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Does anybody know of a scientific basis for telepathy?
May 28, 2020
5:24 pm
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May 3, 2020
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Recently I've been forced to conclude that telepathy is real, partly because captured alien craft typically lack controls (according to several insiders), partly because of multiple reports of UFOs reacting to people's thoughts, and partly because Steven Greer and many others claim anyone can learn telepathic contact with aliens. However, now I'm in an uncomfortable position in that I can't think of any way telepathy can be explained well using science, and any real phenomenon in this universe must obey laws that can be described and quantified.

What I *can* easily believe are the following:

(1) With the proper equipment, brain waves can be read, translated into a message, and then transferred into another brain. Elon Musk's often mentioned Neuralink does this, as do other BCI devices that already exist.

(2) A perceiver can influence the outcome of a quantum event through quantum mechanics, as in the double slit experiment.

(3) Quantum objects can be entangled so that knowledge about the state of one of them discloses knowledge about the state of the other *immediately*, faster than light, absolutely independent of physical distance.

What I *can't* easily believe are the following:

(1) That the extremely complex biological phenomenon of brain waves can be read by another person without any kind of equipment.

(2) That entanglement is involved in brain operation.

(3) That "quantum teleportation" (instantaneous knowledge of an entangled object's state) is useful in any practical way for transmitting messages.

Does anybody have any insights, especially scientific insights, to overcome my listed objections? Some examples of the kind of conjectures that might satisfy me are: (1) There exist advanced alien machines that read our thoughts up close and do the work of transmitting them, even though those machines are cloaked and/or are in another part of our physical existence that we can't see. (2) Somehow we are all infected with miniature transceivers, likely as nanomachinery, which do those reading and transmitting functions I mentioned. Maybe our DNA functions as those transceivers. (3) There is some other force we don't know about yet, which carries brain waves. (4) Some structure of the universe makes everything connected, like a hologram. If you choose a conjecture of this type, though, you're going to need to explain a lot of details scientifically to justify your claim in a convincing way to me. Anybody want to try?

May 30, 2020
1:18 pm
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May 9, 2020
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Maybe this can be a start to a scientific explanation?


My wife have on a few occasions had "telepathic" dreams, or what to call them. Dreams about real world events that took place while she was asleep. These dreams are special because when she wakes up she knows it was real, they feel very much different than ordinary dreams. And when we check, what she dreamt has actually happened during the time she was sleeping.

I don't really believe in this, but it is very hard to explain with the our common scientific knowledge of today.
And I have really hard to believe that these dreams and events are just random coincidences.

May 30, 2020
2:08 pm
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May 3, 2020
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Jorgen said
Maybe this can be a start to a scientific explanation?

Thanks. Yes, I've heard enough reports of similar incidents that I am becoming convinced there is something to them.

One intriguing Wikipedia reference I found was for a "fifth force" of nature (currently, only 4 forces of nature are believed to exist):

Some speculative theories have proposed a fifth force to explain various anomalous observations that do not fit existing theories. The characteristics of this fifth force depend on the theory being advanced. Many postulate a force roughly the strength of gravity (i.e. it is much weaker than electromagnetism or the nuclear forces) with a range of anywhere from less than a millimeter to cosmological scales. Another proposal is a new weak force mediated by W′ and Z′ bosons.

The search for a fifth force has increased in recent decades due to two discoveries in cosmology which are not explained by current theories. It has been discovered that most of the mass of the universe is accounted for by an unknown form of matter called dark matter. Most physicists believe that dark matter consists of new, undiscovered subatomic particles,[1] but some believe that it could be related to an unknown fundamental force. Second, it has also recently been discovered that the expansion of the universe is accelerating, which has been attributed to a form of energy called dark energy. Some physicists speculate that a form of dark energy called quintessence could be a fifth force.

There are so many possibilities, though, that I don't know where to focus my research. Surely all these people supposedly secretly working on reverse engineering UFOs must know something technical about telepathy, but oddly I've never heard anything about that topic.

This is an important topic to me partly because I would like to get involved in one of those UFO summoning groups that camp out, fast, and generally have fun, some of which Steven Greer participates in, but I'm also wary of going "off the deep end" with all this stuff. Watching YouTube videos of mediums supposedly contacting spirits of the dead and beings from the Pleiades are a turn-off to me, so I'm trying to stay grounded in reality, via science. Also, I am a Christian, so I'm awfully reluctant to be dabbling in channeling in order to summon unknown entities.

They're Not Coming To Earth, Beings From Another Planet Are Already Here
Mar 29, 2020
Zohar StarGate TV

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