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‘Jedi’ most popular alternative faith in UK
December 18, 2012 - 6:35 pm
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This is actually a good point but I dont think you took it sufficiently far.

IT's silly to mock the TV/movie education when there could very well be a pack of lies everywhere else in addition. No need to single out TV/movies.

There are indeed a pack of lies everywhere. It is up to us ..we ourselves to develope the filter or tools necessary to discern the lie/lies and the very nature or essence of them. After you do this enough ..you begin to develope a feel for where the lies are intended to take us or misdirect us.

Concerning movies and television. I do indeed watch movies and television ..but I am not easily put on the bandwagon concerning them as are so many people out here.

Which is why I am often critizing what I call a movie and television education.

I am constantly appalled, and yet in a way I should not be, by how many people I know who have a movie and television education and cannot express a idea or concept..particularly a moral concept without referenceing a television or movie program they have observed.

I could not believe that at a high school graduation earlier this year...a teacher a PHD spoke and referenced for his whole speech the movie called "Hunger Games" for encouragement to the graduating class. I was beside myself and could not stop laughing at the irony...and sickness.

I am a nuclear fueler by trade..I put fuel into nuclear reactors. Do you think I would ever trust a nit wit like this to watch my back or make decisions for me??

I came to realize that these people are stamped out like on a xerox machine. They have someone else's thoughts, someone else's emotions, someone else's values. They do not even seem to be aware of it.

So too it is with racism as well. They are responding often to a transplanted concept from someone else. A Hegelian dialectic. This is the nature of the phony ..on both sides of this issuse. I often think to myself that this is one of the reasons history is such a poorly taught subject...because if more people knew history ..they would not be as easily mislead or conversely lead.

Well..I hope you get the idea.

It is not the movies and television per se..correct on this..but the nature of people themselves that they are so easily lead or mislead..they have no real anchor..but are tossed to and fro ..particularly by worshipping before the big screen without understanding the nature of it.

I am speaking of the nature of things out here ..not only the seen but the unseen as well.
And this too is Biblical.

Thanks for your post but I must now make haste as time grows short here.


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April 9, 2009
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December 18, 2012 - 6:56 pm
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I agree, well said Capicorn, I remember the same kind of reverence towards a movie a few years ago, called Avatar. As if it were some revelation of sorts for some spiritual movement. Personally I found it boring, and just another computer generated special visual affects waste of time, been there-done that, same ol stuff. Hollywood gushed all over itself for its hidden messages. People came out of the movies like it was a life altering event.

I think the Jedi thing was more of a standing joke, mostly by people who have no religion and dismiss religion completely. Writing that on your census probably was like writing in "Mickey Mouse" on your ballot, as if to say they are all useless to me, even this it better. Writing in Jedi, really was because they were embarrassed to admit to being an atheist, on any legal document IMHO.

They use to say how early cartoons like I grew up with promoted violence, but they pale in comparison to today's video games and graphic TV. I think there is a much bigger argument to that causing events like Friday, than gun control being the root cause. We are so desensitized to all this stuff with those games, and the never ending graphic depictions of violence in movies and television. We know international terrorism is real, yet we thrive on entertaining ourselves with it, like it is imaginary. A little sick when you think about it. Well maybe to shooters like on Friday, the real act, was just imaginary too in some warped minds. The computer age, and computer effects, have made such graphic things almost a virtual reality, where in slow motion you almost ride a speeding bullet through a body. Does that feed a demented mind to want to do it and see it for real? Add it all together, graphic depictions, games, glorifying the bad guys being so bad it should be censored, maybe we are breeding the results. even Leonardo DeCaprio just was quoted about his latest character, it was so despicable he asked "Are we going too far". I don't know how much further we can go.

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August 27, 2012
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December 18, 2012 - 7:15 pm
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"orangetom1999" wrote: I have been telling a number of people about this lecture series on the "Ever War."

I listened to some of those and was intrigued, unfortunately the trappings and distractions of this world always get in the way. I've been meaning to get back to them. I believe there is in fact a war being waged in this world, one not meant to be viewed by mortal eyes. It is being waged on a spectrum not normally viewed by human eyes unless we know where to look, yet we sometimes catch glimpses. This undocumented evidence, spiritual or supernatural testimony, if you will, is almost always laughed at as nonsense even by the clergy or those professed to be spiritual leaders.

I called out to others and they answered. This was a profound and frightening experience for me all at the same time. The things I have seen in my lifetime, which I cannot provide documented evidence for, have opened my eyes. It's getting past those governments and world/spiritual leaders who would obfuscate the truth, for their own gain, that is the problem. Will I take up the armor and shield of Christ someday? Maybe. I haven't closed the door on the possibility. Right now though, there is much research and learning to be done by me and I have a lot of distraction and trappings to wade through to get to the end of my journey.

During my time in the church I witnessed great leaders and people but I also witnessed their downfall. The deceitfulness of their rituals and teachings, I take great issue with being deceived. I take it very personally, in fact. I was forced to go along with their pony show and it left a void in me, shook my faith and left me bitter. I've since gotten over it, I harbor no ill-will toward Christians. I am simply on a path to discover the truth.

It's just that I believe His flocks have been knowingly deceived by men of this world. I don't have to believe in Satan to know that evil resides in the heart of man. His church has been thrown into chaos and disarray, by design, as evidenced in the fact that I can point to nearly any square mile in my area of the map and show you two or more dozen churches crammed into it. All divided over petty squabbles and interpretations, again by design.

"capricorn" wrote: Are we really being brainwashed systematically?

You betcha!

The modern definition of ‘racist’ is someone who’s winning an argument with a liberal.

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July 20, 2009
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December 19, 2012 - 9:32 pm
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"Greeny2" wrote: I think the Jedi thing was more of a standing joke, mostly by people who have no religion and dismiss religion completely.

I dont know, when I see this it makes me wonder how much of a joke it really is.

"En-Lugal" wrote: [quote="capricorn"]Are we really being brainwashed systematically?

You betcha!


"a free society depends on a virtuous and moral people."

December 22, 2012 - 9:48 pm
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capricorn posted...

I dont know, when I see this it makes me wonder how much of a joke it really is.

There is nothing new about that concept, idea , or religion Capricorn. Men with all their education and intellect have for centuries attempted to create such an system of people and economics to create the perfect utopian society.

In centuries past..feudalism was tried...Lots of kings or emperors...then in the age of Enlghtenment feudalism took a different form but it was still feudalism/absolute power..under a different guise...educated/enlightened people slaughtering off on fifth of the population of France under the Enlightenment and the guillotine.

Then this Enlightened system of educated peoples made a morph into the Internationale...and became the Communist Party internationale..before finally overthrowing the Russian Feudal system under the Tsars. They then went on a mass killing spree in a civil war and beyond into Stalin and others.

You can say alot of things about the Communists ..but the level of their killing across their nations and the globe indicate that they are very devout about their beliefs and principles.
And the Communists certainly believe in their brand of education, enlightenment, and humanity...even Science to back up all this Enlightenment.

Be very carefull about religion...get the right religion and people do well...get the wrong one and people suffer horribly.

The founders here had the right idea...the religion had to be separated from the state. For religion in the hands of the state causes untold misery among the people..as the state seeks more and more tentacles of power over the people..and in the end the people just become competition for the state and the people must be put down..by any means.

Thus the state must be kept separate from religion..not the religion kept out of the hands of the people as is currently being attempted by wise educated men.

The history reads that always under wise educated men..the religion returns to serve the state unto Absolute Power in the hands of the state..exactly what the founders here wanted to prevent.

So in who's hands is the Jedi religion empowered..in the state or the people??

Think it through Capricorn...carefully...when speaking of what is real or not.


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