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888 - Numerology - Strange Occurences
March 26, 2017
6:05 am
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March 26, 2017
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I joined here to see if I can interact with anyone that has information, or similar experiences as I have.

My whole life I have had strange experiences. I was an only child raised by a single parent. My earliest memory of "Strange" was when I was about 18-24 months old. I can verify my age, as the event took place in a home I lived in when my parents were still together, before my Father left.

It was a stormy night, I vividly remember toddling through the house in darkness, being drawn to something outside. Lightning would periodically illuminate everything, where I could see through the glass sliding door into the backyard. Standing very tall against the fence was something I've only ever been able to describe as looking like an Egyptian tomb shaped being, with a head that looked like a crocodile/alligator... I recall nothing else, other than seeing this being. I was not scared. I just stared...

The next experience commenced around the age of 5, when my Mother and I moved into a new home. Almost EVERY night, I would wake around the same time: 12am - 2 am. I would be laying in bed with heightened awareness. Something would then come into my room. It was not visible. It emitted a strong electromagnetic field and had a noise like that of ringing ears. Initially I would be terrified and try scream to my Mom to help. I could not scream. I was paralyzed and could not move. The thing would sit on my single bed and the mattress would sink in as they do when you sit/lie on them. I'm not sure how I figured it out, but if I slurred what little control I had of my breath toward the entity, it would get up and leave. Sometimes, it would come straight back. I would usually wait a little before running to my Mom's room, as I was scared to confront this thing in between my room and my Mom's room. This occurred nightly for approximately 7-8 years.

I have encountered since then many isolated incidents of ghostly encounters, which have all been one-off events. I feel no need to describe any of them.

I have however, experienced out-of-body events several times. The first I induced from months of discipline and experiment. The last, I woke from sleep to instantly leaving the body and travelling through the matter of the house, to land upright and observing where the path to the house, meets the path on the street. I remember immediately looking up at the stars, as it was the first time I had an out-of-body experience that took me outdoors. Whilst there, I felt a drawing energy to my right, where I looked over to see on the neighbors boundary to their other neighbors house, stood two very tall dark entities, one approx. 7 ft. tall, the other taller, around 8 ft. This was in a wealthy gated community. I felt as though they were trying to suck in my energy. The negative emotion from this pulled me back to my body, where I was immediately wide awake and had heightened awareness.

The following night, I woke to an immense pressure on my chest, as if someone were pushing down so hard, as to stop me from breathing. I'm not sure how, what happened next, happened. I was sleeping on the couch and my legs were up on the armrest. When I woke to the pushing on my chest, I initially thought my friend was pranking me and laughed, then I realized as my senses woke, that no one was visible and the pressure was still there. I knew then it was another strange occurrence and my instinct took over to fight. Without any intention or thought of what came out of my mouth, I yelled in a loud warrior like voice "I'll fucking get you" and somehow pushed up against the pressure into a standing position. The "Pusher" vanished. I still don't know where the words came from, nor do I understand how I got from laying down with my feet up on the armrest, to standing, as I did not twist to a seated position to stand. I somehow slid up and over the armrest into standing position, which to this day I have not been able to re-enact. I feel like I levitated. This was all whilst having immense pressure on my chest. Within seconds of this event, the family dog came out all alert. A Rottweiler that doesn't scare easy. The dog would not come near me (Despite being best friends). A static charge was present in the area where I was sleeping. I could not coax the dog to come near, as it was distressed by whatever it was sensing. I grabbed it by the collar and dragged it toward the static. The dog was freaking and almost ready to bite me. I told the dog "Thanks, for being a tough wingman" sarcastically. After some time the static dissipated and the dog grew it's balls back and decided it was boss again and came over to sniff around and start acting all tough and defensive. I went back to sleep after that...

One thing that has been prevalent for as long as I can remember, is seeing number combinations 111, 1:11, 222, 2:22, 333, 3:33, 444, 4:44, 555, 5:55, 11:11

When I first started to question this I learned of numerology and became aware that many people experience what they call 11:11 phenomenon. I will wake up in the middle of the night and it will be one of these times, often changing within 1 second to the next minute, which to me is very precise chance. This is not just in time, it is in receipts, documents and all sorts of forms. An example is, when I first moved to the US from Australia, I went to Jack In the Box for the first time ever. My receipt number #444. The second time I had ever been to Jack's, receipt number #444, issued at 11:11. I have tried keeping receipts, taking screen shots on my phone, creating log books, but it happens so often, I gave up as it is too much data to keep organized. I have hundreds of screen shots each year. More than there are days in a year.

The pinnacle of the numbers, was when I got a numerology reading done and produced with numerology techniques, from my Name, D.O.B., I was given three numbers "8" "8" "8"

I have never come across those numbers before until when I started looking for them. I learned in Chinese Numerology 888 is considered the luckiest combination of numbers, thus the reason for the Beijing Olympics to commence on 08.08.08.

I also came across JESUS in Greek numerology equates to 888. This I didn't read into, as I have never jived with religion, it's deity's and ideologies.

Now in 2017, I've come across reference to President "Donald J Trump" reducing to 888 in numerology...

I don't seek answers or explanation, I just find it intriguing that all these things have happened to me, continue to happen and without explanation, or apparent reason. This all seams like a lot of stuff to happen to one person in one lifetime.

All of these experiences in my life have led me to live a life of ignorance toward being socially and financially responsible. I find little interest in society and being human, and find myself more interested in the strange things and looking forward to what is beyond existence in human form.

I have tried things like Magic Mushrooms, LSD and DMT and feel more connected in  these states. I do not attribute these things with any of my experiences.


I share this with you all, as to find others that have similar experiences and learn from what they have to say.

Any thoughts?



March 26, 2017
9:01 am
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