[highlight=#ffbfbf]I have spoken clearly and concisely from my motherly heart. If mankind repents and turns back to God, I will lead man by an easy path. Do not think it cannot be accomplished.[/highlight]

Comment: Mary has said these truths at various times in these messages. Today she summarizes everything.

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