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The Kabbalah Account of Divorce
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November 14, 2015
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November 29, 2015 - 8:28 pm
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This discussion found here, ... comes close to what we will be talking about.  There are several points we need to introduce:

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(Left to Right: Cleopatra's Needle, Kabbalah, NYC Terrorist Attacks) The Jewish Kabbalah is designed with "3 Cross Points",  circled in Green.  These points match the three buildings destroyed on 9/11/2001.  Now we will raise the question ... How does the Jewish Kabbalah, describe a duration of 9/11/2001 to 12/21/2015 without fallibility? The Significance of the Jewish Kabbalah is that its in the shape of the "Tower like Babylon", so the obvious conclusion is the "Sign of Antipas (Divorce)" also resembles a bridge or a "Tower" at a great distance, then the conclusion is exactly that.

"Tower of Babylon is Doubled", Therefore "3 of the 10" Kabbalah Circles are references to buildings that fell. and "7 of the 10" circles are references to "BI-YEARLY" periods, doubling the "Tower of Babylon is Fallen", or 14 Years.  9/11/2001 + 14 years = 12/21/2015.

Yes or No?

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 (Chakra Crop Circle - 7/20/2004) God destroyed "Babel" and left no sign in the heavens.  Then God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah and left a sign in the heavens. ... ... ... ... God did not have to kill Moses, in order to give Moses the 10 Commandments (Kabbalah) that dealt with Divorce.  However after God gave Moses the 10 Commandments of the Gospel, God killed him. ... ... ... ... This is what the "Sign of Antipas (Divorce)" deals with.  9/11/2001 is a work you performed, so it does not mean anything to prophecy.  God must perform the work, that means the "Sign of Antipas (Divorce)" does not apply to 9/11/2001, it is a snare if we are not going to keep watch. 

Coincidentally the Jewish Kabbalah, does reference 9/11/2001 and 12/21/2015 because the Earth is given Glory.  (God is given Glory when the "Two Witnesses" are slain, so the Jews have not designed the Kabbalah which describes "Divorce", to reference the Glory of God, but instead to reference the Glory of the Earth).  Love and Blessings.

Forum Posts: 215
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November 14, 2015
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November 30, 2015 - 3:54 am
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The Kabbalah Account of Divorce Part 2

(In a previous discussion we talked about salvation, and unfortunately after we exchanged a few words, the discussion was discontinued.  So I was going to say, "How Dare You", but then I stopped before I said anything else.  Now that I've distanced myself a tiny bit from those conclusions, I will go on to say what I wanted to anyway.  The 144,000 of Reuben and the 144,000 of Benjamin were complete after Jesus was born.  Now there is such a man called Stephen who claimed he was going to be saved with Jesus, because God says so in his word.  "How Dare You!"(Acts 6:11).  Jesus commanded the Jews to stone that person to death.  So you can understand now, how in the wrong context, how these certain kind (s) of people that kills themselves in secret in the murder of the Antichrist, come before you and claim they are seeking salvation, and that is an impossibility. ... ... ... I am not promoting cruelty, or inhumanity, that is not the gospel position, however, Genetic Dan does not have a legal right to live, with the full expression of the bill of rights and constitution.  Right now, we need to keep watch and see how this progresses)

(So you can see how cruel that would sound, if I said these kind (s) of people confronting me with salvation, God puts to death, and see for yourselves how many!!! ... ... ... However, I did not say that, because unfortunately, when what we are doing is no longer a secret there will be a slaughter in all the nations of the earth, soon.  Now I will take your attention away, because unfortunately, I've given you a license to kill ... now even with a greater claim against the judgment program!  That is, God records killing in his gospel because God is the one performing the killing specifically.  So you need to think about that statement, God called Stephen a False Witness against Moses and Jesus, and Stoned Stephen to Death, then that is the word of the lord ... back to topic)

(9/11/2001, was not the Sign of Divorce, because God killed Moses Physically, that is the "Falling Man of 9/11".  To wrestle with the sin of the nations.  God does not need to kill Moses Physically to reveal, "Antipas" the Sign of Divorce. (first Moses goes up the Mountain then Moses is killed, 10 Commandments are given twice ... this duration is "Antipas", the Sign of Divorce given to the Antichrist.  This has not happened to you as know.  But it will soon, the Gospel has a program, of which I will say in secret. 666 the Mark of the Beast = 99.9% of Human Life on Earth God plans to kill based on your sin (with no inheritance according to the gospel), that is so far all the nations outside the USA, plus all the people that don't cooperate with me during the 5 months of revelation.  Also make note of this, both "Philadelphia" and "antiPAs" are given, a City and a State in the USA, as a pun (I want no associations being made between Acts 6:11 and 9/11/2001, since I've decided that I did not want you to understand this information as your "license to kill" genetic Dan.  You don't know fully yet what God is going to do soon, but I have a clearer ideal now, so we may need to talk a tiny bit more in the near future.)

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 The Prophecy Goes Like This, of Saint Malachy, 9/11/2001 to 12/21/2015.  Jesus appointed the Antichrist as the Head of the Church temporarily to reveal the sin of Aaron in completing their War with God he has ordained.  Aaron has been leading the nations to commit suicide in this War on Terrorism because of Sin.  Then immediately after that, God repents of this position, and at the same time, God allows Aaron to repent. (at which time the nations kill themselves to complete the War of Judah, that Judah has with itself, allowing the earth to give testimony of the Gospels Design at this final phase, so you will need to be prepared for this next level, soon).

Listen, there is no reason to believe me right now, but I believe there is going to be a sign on 12/21/2015 in the City of Philadelphia.  Love and Blessings. (9/11/2001, Jesus Said: "Moses, upon this Rock, I will build my Church" ... nothing was said about Peter, perhaps later, perhaps there will be a sign of divorce soon).

Forum Posts: 215
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November 14, 2015
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November 30, 2015 - 4:48 pm
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The Kabbalah Account of Divorce Part 3 (Legacy of the Zodiac Killer)

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Pope John Paul II, is to the right, and the Zodiac Killer is to the left.  It is reported there was an assassination attempt on the Pope at that time.  Realistically, Genetic Dan was the assassin, and it may of happened years before.  When it comes to religious people, Genetic Dan follows their behavior and waits for implied opportunities to kill.  Promiscuity and lure of euthanasia for themselves as a result of the gospel is real to these people as well as their drive to kill and total lack of remorse for the dead of their own kind (s) in this regard.  This is what you have been observing on a ground level with the Antichrist, and when this comes to the public. ... ... The holy spirit has implied that all of their kind must be terminated in the area of effect, or if we go slightly further all of their kind (s) in the zip code of grievance.  You will be dealing with people that choose and desire to kill people, before or after they kill themselves soon.  If you hit this problem hard and give no mercy or remorse as I've described, the remainder will likely choose to end their lives peacefully as they wait their return to the lord.  That is the best and honest way to approach this issue.  Lets continue.

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(Article) Pope John Paul II, wrote this as a "Bill of Divorce".  9/11/2001 to 12/21/2015, that is the indicated design on the bottom.  The word is ANTIPAS, that is formed by the intersecting "Cross Symbols, or Shape Symbols".  He was later Christianized by the Catholic Church and called a saint because the Holy Spirit seemed to bless his ways. 

That being said, now I want to say a few things, to bring you back to the reality of what you will need to do soon, and what will need to be done.  As I've stated at some point, "There is a Department of Human Services Building, not far from City Hall, that serves children and senior citizens, perfect breeding ground for Genetic Dan to satisfy themselves in killing, and a perfect opportunity to attempt to blasphemy the Antichrist in killing themselves".  So I've  said there is no illegal reason why I cannot purchase a meal in the public facility that serves the public, also there is good access to the media to go national and the authorities.  That I believed was the next level, until I've seen Genetic Dan adapt their ways of killing of senior citizens and children in the 2014 Picnic Killings and most recently at 54th Street in the City of Philadelphia.  They have not advanced in promoting the killing of themselves to a certain level.  That is why when the "Sign of Divorce (Antipas)" is revealed, you need to hit these people hard and discourage their will to kill.  That being said, you don't have a choice in the matter anymore.  (I do have a 10 hour walk on Tuesday scheduled and a nightly walk on Friday scheduled, to help keep these people tamed, I've already upped a public safety notice containing my own detail to assist in the humane euthanasia during this time, this is only a reminder.  Love and Blessings).

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