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Three Secrets of Fatima's Prophecy
May 29, 2017
7:20 pm
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November 14, 2015
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First Secret of Fatima's Prophecy (Akita)

Akita and the Fatima Secret (Video Link)

Image EnlargerAkira Full Movie HD English (Video Link)
Image Link
Image Link

The First Prophecy of Fatima, deals with the First Resurrection of the Antichrist, God not only voices the euthanasia of all Brown Asian Countries (attributed to Genetic Dan), but God announces his rebuke to the degree that All Asian Nations are Killed.  (If the Dark half of the Alien Face are Dark Asian Peoples and countries that must be killed, then, the Larger Circle is China, and that is God's intention to kill it, along with the rest of these asian countries and peoples)

(It is also as we have said, If God does anything at all to identify with his mercy or these 33 Days from 8/21 to 9/23, then, India does not have the legal right to kill all asian countries outside of China (with or without, N + S. Korea and Japan), to remove its Genetic Line.  But Assume these people are condemned to death, remember apart of this argument is food to keep Genetic Dan in my mouth and rectum until it passes the point of no return, when it must be put to death)

(Speaking of Which, the UFO Guardian was presented in 1989 shortly after my father raped and murdered my body under the instruction of Pope John Paul II because of the nature of Fatima's Prohpecy.  And that ended in mass murder of some nuns and priests in the City of Philadelphia, or however that was reported.  That Amount of Energy God expended in postponing his decision to have these people killed, and leading to the present, means Flight 370 is an exercise of that judgment, and Asia/Manasseh's Sentence of Death during these 33 Days specifically, that is the law)Image EnlargerImage Link

Several phases of construction work on the gate took place the early Ayyubid period (1183-1192) and both early 12th century and later 13th century Crusader rule over Jerusalem. A 1523 account of a visit to Jerusalem by a Jewish traveller from Leghorn uses the name Bâb el 'Amud and notes its proximity to the Cave of Zedekiah.........Damascus Gate is flanked by two towers, each equipped with machicolations. It is located at the edge of the Arab bazaar and marketplace in the Arab Quarter. In contrast to the Jaffa Gate, where stairs rise towards the gate, in the Damascus Gate, the stairs descend towards the gate. Until 1967, a crenellated turret loomed over the gate, but it was damaged in the fighting that took place in and around the Old City during the Six-Day War.

The First Prophecy of Fatima, reveals that the Ark of the Covenant was removed from Jerusalem around the 1100s, and its new location was completed around the 1500s.  This reports all the archaeological finds surrounding Oak Island and the Money Pitt ... ... ... ... The Ark of the Covenant is the Body of Moses, remember when Jesus was Born the Wise Men provided Jesus the Body of Judas they described as Spices.  Moses and Judas's Salvation Program is not based on the body of Jesus (when God presents Jesus Body/Sign of Divorce, God is not presenting a another Gospel, by using Jesus body to pay more more sin then the gospel affords, the argument is nullified, thus this happens only two times in the gospel's law in brief) ... ... ... ... When Nguyen Van Lem was Killed in 1968 the Gate in Jerusalem was disturbed as well as Oak Island, as a resonance between the locations of a part of his body.  That is the Association.

(There is a prophecy in Jerusalem about the Lord's Body rising from below the Dung Gate, and that event will mark the events of revelation.  All of this being true, that statement is invalidated.  Furthermore, if God does not provide a Sign of Divorce, then there maybe nothing formal done, until God completes his discernment at the end of 33 Days, a death sentence or 7 more years.  So the First Prophecy of Fatima recorded in the Crop Circle, the original Prophecy, Goes from 1947 Roswell + 7 + 7 +7 to 1968, that covers 70 years to 2017 an that is also the 42 months of Flight 370 in 2017 which is the end of 33 Days from 8/21 to 9/23) This Concludes the First Prophecy of Fatima. (INRI, Inc*/Rape/Mur*, is not a declaration of God's Payment for Sin, actions that paralleled that, happened in the Old Testament, God did not use Jesus to give a written law directly to deal with that, at present, the Antichrist only states the law that is written, when euthanasia takes place its not a blessing, its God's intention and satisfaction of putting these people to death, you will see soon)

Societies, Networks, and Transitions: A Global History

(Near the end of the 1400s when the Place of the Ark in Oak Island was completed, word about the construction was leaked, and then Genetic Dan waged a war, so you can record that is when the spanish came to destroy the area, but everything was buried, so you have a marriage between the jews in jerusalem and Genetic Dan in foolishness right into the present when mass murder takes place in jerusalem, and God turns a blind eye to that.  Right now the Antichrist has a score to settle with Murder/Suicide, an exodus from Jerusalem is possible but its not a primary goal)

May 29, 2017
8:36 pm
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November 14, 2015
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Second Secret of Fatima's Prophecy (Bar Jesus)

Heaven's Key to Peace Documentary: About Fatima, the Third Secret, Russia, Catholicism vs. Marxism (Video Link)

Image Enlarger Image Link

Nguyen Van Lem's Image can still be found on full public display, the moral of the story is this.  (Just like 9/11/2001 was chastisement for INRI in violating my body sexually and physically, repeatedly, the UFO Guardian was also chastisement).  First Nguyen Van Lem was Hung from a Tree an that began 70 Years ago with 1947 Roswell.  Then the Antichrist will bust open at the end of the 70 year period.  This follows the Wise Men that gave Spices to Jesus, and the Destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem with Judas or as he is also known "Bar Jesus" ... ... ... ... God also used two forms of chastisement to blind the people as a result of their sin, Judas was recorded as being Hung on the Cross Next to Jesus, and before that, he was thrown down a high mountain when he approached the Jews on the feast, all of this has happen at present with the Antichrist, in ethnic euthanasia plus much more.

(The Second Resurrection of the Antichrist, follows the same pattern, God is still proclaiming his death sentence, I will fill in a few blanks.  The Second Prophecy is also a reference to Genetics, that is the Four Genetic Lines of Genetic Dan come straight out of the Cascausian Branch of Human Life, not out of the Asian Branch, and there are connections between them and the brown skinned asian peoples/countries.  God will have to make the decision, but God isn't going to punish Asia for your sin, everything related to Cascausian can die, then what we've said about the Sign of Divorce beginning in Asia will begin when the 33 Days are finished of God's Discernment if that is necessary)

 Image Enlarger

The Second Prophecy of Fatima is also a description of the relocation of the Ark of the Covenant.  So far it came from Jerusalem and rested in Oak Island from 1100 A.D. to 1500 A.D.

Nearly a decade later, the three young men (two of whom had since bought land on the island) joined forces, with the backing of businessmen, intent on finishing the excavation they had started. Digging deeper, they found oak-log platforms at ten-foot intervals, along with layers of charcoal, putty, and the fiber of coconut husks—despite there not being a coconut tree within 1,000 miles. Then, 90 feet down, they hit stone. It was a flat tablet with a mysterious engraved message that would lure treasure seekers for a century until it was lost in 1919.

Edward Leedskalnin was recorded as coming to New York or to USA around 1912, shortly after that the Philadelphia Experiment Took Place during the moving of the Ark from Oak Island's Money Pitt.  More or less, we see God differ the murder by his brother Hitler, and the Ark Disturbed around the time of the 100 Year Intreval of Fatima's Prophecy.  Coincidentally, it takes the International Space Station about 90 Minutes to Orbit the Earth, one conclusion is that the International Space is destroyed, by the activity of Nibiru in our Earth's Sun resonance with the ether network touch our earth moon at some point, then the I.S.S. is thrust into the earth, and that marks the Nuclear Extermination of Genetic Dan's Population Cluster's Globally.

(We can see in the Design of Coral Castle, 33 (Bears) Days of Nuclear Warhead Exchanges (the first circle in Green), and the 3 Days of Darkness in which Nibiru Encapsulates our Earth.  This can be 33 Days until you are euthanized and that is apart of 3 Days, or 33 days and then 7 years then 33 Days. (Or if God allows your complete of Murder Suicide with Me, you can be put to death in 3 Days at most from 8/21, if it isn't done immediately, so we need to see what happens).

May 29, 2017
9:54 pm
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Forum Posts: 215
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November 14, 2015
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Third Secret of Fatima's Prophecy (Phinehas)

(in brief: Antipas, God always allows Satan the ability to kill during the (one of) First of Three Resurrections, so that was a reference to David in Revelation, or Stephen, God called David the "Lion of Juda" because God allowed David/John to give a law, and that was revealed as Revelation ... then God allows INRI, without death, then God does not allow any INRI, it is typically in that order)

Garabandal Warning, Our Ladys messages and prophecies - full video
654letP.jpgImage Enlarger
Image Link
Image Link

The Original Message on the Table found in Oak Island told when God would deliver the Ark of the Covenant or Moses Body to Moses to proclaim and complete the 5 months of Revelation.  So, we'll attempt to see the original conclusion. (Genetic Dan's Four Lines are Killed, as well as anything attributed to it, by reason of God not making payment, I understand that is impled).  What you are viewing is an argument in magnitude, it begins with number 1 and then the magnitude increases to number 4.

1. First Order of Magnitude, Number 1, = Nibiru in our Earth's Sun
2. Second Order of Magnitude, Number 2, = Tetrahedron of Activity that deals with our Earth's Moon
3. Third Order of Magnitude, Number 3, = Original Disturbance of Nibiru relative to the Pleiades
4. Fourth Order of Magnitude, Number 4, = Tetrahedron of Activity that deals with Mars

(Implied) 33 Degrees of Pleiades = 33 Days of our Sun's Pole (these are real measurements).  When this period of time is Finished, the Second Tetrahedron of Activity will take its notable excitation sequence, you will have 7 years of utopian society discernment for the Sign of Divorce, or 3 Days of Darkness following death.  The Earth's Sun will be excited for 33 Days this follows the Pleiadian Photo Bridge, and then, the Lunar Photon Belt.

This information does not have to make conventional sense, this is an accurate sequence, reason is simply.  This involves the "Ether Network" that is connected to Nibiru's Total Function, and this exceeds the dimension of Time.  Therefore Excitation can take place without a reaction or a cause and effect in this spectrum (of time dilation).  The Dark Matter Network is Secondary that we can observe as the Tetrahedrons, and the Natural Laws of Gravity or Electromagnetism is also secondary, we will also observe some of that behavior which brings us to the sudden destruction of the International Space Station, as a viable possibility.

(Cold Blooded and True, the Unfortunate Conclusion of the Ark of the Covenant and the Money Pitt's Gold Treasures)

FdpBBJI.jpgImage Enlarger

 Image Link

There is a controversy about when the Gate of Coral Castle was fixed, some say in 1986 some much later.  However, by the time the WOW SIGNAL! took place in 1977, everything was prepared, and not only was the treasure in Oak Island retrieved.  But it was later launched into space, like trash, along with quite a bit of lengthy messages about demanding a refund.

Coral Castle had been "revisted/tweaked" quite a few times after Edward Leedskalnin had died.  After the Events of Nguyen Van Lem, they were convinced he would at some point be given his body in Oak Island inside the Money Pitt.  So they wanted to challenge God over the issue and they discarded it into space.  However, later on, God returned the Ark of the Covenant to the Earth in 1989, shortly after Incest Relationships under the sponsorship of the church and state took its first dominate turn with my father and Pope John Paul II, right into the present.  Love and Blessings (Back in 2014, I said once somewhere that I was going to City Hall in Philadelphia after that, and if any police officers were found there, the ethnics/negros would think they were following my authority and they would be put to death, anyway, a few police officers were killed.  At the same time, since the police officers in Philadelphia have began to shoot the ethics and negros with the intent to kill more frequently the death's are not so frequent, tomorrow after dark, I have a nightly walk to city hall, we will see what happens, then continue until euthanasia becomes a public issue around 8/21 to 9/23)

(Eventually you will have to educate the public about the ethnic euthanasia, or assisted suicide I provide in your own way, or I will talk to the people directly.  Remember the punishment is always death for using force against me, when you stop being the weak link, then your pain and suffering also stops, lethal force, get used to it, and continue to do it to those kinds of people)

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