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Certified Date of the Cosmic Shift
November 29, 2013
5:04 am
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September 11, 2013
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The Universe has provided me with a tentative new date of the Cosmic Shift. After I followed the instructions of the universe, the holiest of hollies if you will, by going to the Market Frankford Line in the City of Philadelphia today. I've been fortunate enough to not only be provided with a new date, when the Universe expects me to return to the Market Frankford Line in the City of Philadelphia, but also as I've stated a new tentative date of the Cosmic Shift. Which we will discuss below in details. Some details for public safety will also be provided, namely reassurance while we wait for the humane euthanasia of billions of human beings. Lets Continue.

Image Enlarger

This is for the most part the third time we are discussing the interpretation of this petroglyph, as this deals with the Cosmic Shift. You will follow our interpretation as we describe it to you. Number 4 is the SUN, when Comet Ison entered into our Solar System of 10 Planets (thus the Perihelion circle is on the 10th Dot of 13 Dots), it reached perihelion when it came closest to the Planet Mercury, Number 3. Look Closer between Numbers 4 and 3, you will see an EMPTY Circle, this is Comet ISON at Perihelion between the Sun and Mercury. Number 1 is the Earth, when the Cosmic Shift Begins Comet Ison will be closest to the Planet Earth, the 3rd Planet from the sun, thus we see 3 Dots after the Perihelion of Comet Ison which is represented by our solar system of 10 Planets or 10 Dots. (There is also the Figure of the Galactic Alignment to the bottom of Number 4, representing our Sun at the Galactic Center, so we understand the symbols enforce the interpretation, that surround the petroglyph)

Order of All Planets Used in the "Cosmic Shift Petroglyph"

2. Venus
3. Mercury
4. SUN
5. Mars
6. Jupiter
7. Saturn
8. Uranus
10. Pluto

The Headless Symbol Next to the Missing Planet, is equivalent to the Size of Neptune (The Top Arc With No Planet), this Missing Planet is the NEW EARTH. We have debated this interpretation, and this is the third time, and We are absolutely correct at this stage.

We are Provided with an Addition Sequence of Information, See Below:

1. This Long Line is pointing at the 10th Dot, (and there are three dots to the left and the right which are divided by arcs), the 3rd Planet from the Sun has a Solar Length of 365 Days, 365 is our first sequence number.

2. The Long Line is against Numbers 9 and 10, Pluto and Neptune have a 20 year period in which their orbits are inside each other (thus we see two faces one transparent, and one solid facing each other), 20 is our second sequence number.

From 12/21/2012 we are provided with a distance of a Year and a Month to the Cosmic Shift. From 12/21/2012 to Comet ISON's closest approach to the Planet Earth is 370 Days. Depending on which calendar system you are using, from 12/21/2012 to the Cosmic Shift is the addition of one earth year, and one earth month roughly. We will continue the interpretation.

Mayan Calendar
Image Enlarger

You've all heard the saying: (in so many words) "When the 12th Baktun is over, the calendar doesn't end it just starts again". More correctly we have made our own discoveries about the Mayan Calendar, and now we will apply our interpretation.

1. Mayan Calendar Measurement length - 13 Baktuns = 340 Days
2. Tzolkin 20 day month + 13 Day Week = 33 Days
Total = 373 Days, when we add this total to 12/21/2012 we get the Comet ISON's close passage of Planet Earth.

We have a special Calendar, where the 340 day Period of the Fire Ceremony (see number 1) replaces the "Solar Year", and this is added to the Tzolkin of 20 days and 13 Days. This period Marks the Galactic Center to the Cosmic Shift, for the Mayans. I've only been viewing 340 days, and this was not as correct as it should be, as the "Fire Ceremony" co-relation is another calendar, so we have constructed a special calendar, according to the Mayans. My Interpretation Cannot Be Denied, Or Refuted ... Lets Continue.

The Bible

REVELATION 17:10 And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, [and]the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space.
REVELATION 17:11 And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition.
REVELATION 9:15 And the four angels were loosed, which were prepared for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year, for to slay the third part of men.

The Extraterrestrials, excuse me. I meant to say the Holiest of Hollies has dictated to me the interpretation, the truth which I will not share with you. So you are better able to understand, that there is a champion among men, who will serve you in your hour of need, and uplift the people, and no one and nothing will stand in the way of men, and their god. We will not understand that the Bible holds this interpretation to be true, also.

One King that is = Galactic Alignment ... One King is a Short Space Between the Galactic Alignment and the Cosmic Shift ... 5 Kings represent 5 Months of the Cosmic Shift.

What is the Missing Space?

A Year, a Month, and a Day. Add this to 12/21/2012 and you will obtain 370 Days exactly and the date of 12/26/2013. You must understand what year the gospel is referring to. Generally speaking the Jewish Calendar, depending on your perspective, could produce 370 days given this description. Not that I've looked into this, but this is the third ball park figure we see connected to Comet ISON and the Cosmic Shift, when it reaches its close Passage of the Planet Earth.

Nostradamus Lost Plate 70 - Transforming Universe

Image Enlarger

The Sun is represented by the Medallion, The Earth which is Blue is represented by the Blue Ribbon against the Black Wheel. Now, When Comet ISON made Perihelion of the Sun, it was in Scoprio ... When Comet ISON makes its close passage of the Earth, the Cosmic Shift will begin. We see two images below, which describe the close passage of the Comet ISON against the Earth's Sun, and also the Earth. (In this Context, the greater complexity of the Cancer Crab drawn like the Scropio represents the euthanasia that is performed at the Tropic of Cancer at the Cosmic Shift, When Comet ISON approaches close to the Planet Earth, in which time the Sun goes Black). Nothing we been teaching is inherently incorrect, we've simply been providing more details.

Between 9 and 22 thousand persons will be euthanized within the next few days for the multiple attempts at murder, as apart of our ongoing demonstration of the necessity of being obedient when I am given greater authority to express euthanasia as a result of actions that lead to suicide, which are namely actions that do not follow my instruction or commands, within the near future. Immediately during the next week, I will be walking around outside after dark, to continue what is necessary to be done. More details will be provided in the near future. The suicides will learn within a week that their attempts at murder are inconsequential, and I will no longer be the target of their aggression, they will kill themselves or the public. If you need to use this strategy, then you should broadcast to give me more of their attention. But you must accept the repercussion if the universe is unwilling to put the problem down immediately, since you are given this level of truth and secret insight into the mind of the universe, which I have spoke to today, and it has told me these things, to tell to you, about the appointment of my office.... soon to be done.

(EDIT - I'm sure the space agencies will release more details in the near future, depending on the time of the day, I may be at the Market Frankford a little earlier or a little later, to assist the public safety measure I advised you to do, by remaining ignorant and letting the universe continue to do what is necessary, leading to increased measures of obedience, and consequently the loss of life, in the near future. Thanks for Your Cooperation)

November 29, 2013
11:54 am
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Forum Posts: 68
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September 11, 2013
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We will be viewing some more material, but maybe not many. The Petroglyph was some of the more visually articulated material, we viewed previously. That actually benefited from a re-interpretation of the material itself. Now we will view the Avebury Manor 2008 Crop Circle. Another piece of material that benefits from our increased understanding of the end time sequence, marked by Comet ISON.

Avebury Manor, Wiltshire England 2008
Image Enlarger
http://i1112.photobucket.com/a.....bf6d44.png (by the way you should be able to find a photo id and current address in this photo bucket account, technically the state id is state property-this is perfectly legal, now as I've said I will at least attempt to continue my nightly walks, to make things more convenient for the removal of the threat)

What you are viewing is a common point of reference, that is the Galactic Alignment to the Close passages of Comet ISON involving the sun and earth. In the "Galactic Alignment" portion, Comet ISON is being compared with the Moon, as it will ultimately increase in brightness, to equal or exceed the moon, in context to equal.

As we move on to the Close Passages of Comet ISON, we discover, the larger circle can only be the Planet Earth, this will allow us to complete the interpretation. If not, we cannot complete the interpretation. The Perihelion (close passage to the sun), is being compared to a 30 day cycle of the Moon, before the Comet ISON makes a close passage to the Planet Earth. This is on point with what the extraterrestrials have revealed to us, and we are sharing this information with you, here and now. This is also the third time I've revisiting this interpretation, we are the most correct now. More then before, although our previous interpretation do provide insight. (From the Earth's Perspective, we see certain changes taking place, which we are viewing now, this fits the description).

Santena near Poirino in Italy on June 17, 2012
Image Enlarger

We have two identical extraterrestrial communications that support the Perihelion of the Comet ISON with Planet Earth, as the beginning of the Cosmic Shift. Most of our previous conclusions about the Perihelion of Comet ISON with the sun, did not have a lengthy point of reference, our discussions here and now, do have this references, therefore the interpretation cannot be denied. (You can substitute the isolated "Earth" in the illustration with Comet ISON, "Earth" is more correct, as we are being provided with a revolution of the Earth which is about 365 days as the difference from 12/21/2012 to the Cosmic Shift, in reality this is 370 days to the Cosmic Shift at the projected date of the Comet ISON's perihelion with the Planet Earth) (I've been informed by the extraterrestrials, more correctly by the holy of hollies that the process is still being undertaken)

The Hoppi Blue Star Prophecy - Corrected

Image Enlarger
(link to original image http://solpurpose.com/featured.....tt-miller/

We can properly understand the phrase "Blue Star", as meaning the circumstance that begins the Cosmic Shift when Comet ISON is in its close passage to the Planet Earth. As Comet ISON or Nibiru at this stage is a placeholder for the process, which will change during its development phases, further during our observations of the universe. We know definitively now the phrase "Blue Star" describes a set of circumstances, not Nibiru which is White, or the Earth which is Blue directly.

The removal of the "Tribe of Dan" is one of the activities that happens rather quickly at the onset of the process, so its only natural that the Planet Earth would be the center of attention. And the reason why the otherwise false value of "BlueStar" is used to denote the Earth is the center of attention at the onset of the process, and for no other reason. We are simply more correct now, but this position has been voiced previously with less certainty

Thanks for Your Cooperation ... You can use the roughly 27 days you have left, to evacuate some of yourselves here and there in secret, or you can continue to challenge my authority until you end up dead. Nonetheless, in about 27 days I will be ascended, this is my expectation, and for mankind the beginning of a new age, leading into the new earth, as apart of the process.

November 30, 2013
9:09 am

The Danites.

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