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Edgar Cayce's Age of Akhenaten
November 20, 2015
9:48 pm
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November 14, 2015
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Pharaoh Akhenaten and that his attempts at revealing the secrets of the Egyptian Mysteries and the cosmic origins of humanity caused him to be assassinated by the corrupt black magic Egyptian Priesthood. Article


Edgar Cayce's predictions have had a lot of material added to it, and its been heavily modified.  Fortunately, I believe there is a relative core of teachings that have resisted modification.  To these ends we will need to compared points from Edgar Cayce to Nostradamus, we will also need to have a precursor discussion, or at least a summary:

Book of Daniel's Third Prophecy Summary:

2300 or 1600 + 700 (John 6:19, Luke 14:20, and 2 Samuel 5:5, marking 30 days, God reveals that he has taken account of the Nations)
1335 or 1221 + 114 (I Corinthians 15:4-6, James 1:1, and Matthew 1:17-18, Sign of Divorce or "Antipas" is Revealed)
1290 or 1260 + 30 (Rev. 11:2, Luke 3:23, and 2 Samuel 17:1, God reveals the Life Span of the Antichrist)

1. 11/13/2015
2. 12/21/2015
3. 3/23/2016

Year of Akhenaten According to Edgar Cayce/Nostradamus (the Word Armageddon does not suite the Context)

1999 Edgar Cayce (1999 to 3 Days of Darkness)
Cayce predicted that the so-called “Battle of Armageddon” described symbolically in the Bible would begin in 1999. Cayce foresaw that this “battle” will not be a war fought on Earth. Rather, it will be a spiritual struggle between the “higher forces of light” and “lower forces of darkness” for 1000 years of Earth time. The reason for this struggle is to prevent souls from lower afterlife realms from reincarnating to Earth. By preventing souls from the lower afterlife realms from reincarnating to Earth, only enlightened souls will be permitted to reincarnate. The result will be 1000 years of building a world of peace and enlightenment. After 1000 years, souls from lower afterlife realms will be permitted once again to reincarnate to Earth. By this time, the so-called “kingdom of heaven” will have been established on Earth. Article

1999 Nostradamus (1999 to 3 Days of Darkness)
The year 1999, seventh month,
From the sky will come a great King of Terror:
To bring back to life the great King of “Angolmois”,
Before and after Mars to reign by good luck.

Nostradamus died with a Necklace around his neck that was reported to have the number "17" or "1700" written on it.  1999 + 17 = 2016.  The "Antichrist/Angolmois" is resurrected at this time, and the Terrorism of Akhenaten is finished.  In which case, Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce are referring to the same thing.  "1999 + 17", they divided the figures like the Book of Daniel Figures are divided.  (ISIS or the Islamic State uses a Nuclear Bomb on USA Soil this Holiday Season 2015, they appear to be referencing this conclusion).  Edgar does talk about "1221", much like Nostradamus, appearing to follow the "Third Prophecy of Daniel", lets Continue:

12/21/2015 Terrorism According to Edgar Cayce

 Reading 378-14 given Sept. 26, 1933
(Soul-mind, seeking further information on his Egyptian incarnation as Hept-supht and its influence in the present. ...)
The old record in Gizeh is from that as recorded from the journey to Pyrenees; and to 1998 from the death of the Son of Man (as a man). Article

C5Q3 (Nostradamus Quatrain)
The successor to the Duchy will come,
Very far beyond the Tuscan Sea:
A Gallic branch will hold Florence,
The nautical Frog in its gyron be agreement.

Edgar Cayce plays on the Solstice Precessional Alignment of; 1980, 1998, 2012, 2016.  When the "sign of Antipas or Divorce" is revealed in 1998 the "Son of Man"'s claims about global euthanasia are not longer mocked.  1998 falls on the Solstice Precessional Alignment, so it means "12/21/2012" or simply "12/21" or if we follow our pattern it means "12/21/2015".  Going to Nostradamus, he says "France/Florence" is attacked, then "ISIS the Nautical Frog attacks on "12/21" or at the Gyro/Gyron indicator, which is the Mayan Calendar's reference to "1221".

Edgar Cayce and Nostradamus's "City of Atlantis/Antipas (12/21)"

Sign of Antipas, Edgar Cayce
Cayce often maintained that humanity would soon experience a “day of reckoning.” He predicted the year of the second coming of Jesus to be 1998. Critics who are not very familiar with the Cayce material have pointed out that 1998 has come and gone and the second coming has not occurred. Such critics wrongly expect the second coming to happen when Jesus appears in the sky with a chorus of angels while Gabriel blows a horn and dead bodies crawl out of their graves. Article

Sign of Antipas, Nostradamus
From the marine tributary city,
the shaven head will take up the satrapy;
to chase the sordid man who will the be against him.
For fourteen years he will hold the tyranny.

Lets go back a moment in this discussion: "1335 - 1221 = 114 according to Daniel the Prophet". Nostradamus makes a reference to the "City of Atlantis" and "1221".  Edgar Cayce calls this the return of Christ in 1998 a reference to the "Solstice Precessional Alignment" which falls on "12/21/2012", therefore "12/21" is also reference.  Now this is not the coming of the "Antichrist", this is the coming of Christ or the "Temple Stones/UFOs", therefore this also serves as a reference to the "sign of Antipas or Divorce".

(A Nuclear Bomb, or something very devastating like France, as I've stated, I've been injected with weapon's grade Uranium at the time of the Boston Marathon Bombings by ISIS in the USA, but gave it value because I percieved it only as a murder suicide something the ethni* population does with me on a daily basis, as I've indicated in this discussion.  As I've also stated, what you decide to with this information is up to you, a low yield Nuclear Bomb can easily eliminate the White House or a good portion of Washington quite a few block away from the target itself ... Love and Blessings)

November 21, 2015
6:20 pm
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November 14, 2015
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Edgar Cayce's Age of Akhenaten Part 2 ("7 of 9" - The Beginning of the End)

This is a code for the "sign of Antipas" (Divorce), "7 of 9" ... Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Nancy Lieder have attempted to detail this equation.  We will begin from a different direction:

Image Enlarger

 Image Enlarger

 You are viewing the Significance of a "Design Pattern" attempting to spell or echo the design of the number "7 of 9".  (It is the Black Space in the Zeta Talk illustration, Article, It is the Horizon in the Photo on Mars, Article, It is also the design of the Photograph above the parchment recorded in the Roswell Photograph, Article). You will see this identical pattern in the "Persian Gulf", Edgar Cayce was attempting to describe an equation for the Second Coming of Christ, or the "Sign of Antipas" (Divorce):

 "7 of 9" Description of Antipas (Second Coming/Sign of Divorce) - Edgar Cayce

The powers of light and darkness, as then, as sixteen hundred (1600) years before. As in those periods, so today – we find nation against nation; the powers of death, destruction, the wrecking of that which has been and is held near and dear to the hearts of those who have through one form or another set ideals.

These are not to be questioned, in that as may be a helpful force; but what is coming to pass? And how may ye as individuals help? …

Strifes will arise through the period. Watch for them near Davis Strait in the attempts there for the keeping of the life line to a land open. Watch for them in Libya and in Egypt, in Ankara and in Syria, through the straits about those areas above Australia, in the Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf.” Edgar Cayce reading (3976-26) April 28, 1941 Article

Christ Comes into View with the figure of "1600 Furlongs" in revelation to identify with a solution to the Prophecy of Daniel (2300 - 1600 = 700).  The Death of "Two Witnesses"/Antichrist, is not in view.  Edgar Cayce Explains, "7 of 9" is the solution to Antipas's Coming the "Sign of Divorce".

What is "7 of 9" according to the Gospel, but also what is "7 of 9" according to Nostradamus?

MICAH 4:4 But they shall sit every man under his vine and under his fig tree; and none shall make [them]afraid: for the mouth of the LORD of hosts hath spoken [it].

The Antichrist's Life Span is 12210 Days in Length, and he is Scheduled to Die on 3/23/2015.  This is "7 of 9", God is making a Statement, that from the time the Mouth of the Lord is Opened, to the time the Antichrist is Crucified on a  Tree ... God will reveal the heavens above the Earth.  This has been stated since the creation: Lamech the 9th lived to be 777 or 7x7x7 = 21 or 12/21/2015, and Enoch the 7th lived to be 365 years or 3/23/2015.

C8Q44 (Nostradamus - The Antichrist does not Destroy or bring Offspring)
The natural offspring off Ogmios
will turn off the road from seven to nine.
To the king long friend of the half man,
Navarre must destroy the fort at Pau.

Moses delivered the Jewish people out of Egypt, and they have heralded, the month of March as the first month of the Spiritual Year.  The Aliens designed the Mayan Calendar to describe the Life Span of the Antichrist, and it marked the destruction of the Mayan Civilization on the 9th Bakun, of which the Calendar ended on "12/21".  The Antichrist is not a personality that brings destruction, however, the "Sign of Antipas" (Divorce) is something that causes destruction because of mankind's sin, this is a logical conclusion.

C4Q78 (Nostradamus - Destruction is Contributed to "Genetic Dan")
The great army of the civil struggle,
By night Parma to the foreign one discovered,
Seventy-nine murdered in the town,
The foreigners all put to the sword.

"7 of 9" the calamity of the "Sign of Antipas" (Divorce), is not attributed to the Earth, or the Antichrist, or "Sign of Antipas" directly.  It is only contributed to Mankind, to fit the context of Nostradamus it is only "Genetic Dan" crying bloody murder, as they face the end of their lives (ISIS/Islamic States/Certain Races and Groups of People in society, easily distinguishable).

"7 of 9" Coordinates, Edgar Cayce - Nancy Lieder Comparison

 Image Enlarger

Edgar Cayce describes the design of the "City of Philadelphia", three or so times.  However, Nancy Lieder describes the "City of Philadelphia" as resembling "Africa" (Location of "7"), and being located in the USA (Location of "9").

 (This is the "Third", example of Direct Alien Communications attempting to describe the duration of the "Sign of Antipas (Divorce)", extending from 12/21/2015 to 3/23/2016, the two previous examples, we've described in a previous discussion "No to Nostradamus" ... Love and Blessings ... The Nature of my Communication with the Aliens, as well as this being a Logical extension of the Gospel's Program will be made clearer, after we reach a certain level, right now, we are using "Suicide by Antichrist", based on force to help contain this threat, until such a time as you will be faced, and prepared to address this issue)

November 22, 2015
3:35 pm
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November 14, 2015
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Edgar Cayce's Age of Akhenaten Part 3 (Three Halls of Records - Edgar Cayce/Mother Shipton, Prophecy of Saint Malachy "112 or 1221")

Image Enlarger

 Previous Summary Statement:

Daniel 7:7-8.  There are 4 Beasts for the 4th Solstice of December, which brings the "Commandments of Antipas (Divorce).  There are also 3 Horns, 11/13/2015, 12/21/2015 and 3/23/2015, and these 3 Horns are destroyed on the "3 Days of Darkness", which is completed on 3/26/2015 when the "7th SEAL is Opened".  (2300, 1290, 1335, and the 70 Weeks of Daniel 9 (70 for the opening of the 7th SEAL) are the 4 parallels to Daniel's Prophecy ... so we have 4 dates to watch at the end of time, also shown in the Mesopotamian Sculpture Article).  Edgar Cayce and Mother Shipton both Echo the Prophecy of Daniel, which points to Saint Malachy Prophecy of 112 Popes or "1221" (Divorce):

Edgar Cayce - 4 Figures of Daniel have 4 Dates, 3 Dates before the "3 Days of Darkness"

(Q) In which pyramid or temple are the records mentioned in the readings given through this channel on Atlantis, in April, 1932?

(A) As given, that temple was destroyed at the time there was the last destruction in Atlantis.

Yet, as time draws nigh when changes are to come about, there may be the opening of those three places where the records are one, to those that are the initiates in the knowledge of the One God:

The temple by Iltar will then rise again. Also there will be the opening of the temple or hall of records in Egypt, and those records that were put into the heart of the Atlantean land may also be found there - that have been kept, for those that are of that group.

The RECORDS are ONE. (5750-1) Article

Mother Shipton - 4 Figures of Daniel have 4 Dates, 3 Dates before the "3 Days of Darkness"

Three times shall lovely sunny France
Be led to play a bloody dance
Before the people shall be free
Three tyrant rulers shall she see.

Three rulers in succession be
Each springs from different dynasty.
Then when the fiercest strife is done
England and France shall be as one. Article

Mother Shipton, perhaps was referred to as "Mother Mary" by many, perhaps because of the Subject of Divorce the Catholic Church has been tied to in the New Testament. ... ... ... ... France is attacked on the first of "3 Dates before the 3 Days of Darkness" (also France is attacked by Terrorism about 3 times of interest).  Three Rulers of "Christ, Antipas, and Antichrist" (matching Daniel's Figures denoting the three dates). Three Rulers Deceased (Succession) at the "3 Days of Darkness". (Finally all of the "Three" are removed by this "One" final date or the fourth date).

4th for December + 3 for March = 7 ... Nostradamus and Mother Shipton description of Sign of Antipas (Divorce) Length

C1Q69 (Nostradamus Speaking of Daniel's Prophecy)
The great round mountain of seven stades, (UFOs in City of Philadelphia)
after peace, war, famine, flood,
it will roll far sinking great countries,
even the ancient ones, and of great foundation.

For storms will rage and oceans roar
When Gabriel stands on sea and shore
And as he blows his wondrous horn
Old worlds die and new be born.

A fiery dragon will cross the sky
Six times before this earth shall die
Mankind will tremble and frightened be
for the sixth heralds in this prophecy.

For seven days and seven nights
Man will watch this awesome sight.
The tides will rise beyond their ken
To bite away the shores and then
The mountains will begin to roar
And earthquakes split the plain to shore.

 "20 + 666" is not Attributed to the Antichrist in our previous sequence of "20 + 5, 20 + 666, 20 + 7" (discussion, "No To Nostradamus").  This is the reason Mother Shipton says "Gabriel + 666", to describe the "Sign of Antipas or Divorce".  Then Mother Shipton or "Mother Mary" says, "4th Solstice of the Year + Solstice of the 3rd Month" = the Seventh Day, and the Seventh Night = the Opening of the Seventh SEAL.  Clearly we have the approximate length of the "Sign of Antipas (Divorce)", going from 12/21/2015 to 3/26/2016 (when the Seven SEAL is opened after the "3 Days of Darkness").

Prophecy of Saint Malachy's 112 (Repentance of the Assyrian Sin of the Golden Calf, of 185,000 of Hezekiah)

112th Pope Prophecy - Peter the Roman, who will pasture his sheep in many tribulations, and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge will judge his people. The End. Article

 Beginning on "1221" the "Sign of Antipas (Divorce)" on the Seventh Hill or "4th Solstice to 3rd Month".  Aaron will begin to Repent of its Assyrian Sin to redeem his people.  185,000 Corpses of Genetic Dan will be piled up dead around the "Arrot Terminal" in the City of Philadelphia, it was previously named "Margaret Orthodox", after "Mother Mary".

(All Separatist Inheritances* Ascribed to the Gospel will be derived from the USA's Population Only, Naphtali does not deal with Living Persons so that is the exception.  Aaron is not afforded this exception, you were at some point, however our clarifications to the law, based on the truth God has provided, based on the multiple and repeated Mass Murder of the Antichrist has clarified the situation.  It is good that there is still mercy on the table.  Love and Blessings ... I can only encourage the use of "Suicide by Antichrist" as much as possible until its no longer effective ... to give a recent example ... the Ethni* Euthanasia based on Murder of the Antichrist at 54th Street, gained quite a lot of attention with the local police department, but it was filtered out of the media, just like the Picnic Killings of 2014 also involving Ethni* Euthanasia based on Murder of the Antichrist ... perhaps there will be a final showdown with "Suicide by Antichrist" before Humane Resolution (Euthanasia), is promoted for certain ethn* peoples for public safety across the USA)

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