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October 2, 2015
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October 2, 2015 - 5:47 pm
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Demons In Seattle - Ghost Adventures

Demons in Seattle is the tenth episode of Season 10 of Ghost Adventures. The crews had traveled to Seattle to investigate the house of Keith Linder. The owner had claimed that the house seemed to be holding some sort of demonic force that was wrecking havoc such as demonic inscriptions written all over the wall, furniture had been turned upside down including glasses throwing, and fire spontaneously ignited in the house. Keith had been documenting these evidences for the past couple of years and the crews had a special meeting regarding the bizarre evidences provided by the owner since most of it had been caught off-camera. The crews finally decided to investigate to determine either this demonic force in the house was one of the most powerful evil forces that they had yet encountered.

The episode ended with no concrete evidence was collected by the crews. <> a couple of months later. 


Things the show didn't include that the audience and skeptic might appreciate knowing was:

  • Two previous families spoke of similar events happening to them while living in the house which included doors being shut mysteriously, doors being locked mysteriously, cabinet doors opening by themselves, voices, shadow figures and the term known as Rapping which is a loud bang attributed to Poltergeist
  • The show didnt now provide all the information gotten from the 1st Paranormal Team to investigate the house. No Bull Paranormal (searchable and reachable online) Spent 11+ hours in the house and encountered equipment malfunction, sage sticks lighting by themselves, humming noise from the house, midst captured on cam from the floor and LOUD BANGS.
  • Zak and crew also forgot to mention that the house owner not Keith gave Zak and crew permission to investigate the house. NOTE: It seems far fetch to concoct a fraudulent scheme either with the house owner involved or house owner totally oblivious to the scheme. 
  • Friends, clergy, Fire dept and other witnesses were given to the Ghost Adventures production teams months prior to the investigation but were never contacted
  • Less than 24 hrs after completing the investigation the Ghost Adventures lead researcher Dave Schradder tweeted he in fact was experiencing strange back to back nightmares while staying in Seattle during the 2 day production of the show. Zak tweeted eh found the investigation challenging. Aaron tweeted he found whole experience weird.

After the episode aired, the team discovered a disturbing EVP caught on the recorder. Ghost Adventures : Extra Pulses presented the evidence: "Listen...To Me...Kill...People" was captured after Keith left for the rest of the night. Known as the lock down segment of the show where the house occupant leaves and Zak and crew spend the night and conduct their investigations

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September 24, 2015
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October 4, 2015 - 10:36 am
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Interesting. I have watched many ghost & demon shows, like "A Haunting." Maybe not related, but I saw one of those ghost-hunting shows where surveillance video evidence was shown supposedly of objects moving by themselves. A special camera picked up a burst of ultraviolet light when an object was moved. I recently read an article that stated certain animals can see ultraviolet light. Is this physical evidence of what many of us have suspected, that our pets really do see spirits?

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October 2, 2015
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December 14, 2015 - 4:32 pm
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As a long time paranormal researcher and investigator I have never come across a truly aggressive spirit.That’s not to say such phenomena doesn’t work exist.Over the last decade I have heard numerous stories from very credible investigators, who claimed they were hit, bit and scratched by some unseen entity.In some rare instances these attacks were life threatening. We can debate and speculate how something that lacks the necessary hardware is capable of physically harming the living. It may see unimaginable but it does appear to happen and can be truly terrifying. And nothing is more terrifying than the Poltergeist.

Stories of poltergeists are as old as recorded history, the first being recorded in a Bavarian farmhouse sometime in the 4th century AD. Those who claim to have experienced this anomalous activity all report the same thing, dishes and furniture where being moved and even thrown about the house by unseen hands.Puddles of water forming in strange places, and in some rare cases physical attacks and firestarting.

Although many believe that this bizarre activity is best left to a time when superstition ruled the lives of Common man, it would appear that this anomalous activity happens even in our technologically advanced society. And one man, Keith of Bothell, Washington knows all too well that this kind of activity persists to this day. Keith has come to know the very definition of fear.

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October 2, 2015
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March 12, 2016 - 9:14 pm
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Even though this house is referred to as "The Demons in Seattle House" it actually is in Bothell, Washington not too far from me.
I saw the Ghost Adventures episode that was filmed at this location and I even had a chance to talk to a member of the GAC as well as some of the production staff. It was great seeing people from one of my favorite shows in person! After the episode aired in which no evidence was found, I kind of wrote the house and didn't think much about it.
It wasn't until a local news channel came out and aired a piece on the house in February that got me thinking about the house. It turns out that Keith, the resident of this house, had a couple paranormal investigators come out from the UK (Steve Mera and Don Philips) to spend a week at the house and conduct an investigation during that time frame. That got me thinking that something must really be going on there if people are coming over from England and staying there for a week to study and investigate the house. Then I found out that he was going to have another investigator stay there (Karissa from the East Coast) and have her paranormal team conduct a continuous investigation through cameras, audio recorders and other devices over the web.
Being that I do some paranormal investigations as well, I got back in contact with Keith and asked if he needed any help. He invited me over to help document the setup of some laser "trip wires" to see if they can catch any movement. I accepted the offer and joined Keith Karissa.
What you see here is a collection of evidence that I recorded from two separate nights of investigations with Keith and Karissa. This is an evidence review video since I didn't produce it and edit it like one of my full "Ghosts of" shows.
In this video, you can see that we get the trip wires being set off and some EVPs. In fact, the fist EVP that I present in this video is one of the best EVPs that I have ever recorded.
After seeing some evidence that Karissa the investigators from England captures, as well what I have here to show, I am confident that there is something paranormal going on in Keith's house. Sure, I didn't capture apparition drawing symbols on the wall, kitchen drawers opening on their own, candle sticks crashing into the wall or Bibles and posters bursting into flames. Now those would be really cool to see and capture on video to make the skeptical side of me become more convinced that this is a "demon" situation. Right now, I think there is a paranormal presence there that is bothering Keith.
What is this spirit's (or spirits) goal? I am not sure. All I know is that there's activity there that needs to be explored a bit more so we can hopefully find out its origin and purpose.

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January 11, 2016
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March 13, 2016 - 6:34 pm
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You don't have to convince me about ghosts, supreme beings being real! This is cool stuff!

I'm not privy to recording devices and how that whole technology works, however I ask this; what frequency or decibel range are those recording devices (audio recording device) tuned at?

If you had a recording device or several that can record between certain hertz or none hertzian waves/decibels especially from the Shuman Hertz and up to Mega Hertz range... perhaps you would capture more?

I've also wondered if the "tone" of the ghost or "resonance" of the ghost could be capture on a Chladin plate?

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