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All Prophecies of Daniel Completed
March 6, 2018
10:27 pm
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February 21, 2018
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(Preface in Parenthesis)

(Right now as your lives come to a close, all seven billion, this is really a period of silence, and prayer for the faithful as they fall by your hands.  Approaching a maximum of assisted suicide for the jewish and ethnic peoples around 2013 to 2014 (9/11/2013), as a result of using lethal force against me, lead me to the river in Penns Landing, Philadelphia, the corpses as a result that, seemed to have kept them tamed..........these people are realy dumb and slow, but, what I though you would do is be more fervent with capital punishment, or imprisonment.  Your not important, but until you decide to use more force against me, this issue will not be put to rest of affording assisted suicide to the jewish and ethnic peoples) (I said I would and I am toning down the promoting of the assisted suicide I offer to the jewish and ethnic people, you do have a legal right in God's Eyes to die, both dumb and blind..........and its very easy to give me authority, just be a better false witness, or get better with adversity, do better in challenging me to commit suicide openly to take your lives openly) (Everything with the Gospels Law is resolved, and it is your legal to die both dumb and blind, consider this only a public safety message, consider also everything completed with the gospel's law) (I want to also present you with my corpse, based on your forced used against me, as god's signature, that nothing happens at all, so you will have no choice but to die blind or make yourself suffer for no reasons, that is your ambitions) (consider this also a period of silence, back to topic)

(God has spoken openly and presented a law, not once, but twice) (that your law, even if you have nothing, that your law is completed)

Image Enlarger

Remember what you have learned, about God's Declarative Will (Christ Crucified), and God Permissive Will (Barjesus), these are also both clearly defined and numbered in Daniel. (Beyond the Turin Shroud and UFO Guardian Diagram, God really hasn't made it a point to hand us something, but there are many other things also) (So that God's Will is accounted distinctively with the Earth's Sun, and also the Earth's Moon, so that also it is the heavenly host as witness for the tables of the gospel law and over against that the generations of man, but last and not least it is a measurement of the firmament of which we are allowed to understand the written word, and voiced as a series of measurements)

(other things, anything that exceeds the natural law, of which God has to intervene, like a "True Unified Field", "Cosmic Shift/Photon Belt", "Pole Shift/Magnetic Shift", that is not a legal right, God has ordained only 5 months, that activity exceeds the creation of this universe, anything on the scale of "Joseph the Blessings", exceeds the creation of this universe) (your only goal is to continue to blind and dumb, or to be a better false witness in promoting your suicide by using force against me or my testimony, it is also good if we can maintain state funded incest/rape/murder that you enjoy with me, until you die globally, or whatever form, jewish and ethnic suicide takes, until you die)

(what that statement in green means, we know the time of the lord is 5 months, no more, no less.  and we know when the time of the lord takes place, based on the measurement God is using with creation, surrounding the earth's sun and the earth's moon, that means 12/21/2017 Sun in Dark Rift + 2300 Days to end of Double Eclipse Cross, is your expectation from God, and God's answer ................... incest/rape/murder, and being a false witness has corrupted your understanding of God, and completed your blind and dumb death - so that you are not longer important, and need not be addressed, you have a legal right to die both blind and dumb) (back to topic)


(How to Make God's Timetable Simple) (End of Preface)

A2jj2xt.jpgImage Enlarger

(The Generations without Sin, the Cabal/Cabul, appear the be the dominant subject of this series, ....... God declaration with the Three Wise Men, E. Cayce, E. Leedskalnin, N. Van Lem ......... "shadrach, mes, ab.....", so thats a faithful statement from God, in dealing with false witnesses promoting only suicide.  Now, I believe with E. Cayce, that the jews and ethnic and whoever else, were just turned into salt and died as they got in his way to his final destination to mars, from the grand canyon ............ however, with E. Leedskalnin, evidence from siberia as we've said, describes a covenant complete condition, that is was promoted the euthanasia of the jews and ethnics, you didn't a legal right to a judgment or mercy from God and the only way to bring E. Leedskalnin back, was to euthanize the jews and ethnics................the incest from the state between his mother and him, and the rape and murder by the jews are true of him and his mother (everything that was said), but God is one that took him out of play, and completed your covenant ............... so if I am given power, I will demand and encourage the euthanasia of both jews and ethnics, but if I fall by the hand of God, the people may kill both jews and ethnics)

(Once God settles this promotion of suicide with my testimony in using force against me, you will have less than 2300 to kill.................back to topic, nothing you do is acceptable with God, beyond your instructions to BLOW OUT MY BRAINS, do you not understand that it is written in the pyramids and on mars?  So you need to understand also, how much, of being a false witness has damaged your sensibilities in understanding the clear and potent truth, of God's Law, everything that you dismissed, and, by that measure, became your pleasure in using lethal force against me) (back to topic)

1. (2300 of Daniel) = Solved with 12/21/2012 to 12/21/2017 (5 Years, Galactic Center to Dark Rift, to end of Double Eclipse Cross = 5 Unlucky Days ... just say "Cross of Hendaye")

2. (70 Weeks of Daniel) = Solved with God's Declaration or Nostradamus Declaration of "One Male", meaning "One Precessional Degree", this is the difference in relative terms between Daniel's 69th and 70th Week, and the 49th Jubilee and 50th Jubilee, all that means is "2017 to 2018", when the Uranus Pluto Square Terminates after the Earth's Sun reaches the Dark Rift (Mayan Ball Game, but, instead of saying that, just look at the Position of the Sphinx as a design detail from satellite against the pyramids)

3. (1290/1335 of Daniel) = Solved (when God gave his approval of the Jewish and Ethnic Cleansing during the Vision of Abraham/Fatima Prophecy), think this way, "12901335" = 5/21 with 30 Day Intervals for 5 months, at 99/100 years to "2017 to 2018", (this is a statement against the dual observances of the 49th and 50th Jubilees)

(This What those Figures Mean)

God's Decarative Will = 2300 (Straight Answer)
God's Permissive Will = 70 Weeks (Parable and a Straight Answer/70 Years)
Conviction by the Gospel's Tables = 1290/1335 (Parable Only, can be read a few ways)

(Just going to make a statement, because, you have tied some Mayan Pyramids or Pyramids in General to 5/21 Pleiades  Alignment ......... truth be told ............. remember the postion of the summer/winter triangle gives way to the crown of taurus where the pleiades is located, this is very similar to the annual rising of sirius, the difference is one focuses on "May", and the other on "July", that said, one prophecy we discussed from the real Edgar Cayce has identified my 35th Birthday, but, I believe after 5/21, you have two answer for God, die blind and dumb, or, see if God gives you my corpse or nothing as you strive to blow out my brains as you are instructed at "sutton and macdade blvd. near my address)

(God blessed Edward Leedskalnin with the Prophecy of Fatima in giving the order to kill and destroy every ethnic person and every jew, in promoting suicide only, in promoting incest/rape/murder only, as you are all witnesses, so continue to turn your heads in the other direction.  If it is only the usa and its jews and ethnics the nations would not be guilty, so think about that, turn your heads in the other direction, and we'll have to see what is necessary as the pattern continue....................but remember first and foremost how far you have fallen as a false witness not being capable of discerning, the stars, neither the son of man, neither prophecy) (as we continue to see what is necessary)

(Completing the perfection of this judgment for  the spiritually dead, that a remnant should be called out of god's mercy, god moved the association to the 70 generations of the new universe measurement, and the 50 generations of angels for the body of jesus, so that you were left with corruption in your own glory, that is where the incest/rape/murder/suicide of jews and ethnics originates, and why, it may be necessary out of necessity to afford end of live processes.  you were given 69/70 generations of luke and 42 generations of matthew, by god to answer your problem of using my testimony to promote mass suicide...........and with that once again said:

1. christ was crucified, everything was invalidated and could not apply, no prophecies of his coming could apply
2. christ cannot be crucified, since he is in heaven in the revelation, so by some slim chance prophecies can apply of his coming

remember, first and foremost your pride, and secondarily how the christian forum has not only banned me continually, but afterwards used jews and ethnics to use lethal force against me, because those statements are the gospel's law) (with that said, God has been answering my testimony with ethnic/jewish euthanasia only, now if they cannot inherit the covenant, then, they cannot live to benefit from my testimony, living or dead, they cannot live to benefit from my testimony)

April 2, 2018
7:43 pm
new zealand
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January 18, 2018
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Get a grip man "   better yet go get laid before your mind explodes with theory information !!!


calling people dumb or slow shows the inteligence level your really on here, get out of your corner of the world and see how the rest it works, i mean give us some proof to go on with your statments you believe in.

      .Never run from whom you have become.

April 20, 2018
4:30 am
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April 9, 2009
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It always amazes me how some people believe some of us still don't own books.  Yep, I have several English versions of the bible.  I even have the catholic version.  Now please, did you want to say something outside of quotes?

Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen... - Zbigniew Brezhinsky

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