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Some of the contradictions in the bible
August 14, 2016
9:59 am
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April 9, 2009
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No it was not the justice system, it was the corruption and fixing coming from the Democratic party, and the Obama Administration, she is protected, and that is not justice.  

AS to the list about Trump, they are distortions or the truth, and hypes from the liberal media, also in the Democratic pockets. As for Clinton, they have a decades long list of scandels and corruption, dead bodies, squeeking out of every one of them.  Her actions as SofS with the worst President in history, are the centerpiece of Obamas legacy.  Nothing Trump has said or done compare to them. 

August 17, 2016
9:54 am
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March 18, 2015
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ivanrodz and others,

From page 2 of this thread.

  greeney2, you brought help, that's cool but I think some of his references to my person are kind of rude and totally out of the topic of my original post. 

This is a debate do know that right???

 You said: "You seem want to forget history in that the other religions were also practicing slavery...even into the 20th century". You're wrong...I don't forget that because I've never said that other religions don't practiced slavery. That has nothing to do with my original post  

Correct...You never said other relgions and cultures did not practice I did to give context to the thread. In this manner you are want to forget history and I make note of it.

This is also how both the left and right political parties operate in this country...betting that most Americans do not know any or much history ..and they would be very correct. This ..meaning they are not left and right..but both parties are working towards the dumbing down Americans and now counting on them being dumb.


 WTF. Man, I mentioned slavery, child endangerment, bigotry, racism, sexism, classism, blackmail or bribery, discrimination against LGBTQ, incest, torture or terrorism, rape and cruelty to animals because all of those things are present throughout the bible and yet most Christians think the bible is the ultimate moral guide because they don't even know or don't wanna know. I mean, WTF communist anti-god nations have to do with this ? I'm not debating whether those nations do or not those things. Of course they do but I'm talking about the bible. 

Good grief...ivanrodz ...LOL LOL have the usual standard M1A issue litany of "Im A Victim" social causes and the "blame game" too with your position on the Bible.

Let me tell you something about slavery..for which most people cannot today recognize when it is happening right here in front of them.

To those few who know...Slavery is work you do for which you get no goods or services.

This is also a definition of taxation.

When you get a government sufficiently stupid and proud fo it....that they create a health care system...which removes monies from some to pay for the health care of others ..this is slavery..indentured servitude. Got it is work that some do for which they get no goods or services. They in fact pay twice..for themselves and their families and for others too.

You have to be publically educated not to see it for the huge cluster you know what that it is..with no end in site to the slavery...and it will increase in costs...rapidly...more slavery. It is just a matter of degrees.

One need not be rocket material to see and know this...

As a matter of fact.the more educated a person is in this system...the more likely they will not an never will see it.


But it makes ignorant and untutored Americans with a touchy feely television and movie education in emotions feel good about themselves while a whole working nation is thus held hostage to slavery and indentured servitude.

You do not have to go back in a time warp to see slavery taking place ivanrodz . It's right today.


Now this on your part is priceless...priceless..for those who can think outside the box of what passes for excellence and justice

 I mentioned slavery, child endangerment, bigotry, racism, sexism, classism, blackmail or bribery, discrimination against LGBTQ, want to talk about racism....nothing has changed here in thousands of years...yet this is the time of educated, enlightened, sophisticated, Illuminated people I leadership positions eat up with absolute stupidity for a cause celeb...and no one seems to notice it.

You do realize that the White House through the Department of Education and the Pacific Education Group is spending millions of public dollars on a devout and religious dogma called.

White Privilege and White Guilt

This very zealous and devout religious dogma is being taught to students from elementary school levels into college levels with disastrous and  confusing results.

It is very indicative of a switch to open and above board Luciferianism as the religion to which our government has switched and not told anyone they had so done.

This is easily demonstratable by the very contradiction in which our government has been involved before they made the switch to the new religion.

For years across this land they taught from Dr.Martin Luther King's "I have a Dream Speech" wherein he stated.... By the content of their Character ...not the colour of their skin."

Now Dr King's position is very close to the Biblical Position of "By their Fruits shall ye know them."

What our current intellectual government is pushing from public schools and on the public purse "By the colour of their skin shall ye know them."

A total 180 degree reversal of Dr King's position. They are themselves clearly become racist in their nature and they think no one notices it.

What they are showing to those who know Bible and also Dr King's position, those who remember, is that they are and have switched from the God of the the god of this world...Lucifer...and in so doing spread confusion and a counterfeit...which happen to be two of the descriptive names for Lucifer...confusion and a liar...counterfeiter.

In so doing they are endangering the childhood of our children by confusion...and demoralization.

And they are being bullies about it..and will brook no competition which is why this kind of counterfeit must need be promoted in public schools and also the cloistered/protected environment of the Military. Always cloistered enviornments..protected enviornments. For this nonsense will not survive out here in the marketplace of free ideas and thought.

And furthermore..I bring this up because I know you will is beyond your capacity..and ability to think.


And furthermore,ivanrodz , I can do this with the LGBTQ issues as well. This too is a counterfeit..a phony ...confusion and also an attempt BLM and other to hold the whole nation hostage to their kind of Bullying.

How do I know this ....?? Simple.


By their sex, sexuality, and sexual orientation shall ye know them.... Not by the content of their Character.

Nothing else ..and if you don't go along we will bully you..intimidate you ..manufacture a bad guy out of you, and make an example of you for exercising your free speech.

And much worse,ivanrodz ,  I know that government sponsoring this nonsense is stealing the childhood from our  children by teaching this nonsense about sex and sexuality, sexual orientation in public schools before our children have developed sufficient character traits to maturely handle it.

They are whoring out our children. Child endangerment.

NO mature thinking individual properly educated defines who and what they are by their sex, sexuality, sexual orientation and then demands that others go along with this counterfeit, lie and deceit. For a mature grown up individual is much much more than sex, sexuality and sexual orientation.

This is the very best these groups can do is hold a whole nation hostage to such stupidity with the help of a whorish government looking to use and misuse these groups for votes...even if they have to sell our children down the toilet drain to pull off this counterfeit.

The God of the Bible requires His people to define themselves by Him who lives in them...24/7. Not by their sex, sexuality, and sexual orientation.

I do not have to approve of the sexuality of a heterosexual ...or anyone else. Understand now???

When did our government switch privily to the god of sex, sexuality, and sexual orientation and not tell anyone they had so done??? The god of confusion...a counterfeit??

This has not changed since Olde Testament times about His People and their conduct...for all these things taking place today...were taking place in the nations surrounding Ancient Israel..and for which the Children of Israel got caught up into and for which they were severely punished..until they finally lost the land in 70 AD.


Child endangerment...what bathroom to use. Do I need to go further?? There is nothing new under the sun.

What is so disgusting is that these are educated people in leadership of letters.

You have to become educated to become so stupid and not know it. are trying to stick people back into a time warp..way back in the Bible times to show a contradiction in the Bible. I say it is happening again..right do not have to stick it back in a time warp to show how weak and beggarly is your position.

To those who know and can think for themselves it does not make good nonsense..but it is good politic...which is whoredom...and a lie and deceit..even a counterfeit...of the counterfeiter.


Some of us here...know the name of the counterfeiter name ivanrodz you???

Because you are sure enough following him...while predictably putting the onus off on others and the Bible...and the Author of His Bible.

You are going to need some serious practice to keep going on this thread with your textbook and predictable blame game. It is textbook of leftist pabulum today trying to pass for excellence and the high moral ground. It is neither. It is confusion from the author of confusion.


My thanks to all for their posts,


August 17, 2016
10:15 am
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March 18, 2015
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Before I must make haste I want to set the record straight I am sure you will want to pigeon hole me into the Republican Camp..that would be a huge mistake on your part...ivanrodz.


Here from your post to Greeny2,


 I can say the same's obvious you're going to disagree with anything I said. I also disagree with many of the republicans in almost all some topics...except one...the gun control. I really don't think we need more gun control and I don't think the government should disarm their citizens. I think that's the only topic I agree with republicans...jejeje. By the way, you did not prove any of the points about Trump wrong. Yes, Clinton has a few skeletons in her closet...I'm aware...and that email scandal..she should have been charged at least with perjury because she lied to the congress but our justice system said otherwise.  


I have little respect for the Republican Pary as is also so about the Democrats. They are both sides of a Hegelian Dialectic...batting the public between two phonies and always together  steering them steadily left. The Republicans are helping by their silence when they should be teaching conservative values and thinking to their voters. Yet they do none of these. Thus clearly showing their true character.

The Republicans clearly marked themselves out as leftists when they stated that they would rather vote for Hillary than Trump.

Like Greeny 2, I am no Trump fan..but I do observe wildlife in it's natural habitat...and the Republicans and Democrats are textbook examples of wildlife in it's natural habitat.

Do not make the mistake of thinking I am a Republican. I am a conservative..and that is a very different thing from a Republican or Democrat.




August 18, 2016
12:27 am
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March 18, 2015
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I thought I should add this in clarification to the textbook pabulum you are doing  here.


Concerning Trump and the run for President...and or his qualifications ...

Along with this is a definite trend which once again does not make good nonsense once you have sufficient history and thought to think it something which makes sense.

Having served in the military is not a requirement for Public office. So that point on the part of the left or anyone else is beyond stupid...but it is politic.

It is not even scientific. Read the bio of Abraham Lincoln.


More important to me is the concept and understanding going back to at least Jimmy the realization that the requirements for the Office of President of the United States/POTUS...are not as high as we have been mislead to believe.

This current President and the misfits that have been put in the highest office of this land are textbook proof of what I am saying. I can go back further.

I can remember back when Jimmy Carter and the Democrats drastically raised the deficit..government borrowing and later had to raise interest to double digit figures to curtain more borrowing and control the money supply ..the M Factor. This was very predictable.

It will eventually happen again with government borrowing and deficits.

The requirements for President also do not include having served any other public offices.


You must have gotten these talking points from the religion of science ..or the religion of politic.


You might want to look up Legal Fiction ...or Fiction of Law..or barring that ..."gaslighting."


To be continued,


October 13, 2016
11:41 pm
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November 14, 2015
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Three Contradictions Only (Some Parallels):

1. Ahaziah's Reign (22+1, 42+1)
2. Solomon's Stalls (4000, 40000)
3. Jehoiachin's Reign (8, 18)

1. Ahasuerus/Mordecai (127 Provinces Same Claim, Esther 1:1/Esther 8:9-10)
2. Four Living Creatures/Four Horses (Ezekiel 1:5/Revelation 6)
3. Star Wormwood/Sign of Divorce (1/Samuel 17:12/Ezekiel 48:35)

1. Antipas the Faithful Martyr (112 Generations of Matthew and Luke to begin the 42 Months of Revelation, (End of Pharaoh God/Acts 7:6-8)
2. Unicorns (Genetic Dan the Lion, Four Genetic Lines, Psalms 22:1)
3. Unknown God (David is not Jesse's Eighth Son, not identified, Eighth Day Sabbath, 1 Chronicles 2:15/Acts 17:23)

1. 112 Prophecy of Saint Malachy and Allen C. Martin, which both predict the Assassination of the Pope and President (USA)
2. Flight 370 to Mandrid Faultline Alignment of the Solar Eclipse on 8/21/2017 = about 42 Months
3. Mayan Calendar Creation Month of August = August 2017 (100th Year of Fatima's Prophecy)

(What is being implied? God makes no declarations about his law of the gospel, or the voices of the prophets with no son of man.  Therefore there must be a son of man, the Unknown Apostle that Jesus made a few references to, which parallels his own lifespan, this should equal about 30 to 34 Years or so, this is an absolute figure according to Amos, who counted 34 Years for Moses and for Jesus, so Moses must return to fulfill that prophecy, Hebrews 4:7-8/Jeremiah 33:21, God gives the lifespan of the Antichrist an absolute value.  Right now Terrorism and Ethnic Suicide is very popular, but this does not change the value of human life God has on display, ethnics don't promote suicide by antichrist, so you have to keep watch when that happens, this happens very often, my birthday is in 4 days, we have a few months, but keep watch, anything at all happens these ethnics will tear themselves apart, children and senior citizens)

1. The Gospel's Law is Written in Your Hearts (conscious testifies against sin, even if you choose to die or challenge god's laws)
2. Jesus does not Pay for All Sin (certain peoples and races have no future)
3. God illustrates his Mercy of fulfilling the Covenant (higgs boson is not false witnessing)

Love and Blessings (Its possible, God has euthanized a good deal of human life recently, not a significant amount, just a good deal, because of your needs to cause me suffering, pain and death, as my birthday approaches, so does the ends of many lives, if anything happens at all, as God takes away your motivations and pleasure of Suicide by Antichrist, so we will see in Four Days, then its back to waiting until 8/21/2017) (10 hour walk tomorrow, based on the level force you use against me, all life in that place can die by the elements of the earth, so we'll see whats necessary soon)

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