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The Death Valley Journal
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July 15, 2010
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July 15, 2010 - 8:57 pm
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The following is a log of our paranormal experiences in Death Valley National Monument

This document references some image files which I have included as attachments the information on the images is in the paragraphs that reference them.

Listed below are the first three visions my sister had in Death Valley as well as other paranormal experiences we have had there that we feel are related.

My sister’s first vision
In Death Valley National Monument my sister and I have one weird experience after another. We often grow nauseous and experience depersonalization and dizziness as soon as we get into the park. My sister however, is much more sensitive than me and sees visions down there. She sees them with her eyes open, the way she described it, one small corner of her field of vision is occupied by the vision.
The first vision took place while driving along the shore of the salt flat in Death Valley. We were driving along the northern shore when my sister had a vision of a thing ( I have included a crude drawing of it as an attachment see image "death valley thing" ) it was brass colored and stuck it the ground like a post with red light coming out of holes in the sides and white light coming out of the top of it.
She than saw the inside of a stone shack with a cot and a wood stove of peculiar design which had no legs, just a cube that sat on the floor with a pipe coming out. There were two children in ragged robes sitting on the cot; a man in a gray coarsely woven robe came in who was very tall she says he must have been 7 feet tall. In the vision she could not see his head as it was above her field of vision.

My sister’s second vision
This time we were again driving along the salt flat. My sister felt a pressure on her chest like a blanket and began to see the inside of the stone shed again. She saw it from the vantage point of the cot and could look down and see the body of someone as if it was her body under a blanket coved with square polished stones. A short man came into the shack wearing a coarsely woven grey robe than the vision ended.

My sister’s third vision
This one takes place as we were driving from Badwater to Stove Pipe wells. My sister had been seeing an image all day of a door with a snake carved in the frame of it but the main part of the vision started when we were driving. She began to see the inside of the stone shack again fist it was empty but than a tall man in a gray coarsely woven robe came in. She thinks it was the same man as before only now she can see his head. He has long black hair about shoulder length and olive skin, his eyes are black as in you can’t see the iris it’s the same color as the pupil. He has a device in his hand of shiny metal that emits light like some sort of flash light and is looking around in the dark end of the shed. He opens a door in the corner on one end of the cot and goes into the back. My sister can than smell a strong odor like a dead animal and he emerges with a pillow case size sack dripping fluid and carries it out the door. My sister says the smell is really strong and even covers her face with her tee shirt as if to escape the smell. The man comes in and sits on the bed, he looks depressed. Then he looks up and right at the aria my sister is viewing him from. He looks afraid. I ask my sister if she can move in the vision and she says she can move a little. When she moves to the right a bit the man moves his head to follow her as if he sees her.
She than sees the brass colored post thing and the man is standing leaning into the top of it as she watches form a distance. He seems to be working on it or with it somehow he’s reaching in the top of it and seems to be operating some controls but she does not know what he’s doing exactly. She than sees the inside of the shed again and this time the man walks up to her and speaks but she can’t hear him, he seems curious this time. We both wonder if he got some information from the brass thing but she gets the feeling he doesn’t know exactly how to operate it.

The Mosaic Canyon experience.
Another bizarre experience in Death Valley, we were hiking in Mosaic Canyon above Stove Pipe Wells. We hike there once in a while but one time we got fairly far back and my sister started talking about everything looking like a photograph as if it all looked 2D she was walking around talking about it and feeling the rock walls etc I could not see anything till I looked down at a small gray rock outcrop and sure enough it looked like a really realistic painting, when I looked up the whole canyon had that effect to it, like I was looking at a painting only so realistic that it looked 3 D just not so realistic that you couldn't tell it was a painting or photo. We left the canyon in a hurry and for months after we had flash backs where people and things suddenly looked 2D for a brief moment.

Saturday 11 -21-09 7:00 pm

We went back to Badwater which seems to be a hot spot for the weirdness in Death Valley. While driving next to the cliffs by the salt flat I felt dizzy again and odd , the cars dash seemed to really demand my attention, like before I had trouble ignoring it as I would ordinarily when looking out the windshield. When we got to Badwater we again walked down the board walk and onto the salt flat. My sister did not feel anything at first than she began to get week and dizzy she sat down on the salt than laid on her back and seemed sluggish and tired. She said she smelled flowers. I had trouble convincing her to go to the car and put the seat back. I thought if anything really weird happened to her I could drive us both out of there as it doesn't affect me as badly as her. She finally got up and we walked off the salt flat. Near the board walk the smell left her. She could not identify the flowers that she smelled but said it was as if she was walking in field that was thick with them.

Nothing happened after that except that she remained weak. We left for home at around 9
On the night of wed the 25 of November we passed through Death Valley on our way to Ridgecrest Ca. both my sister and I became dizzy and disoriented.
About mid day on Sunday November 29 we again passed through on our way back. My sister said that a mountain to the east that she had seen a mist on some months before changed from relatively smooth to craggy and banded with sediment layers. Not sure what to make of this.

by around 4 we drove to West Side road and out onto the salt flat where we parked. My sister began to get dizzy and felt depersonalization as we walked a short way out onto the rough salt. I had to help her back to the car. After a while the feeling left her and she felt compelled to once again walk out onto the salt.

We walked a short ways out and my sister began to see a vision of a mummified body laying on a salt flat. The flat was much smoother than the rough salt we walked on which has pinnacles two and a half feet high. The body was mummified and in a fetal position, it's lower legs were laying behind it's back one on top of the other in the position they would have been in had they been attached to the body. The mummy was dressed in a tan coarsely woven robe about like burlap but somewhat finer. The hair was brown and the body was of small stature. We went back to the car but the vision remained in her head.

After some time my sister said she wanted to walk on the other side of west side road. After walking over the rough salt for a few yards she began to see another vision of bodies on a salt flat, encrusted with salt and mummified only this time there were hundreds. All of them dressed like the fist only lying in many positions as if they lay where they fell.
I’m not sure how many more entry's I'll be able to make as my sister is getting more afraid to go to Death Valley.

December 13 2009
Finally something to report, I don't know if my sister is getting scared of going to Death Valley or just tired of going every week end but after being away we finally came back.

As we entered the valley there was nothing out of the ordinary neither one of us felt the familiar nausea or disorientation and depersonalization. We decided to drive to Tule Spring and do a little walking around. We arrived around five fifteen or so and walked around the spring and down an old road that lead onto the salt flat. A little ways down this road my sister began to get the nausea and depersonalization etc. It got worse as we walked toward and out onto the flat. as we walked she began to smell something like flowers of perfume with a musty smell mixed in. All I could smell was the salt brush that grew next to the flat. On our way back up she stopped and stood there for a moment, then turned 90 degrees to the north and walked into a thicket, she seemed drugged and responded slowly. She ducked under some limbs and peered into a hollow in the thicket with a pile of sticks, perhaps a rat’s nest. I asked her what she was doing and she said "looking in this hole”. She then said "It's warm in here" her speech sounded like people you see under hypnosis on TV. She than laid down on the pile of sticks in a fetal position and seemed to be asleep moaning once in a while. After a while I grew concerned and called her name, she did not respond so I nudged her with my foot, again nothing so I nudged her harder and still nothing. I than reached down and proceeded to pull her up by her arm at which time she came to and asked "what are we doing in here" She had no memory since being out on the road walking back to the car.

We sat in the car for a while to see what would happen and she remarked that Tule Spring seemed familiar to her as if she had been there a lot even the way it smelled. She had only been there one other time.

Her head cleared and I decided to jog a little in front of the car on the way back to furnace creek ranch. I finished my run and she said she wanted to go for a short run as well so I drove behind her on the deserted road and she ran for a 10'th of a mile after which she stopped. She got back in the car and complained of pain and a clicking noise at the base of her skull which she had first taken to be her glasses rattling as she jogged until it became painful. The condition cleared up quickly as we made our way out of the valley.

She had never had a pain or feeling like that before, I wonder if it is possible that whatever put her in the trance had somehow inflamed her spinal cord near the brain stem or the brain stem it's self causing the clicking noise and pain?

December 24 2009 8:45 pm

After a trip to Beatty Nevada my sister drove north and swung west by Scotty’s Castle in to Death Valley. We drove along the salt flat again where she began to get the familiar nausea dizziness and depersonalization. By the time we reached furnace creek it was bad enough that I had to drive. She told me to drive to Tule Spring again where we parked. While there she lay in the car with her seat back seemingly in a kind of trance and semi coherent. She was groaning and her arm was twitching. I kept watching it and then my own left arm begin to twitch two to three times. Other than that I felt no effect. At around 9:30 pm my sister said we better go so I started the car and drove toward the road that goes to Badwater. About a mile along the road she said she felt a pressure on her chest like a large rock was laying on it. This got painful and she said she had trouble breathing and her ribs were hurting. She said she could feel a large smooth hard surface like a rock on her. I drove us out of the valley and the feeling abated, however, she could still feel it a little even after we reached Death Valley Junction which is well out of the valley.

December 31 4:30 pm

We again entered Death Valley via Beatty Nevada and drove south along the salt flat. At first nothing happened. We stopped at Furnace Creek for some drinks and snacks and proceeded toward Badwater. Just before badwater my sister complained about feeling "funny"
as we drove south the feeling intensified and by bad water she slumped over in her seat glassy eyed. She began moaning uncomfortably off and on. As planned we proceeded south past badwater finally reaching a rest room facility, In that aria my sisters symptoms cleared quite a bit It was here that she had another vision. This time hundreds of people dressed in the same coursly woven robes walking out of the mountains toward the salt flat.

We drove on out of the valley toward Shoshone Ca. As we drove away south her symptoms returned, she again slumped in her seat groaning. The road turned east and we drove toward Shoshone. My sister continued to groan and slump over in her seat, as we got about half way she uttered something in a language other than English. It was hard to pronounce but sounded like howwohwah or wahowah she had no trouble pronouncing it herself. She made two more utterances which may have been slurred attempts at the same word or different words. When she spoke these words her voice was urgent as if she was perhaps trying to warn of something as when someone says "fire" or "tornado" I think she would have shouted them had she not been so incapacitated and in such a hypnotic like state.

When we reached Shoshone we went in the store there, she was still dizzy and disoriented and had trouble standing and walking. This cleared as we drove south toward Silver dry lake and Baker.

1-6-2010 6:00 pm
We went driving and my sister decided she wanted to go to Death Valley again. We entered the park and drove along the salt flat, than down west side road. As we got about half way across the salt flat she had the usual dizzy disconnected feeling come over her and I had to take over driving. She had me park at Tule Spring where we sat in the car for a while. As we sat there she said her head felt heavy and her neck felt funny also her left arm felt week. We sat for a while and her whole body twitched throwing her back into her seat than for a while nothing, in a few minutes she again entered one of her trances moaning and occasionally twitching.
She seemed to go in and out of the state and eventually wanted to go to the Eagle Borax Works just a few miles further down the road. She was in and out of her trance as we drove there and parked, after we parked she seemed to settle more into it, laying the seat back and laying there moaning, eventually she put her hands over her face and seemed to be crying but it was more of a moan, hard to describe. Eventually she came out of it and wanted to leave saying that she felt great sadness as if someone had died close to her. She said it wasn't her sadness but she felt like she was dreaming she was someone else and they were sad. She also said it was much more real than a dream. She was very sad so we drove out of the valley and to Death Valley Junction. We stopped at the restaurant there and she had a sandwich, as she ate the feeling of being someone else who was sad left her, but, she now felt depressed. We drove south a ways so I could do some running than home. The feeling of depression stayed with her till the next day.

5-20-2010 8:00 PM

At this time we have not been back to Death Valley because of my sisters episode of depression on 01-16-2010 However I am still going down past Death Valley Junction to run. We drove quite a way tonight almost to Tecopa. When we neared their I felt the familiar wave of nausea wash over me that I felt in DV I was really sick for a few minutes. My sister recognized the symptoms and turned the car around to head back up the road. As we left the aria the nausea immediately left me.

As we got up the road however my sister began to have one of her visions that we she has in Death Valley. She could smell old books and said she saw a library the size of a shopping mall. Rows and rows of books were inside it. I began to ask her about details. The ceiling was white but to far up to get a good view. The floor was odd. It was stone and very rough almost as if it were not dressed at all. The stone floor was in one piece as if the entire structure was built over a natural rock outcrop that had been crudely dressed into a flat slab. The shelves were of brass and the decor of the place was of dark wood with an occasional brass strip inlaid. She described it as modern looking but no like any decor she had ever seen. We have wanted badly to take something practical away from these visions perhaps we can in a way the style of the odd brass and wood motif is in its self unique and very likely never been seen anywhere on earth. The shelves were so crammed into the library that they had been placed right in front of windows which I would imagine (barring some sort of high tec window tint or optics) would be bad for the books. She did not see any electrical wiring or plumbing in the entire building except for a wooden door with vertical brass strips spaced far apart. The center of the door has a kind of triangle with slightly concave sides that glows red around the edges. She did not know if this was due to a power source or simply from sunlight shining through a transparent surface.

Perhaps the most interesting thing was when I asked her to look at the books. Of course she had no way to open them so I asked if she could see the spines. She described the books as being mostly green in color with a leather looking fabric covering them. She took a note pad and drew some images she saw on the spines. The books were not all in the same language apparently. I have reproduced her drawings via ms paint . (see image library vision)

5-22-2010 8:30pm

In light of our experience near Shoshone we decided to try Death Valley again We entered the park around 8:30 pm and drove once again out to Tule Spring. On the way my sister began to feel the familiar dizziness and disorientation when we arrived she began to snap out of it a little bit we stayed at Tule for a while but nothing much else happened. We drove than out onto the salt flat following west side road and stopped in one of the turnouts , there my sister began to see a long narrow valley, perhaps more of a canyon, the whole thing was shaped exactly as if someone cut a tube or pipe lengthwise. It was covered in grass and several miles long and several wide. She than began to see the stone shack again for some time but no one was there and nothing happened.

5-29-2010 between 9 pm and 11pm
Something different this time, back to Tule Spring again for more research same thing happened as before, she’s dizzy etc, than she gets out of the car and walks in the pitch black to the edge of the turnaround where people park, she’s facing the stand of brush when I see her in the beam of my flash light I approach and she begins to snap out of it again she takes me around the thicket of brush and we stand on the opposite side. Finally she sees a canyon of white clay, small but very rugged, kind of a badlands type of thing. It’s dark but theirs light coming from a symbol on the canyon wall. She describes it as a plus sign with arrows on the tips pointing back toward the center. Than she’s around the corner and sees lights passing back and forth as if someone swung a flashlight beam one goes horizontal one is diagonal. We have both seen these same lights in her bed room at home only not in a vision, we actually saw them. During this vision her left leg gets sore in the muscle suddenly, we don’t know if this is related to anything paranormal but it persists till the next morning when the pain fades.
The vision passes and she walks back around the thicket to the north side where we stop and discuss the vision, she is still not quite over the dizziness and disorientation but is quite lucid. I go to step around her and she grabs me and says “don’t go over there, there’s something there” she describes a black figure standing between two fence posts, it is about her height around five foot 4 and looks like a shadow, she can see the head and shoulders but the arms and legs are too close together to make them out, the arms are pressed to the sides and the legs are pressed together tightly forming a kind of wedge shaped figure. She says the figure makes a snapping electrical sound similar to a spark plug that has been taken out of the engine and left hooked into the plug wire for testing. I cannot see the entity but she can, she is very agitated and pushes me ahead of her around the thicket in the opposite direction back to the car she seems to think I am more vulnerable to the entity because I can’t see it. She says she gets a hostile feeling from it. We get back in the car and leave. The difference in the vision of the entity and her usual visions is that with the stone cabin or anything else she sees it in a small square in the lower right quadrant of her visual field, with the entity it is like looking at a person standing there. One other important difference is she can hear the electrical noise; she has never before had any auditory experiences, she as smelled things, seen things, felt things but never heard anything till now. She feels that the entity is not a vision but may actually be there despite my inability to see it. The idea of tossing a stick or small stone at it occurred to me but you just don’t throw things at people.

6-5-2010 afternoon
Entered Death Valley Park via the back way coming from Shoshone, we didn't get very far in never reached the valley floor when my sister wanted to walk up a canyon. We got out and walked up a small canyon with very high walls it was very narrow in places. I have not seen my sister move this fast up steep rugged terrain in a long time she did not stop to rest or seem exhausted till we reached the top of the canyon. Here we found a rock face about 20 feet high or so a waterfall when the canyon is running. Once she rests against the rock for a while she climbs around it over even steeper terrain a steep slope I would say about 75 degrees or so, actually dangerous to climb. I follow her up because she is dizzy and disoriented I have to hang on to her at the top. She stands at the top of the waterfall and is flooded with memories of the place except that in these "memories" it is green there. There is grass and some water in pools though not much. The canyon has trees on top the rim. We both climb back down and a few feet down the canyon she can smell flowers again. Then she has another vision in and she can see the flowers, she describes them as fairly large and all over the canyon floor. They are on some sort of green shrub. The flowers are trumpet shaped and white with a pinkish rim and pink streaks that go down into the flower. In the sky above she sees a silver dot like an air craft flying over head

6-19-2010 7:30 pm
Entered the park at around 7:30 pm just getting dark We drove along the salt flat when my sister took a note pad and began to write she is beginning to fall into a trance like state as she writes. What she wrote is not all in English there are a couple of small pieces of the text in some symbols so I had to use a graphic program and type the text there so that I could draw in the symbols. When she finished writing we drove to Tule Spring again she immediately begins to feel nervous and apprehensive she is in and out of her trance like state eventually she is insistent that we leave so I drive to the Devils Golf Course aria and park she’s still in the trance fairly out of it she gets out of the car and walks over and drapes herself over the sign that explains about the aria. I take a short walk on the salt and when I get back she’s gone. I pan 360 with the flash light and finally locate her; she has wandered out on the salt in the moon light. When I catch up she says she saw the light out on the flat from the previous vision. This vision is again different not unlike her vision of the black creature in that it is not seen in a small aria in her lower right visual field but experienced as if she were there. She believes that the light she saw is the machine she sees so often. We leave and drive through artists drive and she begins to experience the sensation of a weight on her chest as she had a few months earlier she complains it’s hard to breathe as we exit Artists Drive the sensation dissipates, I than drive home for the night.

Entered the valley the back way from Beatty again, about 7:30 pm, drove along the salt flat about half way to Furnace Creek my sister again begins to experience the same symptoms and I take over driving. I am after samples from Tule Spring this time. There is a line on the ground that looks like someone painted it there the only thing is it’s made of leaves and sticks dried into the salt crust. Apparently these leaves are slightly fresher than what is laying on the ground there as they are a lighter color and can be seen clearly what could have laid thousands of leaves out in a 25 foot or so line one inch wide I don’t know. There is also a peculiar looking track like from some sort of very wide tire on the south side of the spring out of the designated aria graded out by the forest service, it only goes for about a yard and a half and disappears the first few feet it looks like the vehicle was backed up and driven forward several times so that the track is very wide there with several tracks overlapping after that it is only one track. The track has many small bars very close together running the width of the track, the bars do not curve or break but go completely across giving it a peculiar look I have not seen wheel like that on any two wheel vehicle before it is about a foot wide which is very wide for a motorcycle another odd thing is it’s flatness it does not seem to curve up on the sides in the manner of atv tires I took stills of it and the line and some video of the line with my cell phone (see photos) and a sample of the salt crust with the line. The line is very hard to explain and goes much further toward hard evidence of something strange going on in the aria than the tire track or whatever it is but the tire track is odd in its own right given the short run and odd pattern it is as if someone set the vehicle down, moved it back and forth then moved it a few yards then picked it up and carried it off, very strange.
My sister remains in her trance and I drive to beat the setting sun as I near Tule I notice my sister talking in her trance, she is speaking very low and the noise from the car drowns it out. I can, however see her lips moving and she seems to speak clearly and directly. I stopped the car and shut it off but she has stopped speaking and just lays there on her reclined seat. As we enter Tule she begins to come out of it some she gets out and wanders while I take my sample and photos. When I finish she has wandered over to the east of the spring a short ways and tells me that she has once again seen the tall man and he is stooped over looking at tracks in the earth, she recognizes the tracks as belonging to her shoes. The spring looks different where she sees him, on his side the growth in the center is cleared out and there is a larger pond. He is looking at the tracks on the south side of the pond about where my sister had followed an overgrown animal trail into the thicket. This experience was unusual even for the aria as she said instead of the usual disorientation, she felt as though she was dreaming the whole experience and only knew it was real form the leaves on her clothing. As we prepare to leave she again sees the spring but the man is not there.
She wants to go to the grave of Shorty Harris further along west side road but it has gotten dark and we never find the grave. On the way back she is deep in one of her trances laying back on folded back car seat. As I drive along she begins to speak, sluring the way someone talking in their sleep does. I again stop the car and listen. She is not speaking English but repeats one word over and over as if trying to say it clearly in her disoriented state. The word sounds like Hummah she says it with an ephesis on the first syllable like “hummmm mah then hum mah then hummah a bunch of times, then she stops. I repeat the word to her and she says it back to me each time. As an experiment I say the word she said a few months ago “wahalwa” she says what sounds like a mix of the two words back to me in a way that reminds me of the way some Native Americans speak when talking I their own language the more experienced speakers sound like that. The word is slurred of course and I cannot be sure if I am hearing right but the closest I can come is a combination of the two words or perhaps both words spoken so close together that they seem like one word.
We stop at Eagle Borax Works on the way back and my sister wonders to the south a bit while I go to the north east a few yards. The moon is now extremely bright and flash lights are unnecessary for most work. I hear my sister call my name and I run over with the flash light she is in an agitated state but not in a trance. She tells me that she looked up toward the south and the tall man was standing there a few yards away, she says his mouth is open in shock and he made eye contact with her, she described the experience as being the same as looking at me as I was standing there at the moment. She said he was just standing there with his mouth open. When I shined the flash light in the aria she no longer sees him. She is agitated by this and insists that we leave the valley so I drive home, on the way out of the valley past Furnace Creek Inn she has a vision again this one is of the machine on the salt flat, she says it is brass colored and shining in the sun, she sees this for a few minutes as we drive out of the valley.

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July 15, 2010 - 9:01 pm
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Here are two more images that go with the above post

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July 20, 2010 - 2:09 pm
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I want you to know I read your stuff...and for what it's fascinates the shite out of me
Honeslty..I live in So-Cal..about 5 hours from Death valley and want to go there and see..all because of your story.

You should pass your story onto Whitley Streiber. I say this because he once told of an incident in his life inwhich he seemed to time travel to a placee in which the homes he saw were adobelike and had some kind of snake motive just like the one you described.

I think he would find your story very interesting

His site is

good luck

Willie Wonka quotes..
What is this Wonka, some kind of funhouse?
Why? Are you having fun?
A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.
We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams

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July 31, 2010 - 5:20 pm
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"bionic" wrote: I want you to know I read your stuff...and for what it's fascinates the shite out of me
Honeslty..I live in So-Cal..about 5 hours from Death valley and want to go there and see..all because of your story.

You should pass your story onto Whitley Streiber. I say this because he once told of an incident in his life inwhich he seemed to time travel to a placee in which the homes he saw were adobelike and had some kind of snake motive just like the one you described.

I think he would find your story very interesting

His site is

good luck

Thank you very much a few people have said they found it fascinating.

I am formulating a hypothesis based on the nature of certain events we have experienced. the journal is a lot of it but we have been experiencing stuff here for six years. My take on it is that perhaps this has to do with parallel universes, once my sister was talking to me on the phone and I was interrupted she was talking to someone but couldn't hear me, when I got home i asked her and she said she was talking to me and even told me what I said, it was a mundane conversation about getting groceries or some such thing. Other things have happened as well like the bottle of diet Dr Pepper I bought instead of the diet Mountain Dew I almost bought I went to get my DP out of the car the next morning and found a bottle of Mt Dew in it's place Other similar things have happened as well, things disappear form our house then reappear sometimes months later. The guess I'm making is that the membrane or field between universes is unstable here, that things cross over or we cross over I'm not sure which the bottle of soda for instance, I might well have bought the Mt Dew in another universe , I almost bought it as it was perhaps the bottle crossed over or I did I don't know. We found a cell phone charger in our car that we had never seen before, it had the word Verizon on it and didn't fit any of our phones perhaps in a parallel universe we did have a phone it fit or it belonged to a friend in that universe. The thing is that the universes are so close that a person might pass through 1 , 2 or 100 and never even know it , perhaps some small detail like the soda or the charger might catch their eye but they would have no idea what it meant.

Now, suppose that in Death Valley the same thing is going on only much more so, perhaps these universes are the same but the further out you get the more the template varies. In the case of Death Valley perhaps my sister is seeing or perhaps even entering universes much further removed from the one we know the geography is very close, the climate seems to vary a great deal in some cases such as the canyon with the flowers where the aria seems to be green and wet and host to vegetation not found on our earth but similar in many ways.

When she saw the man in the mesquite grove perhaps she was existing in two universes at once she can see him, he can see her, I however can only see her. Also when a person or object presents into one universe from another perhaps it does not do so completely perhaps in most or in many cases it happens the object is present enough to be heard but not seen or the object is only visible in part.

Of course this is all conjecture based on living with this stuff of a long time. I do not know what is going on and I don't see how any one could. These are merely my musings on the subject.

I might take your advice about Strieber sounds like maybe he could be of some help.

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July 31, 2010 - 5:25 pm
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7-4-2010 to 7-10-2010
Haven’t been keeping up with the journal lately because the

things that have been happening are few, some are

significant but we have not been having very many

experiences per trip. Over the July 4th weekend we made a

series of trips down on the first trip we entered from Beatty

via the back road into the valley we stopped along the road

to change drivers because my sister was out of it yet again. I

walked across the road to urinate I finished and started

back across when I heard my sister calling my name. I

hurried to the car and she grabbed the flash light as I got in.

She began franticly shining the light around on the west side

of the road and toward the north to the back of the car and

insisted that we leave immediately. I left the aria and as we

drove she explained that she had distinctly heard the

footsteps of two or more people approaching the car from

behind on the passenger’s side though the light revealed

nothing. As we drove she eventually drifted back in to her

trance like state. The state lessened quite a bit and she took

out a pad and drew a device she was seeing , it looked like a

street lamp or closer to the more stylish lamps found in

parking lots at department stores etc. It was mounted on a

pole at an angle but there was no bulb of any kind just a

rectangular box with some lenses on the sides and ends , she

only saw the top of the pole it may have been street lamp

height or perhaps only 3 feet tall. She seems to come out of

the state when she has one of her visions or some other

experience such as the foot steps. She is in and out of the

trance when we are in the valley. The rest of the trip was

The next two trips nothing much happened except at Tule

Spring and Eagle Borax works.
She was very agitated at Tule and wanted to leave so we

went to Eagle. While there she was still agitated and jumped

at every noise. We did hear some fairly large animal moving

in the mesquite at Eagle but I have no idea what it was I’m

assuming it was something like a coyote it made an odd

scraping noise like leathery material being dragged slowly

across the salt crust. I don’t think it was anything unusual

but given her experiences in the aria my sister was quite

upset by it so we left. A few days later we went to

Badwater and my sister again fell into one of her trances

this time she wandered across the road and tried to climb

the cliff up toward Dante's View. Of course the cliff is

vertical and we only climbed a small slope. She stopped

partway up and said “this isn’t safe” she than stood up and

started to climb down the slope struggling for footing , it was

here that she stopped and looked around and asked me

“how did we get here?” I told her that she had climbed up it,

she had no memory of the event.
The next trip we went to Dante's View given that’s where

she was headed for we stopped at the top and looked around

my sister went into the trance like state again and sat on the

ground too dizzy this time to stand up she saw a black horn

shaped thing very much like the sliver of moon at the time

only black sticking up behind the mountain which she drew. I

suppose she might have been drawing the crescent moon but

it was in the wrong position and of course the moon is not

black so I’m not sure what she was seeing perhaps a kind of

negative image of the lunar crescent but I have no idea why.

About a half hour later she heard loud banging off to the

north that sounded like steel lids slamming on dumpsters.

There are no dumpsters in the aria and on persons or wind

to slam the lids if there were. I did not hear the noises

myself but we left the aria.

7- 24 - 2010
Entered the park around 7 pm via Beatty
Nothing much happened at first, arrived at Tule Spring and

my sister gets out of the car and wanders a bit, no trance or

mumbling up until she walks behind the spring toward the

salt flat then she seems a bit out of it, staring off toward the

flat. She listens carefully and shushes me listening closely

she wanders around the spring toward the thicket of

mesquite trees then back toward the parking area where the

car is. She says she smells a dead animal of some kind but I

can’t smell anything at first I sniff the air but nothing comes

though she says it’s a strong smell. Oddly when I quit trying

to smell it I believe I can smell something dead very faint

more like in a dream than if I actually smelled it. Perhaps

my sister has planted the idea in my mind , there is one thing

though the sour quality it has she smells it the same way but

never described that aspect to me I bought it up to her in an

attempt to confirm whether I’m really smelling anything at

all. A few minutes later, more listening more shushing then

she insists on leaving. When we get in the car she says she

could hear the voices of maybe 10 or so people off in the

mesquite talking low and urgent as if they were trying to

avoid being heard except by each other.
We go to Eagle Borax Works and wander a bit, As I look up in the sky I see a blue light dart down toward the earth but I dismiss it as an artifact from my new glasses, however my sister then sees a blue light dart overhead very low to the ground and very fast. We stick around a while but nothing else happens there are noises in the trees but very likely birds or rodents etc. so we head home.

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