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Insectalins' Intentions
October 15, 2017
11:01 pm
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October 11, 2017
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Picking up on Dr. David M. Jacobs' research, my interest is in what the alien species that the good doctor calls insectalins are up to in regard to Earth. Doctor Jacobs has come to the realization that the insectalins are the driving force behind the abduction phenomenon. Based on Jacobs' work and some rather wild speculation on my part, I have put together an outline of just what may be happening. The bottom line is that we are literally an endangered species.

So with no further ado, here it is...


The following is speculation as to what the purpose may be behind the alien intrusion of our planet.

Based on the weak but rather abundant evidence gathered from abductees, there is a species of intelligence alien life that is kidnapping humans as part of a goal-oriented program. The aliens abduct us not because they are interested in studying our physiology or our psychology, societies, economic systems, or any other aspect of our existence. Instead, it appears that they are using abductions as a means of supplanting us.

Two questions immediately arise from this observation. The first is, if the aliens want to get rid of us, then why not just kill us off and take the globe for themselves? Why infiltrate, instead? The second question is, why do they want Earth to begin with?

Taking up the first question first, the aliens are breading neurologically superior hybrid human beings who can control the thoughts—and therefore the actions—of native residents. From what abductees are saying, the aliens are sending massive numbers of these individuals into our societies in a stealthy manner to be called upon at a future date. In order to accomplish this infiltration task, the aliens have been working on a hybridization project for a long time, perhaps since the late nineteenth century. Over this period, the “processing” of human beings would have required a gigantic investment in personnel, material, and sheer mental and physical effort—at least from our point-of-view—all with the aim of eliminating our presence on the planet.

To put this in perspective, consider the Roper poll of the early nineteen nineties that sought to estimate the number of people being abducted. The conservative figure that came out of the survey indicated that two percent of the United States population was being targeted. Project this world wide and the number approaches 149,000,000. That is one hundred forty-nine million people as of the year 2016.

Now, going at a project for a century may seem like a considerable period. However, to an advanced species, such an interval might be significantly less in duration. Terrestrial medicine has stretched out the life expectancy of humans to a large extent just over the past fifty years. It may be that the aliens have done an even better job of it over the last few thousand years, if not longer. In fact, it may be that the aliens are immortal. Should their bodies die they may be able to transfer their minds to new bodies (or even weave in and out of their forms as they leave the physical environment in favor of the non-physical one only to return at will). Given their technological capabilities, one hundred years to us might seem like only a minute to them.

However, even for an immortal species, there had to have been an easier way of taking over the planet.

The answer to that is undoubtedly there was. One such possibility would have been to infect the planet with some deadly disease for which we would not have had enough time to find a cure, if finding one was even possible. Had they taken this road, there no doubt would have been massive ecological damage—even back in the nineteenth century. However, the price of clean-up (if ecological damage had even been a consideration) would certainly have been much less than the approach they are currently taking. So, again, why not just exterminate us?

The answer seems rather obvious: they want us in place—at least temporarily. Ultimately, what they really want is an advanced and controllable version of us. That is to say, a V2.0 of us. However, to obtain 2.0, they need 1.0. Hence, the abduction project. Otherwise, it would have made sense for them to have eliminated us which they have not done.

It is true that they could have swept up a large percentage of our populations to bread V2.0 into existence, killing off the rest of us in the meantime. However, as mentioned above, this possibly could have resulted in a significant amount of environmental damage due to degradation of industrial and / or military infrastructure. The effects of such degradation could have been detrimental to 2.0, so perhaps ecological factors were a consideration after all. In any event, it appears that the aliens need 2.0 on the surface, building their numbers until they can take over and run the planet themselves. Otherwise, breeding them up would have been a major waste of resources.

Turning to the second question, just why do they want the planet?

The answer to that is also obvious: Earth is of interest to them. The deeper question is, what kind of interest? Whatever the answer is to that appears to at least tangentially involve the answer to the first question. That is to say, this planet is of interest because V2.0 in conjunction with the real estate somehow allows them to achieve their goals. So, what could those goals be? One possibility that comes to mind is—as strange as this may sound—aesthetics.

A little thoughtful consideration may bring such a notion into the realm of credibility. Here is what is meant. To the aliens we might seem like insects, small and insignificant. They may be so far in advance of the human species that any thought of interacting with us in other than a utilitarian manner would be like us interacting with ants. How do humans deal with ants? Do we negotiate with them? Do we trade with them? Do we try to integrate their culture into our societies? No. We generally try to rid ourselves of them. They are so far down the evolutionary scale that they have almost nothing to offer and, in fact, are often thought of as vermin.

It may have been that when the aliens first cast their eyes on our corner of the galaxy, what confronted them was the equivalent of an open field rife with ugly weeds and nasty anthills. This may have moved them to “till the soil,” so to speak, with the aim of creating what they consider to be a garden. There may even be a practical side to this pursuit. It may be that by beautifying this neck of the woods (read, Earth), they may be getting some material benefit out of it.

Consider the following, somewhat whimsical, terrestrial example.

It is the year 2117. Genetic engineering has reached lofty heights and can now be applied to even mundane problems, like that series of anthills among the backyard shrubbery. You actually like the anthills (odd, but that is your particular preference) but do not like the ants that inhabit them. They bite, carry diseases, and show up everywhere. So, do you take a shovel at the problem, turning the infestation over to the land fill down the road? Of course you do not: you want those anthills, just not the ants. As such, you visit your local nursery and purchase a hybridization pack.

This device measures a mere three inches on each side, and may be used in several different ways. One of those ways is for it to capture existing ants, extract their DNA, modify it, and grow a superior version that will do your bidding—all without biting, causing illness, or invading your home. What you desire is twofold. First, you want the current population gone. Second, and perhaps even more important, you want the new inhabitants to dig and then maintain an underground tunnel to the nearby creek so as to bring back water for the shrubs. This way you can avoid paying the local water district while keeping your backyard lush.

The superior ants infiltrate the anthills unbeknownst to most of the indigenous inhabitants and over the period of a year increase their presence until they dominate. Along the way there are some ants that get the impression that their colonies are acquiring what appears to be an outside presence. These residents sound the alarm that society is being invaded. However, most of their fellow ants dismiss this notion as ridiculous. They say to these anxious types that even if it were true, whatever is behind the invasion is sure taking its time about it. They ask, why not just wipe us out and take the colonies all at once? Instead, from what the prophets-of-doom are claiming, the invasion is progressing at a rate that will take generations for an overthrow to occur. (Author’s note: male ants usually live for about a week; worker ants for a few months.) Finally, the doubters insist that such a project would require a massive investment in material and labor, certainly one that is much larger than if the malevolent force just exterminated their species. It just does not make any since.

Unfortunately, it is right about this point that the superior ants finally gain the upper hand. They march the locals out who are greeted by a splash of gasoline and a lit match. After V1.0 is gone, 2.0 gets to work digging the tunnel and keeping it in good working order thereafter.

Final result: you improve the beauty of your garden—make that your backyard—and get free water out of the deal.

To recap, what has been presented is, by necessity, only speculation. However, it does fit much of the evidence of alien involvement with our planet as is currently known.




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