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Three Resurrections (12210 = 42 Months or 240 Days)
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November 14, 2016 - 2:36 pm
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(Preface in Parenthesis)

The Money Pit Of Oak Island (Video Link)

Image Enlarger

DEUTERONOMY 34:1 And Moses went up from the plains of Moab unto the mountain of Nebo, to the top of Pisgah, that [is] over against Jericho. And the LORD shewed him all the land of Gilead, unto Dan,
DEUTERONOMY 34:2 And all Naphtali, and the land of Ephraim, and Manasseh, and all the land of Judah, unto the utmost sea,
I SAMUEL 6:4 Then said they, What [shall be] the trespass offering which we shall return to him? They answered, Five golden emerods, and five golden mice, [according to] the number of the lords of the Philistines: for one plague [was] on you all, and on your lords.

God presents a "Bill of Divorce", at least Three Times to Humanity, because God resurrects Moses, at least Three Times, (Once in the Old Testament, and Three Times in the New Testament).

1. Djedkhonsuifeankh
2. Money Pit Tablet
3. UFO Guardian Diagram (1 of 3 from God + Roswell + Wow Signal)
4. Petroglyph

Each of these Bills of Divorce have one thing in Common.  They describe about 42 Months from Flight 370, and they also describe the Activation of Earth's Moon within that Period of time, about 240 Days....................Each of these Contexts also describe the 5 Separatist Inheritors* of the Gospel's Program, as the 4 Gas Planets of our Solar System, plus the Planet Mars, that makes 5 Separatist Inheritors* with one disputed, that one that is disputed is Aaron's Genetic Line (Italian Race).  That is what makes a Expedition to the Planet Mars's Colony, as we have said, a declaration of Mercy, and also a conviction of faith.  For the 240 Days we have before God ends the lives of billions, God will also end the inheritance of Aaron's Genetic Line when God is not satisfied with the global euthanasia of Genetic Dan's Four Genetic Lines, and the Nations receiving no favor from God. 

ACTS 17:22 Then Paul stood in the midst of Mars' hill, and said, [Ye] men of Athens, I perceive that in all things ye are too superstitious.
ACTS 17:23 For as I passed by, and beheld your devotions, I found an altar with this inscription, TO THE UNKNOWN GOD. Whom therefore ye ignorantly worship, him declare I unto you.

God is called Joseph/Babylon as a consequence of Jesus being called Joseph/Babylon.  (Acts 19:13-17) ................... God uses an Evil Spirit to correct the believers about the association between Jesus and Babylon the Payment for Sin, in this instance God uses a Sign and a Wonder:

1. Expedition to Mars (Acts 17:22-23)
2. Expedition Offworld (Acts 28:4/Hebrews 1:2)
3. Elimination of "Suicide by Antichrist" (Acts 5:15/1 Corinthians 13:11-12)
4. (Euthanasia of Genetic Dan relative to the Sign of Divorce (Acts 10:11-13/Colossians 2:17-18))

God used the Apostle Paul to make an open illustration of Jesus Payment for Sin, and its limitation, and by reason of its limitation, the solicitation of mercy.  So its not unreasonable for us to conveniently find clarifications for God's activities during the Tribulation Period, if any at all.  There is no such thing as Four Testaments in the Gospel, there is only Three Testaments (Three Contradictions, Three as in God, Jesus, Holy Spirit). However God sometimes chastises Satan so its like another set of 10 Commandments but thats not true at all, since that only involves whatever demonstrations God has in view, for example:

1. First Set of Ten Commandments (Ten Generations of Genesis 5)
2. Second Set of Ten Commandments (Ten Generations of Genesis 11)
3. Third Set of Ten Commandments (Ten Babylon Generations of Genesis 10:10-12)
4. Fourth Set only Implied by Rebuke (God accuses of Stealing Ten Tribes)

(1 Chronicles 6:61, Manasseh Steals 10 Tribes so they have an account of the Buddha or one of Zechariah/Zacharia's Resurrections in the Old Testament Era ................ However Jacob told Joseph in Genesis 48:14-17 that he would accuse the Hebrews/Ephraim of Stealing 10 Tribes (that is he would eventually deliver the Hebrews out of egypt), as opposed to sending his gospel elsewhere and forsaking the Hebrews to their deaths) 1 Kings 11:31 God accuses Jeroboam/Judah of Stealing Ten Tribes from Solomon, which is David's Father.  So God has already declared his demonstrations of mercy to center in the Heart of Judah, which just happens to be the USA for the Events of Revelations namely.................................I stated your activities of the Election of the 112th Presidency would help God and the Son of Man discern his activities for the Tribulation, that is something we will do.  So far that means all the non-whites/Genetic Dan's Four Races/Skin Color, will be euthanized, and I will either take all the Hebrews out of Jerusalem, or take some and send an army from another country to take the rest if the USA does not do this for me (to the Sign of Divorce in the USA/Philadelphia).  We only have about 240 Days, no more, no less, so we have to be faithful with what we have been given, until the language of the law is invalidated, and we have not passed 12/21/2016 to 12/25/2016, as a point of discernment.............................The Correction was issued, "LUKE 3:23 And Jesus himself began to be about thirty years of age, being (as was supposed ) the son of Joseph (1260 Days), which was [the son] of Heli (Hell or Elias an Open Vision), (Ezra 8:35)"........................30 Years + 1260 Days = 12210 Days or 34 Years of the Antichrist Lifespan:

1. 12210 Day of Tribulation (12/21/2012 or 12/21/2016) (Luke 3:23)
2. 112th Prophecy of Saint Malachy (Popes) (Exodus 24:1-4)
3. 112th Prophecy of the Allen C. Martin (Presidents) (1 Chronicles 25:7-31)
4. 112th Prophecy of 12th Planet (12,000 Unified Tribes of Rev.(Goddess Diana))

Our legal reason of using 1260 as a reference to Joseph/Babylon is that the Gospel withholds this figure and presents it in the book of revelation to denote the literal fact that 7 Years or the Last Week of Daniel, which is 1260 Days/42 Months and 42 Months, happen together as one sequence.  Otherwise its simply a "one of three" figures used in a set (2300, 1290, 1335 ... 2000, 1260, 153 ... 200000000, 42 Months, 5 Months) Exodus 24:1-9 calls the "112 Prophecies" as a description of Daniel's 70 Weeks, because Moses is used as a parallel measurement for God as a representation of Babylon through Jesus, not literal implications, but we can view this as the description of Daniel's 70 Week's, which has three divisions, as a description of the Three Resurrections of Moses in the New Testament. (End of Preface in Parenthesis)Image Enlarger

10 Strange Unexplained Broadcasts (Video Link)

(Aercibo 1974 Transmission, August 20, 2001 Reply) 8/21/2016 the Mandrid Faultline Alignment of the Solar Eclipse, begins the THIRD Resurrection of the Antichrist.  This assumes 12/21/2016 (is the Galactic Alignment Position the diagram is designed to echo that is from Galactic Alignment of Sun to Mandrid Faultline Alignment of Earth's Moon).....................(God completed the Second Resurrection of the Antichrist on 9/11/2001 with the Falling Man, indicating that this was a confirmation, of a resurrection of the Antichrist, just like the Wow Signal! was a confirmation of the First Resurrection of the Antichrist).

Number 10 - "This is the Voice of Vrillon", God talks about the First Resurrection of the Antichrist being Completed in Vietnam.
Number 9 - Since 1982 the Birth of the Antichrist, number relations to Christmas(25) and (240) days.
Number 8 - Inces*/Rap*/Murde* under the authority of Pope John Paul II through the instrumentation of his father.

LUKE 3:23 And Jesus himself began to be about thirty years of age, being (as was supposed ) the son of Joseph, which was [the son] of Heli,
I CHRONICLES 27:15 The twelfth [captain] for the twelfth month [was] Heldai the Netophathite, of Othniel: and in his course [were] twenty and four thousand.

(John 12:5-7, Jesus talks about a "Day" in which he answers the "Three Contradictions of the Gospel", which we've tied to three 112 Prophecies of Biblical Origin) When God says he reveals "Three Thousand" are saved (Acts 2:40-41), then God is revealing the THIRD KINGDOM of BABYLON, which is the Sign of Divorce to try the nations of repentance by Blood Sacrifice......................We are provided additional details, (Matthew 26:53/Ezekiel 47:13), Jesus says when the 112 Prophecies are Fulfilled, I will reveal the Sign of Divorce, "Joseph the Blessings", that what happens when Joseph is Unified with tribes under 12,000 or 112, but that is only one of about three answers to the gospel's three contradictions.........................We have additional details, God says (Heli/Heldai - Lord's Body Revealed/Temple Stones (Elias Revealed)), is the solution to the 112th Prophecies and that begins the "24,000" or the 240 Days for the "Sign of Divorce".

(Going back to our Opening Post very briefly, with the UFO Guardian Diagram in View, we have a Flight 370 indicated by the Bold Arrow, and a "Signal Flare" indicated under the top pyramid above Flight 370 (so that is 42 Months, and 240 Days within the 42 Months).  God also makes two divisions in revelation, or a "Millstone", and "Babylon the Fallen or Temple Stones/UFOs" ...............Technically.................... the Activity from Earth's Moon/Star does not constitute a sign of divorce since it is only a description of the son of man, since god puts the millstone around his neck, and you are guilty of rap*/murde* and ethnic poaching, it is not much as a form of chastisement from your pleasure of inces*/rap*/murde* that you enjoy with me, continually, and also by sicking non-whites on me like pets to accomplish your killing to satisfy your ego, continually......................the USA is not specifically given a "Sign of Divorce" then you can kill the population clusters of the non-whites, you can also encourage them to kill the Antichrist, if God does not reveal a Sign of Divorce, then I'm not going to perform a work by doing anything at all, you just die in silence, globally if necessary, (and if God doesn't kill humanity immediately then I want wait out in space while you die blind, no sign of divorce means I do not do any work at all) that is a high likelihood of taking place.  Otherwise, there are many places to kill with significant amounts of Genetic's Population Clusters, you have plenty of time, so you can kill the ethnic population clusters in the USA later on.  The USA made its choice with the presidency, beyond that, these people are still hurting, hurting my testimony and hurting my body continually, that is what they decided to do with their lives, and this will come to a conclusion soon.  You must view the Global Euthanasia as an Impersonal Argument, also you must view that as a work God is looking to as a point of discernment, so be faithful with what you have in your means at all time.  Love and Blessings (I'll be around tomorrow after dark to help facilitate ethnic suicide, since the level force tonight was good, we'll do this maybe the next two or three days to keep these people tamed for now) (What you have now is a viable and actionable understanding of how God tones down his mercy because he no longer becomes interested, as you keep pleasuring yourselves with me, in hurting me continually, you need to use this insight into the law to Solicit Mercy from God, you will be tried soon so be faithful and eliminate Genetic Dan and the Nations with no favor from God, and if no Nation is Given a Sign beyond 12/21 to 12/25 etc. then you must kill Genetic Dan clusters and leave it at that (even if it means nothing since you have no sign of divorce, then it can only mean nothing), or simply pray peacefully as your lives come to a close in blindness)

(I haven't engaged the Authorities and I contacted quite a few directly, but not since 2013-2014, because I don't have a reason, there is no proof that they need the assisted suicide I am offering to keep the peace in a greater measure by drawing the ethinc's attention to me, but we'll see.  There a lot of public schools in general a lot of day care centers and a lot of children that are easy targets you can easily kill with your bare hands, if that is true, there are things I can do to unify the media and the authorities with an informal assisted suicide program for their convience but that is not a declaration of the law or a declaration of a sign of divorce or anything like that, so you should take what piety I have to offer by baiting them out openly to resolve this public threat if that is necessary) (you need to keep hurting me quite a bit before we reach 12/21-12/25, so you can die blind, you have a ways to go)

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November 14, 2015
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November 20, 2016 - 10:58 am
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First Theme of Revelation = HIFTER (Higgaion/Psalms 9:16) ("Healing Tree" or Star Wormwood (Connotation: Crucifixion or Higgs Boson))

Image Enlarger

In 10,500 B.C. When The Pyramids Matched Orion's Belt, The Nile Delta Represented Orion Nebula (Video Link)...........................Communion, 1989 (Video Link)

(Cross of Hendaye, Not Shown)  The Galactic Alignment or Christmas, to the Mandrid Cross Faultline Alignment in the USA is a common theme that is of Crucifixion.  This ties Jesus to Revelation, because he is Revealing the Crucifixion and his intention to pay for sin, he does not pay for sin until the Gospel is completed.  God's Answer to "Suicide by Antichrist", that you pleasure yourselves with was the 9/11/2001 Falling Man, so we have to wait for another Answer from God surrounding how God intends to handle your pleasure of "Suicide by Antichrist".  We virtually understand what God intends to do, but until he reacts we can only keep watch.  (Tree of Life, Falling Man, and Prince Symbol).  God took the Hebrews out of Egypt with the Representative of Joseph, which was Moses, that is 430 years for Daniel's 62 Week division and the First Resurrection of the Antichrist, the Hebrews once again asked for Moses in the New Testament, but God said he would not deliver them out of Jerusalem, at least not at that time) (Millions of American's could be deceased based on the result of the 112 Presidency, however, as we've stated, Jerusalem's Golden Gates would be destroyed, and God would conclude Suicide by Antichrist by giving me a space ship) (You will cause yourselves pain and death, what I mean to say is you must kill all the non-whites, all the races tied to Genetic Dan and the dark skin colors relative to the Sign of Divorce, or as you wait for you lives to come to a close, you can kill me instead or use some negros You can find me here (Image Link)

Second Theme of Revelation = PAU NAY LORON (Antipatris/Acts 23:31) (Antipas the Martyr)

Image Enlarger

10th March marks the Anniversary of the 1959 Tibetan National Uprising Day Remembering 1959! (Video Link)........................The Abyss - Deleted scene (Video Link)

About 1:20 seconds into the video of the Tibetan Uprising.  That is about as close as we can probably get to picturing Nguyen Van Lem (1968), around the conflict that was resolved with the Dalai Lami retreating into India, and abandoning his people, leaving China as the Principal Benefactor.  Most likely, Nguyen Van Lem was later sent to Vietnam to face execution, reading the bibliography on wikipedia, it appears to pin a series of conflicts on the First Resurrection of the Antichrist.......................Inces*/Rap*/Murde* is the solution mankind gives to the gospel because of their preferences for sin, this is very significant, because this often means the Sons of Man are the centers of conflict, not as the cause, but as the result of sin.  Typically this process is nothing more than false witnessing, ending in death as a declaration of purpose.  If you follow observe me now, Inces*/Rap*/Murde* (INRI), is still be enjoyed with me on a daily basis.  This can take various forms,  sometimes God does not allow the Sons of Man to die at all, until God is satisfied with a conviction or until an appointed time.  Right now for example, mostly colored people and other non-whites, some state sponsored killing also taking place, they will receive only suffering and death.  From what I can understanding you may be allowed to kill on 12/21/2016 - 12/26/2016 to end the pain of living that you have developed because the gospel is called to mind.  If not, a larger portion of the non-whites will simply die, or God may place me in another country to speak against you and demand your lives or something, as we settle this score, in about 5 weeks from now.  During the First Resurrection it appears God moved the Son of Man to another Country, however that happened, and then he was allowed to die in Vietnam to satisfy a conviction.  Right now, the Gospel talks about a Title Transfer from the USA to China for the Sign of Divorce, we'll just have to see if that happens, or maybe the 50 states will simply be euthanized, or I may end up encouraging the nations to do that to solicit mercy as the gospel law declares, in addition to non-whites and other countries, etc. (va243 showing Moses and the Activated Moon, same for the Shugborough Inscription)..................62nd to 69th Week of Daniel, is about 7x7 or 49 Years, 2017 - 1968 = 49.  The Gospel is big on the Jubilee Period, but when Jesus was born it talks about the "Silence of Zacharias", it also talks about how the Kings wanted the baby jesus dead, snap the figures of Daniel alongside Jesus Christ, and the Antichrist and you have a few parallels denoting Three Resurrections (Baby Jesus, Crucifixion, Jesus Risen for 40 Days .... Zechariah/Zacharias/John/Moses also appear to be denoted in the gospel with Three Resurrections)

Third Theme of Revelation = MABUS (Agabus/Acts 11:28) (Babylon the Great)

Image Enlarger

10,000 Year Old Statue Contains Coded Message About Human Origins (Video Link)........................Hellboy 2: The Golden Army (2/10) Movie CLIP - Burn 'Em All! (2008) HD (Video Link)

Theme is "Asexual Reproduction" (Masturbation, Validated), both male and female reproduction Organs are Present, that is God does not base his "Sign of Divorce" on a Son of Man (Suicide by Antichrist is Invalidated).  This only happens at the very end of time in the Events of Revelation, when the "War in Heaven" is finished.  This Marks the Great Tribulation. (Goddess Ishtar, Shiva, and Mayan Calendar Showing both reproductive organs in a single set (Lamb Slain).  General Period of Time is the Final Week of Daniel or 7 Years, stated in Revelation 11 ... ... ... ... we can see this as "Harold Camping to Flight 370" = 1260 Days or 42 Months and then "Flight 370 to Mandrid Faultline Alignment of the Solar Eclipse" = 42 Months ................... With 240 Days going from 12/21/2016 or 12/25/2016 to 8/21/2017, this makes the Galactic Alignment and the Mayan Calendar Creation Date of particular importanceAny variation to this law is a Challenge Response, and something God has to reprove us with an illustration of his mercy. (Time 70, Times 70x7, Half a Time (42 Months, or Half of 7 Years ................... "Two Wings of a Great Eagle/Stork", the Great Tribulation has a parallel of 240 Days, unless God illustrates his mercy to increase this length to 42 Months ... 8/21/2017 + 42 Months)


(I was going to show the ethinc suicides as a result of using any force against me at all, in the way they kill themselves, locally with the philadelphia news agencies or internationally, but instead I don't want to diminish their drive to kill themselves soon, by producing more of their corpses as they keep hurting me, so that you'll be throughly reproved of what you need to do to these negros + more or what will happen to all 50 states, if you don't learn to use lethal force against these negros + more, soon) Love and Blessings.

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November 24, 2016 - 8:16 pm
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May 13, 1981: Assassination Attempt on Pope John Paul II! (Video Link)

Image Enlarger

Pope John Paul II, is not my biological father.  Wanted to open up this discussion with that statement, as well as, "he was in the hospital recently with the same injury as Pope John Paul II, and will likely die around 12/21 to 12/25".  The crime is murder which happened in succession at a much younger age of the Antichrist, first his father guilty of rape and murder, and then his oldest brother, both under the instructions of the Pope and the Church at that time, so this is likely a possibility.  I guess we are finally seeing the end of Pope John Paul II's Reign of Suffering and Pain, as we await God's answer in empowering the Antichrist to motivate the nations to solicit mercy by global euthanasia accordingly.

Fruitvale Station: The Oscar Grant Story (Video Link) .................. We have a score to settle soon, in the short space of time it will take God to decide how to empower me to end the "Suicide by Antichrist" Equation, as well as decide if the USA has any value anymore with the Gospel by giving the "Sign of Divorce" here as opposed to elsewhere......................So I will be at the Market FrankfordLine awaiting God on 12/21 to 12/25, if God does anything at all otherwise you will likely find me at this address, Address Link, you can only resolve this issue of the race problem with euthanasia, or you can choose to die by using euthanasia against me.  God will kill so many people before he is no longer pleased, so we'll just have to see, how this becomes resolved in about 4 weeks from now....................Once against my actions will be limited and based on how God empowers me to promote the Gospel's Program, that means if God allows me the usage of euthanasia to any level, the only intelligent position I will largely use if any at all, will be against political bodies and positions of the trust of the people, there you can do the most damage, and I can do the most remediation of the law, with the least amount of force.  You will be introduced at the ground level to the ethnic problem you have in the USA, as I understand it soon, so try to keep a mature reaction and limit excessive force to the area of the Sign of Divorce, until your properly prepared to handle this problem official, so you'll have to react soon, and continue reacting. (Something like; "Unprofitable Solicitation of Genocide at the Global Scale in My Name", is grounds for euthanasia of the people in various positions of the public trust and of the trust of the state, with the likelyhood of a warning depending on how you hurt your own people", given the gospel's view of profitability at such stage of the Gospel's Program ... ... ... ... I don't know how much God will give me for sure but we'll likely have mercy as God has spoken on the matter already, that means if I make a claim like "I will free all white cops imprisoned of ethnic killings and restore their status as police officers" ... ... ... ... if I do not have your support here in the USA, I will kill the people in the highest positions of state and the public trust, because you have violated the law, God has given me power to enforce with euthanasia, as it is pleasing, we'll just have to see soon).

Image Enlarger

 Flight 370 Families Struggling to Cope (Video)

Round One = Nguyen Vam Lem 1968
Round Two = Reynaldo Dagsa (Taking Photo), Michael Gonzales (Killer) 2011
Round Three = Flight 370 ... 2014

(As I have said, a few years ago I was working hard labor giving all my money to the poor in the Philippines, and my own poor family.  Suffering routine acts of murder by the non-whites here, even though I was not giving much of a gospel, god was with me, so that worked itself out..................The Philadelphia Experiment 1943 (God killed them)..................and Flight 370 (God Killed them).....................these surround a geographic area God intends to open up a portal OffWorld, to displace the Antichrist, also a great adventure, while the nations are tried by solicitation of mercy by elimination of Genetic Dan.  The Lord's Body exerts a force of Joseph, much greater than God's usage with me, so if you don't cooperate, then humanity dies in 240 days from 12/21 to 12/25, then that is all, the gospel over, whatever limited geographic area the Sign of Divorce has claimed, is all the mercy for man for 5 months of Star Wormwood.  So more time, best I can understand is 42 Months from 8/21/2017........................Officially God has done this with the Apostle Paul, declared in the Gospel, unofficially a few times before in history.  In recent history, around 1400, and around the 1930s, so this is the "Third Time" in recent history.................also some fakes in the 1800s to the Americas and some fakes to Antarctica, as best I can tell, so I've more in the recent past)

Image Enlarger

Round One = Munich Massacre 1973 Article Link
Round Two = Twin Tower Terrorist Attacks 2001
Round Three = Trump Presidency 2016 Article Link

Non-Whites using race as the mechanism to promote genocide, capitalizing off the lack of controls in society, that is the simple theme.  We will see the most progressive form of this behavior soon, and, you need to use euthanasia only, and address the situation properly.  That said, the most likely answer from God appears to only be our OffWorld Expedition, its too early to tell at the moment, but even if that is all we have, we need to be grateful, that God has given you an alternative to the end of your lives in 240 days from 12/21 to 12/25. Love and Blessings.

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November 25, 2016 - 7:22 pm
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(God's Mercies for Revelation, Answered? ... Preface in Parenthesis)

The Arecibo Message is Answered (Video Link)
Son of Nostradamus - The Lost Book of Prophecies (Video Link)

God answered mankind directly three times in the recent past, Roswell I-Beam, Wow Signal!, UFO Guardian Materials.  However, God has also answered mankind Three Times by maintaining the materials of Nostradamus: 1) Quatrains 1 to 10 (man) ... 2) Quatrains 11 to 12 (Angels or Revealings/Signs), 3) Lost Book (God's Mercies)..........................Finally God answers us again Three Times with the Crop Circles surrounding the Arecibo Message.  So there is an "Intelligent Design", portrayed between, the Three Times God answered us from around 1977, Nostradamus's Testimony, and the Arecibo's Messages.

REVELATION 16:13 And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs [come] out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.
REVELATION 16:14 For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, [which] go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.

(Logical Statement is made) God does not have any value, because God is making no payment for sin.  God uses Jesus to make Payment for sin in the form of BABYLON.  So God is using Signs/Wonders, to try the nations, and so far they have been promoting terrorism, ethnic suicide, and grievous slander of the Gospel and the believers.  If the nations go back to "God Almighty", then you die with no value.  This is not a bad thing, if that means God has found enough fault already to invalidate a "Sign of Divorce", according to the timetable we can best understand.  (So the description of "God's Mercy" for Revelation, can double as the extreme Pain and Cruelty God has convicted the nations with, and this satisfies the language of the Gospel's Law, you die blind and continue in the pattern of extreme Pain and Cruelty you have began against the Gospel's Law, and the prophets).

This is not bad at all, because as a threat to the potential, God does not maintain certain checks and balances to ensure a productive future, beyond some assistance and minor chastisement for a limited period of time, using other intelligent lifeforms.  Then that is all.  So God continues to filter the faithful, until the 5 months of Star Wormwood, the the limited Geographic Area for God's Mercy is of no real consequence, the City of Philadelphia's population, minus the people with no profit for the gospel is not really much compared to the result of God allowed a "Sign of Divorce" as a proclamation of soliciting his mercies.

(The Conclusion, that I did not properly voice recently?  Pope John Paul II was mortally wounded by his assassin and recovered by a miracle, now the brother of the Antichrist was mortally wounded recently and recovered by a miracle.  As a result of using mass murder against the Antichrist and all the people around him, God has given mankind an answer of the Parallel Miracles we discussed. That ends your hope and expectation of life and God's Mercy as well as ensuring the lives of billions are simply deceased with no value from God for any inheritances.....................We don't need to wait for a sign from God if we are being faithful and keeping watch, that being said, we still have not passed 12/21 to 12/25, so that legally, the end of your lives is the only recourse of the Gospel's Law, since God will not write another one or alter the current one, regardless of the work you perform.......................So, shoot me in the head or cut me open and watch me bleed to death, hopefully God allows you to die in your season as if I was completely unimportant, like what happened in my Second Resurrection in 1968, which we can do today.  Everything so far checks out, so we just need to see what happens. That withstanding, because that is our first and primary conclusion, we will wrestle with God's mercies proclaiming the faith, a little here and a little there, as you begin global euthanasia accordingly) (End of Parenthesis in Preface)

UFO Case Review - Betty and Barney Hill Abduction, 1961 (Video Link)

Image EnlargerYou got rid of that Negro in the office of the Presidency, and you stopped the Women from usurping the White Male.  (Arecibo Rely references Gender).  If God provides both the Male and Female Gender, then you do not need a "Son of Man" to produce a "Sign of Divorce" for the nations, God will provide the "Sign of Divorce" from the Lord's Body to identify with the Payment for sin.  And God can resolve the "Suicide by Antichrist" Equation, that condemns all nations and all peoples to death.......................God has indicated that he has revealed a body of the lord and the payment for sin of the Antichrist.......................So God can very easily follow the trend and continue to reveal the Lord's Body and the payment for sin, however limited, for the nations with the intention of solicitation of more mercy by global euthanasia of the races and peoples with no favor from God accordingly.

Methane on Mars (Video Link)

Image Enlarger

 Article Link..............It depends on how God expresses his mercy, and weather or not more direct means of separation between me and mankind are necessary for the duration of the Gospel's Program.  That will determine, if euthanasia will be used of political and leadership bodies to help curtain unprofitable genocide.........or if I will impose on engagement of the public and the authorities and media by using the public parks, for education of the white races only ..................or if I largely remain in space and use various people or countries to deliver my messages and to express God's mercy largely off world, with no specific direct engagements of the public or the authorities directly. But I will uphold the law we discussed and confirmed, with the USA as the relative center, since God announces his mercy here first, unless there is any modification to the law by reason of conviction (The Photograph of Me is not personal, it can also resemble a nuclear weapon discharge, indicating no specific direct engagements, beyond what is very likely with mars and our offworld expedition, even if I'm not there directly, I be behind these events). So we'll just have to see soon. (Not performing a work at all, we'll just have to see how much of this contention with the gospel law I can reasonably address in the USA, since God has chosen this place for several reasons, the least of which is the jewish I've stated there can very easily be no contention at all between me and the nations, we'll just have to see, back to topic).

jurassic park- dinosaur world movie (Video Link)

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Too much pride in causing me pain and death, for the simple purpose of having no hope and no mercy from God.  We are once again discussing this issue.  Now I will be truthful now, as best as I can understand, God has already told me yes to my Spaceship, yes to Mars, and yes to our Offworld Expedition.  When God has answered you three time with the Arecibo Message, it was to reaffirm the proclamation of his mercy, that follows the Sign of Divorce, as the mechanism to cause the nations to solicit mercy from God.  So we are good in about 4 weeks from now to reach the next level..........................I won't have involvement with all nations, but accordingly, as we talk more about global euthanasia.  So far that means until I am reproved by God with further presentation of his mercy, I am only be faithful in declaring that I will touch on the race issue in the USA, with both the presidency, and with the people, as we talked about, and also I will mirror this behavior in various places outside of the USA.  Only one Law I can image is pleasing to God to enforce that is helping to curb the unlawful proliferation of Genocide in my Name (that is by virtue of God empowering me to some minor extent to address this issue as we talked about). Love and Blessings. (I will be called a hero of the people, but instead, I want the people to see the potential of the leadership to protect their interests, so an ensign of the nations according to Isaiah, more than an enforcer of the laws).

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(About 4 weeks, I will notify the American Public of the President and Cabinet's violation to my one law of "Illegally Promoting Genocide in My Name", and my intentions to immediately resolve this matter, with a declaration of restoration of grievances to the law enforcement community and American Public, all white persons, convicted of any ethnic murder, and/or any ethnic crimes, if necessary in all 50 states..................Following my resolution of the Presidency and Cabinet, and if necessary congress.......................I will encourage the nations of NATO to gather together to formerly introduce you to my Genocide Program and Intentions to solicit the maximum amount of God's Mercy in the Sign of Divorce................I am also telling right now, as I have said very clearly, I only have motivation of using lethal force against the people of the highest positions of the public trust, in the highest positions of the heads of state, because you are a threat to life, therefore I will responds promptly and as that becomes amount of resources, not to mention, solicitation of mercy from God is your conflict to resolve, that means I will strive to put myself in positions of abasement and then kill with no mercy as necessary.................otherwise we will have to see how I am empowered to handle this situation if any at all, as we wait for 12/21 to 12/25)

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 (You may be given 12/21 to 12/25 to settle this score of "Suicide by Antichrist" that you have with me.  Surrounding that, and the Sign of Divorce, things will be clear that the ethnics, Genetic Lines of Dan, have no Legal Right to Live and no profit.  Beyond that, my behavior will become clear to the ends of what is profitable in God's eyes with the limited and persistant, acts of euthanasia to protect the interests of the people and the branches of authority with the intent of upholding the law, regardless of what the people in the highest positions of the public trust and the highest positions of the heads of state choose to do to challenge my authority, if those actions become necessary ...................... in the very least, we have great fortunes to uncover and behold to the nations as we prepare for our journeys offworld ..................... or whatever else, right now, God is still deciding how valuable it will be to have me enforce my one law of removing "illegal acts of global genocide in my name", as it concerns me, here and there) Love and Blessings (if your smart, you will do what I say, and then adjust your policies if necessary as you go along, because I will simply keep killing, as long as my authority is being challenged, you will be clearly notified of the law you are violating and how remediation will be achieved, so strive to do that, right now the people globally need to understand how I have handled things in the states and what I intend to do with them, since they are following your actions, so we need to settle this score soon, in about 4 weeks).

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(Off Topic Part 2)

The Aryan Brotherhood of Texas | Prison Gangs - Full Documentary [HD] (Video Link)

(Unfortunately for you, if God gives me power to handle the situation, I will simply keep hammering you, following the pattern I describe, until the only some of the significant figures in the chains of command are left, maybe only governors and mayors because that is all that will be left living.  So hopefully, the depths of my resolve remains unchallenged, should I be given the power to properly handle the situation, if God is not satisfied with his law.............Falling short of any challenges to my authority, soon, avoiding the issue with me, will be the pain and suffering of the people, the race problem will not go away and there is no solution beyond lethal measures.  God may want to see me back you into a hopeless situation of your own endeavors, and that will be the extent of what is profitable with God, as far as my activities are concerned with you.  However after I dig in deep enough in eliminating the threats to the public and the peacekeepers here in the usa at the ground level, I won't do much more than allow, things to fester beyond what we already confirmed.....................So far the President of the USA will release all white police officers convicted of any ethnic related crimes and restore their status as police officers, and the president will also release free of all charges the Aryan Brotherhood of the White Races, maybe also the KKK (whatever else I want, but probably not much more, I have to confront this issue soon, right now, between now, and about 4 weeks this is their only possibility of causing me any pain or death, so we need God to keep tally as much as possible), within the prison system....................Failing that, hopefully within 2 weeks, you will no longer have living a president, cabinet, or congress, or the trust of the American People, for failing to do what is necessary, when you are given no choice to protect  the public safety)

Bryce Williams shooting Alison Parker, Adam Ward, !!! (Video Link)

My youngest brother did not try to rape his mom, of which I did call the police officers and they did stop the conflict here a few years ago.  But he only did that after my mother asked him about touching his niece sexually, a few days earlier. This teaches me that, you should try to endure some degree of suffering before 8/21/2017 should you begin to drop the nuclear weapons at that time, given god's display of mercy.  Although you are otherwise free to clear Genetic Dan's population at the very first sign of a "Sign of Divorce", what is more important is to endure a little suffering to solicit all the mercy that is possible from God.

Serial Killers - The DC Sniper Documentary (Video Link)

My oldest brother did not repeat the action of rape and murder my father performed with me, before his trial and conviction by the court of law was completed.  This teaches me that, you should try to limit your killing of Genetic Dan to the Sign of Divorce, relative area, because you don't have a choice anyway.  Moreover, you should only establish a broad assisted suicide program for the non-whites, until you see some satisfaction with God's mercies or until 8/21/2017 passes.  Remember you are fortunate if God gives you more time by illustrating his mercy, so you should illustrate your willingness to receive more chastisement, until 8/21/2017 passes, then you can kill them all and in all places (you made a choice with the 112 Presidential Election, so I'll hold you to that based on God's expression of mercy, so you have a limited sign of divorce in one geographic area to begin with, as opposed two).

Man Killed By Unnecessary NYPD Chokehold (Video Link)

My mother didn't try to use male rape and get some of my relatives pregnant, until my nightly walks really began to produce strong results of ethnic suicide, that was some years ago.  Back in 2014, we talked about the Picnic Killings by Vehicular Homicide of the non-whites, as a result of their inability of use that method of euthanasia with me.  This was the first time direct euthanasia connected to me reached the national news in the usa, usually they just delete any of the suicides connected to me, and voice them another way completely

(You should challenge God by shooting me in head on 12/21 to 12/25 if God does reveal a "Sign of Divorce", to challenge God about giving me power to help encourage the Gospel's Law, even if that means I will sentence all American Citizens to death .................. otherwise, I'll follow through using the USA as an illustration of God's Mercies, and the initiatives of Global Euthanasia for the Nations) Love and Blessings (Now I am really finished with this discussion, things will happen very quickly soon, and there will be a lot of pain and death, that is what you need to handle, God has not spoken yet, but as I have said, I am not your scapegoat or your payment for sin, that is an issue that will also be resolved soon, hopefully with a minimum amount of American Lives Lost..............nothing could also happen, but that is somewhat less likely).

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