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TTS] Rediscover 9/11 Truth site: America has truly been the
September 30, 2011
12:20 am
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September 2, 2011
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TTS] Rediscover 9/11 Truth site: America has truly been the land of opportunity for Zionists, Israeli Espionage in America, A National Security Scandal ... dafce98593

WHO are the 9/11 conspirators? Israel/Mossad/CIA/Neocons/Big Oil/ Banks/MSM

Was America Attacked by Muslims on 9/11?

Comments (11)

There is no more important issue than WHO DID 9-11. WHO had motive, means, opportunity and who benefitted most from 9/11? k

It wasn’t muslims! 9-11 is the seminal event behind the phony “war on terrorism” and WHO did 9-11 is easy to see once we turn off the mass media propaganda. Americans, especially Christian Zionists, can no longer afford to be blissfully ignorant about the Zionist state of Israel and its criminal network that are the root of the conflicts in the region.

More and more Americans already know that the Twin Towers and Building 7 were explosively demolished. They must now face the FACTS that lead to Israel, Mossad and traitorous neocon Zionists in the U.S. as the most probable perpetrators of 9-11! ... 09x300.png

Some may find this website from reading the ANTI DEFAMATION LEAGUE article. We welcome your Comments in the spirit of identifying the real perpetrators and getting the truth about 9/11. The human journey turns on exposing and confronting the real perpetrators. One example: Rabbi Dov Zakheim

We feel that it is important for the Jewish people themselves to “out” the psychopaths among them so that all are not tarred with the same brush. Many Jews are as aware as we are of the Zionist’s complicity in the crimes of 9/11 and the subsequent cover-up. Our voices are stiffled by the MSM. Honest, moral people have a choice to distance themselves from the psychopaths among their numbers. Silence is complicity.

Does the ADL, which gets the benefits of tax exempt status, put AMERICA first or Israel? Is it “anti-Italian” to point out the criminality of the Mafia?




YouTube Preview Image

Look at the people who committed this despicable crime. Some of them are billionaires, most of them are well-off, and none of them are poor, oppressed victims. Although there is no direct reference to 9/11 in the above video, believes it is useful in understanding how prominent and apparently normal individuals can do horrible things like 9/11 and live with themselves.

America has truly been the land of opportunity for Zionists. They own all of our TV networks, and most of our newspapers, publishing houses, and movie studios. They own our banks, (including the Federal Reserve), and create our money out of thin air only to lend it to us at interest.

Yet these Zionist criminals incinerated nearly 3000 people on September 11th, 2001, and goaded our country into a “war on terror”–creating a clash of civilizations which has cost over a million lives. The cover-up of this crime has created outrageous scandals that are tearing the US and the world apart. ... .04-PM.png

This is the most heinous, treacherous act ever committed against the United States of America. They have the gall, and the contempt for us to carry out this treasonous crime. We’ve been nothing but kind and generous to these people, in return they have participated in the destruction of our Republic.

It was NOT Arabs! Listen to Christopher Bollyn’s interview by Kevin Barrett of Truth Jihad and read Christopher Bollyn’s e-book entitled “Solving 9/11: The Deception That Changed The World”.

“The US Military KNOWS (our emphasis) Israel did 911″ Gordon Duff, editor of The links between Israeli intelligence and the events of 911 are numerous and obvious, yet highly suppressed by the United States “Zionist” media.

Israeli Espionage in America, A National Security Scandal

Nine years since 9-11 and we’re still arguing whether buildings are exploded?!? Who could pull off 9-11 and control the mass media to keep their involvement under wraps?


Rediscover 9/11 is an ever-unfolding work in progress, a collaborative effort of concerned patriotic citizens who have observed a glaring void in many, though not all, 9/11 Truth websites. That void is a failure to identify and explore “WHO” did 9/11, especially avoiding discussion of Zionist involvement in the crime. The guilty parties would include Israeli leaders, their henchmen, the Mossad, and the Zionist Ne-Cons in America who collectively may be a sort of “Kosher Nostra” whose loyalty is most certainly to the foreign state of Israel. The policy papers of Wolfowitz and Pearle clearly state MOTIVE. We cannot say whether this void exists because of lack of information, fear, loyalty to Israel or as a public relations tactic. We in no way are limiting culpability in this horrendous crime to the Zionists, as surely there were many Gentiles involved for their own fetid reasons.

This crime and the lies that falsely blame muslims has turned the world upside down. The human journey is presently steered by monsters who have infiltrated key positions in power, the mass media, alternative media and even the groups who purport to be about disclosing the real truth about 9/11.

As sovereign minds we freely exercise our inherent right–our duty–to explore ‘WHO’ did 9/11, and report boldly as to our discoveries. Development Group

North Tower <— WATCH THESE TWO SHORT VIDEOS —> Building 7

Meanwhile, the real perpetrators are orchestrating a “controlled demolition” of our economy and have plans for the next system of money/government/media/internet to dominate the world.

YouTube Preview Image

The so-called, self-styled criminal/extremist Jews (Zionists) have a long range plan for us. We use the phrase “so-called, self-styled Jews to distinguish good, ethical and religious Jews from a Zionist crime network–much like the Mafia is not representative of all Italians.

Chris Bollyn on B’nai B’rith…

Henry Ford on “The International Jew: The World’s Foremost Problem”The strategies noted by Henry Ford are apparent in this Age of Big Lies when one realizes that it was Zionists (et, al.), not muslims, who did 9/11. This Age of Big Lies has been in development for hundreds–if not thousands of years.

The “Anti-Semitic” accusation is both inaccurate and a diversionary trick. As a percentage of their population, Palestinians are more Semitic than Jews in Israel, who, according to the Human Genome Project consist of about 90% non-Semitic population. In the diaspora, it is likely that the great majority of Jews are not Semites in their background. The functional meaning of “anti-Semite” seems more to be “those whom Zionists wish to silence”.

YouTube Preview Image Open your mind to the possibility that what we have been fed as American history has been revised–and meet Eustace Mullins, perhaps the best historian and researcher of these dark times.

USING JUDAISM and Christianity FOR POLITICAL EXPEDIENCY (VIDEO) What really is “Judeo-Christian” but a political tool?

YouTube Preview Image ... 111.pngThe circumstantial connections of Jews, Zionists & Israel to 9-11 are OVERWHELMING: JEWS were involved in planning, executing and are involved in the continuing cover-up of 9-11–or those who claim to be Jews. Jews have positioned themselves in key positions to keep a lid on the Israeli-Jewish connections to 9-11. Investigations and public airing of the evidence has been thwarted by Judge Hellerstein (family victims) and Judge Lehner (NYCCAN). The 96% Zionist owned and controlled mass media blackout of evidence of 9-11 is a BIG CLUE as to who have motive, means and opportunity to orchestrate 9-11 and cover it up. This is just for starters, and this website explores the extensive circumstantial connections of neocons, Israeli companies, criminal Jewish and Zionist operatives purportedly in the service of the U.S. government–including most of the Congress of the U.S.

“The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie — deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic. Belief in myths allows the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.” ~ John F. Kennedy

We will succeed to the degree that we confront pure evil. John 8:44, Revelation 2:9-10, 3:9

Descendants of the money changers are looting us all. End the Federal Reserve.

Communism was perpetrated on the Russians by so-called, self-styled Jews (Zionists–not the real semitic Jews). Documentary: Harvest of Despair Learn about the Ukranian holocaust–perpetrated by the so-called, self-styled Jews.

The self-styled, “so-called Jews” (Zionists) dominate media, banking, Hollywood, the Congress, the Courts–centers of power and business. Most everything we are told by media about Israel and the Middle East is filtered through the Zionist media propaganda machine. Israel is basically a Marxist country mixed with some Nazi-type fascism–and very racist. (The Jewish author of the previous booklet was assassinated by Mossad–killing a good Jew.)

Rham Emanuel’s Father Specialized in Bombing Buses in Palestine

Chabad Lubavitch puts huge Menorah in front of White House

Why is it ok to light a giant Menorah in front of the White House

YouTube Preview Image

We do know with reasonable certainty that Israel (Mossad) and many “self-styled, so called Jews” were involved in 9-11 and the subsequent cover-up. Although we don’t know exactly who did 9-11, we have ample evidence involving motive, means, opportunity and a 96% Jewish-owned mass media cover-up to gather and report on a list of suspects. We also know that the official story is comprised of lies of Biblical proportion (designed to demonize the Islamic world) and that 9-11 was designed to promote a clash of cultures for the purpose of setting up the real perpetrators for domination of the world.

Please explore PAGES in the right hand column for background information and browse our extensive library of articles.

We of the Development Group have chosen David Ray Griffin’s article entitled: Was America Attacked by Muslims on 9/11? (below) as our lead, home page article. Although David Ray Griffin has not taken the stance about Israeli involvement which we take, our deepest respect and appreciation go to David Ray Griffin for giving the world his insights about 9-11 and proving solidly the official story to be a lie.

We invite you, our readers, to ReDiscover911.

Was America Attacked by Muslims on 9/11?

Information Clearing House

David Ray Griffin, Ph.D.

9 September 2008

September 11, 2001 attacks in New York City: V...

Image via Wikipedia

Much of America’s foreign policy since 9/11 has been based on the assumption that it was attacked by Muslims on that day. This assumption was used, most prominently, to justify the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. It is now widely agreed that the use of 9/11 as a basis for attacking Iraq was illegitimate: none of the hijackers were Iraqis, there was no working relation between Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden, and Iraq was not behind the anthrax attacks. But it is still widely believed that the US attack on Afghanistan was justified. For example, the New York Times, while referring to the US attack on Iraq as a “war of choice,” calls the battle in Afghanistan a “war of necessity.” Time magazine has dubbed it “the right war.” And Barack Obama says that one reason to wind down our involvement in Iraq is to have the troops and resources to “go after the people in Afghanistan who actually attacked us on 9/11.”

The assumption that America was attacked by Muslims on 9/11 also lies behind the widespread perception of Islam as an inherently violent religion and therefore of Muslims as guilty until proven innocent. This perception surely contributed to attempts to portray Obama as a Muslim, which was lampooned by a controversial cartoon on the July 21, 2008, cover of The New Yorker.

Read the rest of this entry »

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Written by

March 1st, 2010 at 10:21 pm

Posted in 9/11 attacks,How 9/11 was done,Israel Did 9/11

Tagged with al-Qaeda, Chabad, Israel, Jews, John F. Kennedy, Middle East, Osama Bin Laden, Tony Blair, United States, Warfare and Conflict, Zionism

Fair Use

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Fair Use Notice: Videos and still images posted on may contain some copyrighted material whose use has not been authorized by the copyright owners. We believe that this not-for-profit, educational use on the Web constitutes a fair use of the copyrighted material (as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. If you wish to use this copyrighted material for purposes that go beyond fair use, you must obtain permission from the copyright owner. Fair Use notwithstanding we will immediately comply with any copyright owner who wants their material removed or modified, wants us to link to their web site, or wants us to add their photo.

YouTube Preview Image

It is best to stop ridiculing the truth-seekers, and start paying attention to what they are saying.

YouTube Preview ImageYouTube Preview Image

What sort of TRUTH is it that crushes the freedom to seek the truth?

Jon Stewart (born Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz) ... ideJob.jpg

Zionist making 9/11 truth a joking matter.


It is sad that to please the Zionist power in America, U.S. Government officials are willing to sacrifice the lives of American boys to save Zionist/Marxist Israel.

Is Israel A Friend Of The U.S.A.???? Remember The USS Liberty!

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Zionist War on Gentiles

Zionists Convict Themselves

WARNING to US President: Israel may blindside/attack Iran


Written by admin

October 23rd, 2010 at 1:56 am

Posted in Uncategorized

Zionists Convict Themselves

Comments (0)

“It is essential that the sufferings of Jews. . . become worse. . . this will assist in realization of our plans. . . I have an excellent idea. . . I shall induce anti-semites to liquidate Jewish wealth. . . The anti-semites will assist us thereby in that they will strengthen the persecution and oppression of Jews. The anti-semites shall be our best friends”

– Theodor Herzl, Founder of Zionism in 1897

Former Israeli Minister: ‘It’s a Trick, We Always Use It.’ (calling people ‘anti-Semitic’) YouTube Preview Image

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· Fair Use

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Written by admin

May 1st, 2011 at 3:26 pm

Posted in Uncategorized

Government, Media & Hollywood Conspire in 9-11 Coverup, Bin Laden Hoax

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YouTube Preview Image

December 8, 2010

MEDIA ROOTS- In George Orwell’s 1984, Britain is depicted as a totalitarian police state that is ruled by the Party, or Big Brother– an enigmatic, ubiquitous elite that controls society through heavy surveillance, nationalist propaganda and historical revisionism. The concept seems like a far-fetched portrayal of a Democratic nation’s demise into totalitarianism, but in America’s “post 9/11” climate of fear, the United States government has been building a comprehensive grid of surveillance and control that bears frightening similarities to Orwell’s fictional narrative.

YouTube Preview Image ... by3.jpgThe glaring difference between the two is that Orwell’s dystopian society is overtly totalitarian. America, conversely, operates under a “soft fascism” – an insidious, systematic method of preventative action and corporate top-down control over society’s media, economy and politics – while maintaining the necessary illusion of personal choice and freedom. A populous with little to no concept of their subjugation makes them the perfect subjects to rule.

YouTube Preview Image

Osama Bin Laden died in 2001

Will the REAL Osama bin Laden please stand up ... stand.html ... -laden.htm

Fake bin Laden video shown in 2007: YouTube Preview Image ... _years_ago ... pts-bin-la

YouTube Preview Image

The Jewish hand behind Internet – Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo!, MySpace, eBay…

Freedom Research ... 1262024557

In the following document we will give an insight into the Jewish penetration of the Internet and also show the level of cooperation between leading Jewish Internet entrepreneurs and the racist Jewish Apartheid state of Israel.

The Jews – contrary to the “liberal” views they officially say they profess – in their suppressive acts practically demonstrate that they always seek to dominate the information flow, they don´t tolerate any dissent. It is just as when Israel says “Shalom” while Israel´s military at the very same time pounds its Arab neighbour states with bombs and missiles.

The Arabs have learnt the hard way the faleshood of these Jewish statements, it is now time for the rest of the non-Jewish world to get this right, and to see that the freedom of information on the Net is seriously threatened.

This document will not cover the entire field. Also, as it is timebound to an an anlysis that is from a 2009 perspective – things will change. Companies will change names, new actors will appear. But still this piece of work is unique and will give a guide into the mechanisms behind the Net, mechanisms that will continue to act even in the future. And as many of these Jewish entrepreneurs are rather young and the Internet seems to be here to stay, we will hear from them for a long time onwards.

WARNING: Please note that the contents of some of the sites with revealing Jewish material we have linked to below, may be altered by the Jews in the future. Perhaps even information contrary to this document and Radio Islam will replace the original material we had linked to. This has happened before and for our part just illustrates the level of Jewish dishonesty.

Read more: ... 1262024557

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Whoever controls the media, controls the mind… Jim Morrison

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Written by admin

April 25th, 2011 at 3:48 am

Posted in Uncategorized

Zionist War on Gentiles

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YouTube Preview Image

A spokesperson for Jewish people explains that the Jews (international bankers?) are deeply offended by any inferences that they had anything to do with causing 9-11: Jews are offended by inferences that Jews had anything to do with 9-11. National Public Radio (NPR) has been complicit in the cover-up of 9-11 evidence and has actively worked to avoid 9-11 information on their website and in their “investigative news” pieces.

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Written by admin

March 23rd, 2011 at 11:53 pm

Posted in Uncategorized

9/11: Israel’s (Zionist) Grand Deception

Comments (0)

by Jonathan Azaziah

When an event occurs that changes the dynamics of the geopolitical spectrum, there is only one question that needs to be asked, no matter what kind of information is being force-fed to the public by the Zionist media: Who does this event benefit? The answer to this question is always: The Zionist elite. The official story presented to the masses in the laughable (and criminally false) 9/11 Commission Report, overseen by Zionist Philip Zelikow, is so dubious and so nonsensical in its arrogance, it is truly amazing that the story was swallowed by the world’s population as truth to begin with. It doesn’t take a scientist, an architect, or an engineer to determine that something else other than planes brought down the Twin Towers and Building 7 at free fall speed on that infamous day. Al Qaeda, Arabic for “The Base” because it was the CIA’s base of operations in Afghanistan, was not behind the September Eleventh attacks, the Mossad and its Zionist criminal network were. Wake up.

Shocking Prediction or Evidence of Planning?

On September 23, 1979, a very disturbing interview took place between Zionist Michael D. Evans and founder of the Mossad, Isser Harel. Evans asked the former director of the Mossad if (Islamic) terrorism will eventually come to America. Harel proceeds to tell the American Zionist that terrorism will indeed come to the United States, the attack will take place in New York City and it will be on its tallest building (1). Isser Harel was asked to step down from his post as Mossad chief by the architect of Al Nakbah and notorious racist David Ben Gurion because his terrorist tactics were drawing too much attention to the Zionist State. Harel was behind the failed Lavon Affair of 1954, in which Egyptian-Israeli agents placed bombs inside British, American and Egyptian targets hoping Muslim groups would be blamed, and Western relations with Egypt would be irrevocably damaged. He was also responsible for ‘Operation Damocles’ which left scores of German scientists, writers, and public officials dead under the guise of Nazi-hunting (2). After his resignation and subsequent ‘retirement,’ Harel remained involved with Mossad, serving as a consultant and advisor to the terrorist agency before it released any information to the public (3). Read the rest of this entry »

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Written by admin

December 20th, 2010 at 3:39 am

Posted in Uncategorized

Wikileaks is Zionist Poison

Comments (1)

[breaking news]

[We remind readers that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is ‘annoyed’ by 9/11 truth ]

YouTube Preview Image

- 06. Nov, 2010 in 9/11, Commentary/Analysis, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Media, Middle east, News/Politics, U.S. Foreign Policy, War Crimes, Zionism
Undeniable facts about Zionism. [taken from: ... st-poison/ ]

By Jonathan Azaziah

Disinformation is defined as ‘misinformation that is deliberately disseminated in order to influence or confuse rivals.’

It is used by governments to mislead and brainwash their citizen populations, instigate wars, and blackmail foreign regimes.

It is the ultimate instrument of the media. The most effective disinformation is that which is comprised of falsehood as well as facts.

Wikileaks, founded by Julian Assange, fits this description perfectly, right down to the letter.

Seemingly overnight, it has become one of the biggest ‘whistle-blowing’ agencies in modern history. In reality though, it is one of the biggest disinformation projects in modern history, and it may be the most dangerous because it is masquerading as an organization of truth. The information released by Wikileaks isn’t new; it isn’t groundbreaking; it doesn’t hurt the US as much as people think, it’s fractional really; and it is overloaded with as much as propaganda as the day-to-day Zionist media is. This propaganda is benefitting someone. And that someone is the illegal usurping entity of Israel. Even the Israeli government itself thinks so (1). Read the rest of this entry »

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Written by admin

December 17th, 2010 at 8:44 pm

Posted in Uncategorized

Zionists Brought Communism to Russia

Comments (0)

YouTube Preview Image

Those who ignore the lessons of history are destined to repeat them.

YouTube Preview Image

Who own and control 96% of mass media?

Who control Hollywood?

Who control the Federal Reserve and Wall Street?

Who dominate our Congress and control U.S. foreign policy?

Who dominate the President’s Cabinet and are predominant in Obama’s Czar’s?

Who placed explosives in the Twin Towers and Building 7?

Who are seeking world war–and played key roles in starting World War I and World War II?

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Can and Should an US- Uprising be Prevented?

Whoever controls the media, controls the mind… Jim Morrison

“Build a Mega-Mosque ON Ground Zero to Atone for 9/11 ...


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Written by admin

November 29th, 2010 at 3:52 am

Posted in 9/11 attacks,Criminal politics,Culprits behind 9/11

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October 4, 2011
10:02 pm
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July 30, 2010
sp_UserOfflineSmall Offline

William Cooper Predicts 911 Attack June 28 2001 😮 ... re=related

Remember remember the fifth of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot.
I see no reason why gunpowder, treason
Should ever be forgot...

October 4, 2011
11:20 pm
Forum Posts: 512
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September 2, 2011
sp_UserOfflineSmall Offline

"The_Joker" wrote: William Cooper Predicts 911 Attack June 28 2001 😮 ... re=related

I saw this video and it's to much.
William Cooper knew too much

October 5, 2011
3:06 pm
Forum Posts: 2730
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April 9, 2009
sp_UserOfflineSmall Offline

IMHO >>> Bill was the reason Alex Jones was syndicated which spawned several, more mainstream, mouthpieces for the PTB.

He was too smart to be suicided so he was simply gunned down.


October 6, 2011
3:42 am
Forum Posts: 9870
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April 9, 2009
sp_UserOfflineSmall Offline

you guys seem kinda racist against jews, there..kinda you'll be calling for all the hippies of the world to be exterminated..because they are really 'psychopathic zionist controllers' in diguise

Willie Wonka quotes..
What is this Wonka, some kind of funhouse?
Why? Are you having fun?
A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.
We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams

October 6, 2011
3:17 pm
Forum Posts: 512
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September 2, 2011
sp_UserOfflineSmall Offline

"bionic" wrote: hmm...
you guys seem kinda racist against jews, there..kinda you'll be calling for all the hippies of the world to be exterminated..because they are really 'psychopathic zionist controllers' in diguise

Let's not exagerate.
the Zionist movement was founded in the late 19th century by secular Jews Theodor Herzl in 1897 to encourage Jewish migration to the Ottoman Palestine.
In 1879 the Census board was
Muslims 403,795= 85% population
Christian 43,650= 9.2% population
Jewish 15,001 =3.2% population
Jewish Foreign born 10,000 =2.1% population
In 2011 the State of Israel 75.4% of the population Jews, 20.4% are Arabs while the remaining 4.3% as others (family members of Jewish immigrants who were not registered at the Interior Ministry as Jews, non-Arab Christians, non-Arab Muslims and residents who do not have a religious classification).

How could Israel put a Jewish country on Palestinian land, against the will of the Palestinian people?
In 1890, 25,000 Jews lived in Palestine.

1890 Palestine and most mideastern countries petition their Ottoman Turk rulers to restore their democratic constitution. Thousands of Jews moved to Palestine to escape Russia & Romania. There was no conflict between Arabs & Jews.

Theodor Herzl, provoked by the Dreyfuss trial in France, writes The Jewish State, arguing that Jews must have a country of their own. Herzl asks the Ottoman Sultan for Palestine: the reply was no . Then Herzl tries with the British who had control of Palestine and they offer him Uganda!

Russia’s abortive revolution, thousands of Jews move to Palestine—still no conflict.

The Ottoman constitution is restored; Syria, Lebanon, & Palestine become parliamentary democracies. Within a few years, Palestine had 8 newspapers, 21 new periodicals, 477 schools, etc.—Lebanon & Syria thrived as well.
The Zionist strategy for getting Jews to move to Palestine would surely be considered genocidal if anyone applied it to Jews: The Zionists pretended that Palestine was an empty desert.
Many Jews were so shocked when they came to Palestine & found it full of people that they spoke out against the injustice.

WW 1: Ottoman Turks back the Germans; the Brits promise the Arabs independence if they help fight the Turks.

June 5: Hussein declares Arab independence, revolts against Turks; Palestine & Syria join the fight

C. Weizmann, British Zionist, gets Lord Balfour to write a ‘Declaration,’ for ‘the establishment of a national home for the Jewish people’ that doesn’t ‘prejudice the...rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine’

WW 1 ends; British & French sign the Mudros Armistice, again promising the Arabs independence
Somewhere along the line, the Palestinians notice that the new immigrants, the Zionists, don’t want to just live in Palestine. They want to own it. And they want to throw the Palestinians out. That’s when the conflict starts.

Zionists claim that Palestine belongs to them; Palestinians strongly disagree. U.S. Prez Woodrow Wilson, thinking democratically, sent the King-Crane Commission to Palestine to talk to the people. What they learned was clear & creepy.

In 1918, 60,000 Jews lived in Palestine—an increase of 240% since 1890

Back then 90% of Palestine’s population was non-Jewish only 10% of Palestine’s population)

The Palestinians did NOT want a Jewish state in Palestine

The King-Crane Commission reported that a Jewish State in Palestine would violate the Palestinian people’s right to self-determination—they recommended that the Zionists leave Palestine alone and find another place to plant Israel. Some very enlightening quotes from the King-Crane Commission report:

"the erection of a Jewish state cannot be accomplished without the gravest trespass upon the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine."

"The fact came out repeatedly in the Commission's conference with Jewish representatives that the Zionists looked forward to a practically complete dispossession of the present non-Jewish inhabitants of Palestine."

"No British officer consulted by the Commissioners believed that the Zionist program could be carried out except by force of arms. That itself is evidence of a strong sense of injustice of the Zionist program."

"The initial claim, often submitted by Zionist representatives, that they have a 'right' to Palestine, based on an occupation of two thousand years ago, can hardly be seriously considered."

The Covenant of the League of Nations, Article 22: granted the ”provisional independence of the former Ottoman provinces.”

The League of Nations makes England the ‘mandatory’ temporary teacher/ruler of Palestine/Jordan/Iraq

Anti-Zionist riots convince Brits to support Arabs more, Zionists less. Brits attribute the riots to their failure to deliver on “promises of Arab independence and to their fear of economic & political subjugation to the Zionists."


lBrits issue the Passfield White Paper to clarify once and for all their position on Palestine, stating: “Arabs have come to see in Jewish immigration not only a menace to their livelihood but a possible overlord of the future.”

The Zionists nag the Brits until the Brits rescind the Passfield White Paper favoring the Arabs

1933/1934/1935 l 30,000 new Jewish immigrants enter Palestine 42,000 new Jewish immigrants enter Palestine 61,000 new Jewish immigrants enter Palestine. Palestinians demand the democracy they’d been promised—AND the right, which every country has, to limit immigration. The Brits propose a meeting to settle things peaceably, the Zionists refuse

The ‘Arab revolt of 1936-39’: The death count: 329 Jews; 3,112 Arabs. As you will see, virtually every violent encounter between Jews & Arabs results in 10 dead Arabs for every dead Jew. It’s amazingly consistent.

Irgun [Zionist terrorists] kill 76 Arabs by bombing public places; an Irgun member is arrested by the Brits, the Irgun kill 52 Arabs

The Brits limit Jewish immigration to Palestine to 15,000 per year, so the Irgun terrorists kill another 27 Arabs
Zionist leader David Ben Gurion shocks other Jews by telling the truth: “ our political argument abroad, we minimize Arab opposition to us but let us not ignore the truth among ourselves.” Ben Gurion said,

“We are the aggressors and they defend themselves.”

429,000 Jews live in Palestine, they constitute 28% of Palestine’s population. The Brits announce that unlimited Jewish immigration & giving Arab land to Jews is contrary to League of Nations’ & British promises to Arabs—& that an independent Palestinian state was probable by 1949! The Zionists were so pissed off that they began aiming their terrorism at the British.


Even though Zionism started 40 years before the war and fanatical Zionists were more concerned with taking over Palestine than with saving Jews from concentration camps, see Alfred Lilienthal’s The Zionist Connection , no humane person should deny the wrong done—or the debt owed—to the victims of the Holocaust. While Hitler was humiliating, robbing, and exterminating Jews, virtually every country in the world was doing nothing. Less than nothing [see Arthur Morse’s While Six Million Died]. In my opinion, the survivors of the Holocaust should have been—and still should be—treated better than they were, but they should not have been dumped into Palestine, ignored by the Allies, and used for Zionist propaganda. A couple facts you may not know—

In During WW II, 12,000 Palestinians enlisted in the British Army to fight the Nazis

In Palestine, a country of only 2 million people, accepted more Jewish refugees than any other country in the world

After the war U.S. Prez Truman joined the Zionists in demanding that 100,000 Jews be let into Palestine. The Palestinians said NO—it was their country. The U.S. told the Brits to force them; the Brits said NO—so the Zionists blew up the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, killing 91 Brits & several Jews. The Brits, sick of it, gave the problem to the newly formed United Nations.

Nov: The UN, pressured by Truman (upcoming election, was groveling for the Jewish vote), met to discuss the fate of Palestine...


In 1947, 678,000 Jews live in Palestine—an increase of 653,000 since 1890. 1,269,000 Palestinian Arabs live in Palestine, Palestinians still have an overwhelming 2-to-1 majority

In 1947 Palestinian Arabs own over 90% of the land—Jews own only 7% of the land in Palestine
Source: United Nations General Assembly report on Palestine, Nov., 1947

...the U.N. delegates “provisionally partition” Palestine they divide it to see if it’ll work

They give the Zionists 55% of Palestine.They “give” the Palestinians (who have a 2-to-1 majority and own 90% of the land) 45% of what was 100% theirs to begin with—Palestine. ALL the Arab & Islamic countries protest & ask to query the International Court of Justice on the right of the U.N. to partition a country against the will of its people, but they are voted down.

The Palestinians, taking exception to the fact that they’d been swindled out of their own country, began fighting.

In March (after the election), the US suddenly ‘realizes’ its affront to democracy & goes on record opposing the forcible partition of Palestine.

In March 19: The U.S. calls for the suspension of United Nations efforts to partition Palestine

In March 30: The U.S. calls for an immediate truce and further discussion by the U.N. General Assembly
The Zionists ignore the US & the UN and stepped up the fighting

Zionist Irgun terror squads led by Menachem Begin, massacre 254 women, children, & old men (the young men were working in the fields) in the Palestinian village of Deir Yassin. Deir Yassin was one of hundreds of Zionist “land-clearing operations.”

Zionist “land-clearing operations” were so successful that 780,000 Palestinians fled their country in terror.

May 14
A few weeks after Deir Yassin, Israel declared itself a country. (...& the US went on record OPPOSING a Jewish state in Palestine!)

May 20
The UN appointed Count Bernadotte as mediator between Zionists & Arabs. Bernadotte (who had risked his life to save 20,000 Jews from concentration camps) said that the partition of Palestine was ‘provisional’—a ‘non-binding’ test-run to see if it would work. Since it clearly wasn’t working, both parties must return to the UN to establish where, and IF, the new Jewish country would be. He also said that IF Zionists were ever given part of Palestine, human decency dictated that Palestinian refugees be given two options:

1. They should be allowed to return to their homes in Palestine at any time in the future

2. If they chose not to return to Palestine, they should be compensated by the Zionists for all that was taken from them.

In summary: ALL Palestinians, at ANY time in the future, should have the choice of either Return or Compensation.

With Bernadotte’s war record, it would be silly to accuse him of anti Semitism. So the next day the Zionists murdered him.

It was common knowledge [NY Times] that the Zionist terrorist group called The Stern Gang was responsible. Bernadotte’s murder was ordered by Yitzhak Shamir who would later become Prime Minister of Israel.

The war that followed has been falsified in books & movies[Exodus, etc. as a war the Arabs started against the peace-loving Zionists and in which little David Zionists managed, against incredible odds, to beat Goliath. The real story is:

1. The Arabs agreed to a three-month truce but the Zionist ‘government’ rejected it by “a slim majority of 6 to 4.”

2. US Army intelligence reported that the combined Arab forces totaled about 30,000 ill-equipped, poorly trained men; the Zionist army, over 90,000, outnumbered the Arabs three-to-one & had modern weapons, including new fighter planes & bombers. They said it would be no contest. And it wasn’t. By the time the war was over, the Zionists had three-fourths of Palestine.

‘Israel’ was admitted to the U.N. in May, 1949. But there’s an interesting footnote that nobody mentions...

U. S. recognition of Israel was made contingent on Israel’s acceptance of the Palestinians’ right of Return or Compensation—which Israel still hasn’t granted. So, as of this moment, America has legal grounds for NOT recognizing the country of Israel.

The only thing the Palestinians are guilty of is being swindled by the Zionists.

The King-Crane Report, by itself, proves the Palestinians' case: they had a huge majority, they didn’t want a Zionist state & the Zionists had slimy intentions all along.

The UN report alone proves that the Zionists stole 3/4 of a country they didn’t own.

And the population figures by themselves prove the Palestinians’ case: 653,000 Jews—an increase of nearly three THOUSAND percent—moved into Palestine between 1890 and 1947—and now 4 million Palestinians live in ‘diaspora.’

This is Zionism for you

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"bionic" wrote: hmm...
you guys seem kinda racist against jews, there..kinda you'll be calling for all the hippies of the world to be exterminated..because they are really 'psychopathic zionist controllers' in diguise

LOL >> Huge stretch...anyway you need to read Dave McGowans accounts of such in his work on the Hippies in Laurel Canyon and their connections to US Military..........You'll be " BLOWN AWAY "

As for the Jews >>. Honestly NEVER has there ever been a more protected people in all the worlds history >>>>>>>>>>NEVER! Just the mention of certain issues invites all sorts of BULLSHIT.

The Jews are one of the PTB's sharpest tools in the shed....Have been for decades now.

There's just something about a Tank VS a sling-shot--------------that seems shall I put it? Biblical comes to mind! 😉


October 6, 2011
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Hippies in Laurel Canyon----Now you are talking my neighborhood. Laurel Canyon was a hippie haven, Topanga was really the bigger center of the hippie movements I think. Laurel Canyon was one of the common passes you took from the San Fernando Valley over the hill to Hollywood. Where it ended up on Sunset, that was a hippie haven for sure, there was probably a big hippie population through the canyon, all over hollywood, Sunset area.

Added--I read his idea of the military, but they hippie movement spread from these areas really fast, in those times. My graduating class of 65 was divided, many of us enlisted in the service, and many were caught up in the new hippie movement. Many followers of Timothy Leary, tune in and drop out, LSD. Washington with LBJ wanted to escalate the war and the draft was in high gear. It doesn;t make much sense Washington would create the monster that resisted them. The culture of those canyons was getting loaded, staying loaded, Love ins, communes, and just dodging the draft. As it progressed to the later 60's, the war really became unpopular by the day, big protests, pressure on now Nixon to get it ended, so his campaign to bomb the north started. Topanga and laural canyons, Sunset blvd were big havens and full of communes that grew and grew. Several of my friend were prosocuted for refusing induction, or they were declared unfit in the draft board. A few got drafted and kicked out, which was very hard to pull off. One joined the reserves, missed meetings, and was slammed to active duty for 2 years. Probably that era, presented so many internal problems for the military, it led to the all volunteer military we have today. Kiss the ground for that, all you young guys, my generation gave you all a free ticket to no military obligation like we all had. I do not think the hippie rebellion was anything from the government, that was my time and generations answer to the war.

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