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Disclosing Without Disclosing
July 22, 2015
5:51 am
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July 18, 2015
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I was interested in .. Disclosure .. if it's still a topic of conversation .. here are a few points worth considering.

I have include observations by Michelle Walling and Art Greenfield even though I don't necessarily totally agree with what they put forward (what does agreeing have to do with the great scheme of coverups) as well as other statistics as they open up and put forward some interesting topics worth considering and debating ..

like reptillians have taken over quite a while ago .. and Demanding Implant/microchip Removal

Disclosing Without Disclosing

The Truth Is - there are not many People who can handle knowing The Truth.

There may be more to The Story of destruction of Earth's food stuffs People and resources aspartame diseases coal seam gas mining pollution chemtrails geoengineering banks corporations the Catholic Church secret societies eugenic society campaigns military groups governments History and Saving The Earth usually not entertained as a plausible relevant possibility.

Did You Know Disclosure Has Occurred ! ?

Finally after over 50 years of continuous LIES by US and World Governments Disclosure has occurred. Unsealed Alien Files unsealedfiles.com .. disclosure.org theblackvault.com

Except nearly no one still seems to know anything about it.

MJ3 Developed A Plan - that will allow release of Project Aquarius Volumes I thru to III. The release program calls for a gradual release of information over a period of time in order to condition The Public for future Disclosures. Atch 5 of this briefing contains certain guidelines for future Public releases.

Project Aquarius - implies that there is a Plan in place to reveal information on extra terrestrials in a way that Humans could handle. Some sources say that if the information was revealed all at once mass panic would happen as a result. Could the governments of The World be preparing us for contact ?

The idea that bad news about alien contact would cause big problems came from the Brookings Report. Those fears are reflected in the 1960 US federally funded study by the Brookings Institution warned that Public knowledge of alien life could cause Civilization to collapse.

Disclosing without Disclosing

Disclosure occurred a few years ago and with the US Disclosure the Russians also have Disclosed. Unsealed Alien Files unsealedfiles.com is up to Season 4.

All or most of those UFO and aliens stories were REAL stories of REAL Events.

Dark Skies the series Taken the series Stargate and Babylon 5 were REAL Stories of REAL Events that occurred. Dark Skies at the start inferred it was Not Fiction.

Many Sci Fi's are Not REALLY Science Fiction as many are actually SCIENCE FACT.

Genres - it's the Genre (John Ra) (a French word that means categories) that puts them all together. This also gave Writer's before Disclosure the opportunity to blend in SCIENCE FACT into the Sci Fi Genre.

Non Disclosure occurs in a Capitalist Society it cannot exist in a Democratic Society.

Capitalism is the opposite of Democracy. No one disagrees we are in a Capitalist Society.

Democracy - says You Have Rights and I Have Rights and I Don't Have The Right to take Your Rights off You and You Don't have the Right to take My Rights off Me and We All Have The Right to Follow The Law The Laws out of The Bible. (sworn on in Courts of Law) ie: Hebrew Law

Capitalism - or Barbarian Corporate Law is a Steam Roller that rolls over You and Whoever to squeeze Your Money out of You and does not care much about The Law. ie: Barbarian Law

Before Disclosure there were 2 Main Groups.

Those that Wanted to Disclose and those that Did Not want to disclose.

Those that Wanted Disclosure - was made up from THE REAL PEOPLE that actually experienced these Events occurring for many years ie: Astronauts Generals Staff etc including People that experienced visitations abductions etc. and most of the rest of The World.

Some believed that Disclosure could be a way to create awareness of the extent of The Situation and Defeat the alien takeovers of Earth.

Those that Did Not Want to Disclose - was mainly made up of 2 Groups. Group 1 those that believe in citing National Security to justify murdering anyone and all to keep it a secret ie: Military Groups and Group 2 those that are sympathetic to alien invasions including entrenched alien groups on Earth that control The Finances of The Earth and had been Funding Corporations Eugenic Groups Military Groups and Space Exploration by Exploiting The People of Earth for centuries. Holding back technologies to stagnate and hold back Earth's Advancements and The Advancement of Earth. If Disclosure occurred this Group believed it would be Catastrophic. This is because they mainly were all GUILTY of Crimes Against Humanity and many other LEGAL Charges for murder etc. and they were implicated with alien Groups taking over Earth. ie: TREASONABLE ACTIONS AGAINST EARTH ie: Enemies of Earth

What also accompanies Non Disclosure is lies coverups deceit compartmentalisation and hiding The Truth of The Matter at any cost labeling TOP SECRET with Corruption and eventual Destruction of The Law by the law as well as accompanied by lies deceit deception and coverups for any other reason deemed by the then authorities as being for National Security reasons. ie: Corruption and Destruction of The Law by the law for vested interests.

Non Disclosure and Banking Groups and corporations are directly responsible for Corruption of THE LAW by the law and the current massive increase of Organised Crime Takeover Groups.

Not Knowing Non Disclosure - is an Enemy Tactic usually associated with Surprise Attacks that is applicable in many Fields right down to a Complete Takeovers covertly. When You Don't Know You Don't Know its that simple. Many Battles and Wars have been lost by Not Knowing. If Your Government does not tell You it has been Taken Over is mainly because those that have Taken Over have Full Co Operation of The Government News Medias etc and would restrict that sort of Information to be Publicly aired on News Medias TV etc. Diversionary Tactics utilised instead promoting Sporting Events Controversy or Wars etc. It is usually easier to Takeover clandestinely than Full On Confrontation sometimes the motive being Earth's Resources. The Powers That Be also have an interest in keeping Non Disclosure as They would have to be a Party to these Events occurring for many years through Political circumstances and Financial Interests as well as alien Takeovers of Earth may have been going on longer than most account for and for this Reason The Status (Reptillian through the Catholic Church) Quo may be maintained with the current Destruction of Earth being the Evidence this is The Case.

By Broadcasting on TV REAL EVENTS though presented as a Sci Fi sort of satisfied those that Did Want to Disclose and they couldn't say they hadn't told The Story. While Satisfying those that Did Not Want to Disclose as Everyone really thought it was Fiction because it was a Sci Fi.

Stargate ran for 17 years on TV. Startrek ?

At the end of Dark Skies they LOST to a parasitic alien takeover.
At the end of Taken they LOST to a parasitic alien takeover.
At the end of Stargate the Earth was taken over by a parasitic alien takeover that infiltrates into The Trust and the Finances and Corporations of The Earth.

Reports Before Disclosure occurred stated over 157 alien Nations are visiting Earth.

This puts it more like The Men In Black movies scenarios occurring.

Q) So where are we at ?

1916: Germany The US Federal Reserve - was setup and owned by Germany under directions of International Banking Groups from Rothchild since 1916.

Germany in the 1920's had their Roswell and by WWII had reverse engineered various operational prototypes.

US Wall Street Bankers - amongst others Financed Hitlers Rise to Power whilst making large profits at the same time.

1922: Germany When National Socialism ñ was emerging railroad impresario W. Averell Harriman traveled to Berlin and interviewed the Thyssen family with a view to founding a German-U.S. bank. The Thyssens were already behind the scenes owners of several financial institutions that allowed them to transfer their money from Germany to the Netherlands and from there onto the US. The banks in question were the August Thyssen Bank headquarters in Berlin the Bank voor Handel (Netherlands) and the Union Banking Corporation (New York).

1923: US Harriman and the Thyssens - set up a bank and appointed George Herbert Walker Prescottís father in law as president.

1926: US Harriman and the Thyssens - established the Union Banking Corporation (UBC) with Prescott Bush at the helm. That same year Prescott Bush was also named vice president and partner at Brown Brothers Harriman. Both firms allowed the Thyssens to send money to the United States from Germany via the Netherlands. UBC became a Secret channel to protect Nazi capital leaving Germany for the United States via the Netherlands. When the Nazis needed to retrieve their funds Brown Brothers Harriman sent them directly to Germany. In this way UBC received money from the Netherlands and Brown Brothers Harriman sent it back. The executive of both of these companies was Prescott Bush the Nazis money launderer. A significant part of the Bush familys financial base is related to financing supporting and aiding Adolph Hitler.

1931: Germany Thyssen - joined the Nazi party becoming one of the most powerful members of the Nazi war machine. At that time the magnate presided over the German Steel Trust a steel industry consortium founded by Clarence Dillon one of Wall Streets most influential men. One of Dillonís most trustworthy collaborators was Samuel Bush Prescotts father. Prescott Bush and other directors of the Union Banking Company (UBC) were Nazi collaborators. A number of other US corporations aided the Nazis such as Rockefellers Chase Bank Standard Oil as well as US automobile manufacturers Ford.

America Had Financed The Nazis - through German American International Bankers under directions of International Banking Groups directed by the Rothchild corporation.

Heisenberg had reverse engineered John Keely's non polluting nuclear physics into the polluting nuclear physics known making the bomb for Hitler who nuked the US twice. Von Braun and Nazi Rocket Scientist's formed NASA. SS Gestapo made up 50% of the CIA when formed in 1947. Vannevar Bush was in Majestic 12 when formed in 1947. US Presidents Roosevelt Eisenhower and Truman all made deals with various alien groups.

1974: US Government Majestic NASA and Carl Sagen initiate the SETI program to search for extra terrestrial intelligence (even though Earth had been invaded by various alien groups for decades) and did the dumbest thing ever done (High Treason) by sending a message into outer space as well as sending a satellite giving away intelligence reports about Earth giving away the location how many etc. to any and all in outer space selling us all and Earth out to any friendly or aggressive alien groups. They came in droves reported to be over 160 various alien groups currently visiting inhabiting Earth. Some finding no opposition dug straight in making undersea and underground bases. If any complaints they just say they were Invited here by the US government.

Current Governments - kept partially in the dark by their own Elite Masters who secretly pull all strings remain behind the scenes working through their political financial & media agents. These Secret elements that rule over Kings & Presidents comprise the Cabals of The New World Order. Not only do they run the majority of The Worlds financial resources through such leading families as The Rothschild's Bush's and Rockefeller's they also run all governments Royal Families Intelligence Services Military and Media Empires. They use front organisations to set their agendas. The Council on Foreign Relations CFR based in New York the Royal Institute of International Affairs RIIA based in Chatham House London the Trilateral Commission the Round Table Bohemian Grove the Club of Rome the Bilderberg Group the ADL the Rhodes Scholars and many other fronts. Through The Rothschilds The Rockefellers and many others in the international banking system and the big multinationals the insiders who support The New World Order have huge influence with the IMF and World Bank. Through various trans national corporations operating by collective prescription and enforcement through The World Trade Organisation in concert with its prototype the NAFTA its European collaborator the EU and such derivative regional instruments as the FTAA APEC and the MAI. Through governments advisory bodies and ministries they control all the western intelligence agencies CIA DIA DNI J-2 NSA Mossad SIS MI6 etc with secrecy levels allotted determining what part is required to be known by any one serving element. Compartmental Secrecy. They have maintained the UFO cover up through the Jason Scholars of Majestic 12 and supported Secrecy surrounding The Reality of benign & negative Extra Terrestrial Intelligence.

The Global Elites - have pursued their own materialist agendas behind the scenes for centuries. They are servants of six Dark Lords that comprise The Black Lodge. Three in the Occident and three in the Orient. These beings are Masters on the lower Astral planes. Their power over any one Cabal member is dependant on a resonance of energies. Fear greed and ambition being pre requisites. Beings still caught in the grip of the dark will bring utter chaos to your realm. We cannot over emphasize the importance of removing this cabal from power. They seek to enslave this realm and later to use it as a base to lash out at the rest of Civilized Humanity in this Galaxy. These foul Beings are the last remnant of Galactic aliens that long ago swore a Solemn Oath of Obedience to the dark entity known as Anchara. They live solely for Power and for the ability to abuse it as they see fit.

With Privatisation - comes Privatisation of Government Departments into Corporations that all that is required is enough money to buy into that particular Corporation and influence the agendas of those Corporations.

Many extremely Wealthy so called Humanitarian Foundations Funding Gross Crimes against Humanity and Destruction of The Environment Flora Fauna and Humans. Obviously the meaning of the word Humanitarian has changed.

Environmental Protection Agencies - is blatant FRAUD and FRAUDULENT being called that with Chemtrails combined with Coal Seam Gas Mining Grossly Polluting Water tables on Earth and Destruction of The Environment Floras and Faunas on a Global scale.

Cell Phones - and portable home phones have been reported to cause the following: Headaches heating behind the ear fatigue and memory loss. Increases free radical production increasing toxicity. Impair the immune system by slowing the repair of DNA. Increases the permeability of the blood/brain barrier resulting in toxic chemicals reaching the brain. Reduced sex drive by reducing testosterone production. Premature aging and age line formation on the face. Increased stress levels. Creating DNA breaks or slowing their repair leading to cell mutation and cancers. Sleeplessness confusion circadian rhythm alteration effecting sleep patterns with Smart Meters capable of doing all that and much more.

1980: US Chemtrails America Decides - to introduce a Dedicated Spray Program to systematically exterminate all life on Earth using many methods including Chemtrails aimed at millions of People across The Earth initiated by Nato and US Forces Globally turning Nato and US Forces into Global Mass Murderers doing Population Culling. Chemtrails are trails left behind by aerial spraying of toxic chemicals heavy metals bacterias and pathogens into the atmosphere. Most spraying bombardments on Countries on large Population Centers are done at night. Chemtrails affect Everything Flora Fauna all Animals and Everyone on The Planet. Chemtrail residues are found in the air in water samples Everywhere in the food chain on clothes and in hair samples. The elected US Government gives the go ahead to intentional aerial spraying of toxic compounds into the atmosphere unleashes the Greatest Crimes Against the Entire Planet the World has ever seen. North America South America England Europe Middle East Asia New Zealand and Australia all report daily barrages of chemtrails sprayed into the atmosphere. Chemtrails kill People slowly with escalating statistics of many People dying from a range of unexplained respitory ailments. Polymer fibers are used as a binding agent for dessicated red blood cells that are combined with anthrax spores lupus smallpox and a mixture of known pathogens to cause Human ill health and deadly to the Human Organism aimed at Major Population Centers are increasing in strength. Aluminium titanium barium salts mycoplasmas with polymer fibers into mixed pathogen cocktails.

Chemtrails are trails left behind by Aerial Spraying of Toxic Chemicals Heavy Metals Bacterias and Pathogens into the atmosphere. Most Spraying Bombardments on Countries are on Large Population Centers are done at night. Chemtrails affect Everything Flora Fauna all Animals and Everyone on The Planet. Chemtrail residues are found in the air in water samples Everywhere in the food chain on clothes and in hair samples.

Full Blown Chemtrail Bombardments On All Citizens Of Earth - with an overburdened Human Immune System constantly fighting against multiple constant infections coupled with various types of virus toxins bacterias heavy metals and pathogens causes the Human Immune System to be less effective making The Human Immune System unable to fight off common infections colds and influenza's with symptoms of listlessness depression weakened Health System aching joints dissiness allergic reactions shortness of breath lethargic feelings of hopelessness.

2001: 26 June US Chemtrails Center For Disease Control CDC - list Chronic Lower Respitory Diseases from Unknown airborne causes as the 5th leading cause of death in the US an increase of over 3,000 % from previous years.

Germany Is The Richest In The World

2001: Germany Is The Richest - most financial Country in The World. Top 1000 Richest People in The World are mainly Nazi executives with many Japanese names on The List.

2002: Germany Is The World's Financial Leaders - many of The Top Richest People in The World Top 1000 are German with a Big Percentage being in or from The Nazi Regime. Many Japanese interests grace the pages of The Top 1000.

Earth and Peoples Totally Contaminated Already With A Half Life Of 4.5 Billion Years

2006: US Permanent Radioactive Contamination Of Earth Achieved !

2006: US Earth Totally DU Contaminated - for 9 Billion Years !

2007: US GM Cross Fertilization - occurs when growing gm crops well known to cross contaminate and cross fertilize other crops with cross infections to many other or all other species noted with GM Cross Fertilization or Outcrossing.

US GM Foods Not Labelled - the American Consumer for many years consuming gm products without knowing the US govt ruled no labeling was necessary.

2007: US Terminator Technology Corporate Control - of Genetic Research funded by the US government has created a Loss of intellectual diversity in many fields or any field that opposes gm research with conflicting datas in genetically modified foods that really is scientifically proven long ago with much evidence that gm foods reacting on a cellular level create suppressed immune systems cancers and cancer of the stomach.

US The Terminator Gene Technology - the tgt is basically a suicide gene to put into World Food Crops etc after 1 planting of a Food Crop the farmer commits suicide leaving the crop to be harvested later. The seeds are sterile and will give a sterile crop for the next season. Many Corporations on Earth research these fields with 15 patents on Suicide Technology.

US Outcrossing GM TGT Crops - gm crops well known to cross contaminate and cross fertilize to other crops escaped. Outcrossing occurred when growing experimental Suicide Gene Crops. Co owner of The Terminator Gene Technology is the US government.

2008: 28 April Nanotechnology GNA - is DNA's chemical Counsin is a Nanotechnology Building Block. The first self assembled Nanotechnology structures composed entirely of glycerol nucleic acid GNA a synthetic analog of DNA. The Nanostructures contain additional properties not found in DNA including the ability to form mirror image structures.

The Evidence - is So Great that Everyone has been subjected to Eugenic Society Campaigns for many decades possibly centuries many various ways to Wipe Out all Human Races with Wars spreading Depleted Uranium Chemtrails vaccines virus' diseases Food Warfare Genetically Mutated Foods dumbing down campaigns Aspartame etc. to intentionally polluting water tables (Coal Seam Gas Mining does not seem to recognise a Need for Environment Laws) and rampant Pillaging of Earth's Resources and Destruction of Earth is way too obvious.

After Fifty Years Of Non Stop Lies and Deceit - from AEC US govt. Nuclear Industries and all military groups about being able to "Safely" dispose of extremely hazardous nuclear waste this is "The Techniques" used by these groups against The Entire Earth.

Depleted Uranium - is a deadly toy in the hands of psychopathic Americans. A particle of DU ingested or inhaled can cause one or more of the 90+ seriously debilitating diseases fatal or temporarily non fatal. Half life of DU is 4.5 billion years destroys all living things The Environment and destroys perfectly healthy lives across The Earth.

These subjects explain where all The Money has been going instead of feeding the starving and housing the homeless etc. governments are more interested in psychopathically killing everyone dozens of ways and taking Your home away from You to sell off to create the homeless while Economic Hitmen sell off Your Country to send all the Money into space related projects. The Rich get Richer in the US the Richest 1% own more assets than 90% of the Population combined Globally the Richest 2% own more than 50% of the assets Organised Crime Groups taking over Corporations and Military Groups and governments ie: Corruption of THE LAW by the law an Increase in the Human Slave Trade is known this also translates to alien abductions and the alien Slave Trade of Humans to alien Nations with GROSS CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY for many years. Genetically Mutated Foods cross pollinate with non mutated Foods will cause a Global Pandemic and non stop Chemtrails for more than 40 years with manufactured plagues while Aspartame creates a Global dumbed down World Autistic Population.

With Aspartame Use - all offspring are born with holes in the brain. Aspartame Effects protein synthesis effecting DNA headaches migraines dizziness double vision poor equilibrium change of moods vomiting or nausia abdominal pains and cramps change in vision diarrhea seizures and convulsions memory loss short term memory loss fatigue weakness hearing loss and other neurological problems rashes sleep problems hives hyperglycemia change in heart rate itching numbness tingling local swelling change in activity level difficulty in breathing lymphatic system problems seizures silent strokes cardiac arrest seizures oral sensory changes change in menstruel pattern brain damage with most symptoms associated with the Human nervous system most effected has an impact on bio transmitters in the brain biogenic omines and seratonin production liver problems nausea numbness muscle spasms weight gain depression fatigue irritability tachycardia insomnia vision problems hearing loss heart palpitations breathing difficulties anxiety attacks slurred speech loss of taste tinnitus vertigo memory loss and joint pain can lead to chemical imbalances that cause depression and other mood and emotional disorders neurological damages permanent motor dysfunction and visual disturbances leading to blurred or dimmed vision and eventually blindness brain chemistry problems fibre mialgia lupus increased brain tumor rates causes cancers leukemia lymphoma increases in malignant cancer rates and death associated with ingestion of aspartame.

Genetically Mutated Foods Potential Human Health Effects - judging by the absence of Published Data in peer reviewed Scientific Literature apparently no Human Clinical Trials with GM Food have ever been conducted. From the results the Conclusion seems inescapable that the present crude method of Genetic Modification has not delivered GM crops that are Predictably Safe and Wholesome. Arpad Pusztai Ph.D. Insertian of any DNA into the Plant may result in phenotypic changes desirable or undesirable. Every transformant Should be Scientifically Evaluated Before it enters The Marketplace. Thousands of plant biochemicals have been shown to have Toxic Effects on Animals. These plants Toxicants could conceivably be HARMFUL to Humans. Residues of plant constituents or Toxicants in meat and milk products may pose Human Food Safety Problems.

Genetic Mutations GM GMO Biotech Industry Manipulating Genes and Science - dr Ronald Kleinmann "There are no cancer risks associated with Agriculture Production through Biotech. None whatsoever." The Biotech Industry proclaiming GMO's won't harm Human Health the same Industry that said DDT and Agent Orange were perfectly safe. This differs Dramatically with the findings that the widely grown GMO corn variety raised the rate of cancer and increased the risk of kidney and liver problems in rats.

2008: 12 November GM Food Damages Fertility Confirmed - it has been Confirmed in a new Austrian study that GM corn has damaging effect upon the reproductive system. Many doctors are seeing male infertility on the Rise. Also creating premature aging insulin regulation and changes in major organs and the gastrointestinal system. Their conclusions state that the relationship between GM food and adverse Health Effects is no longer Questionable there is Real Causation.

GM Foods Pose A Serious Health Risk - in the areas of toxicology allergy and immune function reproductive health and metabolic physiologic and genetic Health. Reproductive Problems Immune System Problems Accelerated Aging Organ Damage Gastrointestinal Distress Dysfunctional Regulation of Cholesterol and Insulin.

Germ Cells Have Replaced YOUR HUMAN Cells - YOU Are Only half Human NOW !

2010: 29 January US Doctors Of Death One Of The Most Remarkable Recent Discoveries - about The Human Body is that Most of OUR Cells NOW are not all Human Cells anymore. After many years of being bombarded with non stop virus'.

US Doctors Of Death Germ Cells - have replaced YOUR HUMAN Cells. Unbelievably there are 10 Times as many bacterial cells in The Human Body Now as there are Human Cells.

In Addition Much Of OUR DNA - is NOW composed of viral remnants from past virus' infections Why YOU are only half Human NOW.

Viral Remnants - from past virus' infections would more than likely reside and be mucous in the body and create more mucous.

Decades Before The Medical Scientific Industries - marveled at an unknown substance discovered in DNA Research and did not know what to make of it and labelled it "Junk". That "Junk" is / was YOU or what was discarded from YOUR DNA to be replaced with bacteria and viral remnants instead.

Exploitation of Earth's Resources for alien Groups and Destruction of Earth is in the final stages. Global Warming 2053 Nuclear Tests 1945-1998. This Generation and Civilisation is rated Historically as the dumbest there ever has been as in no other Age has any of those previous Civilisations considered using up every last drop of The Balance Of The Earth. ie: oil Thats why it was still there only to be exploited by idiots. Rather than Focussing on Abundant Solar Power and The Earth Grid Power System and non polluting Alternate Free Energy Technologies. Corporations elected to Coal Seam Gas Mine the Planet toxic poisoning for millennia of water tables and fracturing The Structural Integrity of The Planet combined with underground nuclear testing have fractured all the Continental Shelfs of Earth. The leading Authoritarian on the subject stated Earth is only 1 or 2 underground nuclear tests away from a Complete Shattering of Earth and that Earth would fall apart. The next week China was doing a test and the US was scheduled for a few more.

This is all occurring at a time when Structural Integrity of Earth is Required as Earth is currently racing at 49,985 mph towards The Center of The Universe where The Biggest Super Mega Black Hole resides. Earth also is heading directly for The Biggest Black Hole in The Milky Way Galaxy. This is why Structural Integrity of Earth would be GOOD as with no Structural Integrity Earth will literally get torn apart in the Massive Suction Fields of Mega Black Holes.

ie: Structural Integrity is GOOD when heading for The Biggest Super Mega Black Holes in The Universe. The Balance of The Earth is GOOD as Earth is required to be Balanced to do The Event that Corrects the imploding Universes. Pure Water is GOOD for Humans and Animals toxic poisoned pollution is not. Abundant Renewable Solar Power is GOOD. Destroying Earth to get some non renewable Energy is Not same with the Human Slave Trade to alien nations is Not.

Also The Earth - is slowing down or being slowed down and The Earth's Electromagnetic Field is diminishing and The Earth stops and does not reverse spin or it reverse Spins though The Earth's Electromagnetic Field does not return ?

A) If Earth did not spin either way The Electromagnetic Field of Earth would collapse and would be an a Extinction Level Event within not long. If it was from a Natural Event it may restart in 1-3 days (depending on how many Whales and Dolphins are left to Do Their Part of The Event). The Magnetic Lines of Flux would move with The Poles and eventually Reverse Polarity. Then The Time taken for The Earth to start spinning in the opposite direction creating enough Momentum to create enough of a Charge to Boost The Earth's Magnetic Field would depend on The Earth's resident Permanent Magnets and Strength of. Known for a long time is besides alien invaders taking the usual Rape Pillage and Plunder of Earth's Resources was also an interest in Permanent Magnets used in Permanent Magnet Engines. The Pillage of The Earth's Permanent Magnets may possibly be The Cause of The Pole Shift in the first place and Contributing to the weakening of The Magnetic Field ? Also If slowed on purpose then it could be like a clock wound too loose or too tight that it was designed for and possibly may take longer or the mechanism may be damaged and broken. If The Spin starts again in the opposite direction it does not mean The Electromagnetic Field after collapsing would restart straight away it may take some time. There are plenty of Planets that spin though not all have an Atmosphere. Do these Planets have Magnetic Fields due to rate of spin ? How Long does it take after The Spin of The Earth Stops before The Electromagnetic Field Collapses or could The Electromagnetic Field Collapse before ? How Long does it take after The Spin of The Earth Stops and The Electromagnetic Field Collapses before The Atmosphere Collapses ?

Here Is The Connection - between The Atmosphere The Earth's Electromagnetic Field and of Monumental Constructions on The Earth Grid System. Rate of Spin and Momentum would Create Energy and The Electromagnetic Field. Does The Earth's Electromagnetic Field create The Atmosphere ? Does or did The Earth Grid Power System when Completed Create or Generates and Powers The Earth's Electromagnetic Field that in turn Creates The Atmosphere and Functions as a Terra Forming Device as well ?

It May Be That The Earth Grid Power System - when Completed and Functioning may have been The Original Terra Forming Device or Systems that Terra Formed Earth creating The Electromagnetic Field that creates The Atmosphere Ozone Layers etc with a Global Electrical Force Field Shield to Protect Earth from NEO's and since then has been destroyed pillaged looted and polluted right up to this day weakening all these various Electro and Electromagnetic Fields Designed in Ancient Times to Protect The Earth.

Pyramids - across The World are a Grand GOD Order (ie: a Commandment from GOD) Human Design all Written down and described in The Bible that connects to a Global Energy Grid System and is an Ancient Electrical Machine that spans The Earth and Earth's History.

The Earth's Electromagnetic Field - pillaged for years of magnets continually weakens. If or When it collapses all life on Earth will be extinct very quickly.

The Trust - a Top Secret Organisation with high level connections to the most powerful governments and Institutions on Earth. The Trust are groups of business men that are major players in business and high finance very powerful very influential. Those that set up The Trust were in a position to infiltrate the secured communications networks employed by the governments enabling them to know all transmissions of information. The Trust was surmised to be entirely taken over by gahoul gaining a strong hold on Earth accessing all government agencies of Earth.

Non Disclosure Official US Policy - is to Deny Everything. In Stargate episode s6e17 Disclosure the US discloses alien activities to other Nations and supports continued Non Disclosure to Deny Everything that continues to this day labeling all alien contacts and agendas as Top Secret and Deny the existence of for 50 years. The US and New World Order favoring destruction of Earth eugenic campaigns against all of Earth with dumbing down campaigns to create a modern day dark ages with an autistic ignorant World Population achieving alien agendas for them.

Genetically Modified DNA Of Humans The aliens Genetically Modified The DNA - of Earth Humans so they would become compliant slaves under their Total Control.

The Great Sin is genetic hybridisations. The Reptillians wanted to interfere with the DNA of Earth Populations and researched all the lifeforms on Earth creating the sons of the serpents the nephillims the rephaim or reptillians with reduced intelligence to lead Earth Peoples into complete slavery and domination.

2012: US American Heart Association - show that 75 million Americans currently suffer from heart disease 20 million have diabetes and 57 million have pre diabetes. These disorders are affecting younger People in greater numbers every year.

2012: US Over 1 Million Americans - were abducted in 2012.

2013: Reptillian Gahoul Control Of Earth Remains - that continues through the Roman Catholic Church and the Financial Corporate oligarchy. Alien eugenic campaigns agendas of against all of Earth ensues through coal seam gas mining that pollutes water tables leaving gross environmental destruction to lands chemtrail bombardments genetically mutated toxic foods destruction of air land water and food resources of Earth continues with dumbing down campaigns against all of Earth.

The Gahoul Asguard Protected Planets Treaty - addendum 10815 clause 326 No Human Planet will be allowed to advance technologically to a point where they may become a threat to the Gahoul. Definition of such threat shall rest solely in the hands of the Gahoul system lords requiring forfeiture of Earth's Stargates and Limiting Earth's development. There is no Greater Secret than The Stargate Program.

2014: 29 October Aliens Science World News - reports Science has discovered there are no aliens. Science supports non Disclosure and dumbing down campaigns.

Geoengineering - is warming the Planet reducing the amount of sunlight. Creating Global dimming with 20% less sun called solar radiation management that means blocking the sun. Crop loss Globally is doubled by created drought conditions heavy metal contaminations and too much moisture creating fungal overgrowth that destroys plants and crops creating Global drought conditions. With ozone depletion the entire Earth is being negatively terraformed intentionally wrecking the Planet. Fish enmasse are dying from lack of oxygen in the water. Sea salt is sprayed on land that salinates landmasses killing floras Globally due to salination of soils. Weather Control Chemtrails or geoengineering spraying aluminium barium and strontium have made the trees of Earth to be in extreme decline with tree degradation creating Global Warming. Metal particulate aerosols act as a blanket to contain heat to create more Global Warming.

In the beginning of the 20th century very smart scientists and nobel prize winners made a great discovery. Our Blood is in balance when we're slightly alkaline: with a pH of 7.365. If our blood cannot absorb enough oxygen we get sick: cancer heart issues arthritis and candida infections diabetes are the result. Our body tries to maintain a constant temperature 98.5F or 37C. Your body tries even harder to maintain the right amount of oxygen in your blood (a pH of 7.365)? When our pH is too high or too low we don't feel well we feel tired gain weight have poor digestion and get aches and pains.

Aluminium is linked to Altzheimers disease Parkinsons disease Dementia Autism ADD and ADHD and other Neurological disorders. Aluminium builds up in the body and is a silent killer. Fluoride makes your body absorb extra aluminium. Where does the aluminium go ? Your brain. What metal shows up alarmingly in the brain of Alzheimers victims ? Aluminium. Fluoride an extremely neurotoxic chemical added to drinking water that interupts the basic function of nerve cells in the brain causing docile submissive behavior and IQ Devastation. Barium compromises the immune system after barium exposure the human body is weakened and more prone to cancers and all other diseases. Respitory mortality rose from 8 to 3. Spraying sulphur dioxide creates reproductive toxicity. Toxins in the rain causes Symptoms of respitory irritation heart palpitations sinus problems coughing lots of mucous and generally feeling unwell. Blood tests show aluminium barium strontium and other heavy metal particulates.

2014: Chemtrail Bombardments Of All Earth - continues claiming millions of lives annually and Gross Environmental Vandalism Globally. Lung diseases going from 8 to 3 of the biggest killers Globally. The Bildeburgers following and carrying out the orders of the rich to Destroy Earth and all life on Earth. Dumbing Down Campaigns aspartame etc. make it so Earth can be Destroyed in front of everyones eyes and no one does or can do anything about it.
Geo Engineering what is the link between geo-engineering and Monsanto ? Take a look around your grocery store and realize that just about everything on the shelves contains something grown with Monsantos patented gene splicing techniques and proprietary toxic pesticide concoctions. Then try to understand the scope of this complete takeover of our food production system.

Weather Control - to control the weather and you control food production. Get enough key players in the government control American policy control the weather through your connections or obtain inside information about that control buy up all the major seed suppliers and then you are in a position to force feed GMOs to America and every other nation that does business with America your partner in one of the greatest crimes in history the stealth invasion of the planet with genes that mutate invade and conquer all surrounding life when left to propagate on their own.

Gross Crimes Against Humanity and Gross Environmental Destructions are being committed and have been Condoned by World Governments and Government Departments for many decades. With massive increases in breathing lung respiratory disorders with a reported 1 million killed annually globally. This statistic would only be a fraction of the Real Statistic with many hidden deaths amongst cancers lung cancer and respiratory mortality statistics etc. also with a reported 1 million abducted annually in the US.

Weather Modification Chemtrail spraying now called Geoengineering is creating Gross adverse health effects on all life on The Planet Earth and the Trees are dying.

Geoengineering is defined as the artificial modification of The Earth's climate. Such materials include Welbach material and oxides of metals aluminium barium strontium
aluminium hydroxide aluminium oxides barium carbonates strontium titanate strontium oxides copper sulphate potassium iodide and unknown chemical and biological pathogens. Asthma ADD Alzheimer's Autism are all linked to aluminium and linked to resiratory mortality rates along with avian flu HPV Morgellons Syndrome.

Geoengineering is creating adverse climate changes of monsoon failures creating huge huricanes and cyclones. Studies indicates an impact of large scale Agriculture disruptions over a number of years potentially over 2 billion People will have their food chains disrupted by such created interventions that will offset most climate changes in most places most of the time and likely to cause crisis and food shortages in most places and Increased ozone destruction.

IQ Devastation DNA Destruction Reproductive Toxicity ie: Destruction of The Human Race and Earth Genes and Earth are Modern Barbarian Medical Marvels.

2014: Alien Takeover Of Earth - near Completion. After the extinction of the Asguards The Earth was no longer under a Protected Planetary Treaty. In Dark Skies Majestic 12 was taken over and infiltrated by Ganglians a parasitic alien race by 1970. In Stargate The Trust whose ties go through all governments business and corporations on Earth are taken over by gahoul a parasitic alien race by 2010. With Reptillians the Ganglians and Gahouls make hosts of the richest 40%. With these persistent combined Invasions of Earth and governments Earth is taken over and Plundered of Resources by alien corporations. Corruption of The Law by the law renders the law as a tool of the rich who are taken over by parasitic alien races who fund Eugenic Societies to extinct the Human Race and Destroy Earth and all life on Earth. Alien races underground and under oceans in their own bases of Operations launch missions against all Earth's inhabitants continually.

Mind Control Implants

2015: Implants - by Michelle Walling CHLC Staff writer In5D.com. Many People on The Planet are having a more difficult time surviving and staying balanced and centered than others. There are several individual reasons for this. There are some patterns that are apparent as to why some People are targeted by others for implants or tags. It is important to have the information on this in order to have the power to recognize and get rid of mind control implants and tags that may exist within yourself as well as in others around you.

What Is An Implant ? - an implant is a mind control device planted in the physical or etheric body of a Person that allows for triggering emotions thoughts words and actions. With mind control most of the time the only clues that People have are a loss of memory of doing or saying something that is not typical. Sometimes there could be an unexplained loss of time or a blackout. Everyone incarnated on The Planet is susceptible to this programming at one level or another.

There Are More - complicated levels of implants that are sometimes put into those who are awakening from the programming in an effort to keep them asleep.

Purer Royal Bloodlines - there are also extra implants put into People that have ìPurer Royal Bloodlines" in their DNA genealogy that are of interest to the Illuminati.

Starseeds - are targets because they came here to help Planet Earth at this time free herself from negativity. Many of these implants are done at birth.

Types of Implants - there are three basic types of implants that I am aware of. There are probably more but I can only share what I am familiar with at this time. They are the brain physical implants and etheric implants.

Everyone - on The Planet that is an incarnated Human has at least one type of implant in their body. Implants are used in mind control to keep The Human Population subservient and obedient. The brain barrier of the two hemispheres is the one implant everyone has and is inside of the corpus callosum. The mind control programming forces most People into living from the left side of their brain more than the right. Living from the left side makes a Person rely on ìlogical outside information from books schooling and anything else related to programming. Living from the right side means being connected to the wisdom within you and includes creativity intuition and love based emotions like compassion and empathy.

The Pineal Gland - is the gateway to the astral realm and is usually a place that can be implanted as well as this is where visions and ideas can get sent to a Person. Astral travelers are almost always tagged. The problem is that most People do not have a clue how they can get a tag just from astral traveling.

Physical Implants - are inserted into the physical body usually by a hospital surgical operation. ie: Delta Sigma Delta. There are various forms of Physical Implants.

The Grays - have implanted chips into certain People. These can be tracking devices and trigger implants. There is mind wipe technology available there is opportunity for implants to be inserted by anyone with this technology and The Person would not remember anything.

Chemtrails - have nano particles that may either have implants in them or trigger existing implants and these are taken into the lungs and then into the blood stream.

Water and Food - have implanted chemicals and nano particles that can serve the same purpose.

Etheric Implants - are in the etheric energy body and can be triggered as well. They can make diseases manifest in the physical or can trigger emotions that create energy that can get stuck and then manifests as pain or disease. Some etheric implants are called tags and can function as a red flag a mind control device or can cause physical pain or disease in the body.

What is a Tag ? - the majority of The Population is implanted because of the inherent modifications to The Human body done by the Anunnaki as well as the insertion of other implants that are a part of keeping The Human Population compliant with the program. A tag is an energetic implant from the astral realm where a Person is marked like cattle. There is a percentage of The Population that gets tagged from an early age just because of who they are.

For Those Who Are Starseeds - or if you have a Royal Bloodline that is more conductive to the Illuminati DNA match you probably have been tagged for the government to keep an eye on.

Another Tag - can be considered a mark of the beast but with an opposite definition of what has been defined in religion. Religion makes it sound like you will be tagged by Satan if you do not follow religion but the truth is that following religion will provide you a nice shiny tag. A tag is also tied to programs that are created to try to start splitting up The Human Population for the different families to lay claim to. Humans are nothing more than energy source slaves to them. People idolize stars on television or in music that belong to a certain family are unknowingly giving their energy away to these groups. A tag allows the groups to claim their harvest and is very much run like a mafia operation.

A Person - is usually tagged if they choose to place their energy in a spiritual or even New Age ideology in which they begin to follow a guru or a certain ideology. Giving your energy away is another part of the trap used to siphon energy off a Human.

Besides - trying to claim us for various groups multiple tags can be inserted that have different meanings. A whistleblower may get a tag that alerts the Illuminati to direct government or police to try to arrest them (or worse) under the new terrorist act laws. A Person may be tagged because they live with a whistleblower and can be triggered in order to be used to turn against that Person that causes havoc and pain in their lives. There are addiction tags as well that allow a Personís aura to be compromised. Drugs sex alcohol food porn are everywhere for a reason. These tags keep them coming back for a substance or feeling that is usually aimed to eventually lead to self destruction.

In Order For You - to be tagged you would have to have put your energy into something which is consent. Sometimes that is done without our knowledge. Anyone praying to a religious God of The Bible is giving their energy away to the archon god family. Whether you call it Lucifer Anu (Anunnaki) Draco Gray or Reptilian they are all a part of the same family that requires energy to survive. This type of tag also allows for a Person to be hypnotized deeper and deeper into this belief system.

Another Astral Tag - that they can put on you is in a spiritual initiation where you are convinced that you are receiving a higher level of learning or healing powers. While the Person may receive these things as an exchange for allowing to be tagged again it is most likely the astral realm that they are dealing with. The more initiations and following the more tags a Person can receive. As soon as a tag is placed that group that tagged The Person gets to start feeding off of the energy.

Mind Control - is the name of the game. There is information on the internet about MK Ultra Monarch other forms of mind control used by the government in order to trigger People into doing and saying things. One of the places the indoctrination begins is in the military. Some say that the mandatory vaccine received in the military has things in it that go above and beyond The General Publics programming and can be triggered with various technologies.

The Archons - control the government who controls The People. The government uses People to peer into the future timeline possibilities to try to gain intel on who will be a troublemaker in the archons plans. Then they time travel in order to try to make that Person choose a different outcome in their lives as well as implant or tag them. Then mind control techniques are used mostly to try to keep their vibration low or to cause dissent with People around them.

Awareness - is the first step in healing yourself of these energies. We are living in a light illusion matrix hologram where everything is made up of energy.

Being Centered and Grounded - in the now moment can neutralize most implants.

80% Of The World Population Implanted

At Least 80% of People - are tagged. The programming has really worked on The Human Population that is why it is so important to get People to connect back to The Planet.

Implants - and energy healing professionals. Some tags can be removed by the Person by making a Declaration that you do not consent for any implants or tags and you demand their removal. Some can be removed by energy workers who help to re-balance your own energy field so that it can correct itself of any foreign objects or energy. You can also do this energy work on yourself by using your imagination and power of intention.

A Personal Declaration For Reinstating Your Sovereignty - can not only dissolve implants but can revoke any contracts you have signed under duress or trickery. A ìDeclaration of Non-Consentî pretty much covers the bases and go into detail about Public notice. We are much more powerful that we realize but if you need some help then the majority of all implants and tags can be either neutralized or removed with the help of an expert.

Energy Workers - themselves have tags and implants. If a Person is very ill or very confused and is being manipulated it becomes difficult if not impossible for them to bring themselves into the centered now moment of love.

Starseeds and Royalty - a Starseed is the term used for those who heard what had been happening on Earth and agreed to come here from other planets galaxies or Universes in order to help from the inside out. They have incarnated into Human bodies and are awakening to their role as helpers healers and teachers when they are called upon.

Royal Bloodlines - are those that have more DNA of a particular species in them rather than a plethora of mixed DNA from interbreeding throughout history. A particular race of ET can only incarnate into a body that will match up and thus it needs to keep the bloodline pure in order to be able to do this. These purer bloodlines are the Illuminati who control the masses at the direction of the archons. Rampant sex causes interbreeding on The Planet and this has been used against the benevolent races that do not choose to control Humans as their bloodlines are becoming more and more intermixed. The Illuminati will do anything including killing impure specimens and inter family breeding even if it is brother/sister or parent/child.

Some Starseeds and Royalty - could have implants that are deeply embedded into the spinal cord. One kind of tag looks like a black octopus. These implants can be removed by a professional.

There is a Plan - the more you stay in the now moment outside of space time the more help you will receive to know how to remove these implants.

It Is The Implanting and Controlling Of Humanity - in order to trick them into making choices with Their Free Will. Millions Of People around The World have been the victims of abduction and implanting by aliens and governments and have no recollection of the experience.

Art Greenfield: Earth a Reptilian Breeding Zoo Discovery Channel - Art Greenfield Author of the book "The Warning" about the Reptilians. There is some startling information connecting the Reptilians to plights on Earth that may not be in Mankind's best interests.

Mankind is now in Great Danger. WARNING reveals a frightening alien Reptilian agenda of Earth being a Food source and Breeding Zoo a long term program of social domination and periodic controlled genocide of Humans.

We all have a terrible problem to Overcome. Resolution requires International Solidarity and forcible negotiations with all the alien groups invading Earth.

The Reptilians need to realize we won't be their unwitting food and prey anymore.

So that in the future We will Guarantee The Survival of The Human Race.

UFOs - the majority of them are owned and operated by advanced Reptilians on and in the Earth. The Reptilians are historically cited in about 80 places in the Bible described as a SERPENT THAT WALKS UPRIGHT ON TWO LEGS.

Obama is part of the alien problem. He is one of several of their "world leader" type puppets. The aliens went to a lot of trouble to get him and Vladimir Putin elected. The alien's hand-puppet leader control program is a long story by itself.

What can you tell us about the Reptilians and their agendas ?

The Reptilians use us as a food source. They were in control of Earth a few times in ancient times. {Ed: until beaten by the Hebrew Tribes all recorded and described in The Bible.}

From the Bible Old Testament: NUMBERS 21:6: "the Lord sent fiery serpents among the people and they bit the people and much people of Israel died." About 80 references to aliens and Reptilians are in the Bible. They were and are behind all of the major wars from back then to the present day. The aliens Reptilians have been invading Earth and interacting with Humanity throughout history. They keep coming back here.

Since we are still a part of their food chain they stop by when they migrate their excess population elsewhere because we have food resources here they can use to restock the meat lockers on their mother ships. This is what the Reptilians had been doing here throughout history. They are using us as a food source.

The US government knows what is going on but keeps it quiet because it would cause societal disruption and a backlash from various major religions. {Ed: like the Catholic Church controlled by the Reptilians for centuries.}

All of the ancient temple paintings statues and wall carvings that depict them show they are eating us. In the Bible reptilians bred with Human females part of a major breeding program. Because Reptilians are so close to Humans genetically some of the women who were used sexually by them in Biblical times gave birth to hybrids that were giants. They are a species that is close to us genetically that they can interbreed with us.

They solved their overpopulation problem from where they came from by MIGRATION with spacefaring capabilities they migrated to newly discovered worlds like Earth. John Rhodes on Coast To Coast AM radio show. Rhodes talked about underground bases maintained here by the Reptoids. Reptilian humanoids such life forms could exist underground. http://www.reptoids.com/

The Reptoids have no need to stage an invasion of Earth.

The Reptilians do not need to take over Earth openly either.

They own The Earth and they own us. The Reptilians face no resistance from us. YET. The Reptilians that previously relocated to other worlds in the galaxy have been in an expansionist phase for a few thousand years and are expanding to new worlds they discover in the galaxy.

The Reptoid's adopted worlds elsewhere. Using Humanity as a food resource restocking their migration fleet with meat when they pass by Earth. This race of Reptilian aliens has been invading and interacting with Humanity for millennia.

alien Reptilians are the top predators in our food chain. Luckily for us they have moved their total Earth Population to other worlds long ago and stop by every 50 years or so to restock the meat supplies on their mother ships transporting migrating Reptoids to ease overpopulation pressures on those other adopted home worlds. If they maintained a large presence here it would really take a huge bite out of our world population. Professor Scott Littleton's premise of alien Domination is pretty close to reality.

The Reptilian's Earth they expect to harvest the lower creatures on the food chain. You can't grow meat in space. We need to arrange a trade agreement with them to supply them with beef and pork on demand in exchange for whatever we need. Otherwise they will keep instigating war here between groups of Humans every fifty years or so.

They are not worried about our military capabilities. {Ed: because they finance and control them.} Human weapons technology won't defeat them {Ed: because they limit Human and technological growth and have done so for quite a long time.} Even though we have now copied their weapons technology and we could use it to beat them they still have no intention of wiping us out. They need the meat and will always be stirring up nations and Peoples to go to war with each other. Then they just sit by and wait like vultures to pick up the dead bodies from the battle fields. By stirring wars up between countries that do not have the advanced weapons we now have they avoid being fired upon when they show up to collect bodies. If they started a war between African tribes that resulted in the death of millions the African countries don't even have radar to see the Reptilians coming.

Reptilians on migration fleet ships enjoy being spectators at our wars.

WE all need to get the US government to negotiate a trade agreement with the Reptilians from a position of military strength. No war is necessary.

The Reptilians have been seriously trying to get a major war for meat started anywhere they can worldwide for the last 15 years.

The Reptilians get us to slaughter ourselves for them to eat. All the Reptilians have to do is pick up dead bodies from battlefields or out of mass graves. The Reptilians periodic food needs are every 50 years when their migration fleet stops by. The Reptilians are hardheaded and set in their ways we will need to negotiate from a position of military strength on a parity with them. They are not stupid and understand the true purpose of war {Ed: and have had dumbing down campaigns for centuries on Earth.}

They have been invading and interacting with Earth and Humans for millennia. It's called the FOOD CHAIN. IF THEY WIPED US OUT THEY WOULD GO HUNGRY.

There is no need for an invasion. Reptilians already own the corporations The Earth and us.

In the past any of those other races that set up shop here without permission were attacked and driven off. A few thousand years ago when the Reptilians were not vigilant for a while that other alien races came to Earth and set up shop here even interacting with the local Humans. The Indians carved statues of them and painted temple murals of them thinking they were gods. The Indians wrote about them and when the Reptilians found the invaders here the Indians wrote about what happened. The Reptilian's craft attacked and blew the craft of the invaders out of the sky then used nuclear weapons to obliterate their ground bases. Did you think that the aliens who visited ancient India and were flying around in vimanas decided to test nuclear weapons in their own residential area and then depart permanently ? The Reptilians nuked them and shot their craft out of the sky. Anytime uninvited aliens encroached on Reptilian territory they were nuked.

Earth's capitals may be blasted with anti-matter weapons launched from space-satellites.

I am sure there are many advanced peaceful alien races in our galaxy. We do not have trade relations and diplomacy with any other advanced races out there because our space faring advanced Reptilians have first shot at dealing with the other races because to the other races and Reptilians we are a sub-species who is NOT in control of Earth. The appointed politicians have trade relations and diplomacy with the many other races out there but for other races to try to go around the Reptilians and technologically assist us or help us militarily against the Reptilians would be considered an act of war. Why do you think that NONE of the other races have EVER presented themselves formally to any world government or to the United Nations?

In reality it will be a long time before any advanced space traveling races make formal contact with "us" because "we" are not the advanced race that owns this Planet. Reptilians are the race of record that owns Earth as far as other advanced space races are concerned. THE REPTO SAPIENS have introduced themselves to the other races and impressed on them that Earth is not to be visited colonized or contacted except through Repto Sapien representatives. An example of what happens to alien races who move in here without authorization there is that frightening evidence you can still see today from ancient India and Asia.

Why are the governments keeping it so hush hush to The Populations ?

They can't tell us because its bad news. What we must all be aware of is that throughout history there has been an ongoing harvesting program run by Reptilians that periodically uses key world political and religious leaders to start wars that yield a high body count. There is historical evidence attesting to this fact. THAT would scare people senseless. That's why I wrote my book. http://www.booklocker.com/book...../1417.html

Physicists - are employed contractually by the US government to develop better propulsion and weapons systems than the aliens have. The physicists know how the alien equipment works because it was back-engineered by the US a long time ago and we have built working space craft copies. What physicists are doing now is figuring out how to harness Dark Energy as a power source so that we can build craft that will outclass the alien crafts.

The Bible - accounts differ on This Specific Subject of Non Disclosure describes that this is the first time in all of History that alien groups have taken The Earth because of Non Disclosure and that all other attempts by alien groups and corporations have been unsuccessful as they were defeated as described in The Bible by The Hebrew Tribes.

Know Now That There Shall Fall To The Earth Nothing Of The Word Of God.

We Have Not Wrought Any Deliverance In The Earth.

Neither Have The Inhabitants Of The World Fallen.

Food For the aliens. Is it coincidence that Methyl Ester when the body metabolises and breaks down aspartame to a small amount of methanol that is wood alcohol is then broken down to formaldehyde a real poison the body is not able to eliminate or break down. Formaldehyde based solutions are used in embalming to disinfect and temporarily preserve human and animal remains. It is the ability of formaldehyde to fix the tissue that produces the tell tale firmness of flesh in an embalmed body.

Indicating a well entrenched alien corporate level production of Human's as food operating for quite some time a Gross Crimes Against Humanity Charge industry if ever there was and is with its claws in every corporation industry and government on Earth to produce an embalmed preserved product.

Dumbing Down Campaigns Human regression campaigns and and technological regression campaigns do not indicate a Positive situation.

Dumbing Down Campaigns Earth's Best and Brightest after centuries of dumbing down campaigns with pertusis then fluoride and four aspartame generations Earth's best and brightest are sent to prospective planets to start colonies with genetically mutated foods loaded with aspartame and fluoridated water ensuring IQ Devastation autism and eventual parkinsons and altzheimers victims on a far away planet with Monsanto seeds that don't reproduce.

The Truth - is there are many Truths and many various Deceptions by various Groups for many various Reasons or motives. The Truth is that with a consistant Non Disclosure and constant Deny Everything Policy all the time with The Truth of the matter labelled as Top Secret (able to be buried for 50 years) and report anything else for any and every reason and Never resort to telling The Truth at anytime is well entrenched in Government Policy concerning Disclosure. In this climate Real History is turned into fiction or sci fi and covered up whereas cover up stories of swamp gas are recorded as history.

Many various alien beings alien groups and Corporations and crafts are all Breaching Ancient Laws and Treaties of Marduk a CREATOR GOD by Invading and destroying Earth and Earth's Inhabitants.

Agendas - there are so many various Agendas (age end as) by many various Groups and Corporations alien or Human for many various Reasons and motives.


That From One New Moon To Another - and From One Sabbath To Another
Shall All Flesh - Come To Worship Before Me Saith God.
Verily My Sabbaths Ye Shall Keep - For It Is A Sign Between Me and You.
Throughout Your Generations - That Ye May Know That I Am God That Doth Sanctify You.
Ye Shall Keep The Sabbath - Therefore It Is Holy To You.
Every One That Defileth It Shall Surely Be - put to death.

From Ancient Times The Things That Are Not Yet Done.
This Is The Thing That God Commanded To Be Done.
This Is The Purpose That Is Purposed Upon The Whole Earth.
This Is The Hand That Is Stretched Out Upon All The Nations.
They That Shall Be Of Thee. Shall Build The Old Waste Places. Upon His Kingdom To Order It !
I Have Purposed It I Will Also Do it. Now Go To I Will Tell You.
Build An Altar To God In The Ordered Places. Thus Saith God Set Thine Houses In Order !
For They Shalt Die and Not Live. They Shall Die Without Instructions.
I Will Bring The Blind By A Way That They Knew Not.
I Will Lead Them In Paths That They Have Not Known.
Behold I Have Told You Before.


The Bible - accounts on This Specific Subject describes Retribution for contaminating Royal Hebrew Bloodlines with genetic mutations deemed Historically as The Great Sin.

So All The Hebrews Were Reckoned By Genealogies.

God Will Enter Into Judgment With The Ancients.
Rod Of Hosts Mustereth The Hosts Of The Battles. All Their Hosts Have I Commanded.
That He Commanded To A Thousand Generations.
For Thou Shalt Drive Out the aliens.
New Things Do I Declare.
Before they Spring Forth. I Tell You Of them. Behold I Have Told You Before !

Seems that THE HEBREW CREATOR GOD OF THE BIBLE is obviously into Full Disclosure and making sure You were told beforehand like very accurate Intelligence Reports so You Know before it happens as opposed to not know and Not into non disclosure (under Hebrew Law it is a Legal Military Charge) that leaves Earth and Everyone and Everything at the mercy and whims of a bunch of aliens and alien financial corporations pillaging agendas in charge of Earth Corp whereas it is stated under Hebrew Law Earth is allotted to and for The Hebrew Tribes. ie: Earth is a Legal Inheritance for The Hebrew Tribes under Hebrew Law and not for alien financial corporations.

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