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How Feds persecute people
December 25, 2009 - 12:00 am
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Re. 3. Atta was under surveillance earlier

Public know little of other 18 terrorists but Atta. He was the most familier one for people among 19 terrorists.Such like his background; his student life in Hamburg, German; "his allergy hands"; "his visiting crop dust plane"; "his visit to Czech"; and his passport was even found two blocks away from WTC after 911 attack....Newspaper called him terrorist leader as if they had taken part in the terrorists' meeting. But how could they know he was the leader, not the others?

Intelligence always benefited from terrorist attack.(more police power and increased budget) In anthrax attack, they released an information that 911 terrorist leader Atta had made contact to Iraq diplomat. They discussed a plot of bombing US broadcast station. I think the release of information was on purpose that Iraq had connection to terrorist so there was excuse to extend war to Iraq. But this also meant terrorist leader Atta's talking was eavesdropped. And he was under surveillance of intelligence at least as early as this spring. Do you believe that intelligence knew nothing of 911 bombing in advance?

Re. 4. A war without evidence given

Mystery informant and evidence

If you still remember when Bush started war in Afghan, they didn't show people the evidence that OBL was behind 911. They said they had evidence, but couldn't make it public for the sake of safety of informant. Now, after eight months, where was that informant and evidence? Was he still with OBL? If so, why couldn't we capture OBL? There is another explanation, they did have evidence that OBL would attack. So there was such "threat assessment" for charted plane. And they need it like 'Perl Harbour' in WW2. They couldn't show it to people otherwise it also revealing they knew attack in advance. Perhaps that's why they want a military court. Perhaps that's why there is little news activity from Afghan. Most we got are from Army's saying. They want to bury the truth forever.

Re. 5. Culture of FBI

A lot of sources said there were more accomplices involved in OKC bombing. And after Waco event, FBI had penetrated militia organizations. Quote, "Some time prior to the bombing, the DEA planned a raid on Elohim City, from which McVeigh is alleged to have worked out his plans. but the FBI warned the DEA not to make their raid, because the FBI had "an informant in place" ( ... 080601.htm)

The motive of OKC bombing by McVeigh is to revenge government's injustice in Waco. His target was FBI and BATF in Murrah Federal Building. Yet on that day, all staffs of FBI and BATF were absent. They knew the bombing in advance. Other federal employees became scapegoat.

The content of "Patriot Act" which G.A. Ashcroft proposed after 911 attack had been proposed by FBI director Freeh after OKC bombing. Freeh failed to pass his proposal but Ashcroft succeeded. Perhaps with the help of anthrax attack. From two similar terrorist events, we can see the culture of FBI. They value their lives very much, they absented in office on OKC bombing day, they gave a 'threat assessment' for their boss before 911 attack. (fact) They tried to get more police power from the panic of terror attack (motive) and neglected public lives' loss. As a matter of fact, only the huge loss made people give away their civil right to FBI.

Re. 6. Who need this terror attack and war?

When I first published "FBI knew terror attack in advance", I got an intimidation from someone said that now it's in war times, "even the paranoid and conspiratorialist 'warnings' must be handled judiciously." That's the point. They need "war times" so they can do whatever they want to do to their dislikes. And who are benefit from this attack? President got high approve rate, intelligence got extended police power, Pentagon got a fat budget. Who are the loser? Civil liberty eroded, budget turned into deficit from surplus. And they even try to tap the social security fund which will face a financial crisis 20 years later. Yet they make this war endless. OBL is still at large. Iraq is on the waiting list. Perhaps Iran.... . Who benefit from it?

Re 7. Padilla and OKC bombing (6/15)

On June 10, Ashcroft announced arrest of Padilla for dirty bomb plot. Then there was an interesting discovery on Padilla in internet. People found he is identical to John Doe, alleged accomplice of McVeigh in OKC bombing.

From another angle:

In my opinion, FBI had their informant everywhere. They penetrated militia organization and Arabs too. I think they knew OKC bombing and 911 attack in advance but didn't say it. Because they could benefit from it.

It's no surprise if Padilla could be an informant recruited when he was in jail. To work for an Pakistanian food owner two years was the first step to penetrate into Arab world. Just think he was with Zubaydah then Zubaydah was arrested in Pakistan. Also think why government insisted McVeigh acting alone in OKC bombing while a lot of source said there were more accomplice and informant.

Padilla's arrest is unusual. There is no evidence, said only resemble to what Zubaydah's description whom was not considered as cooperating witness. But it made Ashcroft to announce his arrest in Moscow. And also made Bush sign a directive naming him as enemy combatant and put him into military custody until "war against terror" is over.

I posted a message like this in on 6/13, next day I was banned from that forum.

Re. 8. FBI knew Heaven's Gate suicide in advance

FBI have their informants everywhere especially in social, political, religious groups and organization. Some resulted tragedy like Waco, Jude Bary's environment group, Ruby Ridge, OKC bombing. But there were much more unknown to the public.

I've talked about relative R whom had urged me to install false teeth. (see #58.Manipulating media and killing by radiation) I didn't follow her advice. Later for several times she laughed at me publicly that, "It's ugly to see the openness of missing teeth when you're laughing." She is the only person taking so much attention on my missing teeth. I took it as tactic to push me for a false teeth and neglected it.

In a family re-union, once we talked about the disease some acquaintance had had which resulted in ambulance service. R suddenly said "Maybe because aliens will come?" She repeated this which caused my notice. R interested in TV series(Chinese one) and is familiar with movie star's news. But Aliens, UFO, was never a topic even among us. We thought it's absurd. I thought then, perhaps the agents tried to attribute the disease to Aliens, a new tactic? Soon, in March 1997, a mass suicide of Heaven's Gate happened. 35 people suicided at the thought of "Aliens in space craft are coming to pick them up". I was immediately aware of the meaning of R's 'Alien' theory. Then in a reunion, when we talked about the absurd suicide of Heaven's Gate member, R flaunted, "Look, I had said it was alien, hadn't I?" That's the only two times I heard of her talking about Aliens.

Accustomed to unbridle power, agents used to flaunt their ability. When I complained they committing murder, they even sent a message "So what, they even killed President Kennedy". To show off their ability to control everything, they sometimes forecast to informant that they knew everything. Like what happened in BBC. (see #65. Birthday Party on May 3) But it's not a surprise that they ignore lives of innocent people. (compare with OKC's victims) Perhaps they could benefit from the deaths, from personal treasure to credit cards, or could set their resource for another group's surveillance?

Re. 9. Ashcroft in Moscow

Secret police have their own deals. It's convenient to commit crime by the hands of foreign hands. I have experience of this. Then what does Ashcroft want secret police of Russia do?

India suddenly changed its attitude to Pakistan. The war threaten demolished. War or peace, only depends on leaders' desire. US government must have activate large resource to mediate.

I speculate there will be a big operation in Pakistan. Or probably there will be a big terror attack which government had said,"Bombing is inevitable." This administration, especially intelligence, are under criticize for failure of 911 warning. They need a big event to diverge the pressure. What can OBL and Al-quada do? From embassy's bombing, 'Cool' vessel's bombing, 911, to recent bombing of Consulate in Pakistan, were all simple: by powder or hi-jacked airplane. In a land which is so poor that even unable to produce glass cup, I don't think they have any high-tech, bio-tech weapons. Even when they lost war in Afghanistan, I didn't see they had shoot a missile which said given by CIA before. So if there is such an attack, the weaponry, possibly a dirty bomb, the radioactive material may came from Russia. I speculate.

December 26, 2009 - 9:57 pm
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69. Juror summon (6/16/02)

On May 13, I received a Juror summon. I returned the notice with a letter as following:

"May 22, 2002

Dear lady/sir

I think I am disqualify for a juror. I circle the first box for limited ability of listen and speak English. English is my second language. I had been rejected for a juror by court staff for poor English. I can understand about 70% of a TV movie. And often with help of dictionary to read and write. The following is the commend from internet chat.

valois Member Member # 21360

posted May 02, 2002 09:15 AM <;
His 'broken' English is inconsistant. I studied foreign languages and syntax for a lot of years; this guy's about as foreign as Jersey City or Fresno.

mystic - 01:55am Apr 11, 2002 EST (#57 <../cgi-bin/webx?14@21.O4ahbSEbMkb^[email protected]/56> of 88)
Message boards are very forgiving places for spelling and grammar, but we would appreciate it if you could at least get some basic sense of English syntax.

Domer </PoliticallyIncorrectCafe/profile?Sent: 5/3/2002 5:11 PM

Kathaksung: If you express more clearly and precisely what your thesis is, I might be inclined to join this discussion. (Incidentally, is English your first language?)


Kat Hak Sung "

It could be a regular summon. For me, it also could be a trap they set. After May 3 plot soured, I could feel new pressure. Seven years ago, I sold my car. Last May, I didn't renew my drive license. (see #64) Since then, I even can't drive. I rarely go out. Do they want me leave for a while so they make a secret search? Or planting something, or install something? Or produce an accident on road? I don't know. I return the notice on May 23. the duty time should be on June 17-21. Then on June 11, there was an article in the newpaper (Chinese). Topic "Chinese ethnic lawyer call citizen to fulfil their duty" Sub topic:"Can you refuse to be juror if you don't understand English?". It said now it's very strict on juror's rule. Even your English is no good, you still must go to the court, let judge and lawyer make the decision. It's their way to communicate, or influence the people. Their intention is clear, they want me leaving home for court. My return letter was certified, but they still could make it lost. Here I put down the certified mail receipt No. 7002 0460 0002 3588 0731. The last Juror sumon also came on purpose, which I'll talk about later.

70. Manipulating my wife (6/25)

In February 2000, when I went back to Thailand from Cambodian, I had two purposes, to get remittance and file tax return. I needed a low telephone rate and convenient communication system.

My wife at first promised to mail that to me as soon as possible. But several days later, remittance became impossible (see 37. Manipulate Bank operation) and my wife also refused to mail me the tax documents. She said she would do it herself. It was unusual. In 1995 even when I was in China, she mailed documents to Shanghai so I could finish the return. What startled me was she even said she would hide rent income from file because it was paid by cash. My wife clearly knew I was under persecution of Federal agency. How could she do something illegal to give them an excuse? I argued with her but failed. Then she told me in phone that there was a court summon for me. At last I got it that was a Juror summon. Blocking remittance; intimidation by court juror summon; threaten to hide cash income; all these were efforts to force me back to US to their own control. After about half month waiting in vain, I was angry. I went to US consulate, complaining FBI abusing power. The staff there instructed me to write a letter to Legal Attache.

It took me whole day to write the letter. I went to General Post Office to certify the letter next day. Since the Post Office was next to Telephone office, I made a phone call to my wife first. To my surprise, she changed her attitude and promised to express the tax documents to me. Finished the call, the first thought came to me was my complain worked. While I was waiting for the mail, I went to bank again, wishing it work, too. The supervisor of foreign remittance division received me. She assured me that her department received a lot of remittance from US. No account needed. The problem must be from US. I was disappointed. Just then another manager came to me said she could help me to get the remittance by open a local resident's account. The only problem was it had to change US currency into Thai's and when I need US dollars, I had to change Thai currency into US dollars again. Which meant I had to suffer a double exchange rate loss. It was a compromise. But I rejected it. I didn't mind to lose some money on it but I did mind I lose the right of normal way of remittance. While others could do it why couldn't I?

I re-wrote the letter, cancel the first part which complain about manipulating my wife but kept to request an investigation about FBI abusing power on bank operation. The letter late caused the attemption of a frame drug case and finally made me seek asylum.

71. Police violence (2002)

The first time I got Juror summon was ten years ago. I went to court. The staff lady there rejected me when she found my conversation was poor. Next time I had experience FBI using it as a tool of intimidation. This time, after read newspaper article on 6/11, it turned out to be another plot. That's why I hastily post message "69. Juror summon" on 6/16. Because 6/17 was the day for Juror service. I can't drive so only way to go out is by bus. I worry they might do something on bus. That's why I talked about my situation of no car and no drive license in that message.

What happened on next day (6/17), was my daughter was called to go for a swimming. I couldn't stop her. But I advised her not to go to deep water area. My worry about relative's safety is not over sensitive. Which I'll talk about later.

At night, I heard a news report from KTSF26 Chinese station that Supreme court ruled police can subtly pressure passengers on buses, trains and other public transit systems to agree to be searched, saying officers need not tell the riders they have a right to refuse. I immediately felt it's a cover up for a police violence in plan. If I followed advice of 6/11to go to the court on 6/17, there could be a police violence taking place in bus. Of course there would be professional witness favorable to police if it's a designed one. Seven years ago, when I started to go out by bus, I found they even prepared a bus special for me. When I waiting in bus stop, a special bus came to pick me up.( I call it charted bus) Then it ran slowly until the regular bus caught and passed. The regular bus picked up all passengers in advance. So my charted bus was used to be an empty one all the way I rode. The tactic was to separate me from any contact as possible as they could. Just like they bought all hot merchandise when I had business. (see 21. Alleged murder of Mrs. Churchill) I live in rural San Jose, where bus passengers were scarce. Bus interval was used to be 40 minutes which made overlap almost impossible so I could observe this method.

Next day (6/18), the newspaper reported a group of Supreme court rules. Police search in bus was one among them. Which meant these were already done cases. They just announced the rules altogether on that day. Federal law enforcement agency, with access to Supreme Court, knew everything (probably they even request the particular date for announcing) If there has been an police violence in bus on 6/17, the announcement on same day proved innocent people that it's common routine that police search in bus. The tactic is just same of Stanford murder which try to gave a background of random racial murder. (see " 63. A well planed frame case") To prove accident was not a particularly planed one. Though with my year's long experience of bus, I never encounter a police search.

72. My daughter (7/5)

On 5/8, I received a letter from school, said my daughter was caught cheating. (she is 8th grade in middle school)

I asked my daughter. It was about a reading program. They were assigned by teacher to read 19 books for the semester. There was a test for each book, then get a grade on average mark of test. It was the 19th book when she followed other students to copy answer each other. She said crying that she didn't understand why it's so serious because a lot of students did so. (Teacher told me he caught 50 students cheating in that book test) I told her it was a good lesson. Not everything is correct even many others did so. It's lucky only a test of reading. I remind her never imitate others if it's smoking, drinking especially drugs. I remember President's drinking daughters, and a former vice president candidate, (former President candidate Mondale's partner, Feraror her name?) whom was defamed by her son's drug event. Those agents will do anything if they want to extort, even to target's children.

Though I advised my daughter nicely to take it as a lesson, I told my wife I worried it's an attemption of defame. The event was on 4/25, 9 days before May 3. School only let us know after that. And it was strict, in addition to re-grade the reading score, my daughter had to write a confession letter, plus 2 hours detention. If there was a frame drug case on 5/3, the confession letter could used to discredit my daughter as a witness.

There was still a possibility of coincidence. But next day's letter prove it's a conspiracy. The second letter said, "Based on a review of behavior, attendance, and academic records, your child is currently on restriction from all extra-curricular activities. He or she may also be at risk of being restricted from all M** Middle School eighth grade activities, including the graduation ceremony, if the issues below are not addressed in a timely manner. " It was a notice for an overdue book. My daughter said the book was lost. She tried to save her mother's money (The book costs about 10 dollars), she dragged for days with hope that she could still find it. She said the second letter was stupid. I thought it was a cover up to the first letter. A swift response to prove the school is strict when I told my wife it's unusual. As a matter of fact, not very long ago, my daughter's flute was stolen. The school never contacted us. I don't know how this case was solved. And how school handled thief. But I think it's something more severe than an overdue book. But they handled in different attitude.

My daughter was prized as an honorable student in graduation ceremony in medium May.

73. Disappearance

In late May, my daughter complained that her classmates all got the schedules from middle high school but she got none. We waited several more days then requested the I** High school. They said they had no my daughter's information in their computer. On 6/3, I called principal of M** Middle School. He insisted they had transferred my daughter's information to the school district. The I** High School, insisted they hadn't received it. At last, they informed us to re-register next day, bringing document such like PGE bill to prove we were residents of school district.

The data was transmitted electronically in group. It's hard to imagine information being missed like a piece of paper. My case is a framed one. Death will be occurred. The less people know the better. That's why they even delayed McVeigh's death to diverge public's attention. If they want less people know somebody disappeared, the usual way they do is move this body to somewhere else. People in old place only know he left for somewhere, then losing contact. And the person designated disappearing will never go to the new place. And the best way is that new place don't know there will be such a person to come so they won't ask why the person hasn't show up yet. It seems my daughter was designated disappear this time. That's why I told my daughter take care when she was called to swim on 6/17. When at night I heard the news of supreme court rule of police search in bus, I knew if I went to court in morning, there could be an police violence in bus and also an swimming pool accident as well.

While on 6/3, I** High School impatiently told us to bring document to register next day, the result on 6/4 was out of our expect. My wife was greeted by staff there:"You must be ** Sung's mother?. Everything is done." All courses my daughter selected were satisfied. Someone who could make my daughter's information missing also made the registration a perfect one when they knew we discovered it.

December 26, 2009 - 9:58 pm
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74. In a hurry (7/10)

The first attemption to frame a drug case, started from Nov.2000 of publishing 'Killing Pablo' to Freeh's resignation on June.2001, took 8 months. Next month in July, they established 9 computer crime units to monitor the internet. Be noticed that it's the same time of CBS reporting that Ashcroft took charted flight for private trip. I alleged the time when they acknowledged the coming terrorist hi-jack. But they still used the resource on internet. My revelation is much more important, or serious to FBI than the terrorist attack. It's obvious.

After I posted my analysis on anthrax attack in late 2001, attemptions of murder emerged again, most evident one was on Jan. 2002. Then from Feb, when they announced the chief of FBI Sacramento office would retire in May, to May 3 of birthday party, it's another plot which planed for three months.

Ten days later, I received the letter of Juror summon, to the service date of 6/17, It was only one month long. And several days later, I received another letter. It's from a funding group. The letter is an "Official notification to the parents of : **** Sung." (My daughter's name) It said that my daughter may be eligible to apply for financial assistance which will secure 100% of the funding needed for college education through Federal, State and Private Grants, Loans, Awards and Scholarships. My daughter's personal interview was scheduled for: July 13 or July 14. To secure funding, she will need to bring BOTH PARENTS. The last sentence is: "DEADLINE NOTICE: Your family is facing many important decisions that will directly affect ***'s future, so please attend on the day and time you reserve in order to meet important deadlines." The letter contains too much psychology influence but can't cover up it's real purpose. It's no other than same thing of Juror Summon: Make me go out for a trap of police violence. Despite of it's still far away to apply for a loan or scholarship of college, (She just finished 8th grade) none of her cousin(6 of them, all older than her, most in university already) had the luck to be selected for such a service before.

They are in a hurry to fulfil the murder project in July.

75. Time and method

In 6/21, San Jose Mercury carried an article, "911 probers want investigation of leaks". It said the leaders of the joint inquiry into the 911 attacks asked Justice Department to investigate the possible leak of classified information of NSA. They also said they were delaying the start of public hearings for at least two weeks which was originally planed in late June. I think the leaks might be done by FBI itself. Just like they said they had found 3 thousand pages of document to delay McVeigh's execution. They delayed the public hearing for same purpose. They need a big event to diverge public's attention to cover up their planed murder project. So it's better for them to do it before public hearing of failure intelligence of 911 attack. That's why they are in a hurry. Even issuing a scholarship letter which doesn't fit the situation.

The first plot was designed a state case. The may 3rd case was designed as a Federal one. Both planed murder in Jail. Then they turned on to local police, (see "67. Turn on into local police") In 6/21, news said San Francisco police Chief Fred. Lau would retired in middle July for a Federal job in Oakland Airport. Could that be a factor they try to do the murder job in July? As retirement is used to be used for responsibility taking in their culture.

A news on 6/14 is an unusual one:"S.J. COP CHARGED IN CRASH THAT KILLED MILPITAS WOMAN OFFICER BRUCE YOUNG FACES A VEHICULAR MANSLAUGHTER CHARGE IN THE 2001 COLLISION. NEW EVIDENCE SHOWS HE WAS DRIVING AT LEAST 86 MPH IN A 65-MPH ZONE WHEN HE HIT YI TZU CHEN'S CAR ON I-680. Seven months ago, Alameda County prosecutors said there wasn't enough evidence to charge a San Jose policeman. But now, Officer Bruce Young faces a charge of misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter in connection with the June 19, 2001 accident. Cops used to quit in many killing cases. Rarely to be prosecuted more seriously later like this. It resembles " Feds widen Nuestra Familia probe" and "SF dog mauling case". Both were alleged to add up "murder" prosecution so they could reach a deal . This can be the same. Officer Bruce Young is Chinese ethnic, good for being a handler to kill a Chinese ethnic citizen. He is in police dog team. He won't take too much responsibility if the killing is done by police dog. It's a good project for them.

76. Installing something in car (7/21)

Since I found they try to murder me by microwave radiation in car, I abandoned driving at last. The car my wife drove had a lot of trouble in late 1998. To avoid problem, we bought a new one in early 1999. But new car can't avoid trouble, during the guaranteed period, twice it had to be sent to dealer to solve the problem. In May and June this year, almost every week there were dealer's notice for summer service. We didn't answer. On 6/18, they even sent a letter, " IMPORTANT! SAFETY RECALL NOTICE", said they want to call back the car of our model to inspect and replace safety belt. I thought they were in a hurry to install something in the car. We didn't answer that call too. Seven days later, on 6/25, my wife called me said the car broke down. For the third time, she had to sent the car for Auto-repair. Several days later she said she had a chest pain. I told her what I expected they would kill by heart attack. My wife said she was tired of this, didn't care any more. She was afraid of them.

I rarely went out, only sometimes shopping for food if there was a sale. On July 3, there was a big sale in Super Market. Considering they were plotting police violence when I going outside, I didn't go for that sale. My wife said it's a tense day that night. A customer ordered two urgent tickets for next day flights. Now is summer time, flights used to be full. My wife said she was lucky to find just two tickets for her clients. Then she faced the problem of delivery. She must send the tickets to two different location (one in Los Angles, one in San Francisco)before 7 pm because next day is July 4. People wouldn't work on holiday. She said she was lucky to find a company which promised delivery in time. From picking up tickets in Airline office to customer's firm, she tracked delivery each hour until 7 o'clock until customer noticed of receiving. She said her colleague C describing that it was so tense that my wife's heart one moment swollen so big, next moment shrunk so small. C was the same kind of person like G lady. Her describing created a reasonable situation of heart attack. In that day, for the second time this year, my daughter was called by her friends to go for a swimming. (the first time was 6/17) I think if I went out for a shopping that day, there would be a police violence waiting for me. And the customer who ordered the air tickets would then report of no receiving which would have become a reasonable cause of an heart attack for my wife later. I think they planed three killings that day.

77. The payment of deal (July 2002)

On 6/15, in Re 9, I said there would be a secret deal between Russia and US government. Several days later my expection came to true. It was practised in G-8 in later June (6/27/2002) in Canada. In the meeting, Russia was promised 20 billion within 10 years, namely for demolishing mass killing weapons. Russia is also granted to be host of G-8 in 2006 which means Russia becoming a former member of G-8. Russia president Puting was very much pleased with the announcement.

But what exchange will Russia give? Influence of India not starting a war against Pakistan? It seems there is some other secret deal there. It must be benefit to FBI because Ashcroft was involved. Help them from the shadow of anthrax problem? Most likely it would be related to dirty bomb because Ashcroft announced Padilla's arrest in Moscow. It was unusual, to deliver a message he had reached the deal? If so, US people still will suffer another attack-a dirty bomb attack. When they want to demand more from people. Either for election, or for the support of war on Iraq, or against criticism of failure's their choice.

I expected this deal. It resembles secret deal of spy plane in April 2001. In which China was granted 40 billion dollars. At first I had doubted how could they pay this amount. Later I got it was an equivalent benefit. Later that year, China was granted to be host of Olympic in 2008 and became a formal member of WTO. The analysis said it would benefit Chinese economy of billions of dollars worth. To exchange, Chinese secret police would frame a drug case for the benefit of DEA and FBI.
(See "61.Resignation of FBI chief" and "64. My Brother in law was targeted". )

78. Mail manipulating

I had bedroom for rent. When tenants moved out, sometimes there would be a few letters still coming. But it was few and won't last long. If that happens, I called them to pick up it.

About one year ago, something unusual happened. Everyday, I received several letters to a tenant who moved away eight years ago. Although these were junk mail mostly from credit card company, there was no reason for that tenant to use the address he lived 8 years ago. I fear it's another dirty method to plant crime on me that if I throw these junk mail in rubbish can. I could be accused of abusing other people's private mail. So I have to return every letter by blacken my address and writing 'Moved. Return." on each envelope. It became a routine. They made it one to three letters each day more than a year. I think they constantly put the tenant's name with my address in credit line and kept a bunch of the junk mail, let the mail carrier deliver some every day.

In later May, T suddenly gave a week's notice of moving away. He also asked me to keep his mail. He said he would come back to pick up them several weeks later. I refused. That would have been a bunch of letters, that could have been a bunch of accusations, too. I still remember FBI accused 56 crimes on Wen Ho Lee, they counted each tape Lee had down loaded as one crime. I told him there was a transfer service by post office. What he needed to do was only to fill a form in post office. And if he gave me the new address, I would help him transferring his mail. T burst into rage. That was first time I saw him losing his temper. He blamed me for not helping him and said he didn't know the new address though he knew how to get there. I was firm that I would return all his mail if he won't give me the new address. I told him the way he had found the new rented house was also the way he could find the address. And I believe my suggestion was better for him. It took only 5 miles to go to post office for requesting service while it took 50 miles to drive from Oakland to San Jose to pick up mail. And instead of several weeks delay, the transfer service may only cost 2 days for each letter. He at last gave me the new address. Strange thing was though T said he filled the address change notice in post office, his letters were still sent to my house. And his mail replaced old tenant's. The day I started to write new address on envelope of T's mail, was the day they stopped sending old tenant's letter which had constantly poured in everyday for more than a year. It looked like all these financial company had been noticed there was no such a person in my house in same day.

In early July, T wrote a letter to me saying that he changed his address again. He said he had informed post office of changed new address. In case there were letters still sending to my house, he authorized me to throw the junk mail away. But he emphasized that there was possibility that INS would mistakenly send his immigration document to my house though he had noticed them of address changing. He hoped I could transfer the INS mail to him if such things happened. His request remind me of experience in Thailand.

December 26, 2009 - 9:58 pm
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79. Mail planting

In March, 2000, after I complained to US consulate in Thailand of alleged FBI abusing, my wife mailed me the tax return document. I worked on it in reception hall of the guesthouse because it was spacious and airy and with a big table there. When I almost finished the work, a man came to me and asked, "Are you filing tax return?" He said he was from US. The 1040 tax form on table reminded him the life in America. We had a little chat. That afternoon, he and other tenants checked out. Some Thai people moved in. The guesthouse was particularly run for western backpack travellers. The sudden change alarmed me. Agents used to watch as close as they could, and avoid being involved if there was an operation occurring. Would there be an operation coming? I could feel the pressure after complaining. Newspaper densely reported drug arrest on board so I had feared they might plant drug in my bag. I was suddenly aware, they could plant in mail too. I didn't mail documents to my wife next day. Instead I tried to deliver it by electronic transmission.

At first, I tried computer but failed. There were so much trouble and harassment: technical problem, personal problem, they even closed the transfer service of the internet bar I attending. I gave up several days later. Then I thought of fax. I had my wife's confirm that fax machine of her tour company working 24 hours. I went to state run telecom to fax. The staff there assured me of receiving. They pointed to a mark on paper, said it was a confirmation of receiving feedback by the other party. But next day my wife said she didn't find copy because the paper of fax machine exhausted. They didn't know the story of confirmation mark. What I did was at midnight that day, I found an internet bar worked later. I called my wife in her office, (It's morning in US) making sure the fax machine was working, then sent all the copies. I experienced all troubles they created in electronic transmission once they wanted victim to use mail.

If I had mailed the document by post office, the envelope would have been a big express one. And I think the INS' mail envelope T talked about will be the same big. Big enough to plant some drugs.

80. Operation TIPS

In mid-July, Ashcroft announced Operation TIPS in which government will recruit one million mail carriers, utility readers..... to be informants to report suspicious event.

The operation is an absurd one designed for particular purpose.
1. It will do little to stop terrorist. Do they expect those informants will recognize terrorist at one glance? Or terrorist will show them the bomb they made? It could hurt the normal police work by flooding false information.
2. If FBI couldn't handle properly with many valued clues,(e.g. they even neglected report about suspect who connected to 911 attack by their own field office of Minisota and Phoenix.) Why they now prefer information from inexperienced amateurs?
3. In a hurry. One million informants, even one per cent of that amount, will consume a lot of resource. Interview, much does it cost? They didn't talk about it. But within days, in August, they will carry on the plan. It only means they are planed to do something under that name of TIPS.
4. Unnecessary. Informant should work covertly. If they really need some informants, the recruit must be in secret. Now what will people think of those people of mail carrier, truckers...? Why did they openly announce that notorious plan?
5. It will invade people's privacy. It's a plan spited by most people. It will hurt the fame of current government and thus influence the coming Nov. election. Yet, they choose this time to announce such a plan, obviously are in urgent.

As a matter of fact, they already have a complete surveillance net all over the country. What they need is to find an excuse. In Watergate scandal, it's obviously an result of intelligence surveillance. Lacking of such an excuse, they left a suspended "deep throat". In Lewinsky scandal, they had Linda Trip to play that 'excuse'. In many cases, they got secret through illegal surveillance. They couldn't say it because they don't want people be aware of they are under monitor. TIPS will give a reasonable excuse for them. 'One million' is a random pick used to describe the popularity of the plan. They didn't consider other factor when they talked about it.

In previous messages I talked about they are in a hurry to murder me. TIPS is a continue to that 'in a hurry'. I said they tried to kill if I go outside. When this is revealed, they turn it into my own house.
Now they could have an easy informant to report suspicious mail. Though I have been under surveillance for more than 10 years, this time they can give a reasonable excuse under the name of TIPS. The mail carrier will play an important role in it. That's why when people cheer that post office said they won't join the program, I remind them a news neglected by most ones. Quote, "WASHINGTON (CNN) -- In a shift from its position 24 hours earlier, the U.S. Postal Service said Thursday it had decided to meet with the Justice Department to discuss Operation TIPS, a government plan to encourage U.S. postal workers to report suspicious activity as part of the government's war on terrorism." ... index.html

They had made supreme court announcing the rule "of police search in bus" on 6/17, they of course made Post Service to join the TIPS because it's in a hurry.

81. "Mysterious blow"

In message "13. Microwave ray shooting and EM sleep wave(2)" I talked about how they combined two high techniques to hurt. They use EM sleep wave to stabilize the victim, make them unaware of the pain caused by microwave ray shooting until the damage reached a severe level. Though there was a great pain, I didn't complain to anyone. I even tried to walk about although each movement would cause severe headache. I knew a drop of blood will appeal a crowd of sharks. I was afraid they would continue the attack if they knew it was a success. I tried to be as usual as I could. Which, I think, led to another attack as an experience.

Soon after that horrible experience, on March 2, 1994, San Jose Mercury News reported "EX-PANTHER LEADER HURT CRITICALLY, CLEAVER SEIZED IN DRUG CASE " It said, "Eldridge Cleaver, a former Black Panther Party leader, was in critical condition in a Berkeley hospital Tuesday night after a cocaine arrest and five hours of surgery for a mysterious brain injury. Surgeons removed a portion of Cleaver's skull to relieve the pressure building on his brain from internal bleeding. The injury apparently came from a blow to the head, according to Alta Bates Hospital officials, but how it happened remained a mystery. The Berkeley police officers who arrested Cleaver in the predawn hours Tuesday said they had no indication he had suffered a head injury."

I immediately realized it was another experiment on their high tech. weapon. Although there was "no indication he had suffered a head injury", and Cleaver "did not say anything about head pain.", Emergency room doctors performed a CAT scan and had a surgery on his brain right away, a treatment so swift that hardly a normal patient could dream of, despite Cleaver was an arrested drug suspect.

The late development proved my opinion was correct. They put an extraordinary emphasis on a common drug arrest. For the whole week, there were 8 articles about this case. Sometimes two in a day. And in articles, they repeated "five hours of surgery for a mysterious brain injury." "He underwent surgery two days ago for a brain hemorrhage caused by a mysterious blow ", "Cleaver underwent brain surgery after he suffered a mysterious blow to the head Tuesday". "Berkeley police are still stumped over an injury to former Black Panther Party leader Eldridge Cleaver,".

Of course, doctors and police could never dream of the blow was from high tech. weapon. And have to attribute it to an "apparent blow" of mysterious. Black people used to be picked up in dangerous mission, so be in dangerous experiment. Especially the group which are under FBI surveillance. I knew since then Black Panther was a hit target of FBI, which proved by newspaper article, " Pratt, new book examines role of FBI." (10/8/2000). (I had a message, "60. Plant, Frame and alleged murder ") And in this case, they organized a quick surgery to check the result of their high tech. weapon by removing victims skull. Of course, they made the arrest reasonable by finding drugs in victim's pocket. It's easy to plant when victim was under influence of sleep wave. By the way, the high tech. they used in such a case should be three. In addition to "Microwave ray", "EM sleep wave", there should be "Thermal imagine", because they shoot behind wall. An infra scanner enables them seeing through wall.

82. West Nile virus

On August 3, Saturday, my wife went out with my daughter. I was home alone. I was surfing internet when I felt a swollen pain in my head. With my experience I knew what happened . I left computer to the other room. After a while, I went back to computer, only felt an increased brain pain. I had to leave for front yard to do some garden work. There was few such attacks occurring after I revealed it in internet except EM sleep wave.( I think because it's not lethal) . Different from former feeling, there was not an severe pain but a vast swollen pain which was very uncomfortable. They use it when I was alone. Do they develop the weapon from ray into a field function weapon. Just then, three cars went into the lane, from the empty garage they entered, I learned that my neighbor were all emptied during attack. Their return meant the attack was finished. I went back to the computer.

On the same day, there was an article in S.J.Mercury news, "Virus outbreak kills 4, forces Louisiana to seek aid". It said the deaths in Louisiana are the first in the country this year. (Which means there were no deaths in first seven months all over the country) It prompted Governor to declare an emergency. Though the article didn't say the symptoms of this disease, it talked a lot of its spreading. I learned from other articles that it resembles meningitis, which lead to brain death.

During the period from March to May 2001, there was a dense report of meningitis in bay area which is the same time I alleged FBI's first frame case.(see Freeh's resignation) I warned they might used meningitis to cover up brain death murder. Now it looks like same thing happens again. There is an unusual dense report of West Nile virus in media and paper said how California is ready for it. It's their tactic to cover up individual case under a popular situation. (such like made Police search in bus popular under 6/17 Supreme court announcement, Mail carrier report popular under One million TIPS plan) While 8 years ago, doctor attributed Cleaver's brain hurt to 'mysterious blow', the developed technique enables them to attribute brain death to West Nile virus or meningitis. And until we can thoroughly clean US law enforcement agency, people can't get rid of the terror and threat of murder which under the cover of heart attack, stroke, cancer, decease of meningitis, West Nile virus, Mad cow decease.....

January 8, 2010 - 8:55 pm
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83. Spy country (8/21)

When I started my thread in internet, a message told me, the content of " The newspaper titled: " Heroin bust called U.S. record".(See San Jose Mercury, 6-22-1991)." is a day off...

Quote, "You cited the wrong date! Although the rest of your newspaper and highway information (in Bay Area holds up). "
He gave me an URL to check: ... search.htm

I thus knew my article was under scrutiny. I live in San Jose. I read San Jose Mercury News. Most news reference were from it.

Some people doubted that when I said Walt Disney was an informant. (#29. "I'm you, American")

Question, quote, "What was Walt informing on? Mickey's communist ties? Goofy's drug problems? Minnie's prostitution busts? "

With above URL, choose S.J.M.N, with appropriate key words and time, you can find news I referred.

Quote,"But most disturbing, the allegation that Disney was an FBI informant, recruited by J. Edgar Hoover to snitch on employees and Hollywood colleagues in exchange for favors....."
See whole story in "THE AUTHOR WAS WALT DISNEY A WICKED WITCH? OR IS THIS MAN GOOFY?" San Jose Mercury News, 8/1/1993.

In Chinese newspaper "World Journal"(5/7/93, page 3A) talked about this too. W.Disney was FBI's informant from 1940 to 1966 when he passed away. It also talked about former President Ronno Reagan was a FBI informant, code 'T-10', when he was president of Actor and Actress Association(translation) in 1947.

Are these the only informants FBI have had? Of course not. FBI titled W. Disney "Full Special Agent in Charge Contact" in 1954. It's 50 years passed, a net of surveillance should have been developed already. And in addition to this informant net, we can see there is another army of FBI: retired FBI. They are still the eye and ear and hand of the Bureau. And they used to occupy important position. Such like Ornell, who became Chief in charge of security of WTC after retirement. Still they say they are outnumbered in war on terror. They want recruit one million more TIPS. A spy country that Gestapo and KGB have ever dreamed of. A monstrous power that almost equal to Defense Department. But it's not used to defend US citizens, it's used to spy on them.

84. Mind read and mind control

Quote, "NASA plans to read terrorist's minds at airports
By Frank J. Murray

Airport security screeners may soon try to read the minds of travelers to identify terrorists.

Officials of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration have told Northwest Airlines security specialists that the agency is developing brain-monitoring devices in cooperation with a commercial firm, which it did not identify.
Space technology would be adapted to receive and analyze brain-wave and heartbeat patterns, then feed that data into computerized programs "to detect passengers who potentially might pose a threat," according to briefing documents obtained by The Washington Times.""

As a matter of fact, this technique has been developed by Pentagon and was in practical use more than ten years ago. I had such experience. (see #12 - #16. "Mind control, EM sleep wave") I posted it in internet one year ago. The news 8/19 from Washington times proves it. Only they won't say they use it to control people.

When President Bush was fainted and tumbled to the floor, bruising his cheek this January, newspaper said it was because a pretzel he was eating wend down wrong. But a choking food would cause coughing, the reality didn't show so. When people can't explain something, they used to find a possible reason. Such like they attribute John Gotti's cancer to "neglect of dental implant", a brain death to 'stroke' or 'meningitis', or even 'mysterious blow' in Cleaver's case. Doctors could never dream of "Radioactive material", "microwave shooting", "Electric magnet wave field"....

In my experience, I felt the sleep wave is irresistible. I could sometimes get away because I was aware of it. For innocent people, they sleep over. I alleged they used sleep wave on President. I had experience they using high tech. to torture people as private punishment. And they use that to punish politicians frequently too if politicians didn't satisfy their demand. They used to use it when victim is alone. Bush was alone but two dogs when he fainted.

85. Chinese secret police and DNA (9/1)

There are four houses in the lane I live. Two at the entrance of the lane. Let's call them A,B house. Two at the bottom of lane. Let's call them C, D. I live in C. My house shares a common wall with D house.

The families of A, B, actually didn't live there. Agent might have moved them to somewhere nearby, according to my observation. But their furniture and belongings were still there as a disguise. And they still come back from time to time to pick up their belongings. I often told my relative as a story that people in A, B houses were not neighbor but agent who monitoring. And each time I talking about it, next day there always would be a show. My neighbor would play in lane, washing cars, riding bikes, made a large noise. But it only lasted about an hour or so. I call it swift response, and Emperor's new clothe's show.

B neighbor sold their house on February 2001. The new owner was a lady from China. So then B, C, D all lived by people from China. I felt Chinese secret police were heavily involved in.

On November, 2001, T(tenant) took a friend home, saying his friend happenedly rented a bedroom in D house. I feard there might be a violence because my view of anthrax attack. I rejected him right away that night. I haven't seen him ever since. T later said that his friend might have gone back to China. (story see #44. My tenant)

In late May this year, lady of B house suddenly came to visit T. I then knew they were aquaintance, too. T then told me the lady was selling B house. In early June, house A neighbor were absent too. No car in parking lot for days. Newspaper piled up, became yellow under sunshine. B house lady and T's sudden leaving, absence of A house alarmed me. I could only guess there would be something going to happen, so T had to leave to avoid be involved. But I couldn't find the reason why A, B houses were emptied. It left me a puzzle.

I stayed at home, feard there would be a police violence outside for me. Then found TIPS programe would directly send agent to my house.

On August 22, in the evening, B lady(who had sold B house already) came to my home, said she wanted to buy air tickets to China. (my wife is travel agent). She stayed about 30 minutes. At midnight that day, a lady knocked at our door, said she lived in D house,(but I don't know her)complained the sound of TV harassed her. This was an excuse obviously. My daughter's TV was in very low volume. Her room is oppsite to mine. I even didn't know she was watching TV when her door was closed. I kept alert on these ladies, didn't talk to them, left them for my wife. Next day in noon, two ladies (I've never seen before) came to visit my father in law. I kept away from them and stay washing in the kitchen. . But a lady aggresively came to the kitchen saying hello to me and self introduced herself. All these ladies came from China, and so densely visit my home in less than 24 hours. An aggressive frame attempt?

I noticed recently in newspaper there's a densely report about rape cases. In which they using DNA cleared several suspects. One was cleared even he had admitted he committed rape crime when he was arrested. It seemed they were going to set up the authorization of DNA test that it could decide everything. But DNA, just like other evidence, can be planted. They can easily collect victim's hair, sperm and plant it like a gun. Especially the victim is under 24 hours surveillance. And all rubbish are in scrutiny. Even dirty water in drainage.

86. FISA Secret Court ruling

In Aug. 23, newspaper reported that "Secretive federal court that approves spying on terror suspects has refused to give the Justice Department broad new powers in the war on terrorism, saying government misused the law and misled the court. The court was so concerned by A.G. Ashcroft's behind-the-scenes efforts to broaden the FBI's spying abilities that the court in May secretly ordered Ashcroft to scale back the regulations."

I then knew I had been under surveillance of FISA warrant. The news also resolved my puzzle of why T and B house lady's sudden leaving and the absence of House A in early June. That's the result of court's scale back the regulations.

I reviewed my message from May and found my observation were correct very much. It reflects how Ashcroft and FBI reacted when they lost FISA warrant in later May.
1. Turn on into local police and ploted police violence. (see message from #67 to #77) The plot mainly planed in June and July.
2. When I stayed at home to avoid their murder attemption, Ashcroft announced TIPS plan in July and would apply it in practice on August. A plan to send agent direct to the house, and use informant's report to replace FISA warrant. (#80. TIPS)
3. The unusual visits of Chinese ladies in August 22, 23 probably was a burst rage to the released opinion of judges of Secret Court. An effort for another frame case.

Report said there was rage in meeting room between Judges and officials of DOJ. It is understandable. The culture of FBI is rogue style. Because unchecked power they behaved like commander. They burst into rage if being checked. Just like those who criticize Ashcroft eroding civil liberty were laballed "aiding enemy", "unpatriot". Under such a pressure judges were forced to announce their opinion, first time in history of Secret Court.

What's the problem in this dispute?

FISA is an Act aimed at agent of foreign country, or terrorist(after 911). It used in foreign intelligence investigation. The warrant is issued in very low standard. It can't be used in criminal investigation.(domestic) Because US citizen is protected by 4th Amendment from unreasonable search and seizure.

Ashcroft argue that Patriot Act give DOJ the power to share intelligence gained from FISA with criminal investigation, if it comes to true, then 4th Amendment means nothing. Through the hand of foreign government, a US citizen can be under surveillance and be searched at any time.

FBI is notorious for abusing power. To get a warrant, they gave wrong information to the judge. It's cheating, or what they said, "error". In early 2000, my application of asylum in Thailand first revealed their cheating. Freeh was said had resigned once but stayed in his position. When I went back to US and revealed more in internet, Freeh resigned from his post. But still planed an failed 'June framed case'. These, maybe what the court opinion said "misuse of law and misled the court", done by DOJ and FBI during Clinton administration. Then there was failed "May 3 frame case". Though it was done by FBI district Chief, "Ashcroft's behind scene efforts" played an important role. And I think once again, Judges found they were cheated by DOJ and FBI. This led to Sceret court's May 17 order to scale back the regulation.

January 8, 2010 - 8:56 pm
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87. Flooding (9/13)

Flooding is a common way DEA, FBI used to detect if there is any valuable things in people's home. (see story in "4. Burglary and flooding")

In early August, my wife said she is going to re-model bathroom. Alerted by Ashcroft's TIPS programe, I'm afraid this might be another attempt to send agents direct to the house. I adviced my wife that her plan would empty saving's book. We should keep a little money for emergence. She insisted on her idea. She made a call right away, spoke loudly to instruct contractor how to get to our house. I asked how did she know this contractor. She said it was from newspaper. My wife choked up when I requested to see that newspaper. She had none. I felt she was manipulated to do so. I made it straight it might be undercover agents. That I didn't care about detection but did worry of violence and planting. I declared I would reject any coming contractor. My wife went into the room, made a call with low voice. I thought she reported to her handler. The said contractor never appear.

On Sept. 5, an article in "World Journal" caught my eye. A man said his drainage was blocked frequently, then caused flooding. He learned from internet that there was a "camara in pipe" service
nearby. He asked one which resolved his problem. It found the root of tree growing inside the drainage. Since many strange things occured recently, and I was familiar with thetactic of pre-propaganda and advice by agents, (see "66. Turn innocent into criminal") I had a strong feeling it might be another attemption of "go into house" tactic. I told my wife, "Be careful, there maybe a flooding."

Though I foresaw a flooding, I didn't expect it come so fast. On Sunday, Sept.8, when we were washing clothes, there was a big flooding from wash machine. I told my wife, "If you still remembe the warning I said two days ago."while cleaning the water. Of course, I wouldn't ask for "camara the pipe" service. My wife bought a tool in store. I cleand the pipe with that tool.

88. Foreign hand

On Sept. 11, an article "Bush lawyer backs new search policy" said, "A Bush administration lawyer defended the government's new policy of allowing its law enforcement investigators to press for secret searches of suspected foreign agents, saying Tuesday that this co-ordinated approach is needed in the war on terrorism.... If the FBI can show that a person is linked to a "foreign power" or terrorist group, its agents can wiretap him, even if they have no evidence of wrongdoing."(S.J.M.N. 9/11/02)

It explains why different Chinese ladies visited my house three times within 24 hours on Aug.22 and 23. Some of them are Chinese secret police, I suspected. A lady even visited at midnight, a trick often used by agents in trap. (see "49. Frame attemption" and "54. Trap") Though they acted to cooperation with FBI, the report could be, "Foreign agents visit Kat Hak Sung", even could be with picture as evidence. Thus a FISA warrant was easily issued.

Nobody can avoid to contact foreigners. If you know none, they can aggressively creat some. Especially when foreign police co-ordinated with FBI and CIA.

A news in last October said Atta had contacted an Iraq diplomat in Czech in Spring and talked about a bombing plot. Though the news was originally designated to frame Iraq that it had links to 911 terrorist, it also revealed Atta was under surveillance by intelligence earlier. After I pointed out this, months later, Czech government said the news might be wrong. Our intelligence can made foreign country let out conflict information to cover up their flaws.

Are American citizens still under protection of the Constitution from unreasonable search and seizure?

89. Polygraph law makers (9/25/02)

In early June, a news said the conversations between Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and Mohammed Atta were intercepted by NSA. It said in two separate conversations on Sept. 10, 2001 contained the pharases "Tomorrow is zero hour" and "The match is about to begin.". Since these two pharases are vague one and consider NSA intercepts 2 million conversations in each hour, the pick up of these two phrases was not a coincidence. It proves that Atta was under surveillance by government earlier before 911.

Then FBI said it was a secret intelligent information which shouldn't be let out public. They are investigating who has leaked it. They target on law makers and even request a polygraph.

But who will investigate the secret information leaking committed by intelligence itself?

When the news said Atta made contact to Iraq diplomat in Czech and talked about bombing plot, it leaked that Atta and Iraq diplomate were under surveillance and it leaked Czech intelligence was cooperated with USA.

There is another similar news release. By February 2001, NSA had broken the bin Laden's communications encryption system. What we know from the information government released is that OBL talked to his mother two days before 911 attack, "In two days, you're going to hear big news, and you're not going to hear from me for a while." It let people know that Bin laden's communication was under surveillance as long as 6 months before 911. And his communication code was broken.

Nobody could release such information but intelligence. Though the original purpose of news about Atta and Iraq diplomate was to target on Iraq to frame it linking with 911 terrorist, so administration could have excuse to start a war with Iraq. And the news of Bin Laden's intercepted conversation was used as a legal base for Bush to start war in Afghan. These information leaking are as important as the Atta's "Tomorrow is zero huor" one. Why FBI had a blind eye on these leakings? Because they were released by intelligence?

The secret information leaking FBI accused of took place in early June, at a time when lawmakers and 911 victims were going to investigate failure of intelligence of 911 attack with an independent commision. It could be a trap intelligence set. They use this method to retaliate, or extort law makers to avoid investigation on their own flaw or crime. Or try to reach a compromise.

If we don't know these "secrecy", we will believe what government said that they had known nothing before 911 attack. "Secret" is only a stonewall they used to cover up thier corruption.

90. Internet censorship (3)

I suffered many harassment in internet, mostly technical proplem. Slow entering is way they used to use. Recently they invented a new method to delay entering. They give an "error" page to lock up the whole screen, meanwhile my brewser would lost function. I have to wait for sometime until they set up everything. What kind of things they are settling? For some new web site, it's a routine they'll check first if I was allowed to enter. If not, the page next will be "Internal Server Error
The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request". Thus I was denied entering.

For some web site I have a thread already, they use "Hide and seek" censorship. In which when I click in, everything is normal. When I left, they took my thread away. Then for the most time, my thread was censored from readers. They could do this because I used to click in according to my "Favorite Places" list. The agent monitoring me saw that list too. So they knew which site I would go next and get everything ready. Everything looks normal until I occasionally broke sequence. (Sometimes I jumped back to the site I had been in hours ago to correct some mistakes) Then strange thing happened. I couldn't find my thread. After repeated search I made a complaint about missing thread. Then the missing thread appeared. They used to give a explanation to cover up. This is one from

Quote, "Sysman (Senior Member)

This is what happens. As EVERY thread moves from page 1 to page 2, it gets "lost" for a few minutes, untill the next thread bumps it down 1 more. Then it shows up as the first thread on the second page, and the next thread is "lost" etc. etc. etc. "

Here is another explanation from

Quote, "MaxImmelmann RE: Strange thing 06/07/02 10:57AM

.... This board has the occasional problem, and yesterday was just one of those days. ...

There was a straight comment to my complaint from other readers in

Quote, "Free speach maybe not. posted 08/03, by chickmcd </a-national/member/chickmcd/bio>

Free speech may not be allowed here. Some replies or polls on certain subjects seem to get deleted or lost. It would seem that if you are critical about certain things or lifestyle choices your thoughts may be censored"

The funny thing is when I went back to, after sometime, the missing thread would re-surfaced. They tried to assure me everything was normal.

Now when I tried a random click in, what they did is lock up my screen browser, made me wait until they get everything ready. It substantially slowed my internet surfing. That's how Ashcroft's cyberteam work. They not only monitor, they also harass and censor, in a covert way.

January 15, 2010 - 9:26 pm
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91. Turn to State legislature (10/6)

When Federal judge and legislature found DOJ and FBI abusing power and rebuked them. DOJ and FBI seems turn to on State legislature. Newspaper reported meeting of DOJ with FISA court judge in May, August then with legislature on Sept.11.

Two days later, news reported " SIMON TRIUMPHS IN FRAUD CASE RULING
Republican Bill Simon's faltering quest to unseat Democratic Gov. Gray Davis received a boost Thursday when a judge overturned a $78 million fraud verdict that had placed the investor's fledgling political career in jeopardy.
In an unusual move, Superior Court Judge James C. Chalfant rejected the civil jury's conclusion that Simon's investment firm had defrauded the owner of a pay telephone company by crafting a risky plan to take the firm public."

California Governor Gray Davis thus will face threat from his rival Bill Simon. The unusually thing is the judge who made the decision is nominated by Republican. At this time the verdict obviously benefits Republican in election. And it is rare that a judge overturning the conclusion of a jury.

A news on 9/17 surprised me. " DOCUMENTS ILLUSTRATE SIMON'S TAX DEAL TECHNIQUE CALLED FRAUD IN IRS SUIT AGAINST FIRM THAT SOLD STRATEGY " It's a negative news against Bill Simon. The media is manipulated by intelligence, did they change their mind? Not really, it seems like a new round of interest exchange. A news same day said, "GOVERNOR EXPANDS STATE WIRETAP LAW California's little-used wiretap law is expected to become more popular with police and prosecutors under a bill signed Monday and an initiative that received court clearance earlier this year.
Gov. Gray Davis extended its use to investigations of those suspected of crimes involving bombs, bioterrorism and weapons of mass destruction when he signed a series of anti-terrorism laws."

I think Federal agent's behind scene effort made this "unusual move" of judge, and pushed Davis to extend "little-used" wiretap law. They pick up something from state which they lost in Federal.

92. Internet censorship (4)

On 10/4, I posted a message "Oppose war with Iraq" in a web-site of Yahoo. It failed to be listed. I then posted another message, it was listed instantly. So I tried "Oppose war with Iraq" again, but failed again. It seems the agent monitoring me hated that message very much and handle all my internet posting instantly. I used to leave if I was blocked to post. But this time I wrote a message "Selective post" to protest. They must have seen the complaint while I was writing. When I finished the complain message, the blocked two messages were in list already. The sequence in list is:
#20720. FBI knew Heaven's Gate suicide in advance (Oct.4 11:28)
#20722. Oppose war with Iraq (Oct.4 11:30)
#20723. Oppose war with Iraq (Oct.4 11:30)

I checked 20722 which ought to be posted before 20720. Inside page shows the posting time is 11:27. They released it when they saw I writing complain message.

It took place in "Debate and More" ... scount=-30

The article "Oppose war with Iraq" had been posted in "" and "", but both were moved away from list while my other messages are untouched. What's wrong with it? (see 93)

93. Oppose war with Iraq

It seems the war on Iraq is inevitabel. Because this war is for the interest of Israel. And you can see the tremendous influence of Israel here, both on politicians and media. (The weak reaction of Democratic Party and less of criticism of media) Anyhow I'll try my best to express my opinion to politicians. If people are agree with my opinions, (either all or part of them) I welcome them to share with it for their convenience. The following is the e-mail I have mailed to politicians.

The honorable
US Senate
Washington, DC 20510
Dear Senator
I'm writing you to oppose any authorization the war power to President Bush and his Cabinet at this movement.
I urge you to oppose war on Iraq because of the following reason:
1. There is no sufficient justification to start such a war. President Bush accused Iraq of intending to build up mass destruction weapons which will used to attack US. He has no strong evidence. In reality, Iraq shows intention to accept unconditional weapon's inspection.
2. The war only benefit the rich people with interest in military and oil industry and a particular country (Israel). US people will bear the cost alone. Which means Americans must pay money and blood for the interest of minority people at a time US economy in a down turn.
3. War can not solve problem. War in Afghan killed a lot of innocent people. The main target Bin Laden is still at large. Al Quada scattered all over the world.
4. War only create hostility and enemy. It will help Al Quada to recruit more soldiers. US people will face an endless terror threaten. And we have no bunker, secret service for our security and we can't afford for a private flight.
5. Losing support from allies. Most countries are against war on Iraq. We are losing friends and sympathy of the world. The profile of US hurt badly.
6. Perhaps most important is it will help a dictatorship in US. If a policy is not based on legitimacy and common value but personal will and unilateral opinion, it's dictatorship not democracy.
In conclusion, I urge you oppose to authorize President Bush having a war on Iraq. Let U.N. take over the matter of Iraq.
Kat Hak Sung

94. Interest exchange (10/19)

In June, newspaper reported, "Lai Changxing, accused of heading one of the biggest crime rings in communist China's history, was taken into custody Friday in Vancouver, B.C., after he was denied refugee status in Canada." It's a big case of smuggling and tax elusion. Seven people were executed already, ten were sentenced to death.(Many of them were high ranking government officials) His deportation was unusual because he would be certainly put to death if he was back to China. Canada forbids any deportation if the deportee will face death. What made Canada made such a decision which is conflict to its law? I alleged there was a secret deal behind the scene. Lai was abruptly arrested in the morning of 6/21 and sent to the Vancouver International airport. At the edge of being deported, he then was dramatically transferred to detain center. A deal was postponed for some reason, I thought.

In message "69. Juror summon (6/16) " and "71. Police violence", I talked about I was summoned for jury service. The duty time was between 6/17 to 6/21. I alleged they arranged a police violence for me in that week. I also alleged they would frame up a drug case(with the help of Chinese police) to my family members because they knew my story and could be witness. 6/21 was Friday, the day they preferred to make arrest because there would be two extra days for them to do 'suicider job' inside jail. 6/21 must be the last day of their plan, Lai's arrest and deportation should have been in plan too. Only at last minute they canceled the plan because I didn't go to their trap. Lai, after a scary day of 6/21, still remained as a chip to deal with Chinese police.

All this is my speculation. It could be a coincidence. So I have not talked about it. But there was another event to test it. In early October, "World Journal"(Chinese edition) reported again, "Chinese government sent police officials to Canada, a pre-preparation for the depotation of Lai Changxin."Do they have another deal, or do they revive the old deal?" I thought. In 10/11, I received a notice from my Homeowners' Association.

95. A notice for a meeting

There is a Homeowners Association in my community. When people bought the house, he automatically became a member of it. There was an annual meeting held in the end of year to elect a board. The board took a property inspection every 3 or 4 months to make sure the community keeping neat and clean. There used to be dozens of homeowners attending the annual meet, asking question about property inspection. After drug case happened, it dropped down to several people, then in another meeting when I found I was the only attender in addition to three board members, I abandoned it too. For years the inspection went on regularly but stopped after drug case happened The result was this community looked like had been deserted. House looked old, lawn became barren. I thought it was because when my case became a frame case, they moved away residents of this community. The agent don't want them see the truth. And agents use electrical weapons to punish and kill. The ray can penetrate house and hurt neighbors. So it's convenient for them to work if residents were their own people. And new owners of the house must be agents who had no intention to take care of house, it's not their property. That's why my community suddenly looked like to be deserted for the rest years in 90's.

In 2001, they suddenly revived property inspection after about 8 years abandon. At a time they decided to frame big case to end this ten years' nightmare. I think they try to make a good price for the houses they occupied if the community looked beautiful. In April 2002, I received a letter from board manager, it's a second notice to request the garage and house trim to be re-painted. I painted them in early June. Then in August, I received a third notice for same accusation. I was surprised. My neighbor's house A and B were still in old shape with old paint. A's garage connects with mine. There is an obvious different look with new paint and old one. Nobody will make a mistake. There is address number board on the wall of garage and on my front door. If inspector can see the color of paint, they see the address board too.

I called several times to the manager, only found an answering machine there. I had left message. There was no response. So I wrote a certified letter to complain. Again, there is no response.

The new notice of 10/11 repeated the same accusation and said if the request items not repaired before 10/29, "YOU WILL BE FINED." It also said there will be a special meeting held on 10/29 evening for those had third time notice for explaining why they couldn't fix it. It's obvious they try to force me to go out for a meeting by consistent wrong accusation. The tactic is similar to June's Jury Summon trap.

Why choose 10/29? That's the day my parents will leave for China. And several days later another brother in law of mine will finish his one month vacation in China going back to US. Drug case is easy to be framed in airport. If the plan goes through, then Lai Cheongxin will be deported at that time. Secret police of each country will get what they want. (Lai's future may be different after this message published. They always made a swift response to my message. see "47. Swift response")

Re: The letter to manager of Association

"October 17, 2002

F, Association Manager
*** Management Corporation
San Mateo. CA 94404

Dear F,

I received your notice of October 10, 2002. In which you repeated accusation of maintenance failure: "Gutters/downspouts on garage(3), trim on house and garage-need repaint(3)." The accusation is unfounded, they were all re-painted about four months ago.

Since I couldn't reach you by phone call, I have written you a certified letter to reply your last notice of Aug. 15. I should like to know why I haven't got any reply from you and why you repeated the wrong inspection material. I'd also like to know 1. who did that inspection and how they reached that result. The telephone and mailing address for connection. 2. The name and telephone and address of Board directors, I have a complaint. I've made call to you four times, in different time, all answered by tape. So I request an explanation in writing.


Kat Hak Sung"

The certified mail number of first letter: 7002 1000 0004 5742 3784

January 15, 2010 - 9:27 pm
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96. Follow up (11/1)

In 10/28, I asked my wife to come back home early next day to attend the meeting. I said firmly I wouldn't go because I thought it was another trap. In 10/29, one hour before the meeting time, a lady came to my house said she was the board member. She later apologized for the wrong accusation.

They could do whatever to reach their goal, set up trap, lying, harass, frame. When it was revealed, "my mistake", "error" are the convenient words for it. But if victims follow their "error", the victims will lose their lives and property.

Follow up (2) of Judi Bary's case in "60. Plant, Frame and alleged murder ".

I posted Judi Bary's story on 3/25/2002. Several days later, I was surprised to read the news that her case was going to trial on 4/8/2002. Judi brought the case to the court in 1991. It was delayed again and again. Judi herself couldn't see the trial. She died of breast cancer in 1997 which I alleged a radiation murder. On 6/11/2002, the jury found FBI and Okland police lied in the case and violated victim's Constitution right of 1st Amendment and 4th Amendment. Judge ruled a 4.4 million compensation. The late justice came after 11 years dragging. I thought it was a swift response to my message. They try to clean up the odds. Anyway, it's a small case for them.

I'm surprised at their influence on judicial system. They could dragging a case as long as 11 years(could have been longer). And then finish it in less than three months.

Follow up(3) of John Gotti's cancer in "58. Manipulating media and killing by radiation"

On 10/30, 2000, San Jose Mercury News (CA)


John Gotti, the alleged head of the Gambino crime family who is serving a life prison term for murder, has neck and mouth cancer, and doctors give him less than a year to live, .... .

Doctors consulted by Gotti's family believe the cancer can be traced to neglect of his dental implants during his...."

On 3/07, 2002, I posted a message alleged his cancer to radioactive dental implant.

On 6/11/2002, S.J.M.N. reported his death.

quote, "Ex-crime-family boss Gotti dies of cancer

..... The cause was cancer. In 1998, he was operated on in a prison hospital for neck and head cancer."

My message alleged a radioactive polluted dental which caused cancer was first posted on March, 2002. When doctor said the cancer can be traced to dental implant, they must base on fact the cancer area was around the dental implant. Neck cancer should be because the location of neck was near that dental implant. Gotti could survive longer then doctor's predication of "less than a year to live, .... . ", possibly by moving away the dental implant when it was found caused problem.

Now what you can get from the death report? They demolished everything which might connect to dental implant, even not mentioned mouth cancer. What is the purpose? Most ridiculous is they invented a "head cancer". I'm so innocent to hear it for the first time.

I think after I posted message about Gotti, they hurried to produce a "head cancer" to cover the 'dental implant' and 'mouth cancer'. The usual way, I guess, is to contaminate the pillow with radioactive material to cause brain cancer and skin cancer... (breast cancer if used on bra). If what I said is true, I'm sorry for Gotti. Though he is a mob, he got the punishment from law already. The method they used on him was too cruel and inhuman.

Follow up(4) to dog mauling case of "62. Plot", " 63. A well planed frame case"

On 3/21/2002, Marjorie Knoller was convicted of second degree murder in fatal dog mauling and faced 15 years to life sentence. It was the first time in California such case was convicted. Newspaper cheered for the conviction, saying it was public's opinion.

I thought in different way. In mid April, I posted my opinion, alleged it was a well conducted frame case.

On 6/17, a judge overturned the conviction, ruled it an involuntary manslaughter. Both owners of the dog were sentenced 4 years for the case in July. Newspaper said it was a stunning twist in one of state's most unusual cases. I don't know if my revelation played something in it. But it is one of the most unusual cases anyhow. I believe Wipple's death was unnecessary. She was a victim of a plot, so be owners of the dog.

Follow up(5) to Carnaham's death of "31. Extortion"

Senator Wellstone's death. There was a similar event like his death. An airplane accident happened 2 years ago when Ashcroft competed with Carnaham for the Senator of Missori. Carnaham and Wellstone both died at an election which the number of Senators of both parties are in subtle balance. Any loss will lead to the control of the house to the opposite. And I think it was also because Paul Wellstone voted "no" on resolution of war power of Iraq. The group inside government determine to carry on the war with Iraq.

97. Internet attack (11/13)

There are three big attempts of frame-up cases on me. The first one was in early June, 2001 which using 6/11(McVeigh's execution) as a diversion of public's attention. Next one was in 5/3/2002. The latest one is 10/29/2002 which might using 11/5 Mid-term election to divert the public's attention.
Similar to the previous attempts, the latest one came with internet attack too. Two web sites announced a sudden shut down without pre-notice like Fox news. They were Times(people' and My message were deleted or moved away from "". In several web sites, someone used a similar name to harass. (In June 2001 attack, they used an identical name to defame, see "15. Using identical name to defame" in "Why DEA,FBI involved in secret deal of spy plane") Which led readers thought I as a psycho.

"void Posting to Psycho Troll KATHUKSANG
From: The Anti ALLAH!!!! <<;

Quote, "Avoid any contact with the Patheticaly addled PSYCHO troll known on the net as KATHUKSANG,.."

In another site(, that "kathuksang" directly posted in my thread to harass for the same purposes.

The most serious offense took place in <;

"Tony H. ( <mailto:.> from OKLAHOMA
Kat Hat Sung is a REAL person. He is 55 years old and resides in San Jose California, telephone # 408-***-****. He really does BELIEVE all the weird stuff he puts out !!! Won't give the address but the FBI does keep close tabs on him !!!!

Tony H. ( <mailto:.> from OKLAHOMA says Oops Sorry
In doing a little research he was indicted in absentia some years back for Heroin smuggling on the West Coast....."

He posted my real phone number there, defamed me as a indicted drug smuggler. I protested to host, these messages were removed. His "absentia" verdict remind me of another two "absentia" verdict which took place in June 2001 attack.

Re: "The death of Kat Hak Sung <<;&#62; - FBI - 6/07/2001

Kat Hak Sung!
You have been sentenced to DEATH in absentia!
Surrender, soon, or we will KILL you!
Turn yourself in, and serve your DEATH sentence!
The DEATH of Kat Hak Sung is near! " one is more clear. Notice 3*24 hours from the posting date is 6/11/2001, McVeigh's execution date.

Author:FBI <> (
Subject:Your Time Is UP, Kat Hak Sung !Sat, Jun 9 2001 at 8:25 am[
Email Msg </cgi-bin/forum/forum.cgi?c=emailmsgform&fid=1937-truth&mid=27> | Invite </cgi-bin/forum/forum.cgi?c=inviteform&fid=1937-truth>

Message:Kat Hak Sung! Your time is up! We are giving you 3x24 hours to surrender. Turn yourself in to the local authority where you are residing now. You have been sentenced to DEATH in absentia. ..... Within 3x24 hours you should surrender and turn yourself in, to serve your death sentence under the gallows. The state of California has restored this kind of death sentence just for you. ....

These ruthless comments reflect how confident they were to their plan. If these plan worked out, a dead man could never protest and reveal all these flaws. They execute private punishment, they have their own private court, they extort and murder politicians even President. They think they are god.

98. A typical story of censorship attempt

This is what happened in late October in <; . Which may suggested they really told people I was indicted in absentia in drug case.

The story showed how a moderator changed his attitude, using a convenient reason trying to fulfil a mission. Ben is a moderator, he thought my thread was a serious issue to debate, he foresaw the trouble of harassment and give a pre-warning. I did meet the trouble of harassment he foreseen. Then on Oct. 25 he changed his attitude......

Ben Posted: Sun Oct 13, 2002 2:17 am
I've moved this to Serious Debate. I can also read the future, so I'm reminding everyone right now that personal attacks aren't tolerated here, and repeated personal attacks, even in Personal Messages, will result in a banning.

Ben Posted: Fri Oct 25, 2002 1:29 am
I've sent him a Private Message; however, Kathaksung, I'd now ask that you participate in the discussion rather than just posting messages to the board. This is a discussion forum, and you must further conversation to conform to the terms and conditions. If you don't, I will be forced to ask you to leave.

kathaksung, Nov 6
If there is rational question, I'd like to discuss with them like I've done before. But how can I discuss with the message such like, "well, sorry, but this thread smells like shit, looks like shit, theres hoof prints walking away from it, and i hear mooing in the distance."? Or message implied that I have mental problem? It seems there are two different standards and some personal attack were neglected. That's the issue I like to discuss with you.

(I than posted a story and asked Ben if he was forced by government)

Posted: Thu Nov 07, 2002 12:40 am
To be more specific, I'm more likely to be being watched by the government than any of you. 🙂 Unless some of you are actual criminals or something.

kathaksung Posted: Thu Nov 07, 2002 8:21 pm
That's true. When they need to censor speech they were uneasy for, the first one they looked for is moderator or administrator. Those who under the pressure had to find some excuse to do the order. Of course, to legalize their demand, they used to give some reason, mostly defame the victim as criminal or something. But if you have an independent mind, the same question will be up: Why they are so scare of the messages "unless they are actual criminals or something".

99. They are scare of my messages

In Sept. 2000, I started my thread to reveal the dark side of Federal law enforcement agency. Then found they managed several times to murder me. In each attempt of murder there always came with internet attack. Most obvious was after the failure of the first frame-up case in June, 2001. Next month in July, Ashcroft came to Bay area where I live announced a national cyber monitor programme. He created 9 teams to monitor the whole country which I alleged involved in harassment and censorship in internet. At the same time I got a message in which may help you understand how they view my messages.

Quote, "Coyote954 01:45am Jul 12, 2001 EST

Kathaksung, I have an idea for you. Have you ever heard of a guy named Dick Marcinko? Well, he was a Navy SEAL, ....One day, he wrote a book about his experiences in the Navy SEALs, ....
The problem is, he told a lot of Navy secrets. They harassed him, ...-- but, he could write whatever he wanted as long as it was fiction!
So now he writes books about the Navy, and the SEALs, .....except that now he just says it is all fiction. .....
So... I tell you, your experience with these government operatives would be a great story, and if you just pretend that it is "fiction" everyone will know better and the gov't can't do anything to you. .....And, hey, as the guy that gave you the idea, I want 5%. "

kathaksung 04:54pm Jul 13, 2001 EST

Thanks for your suggestion. I have never sworn to FBI or DEA to keep their secret, so I have no obligation. What I put here are my personal experience, they are facts not fiction. If they want to send me to the court, I'd like to. What I need is not money, I need justice. Sorry you can't get your 5% but thanks anyway for your suggestion.

Kat Hak Sung

100. Power to spy on citizens expanded (11/24)

A news in 11/19 said "A federal appeals court ruled Monday that the Justice Department has broad powers to use wiretaps and other means to combat terrorism- a decision that will greatly expand the government authority to eavesdrop on Americans." The appeals court said the "Patriot Act" has given D.O.J. such a power although the congress insisted that it was not their intent.

It overturns the ruling of secret FISA court made in May. In which it caused dramatic reaction of agents who worked surveillance on me. (see "86. FISA Secret Court ruling" and "88. Foreign hand") Though they have never stop surveillance and harassment, now they get back legally. That proves their influence on Judiciary and their power is almost unchecked.

In 11/21, news said,"Senior FBI officials have grown frustrated with the bureau's performance in the war on terrorism, and they are dmanding that agents become more aggressive and single-minded in hunting terrorists. "and "They need to get out on the street and develop sources." Here I interpret "single-minded" imply to "freely make up decision by himself", "aggressive" imply to "do anything you want". "on the street and develop sources" imply to recruit gangs and mobs to have violence on the street. I'm familiar with such attemption. After May, there was court jury summon, letters for arranged meetings about my daughter's schoolarship though it's still 4 years away for her college entrance, even continuous false accusation to force me attending house inspection meeting. All attempts to lure me out to street.

How aggressive can they be? In Pratt's case, they framed him up as a murderer, and stopped other witness from testifying for him by planting false letters, almost would have executed him through the hand of US judiciary. In Judi Bary's case, to get rid of an environment activist, they even accused her of bombing herself.

Why they want to be aggressive with me? Because I am the witness of their crime. My revelation made them uneasy, especially the opinion about anthrax attack, government knowledgement of 911 attack, and sniper case.

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Have you thought of living off the grid ? How old are you ? I can't say I believe you implicitly but I can say I know first hand much of what you have said is true. If someone were to tell me a story identical to my own I would probably not believe them..and that's sad but it's a fact. This is how the family pulls it off. Make it unbelievable to the majority population IQ. I'm, still debating whether I should tell about my recent experiences after what they did to me last time. The thing is... I really don't much care anymore. They could catch more flies with honey in my case because the vinegar has become the norm. Death...well I really don't care about that either and I'm sure they would make it look like natural causes. An easy thing to do in my case. I just wish I had an opportunity not to be on the outside looking in. I'd like to be valuable in a different sense. I doubt if you'll see that posted anywhere. I doubt if anyone but the family will understand what I just wrote.

January 26, 2010 - 12:06 am
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101. Sniper case

I think the sniper case was done by government insider. It's a case similar to anthrax attack. I believe it was done by law enforcement agency. The anthrax attack was done to push congress for the passing through of "Patriot Act". The sniper case was done to push congress for passing resolution of authorization president with war power on Iraq.

The announcement of arrest of Mohammad and Malvo puzzled me. It seems evidence is strong, (especially Malvo admitted he was the shooter). I once thought I was wrong. But question emerged gradually. My suspicion on this case are:

(1) The sniper had to move away the back cushion of the seat when he intended to shoot. The only place he could put it on was the foot space for rear seat passenger. It's a big lump to handle in small compartment of Chevrolet Caprice. It would take sometime to move and settle it. And too, to put it back after shooting. The abnormal action would easy to be noticed. The Caprice is with glass windows.

(2) The sniper couldn't lay flat to shoot. He had to hold the rifle, so there was a height of his shoulder. His head must be upright to aim, so there was the height of his head over the shoulder. Was the luggage compartment that high for him? The rifle is long. If the distance from shoot hole to the back of front seat is 6 feet, a foot to two (from the aim point to gun end), must be deducted from 6 feet length. Then. there is only 4 feet and something left. There is hardly enough space for a sniper lay down to shoot.

(3) The hole is small ( News said it was blocked by a glove). Then the view of sniper is limited.

(4) In shooting events, people couldn't figure out where the shooting came from. It's reasonable to think that a silencer was used. But no silencer was found in Caprice. If the silencer was used, the lenth of rifle must be longer than privious assumption.

(5) The shooting were one shoot a death. Even a sharp shooter need a nice situation to result it. It's hard to believe he could do this in a car like this. I still believe a cargo van or a box van was more likely used in the case as other witness saw.

In early November, a news inspired me. I posted a message in several sites as early as in 11/2 to doubt on the case.

"(1) Is Muhammad real sniper?

Is he real sniper? Many people said he intended to be caught by deliberately left many clues. Generally, a serial killer used to admit it when police knocking at his door. But though media were full of topic of "death penalty", it seems a propaganda to plant an idea to the public that Muhammad is the real sniper. Not much people are aware of that....

Muhammad Interrogation In Dispute
U.S. Attorneys Cut Off Talks, Local Prosecutor Alleges
By Susan Schmidt and Katherine Shaver
Washington Post Staff Writers
Thursday, October 31, 2002; Page A01

Quote, "In the hours after his capture, sniper suspect John Allen Muhammad ranted at investigators, denying ownership of the car that he was arrested in and the Bushmaster rifle found inside it, Justice Department officials said yesterday.

FBI agents and Montgomery County detectives questioned Muhammad over a five-hour period at a secret location Thursday, trying to get him to say something that would help prosecutors build their case against him and John Lee Malvo. But Muhammad did not answer any questions about the shootings, officials said." ... Oct30.html

(2) 17 years old now becomes expert sniper? (posted after Nov. 10)

If you believe at the right beginning in what media said Muhammad is an expert sniper and so and so. Now it goes to the other end. It seems they have to put the suspicion on Malvo, a 17 years old illegal immigrant from Jamaica now became the "expert sniper" who did one shoot a death.

Quote, "Officials Link Most Sniper Killings to Teenager

November 10, 2002

WASHINGTON, Nov. 9 - Senior law enforcement officials said
today that evidence suggested Lee Malvo, the 17-year-old charged in the Washington-area sniper shootings, was the gunman in most of the attacks that left 10 dead.

The officials said investigators did not believe that Mr. Muhammad could fit in the trunk of the Caprice, where a hole had been hollowed out in the back and a seat modified so a gunman could fire from the back of the car. "The trunk
is very small and Malvo is much smaller than Muhammad," one
official said."

I posted my opinion on 11/2, this news on 11/10 proves it. Remember so far the evidence government given can be planted. The two were not directly found or arrested on the shooting site.

Then why the two were chosen to be the "snipers"?

102. Gang manipulation (12/6)

In "62. Plot" I talked about Federal attorney whom unusually involved in a state gang case, trying to expand death penalty on gang members of Nuestra Familia. I alleged the dramatic Federal intervention was an attempt to reach a deal of "murder for less penalty bargain". And I realized then agents would frame a big drug case to kill many people by the hands of prison gang.

This November an article I found in internet proved it. The article "The FBI's crime syndicate
San Francisco lawyer charges feds with "outrageous misconduct"

Quote, "For seven months the FBI effectively masterminded the illegal activities of a heavily armed northern California crime syndicate, according to a motion filed Sept. 30 in federal court.".....

"The FBI, through its informant Daniel "Lizard" Hernandez, "directed the delivery of firearms and drugs, approved of plans to commit home invasion robberies, passed on authorizations for violence against out-of-favor former gang members, encouraged violence to protect the gang's interests, and eventually failed to prevent the killing of Raymond Sanchez and wounding of Joseph Cantu,"

The gang is Nuestra Familia. Raymond Sanchez was executed on 5/21/2001. 21 gansters were indicted in June 2001. I've talked about my drive license was due on 5/24/2001 which might have been planed as an important evidence in Federal agent's frame plot. And they even delayed McVeigh's execution date to 6/11/2001 to diverge public attention from a would be slaughter in prison. The motion said FBI mastermined this operation for 7 months. 7 months from Sanchez's death was November 2000, the time of publishing of the article "Killing Pablo". I talked about this in "62 Plot". The time they decided to frame a drug case and started operation.
103. Aggressive response

Serial killer had his own particular way to murder. Each criminal had his own characters. So did Federal agents. Their skill is manipulating their informants, gansters to work for them.

When high ranking FBI demanded agents to be "aggressive and get out on the street and develop sources", (see "100 Power to spy on citizens expanded") I immediately thought of it would be another attempt to manipulate gangsters to murder.

Within days of that FBI memorandum, there was a news: "4 men killed in Salinas, Gang violence" (S.J.M.N. 12/2/02)

It said that 4 apparent gang rivalries were killed last week.(late November) That Hugo Sanchez, was walking when a car drove by and someone asked him where he was from, then shot him to death. Police said. 'Where are you from' is a common gang challenge."

Though the report avoided to talk of what gang was it, I know what it is from former news. Salinas is the homebase of Nuestra Familia. I remembered in a web site ( I was asked repeatedly "Where are you from?" recently. Is that a coincidence? I don't think so. It seems a preparation to paint me as a ganster if there is a shoot death. Though it sounds funny, it is an aggressive work of get onto the street.

These days I suffered heavy harassment in internet. Despite of various problems to read and post, I was once blocked from internet the whole afternoon. (I generally surf internet in the afternoon) I can feel the frustration of FBI. Their aggressive work made me write the above messages first. I'll continue with my opinion on sniper case in next message.

Reference: "Ex-prosecutor describes links between FBI, mob" (S.J.M.N. 12/6/2002)

"A former U.S. attorney in Boston told a congressional committee Thursday that he knew that some gangland informers were committing murders and that their FBI handlers had become personally involved with them. But he said he took no action because he was intimidated by the FBI.

"It would have precipitated World War 3 if I had tried to do anything about FBI informants," said the witness, Jeremiah T. O'sullivan, who was head of the New England Organized Crime Strike Force and then U.S. attorney in the 1970s and '80s."

104. Sniper case (2) (12/17)

(4) Rich homeless

When someone complained in internet that INS had released Malvo after he was arrested as an illegal immigrant, I had such a message: "Don't blame INS all the way. Malvo might have been recruited as an informant. Law enforcement agent used to use such kind of people as snitch. John doer2 in OKC bombing is a similar one, or now called Padilla."

Quote, "In particular, there has been ample information to indicate that Williams had significant connections to larger illegal resources or organizations.

Multiple Identities: .....
Extensive Travel: The Rev. Alan Archer, who runs the Lighthouse Mission homeless shelter where
Williams and Malvo often stayed, reported that Williams would often claim extreme poverty, and yet at times procure large quantities of cash and fly off to such destinations as the Caribbean, Florida on business, and to Denver and Salt Lake City for skiing. Archer said that Williams frequently took phone calls from travel agents, so his jet-setting was a regular affair. This kind of activity is highly indicative of the fact that Williams was part of some sort of international ring. He stated to several friends that he moved to Bellingham to be near the Canadian border, so he could quickly get out of the US if needed.
Immigrant Smuggling:...."


(5) Muhammad's life in Jamaica seemed to be a fairly good one: praying, jogging, adopted a son- Malvo.

Quote, "Muhammad seemed a model father. He prayed at home, stopped by his kids' Greenville Primary School and took them jogging every afternoon.

> Malvo lived with the family for about three months, and each morning donned khaki pants and a blue plaid tie to attend the Antigua and Barbuda Seventh-Day Adventist School. Muhammad introduced him as his son.

On frequent trips to the United States, Muhammad loaded up with blank CDs, batteries, things that can be high-priced on the island, and sold them to friends. He also weaved grand stories, telling a friend he had worked for the CIA and FBI, and that he had to return to the States periodically to give military training workshops."


Do they more like informants for a powerful organization then the homeless as most paper saying? If you find all media reported conflict saying from government, (almost like a pre-trial) but rarely heard what suspects say or some other source? Anyone with common sense would know that which organization had the power to decide not to deport illegal immigrant and also were interested in penetration of smuggling society of illegal immigrants and the homeless society as well. I recognized that news report right away when I first read it. In my experience, G-lady (see #32, #47) often went to ski resort Tahoe around year 93. Because she is not a lady fond of sport, I at that time impressed that agents liked to entertain their informants when they had meeting. Now it looked like it's one of their culture. To have their train course at ski resorts.

(6) If you think Muhammad and Malvo were informants of Federal agency, then it's not difficult to understand why Federal prosecutor stopped the interrogation on first day after police were developing a rapport with Muhammad. Did they try to protect the right of Muhammad as they said later? Of course not. I think they were worrying Muhammad might reveal his identity of informant. FBI is notorious for abusing power, search and survey without warrant. Otherwise why didn't they stop the interrogation right from the begining? (Which is said lasted about 5 hours). And suspects used to confess in first interrogation when they were still in shock for the arrest and tell the truth.

Quote, "Yesterday, federal officials and Montgomery County law enforcement officials feuded about whether the discussions with Muhammad during his first day in custody had run their course, or whether they were curtailed by federal prosecutors."

"The tension yesterday was exacerbated by a report in the New York Times that quoted unnamed sources as saying that DiBiagio had forced state and federal investigators to stop talking to Muhammad just as they were developing a rapport with him." ... Oct30.html

(7) Reference: Padilla

Padilla was born in 1970.

1978-1982: Attending Darwin Elementary.

August 1985: Arrest record starts when he's 14, and is charged as a juvenile in connection with a murder. Padilla and a buddy robbed and stabbed a drunk man. Padilla kicks the bleeding man in the head. He tells cops: "I felt like it." January 1989: Arrested for obstructing people on the street after he was caught flashing gang signs and wearing gang colors. Tells police he's a Latin Disciple.

February 1989: Arrested for battery after hitting a cop in the face after trying to swipe a doughnut.

January 1991: Arrested in Chicago for firing a .357-caliber Magnum out a window of building near where he was living.

October 1991: Now in Florida, arrested for road rage incident in suburban Fort Lauderdale. Padilla fired a silver .38-caliber revolver at another motorist but missed.

1992: He was released from jail.

1992-93: Works at a Taco Bell in Davie, Fla.

June 1994: Padilla files for name change with Broward County; changes name to just Ibrahim. Later begins referring to himself as Abdullah al Muhajir.

1993-94: Works maintenance at Coral Ridge Golf Course in Fort Lauderdale.

(There is no information about where Padilla was and what work he did in this period from the source. I think that's top secret for FBI.)
May 8, 2002: Arrested at O'Hare Airport.

JOSE PADILLA'S PAST via: <http://&#62;

Notice the owner of fast food restaurant Padilla worked for in 92-93 was a Muslim.
Also notice that Padilla quit his ganster's life after his release from jail in 92. And try to penetrate into Muslim society since then. I think he might have been recruited in the jail and start his undercover job on 92.

I realized him as an informant not only based on above information, but mainly on the situation he was arrested in this May. When Ashcroft announced Padilla's arrest in Moscow, he had his purpose. The internet immediately circulated that Padilla was identical to John Doer2 of OKC bombing. When they need excuse to start war on Iraq, they sacrifice their informant without hesitation. See other opinion of mine about Padilla at: Re 7. Padilla and OKC bombing (6/15) in "68. Ashcroft's revenge (5/31/02)".

Also review "6. Looter and scapegoat" to see how they sacrificed a black teenage to settle a burglary case. That teenage, I guess, would work as an informant in jail.

105. Sniper case (3) Dramatic turnaround (12/27)

(8) Information Federal want you know and not know

When the two were arrested, media were full of information that Muhammad was a specialist Marksman, that the rifle was from a gun shop of his living state, that he was linked to other gun murders. And even his former wife and his son were in news said he deserved deaths if he committed such crime. It was almost a pre-trial.

What we know is in Muhammad's first interrogation, he ranted and denied any connection to sniper case. He was brought into Federal custody just at the time when he intended to speak something. After about one week, DOJ dramatically dropped the initial 20 counts of Federal charges against him. Police said the trunk of Caprice is to small to fit him. Now all evidences turn to point to Malvo, and he admitted he did some shootings.

I think Muhammad and Malvo, as informants, were assigned to the sniper shooting sites. They thought they were doing routine job to solve sniper case, never dreamed of being framed as snipers themselves. The Caprice was their working car. After arrest, Muhammad was old enough to realize the seriousness of the situation, and was going to tell the truth. FBI, watching him all the time, stopped it at the right point. (I think in the train course in ski resort, a principle for informants is at any time, they shouldn't reveal their identity. Breaking the rule may face death penalty. Anyhow, Muhammad knew he would face death penalty too, if he wouldn't tell the truth. He chose not to be a scapegoat.) As the result, in that one week's custody, a compromise has reached, and there was a dramatical turnaround.

Malvo kept his mouth shut up during the first 5 hours' interrogation. A week later, he changed his manner after Federal handed them over to local police. In a 7 hours interrogation, he admitted he was the one who pulled the trigger. "Malvo was talkative, smiling, even bragging in response to indirect questions from investigators, sources said."(S.J.M.N.) A poster in internet said Malvo even sang during interrogation. What made him so happy for something would lead him to death penalty? It seems he was under influence of something. Or he was strongly trust the promise of FBI, believe they are the God? Anyway, the unusual behave of Malvo made his attorney, Arif, said "he needs a psychiatrist to evaluate Malvo because 'We're not certain what makes Mr. Malvo tick.'"
This interrogation was a questionable one. Muhammad and Malvo were transferred from Federal to local police in later afternoon. Peter Greenspan, who represented Muhammad, said, "All of this was so orchestrated so that they would get them to Virginia late in the afternoon when they couldn't get to court." Malvo's guardian, Petit, asked the police to stop the interrogation at 6p.m. A police commander agreed to pass on his request and then ordered him to leave. (S.J.M.N.)

When Federal wants to stop Muhammad telling the truth, they used the reason of his right to have a lawyer. Once when they want people to know what they want them to know, they orchestrated another interrogation. Though without a lawyer, this time the Federal didn't try to protect Malvo's right.

(9) Question and Answer

Q1. Some people argue that people heard the shots

A. I re-read the news. They are right. People heard the shots. No silencer was used.

Q2. Some people said Muhammad and Malvo are the suspects because the shooting stopped after they were arrested.

A. I don't think it can prove anything. If it's a framed case, the real sniper of course would stop shooting, otherwise they would prove the two were innocent.

Perpetrator(s) stop to mail anthrax letter. That doesn't mean they have been arrested. It only proves they stopped when mission is fulfiled. The former one was to push for the pass through of "Patriot Act" The later one was to push for the authorization of Iraq war power. FBI have trouble for incapacity of solving the anthrax case. So this time they prepare a scapegoat.

Q3. Some people said they have a Caprice, that it's trunk is spacious, and allowed man operating inside easily.

A. It seems contradictory to Police' conclusion. I have no experience with Caprice so I don't know which one is correct. There are two possibilities. Either there has been a compromise between the arrested two and Federal, so police lied to exclude Muhammad from shooting, or the trunk is really small. So far the authority's saying is it's too small to fit Muhammad.

And I still hold my opinion. The victims were in parking lot, or gas station, or at the entrance of the shop. Which were lighted area with a lot of traffic and customers. The Caprice couldn't be too near the sites because it thus would have been seen there was a big black hole in its back seat. And the operation to settle the big lump of back seat cushion will cause attention. It's not a van with closed area. It's a Sedan with glass window of four sides. In a situation that everybody kept alert, any sniper would have stayed far away from the crowd area. And even if the trunk is big, the deck must have been at the same level as other cars. If you lay at that level, see through a small hole about two feet away, your sight would be very limited and would be blocked by the body of other cars, the car parking along the roadside, on the parking lot, and the cars on the moving, even the bushes. The bullet path couldn't jump over the body of other cars. It's hard to imagine they could have done so many successful shootings by a Caprice without been discovered.

If their plot had come to true that me and others whom know the truth were detained in jail, 21 killer gangsters had been there already. I think my abandon of renewal of drive license and revelation in internet soured their plan.

This motion (9/30/2002) is from the lawyer who represents one of another 16 defendents still awaiting trial in Sanchez's death. (5/31/2001). Consider there was another murder attempt in October, (see "94. Interest exchange", "95. A notice for a meeting"), it looks like that agents still want to use Nuestra Familia's mob in new plot?

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