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Bible Code (Equals Blasphemy)
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November 14, 2015
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November 28, 2015 - 6:21 am
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The Late Great Planet Earth (VIDEO)

(Commentary Enclosed in Parenthesis) - (The Genuine Bible Code only applies to "Blasphemy", we will return to this statement.  First we must review history to better understand the gospel. ... ... ... Earlier on in the Gospel's Program, God forbid the sons of man to be anything less than reigning kings (Dealing with the 144,000 of Reuben).  As the Gospel Program progressed, it became time for God to abandon this practice.  However, this practice continued temporarily with Moses, when God discontinued this practice he allowed "Satan" to be convicted of the crucifixion of Moses. ... ... ... ... The difference between the Gospel Program's termination with Moses, and the rest of the Old Testament is the simple fact that God allowed the sons of man to be reigning kings by convicting Satan of Sin (the "War of Judah" was not developed or did not exist as a tribe argument). ... ... ... ... God decided that was too much of a sin for Moses to bare, so God simply limited Moses's ability to serve as King, and God limited Satan's Ability to content with Moses ... ... ... ... (meaning at some point, God no longer allowed the Hebrews to content with Moses, he simply took their lives, and Moses went up the mountain alone and vanished, the utube video is a relatively faithful account ... ... ... ... the hebrews were commanded to remain against the Jordan, until Moses ascended to the Father ... enforced with euthanasia ... so you can understand the utube video's reference is a viable account) ... ... ... ... As the Gospel Program developed into the New Testament, God discouraged the sons of man from obtaining direct means of political authority. God simply allows more sin into the equation, and Satan easily overcomes the sons of man in that capacity, that allows the gospel to function in a much narrow pretense.  God does not allow Satan to overcome the sons of man or his gospel, God allows Satan to appear to put them away all together.  (Dealing with the 144,000 of Benjamin more exclusively, for the New Testament, Christ was the last of the 144,000 of Reuben, until God uses the 144,000 of Reuben in the name of Moses to confirm his covenant, at the end of time).

Christ used the Tribe of Benjamin after the order of the Tribe of Reuben to save, and the Tribe of Joseph that receives salvation, and that is completed during the 5 months of Revelation.  God uses the Tribe of Reuben to complete the Tribe of Joseph's salvation by using Moses as a picture of the Christ.  Same rule of the Gospel applies since creation, with some variations, namely because Jesus as the Savior does not come under the authority of Joseph, which is a reference to the Holy Spirit that receives the Blessing. ... ... ... ... Joseph is the completion of a Judgment God intends for the Holy Spirit, this is not a direct or indirect reference to Satan. (In short what that means is, I will euthanize as many ethn** people and political people as I choose to, until suicide is no longer promoted by allowing these people to live and enforce any teaching that conflicts with the Gospel. (as long at their kind is living, it will kill itself and people, so their kind must be put to death proportionally and according to population distribution)  Right now you have not used enough force, and ethn** suicide, seems to discourage people from killing themselves more directly with me.  Very easily I could be given the right to dispose of these people at my discretion on 12/21/2015 as the "Sign of Antipas" (Divorce), approaches, and the behavior of the "heart of judah" (usa), is seen as mental illness in the eyes of god, curable with euthanasia only.  So we will need to see how this goes, with a caveat, if this is necessary, I will attempt to make this as public as possible, and as a form of education for the public to help prevent ethn** murder/suicide.  But, I don't believe that will be necessary, at this level) (most likely God will place me in a position where this argument in italicize does not apply, meaning I will be able to reveal truth of the current stage of the Gospel Program, but you will have the freedom to kill yourselves unabated as a fool, until the euthanasia is completed, remember, this is the final resolution of the "War of Judah", God resolves this war, not the Antichrist)

(I've created a webpage on facebook in the past, claiming during the nightly walks on the dates listed, political people would be executed for any usage of force, after several have been executed, facebook eliminated my page, that is perfectly acceptable ... meaning I believe God will simply to allow many of you to kill yourselves with ethn** murder/suicide, at the same time the gospel is going out ... if that is true, then perhaps you need to do that ... in no way am I going to have to face these people in the new earth, and all Separatist Inheritances* will be derived from the USA's population with the exception of Naphtali (If not for Naphtali, the new testament's statements of Salvation are invalid) (the pattern we've established in which you kill yourselves by challenging this truth is the Gospel's Program's optimum position, this does not include me having to use any force at all to enforce the position, the best I can do is encourage you to commit suicde by attacking me directly or indirect, or by using ethn** people to do it for you, now we can go back to topic)

(This is the Humane way we are doing things, the Gospel's Program has been progressing for some time.  The Birth of Jesus Christ, the ancients say, represented the completion of the 144,000 of Benjamin.  If that is true, then like Moses which represented the completion of the 144,000 of Reuben and he left Egypt. Then Jesus had to exit Egypt, to represent the completion of the 144,000 of Benjamin (Jesus was born, went to Egypt, and then left) ... this position is not to be refuted.  You need to understand the reality of the Gospel's Program of Progression.  And how very easily and frequently these eth*** people kill themselves each day and daily with any measure of force used against the antichrist, (when I am reborn, I will go to Egypt for 5 months spiritually an then I will depart the Spirit) eventually this truth was going to come out, understand ? ... once again, now we can go back to topic)

The Original Bible Code

God revealed to the Hebrews, that he was no longer judging Moses, and that he was using Moses as a judge of the Holy Spirit.  That is to say, Moses is incapable of "Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit", the unforgivable sin.  So there are only two Personalities in the Gospel's Program, with this title, one is Jesus (the father or God, the other is Moses (God called Father ... God called Moses Father, because the more correct phrase of "Mother" cannot technically apply).

The Conflict the Hebrew people had with Moses, facing the end of his life was very simple.  Moses has the authority to disclose a degree of the "New Testament", but he choose not to.  No one except Jesus and Moses are exempt from "Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit", however the New Testament significantly reduces this applicability for the faithful. ... ... ... ... God intended to try the Hebrews, and as the Gospel records they lead the mission to crucify Jesus, indicating that Moses found favor with God in his conduct.  (Today, we have Terrorism and Ethn** Suicide as the mechanism the Heart of Judah, the Gospel suggests uses to mitigate the migration movement, to thwart the introduction of a threat.  Me or the Antichrist acting as a reigning king, the gospel requires me to eliminate all eth** persons, however, God does not want me to be a reigning king, and this will all come together as this is acted out with the "Sign of Antipas (Divorce)".  As God uses euthanasia to limited your ability to commit suicide through me by using force, also as God uses sin, to drive Satan into eliminating notions of the Antichrist as a reigning king, as we talked discussed.

The Bible Code Continued

Simply a way of reading the Gospel to reveal details about the New Testament.  Using the disclosure of Prophecy to attempt to challenge the Gospel's Program is the Unforgivable Sin that Wars with the Holy Spirit.  Lets give two examples of apparent Blasphemy that serves as a picture of the New Testament:

EZRA 10:25 Moreover of Israel: of the sons of Parosh; Ramiah, and Jeziah, and Malchiah, and Miamin, and Eleazar, and Malchijah, and Benaiah.

Pharaoh/Parosh ... Ramiah/Rameses ... Joseph/Jeziah ... Malachy/Malchiah, Miriam/Miamin, Eleazar (Not Misspelled)/Aaron, Malchijah/Moses ... Benjamin/Benaiah.

This Statement appears to say, that God is not the Father, because God as the Head, is missing and Pharaoh is found instead.  Then Moses is Found, and he is from the 144,000 of Reuben ... therefore the 144,000 of Benjamin cannot be before Moses.  Moses is called the Father.  This Bible Codes goes beyond the New Testament, to the events of Revelation.  The "Sign of Antipas (Divorce)", is the technical beginning of Revelation, the official beginning is during the 5 months of Revelation.

Bible Code More Direct

GENESIS 10:9 He was a mighty hunter before the LORD: wherefore it is said, Even as Nimrod the mighty hunter before the LORD.
GENESIS 10:10 And the beginning of his kingdom was Babel, and Erech, and Accad, and Calneh, in the land of Shinar.
EZRA 10:43 Of the sons of Nebo; Jeiel, Mattithiah, Zabad, Zebina, Jadau, and Joel, Benaiah.
EZRA 10:44 All these had taken strange wives: and [some] of them had wives by whom they had children.

Nimrod/Nebo (The Lord is the First and the Beginning, name found listed first) ... ... ... ... Jeiel/Jadau/Joel, the "Third Covenant" that involves "Babel".  God appears to say the same name 3 Times.  The Third Covenant is called "Babylon".  This bible code also extends to the events of Revelation. (This is not a Contradiction of the Gospel, the Lord is called Babylon, because Moses is from the 144,000 of Reuben ... they are a picture of the Lord).

Love and Blessings (No, no intention of involving the Police Departments or the News Companies in the euthanasia that follows me as a result of the force used against me, either direct or indirect.  We will approach a new level soon, that has an optimum position of me encouraging, not forcing, the "Heart of Judah" to make the right choices.  That is what you need to expect.  You should not be expecting to contend with me any further, God will move me out of the way to some degree, so we need to keep watch.  Very quickly the same people that use their kind (s) to kill, will begin to lose their lives because of this trust in their kind (s), so they will be the first ones "crying wolf", demanding the end of their kind (s), if that is to be done.)

Forum Posts: 215
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November 14, 2015
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November 29, 2015 - 1:01 am
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Bible Code (Equals Blasphemy) Part 2 Blasphemy or Blast Him! ... Get it?

Gohan Kills Cell - Remastered 720p VIDEO

Alois Irlmaier discussed how the Antichrist was rap** by his father until he reached a certain age, then he implies that he was to continue to be rap** by his mother, and that was supposed to take place until he reached a certain age. (assuming that is the "Sign of Antipas", hopefully the death of the Antichrist, but this will be addressed soon by the Gospel, so we must keep watch). We did not address the additional details Alois Irlmaier provided for our purposes of maintaining the level force, used against the Antichrist to assist in the immediate remedy of Genetic Dan, facing the end of their lives.  In truth, there is a small possibility we can invalidate the "Sign of Antipas (Divorce)" (The Grand Design of ISIS (Bes)), based on the murder of the Antichrist. Dismissing that fact, I want to summarize this discussion in a different way, because I'm wrapped up for this discussion, plus I want to reward you for allow the ethn** to attempt murder at least 2 dozen times in broad daylight, like the way we used to do things.  Fortunately I've cashed on their willingness to kill earlier today, so I don't know if they will do much to me on Tuesday and Friday this coming week, so those are my immediate plans.

The Covenant of the "Sign of Antipas (Divorce)" with Aaron

MATTHEW 10:2 Now the names of the twelve apostles are these; The first, Simon, who is called Peter, and Andrew his brother; James [the son] of Zebedee, and John his brother;
MATTHEW 10:3 Philip, and Bartholomew; Thomas, and Matthew the publican; James [the son] of Alphaeus, and Lebbaeus, whose surname was Thaddaeus;
MATTHEW 10:4 Simon the Canaanite, and Judas Iscariot, who also betrayed him.

Thomas is another name for "Aaron", he is referred to as "Wormwood", because he poked his finger into Christ (John 20:27).  Thomas is in the 9th Position in Matt. 10:3, and James is in the 12th Position in Matt. 10:3.  This position parallels Acts 1:13, (Thomas is 6th flip the number you get 9th Position). 

In otherwords, 9/11/2001 to 12/21/2015.  Or 91 times 12210 = 1 Hour. (12210 Antichrist Life Span, and "12/21" reference).  This is a restatement of Revelation 17:10, or "7 times 6 times 5 = 210, then the 1 Hour is Completed". Or 9/11/2001 to 12/21/2015.  God reaches the limit of his willingness to withhold the Sign of Judgment, or Sign of Antipas (Divorce).  Because God intends to wrestle with Satan over the truth of the gospel.  (In otherwords, to what end does God allow these people to promote Murder/Suicide, more than the Gospel as this concerns the son of man, this answer can only be revealed with the "Sign of Divorce", there is a small chance this can be invalidated, I believed we are close to invalidation, based on the recent strings of murder by these eth*** people, and also non eth*** people which I've warned you about, would only satisfy invalidation, which is good for us in the long run).

Salvation Program Summary

144,000 of Reuben Completed
1. Moses Left Egypt to identify with the 8th Day of Creation (Revelation), then he Died after God revealed the New Covenant to him (Deu. 34:1-4, Separatist Inheritors*) (30 Days of Weeping ... Deu. 34:8)

144,000 of Benjamin Completed
2. Jesus Left Egypt to identify with the 8th Day of Creation (Revelation), then Herold Died, and an Angel revealed this to Jesus (Matt. 2:13-15 ... Judges 21:18-19, God curses Benjamin to death after he kills the Wife that resides in the Highway/Herold) (3000 Saved by Baptism ... Acts 2:39-41)

144,000 of Joseph Completed
3. Antichrist Moses Leaves Egypt to identify with the 8th Day of Creation (Revelation 5 Months), then God reveals this to the Nations (Rev. 11:8-10, "Two Witnesses" are killed) (3 Days of Darkness ... Rev. 11:9)

 (Reuben is 70 Souls saved before the Foundation of the Earth, Benjamin is 6000 Souls saved from the Foundation of the Earth, Joseph is Satan saved by the Foundation of the Earth.  (1 Chronicles 5:1-2, God uses "Heart of Judah" and the Antichrist to complete the 144,000 of Joseph's salvation program).  God had to removed the 144,000 of Reuben as soon as Moses was dead, and shut down Reuben because of interference in the judgment program.  God had to remove the 144,000 of Benjamin as soon as Jesus was born, and shut down Benjamin because of interference in the judgment program.  .... God briefly brings them all back temporarily with the Antichrist, although of no effect.  The judgment concerns Joseph, the Father of Jesus, was called Joseph for a reason, to denote this transition.  3 Days, 30 Days, 3000 Souls ... this is just a parallel indicating God shut down his salvation program, in those stages and when it is completed). (We have 23 days to see if God will give us mercy and exterminate a portion of Genetic Dan's population in the usa or globally to ease the mass murder of these people and their kind (s) against the public at large.  This is inevitable, that is the optimum solutions from the gospel, euthanasia to help stop them from killing themselves until God completes the killing or you recieve no sign of divorce.  You continue to rap* me, and kil* me, and I will provide the opportunity continually, until you are deceased on 3/23/2016.  Love and Blessings ... You've convinced me of your trust in this truth, so we've went another level further and added clarity these truths)

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