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PanAeonicNueroGnosticBigLuckyPower Sorcery
December 9, 2012
5:45 am
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December 8, 2012
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"Some things never really make sense, but always seem to fucking work." - Eminem

These things that cannot be explained but always seem to work are commonly defined as 'sorcery'. They are sometimes also called 'magick', 'witchcraft', 'psychic power', or 'repeatable fluke', amongst many other names. All orthodox religious cultures have laws against it, even the pagans, including the modern religion of Scientific Rationale which claims it is against the laws of Rationality itself. Sorcery may therefore be further classified as 'spiritual rebellion', since it knowingly breaks all these laws, often for its own sake.

The term 'sorcery' means to encircle. In all systems of sorcery, the essential techniques employ a focussing of consciousness, and the circle (or 'mandala') is a universal symbol and tool for achieving this. The circle is also employed to represent a society of equals.

Red Sect is employed as a cross cultural term for a circle of sorcery; its equivalent appearing in the codes of European Witchcraft, the Northern Mysteries, Voodoo, Tantra, and as far back as Ancient Egypt.

The Seven Stabs represent the research of initiated sorcerers and sorceresses from a variety of cultural backgrounds. The Invisibles, what some have called Mysteries or Laws, and others gods, belong to us all; the masques they employ may be specific to different nations, but their essence is shared by all humankind. They are sidereal; above and beyond yet embracing and inclusive of all that is known.

In pooling our understanding we create a shared dialect through which to commune-icate, rather than indulging in factionalism or withholding 'initiated knowledge', and work in service of our modern commune-ity.

Whilst there are no right or wrong ways to 'do things', there are ways that simply work better than others. Those methods that work are more often repeated, with some peoples favouring certain dialects and techniques over others whilst also sharing many in common, and different Traditions are born.

By sharing our methods, rather than defending the 'Secrets of Tradition', we intend to advance the spiritual technologies of method and ritual in the modern day. These communications serve as an introduction to our work, and the practice of PanAeonicNueroGnosticBigLuckyPowerSorcery; an expansionist Sidereal Mystery that encompasses rather than excludes all other Mysteries, swallowing them whole like a Serpent and making them part of itself.. ever renewing.. ever 'shedding its skin'.

In doing so we soon discover than all these systems, based as they are on sound experience and experimentation at source, were never mutually exclusive.

All of manifest reality is but One particle of Light, travelling crossways to linear Time, effectively being everywhere at once. All experience is but the multivalent Mystery of a solitary curious Pixel. Get over it, baby.

Or as Saint Bill Hicks put it, ".. and here is Tom with the weather."

All expressions of the Mysteries, in whatever languages they are commune-icated, are refractions of the One Light (7 Sephiroth below the Abyss, 7 Chakras, 7 days of God's Creation, 7 planets visible to the naked eye, the 7 Mysteries; 7 colours of the rainbow.. and beyond into the Invisible spectrum). None are Ultimate Truth, yet all things possible to be conceived are equally refractions of the One Truth; what some have called 'God'.. Thus the True Magi is 'Catholic'; from the Latin Katholicus, meaning 'to believe whatever is most efficient'.

'Everything,' as the cliche expounds, 'is permitted'. With this knowledge all presumptions such as 'paradigm shifting' (or 'dabbling', as the wise call it) are revealed as Vain noncence.

Now hear this; 'Everything is permitted' is not the same as 'Nothing is Forbidden'; it is merely to confer equivalence to the consequences of any action. It is not a licence to commit violations, for this would be self defeating and stupid, but restores futility to all 'Guilt'. Besides, if all experiences are equivalent, those of duty are as valid as any other. All actions have consequences that legitimise or cancel them. The sorcerer merely judges that those consequences must be considered thoroughly.

There may be no 'Guilt', but there is still 'responsibility', and there are always 'consequences'. This is, as we say, a Natural Law.

In another sense, one may not cheat the Devil's Pact merely by 'jumping paradigm'. He may give you a few good years, but He always comes to collect. Hell awaits, and the Law of One Light is always on time. Or did you believe your Pact would protect you from the One, so you too would be Beyond All Laws?

Any spirit that demands from you a sacrifice or act which violates the laws of your society is setting you up for ill consequences. They are punishing you for your presumptions, or otherwise fucking you over. This too is Natural Law.

Much of what passes for experimental magic(k) in this age amounts to little more than 'fracking'. All violations of Natural Laws will be punished severely; such is unavoidable. Any short term gains will be offset by unbearable cost, over vast durations of time. Those who defile the Mysteries are as poisoners of the soil; let the Ways be Closed to them forever.

It may be possible to evade human law, but it is impossible to evade Natural Laws. It is not possible to bind, command, or banish them. A deeper Magick made this world..


Now hear this; The (so called) Illuminati, these Violators and Defilers of the Mysteries, are in fear of us. Their hierarchies are falling as surely as the toppling of the tower of Babylon. The base of the pyramid is refusing to sustain the vampires at its summit. This is as true in wider society as in occultism. We have seen through their attempts to hijack the resistance, and exposed their lies to the world.

The His-Story of the Mysteries according to the Book Club, and the hissed story of the missed stories according to the rest of us, do not 'quite match';

It is no longer any secret that The Golden Dawn was based upon false claims; their system largely botching Masonic ritual with the classical grimoires, what little they knew about Cabala, and the contents of a few Egyptian papyri. Anyone with the time and sense to go to the sources of their knowledge can soon enough cobble together something with more integrity; these days such information is no longer the reserve of any 'magical elite'. We really don't need to embarrass ourselves with all that stupid looking get-up and pompous ceremony, either.

Witness the sad and perplexed death of Crowley, and the following petty legal battles regarding who gets to be the 'real' O.T.O.. People imagine he was considered a guru in his own day, whereas he was despised as a liar and dangerous charlatan by every occult order with any integrity; thus forming his own, entirely out of bovine followers that would bend over upon command. They did not call him the Great BEAST for nothing. People died as a result of his incompetence. The greatest magicians of his day were loathe to even speak of him. Any modern magician holding Crowley in high esteem can only be considered deluded.

Never mind Ledbeater, the Theosophists, and their holidays in India.. Colonialist paedophiles parading their mystical Asian child whore like the next DaliLama was their own personal property. We all know it. Google it, if not.

Witness the whitewashing of modern witchcraft, with all the lies and sexual coercions of Gardner and Sanders conveniently ignored. The populist religion of Wicca has itself been provably based upon false precepts, and is in no way a continuation or rebirth of any spiritual tradition whatsoever.
The first Wicca covens were in fact birthed from the Cretona Fellowship; a Masonic order also admitting female members. The entire religion was invented with the intention of harnessing the witchcraft revival that was otherwise happening at a 'grass roots' level; a spiritual rebellion against the hypocrisy of Church and State. Lies such as the Threefold Law are clearly intended to make the movement harmless; for magic(k) has always been the last resort of the oppressed.

Witness the decline of the Church of Satan, always intended as a practical joke, into the Scientology of ageing goth-rock stars. We note that allegations of domestic abuse abound regarding Anton LeVey's son, Stanton, who seems to be entirely failing to live up to any Satanic standards defined by his father whilst trading entirely off his reputation. It is all very disappointing, and nothing of significance has been generated by that order in several decades.

Witness the allegations of trauma-based-mind-control, as described by the likes of Cathy O'Brian in her work 'Trance-Formation of America', against the founder of the Temple of Set; the once high ranking PsyOps officer and son of President Ford, Michael Aquino. Witness the Military intervening to prevent over 30 allegations of child abuse ever reaching court; ruling the cases as matters of National Security. It seems apparent his order is effectively a U.S. government PsyOps experiment directly related to MK-Ultra, with subjects so duped they even pay a membership fee.

Witness that various magical and pagan symbols have been adopted also as signs by which paedophiles may recognise one another. Examples include the Valknut, or 'Knot of Odin', as an alternative to the 'triangle within a triangle' employed by 'boy lovers'. Another is the triple knot, as popularised on the T.V. programme 'Charmed'. Another is the owl- birds which in nature invade the nest to prey only on the young- such as that which serves in the rites of child sacrifice reported to be performed by the Bohemian Grove.
After the Satanic Ritual Abuse scares of the 80s-90s, and the formation of The Pagan Federation (with its legal teams specialising in defending against such allegations) and similar organisations in response, it seems that the pagan/occult communities have become as the ideal place for kiddyfuckers to prosper.

Witness the atrocities of groups like the Illuminates of Thanateros, and the prosecution of sleazebag kiddyfucker Colin Batley for acts of Satanic Ritual Abuse; well known in occult circles to have been a Magister Templi of the I.O.T.
It seems they were attempting their own low budget amateurish take on MK-Ultra style t.b.m.c. in pale imitation of Michael Aquino. There are also clear provable links to a group calling themselves the Church of Latter Day Satanists, openly boasting of their abuses under the guise of a 'joke' on their deathandhell website. Like many abusers it seems they intend to hide in plain sight and taunt their victims in any way they can. They also tend to wet the bed, even as adults.

The 'Arcanorium College' is just more wise owl Harry Potter bullshit. 'Evil fuckers' everywhere.. How boring.

The self appointed 'leaders' of occultism have proved unworthy dweebs corrupted by fantasies of 'Power', deserving only to be wiped from history. All their teachings are to be regarded as suspect, unfit even as toilet paper. Their publishing houses, always hoping to earn from any scandals that arise, are to be shamed into nonexistence. All accomplishments and offices awarded by such groups, from lowest Noviciation to the highest Magus, are nothing more than Vain cloak flapping.

They are the Jimmy Savilles of occultism; brazen heads with fake promises to 'fix it' for your kids. Time is.. Time was.. Now then now then.. Time shall be no more..

Notice how they are ALL pasty white dweebs with shit hair, baby. The common Anoraxius Minimus Penum, Trollus Maximus.

A movement is growing, this time from the bottom upwards. We do not forgive, & we do not forget.. invoke us.

The Red Sect of the Seven Stabs is but one front in the assault. With every communication by any of our initiates, such as this, our numbers grow even further. We are finding one another and organising, like independent cells forming new organisms. We are working together, blessing one another, sharing information, developing our spiritual technologies, and synchronising our curses upon those who have defiled the Mysteries..

We have their effigies upon our altars. Red and black candles burn to either side. With psalms to the One Light, with the Way Opened, with the Power moving through us, with sacrifice to the Invisibles, with the Law of Angry Love, with the Vengeance of the Ancestors, and with our red daggers as symbols of our Will; when the moment comes, we are none of us afraid to STAB! STAB! STAB! STAB! STAB! STAB! STAB!

When we see their palaces fall, we cannot help but realise it was all a manifestation of the One Light. These forms we inhabit are weak, and cannot last forever.

Call it Magick. Call it Occulture. Call it Spiritual Anarchism. Call it Grass Roots Do It Yourself PsyOps. Call it Esoterrorism. Call it Generation Hex. Call it Urban Witchcraft. Call it Street Level Shamanism. Call it Reality Hacking the Maya Matrix.

Call it PanAeonicNueroGnosticBigLuckyPower

Call it anything you can believe in, so long as it gets the job done.



December 10, 2012
12:37 am
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April 9, 2009
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I see that you have a blog.

I assume rs7s means red sect of 7 stabs.

What is to be gained by studying and using magick?

"it is easy to grow crazy"

December 13, 2012
6:58 am
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April 9, 2009
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Willie Wonka quotes..
What is this Wonka, some kind of funhouse?
Why? Are you having fun?
A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.
We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams

December 13, 2012
5:16 pm
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April 9, 2009
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drive by thread.. Laugh

"it is easy to grow crazy"

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