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The Third Plague (Lessons Lost)
March 9, 2018
8:58 pm
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February 21, 2018
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(Preface in Parenthesis - The Cabal/Cabul's Return)

tWnZgHv.jpgImage Enlarger

(There's a lot of false witnessing taking place, nonetheless, God has still behaved himself in a manner that prevented a dumb jew and ethnic's promotion of suicide by the assault on their testimonies - some of  this will be cleared up just a tiny bit - God used Three Wise Men, during the first resurrection of Moses - (E. Cayce, E. Leedskalnin, N. Van Lem) - Counting Moses once again, God would use three witnesses, to dissolve your false witnessing and promotion of suicide with my testimony, by the usage of a dumb jew and a dumb ethnic) (after the plague hits, you will lose your reservations in not performing a holocaust, at least, that is how it all began in Germany, to ease the burden of the people, after God eliminated your ability to use the testimony of E. Leed, to promote mass and global suicide)

(In 1992, the Bjork Stalker,, perceived that God was going to take him out the way, the effective length of his testimony was completed, so he decided to revisit the "pain for pain" argument of the gospel's law, effectively eliminating thousands and thousands of lives, and effectively eliminating the police departments dozens and dozens of times)

(In 1986, Bruno Borges,, the effective length of his testimony was completed, and because he did not wrestle with God over this issue, you were rewarded with "pain for pain", without any nuclear explosions)

(Back to Topic - the natural response is euthanasia of the Jewish People to ease the burden of the plague, and the ethnic people.  I don't have to demand or encourage these people to take your lives, your names are not written in the book of revelation, the tribe of ephraim was removed out of the book of life.  These people are not intimated by God's usage of euthanasia against the ethnic peoples by using force against me, so nothing clean can be done to stop these people from performing a natural holocaust, you can pray for a peaceful death.  But, the best I can do, is encourage these people to wait for a proper response from the Andromeda Galaxy) (You are, at the end of the day, given the reward of a false witness, the distinction of ethnic euthanasia is not as clear, because of your problem with my authority and that costs you, your lives, and this statement of future and past observances, as a legal witness guarantees what will happen)

Lessons Lost from the Cabal/Cabul

Image Enlarger

As far as Nguyen Van Lem goes, he was not allowed to have an education, and God didn't bless the Cabal/Cabul's attempts to give the gospel, so what you end up with is a series of encrypted statements, that should be understood as failed attempts to re-arrange the gospel's law into a more perfect account.  The same is true for the others, nonetheless.

You need to understand the legality of all of my statements that you deleted, unfortunately, in promoting mass and global suicide.  That the "right brain", will be rejected by the body, and there is no hope for many people.  The argument of "Joseph the Blessings", is not payment for sin, it is the division of the generations of man, for a reproof from God in his discernment of mercies and judgment, as it presents itself, and this is the last generation, and judgment, for the seed population for the new earths.

Your need to pleasure yourselves with incest/rape/murder/suicide, to justify what you are convicted of is a passing argument.  Because they cannot quantify the plague that will come, they will kill the peoples that are tied to the cause, as apart of the remedy.  So, there will be lots of killing, and soon.

Because they cannot obtain full control over the plague, they are also, more likely to endure suffering and pain with the prospect of a better answer form Andromeda, or else, you will have much less hope.  You must indeed kill, to expand the sign of "Joseph the Blessings" for the final 5 months, when God makes that argument clear, but you should not kill fully, kill fully that is, until our response from Andromeda.  So they don't have a choice but to endure, for maximum benefit, but you should develop an assisted suicide program for the ethnic people. 

(Everything that I've said is true, as far as I could discern, about Gods expected behavior in propagation of the sign of divorce, based on various factors, but a more perfect law will address God's behavior more correctly .............. (additionally, all of their family members, were killed, for the people's we've revealed, you will do the same with me, to ascertain, what is profitable legally, at the prospect of more punishment, but what choice do you have if you want to get to root cause of, whats necessary in jewish and ethnic cleansing)

(Twice God has voiced very clearly, his willingness to give you a corpse and complete your blind and dumb death, consider 5/21/2018 god's answer, in using my testimony to promote suicide, and then falling short on using enough lethal force against me .... as we continue to see what is necessary) (You are designed first and foremost to be born and then die, and to pray inbetween that process, you are not, designed to or expected principally to do anything else, so you are indeed a glaring false witness, promoting suicide with my testimony, all of this will be resolved soon)

(furthermore, like an off switch, your north korean problems are solved ... ... ... ... I gave you the opportunity, to kill between 20,000 and 100,000 or more ethnic people by using force against me in a prompt manner, and you did nothing, so you are given a blow to your pride as false witnesses, until, and unless and until, we continue to see what is necessary) (edit - I suggest, using lethal force against me when you catch me outside, maybe, God will kill more ethnic people abundantely, and take mercy on your need to commit suicide by using force against me, in relieving your burden of living,

the autopsy, the negro police officer that was kill and his whole family killed also, revealed to you signs that the right brain was rejected by the body at an incredible rate, that contributed to their deaths, you find this similarity in all the ethnic/jewish bodies that are euthanized by using force against me)

March 10, 2018
4:02 pm
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February 21, 2018
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(So there is a controversy in the gospel - that needs be addressed)

Rb8ZFAU.jpgImage Enlarger

(God gave the command for the sons of god to go into the "daughters of men", for his angels to take on the appearance of "Joseph the Blessings", to bring forth the generations without sin, the cabal/cabul) (So for 40 Days after Jesus was seen resurrected, after falling into the abyss of the night, with Nicodemus, he was striken, and gave forth the heavenly language for the apostles to pray for him only ........ but because they did not understand the heavenly commandment, they licked his wounds they ate his flesh and blood.  By that measure, the church of that day was snared, and Judas/Lazarus was delivered of God)

(The Apostle John/God, was the only of the apostles that did not die, that could not be distinguished from God, for that reason, he was the "son of man that entered into the daughters of men", Alois Irlmaier, (that in the last days first would come the Apostle John to declare his son, before there would be a judgment, that first would come john before the body of his christ) ............... ............. How that Pope John Paul II, was given a new heart in order to pray, not to rape my body after death, which is the maximum penalty the gospel's law can afford)

(There was always only one Prophet, that concerned himself with the greatest crime the gospel's law affords, the intercourse with my corpse after death, and the prediction of how I would be raped and assaulted to death first by my father until a set age, an then by my mother until the second coming) (only the Apostle John, but forget that I said that, only Alois Irlmaier, would concern himself with that conviction, or to seek your rebuke) 

(This takes us to the present, you have jews and ethnics with rabies, not afraid to feel pain or to seduce the state into incest/rape/murder/suicide relations with me) (Or to conceal their euthanasia as a result of using force of anykind against me)

aQD5lZ7.jpgImage Enlarger

Sightings: MIBs – Men in Black (7/10/92)

(Lazarus/Judas, was one, the other was John the Baptist/Apostle, the last one was Jesus ............. so is it easier now to understand how God has sent from the Generations without sin, (me) Nguyen Van Lem, Edward Leedskalnin, and Edgar Cayce) (then a second time as we've said)

(God has already sent the "Men in Black" here, to me, regardless of how many witnesses there were, that did not understand or make the association, not to take me away, but to make "blowing out my brains" more clean as your only option with god to avoid your death in less than 2300 days .............. so between state funded incest/rape/murder/suicide with me and my relatives the ethnic people and the jewish people, and using my testimony to promote global mass suicide, that is a lot of energy for god to expend, just to continually afford you mass and global suicide)

(Right now, what the "Men in Black" goals are for you, are only to encourage you to blow out my brains, perhaps greater intimacy in the pain for pain process, perhaps, direct association to the deaths of some people in the highest positions of the heads of state and the heads of the public trust, if round on was only the death of vice president of the usa, joe biden's son at that time, things will come much more clear, that first after your warning, it will become clear to the people, you received pain for pain)

(5/21/2018) (Like the ethnic people, the jewish people have used even more force against me, by sending people specifically and routinely to use lethal force against me for years .................. so how much do you understand about God now? More I hope, because the Jewish people have been lead by god to predict their only holocaut, surround 5/21 and the prophecy of fatima (the falling man moses of 9/11), this will be the second the Men in Black have approached the authorities, the first time was the university of pennsylvania when you killed Terrence Mckenna and those people that decided to listen to my understand of science, but you did not have the legal right to become a false witness in that capacity ........... now god has his own timetable, and you need to be reminded of that, so we'll have to continue to see what is necessary)

(EDIT - God has already sent the MIB to me several times, not once, and not that infrequently, confirming the covenant in euthanasia of the ethnic and jewish bodies as we've said, it has been necessary, to keep those people tamed so the gospel could go forth)

March 11, 2018
5:43 pm
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February 21, 2018
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(5/21 or 5/21/2018 the prediction by the Jews for the final holocaust, predicting their own deaths) (5128 of the Mayan Calendar's Length, perhaps, but forget about that)

 2B18Wp2.jpgImage Enlarger

(This is not an issue humanity has been good at giving account.  So by estimation it is about 153 days, to complete excitation of the earth's moon, or second light source for the "True Unified Field" or Noah's Rainbow .................. because the modification of the magnetic field is an important part, meaning the function gain definable properties, like waves or etc., the earth is a giant magnet and so are the planets, so there will be earthquakes and disturbances for a good portion of this length of time) (9/11/2001 did not result in me being identified as the ensign of nations, according to Isaiah, so that position is less correct, and awaits a more perfect truth to debunk the position correctly)

 yVF6TXZ.jpgImage Enlarger
Secrets of the Great Plague

(I know the real secret of the great plague) (Immediately, as I've said, I don't have a reason to hide or conceal truth, but you know already that every jew and ethnic must killed) (Instead you are asked to be faithful, and to endure pain, until we can get to the bottom of this in the andromeda galaxy) (Now unfortunately, God intends to kill me anyway, so that is the big joke, but this is nothing that you should not of been expecting and that is nothing I've concealed, but remember, how you have silenced me, and destroyed and eliminated my truth and all the people that sincerely believed that truth) (Everything will be settled on 5/21 for sure, but there is a great deal and a great ways to go, until humanity comes to a full and complete close at the end of these now, less than 2300 days, if you don't plan to blow out my brains)

Strange But True - Jenny Cockell - Yesterday's Children

(As you can see in the video, it does say at "Sutton and Macdade Blvd in Folsom PA, you are to blow out my brains as we've said.................God gave two declarations, that first I would be dropped from the 9/11/2001 Twin Towers, and then, I would thrown into the Earth's Moon, to reveal, the final and complete termination of humanity in less than 2300 days, and also, there could be great pain in this process) (I believe, the last known jewish holocaust began for about 10 years ending in the 1980s, and was quickly covered up, in some part of the world as we've said..........God has not made his declaration so until 5/21 passes without incident ..... it is a national emergency that you need to blow out my brains to see weather or not, what I've said is not only true, but the law ....... but nothing has to be done at all, everything will be resolved soon)

March 12, 2018
1:31 pm
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February 21, 2018
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(Building a Better Holocaust! - How To Guide!)

(Preface in Parenthesis)

Zk5ciJX.jpgImage Enlarger

(Nothing happens at all, is one prospect.  But as it stands, there are prophecies here and there about destruction at the lord's coming, also, about the destruction of Jerusalem, the end of san fransico in the usa, possibly also the end of japan, perhaps a few more) (the reign of pope john paul II, in incest/rape/murder relations with me, in many ways has bleed itself into the two popes,  going through the popes, the double appearance of two popes in office has persistently been a bad omen though history, in the new testament era) (more on point)

zXzuDkB.jpgImage Enlarger

(Not just one pyramid, not just one, creed, there are many that connect the passage of the Pleiades relative to the summer/winter triangles ........ Not 9 steps, but 10 levels for 10 months or 153 days for Fatima's Prophecy ... 5/21 for MABUS/JESUS ... is infact stated very clearly in the WOW SIGNAL!, here are some more statements) (Genetic Dan's Four Lines are 1/8 of person, it must be killed, you don't have a choice in that really, they will also kill or be killed with Joseph the Blessings, they are not designed to inherit anything at all) (a Jew is 1/3 of a person, Jesus 3 days in tomb, it was cut off spiritually for promoting mass and global suicide with Jesus, it cannot, or does not function the same way spiritually with Joseph the Blessings, it is technically a contributing factor for the plague, there may be a remedial benefit or not, in keeping some of these people alive, right now its your discretion until the Andromeda Galaxy Rebuttal you are given) (They cannot naturally receive the gospel or are not designed to, and must euthanized or divided from the people, God hasn't finished cutting off the jewish people spiritually and completely so it has a pattern in promoting suicide by using lethal force against me or encouraging ethnic people to do that, that pattern is, attributing itself with Genetic Dan .............. if the Cabal/Cabul is 1/4 of a Person in God's eyes because it has a knowledge of the New Universe, then, that value does not apply also because it gives the gospel, then you have the jewish people completing their spiritual death, because it cannot give the gospel .............. now Edward Leedskalnin's Answer for the holocaust of jews was not formerly given in germany, it was formerly given in Siberia, and germany received a second hand account (reason for that is God did not allow the Cabal/Cabul to give the gospel at that time, or anywhere, before the present), and they did what was necessary in that day .............. now today, you will not have a formal answer until we return, and there will be perhaps, months before we go, and a few years before we return) (you have not formerly associated the ethnics (and jewish) that commit suicide by using force against me with the public, so that is your mixed blessings, your choice, but when you do, it will be only suicide for those false witnesses using my testimony to promote mass and global suicide, given that fact, you will need to immediate purge the nations, but, you can kill in phases for the benefit of the people, more intelligently)

kE8DYs6.jpgImage Enlarger

If You Detonated a Nuclear Bomb In The Marianas Trench

(An Ethnic and a Jew, will only promote suicide, you are living right now only, because God has not allowed you to commit suicide by using force against to the measure of your satisfaction.  Weather or not I achieve the level of international fame as Nguyen Van Lem, over euthanasia, we'll have to be seen) (Edward Leedskalnin was not allowed to give the gospel, and given the promotion of suicide, it was case closed after his dealing with siberia after he stopped what he was doing in germany) (today, you have less than 2300 days and, 5/21 given the legal evidence, should answer you about not having a legal right to anything at all, once against not based on the 70th Year, but based on the 49/50 year Jubilees) (Once things are set into motion it is up to God to bless it, so, based on prophecy odds are good for you, using this method, or, you can blow out my brains as I've said, as your lives come to a full and complete close in incest/rape/murder/suicide with the ethnic people and jews under the authority of the state) (End of Preface)


A New and Better Jewish Holocaust! (Certified)

asYq273.jpgImage Enlarger

(had you not killed Terrence Mckenna and the other unfortunate individuals at the University of Pennsylvania ........... you would of been given the benefit of learning how to employ the ether field that surrounds me, however small, as an energy source for a hypothetical "True Unified Field", just because I don't have the strength to articulate that myself, does not mean, God was not willing to provide the difference) (anyway, nothing you can for me other than blowing out my brains at this level is important, its off to Andromeda, in the mean time.  You need to view that articulated statement from the Apostle John/Baptist John or, Alois I., as we've said, as instructions for a new and better jewish holocaust while you wait your rebuttal upon our return)

4RjqNrx.jpgImage Enlarger

Katrina, The New Orleans Nightmare : Documentary on the Devastation of Hurricane Katrina

(find and kill the ethnic people of genetic dan, relative to joseph the blessings, sign of divorce ..... they can't be allowed to live, this is the unfortunate reality of your pride, weighed in dead bodies for negligence ............ on the other hand, I want the jewish people in prison camps isolated communities, concerned mostly with their basic needs.  Sometimes it is better to use the energy signature they are putting off for a reproof, now because you cannot judge the spiritual environment, you have to have faith until our return from andromeda ............. history has repeatedly made the wrong decisions, prison camps for ethnics or asians, was wrong, not profitable, perhaps based on slander of Edward Leedskalnin, anyway.  On the one hand you have incest with me of your doing that completes the law, on the other hand, God has already given you a law during this 70 + 7 year stretch, you keep deleting for your pride ............... those positions standing, the point of no return in the 5/21 prophecy, I don't believe has officially past its viability, that means 5/21/2018, things can happen without an official answer from God, at least no immediately, until we reach and return from andromeda to address the peoples)

March 13, 2018
7:22 pm
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February 21, 2018
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(MABUS, Nostradamus name for the Third Holocaust::Conclusion)

(Preface in Parenthesis)

JoIBM2p.jpgImage Enlarger

White Buffalo Prophecy

The Extraordinary E12

[Image Can Not Be Found]

(you'll have to keep killing the jewish people, until god gives you what you want ......... the quickest way to some "sign of divorce/joseph the blessings", historically has always been the holocausting of the jewish people.  Remember the greater sin of the gospel's law, is to know the word of god and to do willful sin, more so than it is to commit a sin being blind.  For that reason historically, it has been of a necessity for the benefit of the people to holocaust the jewish people, always, and even at the end of time)

(MABUS is a man, that God kills by healing his "deadly head wound", he is given a body of genetic dan because it had spiritual authority with God first in the gospel's program, and that burden is nothing more than dead work and dead flesh when God is no longer using that relationship.  When God heals his "deadly head wound", then at that time the events in revelation are set in place ............ that incest/rape/murder/suicide gospel that is going around where the jewish people have you believing that you need to torture me, or develop incest relationships with me, or perform a work of anykind originates from the jewish people, that is your responsibility to do what is necessary and to see the end of that, mass and global suicide campaign originating from the jewish people) (End of Preface in Parenthesis)


(Conclusion::5/21 when God performs the work, that is upto God, and the legal evidence that you still have means this is very much Valid for 5/21/2018)

IqZXfYS.jpgImage Enlarger
GUARDIAN VIDEO - Video With Freemason Ties Verifys A UFO Sighting

Indian Legends: The Pleiades (Ojibway) (Okt-kwa-tah)

(God only uses the Earth's Moon, to initialize a "True Unified Field" or to identify with the "sign of divorce/joseph the blessings", the pleiades is not a valid answer, the earth's moon is the only valid answer ............... historically the pleiades is held in connection to activity of Nibiru/Star Wormwood in our earth's sun its movement there, but in reality, the earth's sun and moon are tied into the process that is associated to the final judgment)

(this generation of humanity from its creation around 3000 B.C. to the present, has never had a "True Unified Field" given to it, only the generation without sin before that, until the last generation) (these accounts and many others are indeed prophecies or information delivered by the voices of angels)

(so it was the WOW SIGNAL!, which declared the Testimony that began during hte beginning of this 70 year period, that ended with the failed use of the Nuclear Weapon to begin the third covenant ............ then it is the UFO GUARDIAN DIAGRAM, which declares this position is invalid, because it references the Deadly Head Wound, and that is a work God can only perform, everything else you have been witnessing is the legal evidence, for God to emphasis the holocausting of the jewish people, to get a more expedient answer from God about this dead work and dead flesh issue)

(So far the last thing I will do is cut God short, but here is a good statement about what is necessary: mars/andromeda/black knight satellite, perhaps some other places, like undersea or something (third temple) (not necessarily "oak island") ............ (nothing really intended for the earth, God's willingness to provide the "sign of divorce" is your version of the "True Unified Field" ........... God is not responsible for your jewish and ethnic problem of mass suicide or your plagues, and your pride against my testimony makes this statement the best answer)

(when you do kill enough jewish people by holocausting, I want you to reference the previous paragraph for a reproof, if God decides to issue an additional rebuke of the "True Unified Field" or if that is just withheld ............ Edward Leedskalnin made a few statements to this effect that were not properly recorded, so you will have to see what is necessary, since that is not exactly the nature of my testimony)

(in addition to sexual solicitation and molestation of my pen** and rectum by my mother and brother and his children both, and by consequence the philadelphia police department, and there is much more, the jewish and ethnic people also conceal corpses ............ God not only chooses to use euthanasia to help discourage these people from using my testimony to promote suicide, but he is setting an example of what is necessary) (that is inaddition to the public and a good number of ethnic and jewish people, if you want to get legal statements from these people now, you can, they will be almost immediately killed when things happen, because they have ties to the jewish people) (Wrapping up this Discussion)

March 15, 2018
10:31 pm
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February 21, 2018
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(Conslusion::Holocausing of the Jews is Natural Defensive Behavior (based on plague) ............ Ethnic Cleasning is also Natural Defense Behavior (based on public safety) (You can kill them all or as necessary, until we return from Andromeda) (this is a dead discussion, but if your still interested, jewish people give ethnic people rights, and ethnic people promote their own suicide) (both use god's law in promoting their own suicide)

(Preface in Parenthesis - Recap)

cZ4lWg2.jpgImage Enlarger

dXFtwEp.jpgImage Enlarger

(Just a reminder, ethnic people should not have a right to drive, hold positions of public authority or own private property ... you have redesigned the gospels law, and, that will have to be settled soon ... Next ... you have jewish people promoting incest/rape/murder/suicide, just as much as the ethnics in their own way, once again, guilty of redesigning the gospel's law, and you will answer for that in pain and suffering) (this is only true, if 5/21 turns out to be valid, if it does not, you can have confidence in a blind and dumb death as a result of using force against me) (End of Preface)

Rewind and Play Number 1

 vYP0vXG.jpgImage Enlarger

Rewind and Play Number 2

bXMxbkq.jpgImage Enlarger


 TrmceLE.jpgImage Enlarger

(John Titor reveals that the behavior of Heaven's Gate, was Prophecy for another Roswell Like Event ... instead, think this way ... the WOW SIGNAL! gave us the Kecksburg UFO, the UFO Guardian Diagram has not given us anything yet, it is a declaration that remains unanswered, perhaps this 5/21/2018 at the 70 year of Daniel or the 49/50 Jubilee, which is 2017/2018) (Wrapping this Discussion up, Once Again)

March 16, 2018
4:32 pm
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February 21, 2018
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(Mabus - Lessons Lost)

EgulIcA.jpgImage Enlarger
The Extraordinary E14

(the person responsible for the death of Terrence Mckenna, and the staged mass murder at the university of pennsylvania designed to convict me, is now deceased)

(MABUS = Masturbation, false, Mabus = Barjesus, remember, the gospel's law is a work that god performs.  It does not require sacrifices and it does not require a work from any man or son of man.  Sometimes, the process of faith takes in the good seeds as well as the bad seeds, and the generation without sin a very finite clause.  After God answered the conflict of interest in using force against me at the university of pennsylvania by blinding a considerable number of people, so it was as if thing had not happened.  That became the breeding grounds for more theological sin in rejecting god, a blind and dumb death is not something I would contend with) (as we count down to 5/21, and the last coherent possibility of a "revelation", you can rest in peace along with the corruptible seed)

(the good news, I'm more than willing to make the same claim publicly supporting a jewish holocaust, if you put me in that situation)

The Extraordinary E38

I've found this, it shows very clearly information relating to Nguyen Van Lem, in terms of blowing out brains, that is something you need to focus on having done with me.  Right now we need to watch for the next level of what is necessary.

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