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Voynich Manuscript Solved (2017 Edition)
September 1, 2017
8:18 pm
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September 1, 2017
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Preface in Parenthesis

(youtube.com/watch?v=OdQ2-_JCIZQ ................... Terence Mckenna at the time of the interview was cured of cancer, and he was recently, cleared by the authorities of homocide ............... we'll come back to that statement .............. during my time at the university of pennsylvania, I went though hundreds of names in their database, I would call to update their information, I didn't have a script or anything like that, anyway .............. there was this one particular phone call that lasted over 20 minutes, I discuss a some thing about the services that were being offered, and we did end up speaking about the voynich manuscript ............ I don't remember much, but I do remember saying something about the book itself being an account of warfare.  that is one voice was being silenced by another voice or something, and it ends up revealing the "women" as the lethal weapon (quoting mckenna, which is natural by any means, before (the dips into increasing) novelty (then some jibberish about something else), semantics of divorce and remarriage, and then the dreaded alimony (thats evidence of the voice being silenced)..................anyway.................I believe he killed whoever his significant other was or significant other in an extramarital affair.................when his cancer went into remission, I believe, one thing connected to another and he was later killed by a vigilante)

Image Enlarger


The Voynich Manuscript Contains Symbols that can readily be substituted for Dark Matter Clusters and Grouping.  The Magnitude of the Material is off the scale literally. http://www.theblackvault.com/c.....ospective/ ... that one "X", or Cross Symbol we've made covers a significant deal of space, this is nothing different then the symbols and statements (word groupings) of the Voynich Manuscript.

1. The Lord's Body is seen as the Language of the Dark Matter Network
2. The Pools of Water and the Flowers, etc., are seen as the unity of the Lord's Body with the Earth that is in a sign or a vision
3. The Women specifically, is the mechanism that invalidates the "sign or vision", that is one voice is suppressing another.

Dealing with the Universe, the Dark Matter Network, does not have any repeating groupings, the relationships that form these arguments are based in infinities, so this can go on for infinity with no repeating patterns.......................the Women's Voice that is eliminating the "Sign or Vision" as the gospel see's it is, "Genetic Dan", it is also INRI (I*/Rape/M*) of the body of the son of man, which is a picture of the Lord's Body.

Using ethnics against me or the "Two Witnesses", whoever they are, as well as his relatives, and their children specifically to abuse his body is big business it involves a lot of people, and it involves the authorities and the church here in the USA.  This is not a guarantee that God will allow this act of mass suicide to interfere with the presentation of Revelation.................this only means.................that God will allow this activity, until he discerns his interests when we enter into the Seven Year Period, technically, this point of fallibility represents 9/23/2017.

(I do not want these people investigated or prosecuted, INRI, as well as the murder/suicide that reflects itself against man, is very common place..............Typically you will find all records deleted and all evidences destroyed..............during my time at the university of pennsylvania, they moved the entire department to another building, and there were a few deaths also...............none of this I want investigated) (best response is to understand the position and contribute this to god's glory in discerning the sign of divorce based on eliminating dead work and dead flesh for seven years)

(Nostradamus's whole family was killed the moment he left to the Expedition Off World and the product was the Lost Books of Nostradamus (this being a natural conclusion of INRI, that is something we should see today at present)..........................the Voynich Manuscript is not, and was not written by man, it was written by a spirit as a tong to convict the wicked....................god does not deal with the taking of wives, he deals with the "deadly head wound", this may or may not mean that a physical blow to the head with a bullet is what God is looking for to cause chain reaction with Joseph the Blessings for these portal openings, I may have direct control in a few days)

(mass murders, and assisted suicide programs, may not even involve me directly at all, that is your responsibility, once we understand the transition, then, you'll suffer less pain and death as the measure of "Joseph the Blessings" Increases) (the Voynich Manuscript represents a complete account of the universe's expansion also by consequence, to the very moment this universe is destroyed completely at the end of the 153 days of revelation, which happens at the end of Seven Years)

September 2, 2017
11:42 am
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Forum Posts: 9
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September 1, 2017
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Sightings S1E09

(Terence Mckenna, is referenced about 4 minutes into the video, as killing his significant other, after he returned to hawaii shortly before his death) (I always assumed he performed the murder after contacting me, but, he may have ended up contacting me, for some other reason) (Ron L. Hubbard and Terrence Mckenna, both denote Hawaii as a first strike location for North Korea) (I Noticed also that the USA has only put up missile defenses for Korea in Hawaii, apparently not doing much else)

(God is going to perform some level of damage in Hawaii, like New York and the Dust Bowl following an intelligent design..............then at the same time............satan typically ends up disputing the same event, this is the general pattern of human behavior)

II CHRONICLES 31:14 And Kore the son of Imnah the Levite, the porter toward the east, [was]over the freewill offerings of God, to distribute the oblations of the LORD, and the most holy things.
II CHRONICLES 31:15 And next him [were]Eden, and Miniamin, and Jeshua, and Shemaiah, Amariah, and Shecaniah, in the cities of the priests, in [their]set office, to give to their brethren by courses, as well to the great as to the small:

(Kore = Korea)
(Imnah = INRI (I*/Rape/M*)
(Eden = Mother, Miniamin = Miriam, Moses Sister)

(If the Great is New York City, then the Small is Hawaii, this appears to be your only area of interests in targeting the USA with nuclear weapons)

TALES OF HEARTS R Review // The Brotherhood of Gaming

The Name "Kor or Kore" is used in the Main Character instead of the name the game references and uses in its dialogues and stuffs............Long Story Short, a character is also just injected into the game that identifies with the 9/11/2001 falling man.

1. 9/11/2001 New York to dispute the Bones of Joseph by burning with fire for the sign of divorce (INRI Resolved before the Seven Year Period)
2. Hawaii, to dispute God's Resolution of INRI for the Seven Year Period

(Deu. 34:17-18) You want to act in the place of God and put off the Sign of Divorce's Initial Expression in the USA...............possible prompt a war in which you are the victim.............to convince God to give you a Sign of Divorce..............that back peddles the Initial Expression at some point of articulation.

This is possible, I can only make the suggestion that you Nuke Hawaii before God reacts to resolve INRI on his terms around 9/23/2017.............God's Reaction of 9/11 and 9/23 is not random it is based on Intelligent Design and his Willingness to react for the purposes of the gospel's law.

(Regardless of your sincerity in the matter, the USA has to disable its missile system, or create a malfunction for you to succeed, they will only be convinced to do that, if the Antichrist, whoever he is, can guarantee this position is viable with God)

(Right now I will not guarantee anything, beyond, man not having a sign of divorce for 7 more years until it dies, until God reacts, this position is viable even if its is slanted, so that is the law) Love and Blessings (INRI will be resolved according to God's interests, in the same context of God's action, this conflict with god does not involve me directly so, I will at least with sincerity try to flush God's Intentions to man accordingly, and to the degree of everything that we've discussed faithfully)

(Terence Mckenna's only reason for contacting me, was to die as a martyr, and give the impression that he was the enemy of god and the enemy of man...............with you korea and dennis rodman, that was a good first start..............I'll will tell you now how to deal with the USA in this issue, of your interests in challenge God to represent his resolution....................wait until God gives a reaction shortly before 9/23, before you decide to follow through with the launch to hawaii, see if that is what the USA wants, otherwise I don't care, but I will see these people broken in one way or another, and with "nothing at all", is not a position I can guarantee, so we just have to see what is necessary)

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