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Is there something haunting me here?
May 14, 2018
10:49 am
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May 14, 2018
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would like to share a part of my story here.
I have experienced strange things all my life, sometimes more, sometimes less. but what I'm experiencing right now, I want to write down here. if anyone can help me organize these things or give me any suggestions as to what that could mean, then please do not hesitate. I'm afraid it will be a longer text. It all started thirty years ago. I'll shorten it as far as possible. and please concentrate less on the people involved. I do not want to focus on this "love story", but on what was happening around the outside. In my life I have experiences with ghosts, balls of light that follow me, very real nightmares, sleep paralyzes, scars that appear overnight, touches, voices. I mention that so nobody thinks I just want to get rid of my partner problems here. lol. otherwise no one reads this. please focus on the accompanying circumstances, on what happened in connection with this person (and only in connection with this person).
I am generally a very soulful creature. I have always been very intuitive. at times phases of clairvoyance, bright knowledge, vision or feeling a bit foresee. Also a good sense for people who will not do me any good, even before I have verbal contacts with these people. I will tell my story in a new post.

May 14, 2018
12:00 pm
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May 14, 2018
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These things that I am describing began when that particular person came into my life.
I've been looking for answers everywhere. Therefore, please do not be surprised if it seems familiar.

Thirty years ago, I met a man. we were together for some time. There was a separation due to long distance. From the first day until today he has not left my head.
I suspected a kind of soulmate. But everything I experienced in connection with him and still experience speaks against it.
I still regarded the first separation as normal. After 13 years I found him again. we could not be together because he was now bound. after another 16 years I found him again. both are free this time. and everything started here. One year before I found him again, a strange smell appeared here. It started in my bedroom. The smell was there permanently, no matter what I did. it's hard to define what it smells like. It's similar to the smell of old books and apples.
Then my cat disappeared and then I found him again. I do not know if the thing with the cat means something.
The first night with him I heard a voice say "A. is not for you". the same voice said the following night: "I do not know how to tell you". the same thing again on the third night. I feel sick in his direct vicinity. At the distance I feel what he feels (confirmed by him) I have visions, see pictures, and sometimes know his thoughts.
but what I can not explain, comes now.

 in short, after a while he behaved like an idiot. he said he did not know why he did that. sometimes he has no control over it. Whenever I try to separate from him, this strange smell appears. at first it was just the smell. Later, every attempt to separate was followed by a dream in which I was scared to death. someone is following me and paralyzing me. if I manage to break away from it, I feel a touch. This something that haunts me is male and pulled me by the shoulder. he was angry and said "come, come". I could not speak at first. At some point I succeeded and I still heard how I called "no". After that I was able to move and was the rest of the night awake. I have these dreams only when I want to separate. It is always between two and three o'clock in the morning. accompanied by this smell.
When I writing with this particular person, I feel cold. only on the left side of the body and sometimes it affects only the poor and the hand. sometimes only the fingertips are affected and so very cold that it is almost painful. sometimes I hear a male voice insult me. with only one word. it's always the same word. this voice has been reported for years. not very often. but long before I had contact with this person again.

sometimes I wake up at night and feel a presence here. very bad, I get scared immediately. I do not see anyone but I feel where it stands. please note! I had similar nightmares even before finding that person again. They ended from the moment we were together again. i did not have a single nightmare during the relationship, or presence or anything else. as soon as I break away from him, the game starts again.
sometimes it announces itself with a soft crack. similar to that of when someone is running. With vehemence and seriousness, I sometimes succeed in driving it away. but it does not stay constant. it will come again.


 It is not possible to have a healthy relationship with this person. this is why separation is inevitable. I had visions and thought that I would go crazy. those visions only warned me. I recognized that later. because it turned out that the visions were correct. I waver in my explanations for all that between several possibilities. at first i thought god would like to warn me about this man. then I thought that maybe he was carrying around a presence that at times was nibbling on me. I have high energy loss if I have any kind of contact with him.
then I thought he was a shapeshifter and not the person I thought he was. (please do not laugh, I've just thought of all the possibilities)
Now I think that it is something about him that wants to prevent the separation because I have something that it wants to have.
meanwhile, all that is left for me to do is, to remove it from me, or it seems to me as if it were coupled with my life. I tried to do everything. from ignore to talking with the thing. Prayer, send it away rude. I remember more events. but I do not want to overstrain anyone here.
Please, if anyone has an idea what I can do or what I have to do, tell me your idea. Thank you for the reading. best regards

May 18, 2018
1:42 pm
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November 14, 2017
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Hi Hildegard,

I'll try to explain what I know about this kind of phenomenon. Let me tell you first that I have studied and then I've taught all these subjects during 25 years, not by intellectual research but just because I have lived these phenomenons since a little girl, and I always need to understand what's happening for me and then for others...

I have fought against those bad entities very often, all my life long, but I only understood that bad entities and bad ETs are the same "spring", I mean that aliens project in our dimensions on Earth bad entities, I should say bad energies, in the goal to make us suffer and with the purpose to make us weak and scared, so we have low vibrations, and with these low vibrations they can catch us, make us leave our physical bodies and then go through our material we cross the windows, we cross the walls (during out of bodies experiences).

There is always a link, from my observations between suffering and abductions, this is not by "chance". So if this man made you suffer, it is the goal these ETs have (in your story, but it can be another suffering for others...)

Having said that, I'll try to watch with you the details you gave I can recognise :

1. The man you are talking about may be probably himself an abductee ( suffering and strange behaviour you call " as an idiot") the mind is very suffering, and sometimes is out of control. Unfortunately, abductees sometimes make ETs come on people around them...the greys take everyone then can catch. (parent and their children, man and their wife, brother and sister) lovers. This is arwful I know. I have no words to say how arwful it is...

2. the smell...some abductees say that when the greys are here (even if we can't see them, they are in a parallel dimensions) have a strange smell, sometimes described as decaying leaves of trees or  the smell of humus, or sometimes it is compared to the smell of mushroom. It is always an unpleasant odor. I remember an american woman who said it was the first sign she could have when they arrived.

3. This very bad presence in your room and you wake up, this is tipically the story of abductions, and the fear goes immediatly, no doubt: we feel in a huge danger at once! and we know exactly where is this presence in our room. I saw four entities like that in my room and when I said them to go away very hard, they disappeared, and then I could see that the real presence was only one reptilian, He did project these images of entities in my brain, but it was him the one who tried to make me afraid, these entities didn't really exist. This is what they do to every human being since the beginning of humanity, but we are not enough aware to be conscious of that. Every bad emotion comes from them, I mean not only for abductees but for everyone in the world. He was very angry that I could see the truth, he went away very angry against me, as if a human being couldn't be as aware as I am. I could feel he had no solution anymore to act on me. I shouted while he was going away in another dimension: "I am stronger than you!" but he didn't turn back on me, he just left as someone who would have lost the fight... I could feel his thoughts, he would have loved to destroy me! then I thought I was really crazy to dare talking like that to such a bad being! 

4. the soft crack : this my personal observation, I can here a little "bang" myself, or sometimes a noise that would do a key knocking on the window, like a little 'tick tick"...I have noticed it was at the very moment they cross the window. I mean it is some kind of a sound that is made when ETs cross the material...I would like some scientists could listen and study our observations but they never do 🙂

5. Someone happens sometimes we can hear their rapid footsteps on the ground (sometimes described like animals running)

6. I know so well those visions you are talking about...I was so scared as a little girl, always going so fall asleep, I knew I will see horrible faces they put in my mind, always in the goal of make us suffering. Some people say these ETs feed themselves with our bad emotions, I don't believe that, it is just to cacht us, as I said before. That's the reason why going to bed, we have to push away any bad emotion, and to feed our own brain with good feelings and good images, as a wall against there bad energies, and we must say "no" if ever something bad comes.

7. Two or three o'clock in the is very often the same hour for abductees, or four o'clock, maybe because this is a moment we are deeply asleep.

So Hildegard, there are so many things to say about this...I tried to help you with my own experiences and my knowledge as someone who was born able to see other dimensions. Some people may say I am not really qualified to give my advice about these subjects, and so it is hard for me to talk but I can't bear seeing people like you so alone with these horrible things to fight. 

Nerver forget you have to say "no" to those bad beings, you are stronger than them. Be free and try to love a good person...I wish you the best!

July 29, 2018
6:16 pm
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July 29, 2018
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G'day Hildegard.
Sorry that you're going through this.
My first thought was a past life attachment but as I read on this seemed less likely.

Humaines comments are interesting.
I've been actively involved in clearing negative entities for nearly 30 years & have not come across what you've described.

The left side of your body going cold is something I've heard many times. It often occurs to people who get into black magic. Not that I'm suggesting that you have but has this guy have an interest in the Wicca or Ceremonial Magick?
When we spend time with others there's an exchange of energy to some degree. (A simple example is how one picks up an accent when spending time in a foreign country) When we're intimate with another there's a higher rate of exchange.

Have you discussed this with your guy? His reaction? My gut tells me that he knows something & is carrying a secret that maybe he's either too scared or embarrassed to share. It wouldn't surprise me if he had an attached spirit/entity. Has he been involved with Ouija boards for example? (Often the cause of attachments)
Sit him down, look him in the eye & ask him 'what's up'? Maybe he's just another victim.

I've no experience with ETs so I'm seeing this from my perspective formed from my involvement with spirits & entities.
Humaine is correct to advise "I am stronger than you!". Fear empowers negative entities & is the crack that they drive a wedge into. Be strong & stand up to the presence.

The Mystics of Old advised 'Darkness cannot exist where there is Light'. Try doing the White Light visualisation technique every night before bed & see how this helps. Let us know the results if you do.

Please keep us updated. Learning from others experience gives us a better chance to help others.
Good luck.

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