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What news sources do YOU trust?
December 31, 2012
6:21 pm
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August 26, 2009
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Recently, on The Black Vault, there has been a lot of debate and discussion about top issues in our world. Yet, when those back up their information with "sources" they are always mocked and ridiculed as "fake", "biased" or down right "nonfactual."

So as I posed this question directly to someone earlier this morning, I felt a new thread devoted entirely to the issue was in order.

What news agencies do YOU trust or listen to? Although I am sure I'll get a lot of "none" answers, there must be some that you frequent.

Looking forward to your answers!

John Greenewald, Jr.
The Black Vault Website Owner / Operator

December 31, 2012
7:02 pm

I generally watch Fox News and they are the ones staying on top of Benghazi by asking the tough questions, although Obama and his administration have been so vague, non transparent, and outright deceiving until no one can get a direct or honest answer from these pinheads. It not just about Hillary Clinton or Susan Rice__it's about EVERYONE from Obama all the way down to anyone having any information about the Benghazi attack and what had been happening in the numerous geographical areas surrounding Benghazi long BEFORE the Benghazi tragedy. This incident isn't just a lack of communication between intelligence and inconsistencies in reports__this is SO MIND BLOWING until America is going to revolt if Obama and other individuals are not just held accountable, but given a stiff sentence for what happened.

December 31, 2012
7:12 pm
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April 9, 2009
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Trust the News agency most blocked from White House daily press conferences. That probably would be FOX.

December 31, 2012
10:06 pm
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July 20, 2009
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If we are talking mainstream media, there are so many news sources out there and a good majority of them report accurate information (too many to list). However, i typically do not trust any 1 news source on it's own. A news item should be corroborated by other reliable sources in order for it to be accepted as fact.

However, the problem I have, and seemingly a good number of other people have, is that a wealth of important news items go unreported. In addition, the duty of these media outlets to ask important questions (without ridicule) and diligently seek out important answers, has gone all but extinct.

In terms of alternate media, there are more and more outlets cropping up that have garnered my respect. I know there are some that will loath me for saying this, but I am gaining more and more respect for Alex Jones and his infowars news. Extreme maybe however, he asks the questions that other news agencies dare not and in addition, is tenacious in getting answers.

"a free society depends on a virtuous and moral people."

December 31, 2012
11:06 pm

Agree with Capricorn on this..

However, the problem I have, and seemingly a good number of other people have, is that a wealth of important news items go unreported. In addition, the duty of these media outlets to ask important questions (without ridicule) and diligently seek out important answers, has gone all but extinct.

I have been able to discern that there are certain stories and patterns within stories that even Fox news will not cover. I will watch and listen to Fox on the radio but take alot of their transmissions with a grain of salt.

I have become very dubious over the years about the nature of the Republican party being conservative at all. I liken them to being more of what I call "Democrat Lite." They too are interested in mostly the game ..not necessarily the public interest. This is what I have been able to detect by listening to the stories which the MSM..including Fox ...will not cover/not report.

I get a lot of my informations from this computer ..with a healthy BS filter along with from my Amateur Radio on which I also monitor the shortwave bands. Thus when I can get certain shortwave stories..I cross check with what the MSM and this computer states along with what they seem want to not report.

I have been waiting for years now for a story with this tone to surface and now that it has I dont see most of the MSM reporting on it.

Here from CNS news..

http://cnsnews.com/news/article/obama-a ... heir-faith

This will wax worse in time as more power and authority is needed.

I've been predicting this too would happen with regularity..it was easy to predict...so much for taxing the rich.

http://cdn.rollcall.com/news/obama_want ... _load=true

Whenever government raises the deficit or prints more monies ...they go out into the only economy in existence..and there is only one such economy. This puts more monies in the hands of the people than there was before. Prices, just like in an auction bidding, must go up sufficient to absorb all this new money creation.

The method government must use by stealth is to tax more monies away from the producing sector of the economy in order to hide the inflation which would occur by the natural auction bidding process of a free market. Thus government rigs the market against the people and in favor of government. As government creates and thus spends more and more..they must needs remove more and more from the private sector..you and me. It is just common sense.

Thus we the people are the competition for government largess in the marketplace. It is we... the producing sector of the economy which must be held back..never the government itself. This is easily predictable.

This is the great secret that the MSM ..including Fox News will not tell us. All those stand up guys do not dare educate the people to the fact that the people are competition in the marketplace for and against government largess by deficit borrowing. This is why the situation has now gotten so bad that they are talking about removing the debt ceiling.

This is the dirty little secret which even Rush Limbaugh will not tell you...nor others of the MSM. This also makes Rush LImbaugh and a host of other so called conservatives suspect to me as to their real modus operandi. Rush particularly because he claims that "The learning never stops." But he never talks on this one...that we the people are competition in the marketplace for government spending or largess. Rush and others never teach that in this manner the free marketplace is rigged against the people.

As long as the economic rigging does not get to far out of line and prices do not run totally away...not much happens. But the time is quickly coming now when it will run away and cannot be hidden. The unlimited ability to raise the deficit is the tell tale sign of what is coming.
And they must try to offset or hide this with tax increases on the people..all the people..not just the rich.

This knowledge on this topic and others is why I am very dubious about the MSM...all of them.

If the MSM will not tell you the truth..that only leaves the truth of ...

Movies and television

Those orange housewives from where ever you'd like

Who is dancing with who??

And the gods of sports.

Do I need to take a DNA and a lie detector test on this??

By the way Capricorn..I too listen to Alex Jones ..even on shortwave at 4.480MHZ AM mode.
I am careful about Alex as well. I know he will cover certain stories the MSM will totally ignore.

But when he begins foaming at the mouth they way he does..I tune somewhere else. I can get foaming at the mouth on most radio frequencies and alot on television. Michael Savage is a textbook example of foaming at the mouth. I like Michael Savage..better than the others..and often better than Rush...but he too will occasionally go ballistic. I'm not into ballistic peoples. I prefer reasoned discipline. It is my way. Rush..I Like to hear his predictions for what is coming..but much of what he says I take with alot of salt.

Thanks to all for their posts,

December 31, 2012
11:25 pm
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April 9, 2009
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I try to listen and read as many as possible, but I don't trust any one source 100%. Barring radical sites and blogs (which I still glance at, though take with a deadly dose of sodium) my philosophy is that *if you're able to keep an open mind and read carefully, you can usually pick out truthful facts and figures through the muck that is media biased.

*Edited for grammar and punctuation.

War is an extension of economics and diplomacy through other means.

Economics and diplomacy are methods of securing resources used by humans.

Securing resources is the one necessary behavior for all living things.

War = Life

December 31, 2012
11:28 pm

"Wing-Zero" wrote: I try to listen and read as many as possible, but I don't trust any one source 100%. Barring radical sites and blogs (which I still glance at, though take with a deadly dose of sodium) my philosophy is that if try to keep an open mind and read carefully, you can usually pick out truthful facts and figures through the muck that is media biased.

Well stated Wing_Zero....well said.

Deadly dose of sodium indeed..LOL LOL LOL...agree...for it is salt which holds back corruption..not sugar.

Well said..well said.


January 1, 2013
3:28 am
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April 9, 2009
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I use google news and don't trust what I read 100%, though if there are several sites all saying the same thing then the credibility in my mind is increased.

"it is easy to grow crazy"

January 1, 2013
8:27 am
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August 27, 2012
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Trust is a strong word. I don't have cable and occasionally watch FOX news and CBS. I like Alex Jones and my wife listens to Michael Savage. I fact check all sources before I give them much credence, unlike Lefties who seem to think paraphrasing is accurate reporting. CBS, ABC, NBC are so left leaning that I cannot stand them and FOX can sometimes be too fundamental for my liking.

Like OT, I too consider the Republican Party to be "Democrat lite". Laugh They and FOX news really irritated me this election cycle. They crucified or outright ignored anyone but their chosen candidate and we ended up with a buffoon as the nominee. 🙄 Then there are other sources like RT and several bloggers and youtube channels, like Adam Kokesh I really like. Like MSM sources, I fact check these as well. These sources actually report news items the MSM won't touch.

OT raised another issue I see as well. Hollywood and media personalities are breaking their necks trying to kiss this administrations backside. Lavish parties and award ceremonies, televised events and just general butt kissing in general like Letterman. 🙄 It's like some grand celebration where they rub it in the face of all the morons who kept this administration intact for four more years. I say they are rubbing it in their faces because they are living it up while the entitlement cases continue to scrape by week to week.

I don't know, maybe that's their version of the American dream. Hoping to someday be discovered and rise to stardom so they can party with the president and get a nifty award for kissing his behind. You know, important people.

The modern definition of ‘racist’ is someone who’s winning an argument with a liberal.

January 1, 2013
9:26 am
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April 9, 2009
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It's never about the source .... it's about a particular sources bias to a particular story.

Does the reporter/web master have any credibility. Have they lied about the facts & twisted the figures to fit their own views.

Here's what i said in the other thread.


"blackvault" wrote: Rath, since you trash every source that's thrown at you, I'd like to ask this honestly.

You don't believe 1+1=2. You don't believe U.S. news agencies. You don't believe statistics. You don't believe in Santa Claus.

Tell me, what are your sources of information? What NEWS agencies do YOU get your information from that you consider clean, unbiased, and FACTUAL?

I look at all sources with a critical mind .... what is their agenda, what are they pushing. then i look at the ( WHO WE ARE link ) on their site. & then i look at their disclaimers at the bottom of their web page.

it does not matter who they are or where they are from as it matters not ... just so long as their facts are accurate & honest.

For example ....... it matters not whether the source is a big global news paper or news program. or a little independent run paper or web site.

The standard is the same (( Accurate & honest reporting of the facts & figures. )) fact is almost every journalist & news reporter / Web master will lie & misrepresent the facts when they are pushing their own agenda.

Let me ask you this ........

Why do most the people on the Black vault seek out news sources that only back their own view.

For example this gun debate thread.

Look at the links you all / i quote / link too.

All the pro gun members always link a source FROM THE USA that backs their claims.
( even if the source has made his/her facts up & lied about the figures )) ..... example The Australian Criminal Bureau.
( There is no such agency in Australia as the Australian Criminal Bureau )

Yet when i post a link to back up my view / position ... do i take the easy path & just find an Australia source that pushes my view ... NO I DON'T.

Example ...... the topic (( Japanese whalers on the move ))

Now i could have go a million anti-whaling news articles from Australian newspapers & news programs to back up my views. ....

Anti whaling story's are a dime a dozen in the Australian media. ( to easy ) ........ but instead i found a news story from a Japanese & British news papers so that the story & the views i link to remained impartial.

Is the Source Impartial or not.

After you can answer that question. Then you can move on to analyzing they facts & figures.

But when the very first thing they right in a straight up lie. (( The Australian Criminal Bureau )) their credibility is already shoot.

So in short ....... the most important thing when using a source is that the source can be seen as impartial.

Im not going to trust statistics provided on gun crime provided by the NRA.

Im not going to trust a north Korean news story that claims they launched a rocket because they wish to put a satalight into space.

Im not going to believe Syrian claims that there is no uprising in Syria & that all is fine ( the Syrians love their President )

Im not going to trust reports about Iran on Palestine from Israel.

Im not going to trust a Pro Jewish news story's from the Israeli press.

It all comes down to Impartiality & credibility

Is it Arms lengths reporting.

Or is it just more Propaganda.

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“It requires wisdom to understand wisdom; the music is nothing if the audience is deaf”

"Where all men think alike, no one thinks very much."

The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.”

“To acquire knowledge, one must study; but to acquire wisdom, one must observe.”

“Wisdom is the right use of knowledge. To know is not to be wise. Many men know a great deal, and are all the greater fools for it. There is no fool so great a fool as a knowing fool. But to know how to use knowledge is to have wisdom.”

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