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April 3, 2020
12:39 pm
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April 3, 2020
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I think I replied earlier to someone else's intro, so I will re- do it on here. This is long people and I apologize for that but I am hoping that by posting on here someone else maybe has had same experiences .. and maybe it IS for a reason.    

Basically, craft sighting August 16, 2016 backyard looked up from cleaning a saddle, saw the two discs- they split into three and shot off to the northeast- this was in Brighton, CO .

Moved to Diamond Bar, CA in SO CAL, August 21st 2017.  Did not want to go- protested heavily but husband won the job change was needed, good; important gov't contracting.  Moved into nice rental home Aug 23.  2 weeks later had Alleged abduction ;

Sleeping went to bed at about midnight Sunday night- felt was awakened immediately , I was being watched;  saw being at end of bed and another one right next to me on my right side ( grey beings about 3-4 ft in height , suited in black, all I could see was hands and head large bulbous , those deep dark black almond eyes that were huge, staring at me or through me, four fingers on hand, the one at end of bed had its (hand) on the bottom of the comforter looking like it was ready to climb on the bed.  I was then going up and up I was right by the ceiling in our room,  and I was floating I could see my husband sleeping below, and I was yelling/screaming at him to wake up and help me,  and I was then over him to the left of the room where the window was. I kept saying, "I don't want to go with you!"  One being was in front of me and one behind me we were going through the closed and locked window! How was this possible?  I won't go into detail of what I remember of my "trip" here but I woke up in bed , jolted awake, crying, scared to death, and absolutely could not (and did not want to)  go back to sleep.  Headed downstairs to get coffee and try to comfort myself.  Pleaded with my husband not to go to work as I did not feel safe at all!     I have drawings of all of this.  I noticed much later that I have three dots in a perfect triangle shape on my upper abdomen area. 

NOTE- Very disturbing nights after this- several times I have had ringing or buzzing sound in my right ear and it only lasts a few seconds,  but first gets louder before it goes away.  I have a strong light sensitivity in my right eye, that I never had before .  I have permanent partial disability in legs due to fall down the stairs for work back in 200.   I would sometimes switch from one bedroom to another, due to the pain in my legs.   I saw lots of doctors in SO CAL for my arthritis, left hand , knees, hips, had MRIs, x-rays, blood work- resulted in finding out I have severe fibromyalgia, major arthritis in left knee,  predisposition to blood clots, and retinal burn in my right eye.  After this encounter, I did not feel safe in the master bedroom for a long time so I slept in guest room, then ultimately I would go from master to guest room,and  sometimes to the couch, all in one night.  (This has been ongoing now)      

Summer 2018 not sure of exactly when, moved from  MB to guest room, fell asleep I think, but awoke in a sweat and panic , feeling that I had just been "taken" again. Sat bolt upright had that ringing sound in my right ear, just about 10 seconds then it was gone, and I could only remember being in a rounded area (wall was rounded or curved) very brightly lit, all I could see was in front of me,  the door to another room (or maybe exit out of ship?),  and a clock or something on the wall to the left about 4 feet up.  The clock was weird,  it was a black box with RED digital numbers in it- the numbers were (9, 8, 3, 4, 1, 0) that was all I could remember.  The whole thing was glowing on this wall.  As I was sitting up in bed trying to recall this I was not completely sure of the numbers and I kept thinking "was this a countdown clock in their time? "  What was this?  It was not one of our clocks at least not that I knew of.   Maybe it was a bomb?  I disregarded this but the numbers kept plaguing me for some time. I wanted nothing but to get back home to CO more than ever.

Fast-forward to January of 2019 , we came back to CO, we bought a house again,  in our favorite place and settled in .  I was so thankful to be back in CO and out of SO CAL!  I could breathe again feel safe again.. maybe even be happy.  I kept busy putting things away and painting and all of that happy homemaker stuff for the first few weeks.  Because of my fibromyalgia and my bad legs, we decided that I should have the basement room for my office, and put a bed in there just in case I could not make it upstairs too well. (2 story house with basement so 2 sets of stairs).  So we ordered a bed and we put it together (this was end of January 2019).  I think it was the 2nd week of Feb when I finally actually slept (or tried to) in this bed in my nice office:

I was in the bed reading one of my gardening flower books, and I think I went to sleep at about 11:00 pm.  Before that I had the ringing in my ears again.  This is to the best that I can describe here what occurred; I awoke (or thought I awoke) to 3 beings in my office. Grey again, 1 was at the foot of my bed, one was right by me on my right side I could see the eyes totally black-almond shaped huge .. and devoid of any emotion.  There was another grey just by my office chair , about 7 feet from me,  sort of hiding behind it, but it came forward towards the bed.  So there were three and I was scared but I think I "said" to them,  "do what you will".   They told me I was going on a "trip" and it happened.  I felt that I was being sucked backwards into the closet behind my bed, through the closet, into somewhere else.  They were there with me the three greys , and we were definitely on a ship of sorts.  I could see all these stars, and galaxies that we were going through very very fast they were just flying by.  I was not able to breathe too well and here is the really weird part;  I FELT like I was sleeping but trying to awake and to see all of this,  but was completely exhausted , and told I  them "I wanted to sleep just for awhile,  "  They kept saying "NO" there is more to see yet , you must stay with us".  We went through so many galaxies or universes, or portals, dimensions, whatever you want to call them.  I kept waking and telling them .  "Please, no more I need to sleep now." This repeated over and over again, they took me to a room, a portal, a doorway to another time- I saw the great pyramids being build by large people with large heads,  blonde hair, not quite like us- but sort of .  I saw the dinosaurs and their demise/extinction it was from an asteroid.  I saw the asteroid impact!  I saw World War I, and I saw Hitler and , oh my god so much more.. I was completely (incoherent) to the grey beings by this time and they put something over my head to help me breathe better. It was not a helmet but kind of a cloth like material very shiny.  Anyway back through the stars, and cosmos, or wherever we were, and whatever we were doing at an incredible speed! When we finally came back to the room (my office of which I am in now), they left me. I awoke back in my bed here and was so PHYSICALLY EXHAUSTED from this whole ordeal. I slept until 11 am.  When I woke up for real, I was scared again and thought to myself, "they can get me anytime, anywhere.." I was in total despair.  I told my husband what happened and I was quite hysterical.  He knows that I believe it was not a dream.  He thinks this was a bad dream of sorts.  I reported it to MUFON -everything here (but really got no help).  I have not slept in the bed in this room since that happened. 

I move from our masterbedroom bed to the guest bedroom still and very frequently.  I get ringing in my ears and I have heard it just waking up in the bed in the middle of the night through my pillow.. I have gone to the window "just because" in our master bedroom and looked out and up, then I quickly close the drapes.  I have been jarred awake like I have been dropped back into my bed , several times.  I have seen marks on my body other than the triangle, I have one on my upper shoulder /back that bothers me horribly constantly itching and I keep making it bleed,  but it is not healing and going away,  no matter if I cover it with Neosporin and band aids. 

Now, fast forward  to yesterday April 3 2020.  We are in the COVID-19 pandemic now, and we are all staying at home and most of us are scared stiff.. This is horrible,  and tragic and probably many of us are thinking about our own mortality now.  So my husband and I are just lying in bed and to relax him I just normally draw my fingers down his back making small pictures of flowers, horses, houses, things like that.. I have been doing this since we met in 1983 so it is comfortable.  So I am using my right hand to draw when I notice that my index finger is suddenly drawing numbers.. I close my eyes and just let my hand go and sub-consciously then consciously draw the following numbers; 8, 9, 4, 1, 3, 0  in that order.  As I realize what these numbers were and that my hand and mind were coming together on this, I was remembering the black box  on the wall of the (ship) from (encounter) summer of 2018.  I pulled away violently from my husband and let him go to sleep, I left to go downstairs sit on my recliner, and watch YouTube FOX , President Trump Coronavirus Task Force Briefing, Hannity, and I get this ringing in my right ear again- about 10 seconds it increases in volume very quickly but then its gone.  So I shut the tv off and grabbed my iphone .. those numbers I drew , relentlessly poking me in my mind and won't leave me alone.  I grabbed my phone and went to Google, and typed in those numbers in that order: 894130 , and what I found shocked me.  Maybe that is too light of a wording here.  I was mind - blown- freaked out.  Don't take my word for it here,  type it in for yourselves, and you will see that this is a protein coating for a virus or germ ..  like COVID-19 !  NCBI  PCLA 894130 aminotransferase is what comes up (whatever this is)    A whole list comes up that I  do not understand.  Maybe someone like a biologist, much more knowledgeable than me , can look at that and make some sense of it. 

But for me, with what has happened with me,  is this number, knowing this number , was shown to me back in summer of 2018 by a (encounter) or is this a coincidence?  ( maybe it was a warning from the EBE's that this virus was going to happen/ be made and there was nothing we could do to stop it).   Maybe now there is our smoking gun people.   

April 4, 2020
9:18 pm
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August 6, 2019
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Hello Susan 👋


Thank you for sharing your experiences and I appreciate the attention to detail with dates. NCBI =National Center for Biotechnology Information. PCLA might be “PclA, a Pneumococcal Collagen-Like Protein With Selected Strain Distribution, Contributes to Adherence and Invasion of Host Cells”

from what I understand there is research with this protein in connection to invasive pneumonia. I am not sure what the numbers mean. 

I had an experience as a teenager around 2003, which I later found out to be an attack from an alien using a machine (similar to chopsticks) to steak my eggs or gene manipulation. Not sure but it was very traumatic. 

April 29, 2020
10:19 pm
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April 3, 2020
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Thank you for reading it and replying.  I have never done this before online so it is a little embarrassing I think and unnerving to admit this stuff, but more people should come forward I think.   My hubby does not believe in this stuff or refuses to believe it would change the paradigm for him.  I do not know about the egg stealing part I can't remember a thing of what actually happened to me in that August of 2017 in SOCal.  I do remember getting to be escorted around the ship a bit, then I woke up or was dropped back in bed..  I believe there is something very real going on here with so many UFO's being reported, my own sighting, and there is just so  much evidence out there.   I do not know if I believe they are here for the benefit of mankind - if so why don't they come down and stop the Corona virus?  Or maybe it and SARS is from them ..from some experiment in China with Extraterrestrials?  I think I read in one of Timothy Good's books that China, in Wuhan , had some thing going on there that had to do with the study of ET's.  I am hoping for a peaceful night tonight.  Be Well.      

May 8, 2020
2:11 am
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April 26, 2020
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Wow.. what an experience! I know this actually happened to you - reasons why is because you ARE correct on the aminotransferase.

Here is what I wrote in response to the other article on here:


Transaminases or aminotransferases are enzymes that catalyze a transamination reaction between an amino acid and an α-keto acid. They are important in the synthesis of amino acids, which form proteins.

The simple response I wrote, is exactly what this does. You see.. in an converted process, it affects the enzymatic order of Transaminases. Therefore the conversion process goes all the way from producing red and white blood cells in the bone marrow; to the conversion rate of cellular applications. The conversion rates are just that.. transamination reaction. 

noun: transamination
the transfer of an amino group from one molecule to another, especially from an amino acid to a keto acid.
Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and Folate - (methylfolate in conversion) makes Ascorbic acid give a 'electron' over to the formation of the enzymatic factor. An act of transamination.

"Another biochemical role of vitamin C is to act as an antioxidant (a reducing agent) by donating electrons to various enzymatic and non-enzymatic reactions.[4] Doing so converts vitamin C to an oxidized state - either as semidehydroascorbic acid or dehydroascorbic acid. These compounds can be restored to a reduced state by glutathione and NADPH-dependent enzymatic mechanisms."

Those 'greys'... well.. they are 'insecta' type of species. There has been a major confusion on who the real 'greys' were throughout the years. So, no.. the EBEs did not give you a warning... they just told you how to protect yourself from COVID infection. The deamination process is exactly what the virus does.

Now I am just using the 'transamination' as a reference of action - not intended to be direct onto the amino acid counterpart as long it demonstrate basic understanding of 'transference motion'.


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