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July 20, 2009
11:51 pm
Forum Posts: 259
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April 9, 2009
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well, before this becomes a sewer thingy from the combo disinfo enablers co dependency wild crowd..
or the "who me?"
group that seems to thrive if not encourage this stuff.
my case in point has been made.

i kinda liked it when they only posted photos of their butts.

and as for friends..
true friends don't pee in the living rooms and then say it's free fall.

the BV has succumbed to this.
and it's a real shame.
it USED to be a real place to read conspiracies and opinions..
one CANNOT say that this "stuff" is opinion.

i don't care how friendly one pretends to be.
wether it's the controllers, the enablers, or those that watch the burn..
for fun..
there IS a responsibility.

and seeing none here..
i can only assume, the monkeys were let loose here, on purpose, to either bring disinformation, or disable this site.

and that's all i'm going to say about this here, from now on.

this thread page deserves the dead end it it heading towards.

there is NO value in it anymore.
and is not deserving of any arguement.

again, i say those who encourage this, and participate, are either controllers, or controlled.

i don't believe this is normal, and i don't think allowing and encouraging this is funny.

and i have to question anyones motives in thinking otherwise.

July 21, 2009
2:01 am
Forum Posts: 1034
Member Since:
April 9, 2009
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Feel however you must feel evutch....but, with all due respect, you are mistaken.

I'll give you a couple of scenarios to consider, if you are so inclined to.

For one, sometimes people get burned out on conspiracy. This coming from someone who used to love nothing more than to discuss here and everywhere else the spectre of government conspiracy....after a while a point comes, if there is no new fresh compelling info to discuss, where people just get bored of the same stuff over and over. This is partly what has happened here.

Another part is that after BV "changed" format here recently, and massive threads like mind control were seemingly lost, people got lazy and just decided it wasn't worth the effort to start it back up again, especially since certain folks like lilypat seemingly vanished as well, who would generally keep the discussions alive and sparky....

It is not that the issues were forgotten....no one has forgotten....people have either just become lazy or burned out.

I know you flatly reject any merit to posters such as (currently referred to as) "tigger", and probably consider it just a bunch of gobblety-gook....and who's to say, maybe you are right....at best you might say it has no place here other than to pull people away from more serious issues.....but come on, that's just not the case....the same type of thread existed at the "old BV" as the "DWS" thread, and it didn't hamper anyone discussing valid topics of mind control and other conspiracy related materials....I think you are being a bit over-dramatic.

And as for "structure"....I personally don't think its the end of the world to post an off topic thread in a particular area....rather than placing it in an area that might seem to be more well suited for such things, for instance.....if the BA has any problem with it, all they would have to do is remove it.

The simple fact is, the "conspiracy" threads were the first places I visited when I came to BV, and I just got used to posting here....you can call a couple of these threads meaningless or sillyness diversion, but the fact is not all conspiracy is of the same flavor....you, or I, may not necessarily "get" what is being said some of the time, but one mans conspiracy is another mans jibberish....don't be so judgemental.

For instance, my thread "Hear Here", while not "necessarily" coming right out with some literal broadfaced conspiracy, is rather about a more subtle type of conspiracy more intimate to myself, a more "personal" conspiracy subset....simply by posting here I am snubbing my nose at the conspirators, though I may not come right out and say something in literal words, I think those who are the oppressors know fully what I am doing by posting here....and it is certainly not to take away from anyone elses discussions. If one doesnt want to post on my thread, don't, just ignore it as far as I'm concerned, but dont blame me or anyone else for "taking away" from a board where anyone is free to post whatever whenever and wherever they like.

July 21, 2009
4:14 am
Forum Posts: 259
Member Since:
April 9, 2009
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look, fort..
i'm not trying to be confrontative..
however, this the Black Vault..
known for it's hard harsh fights and disagreements..
not that that ever stopped anyone..
and i know alot of people may think that warm, fuzzy like minded pals are a boon to boards..
but this one wasn't founded on that.
or ment to be that..
and i'l point to the heading on this particular board..
look up.
it's spelled out real bold on top..

i wouldn't and probably don't care if all tigger and ilk..
er, sorry, friends post is purple teletubbie crap..
hey, it's their time..
BUT, ( and i KNOW this seems out of place here..
conspiracy stuff and such)
i was present at the LEIU seminar and meet and greet a few years ago..
during Bushs little time..
( not as memorible as MJ to alot here..)
at this seminar..
was a listing of the special presentations and study lectures for all those wonderful people in law enforcement intel..
and people could sign up for them..
the synopsis of the corses were neatly lined out in special fold outs..
the topics INCLUDED..
how to infiltrate internet sites..
how to guage which ones were important to discredit..
how to join in and take over..
how to sway opinion..
how to villify and discredit peryanent contributors..
how to destroy information sites..
how to debunk conspiracies..
how to get others to do the same..
how to bother people into leaving or quit posting..
how to lose information considered dangerous to public knowlege..
how to desuade people from forming new sites..
how to shut sites down..
and on..

gee, do you THINK anyone would REALLY do something like THAT?

gee whiz..
so, i'm sorry, i really am if you think i amj targeting you in particular..
i notice you seem to take this personal very fast..

iwould really like to know..
is THIS what you want?
because IF it is..
you are doing very well.
i have noticed not only a dissappearence of the major contributors to this site..
but an odd replacement of posts with gobletigook..
( your words..)
in a kinda fun, not overtly confrontative nature, that i have tried, but cannot find any relation to the heading of this board..
except that it shows up in the same color..

now, to be fair..
i know YOU didn't dissappear the old posts..
alot of which were information gems, despite some of their seemingly craziness in subject and incredible postulations..
however, as crazy as they seemed THEN..
it beats NOTHING compared to what is being posted now..
as a rambling chat and insane baiting gang stalking situation that is taking place now..
and i only just use the gangstalking term as of late, because even though it was talked about alot here..
i never recognised it before..
and this looks like it.

now, i'm sure for some, this power of , well, what can i call it..
destruction? is funny, fun..and very productive..
i would wonder what an outsider would call this?
cookoos nest?

tigger would know.

as i said, there are the controllers, the enablers..
and those that get caught up and think they are on a bus, to no matter where..

and someone is being controlled here..
it is great study in fractured mind control.

i also notice that without one of the strongest threads MIND CONTROL here..
started by lilypat and One Smart Rat..
these gobbletygook venus fly traps have really taken off.

i wonder is there is a corralation?

it would be a cool trick, to get those looking into conspiracies and answers to end up into the maze here, and get even more subjective to control..

i wonder if this is a monkey baiting gang?

i can understand damaged psyches..
but i can't understand the party group that seems to encourage, and party, cheering, while the victim rolls about..

i wonder where the enjoyment is in that?

is it fun?
gee, i wnat to have fun too.
i wonder how one gets to learn how to enjoy that?
is that a goal or a learned aspect?

i've known controllers, and enablers and victims..and the accident watchers..

the latter i can excuse..
they are just ignorant, and not really affected except by the temproary distraction..

but the former two..
who can be personnable, and charming..
and even fun, when one doesn't know what they are doing, and their toadies, the enablers..never ever come clean on what they are doing..and i think alot of them are tapped because they are so willing to join into the cluster fug..
so the controller/enabler/victim lines become very blurred..
it's fun, it's still unsettling to see.
they deny everything so convincingly and incredulously..and i wonder if they deny it to themselves?
maybe that is how they are able to continue for so long..
because the victims, get caught up, and NEED them..and again, the former get a charge out of it. a fix.
they become so enraptued by the hypnotic need to subjugated, they willingly for most times comply and go to their end..
after all, it's all in fun..
and it's a family..

too easy.

i just never thought i'd see it so open, in the conspiracy section, of what was once the Black Vault..
and logical.

beware all who enter here..
this venus fly trap must be very sweet and sticky.
so, gee, if i've upset some here..
please, ignore this, continue..
go about the game..

July 21, 2009
4:49 am
Forum Posts: 1034
Member Since:
April 9, 2009
sp_UserOfflineSmall Offline

Well, you may not be attacking me personally, or whatever the case may be....whatever...

all i'm saying is, i don't know why people choose to post here or not post here...i cannot imagine that something taking place in a wholly seperate thread would affect anything happening in a complete other thread....nor should it...if one allows random talk to make them feel that they need to leave this whole board, I would say that is a personal problem they should work on.

I am neither a controller, the controlled, or an "accident watcher"....i am merely a person who likes to talk to other people. hell I even like a debate a good majority of the time from time to time....but you cant talk to all people the same way, some people require being talked to a little differently than other people....

as with "tigger", at first i was a little bit scared of all that stuff, but as i came to understand a little better what was being said through all the hyperbole and metaphor (not all, mind you) then it was easier to accept that poster as a valid human being....a person I could (even if only sometimes) communicate with.

I'm not going to say there aren't intel agents and disinfo types hanging around here....I would be foolish to suggest such a thing....I feel i have seen it with my own eyes....at UC also....regularly....but in the end, you can either let that sh*t affect you and make you leave or you can stay and keep doing what you think is right. For me "what is right" is being myself, being open, being honest, communicating with as many people that wish to communicate with me....it's not about being in some sort of "warm and fuzzy" brotherhood....hell, 90 percent of the very people on my thread are complete opposites of myself and would probably disagree with 50 or 60 percent of the things I believe in and feel strongly about....5 percent of them probably are a little more like-minded to me, and the other 5 percent just dont give a rats ass what I have to say EVER and only want to make me out to be an idiot...but f*ck em....my thread in particular is a place for people who know full well about conspiracy matters, mind control, and all else, to just come and be themselves without having to "necessarily" talk about those things if they dont want to.

Lilypat "chose" (i assume) to leave here, i wonder about what happened there, but I cannot be made to feel guilty because I don't start up a new "mind control" thread and encourage the whole thing up again...I think someone certainly should, but im not the man for that job...lilypat was the expert....I'm just here to talk to people.

July 21, 2009
6:09 am
Forum Posts: 259
Member Since:
April 9, 2009
sp_UserOfflineSmall Offline

i KNOW you like talking to people..

and as i said, yep, it is FUN talking to people..
and i DON'T expect anyone here to approach lilypat or OSR or IAM1 in being a real contributor..
and as i said, IF someone wants to turn the BV into a glorious wayward chat page of total BS and anarchy meaning nothing at all, have at it..

BUT, don't you find the NEW BV a little odd considering at one time, at least the topics were topical?
and if you aren't an accident watcher..
what is going on?
hey, as i said earlier..

but this isn't contributing to a conspiracy debate or info posting..
it's a chat room now..
and that is what it is.

and not even a coherant one.
and truthfully, i think dangerous, and destructive.
i think it may be a coordinated effort from TPTB to shut this and other places like it down, AND i think it's working well.
very well.
i think it may even be done.
kudos to whoever thought of it..
i didn't think it was possible.
i was mistaken.
it happened so fast.
it might even be irreversable.
i don't know what anyone can do to change it.
i don't see anyone willing to try.
i think the most important ones have walked away from it.
i mean, hey, what can one do?
is it worth it anymore?
should we just let it all go to a big ho ho chat whatever board?
maybe calling it conspiracy board is too much?
maybe it should be the sewer page?
maybe tigger should just be the new moderator?
that would be funny eh?
and fun.
we could call it the chat and funny page.
we don't need serious support and posts anyways here anymore..

i think we should just let random stuff take over the whole board..
i mean, we have one board section all done, lets do the rest now.
lets undo the whole site..
then all can have fun..
it won't hurt anything..
it's what it's ment for right?

hey, it's a free board?
i don't see anyone stopping it..
so, it can't be bad..

i think it's a good idea..

July 21, 2009
6:36 am
Forum Posts: 1034
Member Since:
April 9, 2009
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im not going to argue that the board is the same old board...clearly it isn't....clearly some prolific posters left and there is far less meaningful debate and discussion going on than before.

but you are seeming to suggest that some wildly random chat in a couple of threads in ONE area of the board is responsible in some way for its downfall and I call BS on that one.

it may be self-styled as a "conspiracy" site, but there is like one area of the board devoted to conspiracy...there is also a politics thread, a general discussion thread, a religion thread, a battle thread....like a million different ones of which "conspiracy" is only one, and not even the most prolific or active most of the time.

if it has dwindled it has much more to do with old time posters not contributing much or leaving outright (for whatever reason they might have) rather than any random topic thread in one section.

i just dont see it as a co-ordinated effort to bring sites down as you do....though i couldnt completely rule that possibility out...they Are quite clever, as you well know.

I've seen the same thing happen at UC....used to be I could be in there any time of day or night and could readily find multiple threads of constant inciteful and engaging conversation....now that several prolific posters have left over the past year or year and a half, now pretty much you have political and religious snipes back and forth, not totally, but a good deal of the time.

July 21, 2009
7:43 am
Forum Posts: 259
Member Since:
April 9, 2009
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political and religious snipes?
i thought snipes were ok on topic.

i'm not talking snipes..
snipes hunting is snipe hunting..
and why are you taking this SO personal?

something up?
as far as UC..
yeah, there is random chat..
BUT it almost ALWAYS goes back to TOPIC..
under a proper heading..

i haven't seen anything like this on whitleys essay column,,
maybe i'm wrong..

maybe we always get side tracked to perogie cook offs on the alien threads..

and, as i said..
hey, it's a free board..
amke of it what you will.
if a chat room suits you..
and you're happy..
it's not my board..

i'm not attacking you individually, or personally..
i am just stating, with observation..
it looks like a CONSPIRACY..
and i know for some that is off topic here..
sorry, i thought this was the conspiracy section..
i may be wrong..
it could be the musical sewer..

and that isn't a snipe..
i really think there's something about romainian sewers here..
aptly named..

so, hey, what IS the conspiracy topic du jour at those threads?

anyone post any such as of late?

didn't think so..
so, i just started my own..
again, sorry.

( not really)

July 21, 2009
7:58 am
Forum Posts: 1034
Member Since:
April 9, 2009
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i only take it personally in the regard that my thread, and natives thread are (by far and long distances) the most popular threads, or at least the biggest and most frequently posted to and visited, on this entire site....now of course most people stay in their own little areas most of the time, and we in ours, although at times i venture out and post in other areas, and sometimes others do the same to ours....

i suppose it strikes a personal chord with me because i created my thread personally with good intentions, and you are making it seem malign in some way, or otherwise suggesting that its a do nothing thread, devoid of content, like it belongs in some other area or in the rubbish bin altogether, and that's hurtful to me on some level.

I do like natives "lymph node" analogy in his thread concerning this conversation and subject matter....it is indeed apt.

Here's the deal at UC....you have whitley/anne who are on the forefront of extraterrestrial revelation actively (moreso than pretty much anyone), you have a lot of subscribers who enjoy those weekly chats (i do), and then you have a board of mostly sincere people, many of whom have (or have had) extremely profound experiences in life, with SO much to offer others, and do so freely and joyfully....not that we dont have our debates....I for one have had my fair share as is well known....but then you have some, it varies from time to time as to the "who", who attack and condescend to others, or have other shady purpose one cannot quite put the finger on....there is quite a valiant effort to keep the discussions and coversations ongoing in an active way, and sometimes it makes headway sometimes slips backwards....

I personally come to BV because i see it as an alternative place where people dont necessarily need to conform to anything or worry so much about their opinions and how they affect others....and as for the thread(s) in the conspiracy section, like i said somewhere else they are just a place where those of us who are mindful of conspiracy can talk to one another, it doesnt necessarily ALWAYS have to be about conspiracy 24 hours a day...no one feels pressured to talk about any certain thing any more than they wish to.

July 21, 2009
8:20 am
Forum Posts: 9870
Member Since:
April 9, 2009
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You're SO special

in the know..connected..up on things

if I could only be more like you..it'd be some kinda nervana, I'm sure

you're not at all some kind of a-hole, control freak, bully..picking on easy targets..no..not at all


and hey..this is suppose to be a section for government conspiracies..not "Evutch's personal gripes"

walk your talk

kisses and hugs
agent "off topic"

Willie Wonka quotes..
What is this Wonka, some kind of funhouse?
Why? Are you having fun?
A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.
We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams

July 21, 2009
8:21 am
Forum Posts: 2355
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April 9, 2009
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evutch states:

"well well, since this sub forum has been hijacked by the bi-polar, and mentaly disabled.."

I must say that I resent this. I could elaborate but I won't. This just
doesnt sit well with me.

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