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January 11, 2013
7:07 pm

This is important as a concept to understand as those of us who can see, hear, and understand comprehend something about leagalism which is seldom taught today in order to shield the public from discovering that darkness is not light and light is not darkness.
And here we see how it is applied in courts..and also if one knows..carefully today in politics..particularly emotional politics to control peoples thoughts.

Legal fiction or sometimes called A Fiction of Law

Believing or assuming something not true is true. Used in judicial reasoning for avoiding issues where a new situation comes up against the law, changing how the law is applied, but not changing the text of the law."

From this link..

and again here in more detail.. From Blacks Law Dictionary.

"What is FICTION?
An assumption or supposition of law that something which is or may befalse is true, or that a state of facts exists-which has never really taken place. New Hampshire Strafford Bank v. Cornell, 2 N. H.324; Hibberd v. Smith, 07 Cal. 547, 4 Pac. 473, 56 Am. Rep. 720.A fiction is a rule of law which assumes as true, and will not allow to be disproved,something which is false, but not impossible. Best, Ev. 419.These assumptions are of an innocent or even beneficial character, and are madefor the advancement of the ends of justice. They secure this end chiefly by theextension of procedure from cases to which it is applicable to other cases to which it isnot strictly applicable, the ground of inapplicability being some difference of animmaterial character. Brown.Fictions are to be distinguished from presumptions of law. By the former, somethingknown to be false or unreal is assumed as true; by the latter, an inference is set up,which may be and probably is true, but which, at any rate, the law will not permit to be controverted.Mr. Best distinguishes legal fictions from presumptions juris et de jure, and dividesthem into three kinds,"

from this link...

Ok..I bring up these long details and law viewpoints to make the reader aware of certain legal fictions being used and misused by government in crisis management excercises to change the way we in America think and believe. To bring us more into line with a world view rather than an American view. To remove from us our properties earned often at great risk and cede this over to government.

This is important because the very essence of being an American is "Private ownership of property.".

As I am given to understand this is no longer being taught in public schools..but being avoided and replaced with a world view..that the world comes first and people and their property come second if at all.

Problem .....

Tax breaks for the rich

Those of us who knew from the beginning that this was a legal fiction are now aware that the proponents of this are coming out with their real program now that they have set the hook on all needed to support their real program after beating up on the rich.

Be prepared to hear this legal fiction mantra brought out again if they get more opposition to their causes and direction they desire government to go.

The legal fiction is that no rich have been charged with a one has been laws have been broken yet in the mind of most Americans some great moral and ethical chasim has been breeched by the "Rich." THey have been singled out as a whipping boy by government.

And yet anyone who can think further than their selfish emotions ..knows that you can take all the monies from rich people across this land and it would only run the government less than a month..but certainly not six months at the very most.

The whole concept is a legal fiction..a fiction of law when it is obvoius that no law has been broken.

Also for those who can think..this is not leadership on the part of government but divide and conquer...fractionating a people and nation that it can be conquered and controlled by looking for and creating bad guys in the mind of the public. And the news media as well our leadership on both sides fail to make this distinction about a legal fiction..a fiction of law.

Firearm ownership..

This one is big in the news of late and more than the other issues is a very emotional one. Politics is preying heavily on peoples emotions in order to default through without opposition in like manner to the way they beat up on what they call rich people. They once again are looking for and creating bad guys in the news and missing all the real issues on this.
They are willing to make one group of Americans and their properties "Expendable and Disposable" for the perceived safety and security of another. Just as they have done by beating up on the rich.

There is something very morally bankrupt about a government and leadership who would go after the property of private Americans who have committed no crime and attempt to remove their property from them or control and regulate it to the point where they cannot afford to keep this property. No crime has been committed by them here and no trial has taken place..just as in the case of the rich.

The war here again is against private property. No crime or tresspass has been committed against anyone by the people to whom government, the media and others are attempting to demonize here. No trial has taken place except in the media. Trial by press.

They are planning to treat people who have not hurt anyone if they are criminals..and less than worthy ..yet no crime has been committed by them. They are trying and finding them guilty without evidence..or trial ..on the basis of a crime committed by someone else and planning to take from them their property.

This is as unAmerican as it gets.

This is also not leadership.

But it is a legal fiction..a fiction of law.

It is also greatly of lack of moral character on the part of elected represenatives....government. And I mean here by both politial parties..for they cannot possibly be so ignorant that they do not understand what I am explaining here.

For those of us who know history..this is also a huge step back to absolute power...divine right of kings...feudalism...royalty All power in the hands of government.

This is the very system of Europe and the world for which the founders here did not want on American soil.
Which they wanted to leave over in Europe and the rest of the world.

What separates Amerians from the rest of the world is the ability to own and control our private property.

What the world wants to do is remove the privateness of property ..then the property can be controlled and regulated/disposed of as needed by government ...not by those who have labored and taken risk for the property.

The key to understanding this about firearms or any other private property which will come under attack in the future is that no crime has been committed and yet government chooses to move against private property and remove it from ownereship and control of those who have labored for it.

A legal fiction is what the Pharisees were doing in John chapter 8 when they brought the woman caught in adultery before Jesus. They wanted to know what Jesus thought about what they were doing.

The Law of Moses said that "They" shall be stoned..meaning plural..two or more. You cannot catch a woman in adultery .in the very act..without catching a man. They brought only the woman. They were not keeping the law of they brought only the woman. They were keeping another law and another God. This is the legal fiction. Yet many preachers do not teach this for what the whole passage teaches. They are in on the legal fiction. They are in on the counterfeit.

And our leaderships is whoring us and our property out to just such a legal fiction..a fiction of law.

Be are going to be seeing more of this legal fiction in order to fractionate and divide the nation along emotional lines for power and control..using and misusing a legal fiction..a fiction of law.


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