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How Feds persecute people
February 9, 2010 - 11:33 pm
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106. Christmas day re-union (1/6/03)

My family members used to re-union on holidays. In recent years, I was estranged from them, (my parents, brother and sisters) I rarely go to San Francisco to join with them. I think they were bothered and intimidated by agents for years. I don't want to give them trouble. I've talked about B (my young brother in law) whom unusually came to my house on Dec. 2001, dropped gifts then left right away. (see "48. Test") It's unusual because he never give X'mas gift.

So this time, when my sisters and brother said they would come to my house for Christmas holiday, (12/25/02) I was surprised. It never happened before. I said I have no Ma Jong. It's a Chinese game we used to play in re-union. They said they would bring it. They even brought a Ma Jong table with them that day.

When we had lunch, I talked about the messages I posted in internet which I hadn't told them before. I talked about the frame attemption in June, 2001 and May 2002. That B was a target because he is rich. And it's easy to plant because he imports many containers of goods from China. They said they couldn't figure out why FBI intending to frame them. My explanation was I thought FBI had contact all of them for years. Seeking cooperation from them. They all know I am innocent. If there would have been a frame case, their evidence would reveal the truth. That's why agents would frame them too. And there is one thing people rarely know, FBI seeking profit in their operation which made them a very corruptive organization. B said there was nothing he could do if FBI really intending to plant.

There were eight of us that day. After lunch, four of us played Ma Jong , my wife was preparing dinner while the other three were chatting. I continued my topic of "my American nightmare" while playing Ma Jong. Then I felt a little dizzy when the chatting three said they felt sleepy. They quickly went a sound sleep after my wife gave them blankets. They slept the whole afternoon until dinner time. That's something never have happened before. I think the agent who monitored us was angry with my talking. He didn't want my relatives know FBI's true face and beamed sleep radiation to interrupt the talking.

Another thing unusual on that day was a relative happened called on my sister's mobile phone so I could talk to him. We hadn't contact for years. He said he wanted to play badminton but couldn't find birdies. He asked me to mail him some. I told him to try to find them in K-mart, Walmart or sportsware shop. I wonder how could he know he would talk to me and had such a strange demand. I think it might be a trap. (see "79. Mail planting")

In the afternoon, the mobile phone rang up again. This time it was for B's. My sister woke up B. After listening the mobile phone, he went to my home phone, made a call. It seemed that he put an order to the manufacturer. Since B never borrow other's phone if he has his own, especially this was a long distance call, I think, too, this might be another trap. It looked like he was instructed by the mobile to do so. If there was a framed drug case, they could say the order was from my phone line.

Many things happened that day were unusual. I think it's FBI's aggressive work. Whatever it's reasonable or not, they set up trap to meet their own demand.

107. A new wave of personal attack

After Christmas day, right from 12/26 in some internet sites, I got similar intimidations. They have something in common: 1. Defamation. Link me to drug case 10 years ago, even with murder case. 2. Intimidation. Warning the using of high tech. weapon. The following messages were posted in one day. My feeling is a new frame case is in plan again. This time they will take the chance of Iraq war which may happen in near future. (Use a big event to divert public's attention is their style when they commit a crime.)

((Date Posted: 13:10:25 01/01/03 Wed

Poor KATHUK! I think your brain has been damaged by your own consumption of opium you have been smuggling since ten years ago (see article on Mrs. Chen's arrest in newspaper).

Date Posted: 12:56:23 01/01/03 Wed
Author: Vladimir

Kath Sung,
You are a victim of new and powerful high tech weapons! Because of similar drug smuggling, I was also victimized by the same high tech weapons! Those weapons have damaged your brain, because they are UNSAFE! Go see your doctor!

Wednesday January 01, 2003 9:10 PM (NEW!)

kathaksung is not lying! He really knew the 9/11 terror in advance. We have the evidence, and are out to hunt him down. He was a big case ten years ago, when he was convicted and sentenced to death in absentia, for drug smuggling and several murder cases. Note: His brain may have been damaged by our secret weapons.))

They all referred the information of high tech. weapon, it's interesting to read something they once denied, this time they feel the necessity to intimidate people.

Quote, "Kath Sung, ......See below and visit website to convince yourself!


By using very low frequency electromagnetic radiation -- the waves way below radio frequencies on the electromagnetic spectrum -- he [Eldon Byrd] found he could induce the brain to release behavior-regulating chemicals. "We could put animals into a stupor," he says by hitting them with these frequencies. "We got chick brains -- in vitro -- to dump 80 percent of the natural opioids in their brains,'"Byrd says. He even ran a small project that used magnetic fields to cause certain brain cells in rats to release histamine. In humans, this would cause instant flulike symptoms and produce nausea. "These fields were extremely weak. They were undetectable," says Byrd. "The effects were nonlethal and reversible. You could disable a person temporarily," Byrd hypothesizes. "It [would have been] like a stun gun."
Byrd never tested any of his hardware in the field, and his program, scheduled for four years, apparently was closed down after two, he says. "The work was really outstanding," he grumbles. "We would have had a weapon in one year." Byrd says he was told his work would be unclassified, "unless it works." Because it worked, he suspects that the program "went black." Other scientists tell similar tales of research on electromagnetic radiation turning top secret once successful results were achieved. There are clues that such work is continuing. In 1995, the annual meeting of four-star U.S. Air Force generals -- called CORONA -- reviewed more than 1,000 potential projects. One was called "Put the Enemy to Sleep/Keep the Enemy From Sleeping." It called for exploring "acoustics," "microwaves," and "brain-wave manipulation" to alter sleep patterns. It was one of only three projects approved for initial investigation."

They left different links: ... apons.html

108. Hurried arrest (sniper case) (1/16/03)

Government made conflict action after the arrest of Muhammad and Malvo. They painted Muhammad master suspect at first then dramatically turned onto Malvo. They put 20 Federal charges on Muhammad then dropped it a week later. The clue led to the arrest is unbelievable convenient. According to the government, The suspect called a priest, said they were involved in an shooting case in Alabama. So police could find them because Malvo left his finger print there. In another word, suspects tipped police to arrest them. In Alabama shooting case, police at first said the weapon was a short gun, after the two were arrested and the killing rifle was got, they said it was that Bushmaster rifle used in shooting, now they changed the story again said it was a short gun.
All these conflicts showed the arrest was made in a hurry, the insider group hadn't got everything ready. Then what pushed them make the arrest?

During the horrible time of shooting spree, when everybody was in alert and police activated all their resource, the sniper still eluded high security and kept on shooting, People with common sense could feel it could only be done by experts with inside security information. If perpetrators knew some news would reveal the truth, they hurriedly made the arrest to stop the spread of that news. Read that news. Remember the arrest was on Oct.24, the day news was going to publish.

For Immediate Release: October 24, 2002

On his Nationally Syndicated Radio Show, Documentary Filmmaker Alex Jones has consulted with many law enforcement and military experts, including Colonel Craig Roberts (formerly of US Army Intelligence, a former Marine Corps Sniper and the Best-selling Author of One Shot One Kill) who stated on-air that this operation could only be State-sponsored and was clearly the work of a rogue element from the top levels of global intelligence agencies. On The Alex Jones Show, Roberts said that the MO of the sniper attacks are indicative of a 2-3 man team trained in the Special Forces ambush tactics of reconnaissance, insertion, concealment and successful evasion. According to Jones' research, the sniper team's attack profile is consistent with US Special Forces ambush assassination tactics.

Best-selling Doubleday Author James Bamford, who broke the Northwoods Story in His Book, Body of Secrets reported on page 82 that, "the plan, which had been written with the approval of the Chairman and every member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff called for innocent people to be shot on American Streets."

109. Beware another terror attack

I've alleged government insiders made the OKC bombing, anthrax attack, sniper case and allowed 911 attack to happen to grip more police power and push for war in Mid-east. Some people argued how could government kill their own people. Compare the recent news and the revelation of the book. Beware another terror attack from our own government. (though always disguised as "enemy combatant" and "terrorist")

News: Within the past three weeks, US intelligence gathered what officials at Scott Air Force Base described as credible evidence of a planned bombing of a passenger airliner contracted to fly troops and freight for the military. (1/13/03, San Jose Mercury News)

Book: They called for hijacking jet airliners, attacking US military bases, blowing up US ships and wounding civilians in Miami, Florida and Washington, DC using paramilitary sniper teams . (northwoods story)

Operation Northwoods
Our U.S. Government Planned To Attack
"We The People"
Former ABC News investigative reporter James Bamford . Broke the Northwoods Story in His Book, Body of Secrets . It is based mostly on documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act or found in government archives.

"We could develop a Communist Cuban terror campaign in the Miami area, in other Florida cities and even in Washington," said one document reportedly prepared by the Joint Chiefs of Staff. "We could blow up a U.S. ship in Guantanamo Bay and blame Cuba," the document says. "Casualty lists in U.S. newspapers would cause a helpful wave of indignation."

USA Today - Bush wrong to use pretext as excuse to invade Iraq <; "The answer was Operation Northwoods "

ABC News - Friendly Fire Book: U.S. Military Drafted Plans to Terrorize U.S. Cities to Provoke War With Cuba <>"America's top military brass even contemplated causing U.S. military casualties "

110. When murderer became investigator (1/26/03)

Some people said there were hard evidence in sniper case such like Malvo's finger print was found on the rifle. The rifle was found in Caprice. But when the murderer became investigator, hard evidence could be a fake. There was an article in "Readers' Digest"(about in 1970's) topic"Finger print which lied"(Chinese edition) in which a lab technician transferred a victim's finger print to frame him.

Recently, the Governor of Illinois pardoned all death inmates from death penalty and released some because he found 60% of them were errorneous. The rape case in New York Central Park now proved wrong after the real rapist confessed he committed the crime. I think when judge and jury gave their verdict on these wrong cases, they all believed they had hard evidence. If these cases were
because of negligence, then what will it be if law enforcement agent deliberately frame a case?

FBI deliberatly framed Pratt to a murder case and almost had him executed if Supreme Court hadn't suspend the capital punishment at that time. (see #60. Plant, Frame and alleged murder )

Read this news of last month.
December 6, 2002
Ex-Prosecutor Tells of Ties Between F.B.I. and Mob

One person listening to the testimony today, in the Suffolk County Courthouse, was Joseph Salvatti. In 1967 Mr. Salvatti was sentenced to life in prison for a murder actually committed by an F.B.I. informer, and the bureau allowed Mr. Salvatti and three other men to be wrongly convicted, with the knowledge of J. Edgar Hoover.

"It's hard to sit listening, knowing the F.B.I. and the U.S. Attorney's office are lying, said Mr. Salvatti, who had his sentence commuted after serving 30 years in prison. "The bottom line is, they don't care." ... sition=top

I think the judges and jury of these two cases believed they had "hard evidence". And hard evidence could be created if the investigator is corruptive.

February 24, 2010 - 9:23 pm
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111. How they plant.

In late December 2000, in bank statement I found a check (amount 5000) paid by my wife to her company. I asked her what was it for. My wife said she had bought a house in her home country( 20,000 value), it's for part of the payment for that house. It happened that the travel company she worked received a lot of cash from customers that day, so she cashed that check with company. It saved her from a journey of going to bank. My wife said she did so because she saw G-man cashed a check with company first, so she followed him. My wife knew G-man in A and S Tours Inc.(see #32. "Operation Fire Dragon") G-man and G-lady both left that company before the 'fire-dragon' case broke, avoided been involved in trouble. He did advise, or guide a lot to my wife. Though he worked in another company, (one hour drive away), he happened to be there that day and guided my wife cashed that check.( I'll tell his story later)

About two or three months later, my wife gave me a company check of 5000, asked me to deposit. She said she and boss had an agreement of profit sharing. She could have a bonus if her sales profit had passed a margin. The figure 5000 of bonus immediately reminded me of the former check my wife exchanged for cash. I told her if it was a bonus, let accountant deduct tax first. Otherwise it was illegal. Several days later, she said accountant was too busy to do it and said we could deposit it first. I told my wife now it was obviously a trap. The agent could say company borrowed 5000 from you and then paid back by this check. The 5000 cash you paid for house then become suspicious money which can't explain the source.

My wife never talk about the bonus since. I later asked about that bonus check. She said, "Forget it. Business is no good." I think she finally realized it was a frame attempt. The profit sharing plan was only a cover-up. But she is too timid to argue with FBI and had to leave it alone. There is no reason she abandoned a bonus which she deserved.

112. How they plant (2)

About that time in 2001, a lady suddenly called my wife to shopping in super market. Among the "harvest", I found my wife bought 8 bottles of vinegar. Vinegar is a popular sauce for cooking. But what she bought was a western style we rarely used. We used to use vinegar made in China. My wife argued that because it was on sale, "buy one get one free" and because the other lady bought a lot too. So she followed her. She forgot the lesson how she was guided to cash the check. Now the same act played again. I was sensitive because I felt the pressure then they were framing case against me. I knew from paper that vinegar is a material to produce drug. And that lady had ever shopping with my wife. That was the only one as I know. Now after one year most of these vinegar are still there unused.

My wife rarely buy live Dungeese crab because she thinks it's too expensive. By chance people can buy that crab at 1.99 a pound if salesman found the crab has just died. Recently, my wife always had the luck to buy Dungeese Crab at good price. She said sometimes salesman even kept the bargain crab for her. I don't believe coincidence any more. So I think there is a purpose on it. It's our tradition to eat crab with vinegar as souce, a lot. They creat chance to let us consume more vinegar. The unusual event took place aggressively after Christmas. A lady gave my wife a full box of broccoli stalk. The only way we eat broccoli stalk is to salted it with vinegar. My wife salted several bowel of broccoli but couldn't finish all. She had to give the rest to other people. Then last Sunday another lady came with the bargain crab and gave that lucky bargain to us. I guess they are preparing for evidence to prove a frame case of "producing drugs".

The FBI high ranking official wanted an aggressive job. The field office did it in spite of how abnormal it was. It was that abnormal made me aware of their intention. It is sad to see these people worked for FBI. (include my wife) They don't know they could become sacrifice any time like Muhammad and Malvo.

113. Internet attack (2/6/)

My revelation of the dark side of federal agency in internet motivated large scale frame case against me. Each time there was a plot, there always came with an internet attack.

From 1/18/03 I found my thread were closed, or missing from at least 5 forum sites. (They are:,;;;

After my protest, one gave me a reply: "Your thread did get moved, but it was moved by mistake when I was doing some archiving/clean-up. . .". Since so many thread missing happened at same time, you can imagine what kind of "mistake" is it.

I also found, at least three forum sites where I posted announced upgrading in same day. The upgrading, this time would eliminate the old thread, would functioned same as moving my thread away in a more covert way. Read the announcement and notice the similar point.

( To better serve our online message board community, the message boards are changing! On January 23, we will begin using a different message board system
Only threads which have been posted since October 1, 2002 will be preserved. Please save any old posts you want to keep as soon as possible.

Dear users:
On Jan. 23, we will switch to new, improved online forums. You will find most of the same discussion topics, but we can't move old messages to the new boards. ... 7117714648

We'll be migrating from Jan 23 to on or before Feb 1, during which PExers will be unable to access the forums. In the meantime, check out the updates and cool contests on this page!

All these resembles the failed frame case in June 2001. In which they tried to use McVeigh 's execution as diversion coverup. And about a week before execution date(6/11/01) there were an big internet attack on my postings. (see messages 14. 15. 16 in "Why DEA, FBI involved in secret deal of spy plane?" at ... ofile.html)

This time, as I told before, they took the chance of possible date of Iraq War for diversion,(1/27/03, the date Weapon inspection team to report to UN Security Council, US suddenly transferred large amount of troops and weapons to Mid-east on 1/12/03, pushing for a war fever to high attitude for that date).

The internet attack this time is in large scale. On 1/21, a big attack had paralyzed 9 servers out of 13 servers which controlled global internet communication. Most users were not aware of this, because that attack was a short one, lasting only one hour. Then on 1/25, the largest attack in more than a year paralyzed millions of online and phone users, even stranded Bank of America ATM network. It's "slammer" worm. All these took place about a week before 1/27. What sours the frame case this time? My revelation in advance? France's incoordination delayed Invasion? It's a puzzle for outsiders. But there is one thing I'm sure that my postings are the main target of their frame case. I believe with new plot there will be bigger internet attack purposed on eliminating my messages.

114. The prediction of accident of Columbia

I think the government used to create some event to flame public's sentiment to reach their purpose. So I remind people "beware another attack" from our own government to push for Iraq war. It seemed for that 1/27 war date, there lacked such an action. Then an article caught my eye, "Mystery deepens about cause of shuttle disaster" "New Orleans - Despite NASA'S announcement backing off launch problems as the primary cause of the Columbia disaster, top experts said the "abnormally large" piece of foam that flew into the left wing was probably part of a chain of events that brought the shuttle down." (S.J.M.N. 2/6/03) Since it happened in launch, though the accident took place in return journey, it also could have taken place in launch time. If so, the accident would have happened in 1/14, that would "serve the dual purpose of unifying the country behind President Bush " if there had been a war. Of course, this is only a possibility, a speculation of mine for reference.

There is an interesting information about the prediction of accident of Columbia. I recommend you have a read. I think the theory of "bee hive" is a good one which is frequently used by intelligence.



Analysis note from Alex Jones:
Three weeks ago, on my syndicated radio show, I said that there was a very good chance that the globalists would do something horrible concerning the latest Colombia mission. Understand, the psychological warfare technicians do not even need to publicly blame Iraq for the Columbia disaster. It will serve as a distraction in the global press during the final weeks of war preparation in the gulf. It will serve the dual purpose of unifying the country behind President Bush "

115. The third leg in Alabama shooting case. (2/17)

The following article is an important information that third party were involved in sniper shooting.

"Sniper Rifle Was Also Used In Ala. Killing
Third Assailant Possible In Ambush There, Police Say

By Allan Lengel
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, October 31, 2002; Page A01

"The rifle that was used in the Washington area sniper shootings also was used in last month's Alabama killing that led investigators to the suspects, Montgomery, Ala., Police Chief John H. Wilson said yesterday, citing newly available results of ballistics tests.

He said James Cavanaugh, special agent in charge of the ATF in Alabama and Tennessee, told him that ballistics examiners were able to get a more complete picture after examining a bullet test-fired from the sniper weapon......

Three federal law enforcement officials confirmed the new ballistics tests.....

The Alabama shootings occurred about 7:30 p.m., just as Parker and Adams were locking the door, "It was just like all the rest of the shootings -- no one ever saw anyone," Adams said, referring to the Washington area attacks.....

A nearby patrol car pulled up and officers saw Muhammad standing over the two women, rummaging through their purses and holding a handgun in his right hand, Wilson said. One officer tended to the victims. The second chased Muhammad, the chief said. Malvo was about 50 yards away, standing with a magazine in his hand, possibly acting as a lookout, Wilson said, citing witness accounts.

The second officer continued chasing Muhammad through a restaurant parking lot, but a blue car darted out and blocked the path, Wilson said. Muhammad and Malvo were arrested in a blue Caprice last week.

At the time of the liquor store shootings, Wilson said, police thought the car was at the wrong place at the wrong time. But once authorities learned that Muhammad and Malvo had a blue car, he said, his suspicions turned to a possible third person." ... 02402.html

From above report, we can conclude: The shooting was carried out by another person. He was the real sniper. Muhammad and Malvo had never been seen holding a rifle. The whole story most likly like this: Muhammad and Malvo were support group of a sniper team. They were sent to do reconnaissance job. This was the most dangerous job because they were easy to be arrested on the scene. The blue Caprice was a working car. Some team member drove it to block the police chasing. All action were well trained: reconnaissance; cover up, evasion..... it reacted what Muhammad had said to his friend in Jamaica that he had worked for the CIA and FBI, and that he had to return to the States periodically to give military training workshops." (see #104. Sniper case, (5) Muhammad in Jamaica) (also According to Newsweek magazine, when Muhammad was travelling from Washington State to Washington, DC to participate the shooting case, he stopped to see his cousins in Baton Rouge, LA. He told them that he was on a "secret mission" for the military. His cousins dismissed him as a lunatic then.But now it seems he told truth.)

When Muhammad and Malvo were arrested, police also found walky talky(or mobile phone?) and satellite locater in car. These were unneccessary for them if they were the sole sniper. But it was useful if they acted as reconnaissance. With satellite locater, the commander of the sniper team was able to know the location of all support groups and instruct these groups to move to the spot for reconnaissance and cover up purpose by walky talky. Muhammad and Malvo was one of these support groups doing same job they had done in Alabama shooting case. That's why they were seen at the shooting scene and even was photoed by surveillance camara. This also explained why the sniper could keep on his shooting spree in a high alert surrounding without being caught. They were well trained and supported by large resources. Once the murderer became the investigator, they could never been discovered. Their mind also displayed in taro card left for local police,"I'm God." Because they also could command local police force.

Sometime later, governmet denied ballistic test said above. They said the bullet in Alabama case was not from the sniper rifle. Obviously they made up their mind to frame up only two persons but cover the real one. But when they manipulated the evidence by "made to fit", and fire arm's "finger print"-ballistic test became untrustworthy, how can we believe their "hard evidence" anymore?

March 9, 2010 - 8:10 pm
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116. The death of FBI analyst (2/28)

There is a Chinese proverb: "There is no three hundred taels of silver here." It said once a man who hid three hundred taels of silver under ground. To ensure nobody would know it, he put a note at the spot where he buried the silver:"There is no three hundred taels of silver here." When I heard the news on Oct. 14 2003 that sniper killed a FBI anlyst, I recall that proverb.

There were something unusual in this shooting death.

1. They beat the drum that a FBI agent was shot to death. Of all the victims, I only know one was a bus driver because he was shot at the bus parking lot where he worked. Another one because he was a student. People rarely know what career the other victims were at. But everybody knows there was a victim who was FBI agent.

2. They blew the trumpet that Malvo killed FBI analyst Linda Franklin. Newspaper all said Malvo admitted he killed FBI analyst. That even in computer Malvo left diary admitted so. If as police saying that Malvo was the one who pulled the trigger in most cases, then why did they repeatedly emphasize that he was the one who killed Linda Franklin but rarely talked about the other victims?

3. The killing place was a difficult one for a distant shooting. Generally, a sniper would avoid such place. I have no chance to see the other place of shooting cases. I only know they were all in open space, parking lot; gas station, shop entrance.....Due to a dense report on Linda's death, I had chance saw several times in TV news that she died in a roofed parking area. The roof was supported by many poles. Those poles blocked the view sight of sniper. If it was a random shooting, sniper would avoid such situation. There were a lot of open parking lot, why choose a difficult one? If it was a designated pick up, then to get rid of view obstacle he had to be close to the victim .

4. It was the only case which got detailed clues. The sniper eluded police. And was undetected in most cases. But this time, the figure of sniper was spotted, and the van was said with a left tail light out. Why? Apparently the difficult shooting surrounding forcing the sniper approaching close to the
victim, so this time he was seen by people.

5. It was the only case that police charged the witness. They said the man making a false statement to a law enforcement agent. How did they knew that man lied? S.J.M.N. reported, "There are other credible witnesses at the scene. That is how we were able to discredit his statement." The authority didn't say what reliable clues these credible witnesses given. And how credible these other witnesses were. But until Muhammad and Malvo were arrested, no clue talked about the blue Caprice, all clues talked about white van. So all witnesses made a false report. But authority seemed extraordinary severe on this witness. The shooting death took place on Monday, The man was held on Friday without bond over the weekend for arraignment next Monday.

Why are they so sensitive and over reactive on this man who gave a detailed clue? There is a possibility what he reported were true. They are scare of it. If the man hadn't admitted he made a false statement, he might be die for it. Arrest on Friday was a tactic law enforcement agent used to do if they planning for a plot. Bond bail won't work on week-end. They have extra two days for an "accident death". (see #65. Birthday Party on May 3 ) And as I said, if this was a case operated by "God"( intelligence), they were well covered by support teams such like Muhammad's. They not only would dart out their car to block a chasing, they also would be "credible witness" to mislead local police if necessary. They could even have ID of law enforcement agent.

Though the most victims of Washington DC shooting spree looked like being chosen at random, circumstance evidence showed that FBI analyst Linda Franklin was a designated pick-up. To ensure the killing, the sniper had to operate in a bad surrounding and had to do it in a close range. Thus he (them) was spotted by people. That's why now they repeated beating the drum to emphasize that Malvo admitted he pulled the plug.

In my message "#68. Ashcroft's revenge", "Re. 5. Culture of FBI", I said FBI knew OKC bombing in advance. Because though McVeigh's target were FBI and BATF, they were all absent that day. In DC shooting case, the sniper eluded detect so skillfully that people would think it was done by intelligence insiders. To get rid of that suspicion, they performed a scene of "There is no three hundred taels of silver here." (a scene of "FBI didn't do it") Then why Linda Franklin was chosen to be victim?

117. Swift response (3/10)

In 2/17 I posted message "115. The third leg in Alabama shooting case". That night, my wife told me Mr. Mao had a surgery on cancer and would die soon. I thought it was an immediate intimidation. Mr. Mao was importer of porcelain figurine and the main supplier for me when I had business ten years ago. Though he came from Taiwan, he went to China after he retired. One of his son has a factory in China and he bought a house there. Another son succeeded his business. He has a daughter lives here too. They all order their air tickets from my wife when they go to Taiwan and China. They knew my story. I think law enforcement agents had interviewed all of them for the information about me. They used to pick up their tickets in my wife's office. If they came to my house to pick up ticket, then they were ordered by agent to do so, I think.

Next day on 2/18, Mao's daughter came to my house to pick up her air ticket. It seemed more a business trip than visiting her father. The surgery was not a very recent one, Mao's other children didn't go back. She asked my wife to drive her to airport and left her car at the drive way of my garage. Her car parked there for almost a week until she came back from China. That's something never happened before. Nobody had ever left their car at my house. I think Mao's daughter was ordered to do so. When I stay at home to avoid FBI's aggressive work, they created links for me.

On 2/28, I posted another message "116. The death of FBI analyst" in internet. Next day my wife brought home a scent box. She installed it at the inside edge of toilet bowl. I wonder how she knew there was such kind of new thing since we never use scent box before. Then I found the drainage was blocked. Each time I rinsed the bowl, water swelled to the edge, soaked the box. I don't think it's a coincidence, blocking drainage and causing a flood is a popular trick they used to play. What's their purpose this time? I guess either they put drug inside box so they could show judge the trace of drug in drainage water, or if necessary, they can claim they found trace of drug in that box because it often soaked in bowl water.

This week-end, the other two sons of Mao came one after another to my house to pick up their tickets.(for business purpose) The unusual show up of all Mao's children in less than a month and deliberately leaving the car at my home made me think it was another FBI's plot. So I frankly told one of them what I thought that they probably would be victims of the frame case by those agents they worked for. To my surprise He was very calm. He said it was indeed very easy to be planted and that there was nothing can do to prevent from it.

His words remind me of lemon. On 1/26, I was motivated by a lady who sent bargain crab to us on that week end. I felt they were pushing us to consume more vinegar. So I wrote the message "112. How they plant (2)". Before I wrote that article, at least once a week, we had the luck to eat crab at good price. After I posting the message on 1/26, till now it's 6 weeks, no crab any more. The response was full and swift. But the work is going on in another way. My wife brought a lot of lemons home, said it was a gift from friend. The lemon, plays the same role of vinegar. We have no habit to cook with lemon, so the lemon are put in basket in kitchen like a decoration.

I could feel the heat of their swift response. I had expected they planed another plot in April. So I thought I could finish the "sniper case" series before April. But it was interrupted by their aggressive work. I think the messages of 115 and 116 made them very angry. They moved up earlier. They may start Iraq war in March (as early as on 3/17) and take that advantage to divert the attention of the frame case in which there will be a slaughter.

118. The dead FBI analyst (2) (3/21)

October 16, 2002, Wednesday
THE HUNT FOR A SNIPER: THE DEAD; Escaping the Grip of Cancer, Only to Die at a Sniper's Hand

Quote, "A year ago, at 46, Ms. Franklin, an analyst for the F.B.I., had faced the prospect of her own death: a diagnosis of breast cancer and tests showing the disease so advanced that she had to have a double mastectomy, relatives said. Then, late in August, they said, her 18-year-old niece was killed in a car accident, ......

she had worked for four years as an intelligence operations specialist in the cyberdivision and was considered a keen analyst, colleagues said."

I think Linda Franklin was a FBI dislike already. Breast cancer is a common method used to demolish dislike. In my messages "58. Manipulating media and killing by radiation" and "60. Plant, Frame and alleged murder " the women all died of breast cancer. When they needed a sacrifice. She was the convenient one. Then why she was the target?

Media is controlled by intelligence. When government intends a war in Iraq, there is a censorship on anti-war sentiment. But there is a new way in public communication - internet. FBI, naturally, would try to control that area. Many of my messages talked about my experience of being attacked and harassed in internet. Just like anthrax attack and DC sniper shooting, I think many internet attack were from Federal agents too. If Linda Franklin had been a keen analyst in cyberdivision and did her duty, she was an obstacle to those rogue team. The keener she was, more danger she was in.

The agents of FBI field office don't know the other side of their high ranking officers. When they were doing their work, they might innocently offend their boss. This happened when they were blocked for further investigation on 911 suspects. (FBI Phoenix and Minnisota office) Linda Franklin could not avoid involving in such situation.

119. FBI awards man who blocked MN investigation

Quote, " FBI performs a nasty little sequel to whistle-blower saga
Doug GrowStar TribunePublished Dec. 22, 2002

The Star Tribune's Greg Gordon reported last week that at a quiet little ceremony earlier this month, Marion (Spike) Bowman was one of nine people in the bureau to receive an award for "exceptional performance." The award carries with it a cash bonus of 20 to 35 percent of the recipient's salary and a framed certificate signed by the president.

What does this have to do with Rowley?
Bowman heads the FBI's National Security Law Unit. That's the unit that blocked Minneapolis agents from pursuing their suspicions about Moussaoui.
There were no FBI honors for the Minneapolis office. There was a big honor for the lead antagonist of the Minneapolis office."

120. Cyber-attack

On 2/6 I posted a message "113. Internet attack ". In which I alleged the Federal agent activated large internet attack to practice their skill. Next day, in the newspaper there was an article talked about Bush had signed a secret order for launching cyber attack. It was a swift response to my allegation. A show-off that they are even supported by President of United States.

Quote, "Bush seeks to develop cyber-attack plans
New form of weaponry could alter means of waging war

by Bradley Graham
Washington Post

Washington - President Bush has signed a secret directive ordering the government to develop, for the first time, national-level guidance for determining when and how the United States would launch cyber-attacks against enemy computer networks, according to administration officials. ....

Bush signed the order known as National Security Presidential Directive 16, in July but it has not been disclosed publicly until now".
(San Jose Mercury News 2/7/2003)

March 25, 2010 - 6:49 pm
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121. Attempt to get hand writing note. (3/31)

In 3/21, I posted "118. The dead FBI analyst (2)" in internet. Next day(Saturday), same scene reacted. (see "117. Swift response (3/10)") My wife told me Mao's daughter would go to China next day Sunday. In the afternoon, someone knocked at the door. It was Mao's daughter. She asked if I knew my wife's cellular phone number when she knew my wife was not at home. I told her I didn't know because I rarely use telephone. I felt it was another attempt of agent to create a link between her and I . They arranged her visit at a time I was home alone. So I straightly told her, "I think you come under the order of FBI." She immediately turned around and went back to her car. I followed her to finish my warning. The simple story of how agent trying to frame me. That her car parking at my house last month and her visit today were all an attempt to create a link. That it was easy to be trapped in a framed drug case if she had business. I reminded her "Don't think you are working for them then they won't hurt you. For their own good, They don't care to sacrifice anyone working for them. Mao's daughter closed the car door and made a phone call, she had a cellular phone in her hand.

I went back home to the computer, in a minute she came back again. She repeated the same question for my wife's phone number. I said, "Haven't I told you I don't know?" She then walked around, looked like to be in a stupefaction. Once she was going to my daughter's room, so I asked "What are you going to do?" She said, "To see if your daughter has a phone." I reminded her, "you have a cellular phone in your hand." "Oh." she then asked for a piece of paper to leave her phone number to my wife. For convenience I grasped a junk mail from table, handed to her. She refused, hinted she need a piece of paper. "Why not?" I asked. For a phone number an envelope was enough. She then asked for a pen. I reminded her there was a pen in her hand already. "Oh." She looked like just waking up from a dream. She wrote down her phone number than left. Obviously she made a call to her handler that her cover up was blewn off when she went back to her car. The agent ordered her to fulfil the mission they told her to do. So she came back to repeat the same question. She was so nervous that she even forgot she had phone and pen in her hand. I guess the purpose of agent was to let her get a note from me (with the excuse of writing down my wife's phone number) Which they would use as a "hard evidence". They would create something on that piece of paper, so they even prepared the pen. Made the fake writing and my genuine writing from same pen. Though sometimes people visit friends with cell phone in their hands, it's unusual to visit with a pen in hand. But Mao's daughter didn't know what to do when I told her I didn't know the phone number, that's why she had tried to go to my daughter's room, intended to make a phone call for the instruction.

This is not the only case they tried to get my hand writing. In March 14, 2000, after I wrote a complaint letter to US consulate, I was in Ranong, Burma. A lady came to me, said she was an oversea's Chinese. She guided me to the local market and helped me shopping some food. When I thanked her for the help, she took out a notebook and a pen, asked me to leave my name. I wrote down my name without suspicion. Several days later, the attempt of framed drug case alarmed me. I recalled this and thought it might be a trap. I'm not a celibrity, what's the use for my signature? About ten days later, in a phone store in Bangkok which I frequently went for its low rate, the girl working there handed me a blank paper said she would like to have my name written on paper. She said she was curious in Chinese characters. It was a store offering international phone service where she had a lot of chances to meet Chinese, why picked up me? I refused. I drifted in South-east Asia for more than a year, this was the only two times I was asked for signature. All happened in March when they tried to frame me in drug case. I don't think it's coincidence.. The plot of April

In Feb.4, 2003, there was a news in World Journal (Chinese) which said that 5 members of "Aryan Brotherhood" gang admitted guilty in attempted murder, drug smuggling. The court verdict would be in this April. I have alleged agent would murder by the hands of gangsters. I also have talked about this gang in message "62. Plot". It seems they plan to do it in April. Then my wife said she would take a vacation trip to China with my daughter and father in law on April 18. I'll be left home alone. In another word, nobody knows what happens if they apply something on me.

Each criminal has his own style to commit a crime. Feds has its own, too. To murder and frame drug case by the hands of gangsters, local police, foreign power, (in this case, Chinese secret police). And divert public attention by big event.(in this case, Iraq war) When I review the coming April, it is so similar to the case they designed two years ago. See messages from #61 to #67.

The late development strenthens my opinion. On 2/28/03 I posted "116. The death of FBI analyst (2/28)" in internet. The message was written on 2/27. Which means the agent who monitoring me knew it as early as on 2/27.

On 3/1, the newspaper reported that seven top San Francisco police officials (include chief) were indicted for blocking probe of cops in brawl. That's a big news. I had expected Federal agent would take advantage at the case of three S.F.cops in brawl. But I didn't expect they'll charge top ranking police officials. It looks like they'll do a big case in S.F. Ten months ago I posted a message "67. Turn on into local police (5/29)" which said FBI released data to put pressure on S.F.P.D. Now it seems they directly extort on S.F.P.D.. From indictment to trial date of this case, there is only one month and a half. Pretty short for the charged 7 high ranking officials. I don't think the trial date, April 18th, is a coincidence to my wife's travel date. And something very unusual happened in this top policemen's indictment.

123. Unusual case against top S.F. police officers (4/10)

There were often reported cases of police abusing their power. In many cases they shot the innocent people to death. But they mostly could successfully quit the charge. Seldom the other officers who not involved in case would be charged.

This time, seven top ranking officers were indicted on obstruction charges in the alleged coverup of an investigation into a drunken brawl in which three police officers faced assault charges. The chief, Sanders, was nominated by Mayor Brown. They are a big political power in San Francisco. Who took the risk to challenge this power? It must be a power even bigger.

The unusual thing is the grand jury don't have evidence but probable cause to raise the charge. Is that too frivolous to offend a power? It's totally unnecessary. Re: "Last month, Hallinan told grand jurors his office may not have the evidence to prove the allegations, according to transcripts of grand jury's proceedings, but the panel handed up the indictments anyway." (S.J.M.N. 3/12/03)

The most unusual thing is the indictment was finished in a hurry, at last minute. Read this:
"Referring to the handwritten attachments to the indictment, Peter Keane, dean of the Golden Gate University Law School and a former public defender, said he had not seen such a thing in California in more than 75 years. "It means the grand jury was scribbling and changing and editing right up to the last minute. " (S.J.M.N. 3/5/03)
"A handwritten addendum to the typed complaint - which caused defense attorneys to claim that the whole document was slipshod when it was released Tuesday - was printed on plain paper because the jurors added the charges just before the indictments were signed by a judge Thursday evening."(S.J.M.N. 3/7/03)

Obviously the charge was added at last minute. They even didn't have time to typewrite addendum. Did it more like an intelligence work than normal judicial process? A movie story was vivid there only it was reality this time. Who had that ability to do this? To manipulate a grand jury, prosecutors, to challenge a big political power? I think it was out of someone who thought they were God who could do anything.

I believe the indictment against top ranking police officers of San Francisco was an attempt to create extortion base by intelligence. They need help from local police in a framed case.

124. The development of the S.F. top police officers' case

On 3/10/03, D.A. dropped case against top two officers, Chief Sanders and his second-in-command because there was no sufficient evidence. However, Halinan said he would still prosecute five other supervisors on obstruction of justice charges and three other officers involved in a drunk brawl.

On 3/31, I posted a message "122. The plot of April" in which I alleged this was an extortion attempt.

Four days later, on 4/4, a judge dismissed the charges against the rest five high ranking police officers. She said the prosecution did not offer enough evidence to support the allegation of a conspiracy.

I think this was a swift response to my message. I had experience. See message: 96. Follow up (2) of Judi Bary's case in "60. Plant, Frame and alleged murder ". They responsed with a trial on date just in several days. Another reason I think so is the newspaper report. It's a big case in Bay Area. Almost each report about this case, (include report that D.A. dropping the charge against Chief Sanders) occupied about half page with big title and pictures. The finishing of the charge against top ranking officers, (the rest five supervisors) was only a short message about 150 words hidden in a small column with a title of small letters. If I hadn't heard it in TV news and made a search next day, I would have missed it.

I think these were a swift responses to my opinion about sniper case.

115. The third leg in Alabama shooting case. (2/17)
Next day(2/18) they send Mao's daughter to my house who left for China on night and parked her car at my house. See message "117. Swift response (3/10)"

116. The death of FBI analyst (2/28)
I wrote this message on 2/27. On 2/28, they charged top 7 S.F.police officers. In a hurry to catch the trial on 4/18. See previous message.

118. The dead FBI analyst (2) (3/21)
Next day(3/22), Mao's daughter came again, she would go to China on 3/23. See message "121. Attempt to get hand writing note. (3/31)".

They made Mao's daughter coming to my house right after I posted sniper case message. ( Who for years hadn't been to my house.) And arranged a business trip for her to China just in one or two days. It's easy to lure her in profitable business then plant drug in shipment.

I think my opinion and analysis about sniper case is very correct. They are afraid of it and had a very aggressive response.

125. An open letter to those who like to reprint my article (4/21)

On 4/13, I received an e-mail from the host of "This webpage is better than yours". In which it said, "The content on your homepage is extremely interesting. .....May I have your permission to reprint your content on my webpage?"

Since I don't communicate by e-mail privately in case there is a trap, I answer here in internet.

Dear Wayne DeGroot,

Thank you for your interesting in my article. You can reprint my article in your webpage freely. But you don't own it. And you can't forbid others to spread and reprint it. Someone had the same request a year ago, I posted a public announcement (message #52) talked about it. You won't miss it if you had read my article. I repeat it here.

Anybody who is interested in my messages posted in internet can download them and publish them with no obligation. It's free. I have only two request: 1. Put my name "Kat Hak Sung" on the publish. 2. You can correct mis-spelling word, but can't add or reduce the content of each message. No individual person, or group, or organization can own my messages privately and forbid others to read, publish them. The purpose of this announcement is to prevent someone from censoring my messages if I was murdered. Kat Hak Sung is my real name.

Sorry I don't communicate privately because I don't want anybody declare that they have sole private right of my articles because I directly e-mail them. I don't want to disappoint those who really intend to publish my messages. So I made previous public announcement. I'll be glad you can spread my messages.


Kat Hak Sung

March 25, 2010 - 6:50 pm
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126. Sniper case (crime style)

Every criminal has his own crime style, sniper killing is used to be seen in political assassination. Such like the assassination of President Kennedy, ( I had been intimidated that he was killed by law enforcement agent. see message #17) And the assassination of M.L.King. ( It is said Dr. King was a dislike of former FBI director Mr. Hoover ) Sniper killing is also frequently used by law enforcement agent. In any case when SWAT involved, there are always snipers located on the roofs. In Rubyridge case, a FBI sniper killed family members of Weaver.

I personally had the experience of Feds sniper.

One was in Thailand. In March 2000, when Foreign Ministry of Thailand told me to ask for asylum in Internal Ministry, and Internal Minister resigned from his post for a sudden scandal, I knew they determined to frame me in drug case. Newspapers suddenly reported drug smugglers arrested and board patrol intensified. They made a drug arrest reasonable already. How could I avoid their trap? I thought of the Golden Triangle. It is famous for its opium trade. Now is a tourist spot. Though Golden Triangle related to drug, it seemed the only way I could choose to leave Thailand safely. They couldn't say they arrested a man who tried to smuggle drug to where it was produced. It would be as absurd as accusing a man sale soda to Coca-cola Co. I went to travel agency to ask for the trip to Golden Triangle. They all told me that I had to go to ChinMai first, stay there overnight then take a local bus to the board of Burma and Thailand next day. When I was in hesitation, there was an article in newspaper said that US law enforcement agent had an expert sniper newly arrived in Thailand. He would be positioned at North Thailand to shoot drug smugglers. The article introduced the sniper's glorious past, that how many people he had killed in the war. I read a lot of newspaper everyday. They knew it and often delivered the intimidation by newspaper. I got used to it. This time their information was clear. If I wouldn't go to their trap, they would shoot me to death. I then changed my mind to go to Laos. Though Laos was not so popular for drugs, it was still unusual to charge smuggle drug from Thailand to Laos. And one of my consideration was I could take a train direct to board cross. Nong Khai was a city, where a foreigner could hardly do a sniper job among dense population.

On April 5, I took a night train to Nong Khai. At midnight, the train stopped in an open field for nearly two hours. I looked out of the window, it was dark. Would there be an expert sniper there? I wonder. Luckily, the train was crowded. Seats were full with many people standing by. It was a long time for me. At last the train moved and brought me to the board. The sniper killing threat remained in my mind. (story see messages "51. Unbridle power of intelligence.")

You can find that sniper article in Thailand newspaper. The time should be about late March to early April in 2000.

Another one took place in June, 2001. I talked about it in message "# 63. A well planed frame case". I alleged Feds framed a big case in that month. My nephew, a Stanford student, was a target too. I think they planned a random shooting death for him. To make the case looked like a result of racial hatred, they shot an Asian girl to death at first. The execution of McVeigh was designated on 6/11. The framed case should be about same time so the McVeigh's death could diverge public's attention. The innocent Asian girl was shot to death on 6/10. Read this.


Maria Ann Hsiao had just walked outside a crowded Palo Alto nightclub early Sunday when someone shot her in the head. Police said no one reported seeing her killer, not the 15 or 20 people standing nearby nor the hundreds inside.

Panicked patrons flagged down a patrol car in front of the Q Cafe on Alma Street moments after the shooting at 12:20 a.m., setting off a rare homicide investigation in a city known more for serenity and Stanford University than violence."

(S.J.M.N. 6/11/2001)

The situation just like the DC sniper shooting. People nearby didn't know where the bullet came from. Of course, the case remained unsolved. But when DC sniper case started, the same description of bystanders reminds me the sniper might be from the same origin and use the same style. That's why I viewed the DC sniper case from another angle right from the beginning.

127. Heavy harassment (5/3)

I was harassed heavily in internet recently. They use "error page" , or "downloading page" which constantly popped out to harass reading and writing. Slow processing was frequently used. Several times they just blocked the entering. Give a "Can't Find the Web Site" page for each click in. Forced me to abandon the surfing in internet. Sometimes they gave a page of "Sorry, you may not post at this time. This forum has a waiting period before new members can post a message. Please return in 6 hours to post." For different web sites, they entered different number of hours for fun. I think it's that kind of work cultivated their mentality of "I'm god" because they can control others' life. These significantly slowed my internet surfing.

Moreover, in several web-sites where people can post without registration, they assumed my name to post fake messages. They use my e-mail address and post my phone-number there. The article made me look like a psycho with the content like: "How I become alleged murder of Ron (undercover agent)" . "How me, Kat Hak Sung, becomes alleged murder of Ron ", "Every criminal like me has his own crime style". People can see these forgery at:

Though they used to do their job without leaving hard evidence, these attacks could be rarely some.

FBI has a history abusing their power of eroding civil liberty. There is little check and balance on this power. I believe there are rogue team inside the intelligence involved in criminal activities. When decent and keen agent discovered such kind of problem, and tried to do real law enforcement job, what will happen? They usually were blocked for doing further investigation like in event of MN field office and Phoenix office in 911 case, or being under fire like Turner, even being eliminated "accidently" like Linda Franklin.

FBI agent under fire - from agency
Exclusive interview: Turner blew whistle on Ground Zero theft
By Lisa Myers

WASHINGTON, April 29 - For a quarter-century, Jane Turner has been a special agent for the FBI. But now the agency is trying to fire her, and Turner says it's because she blew the whistle on FBI wrongdoing. Agent Turner tells her story in an exclusive interview with NBC's senior investigative correspondent, Lisa Myers.

128. Location, time and motive (sniper case)

Muhammad lived in Washington State which is at west coast. The sniper shooting spree took place in Washington DC which is at east coast. If this is a case for blackmail, he could do it anywhere, or most conveniently, near where he lived. What made him took that trouble to cross the whole continent to east coast? Because the case targetted at law makers. They had to shoot at DC area so Congressmen could feel the threat. And the time went tally with the authorization of Iraq war power to President Bush.

Time table:
10/2/2002: House Speaker Dennis Hastert and Minority Leader Richard Gephardt introduced the bill (H. J. Res 114) to authorize the use of armed force against Iraq.

. . First 2 shooting: Same day in evening, sniper started his shooting spree. 1st shot was at a Craft-store window, broke the glass but hurt no one. It might be a declaration of the start of shooting by sniper. Then a man was killed in a grocery parking lot.

10/3: The bill went to the International Relations Committee for the beginning of debate.

. . Shooting 3-7: Five shooting took place the same day, all victims dead. Six deaths in less than 28 hours shocked the whole country, especially those lived in the area. Of course, including those politicians in Capital Hill.

10/4 (Friday) Debate on bill.

. . 8th shooting: A woman wounded in parking lot.

10/5-10/6 (week-ends) Politicians took a rest, sniper coincided by taking a rest too.

10/7 (Monday) Debate on bill resumed.

. . 9th shooting: Shooting resumed too. A boy wounded at school.

10/9 Debate on bill continued.

. . 10th shooting: Man killed in gas station.

10/10 House passed the bill.

10/11 Senate passed the bill.

. . 11th shooting: Man shot dead at gas station. It took place at 9:30 am, could be a last push on Senate.

10/14 12th shooting: FBI analyst was shot to death in Home Depot parking lot.

10/16 Bush signed the Bill.

10/19 13th shooting: Man killed outside a restaurant.

10/23 14th shooting: Bus driver killed in bus parking lot.

Can you find how the sniper shooting helped pushing through the Bill to authorize the power of Iraq war to President Bush?

129. My view on sniper case (5/16)

The sniper spree started at the same day when the bill (H.J. res 114) "authorizing the use of armed force against Iraq" was introduced to the House. Six deaths within first 28 hours shocked the country, especially those lived in the DC area. Senators were warned it was dangerous to be in golf field. The shooting continued, maintained a terror pressure on politicians. On Oct. 11, 9:30 am, the eleventh shooting made a last push on Senators. Later that day, Senate passed the bill.

It was 10 days from Oct. 2 (introduce the bill) to Oct. 11. (bill passed). There were 11 shootings took place during that time. Averaged more than one shooting a day. I call it the first stage. (action stage) The insider group successfully reached their goal, pushed the bill passing through.

Since President Bush needed this bill, the shooting push was unnecessary for him. The second stage started from 10/12(bill passed) to 10/24 (Mohammad and Malvo arrested). I call it retreat stage in which they planted, covered up their trace and found a scapegoat. There were 3 shootings in this 12 days period, much less than in the 1st stage. Yet, they have particular meanings. What would they do after the mission was done? Cover up.

The first one of the 3 shootings was on 10/14 where a FBI analyst was shot to death. A way to quit from suspect's profile. Because the victim of this case was a designated one, so there were many unusual things happened in this case and made it one special in all the shooting spree. (see message "116. The death of FBI analyst (2/28)")

Then, the second one of 3 shootings told people the motive of this shooting spree was for money. The shooting on 10/19 came with the demand of 10 million dollars from sniper. The unusual thing was if it was a blackmail, why did they demand the money so late? In most blackmail cases, the first thing criminal did was to request a ransom after they kidnapped the victim. It was amazing to see they shot FBI staff first than thought of to plant a motive. How eager they tried to quit from the suspect profile.

The last shooting on 10/23 was followed by the arrest of the two in Caprice. Which made many people think Mohammad and Malvo were the snipers because there was no more sniper shooting afterwards. To avoid being embarrassed by incapable to solve this case like what happened in anthrax attack, they hurried to frame it a blackmail case in last 5 days. (from 10/19 to 10/24)

130. SARS

I noticed this case first in early March, 2003. A news in World Journal said an American businessman (Chinese ethnic) went from Shanghai to Hanoi and got sick there on 2/26.
He then chartered a private plane to HongKong on 3/6. At that time, nobody knew SARS. I was impressed by the cost he paid for the charted plane: $600,000. I thought if he would pay that much, he must know it was fatal and hard to be cured. Maybe he wanted to back to US? The hospital he stayed in Hanoi was among the best in Vietnam, named French Hospital. Several days later, another news reported his death on 3/13. I later knew his name was Johnny Chen. With his death, people were aware of a new disease. But until 3/18, newspaper still called it "mysterious illness".

Source and how it spreads.

Johnny Chen was said the source of SARS infected two dozens of medical workers in Hanoi Frence Hospital. But I noticed there was no report of infection in Princess Margaret Hospital in Hongkong where he was sent to and died. That was a puzzle. How could he be the super contagious source in one hospital but didn't infect others in another hospital?

Though there was no infection in Princess Margaret Hospital, in another Hospital Prince Wales of HongKong, there were about dozens medical workers caught the disease at same time. There were two other sites where people were infected in group. One was Jin-Hua Hotel where 6 tourists who had stayed in 9th floor caught the SARS. Another one was Tao-da Mansion where about 300 residents were infected. I noticed there were no report of infection of family members of sicked medical staffs. And there was no report of colleagues being infected by those 300 residents of Tao-da Mansion. I think SARS maybe spread by close contact. And it seems more like a disease spread by location. That is: someone had visited the above three sites, left high contagious SARS source. People lived, or worked in these places caught the disease by touching the source or inhaling the air from source. Though there were conflict report of how SARS spreading. A report may represent my opinion. Quote, "The expert of mainland China found, a patient who was among the people first being infected, had no family member being infected, but friend who visited him got sick. The first foreigner who died of SARS in mainland China, had none friend with close relationship being infected. But those who had been with him for a short time, in same location, e.g. being in same lift, caught SARS." (World Journal, 4/20/03) It could be infected by touching polluted spot, or by inhaling the air from a polluted ventillation output. The above three sites all have common ventillation system. (Hospital, Hotel, and mansion where lift using ventillation)

April 16, 2010 - 9:08 pm
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131. Strong and swift reaction (5/17)

Yesterday, I posted message about SARS. At about 5 pm, I was blocked to the internet. At the same time someone put a tire at my door. My wife later found it was from a vehicle parked at B house. The new owner is a Vietnamese ethnic who took back the tire, said it was from a friend who just replaced a worn tire. But why hadn't he put the tire at their own place, (their parking space is in front of their garage and by the side of their back yard.) but crossed the lane, passed through my parking space, intruded my front yard where there is a fence, put the tire at my front door. My wife was very angry because it was obvious a delebrate provokation. She thought they put junks to our house. But I knew it's for the SARS I posted. Generally, when I am not on internet, I do garden work or read newspaper in hall which is near the front door. They even blocked the internet to drive me to there to meet a dispute, or an accident. They failed. Since I alleged they tried to murder in house I never answer the door to strangers. (see murder attemption story at:" 44. My tenant". and B house story at: "85. Chinese secret police and DNA (9/1)")

This morning twice, two different men came to my house, one (looks like a Spanish ethnic) said he was looking for the replaced tire. The other one pretended a salesman. My father in law answered the door. The unusuall visitors really alarmed me. My conclusion is, if they reacted so swift and strong, then it proves my analysis about SARS is correct and true. Though I haven't pointed out who is the mastermind, they confessed themselves by their reaction.

132. plant fake petition.(5/22)

I found a fake petition in my e-mail box assuming my name. The following is the e-mail.

<<Subj: Forum: 142. Start a New War againts Saudi Arabia
Date: 5/20/2003 11:50:36 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Support Al quida
Save Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden
Start a New War againts Saudi Arabia

It seems the war on Iraq is over. But Saddam Hussein is still at large and very much alive (I got it from insider's information, who is an undercover agent of Saddam Hussein in America, like me too, Kat Hak Sung). I have to protest because this war is for the interest of Israel. And you can see the tremendous influence of Israel here, both on politicians and media. (The weak reaction of Democratic Party and less of criticism of media). Anyhow I'll try my best to express my opinion to politicians.

Saddam Hussein's and Osama bin Laden's lives must be saved. And
Al quida must be supported. I think, George Bush is an undercover agent of Osama bin Laden. He used the Iraq war as a cover up to protect Osama bin Laden and support Al quida. If people are agree with my opinions, (either all or part of them) I welcome them to share with it for their convinence.

The following is the e-mail I have mailed to politicians.

The honorable
US Senate
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senator

I'm writing you to give full authorization the war power to President Bush and his Cabinet at this movement.

I urge you to start a new war on Saudi Arabia because of the following reason:

1. Al Qaeda Arms Traced to Saudi National Guard.

3 Attackers Identified In Riyadh Bombings ... May18.html
In reality, Saudi Arabia shows no intention to accept unconditional democracy.

2. The war will benefit the rich people with interest in military and oil industry and a particular country (Israel). The UN must bear the cost alone. Which means the world must pay money and blood for the interest of minority people at a time US economy is going up and up and up.

3. Only war can solve any problem. War in Afghan killed a lot of evil people. The main target Bin Laden is still at large. Al Quada scattered all over the world, including USA. They even recruited George Bush as their undercover agent.

4. War destroys hostility and enemy. It will help Al Quada to recruit more soldiers. US people will enjoy an endless terror threaten, so Bush and the law enforcement can achieve greater power over the US people. And we have to build more bunker, stronger secret service for our security, in order we all can afford private flights.

5. Gaining support from allies. Most countries are for a war on Saudi Arabia. We are gaining friends and sympathy of the world, because we will control 90% of the world's oil reserve and production. The profile of US will increase tremendously.

6. Perhaps most important is it will help a dictatorship in US. A good policy is not based on legitmacy and common value, but on strong leadership and personal will and unilateral opinion. It's dictatorship based on democracy. This means Bush dictates and the people have to support him with their votes. Those who do not support and vote for Bush must be exterminated.

In conclusion, I urge you authorize President Bush having a war on Saudi Arabia. Let U.N. take over the matter of costs.


Kat Hak Sung >

Though the petition is a senseless one, they excerpted a large quantity of sentences from my articles and pieces them together to be a petition.

It's a plant. Maybe a plot to make senate report the case so they can have an excuse to apply something on me. To publish forgery article by assuming my name is a tactic they used for sometime. (see message "127. Heavy harassment (5/3)". Who have the motive and resource to do that kind of dirty work?

I think all these are the hurried reaction of my last post "130. SARS". Now can you see who is the mastermind of SARS?

133. Strong reaction (5/27)

I posted "130. SARS" on 5/16.
Same day, someone offered a drive for my wife to have her car examined in the dealer's shop. In the evening she was told the car needed a repair at a cost of one thousand dollars. When she came back home she found a tire at the front door. It was from a car parked at neighbour's space. She took the tire to their house and made a complaint.

Next day on 5/17. In the morning, two men separately knocked at the door. One said him as a salesman, the other was looking for tire. In noon, my wife came home sick. She vomited.

On 5/19, in the evening, another man came to look for tire.

On 5/20, a fake petition to Senate assumed my name was sent to my e-mail box.

On 5/23, the drainage was blocked and caused a flooding. Another man came said he was looking for a friend.

It was a busy week. All four men used to be in next lane for years. I think they belong to DEA task force. Next lane is their head office. Since 1991, it's 12 years already. The team of four never show up in my lane. Why did they pretend different kind of figures knocking at my door within a week after I posted "SARS"?

1. My wife's car was bought on 1999. Since it's the only car we have and I have no drive license after 2001. She used to change oil in nearby workshop. Sending the car to dealer for maintenance would take a day or two and have to ask others giving her a drive. But if the surveillance agent want to install something in the car, (for tracking or hurting or murdering) they need to hold the car for sometime. I think they break down our car to force a repair. Our car was broken down three times in first three years and had to be repaired in dealer's shop. Surveillance team used to be shifted every half or a year. At that time they must exchange the instruments they planting in the car. Leaving team pick up their's. Arriving team install their's. My wife complained a slow oil leaking months ago. On 5/16 she suddenly said someone offered her a drive for a dealer's check up. In evening she was in a bad mood when she was acknowledged it would cost one thousand dollars. The three years guarantee is passed date, this time we have to pay for it. It could be a punishment. They used to do like this.

2. The tire put at our front door was a deliberately provokation, it's obvious. If I complained to my neighbour, I think, I would have got a bullet. They could say I intruded to their house, the shooting would be a self defense. The dead can never tell the truth, it will be all their words. Same trick they played last October. They issued wrong accusations in four notices, threatened a fine, then arranged an emergency meeting. I didn't go because it's a private residence. The house then was put a sign "for rent". A cover up of their failed trap. (see "95. A notice for a meeting")

3. My wife took the tire to the B house and made a complaint. She didn't know it was a trap designed for me. She was punished by radio frequency weapon next day which caused nausea and vomit. I've talked about sleep wave, micro wave shooting, e-wave caused tooth ache, this is another kind of e-wave weapon agent used to use. I think they had used this to punish former President Bush,(GW Bush's father) Who collapsed and vomitted in a banquet. And Reno, (General Attorney of Clinton time) who collapsed in a meeting in Mexico (about in 1997). How I found this kind of weapon is another story. I'll talk about it later.

4. Flooding is another way they often used to harass people. With the hope that "plumbers" would be asked for help. see "87. Flooding (9/13)". The tricks all had been used recently. Repeat using in a short period is unusual. It only means the team is under pressure from high ranking officers. This time is because of SARS. I can see new trick will emerge.

134. From MARS to SARS, an intelligence work of revelation.

According to WHO, the first SARS patient was sick on 11/16/2002 in Fo San, Cantoon Province. From that time on to early March, it was more than 100 days, but there was not big cluster breakout, death rate was low, particularly there was rare casualty among medical workers whom were heavily hurt in other areas such like in Hong Kong and Taiwan. And there was no quarantine applied on patients. (Quarantine was strictly applied in other area and countries.) How can Canton got such achievement? WHO said it was because medical workers in Canton handled the disease properly. But they failed to say what was the proper method Canton carried out. Why didn't they introduce it to other areas which are badly hurt by SARS? Or just as they said, It was out of good luck? I call it a MARS period. (Mild acute respiratory syndrome)

MARS became SARS after the dramatic death of Johnny Chen. Until in early March nobody cares about mysterious illness in Canton province. Chen's death like a dagger broke up the censorship of Chinese government. You can say it was a dramatic event, I say it was a perfect intelligence work. In which an American citizen died, (Johnny Chen) Vienamese medical worker infected and died. None of the government involved (US and Vietnam) can be controlled by China. And Ulbany, found the disease in Hanoi was SARS and died of it, was a doctor of WHO.(now it's international) So the whole world knew it. Chinese government couldn't censor the news. All three factors were out of its control.(US, Vietnam and WHO) With the cluster breakout in three sites It caused panic of Hongkong people.

The same dramatic story happened in Beijing too. Chinese Health minister Chang said the illness was under control in Beijing. An retired army doctor Jiang found him lied. Jiang wrote an e-mail to CCTV and Phoenix TV revealing the truth. He didn't get any reply from them. On 4/8, there was a knock at his door. It was a reporter from "Time" magazine. Next day on 4/9, Times published Jiang's whole e-mail. The whole world knew SARS spreading in China then. It caused a political storm. Two high ranking officers, The Mayor of Beijing and Health Minister, both lost their job. The Chinese Health Minister Chang told his lie on 4/3. Doctor Jiang's revealing e-mail must be sent on days after 4/3. The Time reporter's visit was on 4/8. It took only less than four days, (maybe even less if Jiang wrote his e-mail later) The result of a good information system and swift response. Jiang knew no US reporter. So far, nobody knows how the reporter of Times was able to know Jiang's e-mail and found his location for a visit. That's the copy of story of "deep throat" in Water Gate scandal.

These two events aroused the worldwide attention on SARS in Hong Kong and China (mainly in Beijing). I saw there was shadow of US intelligence in it.

135. Man hunt (6/7)

In 6/4 near noon, I heard a big noise. A helicopter circled low above the house for several minutes. Due to the recent pressure, I didn't go out to see what had happened.

Next day, newspaper reported this news. Quote,
"Man hunt, Federal fugitive caught (S.J.M.N. 6/5)

Williams returned to San Jose to find work. He was wanted by BATF on a warrant for illegally possessing a firearm in 2000 in Colorado.

ATF investigators monitored Williams' parents' house on Half Pence Way four times last week, but never saw him. They returned Wednesday morning to talk to his family and saw him standing at the side of the house. When Williams saw the agents, he bolted. Federal agents searched the area for 45 minutes and spotted Williams at a school, but he ran again. So the ATF called San Jose police."

About 50 officers joined man hunt. Three hours later, Williams was arrested near Sierra Wood Drive and Trimble Road. He hid under the trees in a creek bank.

I read his escaping road from the map printed in newspaper. It was a straight line from his parents' house to my house. Though it maybe a coincidence, I think in different way.

Williams' warrant was issued in 2000 in Colorado. For three years they didn't touch him there. Now he was lured here by job just a few days ago. It's easy to set up such trap by telling his parents there were job opening. Obviously BATF knew his returning in advance. If Williams is a dangerous person, they would set up an ambush. But their encounter was like a deliberate "scaring the man away". They left him an escape way directed to my house. (easy to do so by patrolling in three sides but leaving one side open) But Williams stopped go any further when he found a covert place. So they had to arrest him. The spot where he was arrested was only two blocks to my house. If Williams hadn't stopped his escape journey, then there would be a man hunter around my house, and I think, a "mistaken shoot" would have taken place then.

FBI, DEA, this time BATF, Feds really activate their resources. On 6/5, Ashcroft once again requested for more police power by expanding the "Patriot Act".

May 9, 2010 - 9:56 pm
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136. Man hunt (2)

I am familiar to this tactic. In about 1996(?) one night I was alarmed by the helicopter noise. My neighbor came tell us there was a "man hunt" and asked if we saw any stranger in backyard. I believed her and took a look at the backyard. Of course nobody was there. A few minutes later, there was a knock at the door. My wife answered it. She told me it was a policeman whom was looking for a fugitive. The officer then went to the backyard for a search. I suddenly was aware that if I had stayed a little longer there, or if the officer had come a little earlier, I might be shot in darkness as a fugitive. At that time I knew already many dirty tactics law enforcement agent using. But "man hunt" was fresh to me then. It remains a deep impression in my mind.

137. SARS, who opened the Pandora Box?

Who has the ability to activate a bio-attack? Russia, China, US..... But who has the motive this time on SARS crises?

1. Bush started an era of war and bio-attack.

I've alleged 911 attack was allowed to happen. With it as excuse, Bush and his cabinet started two wars in Mid-east. I also alleged anthrax attack was done by government insiders to push the passing through of "Patriot Act" and DC sniper case to authorize the Iraq war power to President Bush. In less than three years, Bush has opened a Pandora Box, let out wars, decease, disease.... to the world.

2. US secretly research and develop bio-weapons

Anthrax attack revealed that US is still researching and developing bio-weapons in secret military labs in Dugway, Utah. In debate of Iraq war, I also found an information that West Nile is a bio-weapon resource. US provided Saddam Hussain bio-weapon resources when Reagan-Bush were presidents. Include West Niles, anthrax. I had alleged that Feds using West Niles as cover up to murder people( the brain death. see message "82. West Nile virus") Now there is great possibility West Niles is also developed to bio-weapon.

3. Preparation for a bio-warfare

Bush expressed a hysteria interesting in bio-war. He had pushed a wave of receiveing vaccination to prevent small pox. Despite small pox is a disease which is extinguished (? at least the one under control) and most people had received vaccination already. Why did he push for an unnecessary vaccination? My feeling is it maybe a vaccine for another disease, under the cover of prevent small pox. Is it for SARS which broke out laterly? or for a more virulent small pox newly developed in secret lab? No body knows unless people have the right to check this media and military cooperation war-monster.

Who likely opened the Pandora Box and let out SARS?


U.S. scientists deplore Army's silence on anthrax program
Posted on Monday, December 17 @ 10:19:28 EST

WASHINGTON Several scientists and biological warfare experts say they were surprised by the revelation that a U.S. Army installation in Utah has been producing dried preparations of the Ames strain of the anthrax bacterium, the same strain found in letters to senators Thomas Daschle and Patrick Leahy.

International Herald Tribune:

US who provided bio-weapon resources when Reagan-Bush were presidents. Include West Niles, anthrax.

Refrence:Quote, "Between 1985 and 1989, the Senate testimony shows, Iraq received at least 72 U.S. shipments of clones, germs and chemicals ranging from substances that could destroy wheat crops, give children and animals the bone-deforming disease rickets, to a nerve gas rated a million times more lethal than Sarin." ... 048504.asp

138. Smallpox and monkey pox.(6/18)

I wrote "137. SARS, who opened the Pandora Box?" on 6/7. Next day, a big word "Smallpox" in newspaper caught my eye. "Ho, how fast they reacted," I thought. The topic of article was "Outbreak in Midwest related to smallpox".

It wrote, "This is an unusual event....There's never been a human or animal illness in the Western Hemisphere by a virus that is either a monkey pox virus or a very close variant of the monkey pox virus."

"At least 19 people in three Midwestern states have caught a disease related to small pox, marking the first outbreak of the life-threatening illness in the US, federal health officials said Saturday (6/7)" (S.J.M.N. 6/8)

In consecutive five days, nearly everyday San Jose Mercury News reported monkey pox in big articles or briefing news. "Monkey pox is closely related to the smallpox virus, usually occurs only in central and western Africa.".(S.J.M.N. 6/10) "The US government recommended smallpox shots wednesday(6/11) for people exposed to monkey pox."

On 6/17, Chinese TV news reported there was a smallpox vaccination exercise held in San Francisco.

All these, I think, are the reaction to my allegation in last message about the preparation of bio-war by President. Though they densely reported the relationship between monkey pox and smallpox, it still couldn't justify why in December 2002, Bush pushed a vaccination program on a disease which has been extincted for more than 20 years in the world. How could he foresee there would be a monkey pox outbreak five months later? It only impresses me that how swiftly they reacted and how powerful they were.(manipulate media and other government branches.) It also add on list one more virus released from Pandora Box.

139. Convenient excuse.

When China can't find the origin of SARS, a hypothesis said it might jumped from animals to humans. The virus also found in a wild animal named civet which is consumed in Chinese food market.

The monkey pox virus was said, too, spreaded by wild animals. The cases were quickly linked to contact of prairie dogs. Government banned the sales and imports of the alleged animals. It gives a convenient excuse to the outbreak of SARS.

Although the wild animal could be the origin of SARS, it also could be a cover up excuse just like they can put Malvo and Muhammad as suspects in DC sniper case. Chinese have a history to consume on wild animals, why they haven't caught that disease until now? The conflict way of its spreading and dramatic way of its revelation show that it was more like an intelligence work.

140. Selective outbreak

The unusual outbreak area shows it was a selective work.

1. US and Canada are the similar two countries with certain amount of Chinese ethnic residents and busy daily air traffic routes connected to HongKong, China and Taiwan. US may be stronger than Canada in links with the area. Yet there was no cluster outbreak of SARS in US while Canada suffered waves of outbreaks. There were more than thirty SARS deaths in Canada, there was none in US.

2. In Canada, Vancova is a city gathering more Chinese immigrants with a nickname of "little HongKong". But the SARS breakout and the deaths concentrated in Torento.

3. In China, nearly a half SARS cases and SARS deaths concentrated in Beijing. (There were about 5 thousands of SARS cases and 5 hundreds of deaths in China). If people say it's because Beijing is a big city with a busy migrate population, then there is a bigger one, Shanghai. Shanghai, with a population of 16 million and more than four millions of migrate ones, is the most economic active city in China. There is seldom a SARS case and so far one SARS death(5/8)there.

Why SARS caused a heavy casualty in some area while in other area it became MARS? Newspaper rarely talk about this. It seems SARS virus having an evolved mind. It attacks selectively like a smart bomb.

June 1, 2010 - 9:40 pm
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141. My view on Selective SARS outbreak (6/28)

1. Why SARS become MARS in US? The US government don't mind to sacrifice lives to reach their goal. Such like what happened in anthrax attack and sniper case. They had designed Northwood plan to attack their own people. Why in this event they are so kind on US people? Because the most effective result of SARS is its impact on economy.

Fear to catch SARS halt the tourism. Airlines canceled flights, travel company shut down, commercial activities came into a standstill. China and HongKong at least lost 1% to 2% in their GDP growth rate. The SARS impact on economy is more severe than 911 attack did. Though US can bear such an attack, the power group doesn't want so. Bush is an obedient patsy. He had started a war without sufficient justification. The road map of Mid-east is not finished. There are more "evil" countries to be conquered. They need him to stay in President post for second term. Then they need a prosperous economy in 2004 election. For it they give a tax cut, they low the Feds' interest rate to 1%, a 45 years' low. Of course they don't want SARS to disturb their plan. That's why SARS this time attacked avoiding American.

2. In China, SARS took a big leap from Guangdon Province to Beijing and broke out there. (Beijing is more than a thousand kilometers away from Guangdon Province)Because Beijing is the political center of China. It was a hard hit not only economically, but also politically. The result is obvious, there was a strong shaking in high ranking official. The mayor of Beijing and Health Minister of China both stepped down, as well as a certain amount of local officials. Though it's not like a "regime change" in Iraq, to a big power like China, it's the best way to have a selection of favorable officials. To promote more open and pro-democratic officials which benefits US and intelligence.

The time is critical too. Two dramatical revelation took place in March and April.(see #134. From MARS to SARS, an intelligence work of revelation.) What happened then?
Iraq war started at late March. SARS diverted China's attention to oppose the war to the disease outbreak. Then followed by a meeting between US and N.Korea which was hosted by China. US requested China play a more aggressive role to stop nuclear weapon plan of N. Korea. SARS could be used as a pressure to push China to do so.

3. An uncontaminated route.

Fujian Province is next to Guangdon Province and faces to Taiwan. There was no report of SARS case there. It was a miracle for a place uncontaminated between the two areas which were hard hit by SARS.

I've alleged there would be a drug frame case in April. See my messages on 3/31 (#122. The plot of April) One of the reasons was my wife would take a trip on 4/18 to her home country Fujian through Shanghai. So they left an uncontaminated route for her to go. My family came from Shanghai, when we talked about SARS in late April, everybody thought it was incredible how could Shanghai exempt from SARS invasion. (there was one death case took place on 5/8, I thought it was a cover up after our talk) Of course I thought in different way. My opinion about drug frame case got a strong evidence in May.

142. Drug case in Fujian

In 5/17, at first page of World Journal (Chinese newspaper), there was a big topic "US, China united assaulting, break up drug gang in Fujian". It said, the justice department of US and China united in an investigation in a drug case, broke up a big drug smuggling group which was based in Fujian. They arrested 20 suspects in China, HongKong, NewYork and Miami.

Federal Prosecutor James Comey announced the case in a NewYork news release. DEA pointed out, the drug group smuggled 1500 pounds of heroin into US from 2000. The drug was from Burma, transported to Fujian, than shipped to US. They sold the drugs in NewYork, N.Carolina, Florida and Canada. The investigators arrested 10 people in NewYork.

In 5/27, in "World Journal" a news topiced "Beijing for the first time allowed US undercover landing in China". Related to the drug case in Fujian, it said it was a big break through that Chinese government allowed US agent acted in undercover in mainland China. It was historical because China always thought it was a sovereignty.

In 5/28, World Journal said, "Kin-cheung Wong netted, US, China justice co-operation may facing a break through". Kin-cheung Wong was the head of that drug gang. Law enforcement agency on 5/16 announced the break up of his drug group. They arrested 30 suspects in China, US, Canada and India. DEA and FBI got the information about Wong in early 2001, in early 2002, they concluded it was a big fish. Wong was arrested in a trap of a deal of 77 tons of heroin in 5/16.

Since September 2000, I started post this thread to reveal the dark side of Federal law enforcement agency, I felt several times the pressure of to be framed in drug case. It seems they used this group as a tool to frame the case. And I allege Feds conduct and cultivate the crime group. That's their own criminal style.

143. Drug case in Fujian (continuation)(7/10)

In Sept. 2000, I started to post in internet.

In 11/12, 2000, there was an article "Killing Pablo" in Mercury News which I think was the announcement they would have a large scale murder.

In April, 2001, both directors of FBI and DEA resigned from their post, would leave in June that year. I think it's because my revelation in internet. (see messages "61. Resignation of FBI chief" and "62. Plot ")

In May 2001, I noticed an article about the secret deal to release a spy plane EP-3 and its crew which landed in HaiNan, China in April, 2001. It said US paid a large sum of money for the release.
In secret deal, DEA and FBI were signatories and guarantors agree not to use the term of Chinese Secret Police on dope traffic interdictions to Mexico, Colombia, Nigeria, and related locations and not mention Southwest China. (See "Why DEA,FBI involved in secret deal of spy plane" at: ... ofile.html

Why DEA and FBI were involved in a diplomatic (or military) event and sign for something relate to drugs instead of hostages and spy plane? I realized then DEA and FBI had bribed Chinese secret police to frame a drug case. There were three big attempts since.

(1) The first one was planed in June 2001. Which used McVeigh's execution as diversion of public's attention. To match the McVeigh's execution date to the plotted frame case, they even delayed it for 30 days. The excuse was that FBI found 3000 pages of unreported documents. (see messages 61. 62, 63, 64)

(2) The second one was set up in 5/3/2002. In which they planned a dinner party. I later knew B (my brother in law) invited his staffs in New York to the party in San Francisco. He has a branch company there. I noticed the news reported in Fujian drug case, NewYork was a place the gang had drug business. (see messages 65, 66, 67)

(3) The third one was set up in April 2003. When my wife planned a journey to Fujian. At that time, because I accurately analyzed the death of FBI staff Linda Franks and the third party involving in DC sniper case, they sent Mao's daughter to my house twice and even left her car at my house. Thus a direct link was established. Mao's daughter was said to go for a business deal. Her destination was Fujian. (see messages 117, 121,122,123,124)

The news about Fujian drug gang was perfectly match the frame case. It started in 2000. DEA and FBI were aware of it at the beginning. Chinese secret police was very cooprative even for the first time allowed US undercover acted in mainland. (Of course for that big bribe). I think the activity of that Fujian drug gang was under guidance and conduct of FBI, DEA and Chinese secret police. It's easy to pretend as a buyer. If my opinion is correct, then I expect people can find there were big deals or drug shipments took place around the time of these three alleged frame cases. At least in the first two events. That is, June 2000 and May 2001. If people have the right to check this case.

Federal agents used to manipulate criminal gang to reach their own purpose. Such like what they manipulate the "Nuestra Familia" in bay area. They allowed it to commit crimes. When they need killers in jail, the agents netted them, thus could use them in bargain deal. (see message "102. Gang manipulation (12/6)") In Fujian drug gang case, the gang was under control from the beginning. It was allowed to grew bigger and bigger. Because Feds could use it to frame a drug case anytime they want. Such like what happened when they were anger at my revelation, they could immediately arrange a trip to Fujian for Mao's daughter. As to why they arrested the Fujian drug gang this time. I think maybe the deal was too big to be neglected. Paper said it's a deal of 77 tons of heroin. Large sum of money would involved. Feds are profit chaser. And with great possibility, the source of buyer maybe Feds itself.

144. Roof contractor from Idaho

N.D. was my neighbour of D house. Our houses share a wall. If there was something such like roofing, paint, landscaping, we used to have same contractor and shared the cost. More then twelve years ago his family left for Idaho. There was a profitable business there, a restaurant waiting for him. Agent used to monitor suspect(or victim) as close as they could, I think this was a typical tactic they used to get the closest location to monitor me by moving my neighbourhood(lure him moved away by a profitable business). But N.D. didn't sell the house, he rented it off. After N.D.'s leaving, it was his father who contacted me if there was a house maintenance.

About six years ago, the tenant of D house complained of leaking roof. Though my house had no leaking problem, to be cooperative to neighbour, I agreed to renew the roof. I didn't want there was an eye catching line in the middle top of the house. I also thought it was a tactic agent used for a covert search. They often create a flooding or something like that to get chance of house repair to fulfil their search purpose.

On 6/30, ten days ago, the tenant of D house came to my door, saying landlord would change roof because there was a leaking. I wonder why N.D.'s family hadn't contact me directly as they used to do. The roof was changed just six years ago and it was guaranteed 15 years. Why pay for another repair instead of looking for the original contractor? I refused to join it this time.

Next day, the roofer came to start his job. When I went out to watch, the roofer contacted me, said he would give me a good price. He offered 700 dollars. Include changing wooden board of roof if it's rotten. It's a price I could afford. I knew it was an attempt to check my house. What I worried about was they'd deliberately damage my roof in working, so I said I would consult my wife then gave them an answer next day (7/3). I asked to see the license, he hadn't. Then I asked to see a business card, he hadn't too. How could I have a guarantee? The roofer said, "N.D. trusts me. I often went to his restaurant." But N.D. was in Idaho. "Oh, yes," he was from Idaho. I went to his car, he was right, it was a license plate of Idaho.

Of course I didn't accept his offer. On 7/3, I told him I wouldn't deal with any contractor without license. There were four men waiting for my answer that morning. They even showed me the wooden board roofer replaced from the D house to push for a deal. B house owner (his friend had put a replaced tire at my front door six weeks ago. see #131. Strong and swift reaction (5/17) who seldom seen outside showed up this time. After I said "no", he and the other two men left right away. I think he played a role of "reliable witness" if I accepted the contractor's deal

A contractor came from Idaho to California for a roof change deal. Price was too good to believe which included change the wooden board roofer. (generally roofing means change tile only.) I saw it as an aggressive search tactic, or most likely this time it was a frame case attempt. I think if I said :"yes" to accept the deal, I am not able to post this story here today. Because same day on 7/3, there was a news in newspaper that, "Hacker contest may target web sites", that "government and private expert warned Wednesday that hackers planed a loosly coordinated "contest" aimed at defacing thousands of Web sites Sunday(7/6). "(S.J.M.N.)

In my experience, there always came with web sites attack when the agents plot a frame case on me. They fear my revelation.

145. SARS, a big issue(7/20)

When I told the roof contractor I'd consider his offer on 7/2, next day the newspaper had an article reporting of hacker would attack internet on 7/6. It meant on 7/6, I might not be alive in this world or at least, was not able to react to the disappearance of my thread in internet. It was only 3 days. What would they do, I don't know. But from their demonstration of replacing neighbor's roof board, I guess they would compel to change the roof board of mine, and then "discover" something illegal in my attic (such like drug?). I wrote message #144 on 7/10.

Within days, the local Chinese TV news said a worker was dead falling from the roof. The contractor was arrested for not purchasing worker's accidental insurance. The news said government would enforce the roof business to buy workers insurance and would prosecute those who didn't follow up. On 7/14, I noticed an article in newspaper:"Conflict over homeowners groups"It said, "Associates strict rules prompt growing number of disputes with property owners. In a country founded on private property rights, home owners' associates increasingly dictate the nation's home colors, landscaping, pet sizes and placement of satellite dishes." The article made an enforcement from Associate reasonable.

I think my message "I didn't want there was an eye catching line in the middle top of the house."touched off their new plot. (Though the connection roof line is not eye catching as I imagined, in fact people would seldom notice it) It seems this time they would use Homeowners asscociate to force another roof change work. To assure the work to be contracted with the agents guised as roofers, they enforce professional roof contractors buying work accident insurance.(TV said it was very expensive, would significantly raise the cost)

From the message writting date (7/10) to newspapers article of homeowners associte,(7/14) it's only 3 days too. Include to produce a worker's accidental death. They were really in a hurry.

This would be a repeat tactic I had met 8 months ago. When I painted the house as Homeowners' associate instructed, they said I had to repair the "Gutters/downspouts on garage". (see #95. A notice for a meeting) I remember clearly at same time the same TV station reported government strictly enforce the plumber's license policy. This caused plumbers' shortage in market. Same way to push for a selected agent plumber. I later bought a downspouts in Home Depot and replaced it by myself.

The agent planned plots one by one with high efficiency. Repeating old tactics almost in rogue's way. The only reason I think is the SARS' topic. I can feel the pressure applied on them from high ranking officials. It's a too big issue.

June 20, 2010 - 9:37 pm
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146. Regime change

The regime change I met was not for liberation or democracy. It's for cover up of corruption.

(1) In Tailand, March 2000, when Foreign Ministry informed me to apply asylum in Interior Ministry, within days, they made Interior Minister resigned from his post. (see #50. Seeking asylum. and #51. Unbridle power of intelligence.)

(2) Regime change in Fujian

In mid 1999, I think they guided and conducted my wife built links to her home countryside- bought a house in XiaMen city, Fujian province. It's only 20,000 for that three bedrooms apartment. My wife said it was a special price, because a relative knew developer. The price was so good, my wife's brothers bought the new houses too. The other development see #142, 143, Drug case in Fujian.

I allege agents tried to frame a drug case with links to the Fujian gang. Because it would be a frame case, to avoid investigation, they must change the regime like what happened in Tailand.

In mid 1999, there was a big smuggle case broke out in Fujian. The base of smuggle ring was in XiaMen city. It was said the biggest smuggling case in China. Hundreds of government officials involved. Seven were put to death. Include high ranking officials of provincial administrators and police officials. It was a big regime change. Many said it's a political struggle. I believe The Chinese secret police conducted this case and got the post they wanted to control.

3. Regime change in California

The recent one took place in San Francisco. see messages #122, 123, 124, about "Unusual case against top S.F. police officers" which took place in March, 2003.

At the same time they activated a recall on California Governor Gray Davis. It's unusual because Davis was just elected for his second term. The recall signature collect date started from 3/25/03, only four months after Davis' re-election. A case started as sudden as the top S.F. police officials being indicted.

The governor can order an investigation of a case, he also can appoint officials to oversee state prison system where I allege the murder will happen if there is a frame case. I saw intelligence shadow behind the recall.

147. Steal California (7/31)

It's an operation can only be activated by an organization with large resource.

1) No one has such determination to do this just 4 months after the Governor being re-elected unless it has an urgent motivation.
2) Though Republican like to see Davis losing the post of Governor, they also worry about a backlash by voters. They lack of the motivation.
3) A swift and effective movement to collect 1.7 million of signatures show that it was done by a well organized and experienced group. Which has rich financial and manpower resource.
4) Some activists with a dirty background. Issa, the man started the recall, was fined for gun possession, faced theft charge. He had a string of youthful brushes with the law that include allegations of stealing cars and once set fire to his car-alarm business. Davis camp also complained some people worked to collect signatures with criminal record so tainted petition. We know Federal agents used to manipulate gang member and criminals to work for them.
5) The group behind the scene has rich resource in judicial system. Though Davis camp filed suits in court to halt the recall, they suffered setbacks both in Sarcamento and Los Angles counties. The suits were rejected within days, a very efficient procession in judicial system.
6) The group behind the scene has rich resource in media. Mercury News, so said a "liberal media", propagand on recall with first page, pages of articles, stories such like "The pay only $7 yearly in car tax, which will increase to $20 under Gov. Gray Davis' proposed budget." hinted Davis will be ousted.
7) The group behind the scene also has big influence in Democratic Party. Though Davis is in inferior position. No other Demo came out to run the election. This is incredible. Which means they'll give up the position to their rivals without campaign.
8) My experience is media is in stronghold of intelligence. Early this year, a TV station announced one of their colleague would leave to work in a county election office. I had a feeling then they'll move their resource to control the election office for 2004. Now it seems they are preparing for an early election.

California is a camp of Democratic Party. With a sudden attack, I expect a patsy of intelligence will steal it. Which will enable intelligence easier do any commitment. But also US democracy will fall further into a covert totalitarianism.

148. Regime change in San Jose Police

On 7/13, a San Jose police officer shot and killed a VietNamese ethnic woman in her kitchen. Police were answering a call from her neighbor that the woman neglected to take care of her child. Police said they found woman was a threat to them by holding a knife. Her relative said it was only a fruit peeler. Police over reacted with a deadly force to a small woman .

There were a lot of such police killing cases every year. Mostly police quit the charge especially if the victim holding a weapon, (or looked like a weapon). Seldom they were challenged by judicial system because police is a power. But this time it's different.

VietNamese community held protest in city hall, San Jose police chief Bill Lansdowne had to stand out clarifying its policy. Media reported with first page picture and discuss. When I read the news that "Responding to public outrage over the police shooting death of a 25-year-old San Jose woman, the Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office took the unusual step Wednesday of calling for an open grand jury to publicly air the facts in the case."(S.J.M.N. 7/17) I knew this time they'd take the chance to extort S.J.P.D..

On 7/24, big topic in first page:"FBI looks at fatal shooting in S.J." "Agency reviewing whether police abused woman's rights". At the same time, San Jose Police Chief Lansdowne was reported to take the top job in San Diego.

It took only 10 days to succeed a regime change in S.J.P.D.. Chief Lansdowne made no mistake. He was under great pressure of "unusual step" and was lured to another job offer. Since then there were reports of Lansdowne and his new job in San Diego. The dead woman's case was disappeared from newspaper. After all, it is a game of power and manipulation of power. The dead woman's right is only a tool used in this game.

149. Dig the history

On 7/24, my brother came to my house with two case of toys. It was toys I deposit in his garage. About 16 years ago(or longer?), I sold toys. Since my garage was full, I deposited some in my brother's garage. Then I switched the merchandise to porcelain. Those toys were forgotten.

The sudden return of the toys alarmed me. These days, agents were aggressively set up traps. They put tire at my door, blocked the drainage, tried to have my roof changed, agents even came to knock at my door. When all these failed, they dug the history.

I think agents had interviewed all my relatives and acquaintances long time ago and got every detail of me. Now they turned to the toy box which I forgotten already. It's easy to plant something inside. My brother told me, there were some more. I worry they are preparing a frame case on these box.

150. Development of Fujian drug case (8/11)

For more than two years in internet, I alleged Federal agents frame drug case against me and my family with the help of Chinese secret police. Which was proved by the breakout of Fujian drug case in 5/16/2003. Now it becomes clear how they managed to create a regional link on us by luring my wife to buy a house in Fujian. And arranged a trip for her to Fujian on 4/18/03. For that trip they even left a route free of SARS for her to go. I revealed it in message "142. Drug case in Fujian" on 6/28/03. Two days later, on 6/30, neighbour D knocked at the door, asked for a roof change. It's a swift revenge attempt. From their urgent reaction, it proves my allegation is correct.

About 10 days or so ago, I heard a news from local Chinese TV station that to an investigation mission FBI complained they lacked of fund to operate. That their pay is low. One of their agent in LA, with a salary of 26,000 a year, can't afford a permanent residence. That another agent in San Francisco, though with a pay of nearly 50,000 a year, had to do an overload work. (Since it was from TV, I haven't seen it in newspaper, the number of salary is from my memory, but is approximately right.) "FBI are underpaid? Strange news." I thought.

Days later, on 8/2 I noticed a news. It was very short, even without topic. The whole message is:"Karen P. Tandy, the first woman to run the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, said Friday that her main goal is to focus on dismantling larger international drug-trafficking organizations and choke off their money supply." (S.J.M.N)

Combined two unusual short and vague news I realized it was for that Fujian drug case there is an internal investigation. Someone has to step down to take the responsibility. (Though the news didn't say it, no doubt there was a regime change. The fomer director of DEA was a man.) And to my accusation that they manipulating the drug gang, allowed it growing bigger and bigger, their defence was they are in shortage of fund. So they cultivated criminal group, guided them to commit crime, once the gang became big and fat, Feds reap the profit. (see "8. FBI's profit") Justice is business. Criminal became a tool of Fedral law enforcement agents to loot money from the people.

Many information revealed Feds knew OKC bombing and 911 attack in advance. Terror attacks were allowed to happen because Feds need it. Former FBI director Freeh had proposed a bill with same content like "Patriot Act" after OKC bombing but failed. Ashcroft proposed it again after 911 and succeeded. They manipulate terrorists and criminals to grasp more power and money. To cover up their criminal activity, they use "secret", "national security" to block investigation. DOJ needs a reform. People should have more power to monitor the Federal agents.

July 13, 2010 - 8:17 pm
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151. Development of California recall

For my comment in "147. Steal California (7/31)"
7) The group behind the scene also has big influence in Democratic Party. Though Demo has Lt. Cov. Bustamante join in the competition, he is less populated and general opinion is he would lose to Schwarzenneger. The only choice which Demo. can win over Reps., Senator Feinstein stayed out. The respond of Democrats is weak and confusing.

6) The group behind the scene has rich resource in media. It' s obvious when we saw the topic is around Arnold in talk show, TV and newspaper. Push Schwarzennegger's population to a peak.

5) The group behind the scene has rich resource in judicial system.Supreme Court denied Governor Gray Davis' bid to delay voting, cleared the way of recall in 10/7.

"I expect a patsy of intelligence will steal it. Which will enable intelligence easier do any commitment."

Nobody is more suitable to be a patsy than Arnold. He has no experience of managing a government, even a small one like a small town mayer or councilman. What can he do with a big bureaucracy of a big state? Becoming a puppet is a certain. Samething took place in Minnisota where the governor is an athlete.(Ventura) Demo lost Senator's election after Wellstone's death. Even for the sympathetic effect, or for the fame of Mondale, Demo shouldn't lost in 2002 mid-election. But it's not their governor, and they don't control election office. Those who control intelligence was easy to get a vote result favorable to them like what happened in Florida.

152. Recent censorship in internet

I recently suffered harassment by losing connection with internet and had to click in repeatedly. My messages were also deleted in some web sites at the reason of "spamming". Moderator said he found same postings in other sites. My feeling is they acted more like a FBI agent interested to track members activity in other forums. And their reason is ridiculous: people can't post same opinion in different web-sites. Some suggested to use URL. If this works, it means one library has a book, then the other libraries can't have that book. They should post a note:"you can read that book at library so and so". Otherwise it's spamming. Is that absurd?

I also blocked from many sites in Delphy forum system. I allege agent planted a programm in their software to ban me from entering. When I try to log in, the page always turned up "There was a problem with this page. Please try again." The problem never resolved, some for more than a year.
They are:; queerpsychic; baalzephon; coyoteroad; messages; ouroboros;) (conspiracynet; ab-uspolitics; yourlost; cs-politics/start (delete))

Field report:
How do they make trouble? I try to post new messages 150, 151,152. I lost connection to internet at least 6 times, and have to re enter each time. It took 22 minutes and I still can't post my new messages. (4:50 pm 8/11) I think because my revetation, they now check my messages first (report to high ranking?) before I can post them. (Because of slow entering, I have time to write this Field report.) Now the trouble becomes: "dial is busy," when they saw my complain of lost connection. I have to listen to continueos dial tone. Now the dial attempt 25, now they even stop dial and issue a continueos tone. (to stop the dial attempt number increasing?) It took 38 minutes to post new messages 150-152.
After a short while, I was blocked again. It's nearly two hours "dial is busy" so I had to shut down the computer.

153. Computer Warm attack(8/16)

In later afternoon on 8/11, when I started to post new message #150, I suffered harassment of repeated error page and lost connection to internet. I was almost banned from posting for more than two hours. It's something never happened before. I was angry and wrote a "field report" detailed how they harassed me in internet. Next day (8/12) I was allowed to surf internet about 2 hours then lost connection to internet for good. It seems the modem was damaged. (don't know how they did it. There is always a notice of "dial is busy") On 8/13 the newspaper reported the "Computer worm" attack. It caused problem similar to one I suffered.

I think as my revelation going deep into Feds' secret, they are scare. Now they postponed my new posting so they can report to high ranking official for a pre-examination. I think if they can't bear my new revelation, they'll have some emergent "operation".

The new computer worm "blast" targets at home users. I think it was an attack from Feds. Media is controlled by intelligence. They manipulate it for their purpose. Such like when they need a war in Mid-east, the media censored anti-war information. When they need a patsy in California, they propagand in Media for Arnold and discount Gray Davis even though he was just elected as a Governor. (After all what crime has he committed?) Internet is different. With which people get a passage to something government don't like them to know. Intelligence, naturally, will try to control it too. Virus and worm became one of methods to control.

Federal agent pours a large resource to control internet. Ashcroft in July 2001 announced establishment of 9 cyber space team to monitor the net all over the country. What did they do? Monitor people. We saw virus and warm came out one by one: Nimda; Code Red; Klez; SQL Slammer..... all targeted on ordinary people. Have you ever heard they broke any case of them? Although these virus and warm cost hundreds of millions of dollars in loss of productivity, they were generally left alone.

That's why a FBI cyber space analyst was shot to death in DC sniper case. The rogue part tried to overcome the decent part of Feds.

My condolence to Linda Franklin. My condolence to Bill of Rights which is eroding away bit by bit by corruptive part of Feds.

154. Help

Due to heavy harassment, I'm afraid I can't post my message on time in each site. I decide to post every five days on my homepage with new message. If I fail to do that, then either I have been blocked to post, or more likely, "disappear" from some "operation". If that happens, there will be a blackout on my thread too. So, download it to follow the development.

I ask your help to spread my thread. Tell your friend. Let other people read it. The more people know, less harm they can make. It's not only for me, my family, it also for you and every decent American citizen.

My homepage: ... ofile.html ... ofile.html

If there is harassment (blank page, slow entering, server busy....) try ... /?msg=25.1

155. SARS is planned with Fujian drug case.(8/21)

Some people don't believe that government would spend so much resource (time and money) to murder me. Here I must make it more correct, that it's DEA, FBI and D.O.J. (department of Justice). I think those people should adjust their opinion that government is always correct. As a matter of fact, I do think D.O.J. is corrupt because there is a lack of check and balance. They have too much power without restriction.

There was a film "Witness"(? don't remember the exact name) Actor Harrison Ford. It talked about an Amish boy accidently witnessed a murder case committed by a corruptive police criminal group. Then there was a story of man hunter. If you have no doubt why the corruptive police want to eliminate the boy, then think samething on me.

If there are three people there, Bin laden, Rudolf and Kat Hak Sung. And there was only one bullet available for FBI, who would be their priority to shoot at? Bin Laden will be the least possible one. Though he is the leader of terrorist, he is too important for this government. With whom government can demand more money and power from people. He is a tool of intimidation and extortion. Then it's Rudolf. He has no threat to Feds. If he was at large, it would not hurt Feds. If they got him, that's their achievement. Me, though innocent, would be their most wanted. Because my revelation give them big damage.

In 1999, trying to escape from Feds' persecution, I went to South-east Asia. There was a chance then that my story be revealed. Within months, three old people of neighbour all died. (see message "10. The death of old people") I learned this when I came back in 2000. I realized they would eliminate all people who knew this story and could be potential witness against Feds. Since then I observed several attempts of drug frame case. The Fujian drug case on May 2003 was the latest one. It came with SARS which I think was a bio-attack planned by Federal agents.

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