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Maximum Level - A Completed Revelation (Nostradamus Study)
December 13, 2016
12:15 am
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November 14, 2015
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Preface in Parenthesis

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There are two commonly ignored centuries of Nostradamus, Century 11 ... and ... Century 12. (112 Prophecies, Invalidations) (Article Link)

Satan and his Legion | Use People as Vessels.
Century 11 = Antichrist resolved with INRI (ince*t/r*pe/mu*der)

The first Antichrist! The Serpent God !!Quetzalcoat !! (Cain) (Video Link)
Century 12 = Satan resolved with various blasphemies (equality based theological and economic enforcement for all peoples, violating the gospel's law at the global level, the argument is global)

To the contrary, we will continue in our current pattern until billions are deceased.  So this discussion is written to the faithful, if anything.  What ever I've said, is 100% authentic, and 100% invalidated.  As far as fighting against God goes with the usage of sin, you will all be blinded beyond using a certain level of force, until you die.  So what you need to understand, and this is written to the faithful.  We are at the maximum level of what God is affording for sin, so there is nothing left.  No more great wars, and no great signs, there is simply only the blindness that comes shortly before death.  As billions will die in 240 Days, believing that there will be a revelations or a judgment, and that is past tense, this is all you have right now, until billions die.

At the personal level, you used a few negros or non-whites to kill, then you are driven off, maybe you do a little more, and then you are silenced.  Then you are incapable of doing anything to me.  After a short period of time, God allows you to do some damage to me, and then you stop, the pattern is repeated.  The same is true at the global level, in terms of attacking people's spirituality by placing theologies and peoples that the Gospel does not afford, where they should not be.  This is where you will remain until you die, with no hope of salvation, and no hope of mercy from God, until you are deceased with billions more, of hopeless and deceived souls.

What that I've said is true, a negro, will go for the kill very easily because of what that I've said, with clear instructions provided by the church and state for the purpose of challenging my authority or the gospel's law.  That means nothing and you are blinded from doing anything else, regardless if you don't want to acknowledge that positions.  How much suffering and pain have you caused me? and how persistent has that lasted?  Do you see now this argument is also global as you prepare to die, dumb and blind.  So you have no choice but to work out your repentance with trembling and fear as your lives come to a close.  This is a "Maximum Level" argument the gospel presents, which Nostradamus mirrors.  For that reasons, the church and state has attempted to delete Nostradamus Centuries 11 and 12.

Our Grand Scale conclusion from the Events of Revelations, has ended, with two conclusions.  You are incapable of killing the Antichrist, and, you have exceeded the gospel's law globally, so you will die blind, believing that you have willfully chosen to reserve your strength to cause a global war, of some catastrophe, that is simply a part of your blindness.  That is our Grand Scale Conclusion, we presented recently, this is a follow up response, intended for the faithful only.  When it is revealed that you are incapable of killing me, or doing much else, so that you will remain blind and dumb as if I have revealed, and said, nothing at all of consequence, as the lives of billions come to a close.  Nonetheless, I am only speaking to the faithful in voicing whatever conclusions I decide to voice in this brief discussion. (What has happened, the challenge response the nations have offered to God is answered, we will spend our days in prayer, as the negros and non-whites + more, continue to kill our walk of faith in whatever form that takes, until billions are deceased). (End of Preface in Parenthesis)

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Century 11 (God uses Three Resurrections as a Trump Card, with one Son of Man to eliminate the possibility of salvation and mercy) Ancient Wisdom; The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Heaven's (Video Link) (Even if there is an active "Suicide by Antichrist" program, God suspends the process of death, and affords euthanasia for the action, this makes using negros and non-whites to use force against me of particular consequence, regardless of the level of force used ... ... ... ... global terrorism and race wars that are proliferate is the sole result of using force against me, this will continue to be done, indefinitely if necessary, as your lives come to a close) (If I want, as I have done in the past, just create websites or contact the police departments directly with evidence of negro and other ethnic euthanasia practices based directly on my nightly walks or other, as long as the opportunity is provided, this is achieved, regardless if the position is acknowledged, right now this issue of the gospel's law will be resolved in a few days, then maybe I'll decide what is necessary in public demonstrations, the media and the police ignored the evidence of the negro mass murders back in 2013-2014, so I naturally consider that a case closed)

Century XI - 11
During the century one will see two streams
Flood an entire land with their waters,
And to be submerged by streams and fountains:
Shots at Montfrin Bouçoiron and Alais,
Very often troubled by the Gardon,
Six hundred and four, and thirty monks.

112 Prophecies = 12/21 (Saint Malachy/Shots at Montfrin)
34th Year = Antichrist Lifespan (Alais)
2016 A.D. = Christmas Blessings (Bon Voyage/Boucoiron)

Century XI - 97
Through Villefranche, MÁcon in disorder,
Soldiers will be hidden in the bundles:
In the spring times to change for the King,
In ChÁlon and Moulins all cut to pieces.

(Ville-Franche? = Vile Frenzy, Virus-Minorities)
MAcon = AMerica
ChAlon and Moulins = Merry Christmas (Last 240 Days, Flight 370's 42 Months)
Spring Times = 8/21/2017 (End of Flight 370's 42 Month Period)

Century XI - 29
The Griffon is able to prepare himself
For resisting the enemy,
And to reinforce will his army,
Otherwise the Elephant will come
He who will suddenly surprise him,
Six hundred and eight, the sea aflame.

12/21 ... 12/25/2016 to 8/21/2017 = 8 Months

(Sagittarius fights with Scorpio in the Center of the Galaxy 12/21 ... ... ... ... a few thousand years ago, Orion fighting with Taurus may have seemed like the center, Nostradamus says "Griffon fight with Elephant", we are observing some change relative to our perspective of space, or perhaps, an object strikes the Earth's Moon)

Century XI - 28
The year one thousand six hundred and nine or fourteen,
The old Charon will celebrate Easter in Lent,
Six hundred and six, in writing he will place it
The Physician, by all this is astonished,
At the same time summoned in person
But for certain one of them will appear.

9/11/2001 = Falling Man ... 3/8/2014 = Flight 370 ... 12/21 to 12/25/2016 = Activation of Earth's Moon (Lent, then Easter, then Christmas/Charon)
(March of Flight 370 to September of 9/11/2001 is 6 Months (counting difference in months of single year), then 2016)
Solstice Precessionl Alignment = 36 Years, 1980, 1998, 2012, 2016 (Summoned in Person)

Century XI - 23
When the great ship, the prow and rudder
Of the Frank land and its vital spirit,
By the sea shaken over reef and billow,
Six hundred and seven and ten, heart besieged
And afflicted by the ebbings of its body,
Upon this evil its life being renewed.

Market Frankford Line, SEPTA = "Frank land and its vital spirit"
12/25/2016 to 8/21/2017 (Mandrid Faultline Alignment with Solar Eclipse, the Heart or Center of America ... Christmas to Cross) = "Six hundred and seven and ten, heart besieged And afflicted by the ebbings of its body"

(Century XI is invalidated because it voices the value God assigns to the "Son of Man", that is about 1/3 of the Gospels Law, so Incest/Rape/Murder, as well as negros and non-whites don't have any value with God.  Nor can you dictate the Gospel's Law, but instead, we will just have to see, weather humanity dies blind in its pleasure, or if God removes this blindness.  With that said, I don't believe God will do anything on 12/21, but I also believe that God may give the opportunity, however small, to use lethal force against me and satisfy the gospel's law, otherwise, I only believe that God will illustrate the gospel's law on 12/25, which is Christmas, so we have a score to settle with the ethnic population and with this suicide problem, in a few days, it may not seem like this is important, but the only way to effectively challenge God over ending your lives, is to use the information I provide, as I've said, I can ease your pain in taking your own lives, as a result of what is necessary, and there is no sin, because you are not able to dictate the gospel's law, as we settle this score, once and for all time)

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Century 12 (Deals with the Totality of the Nations, in exceeding the Gospel's Law, you can view this as equal rights for all peoples, and economic sanctions designed to enforce class, consumption, and critical depression) (At the Global Level, you don't have a legal right to pretend these accusations against the gospel's law are true, profitable, or that they are not a statement of enmity between man and god, that will condemn many to death) Are Giant Nephilim Coming from Antarctica to Kill Us? Steve Quayle December 10 2016 Steve Quayle (Video Link) (The Totality of the Situation, is that God finds the fact that you are given no "Sign of Divorce", that is the "Mark of the Beast" does not exist beyond the spiritual realm, and the distaste of all men receiving salvation at the spiritual level.  The Body of Christ,  a picture of the Serpent, does not come down to the earth, it is brought down to the earth only by false accusations against God as the book of revelation records as the blasphemies coming from all men and all nations.  Because this is a profitable position, meaning it is more conducive for salvation for a few following the design of the gospel's law, versus being more conducive for many that contradicts the gospel's law.  Do not expect any signs or visions, do not expect any events for revelations, as the lives of billions come to a close ... ... ... ... Do not expect me to perform any work, your position against me and against God is only Incest/Rape/Murder, as your lives come to a close ... ... ... ... Continue to pray and seek God's mercy, against a multitude of sinners cloaked in the wages of death ... ... ... ... Don't challenge God in my name, because you cannot, should I be empowered by God? I will kill all the people in the highest positions of the public trust, in the highest positions of state with little to no warning, if you attempt to promote genocide of the people in a unprofitable way in the eyes of the gospels law ... ... ... ... then you will simply die, like I've asked God to kill Joe Biden's Son, and many others, whenever I decided that was necessary ... ... ... ... then, so what, you die with nothing and no mercy, you think that will challenge my salvation with God or God usage of me personally, some incest/rape/murder?  kill as I've instructed and continue to use lethal force against me, to ease the pain, and provide some degree of pleasure of yourselves as your lives come to a close ... ... ... ... After we reach the end of Flight 370's 42 Months, it is case closed, billions will be deceased ... ... ... ... God looks to me first for an answer, and you know what that answer is, as your lives come to a close ... ... ... ... secondarily you cannot challenge God by using force against me, but I've encouraged you to do that, because of your mental illnesses ... ... ... ... you can challenge God to reveal the Sign of Divorce only by killing at the global level (your not allowed to challenge God in may name, as I have stated, and if necessary, I will use euthanasia to stop you from reflecting these interests in the public as it concerns the gospel's law, should I be empowered by the gospel's law to do so, so we'll see soon) (Image Link)

Century 12 - 4
Fire, flame, hunger, robber, wild smoke,
It will cause to fail, striking hard, to destroy faith:
Arrow of "DentÈ" all Provence sucked up,
Driven out of the realm, enraged without spitting.

Arrow of "DentE" = Tower of Babel (man made gospel)
Driven out of the Realm = Blindness (caused by blasphemy of the gospel at the global level, argument)

Century 12 - 52
Two bodies, one head, fields divided in two,
And then to reply to four unheard ones:
Little ones for great ones, clear evel for them,
Lightning at the tower of Aiguesmortes, worse for "Eussouis"

42 Months from Flight 370 = Global Euthanasia (Any life outside the City of Philadelphia USA, is euthanized, and the Genetic Lines of Dan, etc.)
Antichrist, does not challenge the Global Engine of Sin, spearheaded by the USA = False Witnesses + Incest/Rape/Murder, is not satisfaction of the Gospel's Law, at this level of the sin against God, the grounds are good for salvation for a few, not much.  So why on earth, would I challenge God by performing a work to challenge his interests of Salvation?  So think about that.

Love and Blessings ... ... ... ... Right now, as I have said, I'm encouraging and taking advantage of lethal force used against me to solidify this position of global euthanasia and complete blindness.  So far we are good, that is you have used enough force against me, but to be sure I'll be around for that purposes exceedingly until we pass 12/21 to 12/25 of 2016.  This discussion is only for the believers, that intend to work out their salvation in fear and trembling as mankind beats their bodies to death and parades that pleasure with false witnessing, as a challenge to God.  Just like these people do with me, though negros and non-whites + more.  The rest of you can turn your heads in the other direction. (I guess we are finished with this discussion now).

December 15, 2016
5:42 pm
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November 14, 2015
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Maximum Level - A Completed Revelation (Nostradamus Study) Part 2
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Century 12 - 69
Savoy near to go far, Lake of Geneva,
Very great preparations, return, confusion:
Far from the nephews of the late great "Supelman",
All of their following . . .

(We will leave for our expedition off world, to the "Center of the Earth", then, after I leave the planet, God will have no reason not to withhold the "Sign of Divorce" from the nations, beginning with the initial expression in the City of Philadelphia ... ... ... ... Sadly this is the least of your expectations, if God affords any mercy to enforce this position, then, we will continue with this expectation ... ... ... ... Either that, are billions are simply deceased in 240 days from this holiday season, "don't care", as we are still a few days from resolving these ethnic threats and suicide by antichrist ... ... ... ... Assuming all of this is true, you can follow through and kill all of my relatives to see of god will provide chastisement for that, paralleling, Nostradamus, and a few others) (As I've said, right now, you have negros and non-whites trained only to rape and kill my body routinely, so I want that to be your place, you are not being given any mercy from God in my name, specifically, you are begin given mercy from Jesus as a challenge response, to either take your lives in suicide continuing in our pattern, or by using force against me, challenging God's willingness to give me power to one degree or another to identify with the gospel's law, as we settle this score once and for all in about 10 days from now)

(I've said this once already in this particular conversation, "don't care", so this is the second time I am bringing this statement to mind.  Just like I have no cooperation from the police departments, media or military, in providing an national assisted suicide program for the non-whites here in the USA, I also expect no cooperation, in taking advantage of the mercy god provide.  So there is a good change you will still die blind, with some small measure of activity of God, being of no effect, that is not entirely bad.  As we've said, as long as we continue in our patter of "Suicide by Antichrist", these revolving energies provide the fertile grounds for solicitation of salvation for a few souls globally, as they are beat to death following my example, and as their graves are paraded on with false witnessing and heresies, that may simply be your place, so there is nothing you can do, really, the moment you begin to dictate to god by using incest/rape/murder, eventually there is less and less you can do, until you are shut up, and you die blind and ignorant, hissing at the lord's word and his elect, if that is your place, then you don't have choice but to accept that place peacefully or cause yourselves suffering before you die) Love and Blessings (just a few more days now, until we reach the next level, the man in the "I'm Gay" poster, is holding the hyperdimensional equation of the broken chain also known as the cydonia equation on mars)

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