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Oswald's Mother 1963
October 11, 2013
9:15 pm
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September 1, 2013
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"... people will never know what my son has done for this country." -- Lee Harvey Oswald's mother, 1963.

That statement has been bothering me for over 20 years. Was she just a mother trying to support her son? Was she in denial or just delusional? No, no, no. She was revealing something that Americans, I think, have been brainwashed to believe couldn't happen. But I think it did happen.

Hollywood has brainwashed you to believe that there is no such thing as a communist conspiracy. They laugh at the notion (obnoxiously so). They label anyone suggesting such a thing as a kook. But I believe that the opposite is true. I believe that the JFK assassination was indeed a communist conspiracy, and Hollywood knows it. Oliver Stone certainly knows it. Why do I think it was a communist conspiracy?

I started researching the JFK assassination in high school when it was a History class assignment. We created teams for a mock trial of LHO. We would put him on trial and present all the evidence and let the jury team decide. I was the prosecutor. I presented all the information I had available. One team was the defense, one team the jury and the teacher was the judge. One poor kid was LHO. Ultimately LHO was found guilty. I succeeded, or so I thought. The teacher gave me a B when I should have gotten an A because she expected me to find evidence that LHO was innocent, which is what she believed. She was a left wing kook.

LHO was NOT innocent. The government knows that, always did, which is why they closed the case a long long time ago. Hollywood has repeatedly drudged up this case to bash America, to tell you how evil your country is, and, most importantly, how it needs to be punished, for YOUR original sin. Every American is guilty, in the eyes of the conspirators and their supporters.

So what is the problem? Here is the problem. LHO's mother was talking about something she knew about Lee. She knew that he had been attempting to join the US Communist Party, which is a known fact. Yes, it is a real organization, despite what Hollywood would have you believe. You can visit their website. We are supposed to believe that they rejected LHO. They did profess their innocence at the time to the very few who investigated that aspect. The Warren Commission did question some, if I remember correctly. But LHO's mother knew that he was in contact with them and she probably was told of the plan and its ultimate purpose. That explains why she would say what she said. She actually believed in the plan. She believed that her son gave his life for this plan. She knows he was setup to take the fall.

Understand that the US was neck deep in the Cold War at that time and a communist conspiracy on American soil that ended with the assassination of the US President would not look good at all. The mere fact itself was a threat. Some in the government knew that the American Communists were ultimately to blame but they kept it quite for the greater good.

So, what did LHO do for America? I'll tell you what he did. He created the perception that America was a bad country, a conservative, backward, land of nutcase, gun totin' hillbillies, who killed the greatest president in history because he supported civil rights. Jackie Kennedy said that she hated that JFK wasn't killed for something as important as civil rights but was killed by a silly loan nut. Well, not quite Jackie. There was more to it.

I believe that LHO did get into the US Communist Party and it was through that interaction that he or they came up with the plan, probably they. They knew that if a loan gun nut from Texas were to kill JFK that the country would blame Texas (and they did) and all that Texas stood for, freedom, individualism, democracy, and capitalism.

This battle has been going on in the US ever since, and I believe ultimately is going on right now. Liberals in the US still bash Texas for the exact same reasons. The JFK assassination has given the left in America endless excuse to bash and mis-characterize the right and the USA in general. "Conservatives are racists", "Republicans are mean spirited", etc. etc. etc. All of it, total nonsense. The left pushes their socialist agenda ahead using the perceptions created by their mis-characterization of this country and its people.

The left wing, with the help of Hollywood, re-wrote the history of the JFK assassination, all but completely removing LHO from the story. He was just a pawn used by some right wing extremist cowboys who don't like black people. Do you really believe that? If the left believes that then why hasn't Barak Obama launched an investigation. He has the power. So did Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter.

October 11, 2013
11:39 pm
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August 27, 2012
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Once again, Alalu, some great points and perspectives on this subject. This is why it's still deemed politically correct to mock Texas, Conservatives, Republicans, and the South in general. Religion and gun owners naturally are fair game as well, unless it's a faith other than Christianity, of course. Liberals love to chide that the Republican Party has been hijacked but never consider the hijacking of their own party. For example, there is a distinct difference between what the Democratic Party offers today as opposed to statesmen like Dennis Kucinich. There are no checks and balances in their party any longer, they all hate the Constitution.

The modern definition of ‘racist’ is someone who’s winning an argument with a liberal.

November 9, 2013
5:14 am
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September 1, 2013
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They are running "JFK: The Smoking Gun" on TV again. I remember when that book was written in the early 90's and I read a brief blurb about it and I thought the theory was absurd at the time. So I didn't read the book. Now I wish I had. Having seen all the evidence of this theory now on TV, the theory looks sound. Man, oh man, now it answers a lot of questions. It explains a lot. In case you aren't familiar with that theory, it basically uses ballistics evidence and a lot of other evidence to show that the fatal shot came from the Secret Service car following the JFK limousine.

The theory really makes sense when you see the entire sequence as it happened. The first shot came from LHO, which missed but ricocheted and a fragment hit JFK. The SS agent in the following car spotted LHO and reached down for his rifle, an AR-15. Then the second shot rang out and at that time the president's limo sped up and the SS car did as well, causing the SS agent to fall back causing him to fire, just as his rifle was pointed at JFK. This was the fatal head shot.

If that is what actually happened then this was the unluckiest shot in history. Now you see why the SS had to control the autopsy and get the body back to D.C. At the height of the Cold War they could not allow people to know about this accident. People would not believe it was an accident. And the Warren Commission really had no choice but to cover it up. The alternative was worse.

Can you imagine what was going through LHO's mind. He shoots two shots at JFK and then someone else shoots him as well. He must have thought he was caught in the middle of a conspiracy. His actions and words are now explainable. When the police showed up to arrest him in the theater he must have thought they were there to kill him. He said, "This is it.". Then he yelled, "I am not resisting arrest!". He probably thought they might use that as an excuse to kill him. When questioned by a police detective and asked, "Did you kill the president?" He said, "Well you're the policeman, you figure it out.". He did not know for sure. In his state of mind and caught up in his little spy game he thought he was innocent of the murder. That's why he said, "I'm just a patsy.". He may have actually believed that.

Considering all the pain that this has caused this country all these years, the government should have come clean. They have done this country great harm. They changed the politics of this country. They changed the fate of this country. I know people of certain ideology like to believe that the government has our best interest at heart but in reality it just is not so. Now you see why I'm an anarchist.

How does this change my original post? Well not much, because what you have going on here is two different stories, the story of LHO, and the story of the gov cover up. They are independent of each other. The US Communist Party could still have been behind LHO. He did shoot JFK. And the left has used this to drive the country towards socialism. Those things are still true, unfortunately. And at least some of those people knew that the right wing conspiracy, was all a big fat lie. The only conspiracy was the cover up.

LHO spent his adult life trying to build a resume as a spy, trying more and more extreme things to prove he had what it takes. In desperation he went to the ultimate extreme. And he knew he didn't fire that 3rd shot and he could not be allowed to tell that story. So in the end his fears were realized.

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