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Abram Hoffer PhD, M.D Physician Extraordinaire
November 27, 2019
12:34 am
Richard Daystrom PhD
Livermore, CA.
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December 19, 2018
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Abram Hoffer PhD, M.D Physician Extraordinaire


Abram Hoffer PhD, M.D

1917 - 2009

There was and still is a unanimous consensus among those who personally knew Abram Hoffer, PhD, M.D and those who knew of his outstanding work that he should have been honored by receiving the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

Abram Hoffer PhD, MD was nominated by Linus Pauling, PhD himself a two-time (unshared) Nobel Laureate for chemistry and the other for peace. Pauling was a colleague of Albert Einstein, Francis Crick (co-discoverer of the DNA double helix with James Watson) and J. Robert Oppenheimer the pioneer of the first atomic bomb along with many other high-level intellects of the time.

During his outstanding career Abram Hoffer was the world’s preeminent authority on vitamin B3 more commonly know as niacin or nicotinic acid (belongs to the pyridine carboxylic acid group).  

The nomination should have automatically qualified Abram Hoffer M.D as a recipient for the Nobel Prize in medicine. As a result, the medical establishment took a giant step backwards (which they may never recover from) when they did not honor Dr. Hoffer with the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

Dr. Hoffer was one to never “mince” words concerning the medical profession. Below is a compilation of his famous quotes:

1.“The body is composed of innumerable molecules developed over billions of years by the toughest test of all: survival.  We are finely tuned organisms, with a dizzying number of different compounds and reactions.  To think that one can insert a strange molecule that has never been there, and hope to correct some malfunction, is the height of folly.”

2."It is clear, therefore, that humans have the ability to synthesize niacin, but this process is ineffective and is probably on an evolutionary decline."

3. “Drugs make a well person Sick. Why would they make a sick person well?”

4.“Health-promoting information must include the correcting of misinformation that is so prevalent in the current medical literature.

A professor of medicine once started his lectures by advising his students that only half the information he would give them was correct and he was not sure which half it was.

“I (Hoffer) once opened a lecture at Columbia University by telling the students that most of the stuff they were being taught in psychiatry was wrong. The third-year medical students got up and gave me a standing ovation.”

5.“Orthomolecular nutrition is nutrition which strives to provide these optimum quantities for the cells of the body and takes into account the enormous individuality of persons and the variations caused by time and stress.”

6.“Orthomolecular medicine should, however, not be considered alternative medicine.  It is really a major component of standard medicine and represents a return to our earlier roots in the 1930’s when nutrition was a much more basic medical science.”

7.“Anyone can do anything to food components and market the product with no requirement that it must at least match the nutritional quality of the agricultural products from which it was made.”

8 “Nutrition science lacks intellectual resources. Very little brain power is concentrated in this branch of knowledge.  The medical profession too often confuses nutrition with dietetics.  It does not concern itself sufficiently with the possibility that inadequate nutrition leads to health problems.”

9 "The real villain, the catastrophic deterioration in the quality of our food is ignored.  As long as food processing continues to strip out essential nutrients, there will be no letup in the creation of chronic ill health.”

10. “The failure to adapt is usually because changes in the environment occur too quickly. As humans we still have the nutritional physiology of the past 50,000 years, but there has been a remarkable change in the nature of our food in the last 100 years. This ‘maladaptation’ is the source of most of the major chronic illnesses current today.”

11. “Every tissue of the body is affected by nutrition.”

12 “It seems that many psychologists and their para-psychiatric colleagues such as psychologists and social workers consider the brain is not an organ of the body that needs nourishment.”

13. “Keep in mind that vitamins are not drugs: they are foods. Many physicians do not look at vitamins and minerals that way. They put this form of food supplementation in the same category as tranquilizers and other unnatural synthetics.”

14. “All attacks on supplement safety are really attacks on supplement efficacy.”

15. “No one dies from vitamins.”

16. “They (Allopathic physicians) believe that food supplements should remain under prescription control as are antibiotics or other potent medication.”

17. “Why do they (Allopathic physicians) hold this erroneous belief? Because physicians are trained to recognize deficiency diseases, and they are taught that in modern society the majority of people are not suffering from any deficiency.”

18. Dr. Hoffer quotes from Richard O. Brennan, Chairman of the board of trustees, the International Academy of Preventative Medicine “Most of the food in America today will support life but it will not sustain health.”

19 “Physicians enter practice trained in the germ theory of disease, they look for illness arising from that cause and not from the lack of vitamin and mineral nutrition, and therefore, they take for granted that people should not need any more minerals and vitamins.”

20. “Doctors treat crises and tend not to prevent them.”

21 “The question is why we need double blinds, which never initiate anything and merely consumes tons of money and time and do very little to further progress in medicine.”

22 “Those who demand double blinds (double blind studies) are simply using this procedure as a weapon against this particular treatment (Orthomolecular medicine)

23 “They (double blind studies) are based upon unacceptable mathematical theory; they diminish the effectiveness of two important variables in any therapeutic situation, the faith of the patient and the doctor in the therapy; they are ethically questionable; they cannot be used for composing small heterogeneous groups; they have not led to the development of any useful new therapies in psychiatry.”

24 Double blinds are for the birds.  I have been opposed to double blinds for decades, even though my colleagues and I were the first psychiatrists to do them, starting in 1952.  I consider them a license to kill.  They are a dangerous fashion.  There is no evidence that anecdotal information is any less accurate then clinical information.  Devotees see everything filtered through their beliefs.  If we abolish anecdotes, guess what will happen to medicine? It will die from sheer boredom.”

25 “The basic treatment for mental disease in Orthomolecular medicine is the overcoming of the effects of poor nutrition with corrective nutritional therapy.  Yet the measure of ignorance of many medical critics of this care is that they hardly ever take nutritional histories of their patients.”

26 “Refined sugar is particularly insidious since it produced addiction as severe as any drug addiction.  The only difference between heroin addiction and sugar addiction is that sugar doesn’t need injection, is readily consumable because of its availability and isn’t considered a social evil.  However, the strength of such addiction is just as strong as heroin addiction.”

27. “Ignored entirely is the fact that the deficiency diseases such as beriberi, pellagra and scurvy are the end result of months or years of severe deficiency and represent a premorbid condition. The false concept ignores entirely the many symptoms suffered during the developmental phase and concentrates on signs of deficiency that strike just before the patient is going to die.”

28. “The therapeutic vitamin paradigm opens up the use of vitamins for optimum health to everyone. In sharp contrast with drugs which are very toxic and must be carefully controlled by trained professionals, vitamins are so safe they can be experimented with by any person, secure in the knowledge that they are as safe as any of the over-the-counter medications readily available today. People can be their own therapists.  Experimentation will do them no harm; provide they take a little time to examine the vitamin literature.”

29. “With drugs, too little is much safer than too much, but with vitamins a little more is much safer than too little, if one wishes to obtain optimum health.”

30.“Then the orphan vitamin products will replace drugs.  It is inevitable, that physicians will one day come to prefer a nutrient over a non-nutrient for therapy.  The body has mechanisms for dealing with nutrients but must evolve new ones for dealing with foreign chemicals.

31.“Every person suffers from a deficiency of ascorbic acid, or has a form of sub-clinical scurvy, because the human body does not make it.  So, the addition of vitamin C improves every function of the body.”

32. “Vitamin C is needed by everyone, and the amount increases very rapidly in the pathology or stress. It has been found that the more serious the condition, the more vitamin C is needed.”

33.“Dr. Evan Shute who did early research on the effects of vitamin E with his brother Wilfred on more than 30,000 patients.  The Shute brothers were deprived of the recognition they deserved, though at the end of their lives they had some recognition from Orthomolecular physicians.  They were the first doctors who had to face the unreasonable and unrelenting opposition of the medical establishment for their espousal of mega-doses of a vitamin.  That opposition was totally unscientific.”

34.“Physical and mental diseases are affected by what we put into our mouths-or fail to take in as nourishment.”

35. Controversy is part of the history of medicine and is essential to it if medicine is to continue to advance. There will always be promulgation of new ideas, some of which will eventually be proven wrong.

There would be much less emotional controversy, however, if physicians followed the basic rule of science, that of following the same procedures and conditions when attempting to corroborate.  If this rule were rigorously followed, it would not fall to a single investigatory task force to rule for or against orthomolecular psychiatry or other medical ideas. 

Each doctor could make his or her own judgments.  Looking at the evidence, that judgment would cause every physician to adapt orthomolecular nutrition as basic armamentarium in medical practice.  One can only ask the question over and over again:  How blind can orthodox medicine be?”

36.“The main problem is that often the best information gathered so painfully by the professions remains hidden within the obscure journals that were rash enough to publish them, and most people have not heard of, nor how to use, the findings. This is still the hangover from the centuries old tradition of guilds who maintained their secrets at all costs.”

37. “Even worse are the attempts of the medical profession to suppress valuable information if it does not conform to the conventional viewpoint. It takes at least forty years for major paradigm shifts in medicine and while the battle of the paradigm’s rages, patients are deprived of the information that may save their lives. Excessive conservation is very costly.”

38. “Orthomolecular medicine involves active participation between people and the professions, for it involves dietary and lifestyle changes, which cannot be done by the doctor alone.”

39. “Modern medicine is not scientific; it is full of prejudice, illogic, and susceptible to advertising. Doctors are not taught to reason.  They are programmed to believe in whatever their medical schools teach them. And over the past 20 years, the drug companies with their enormous wealth have taken medicine over and now control its research, what is taught, and the information released to the public.”

40. “My conclusion is that the best treatment for cancer today is a combination of the best modern medicine can offer, surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, combined with the best of what Orthomolecular physicians can offer, which is nutrition, nutrients and hope.”

41. “The modern church of medicine does not relish alerting the press when the news is good about vitamins. There is no money in it and potentially a loss if vitamins displace drugs, as they should. I sometimes harbor a silent wish for all our critics; that is that they should never under any circumstances ever take any supplemental nutrients and must be restricted to only eating modern high-tech food. Can you think of a more severe punishment?”

42. “One would be very polite to even describe EBM (Evidence Based Medicine) as pseudo-scientific. The word “science” cannot be used anywhere close to what is happening with EBM. It has become the main weapon to prevent innovation.  It must be sent back to its archaic roots.  Instead, we once more have to learn to think rather than calculate.”

43. “We are winning the paradigm war. Clinical research is continually a battle, pro and con. The reason is that probability theory is of no value whatever when dealing with people.

This was pointed out clearly by Lancelot Hogben (Statistical Theory: the relationship of Probability, Credibility, and Error, Norton, 1957) over 50 years ago.  Clinical tests were developed for plants and for animals and the various factors were much more readily controlled.”

44. “It is wrong to consider any disease solely genetic, for genes do not operate in a vacuum.”

45. “The process of drilling out mercury amalgams releases a lot of mercury particles and vapor, so extra ascorbic acid should be taken before and after visiting the dentist. 

Finally, people should avoid all amalgam fillings and nickel bridgework; request that your dentist use only nonmetallic fillings, gold, or a high-grade stainless steel very low in nickel. 

Biological dentists specialize in safe amalgam removal and the use of nontoxic materials. Even better, proper diet and oral sanitation will reduce the need to have filings in the first place.”

46. “The problem (with modern medical research) is a monstrous cancer affecting all of us, and it is called Big Pharma. It needs a combination of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. The medical profession has been reduced to the state of well-paid salaries for the drug companies, and it is we who pay the bills. 

For example, Vioxx was promoted by one of the largest of advertising budgets and had characteristically high kill rates.  Money, like water, will leak into every possible crevasse.  We are literally inundated with this poisonous water coming from this industry.  For too long has Big Pharma ruled the roost.”

47. "No amount of evidence can persuade a person who is not listening."

48. “Orthomolecular treatment does not lend itself to rapid drug-like control of symptoms, but patients get well to a degree not seen by tranquilizer therapists who believe orthomolecular therapists are prone to exaggeration. Those who've seen the results are astonished."



W. O. Belfield, Jr.

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