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Men are visual.
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March 18, 2015
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April 9, 2015 - 10:55 pm
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Beer commercials are geared towards men in order to get them to perform more..for the women and children...running touchdowns. This is why there is a heavy preponderance of beer commercials around sports events.

I never watch such events. Not interested in running such touchdowns or living second hand through the gods of sports.


That is just folks don't have to buy into that one.


Why does a man or male buy a certain kind of car...because he never saw an ugly woman get out of one. Or ..his woman told him what kind of car to buy. More touchdowns.



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March 29, 2017
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March 30, 2017 - 2:29 am
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Women are also visual.

when looking at beautiful stuff , women are willing to buy one with unreasonable price.

For example, if your boyfriend buy this Lovers’ bear wedding gift plush toy in wind coat,  you will satisfied,won't you?


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March 18, 2015
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July 3, 2017 - 6:33 am
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eeuuuy said
Women are also visual.

when looking at beautiful stuff , women are willing to buy one with unreasonable price.

For example, if your boyfriend buy this Lovers’ bear wedding gift plush toy in wind coat,  you will satisfied,won't you?



 They certainly are willing to buy one with an unreasonable price unless they, like males, are taught to think a thing through. I have found women, however few, who can think a thing through...not emotionally. I appreciate such women.

The other control technique of many women is to get a male to buy it for them by taking advantage of a males ignorance and willingness to run touchdowns for female attention.


Nonetheless...women and females are far more visual and thinking of how to reach these goals..than are most males.


I will give an example of how this works..the difference between the two, male and female, in thinking about how to solve a problem reach a certain get things done which need doing.


There are two women in this town...sisters. They live in two separate houses in which they have yards which back up to each other...they live behind each other.

I went to breakfast with a woman and her sister...and her sister's daughters awhile back...the two sisters from the sentence above.

As is the way with sisters they catch up on the latest happenings in each others lives and one of them tells the tale of how she had this young man come over to fix her a very nice fancy dinner...treated her like a queen.

As the night went on she suddenly realized the plan was for him to be there in the morning and fix her breakfast. She told him no...not happening.

He left in great disappointment.

At the end of this tale...the other sister chimed in and stated...

" we need to find someone in the next two weeks to cut our grass."


Now these  two women are "High Maintenance." What this male is an idiot with an "Oil Shortage."

This male thinks he has to run touchdowns to keep within the eye site...of line of sight of this woman or get left behind...while she looks elsewhere. She has given him clues and cues to not only cut her grass but her sisters grass..and he, in unthinking male fashion or stupidity, runs the touchdown for her.

He thinks he needs to run touchdowns in order to strike oil before she starts looking at or for the next idiot with an oil shortage.

He thinks he needs to run touchdowns...cut grass and fix dinner in order to win this woman. fact the two sisters... feel no guilt in taking advantage of the ignorance in this getting him to volunteer to cut their grass and thus take on their responsibilities for  which they desire not to do ...because of discomfort...hardship in cutting their grass.

This is what happens over and over to a male who does not think but follows the script of someone else's play book. These women have substituted his touchdown plays with theirs.

In this manner...they lord over the males. The males do not lead...these women lead.

This male will go from woman to woman for a long time before he catches on ..if ever.

These are two high maintenance women who have contempt for males..and will use them over and over in their ignorance to get things done for which they do not want the responsibility.

Most likely they will use men up continually...and may possibly end their lives alone or find a man to marry who is more ignorant than they so that they can maintain this control over him.

This kind of method of operation by so many women out here is called..."Male Expendabiliy and Disposability." And it is a males fault for his stupidity in a great many things.


Be very careful of how we as, males, choose to run touchdowns..and or pick up on a woman's clues and cues to run said touchdowns for things they do not want to do or take risks for themselves.

You do not have the duty and obligation to lay your head on the railroad tracks for a woman and rescue her and children from what is her responsibilities...and hope you can get off the tracks before the train runs you over.

All this while rescuing her from what is her responsibilities.


The most valuable commodity a good woman brings to a knowledgeable man in the marketplace is Peace...not piece.

Peace requires real commitment from a woman...piece does not.

Piece can require only the  "appearance of commitment" ..while extracting the maximum and continual cost from a male without his ever knowing what is going on or happening to him in running touchdowns.

These two women will only be capable of carrying out "The Appearance of Commitment" while taking advantage of a man.

These two women are extremely visual...and in only one to get a man to take on part of their run touchdowns for them.

Put another way...this is the "Appearance of Commitment so that they never really have to commit." Because the male is so ignorant he continually runs touchdowns without asking himself the real value of his labors or risk taking.

Don't ever try to tell me that males are visual....this guy is blind. These women are not.


My .02,


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October 12, 2017
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October 12, 2017 - 3:30 am
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