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911 Retrospective
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September 1, 2013
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June 25, 2017 - 4:43 pm
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After more than 15 years I thought it made sense to look back on 911 and see where we stand now. I've been on both sides of the issue and I've watched pretty much every YouTube video and even a few tv shows and I've read many forums discussing this topic. In the end I come down on the side of conspiracy, and here is why.

Some of the conspiracy theorist's evidence and reasoning is wrong of course, and some of it is just whacky, but some of it is quite correct. Some of the official story is also wrong and just as whacky. So here are the major points as I see it.

The collapse. No one expected the collapse, even people who have spent their careers entering burning buildings. No modern steel and concrete buildings have collapsed due to fire. The actual design of the buildings meant that each floor actually could hold the weight of several floors above, so one or two floors collapsing would not bring down the towers, especially not two of them. Much more can and has been said about this aspect. Fire could not bring down those buildings.

Most of the people on duty, both government and military, in positions of responsibility, and needed to make decisions, were AWOL, some with ridiculous excuses, "in a meeting and can't take calls". Really?! Unacceptable. Did they get fired or sent to Levinworth? No, they got promoted. When Secretary of State Donald Rumsfeld finally did show up at the Pentagon, did he go to the NMCC to get briefed on what was happening? No, why would he? He already knew the extent of the attack and that it was over. Quite the clairvoyance.

Eye witnesses at the WTC testified to NIST that there was an explosion in the basement under the towers before the first plane hit. It knocked them off their feet. People in the elevators near ground level emerged burnt. Why an explosion in the basement? To disable the sprinkler system so the fires could not be put out. Other explosions at ground level were experienced. There were so many explosions testified to its hard to track them all.

Thermite. I've seen enough evidence to believe that thermite was used in large quantities. Molten steel burned for weeks. You cannot explain that with a fire caused by jet fuel. You see a good number of videos that clearly show what looks like thermite. And people in professions familiar with thermite have testified that they see thermite evidence.

Why send the debris to China? This entailed significant trouble and expense and was completely unnecessary unless you are trying to keep someone from investigating. And why would China accept this stuff, knowing what it was?

Was anything unusual going on in the buildings leading up to 911? Yes, there were strange people in the buildings performing some unknown large scale security maintenance, people were locked out of the towers, and that team just happened to work for a company run by a relative of President Bush. Quite the coincidence huh? Of all the buildings in the US he was in charge of security at these buildings. Wow. Calculate the odds of that.

Why no response? You are going to tell me that the billions of dollars we've spent every year for the better part of the last century on defense couldn't stop four planes? I don't buy the excuse about our defenses being designed to stop external attacks. That's complete hogwash. Radar is radar. Airplanes are airplanes. And civilian airliners are the easiest thing to spot. Military aircraft employ all manner of stealth technologies and they can be stopped. There was conflicting information and even conflicting orders given out by gov officials, some feigning incompetence.

Was a proper investigation performed? No. The investigation was purposely under funded and limited in scope. Many witnesses were ignored. Evidence was ignored. The conclusions were forgone. I gave up reading the 911 report.

And then there is other related weirdness. The owner of the WTC who had just bought the properties a few months earlier, made a fortune on the attack, so he is not likely to complain. He got double insurance. How did he work that deal? And there was that truck parked outside the WTC with the mural on it depicting exactly what was happening as it was happening. It conveniently was obliterated so no evidence remains, but people saw it that day and said so that day on tv. And then there were all those reports of explosions going off everywhere. Of course these were false reports but they served their intended purpose, to frighten and confuse people, see Northwoods.

And then there was the biggest coincidence in history, the war games going on at the time of the attack. War games that included hijacked commercial airliners. And people bought this pathetic story? The war games, run by VP Cheney, served well to ensure the attack would not be stopped. And having served in the military I find it extremely odd that the Vice President would be involved in military war games. I've never heard of that.

And of course President Bush was placed well out of range where he could not be harmed, or make decisions, or be blamed, a kindergarten. Perfect.

And of course we are supposed to believe that this genius plan was created by a camel jockey, in a cave, in Afghanistan, an outcast Saudi, who opposed the Saudi royal family, and who eluded the entire government and military of numerous nations for over a decade, who hid in a barricaded compound across the street from a Pakistani military academy, but was finally tracked down by Barak Obama and secretly executed and whose body was thrown into the ocean. Yeah I buy that. Makes perfect sense. Talk about B movie.

And the final piece of evidence, which pushes it over the edge for me, is the one where the eye witness is, me. And this is one piece of evidence never discussed by anyone. And that's the most compelling evidence of all. I'm talking about Leo Phoenix. I saw what he posted and when. The evidence was destroyed by the FBI and I know that because I'm the one who told them about it. I saw it disappear within 24 hours from every server reachable in the US. Impressive! But why? Someone talked. The only one with remorse.

When faced with an unpleasant truth or a pleasant fiction, most people will choose the pleasant fiction. That's how these conspiracies succeed.

Since the Add Reply does not work on mobile devices on BV I have no choice but to use Edit.  This has been a problem for a very long time.

That's a video worth watching.  Wow, I had not considered a directed energy weapon.  Sounds far fetched until you go back and look at the videos of the first tower collapse.  Then you'll say, how could I have missed that?  You can clearly see large steel beams disappear in mid-air. Holy cow!  The US has a new weapon.  And it works.  That explains a lot, like all those cars that were burnt up despite no direct cause, and those vehicles that were mangled despite nothing having fallen on them.  Yeah it looked like thermite, but it wasn't. And that truck I mentioned before? Now you know what happened to it.  Now you know why there was so little debris, just dust.

They fired that thing from space!  Ever wonder what all those secret shuttle missions were?  They have a satellite in space with a directed energy beam weapon that can disintegrate buildings. Wow!  That explains why they needed those missing trillions of dollars. They needed it to weaponize this technology.  I guess that makes ICBMs obsolete.  I guess Reagan got what he wanted.

And I just realized, they didn't take out the sprinklers to keep the firemen from putting out the fires, because they were never going to get that chance anyway. It was to keep the water from interfering with the weapon.  Like putting a bowl of water in a microwave, it has to work harder to heat it up, more than any other food.  Yeah, it makes sense.

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September 1, 2017
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September 1, 2017 - 5:52 am
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Comet Borisov and the Eye of Orion Mega Ritual Discussion

(About 33 Minutes into the Video)

Image Enlarger

Scale 1 = Galactic Attractor and Andromeda Galaxy (Upper Left) ... (Nibiru in our Earth's Sun and Milky Way Galaxy (Lower Right) ... Pleiades, Nibiru's Original Location to (Upper Right) ... Constellation Leo, Original Location of the Constellation's Belt Adjustment (Lower Left)

Scale 2 = Center of Milky Way Galaxy Cross, with the Center of the Dark Rift to the Upper Right

Scale 3 = (See Below for Description) 8/21 to 9/23, which Began with the Solar Eclipse in the USA according to Mayan Prophecy, and has a few points connected to activity in the USA (Sign of Divorce Initial Expression is in the USA, City of Philadelphia, this is part God's Will, and part Intelligent Design)

Image Enlarger


1. Hawaii (is one of the Targets of North Korea) (Bottom Red Circle)
2. Dust Bowel (Middle Red Circle)
3. 9/11/2001 (Top Red Circle)

The Red Line represents a very rough period between 70 and 80 Years, with specific, and pronounced points of electrohemisphere activation.  Hawaii is not Activated, however, is can summarize this in the design...........The Green Line Represents the Solar Eclipse Path, that identifies with 33 Degrees (Pleiades/Orion/Sirius) for 33 Days (Leo to Virgo) both the Pleiades in Taurus, and Leo separate from the Eclipse at a rough 33 Degrees, that is the unifier.  That is around 1933 Dust Bowl to begin the pattern for 33 Degrees.

The Earth's Sun, path of the Figure 8, rests in September, that is the Unifier in the design, between the Center of the Galaxy, and our Earth's Sun in the Design.................See the Difference in the Chart from August to September (8/21 to 9/23?), this equals the distance from the Center of the Galaxy and the Dark Rift just off the Center of the Galaxy.................September is a significant Energy Centers, following the Intelligent Design, and God's Activities or more correctly, 33 Degrees for 33 Days.

More Correct Position: the Andromeda Galaxy, represents the Center of the Cross that is a unified pattern of activity on roughly three scales.  (with the upper left, representing the Galactic Attractor).......................Our Expedition Off World to the Andromeda Galaxy represents, God identifying with the natural center of his activities, remember God has not flooded the Andromeda Galaxy the way he has flooded the milky way in removing its glory, to furnish the gospel's law.

(I'm going to use Russian Girls and Boys of Legal Age, instead of Asia............Right now, you been abusing me for sometime, and illustrating your willingness to repeat the events of vietnam, therefore I took you at your oath to hurt me, and I smashed the PS4 with a hammer, and I'm selling a few things, and I'm keeping a few things..............I may or may not allow some asian people to cooperate with our Expedition Off World specifically, however few I decide to allow........moving forwards, we may talk more about what is necessary............so the law works kinda like this:.........)

8/21 to 9/23
9/23 to 8/7/2024

(the spacing is 1260 days flight 370, then 33 days, then 1260 days then 1260 days then 153 days in that order..................God has not entered what he considers 7 years of revelation at this level...............33 degrees for 33 days is quantified as the difference from 2555 seven years of daniel and 2520 (1260 + 1260) the seven years of revelation................God uses the earth also so that is why this argument is correct) Love and Blessings (You used enough force against me to make my decision legally viable with God............do not concern yourselves with the usa..............they need to do a lot more against me, before I can really write them out of god's mercies)

(thousand of years ago the babylonians documents the behavior of the aliens, during their 14 dynasty reign, and they recorded a x or cross symbol it is recorded in zecharia sitchin's the 12th planet, one leg of the cross lead to their alien city, and the other leg of the cross lead to a portal................it is god's decision, not yours, to put all of his mercies in my point of discernment, right now I'm doing "pain for pain", and increasing, their force, to lethal levels, that is what you are seeing being done)

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