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Before Everything - Could this be the real Universe
November 4, 2018
8:19 am
Donald Warren
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November 4, 2018
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Hello My name is Donald, I am new here but I have some thoughts You may find interesting.

Black Vault patriots  good afternoon I listened to comments on the Universe on a program called “ God vs Science “   I have thought about this on occasion and I will share my thoughts here since you are open minded on this subject. This is far out thinking but I can do that..
Skip from here to the next Green Section to get to the core of my writings if your time is limited
I have documented some papers on this subject as my thoughts evolve in preparation of a  book  I was going to write "Before Everything  -  Could this be the real Universe”  This may not happen because my writing skills are lacking.  I need to sequence my writings so I will not loose the readers understanding and preent this in a more orderly way .
I have now began to just record my thoughts on my Amazon Fire 10 tablet because i discuss so many things as they come into my mind and I can not type this fast,  it is the best media to record my thoughts at this high speed. 
If my thoughts produce interest I will take the time to edit some of this into a book.  I do not take many of my projects beyond the Proof of Concept so encouragement would be helpful if any value is seen in my thoughts for such a book. 
First I need to define a few words or terms that I am going to use, our language is lacking some words that can relate to some of this discussion so I will do the best I can to describe what it is I am presenting in those instances.
REALITY - this is where we are presently it is the universe and all mater that create the universe, it is also all of the limits, restrictions and processes that allowed the Universe to assemble. I do not attempt to discuss life that resides in the Universe because it does not conform to absolute truths it can choose correct or incorrect and that makes it very complicated. The Universe on the other hand is very simple it is constructed on Absolute Truths and there is only one correct way for an Absolute Truth. You can recognize something assembled from an absolute truth by it's lifespan. If something is assembled from an Absolute Truth it's lifespan is eternal.
EXPRESSION - This is the word I use to describe everything that relates ether of two expressions  
1.) REALITY: the Universe and all that it contains.  
2.) INSTANT: this what there was before the universe and it continues forever,
it is something that has no interaction with reality . INSTANT does not have any length, width, or height it also has no weight or physical component it has no time reference because it has no physical characteristics that time could reference. THOUGHTS are what could be in INSTANT. Because there is no Time associated with INSTANT if it contained one THOUGHT it would be required to have all THOUGHTS and relative to REALITY this would be all Past, Present, and Future THOUGHTS. It is my thought that all external thoughts reside here they are all available to us and we are actually accessing these external thoughts along with our local thoughts is a transparent blending that we have not been aware of until now. 
We are accessing external thoughts when we ask a question in our mind and an answer seem to come to us without thinking, it just appears in our mind. Now the reason we can not receive an external thought is because we do not have the knowledge to understand the answer and in that situation nothing will come to our mind until we gain the knowledge to understand the answer.
THINKING - The local process in our mind of figuring out the thoughts we are receiving ether local thoughts, external thoughts, or a combination.
THOUGHTS - These are answers to things we are thinking about they are from a LOCAL source our minds or EXTERNAL source the INSTANT.
Energy Cluster - This is energy groups that can be added to or subtracted from.
It is the orbiting fields AKA electrons in an atom around the Center point of an atom AKA nucleus. 
Time Shifting - This is a signifiant basic process that is fundamental to the assembly of the UNIVERSE  and the resulting  REALITY .
It is Time distribution based on a position relative to a center point.
It is a explanation for gradational forces, the uniqueness of all elements, and also creates a time based keying that produces unbreakable uniqueness to components in the Universe.
Quantum Mechanics Error  - The error that is in the interpretation of observations in the Quantum world,  These errors result from not taking into account the time shifting occurring which prevents the observer to view the quantum world in their real time. The observer looking down to the Quantum world has less time available to see continuous activity in the Quantum world because of Time Shifting.
 Two words that are foundational to our understanding are  
1.) Thought and
2.) The Moment
If you stop for a few minutes and ask yourself what are these words about and what is their meaning you will find we have not studied then closely and we really do not understand then .
My background is in curiosity and seeking truth about things how they work. I have a small business making Artist Airbrush Colors .
I was born on August 12, 1951 no advanced education.  I use 3 things to find understanding, they are :
 1.) Common sense or Logical Sense,
 2.) Knowledge from life observations and thru my High School education and Oak Mountain Science Club in the 1960’s  
 3.) This is the big area I credit for my thoughts and I only began to consider it as a source of knowledge in the last year. 
It is what I believe is an ability given to possibly everyone, the access to External thoughts.
I will detail more on External thoughts as my writings continue. 
If external thoughts exist and are accessible then we need to realize their influence in the past, present , and future  This may prove to be the most important realization to the search for understanding up to this point.
This is a look into Before Everything, it may in some ways be correct and if not it is an interesting journey in possibilities and a way to look at things we are all a  part of .
To set the stage for my brief discussion here on “ Before Everything    Could this be the real Universe “ I will describe two basic ways everything is expressed today, and the one basic way everything was expressed  before the assembly of the universe. (They are no words to describe  what everything was before the universe came into being ,  I will use the word expressions for this I also call it “ INSTANT". ).
The two expressions are basically  
2.) Reality , this is the universe and all we can see feel touch and interact with it is the place we experience life and it is the REAL I think REALITY came into being to experience REALITY and LIFE it is an Expression based on Restrictions and Absolute Truths 
Absolute Truths are many singular processes that allowed for the Universe to assemble with a durability of eternity, also they are only one way for a process to assemble with a lifespan of eternity it has to be an Absolute Truth and is contained in every thing in the universe some may call this God and it does have biblical characteristics and it is always the right way.  We also have something we call Thoughts they do not exhibit any of the characteristics of reality yet they are who we are also since they do not interact with any component of reality they have no limits  meaning they have no length, no width no height, no weight, no restrictions imposed in Reality therefore they are instant and they everywhere and accessible actually not only accessible they are accessed by us continuously we just never realized this.Thoughts are utilized by us thru our thinking . Our thoughts are local or external all of our thinking is local. I think all thought that have ever been and all thoughts that ever will be are accessible if we have the understanding to acquire them. Learning is where we gain the understanding to ask the correct question to get the answer from external thoughts. I have thought for years that the answer is easy the difficulty is in asking the Question.  note: since I have gained knowledge that I am presenting here I sometimes get ahead of myself forgetting that I know but you do not know because I have not given you that information and not realizing that I have not informed you of some knowledge you need to understand what I am saying. This is where I can cause confusion so just read the complete email to discover some of the things I am talking about because they are many times if am out of sequence in my on the fly writings. Now here is some validation that thoughts are external as you began to understand what capabilities  in thoughts that are available to you and you know how they flow You will no longer need my discussion because you will automatically engage the process and will know the answers before you ask the question from me. 
Let me explain the primitive process ( i say primitive because once you learn this process it will become automatic in your flow of thoughts) to acquire answers from external thoughts ( you have really did this throughout your life but you just never was aware what you thought were some of your thoughts were actually coming form external thoughts). 1.) Begin by asking a question in your mind..  2.) Do not try to think of an answer to your question  just wait for the thought to appear in your mind (This is where you select the thought to come from you or an external thought) if you try to think of the answer for your question you will get a local originated thought . also know that since all thoughts past present and future are accessible in the external thoughts the thought you receive may be correct or incorrect and i find that i have to engage your feelings here to determine if the answer is correct or incorrect, we just have feelings that give us help us knowing this that is a process as well.  This sounds so unreal but let me provide you some logic that has helped me realize that thoughts can be external and if they are from external the would contain all thoughts including not only the past but the present  and the future. I even would have questioned how could they contain the future, I would think that you at this point will say they are no way you can show me how a future thought can be accessed well fasten your seat belt this is going to be the fastest journey you have taken.  
The first Expression Before Everything   1.) INSTANT , This is the name I have given to the expression that was here before Reality arrived in the form of the Universe. It is the place for imagination without limits and the residence of all thoughts with no regard to correct or incorrect because it has no reference or connection to REALITY that imposed Laws & Restrictions it has no judgement singularly 
 A Thought would have an affinity with INSTANT why because it has no interaction in reality and by it’s very existence it needs an origin and INSTANT has an affinity for it’s origin and storage . Instant is not a place because it has no dimensions and most importantly it does not have time associated to it. See the word problem it is not even it. This is the reasoning behind my future thought access explanation. If you have no time in such an expression then anything that exist there would have no time associated with itself and since I think before the Universe was assembled there was only INSTANT then Before Everything there was Thought, now if there was thought prior to there Universe and it resided in INSTANT then to have one Thought you would have every Thought if you had no time reference.  Lets take a closer of a Expression that is free of the limits of time ( my definition of Time is the reference to the movement of an energy) 
I think anything expressed as INSTANT would instantly be accessible. How this happens I have not thought about that  I need more knowledge to understand the answer to that question. 
My searching of what a Thought was brought into my thinking of where could Thoughts reside or be stored and actually there adjectives are incorrect but again words not available. Since a Thought has no interaction with reality and it has no restrictions that reality would impose it is not limited ia any way know to us.
Results is it is like this. 
 Thanks for taking a look at some of my thoughts I have more . but do not want to consume your time and will leave it here for now .
You are free to share with any of my thoughts , hey they are in the external INSTANT place now perhaps.  
Things I have thought about as I reach for understanding.
I can also give you my thoughts about some detail of requirements for a thought to become a Reality.
 My thinking that all it took to start the process of the Universe assembly was a little movement or push to begin once the Absolute Truths were in place. 
 How the INSTANT may have began if it is correct to say
" That to know you have something you have have to have nothing” 
I would like to explain how it appears as you observe the strange  Quantium appearance and disappearance of small objects.
( my thoughts are Time Shifting and possible movement in and out of the INSTANT  expression) also why i think the nucleus is not completely understood.
Why I think the atom is a time shifting component that keys the elements to keep them unique.
Considering everything in the universe may be only energies I do not think they are any discrete particles but presentations that appear as particles. 
also I think Gravity is the force between more time and less time relative to near objects and there if so the Universe may not have any weight as a whole.
Why I think the electrons orbiting an atom are energy clusters not discrete particles .
And more on where all of my thoughts began once I approached questions with the thinking that small is less and large is more. This is basic to time and also why I think the Atom may be in part a time shifter providing singularity in the elements.
It is my belief that one reason we have not understood more about our existence and meaning  is because we have some error in some basic beliefs in science and that keeps the pieces of the puzzle form 
fitting properly.
I do believe once you discover aa Absolute Truth it provides charity is so many areas you will become aware of as you discover them and the beauty is the answers will become so easy almost instantly to your mind. 
Let me leave with this understanding about External Thoughts they come instantly to you any delay is in our mind processing the translation of the answer down to our language to be able to communicate it to others .
If you ask a question and the answer does not come in your mind it could be because you lack the knowledge to understand answer. 
I have a little knowledge but I have access to unlimited knowledge given freely to me as I gain understanding and feelings to recognize Truth.
Oh yea, 
I think the reason the Universe was created was to experience Reality, 
We all are so lucky think about it, Life is an adventure it is wonderful fueled with feelings that make it so amazing but to have all of this you also have to have the opposite choice. the free choice is left up to us..
Best regards,  if you would like to contact me. 
November 22, 2018
9:30 am
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Hello Donald, im Jamie. I found your post very interesting. The idea that we access information from the cosmos,has been a part of many cultures. Perhaps they, and you, are on to something. It's definitely given me something to ponder.:-)

It's better to walk alone, than with a crowd going in the wrong direction. H.S.

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