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Pope Benedict’s War on the Church
July 7, 2011
3:22 pm

Pope Benedict’s War on the Church

By Candace Chellew-Hodge
June 28, 2011
http://www.religiondispatches.org/books ... he_church/

The Pope’s War: Why Ratzinger’s Secret Crusade has Imperiled the Church and How it Can be Saved

The Catholic Church is ripe for another reformation. That’s the message theologian Matthew Fox sends in his new book, The Pope’s War: Why Ratzinger’s Secret Crusade has Imperiled the Church and How it Can be Saved.

Fox is a former Catholic priest who was silenced by Pope Benedict XVI (who was then Cardinal Ratzinger) after a 12-year-long battle over his writings. The book points to scandals, from the best-known to the unfamiliar, that are rotting the church from the inside out. The current pope, Fox contends, has filled the Church with yes-men (all men, of course), and it's up to the Catholics in the pews to "push the restart button on Christianity."

Religion Dispatches had a chance to talk with Fox about his new book and the future of the Roman Catholic Church.

RD: Tell us about your new book. How has Ratzinger—now Pope Benedict XVI—imperiled the Catholic Church?

MF: It’s about the last 30 years of Catholicism. I had a conversation with Father Edward Schillebeeckx, the Dutch Dominican theologian, about 15 years ago and he said to me, “I and many other European theologians, believe the present papacy is in schism.” That really came back to me as I was writing this book. “Schism” is a big word because historically and theologically it is when the Eastern Church split from the West in the 11th century and from the Roman Catholic point of view, the Protestant Reformation would have been a schism, too.

So, this idea really came to the fore as I was writing this book because what’s really clear is that the Second Vatican Council, in the early ’60s, they really changed the direction of Roman Catholicism around many things including collegiality—meaning that the pope is supposed to be sharing power with the bishop’s conferences around the world—and laypeople are supposed to be empowered, especially around liturgy. So there is this horizontal effort by the Vatican Council, but it was all stuffed by Pope John Paul II and Ratzinger.

If you look at the history of the church, the Councils have always trumped the pope. For example, in the 14th century you had three popes for 42 years, and what’s worse than one pope? Three popes! And what did they do about it? At the Council of Constance (1414-1418) the Council fired all three popes and hired a new one. So, that’s proof that a Council trumps the pope.

So, here you have, in the late 20th century, a Council laying out a whole new direction for Catholicism, and of course ecumenism being a big part of it, and then a pope comes along and trumps the Council. That is schism! This changes the whole name of the game. What I’m really saying is the Vatican is in heresy, so get on with this reformation in the church and just ignore them. Don’t put your energy that way.

I start the book with a quote from Father Bede Griffiths, an English monk who lived in India for over 50 years. He created an ashram there for Christians and Hindus. He said to me, before he died, “Don’t even think about the Vatican, don’t worry about them. Don’t look over your shoulder, keep doing what you’re doing. It’s all going to come tumbling down one day, just like the Berlin Wall.” I think that tumbling down is happening in front of our eyes with this horrible pedophile crisis. It’s not just that. Of course, that’s what the press picks up on, but I include an appendix of 92 theologians whom they have silenced and expelled and beaten up and bloodied from all over the world. I’m just one of those 92.

I take people through Ratzinger and how he came to be who he is, his childhood and adulthood. I also take people through who I call Ratzinger’s enemies—that would be liberation theology and Creation spirituality—and then Ratzinger’s allies, who are really scary. With allies like that you don’t need enemies—like Opus Dei, the Legion of Christ and Father (Marcial) Maciel, who was so close to John Paul II and he abused over 20 seminarians and had two wives on the side with children, all of whom he sexually abused, both boys and girls. But this guy raised more money than anyone in the history of the church. So there are three scandals here: one of them is pedophilia and its cover up. The second is the financial scandal, and the third, but by no means the least, is this intellectual/political destruction of theology.

That’s an awful lot of scandal. Do you offer any hope for the church in the future?

Yes. The last part of the book is the good news. As a theologian I ask, “Does the Holy Spirit have something cooking here?” and I conclude, yes.

The point is, I think the Holy Spirit has used these two bad popes to destroy the Catholic Church as we know it, to absolutely dismantle, deconstruct Catholicism so that therefore we can start over in the 21st century. Not only can Catholicism start over but I think all of Christianity can because it can now move ahead on a truly ecumenical footing and look for a truth catholic—small “c”—Christianity instead of a Roman Catholic, Anglican Catholic, or what have you. Catholic means “universal,” after all, and we have to be thinking in global terms, but also in cosmological terms. It also means we travel much lighter going into the third millennium. Christianity doesn’t need all these buildings we’ve invested in—empty as many of them are. We must make it more about spirituality and less about religion.

The last part of the book, then, is about what to take from the burning building—what treasures are there—and what would a post-Vatican Catholicism look like, and what would a truly catholic Christianity look like?

You’re really writing about two popes, then. One, Pope John Paul II, who is thought of very highly by many Catholics, and Pope Benedict XVI (Ratzinger), who may enjoy less popularity in the pews. What kind of reaction are you expecting when people read this book?

I think John Paul II was given a teflon papacy. He appointed Ratzinger as his chief inquisitor. He brought the Inquisition back. Everything Ratzinger did was supported by John Paul II, including his ugly documents about gays. He wrote two of them when he was chief inquisitor and one since he’s been pope and each one of them is uglier than the other, and meaner. This was signed off on by John Paul II.

Also, John Paul II stood by while all this pedophile stuff was going on, including his close friend Father Maciel who he took on airplanes with him. That’s how close they were. He was utterly passive. The seminarians had written to Rome and told them about their abuse as boys (at the hands of Maciel)—there were now men. John Paul II did nothing. His hands are not nearly as clean as some people would like to imagine.

John Paul II is the one who linked up with Opus Dei and Communion and Liberation, which is another far-far-right wing movement in Italy. They canonized (Josemaria) Escriva, the founder of Opus Dei, and Escriva actually praised Hitler. He was a card-carrying fascist. Now, they’ve appointed all these Opus Dei and fascist bishops and cardinals all over Latin America to replace liberation theology. We should not be naïve about either of these popes.

Polls here in America have shown that a majority of laypeople in the pews of the Catholic Church are supportive of marriage equality for gay and lesbian people. Nearly three-quarters, in fact, favor either marriage or civil unions for gays and lesbians. Will the Vatican ever catch up with its flock?

I think the Vatican in its present state is beyond redemption. I think it is a very closed boy’s club. I have a section in the book on bullying. Ratzinger is a bully. I know him. He was in a 12-year battle with me before he won, I guess, and expelled me. Part of bullying, according to the studies that I’ve found, is that the bully likes a wolf pack. That wolf pack is the Curia (the central governing body of the Roman Catholic Church). It’s interesting that he appointed 24 cardinals in December and ten of them are in the Curia. They have lots of power and it’s a very tight circle, which is of course why they don’t want women in the club, it’s a boy’s club.

The point I make in the book is that the laypeople have to take over the church, period. It’s not going to be reformed from the inside, or from the top down, at all. It’s rancid, and so, these people have to assert themselves and that’s the next step, for laypeople to realize it’s their church. They should only hire ministers who are willing to serve and not to be served, and that means starting over.

http://www.religiondispatches.org/books ... he_church/

July 10, 2011
3:02 am

You cannot reform a church like that . The only way is to destroy it or make an Exodus from it.

This is what Martin Luther did after 1519 after nailing his list of 95 complaints against the RCC. It was an Exodus from Rome.
Within 200 years historians began to notice and write about a difference in the standard of living of peoples in the Roman Catholic areas of Europe and that in the Non Roman Catholic Areas. This progress in the standard of living of peoples took place in Northern Germany, THe Netherlands, and in England.

This is a difference in a Religion..the fruit produced. You can see this in the difference in North America and then just by going across the border into Mexico on to Central and South America. This difference in the standard of living is the difference in religion.

You can see this at work in the Western European Nations and the Communist Nations in Europe. This difference too was a difference in religion.
The Communist Religion brings forth the same fruit or non fruit as does the Catholic Religion.

Notice that both the Communist religion ...like the Roman Catholic Religion builds huge monuments to men and the glory of men.

This is a carry over from the Roman religions, Greek Religions, Persian religions....Babylonian Religions... Assyrian religions..and the Egyptians Religions. All of them build big buildings/monuments to their demigods and their power structures.

But the average peon lived at a basic subsistance level. This too happened in Roman Catholic areas.

This knowledge of the history is why the founding fathers here in America were very cautious about the Roman Catholic Church. For the founders knew the history of this world.

On the other hand...the protestants and their churches seem to have returned secretly and privily back to the Babylonian/Egyptian system through commerce. The religions seem to have survived through merchandizing..or making merchandize of most of the world.
Merchandizing or making merchandize of the very souls of men.
A return back through Protestantism to the olde religions. The religions of this world.

Want to know why they dont want you to know about or discuss religion in public school today..unless you are talking about Islam? That is why ...one in one thousand might figure this out or run accross it by accident and that would be one to many.

Islam produces the same fruit as the RCC. Nada!!! Bondage.

What I am also stating here is diametrically opposed to what the UN desires in bringing about a one world religion...a universal religion.


July 10, 2011
4:21 am
Forum Posts: 9870
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April 9, 2009
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first of all, you suck for making me read such a long fing diatribe (brat)..

Willie Wonka quotes..
What is this Wonka, some kind of funhouse?
Why? Are you having fun?
A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.
We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams

July 10, 2011
12:02 pm

The Vatican will do something and will create a one world religion.

For centuries the Vatican has attempted to obtain control of Jerusalem, which started with the Crusades.
They want to make the people of the beleive the Messiah they put on the world's stage is going to be accepted as genuine.
All of this has to happen in the Old City Of Jerusalem
What they will bring fort is that this "Messiah" will merge the three monotheistic religions, usher in peace and harmony in the world, and solve the Middle East conflict.

The Vatican will proclaim this so-called "Messiah" . However he will be a false one and it and the Vatican will insist that by having a "world government" for example the United Nations the world peace and harmony will be ushered in. This will be a lie, and a fraud, but never mind.
I think that Israel will be stripped of its sovereignty as an independent nation giving way to a "regional bloc of nations" in the Middle East. Israel will be pressured to accede to these demands by all world bodies and the superpowers on the claim that "this is the only way to solve the Middle East conflict.

To convince the Jews to go along this path they will convince them that with the "Messiah" having appeared for the Jews, it is time to start rebuilding the Third Temple- what they call "Solomon's Temple".

Make no mistake about it. The Old City of Jerusalem, as well as most of the eastern half of the city, is what The Vatican is after.

SHIMON PERES CONFRONTED FOR HANDING JERUSALEM TO THE VATICAN ... Palestinians proposed giving Temple Mount to the ...

On September 10 1993, 3 days before the signing of the Oslo Accords Washington, the Italian newspaper La Stampa reported that then Foreign Minister Shimon Peres concluded a secret deal with the Vatican to hand over sovereignty of Jerusalem's Old City to the Vatican. The agreement was included in the secret clauses of the Declaration Of Principles signed on September 13th, 1993 in Washington, DC.


By the control of the entire Old City of Jerusalem (and not just Church properties) and being able to build whatever Vatican wants on Mount Zion is critical for the program they have planned to put into play in old Jerusalem.
This deal was signed with Israel b y Yossi Beilin and Shimon Peres (in secret and without the approval of the Knesset).

This gives the Vatican and the Catholic not only extraterritorial status to their properties (which is what the bi-lateral agreement the Israeli government signed with the Vatican on December 30th, 1993, put in law) but of control over the entire city as "custodians" under UN presence. In this way the Jews will give up control over the Old City.

I would not be surprise once the Vatican has full control of the Old city of Jerusalem they and NWO Project Blue Beam bring out a False Holographic Second Coming. The technology is there

NWO Project Blue Beam

http://alternativenewsreport.net/haarp- ... oking-gun/

Blue Beam in Cina.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pymLoQUm ... r_embedded

July 10, 2011
7:54 pm

As I have stated many times in previous posts....The Lords temple and kingdom are a temple/kingdom made without hands. This is Issac. A kingdom made with hands is Ishmael.

The Hebrews themselves ...want a kingdom made with hands..a temple made with hands..a sacrifice made over and over and over. So too it is with Rome. A temple made with hands...a sacrifice done over and over.

The Christian sacrifice is done once..never to be done again..particularly in animals.... offerings which were only a type or shadow of that which was to come....the everlasting sacrifice. The everlasting kingdom/temple...etc.

This is how I know what Rome is..both the city today and the institution. This is also how I know what are the Hebrews...and their world plans and holy city. Neither Jerusalem nor Rome are holy.

But those of us raised on a diet of television/movies/ and special effects without thinking..only emoting allowed...will fall for it every time.

It burns my backside whenever the media try to talk about Christianity and the first thing they do is try to default Christianity by putting up Rome to illustrate what is Christian. Time magazine does this in particular.
In like manner to the media defaulting 'America as New York City and California.
It is the same "Usual Suspects" doing this.

We no longer want to reason together..but to emote together. Our "feelings" are today what is right and correct.

So too it will be with the coming religion..the "World Religion" no matter who is sponsoring it.

It is and will be a "counterfeit" and of the "Counterfeiter." And is in bondage with her children.

"And as he who was born after the flesh(Ishmael) persecuted him who was born after the spirit,(Issac) even so it is now."

Not changed..nothing new...under the sun.

Opus Dei is heavily involved behind the scenes in what is going on in Central and South Amereica. I know of some monied families here who get their newsletter.


July 10, 2011
8:39 pm
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April 9, 2009
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Where do they make this crap up from? One excommunicated Priest writes a book, and now the internet is saying the Roman Catholic church, wants to make a one world religion and control Isreal. I have seen nothing in my lifetime, nor have I ever herd anything in any mass, any of my childrens religion classes from a Catholic High school, 8 years of Lutheran schools, to give any such message. Yet right under you noses are Islamic countries who have missiles pointed at Isreal everyday, they are surrounded by enemies, and they are not the Roman Catholics or the Pope.

Polls here in America have shown that a majority of laypeople in the pews of the Catholic Church are supportive of marriage equality for gay and lesbian people. Nearly three-quarters, in fact, favor either marriage or civil unions for gays and lesbians. Will the Vatican ever catch up with its flock?

Lets see the polls, becasue according to your figures, 1/4 do not favor either GAY MARRIAGE OR GAY CIVIL UNIONS for starters, they are against both. Secondly, of the remaining 3/4, if just one person favored gay marriage, and all the rest favored civil unions, the statement they all favored "either or", is a distortion.

If you are polling strictly Catholics, all Catholics know Marriage is a Holy Sacrament, just like Communion, Baptism + a few others. I do not believe for one second ,3/4 of all Catholics would toss out a belief, that the Sacrament of marriage before God, would be trashed out because a gay rights argument. Civil union is a legal term for city hall, legal matters, and is completly out of the rhelm of scripture and any church or religion. Of your 3/4 total of both combined, if only 1% may agree with marriage, and 99% civil unions, your statement would be totally distorted. The voters of several states by over 50% voted against gay marriage, so it is impossible to believe a claim 75% of Catholics favor it. Becasue of existing laws only, they condone civil unions only as a legal sugnicance, but they have spoken loudly not in favor of defiling a Holy Sacrament.

Charcterizing it the way it was given is a distortion. Again we are back to SHOW ME THE NUMBERS AND THE ACUTAL POLL!

The point I make in the book is that the laypeople have to take over the church, period. It’s not going to be reformed from the inside, or from the top down, at all. It’s rancid, and so, these people have to assert themselves and that’s the next step, for laypeople to realize it’s their church. They should only hire ministers who are willing to serve and not to be served, and that means starting over.

This is a statement of forming a new one world religion if I ever herd one--just abolish the Catholic religion and all the other religions, and hire some ministers to serve. Hire someone who agrees with us first, someone we tell to never remind us of how we act or what we do. Convince everyone the teaching of 2000 years are outdated, and start living it up. In other words, get rid of all religions, we'll just make up this new one, and all the old rules we didn;t like get rid those too. Make up a new religion that fits the sins in as all normal behavior, and start over. The new religion, will be geared to what everyone does anyway, so why do we need to feel bad about anything anymore. This is a great new deal, everyone will get in on it, as a one world religion. We won't have any such thing as adultry anymore, who cares everyone does it anyway, we only need the 9 commandmants now. Moses could you please chisel off that one!

July 11, 2011
12:31 am

Tuesday, July 7, 2009
The Pope Calls For World Government With Real Teeth
In his brand new encyclical entitled Caritas in Veritate, or Charity in Truth, Pope Benedict is openly calling for a "true world political authority" with "real teeth". At a time when many prominent world leaders are publicly calling for a "New World Order", to have the Roman pontiff openly declare that we all need a world government is more than a little alarming.

The 144 page encyclical is the result of a 2 year effort by Pope Benedict to bring Catholic social teaching up to date on issues such as economic development, terrorism, sex tourism, population issues, bioethics and the environment.

In calling for more globalization and a true world government, the Pope chose words that were very direct and to the point:

"There is a strongly felt need... for a reform of the United Nations Organisation, and likewise of economic institutions and international finance, so that the concept of the family of nations can acquire real teeth... there is urgent need of a true world political authority."

Real teeth?

What would a world government with "real teeth" look like anyway?

Apparently the Pope feels that the job of such a world political authority would be "to manage the global economy; to revive economies hit by the crisis; to avoid any deterioration of the present crisis and the greater imbalances that would result."

To manage the global economy?

A one world economic system?

Seriously he can't be serious.

But he is.

Not only is he advocating a one world economic system, but he is advocating a very socialist one. In the encyclical, the Pope wrote that a one world economic system would "open up the unprecedented possibility of large-scale redistribution of wealth on a world-wide scale".

A redistribution of wealth?

Since when did the Pope become a socialist?

When the Pope puts out an encyclical that openly calls for a one world government and a one world economic system, it just shows all of us how late in the game things really are.

The truth is that those of us who study Bible prophecy also know that a one world religion is coming in the last days, and that the Roman Catholic organization will be very involved in that.

A one world government, a one world economic system and a one world religion will be three of the key pillars of the future kingdom of the antichrist. While we are still quite a way from any of that becoming a reality, the truth is that it is quite chilling for the Pope to be calling for a one world government. Let us hope that we still have a significant amount of time before it becomes a reality.

http://www.chroniclewatch.com/2011/01/0 ... overnment/

July 11, 2011
12:40 am

Pope Demands World Government.flv

Very interesting video what the pope wants and said

July 11, 2011
12:55 am

Pope Is Head Of Coming One World Religion.mp4
Spring 2011


July 11, 2011
1:01 am
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April 9, 2009
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Tichan, here is your survey, please read it closly becasue it proves my point about distortions of numbers, and what the actual survey really says. Forinstance adding the totals of "for either gay marriage or civil unions", as opposed adding the "civil union total to the 1/4 against" both, gives it a entire different perspective. The perspective is distorted expressing it the way you did, and not distorted by the later.Those against it totally + those only for civil unions, is the total not in favor of same sex marriage. I think the survey also sheds a different light on Catholics in general who are constantly bashed as a whole, as to the issues of tolerance. Also was the survey asked souly on the basis of legal rights, or on the basis of modifying the Sacraments within the Catholic Church? One may be for it as a State for a city hall level marriage, but against it as religious rite especially when that religion regards it as a Sacrament.

March 22, 20111:00PMNew Poll Shows Strong Catholic Support for Gay Rights
Post by Candace Chellew-Hodge
Comments (4)EmailPrintShare It’s a popular stereotype that Catholics are more conservative than their Protestant counterparts, but a new report reveals that Catholics are more supportive of gay and lesbian rights than the general population and other Christians. But, depending on how one reads the numbers, the study could be a mixed blessing for marriage equality supporters.

On the issue of marriage, the report [pdf], compiled by the Public Religion Research Institute using past polls and studies, showed “nearly three-quarters of Catholics favor either allowing gay and lesbian people to marry (43%) or allowing them to form civil unions (31%). Only 22% of Catholics say there should be no legal recognition of a gay couple’s relationship.”

The report also showed strong Catholic support for other gay rights issues with 73 percent supporting laws against workplace discrimination and 60 percent favoring adoption by gay and lesbian couples.

“These numbers surprise many Americans given their presumptions about Catholics,” said Dr. Stephen Schneck, director of the Institute for Policy Research and Catholic Studies at Catholic University.

Schneck also pointed out what he called another “striking feature” of the report—a feature that marriage equality supporters may find sobering in an otherwise upbeat report. Schneck points out the “much higher Catholic interest, especially among white, non-Latino Catholics, in civil unions as compared to other denominations and Americans generally. Catholics appear to like civil unions as an alternative to same-sex marriage at a higher rate than other groups.”

Schneck admitted upfront that "I am among that population of Roman Catholics who oppose same sex marriage. I don't think my analysis is colored by that but I think it's only fair to be
up front about it." Still, though, support for civil unions frequently, over time, translates into support for full equality, so his claim that Catholic support for civil unions could be bad news for full equality is likely off the mark.

If Catholics that support civil unions are counted among those favoring same-sex marriage, then a majority of Catholics support same-sex marriage,” he said. “If, on the other hand, civil union supporters are counted among those who oppose same-sex marriage, then the majority of Catholics oppose same-sex marriage by 55 to 43 percent. It’s the possible swing group for both sides on this issue.”

Even if the numbers are read as Catholics leaning against full marriage equality, the report still contains good news for gays and lesbians. An overwhelming majority of Catholics (69 percent) believe that sexual orientation is fixed and cannot be changed by “ex-gay” therapies. When asked if sexual activity between people of the same sex is sinful, 56 percent said no. That compares to 46 percent of the general population.

Dr. Michele Dillon, professor and chair of Department of Sociology at the University of New Hampshire, said the generous position taken by Catholic laity on gay rights issues stems from a sense of independence in the pews.

“For Catholics same sex issues are personal matters of morality, and just have Catholics have made up their own minds about divorce and contraception they also see same-sex relations in that same arena—it’s up to the individuals involved. They see these issues as being independent of church teaching,” she said.

Even though the laity may be open to marriage equality or other rights for gays and lesbians, don’t expect these numbers to sway the Bishops, Dillon warned. Catholic Bishops have played a large role in opposing same-sex marriage issues, including the latest attempt to pass marriage equality in Maryland.

“They’re not going to be distracted by any polls and certainly not what the laity says about these things. We’ll certainly see a lot of activism on the part of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops to try to keep at bay the move toward increasing laws favoring same-sex marriage,” Dillon said.

Another surprise in the report is the strong Latino Catholic support for same-sex marriage with 45 percent favoring marriage and another 22 percent supporting civil unions. That, the report shows, may have a lot to do with the age factor around gay rights issues. Many polls show a growing trend among the young to support full marriage equality over civil unions. The Latino Catholic population, in general, is younger than the white Catholic population. That may be the best news for marriage equality supporters, said Dillon.

“The younger generation are going to be getting older and voting in more and more numbers and they’re going to be pushing the liberalization because I think, to them, being gay is a very normal thing and they can’t understand why it’s such a contested issue either religiously or politically,” she said.

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