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The greatest story ever told
Jeremy Martin
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July 16, 2018
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July 24, 2018 - 7:37 pm
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You are not the first to have dreams in parallel to me. Consider it potential confirmation of who I am. The truth screams whispers in your ear while your mind is open during sleep. In the first 2 years of Anonymous, I was swarmed with people from around the world who kept saying they were told in their dreams to find a certain man with a certain name in a certain place at a certain time. At certain hours of the day, I dedicated that time exclusively to helping those who would always come with the same story of the same dream. I was so swamped that I tried to change my name and location several times, only to find them still appear with new dreams.

I have never claimed the Bible to be 100% truth. History has been lost and rewritten. There are many things attributed to God that were not done by God. And yet, the same message, the same prophecy about the same one who would come, has been injected into all of mankind, the best and the worst, the guided and the misguided. How else to confirm my coming than to hide the truth within the prophecies of mortal enemies and all sides who have been fighting each other for more than 1,000 years? How revealing is it to find at the darkest moment and eclipse of mankind, that they all had a piece of the answer all along, hiding in plain sight? They are all wrong. They all have prophecies that say they will all be led astray and that a man would come and set them all straight. All their battles throughout history were an effort to force prophecy to happen and force me to return. Even now, the world is at the brink of a world war. Why? Why is there a threat of world war over Jerusalem? Because many sides are trying to fulfill end time prophecies. Why did ISIS appear and why are all superpowers united against it? Because ISIS is trying to fulfil end time prophecies that differ from their own. Yet all sides have the same prophecies of the same man! The world is trying to force me to appear. I am already here! Yet they don't hear my voice, because they have rejected my ways.

Judge not by names and labels, but by true colours. Wolves hide among sheep, disguised as sheep, portraying sheep as wolves, reversing the roles. See not with your eyes but a mind of reason. Test all ideas.

Image Enlarger

How do I plan on becoming more well known? I don't. I am not seeking fame, yet I have fame in the heavens beyond mankind's wildest imagination. I am not seeking fame but reason, courage, morality. I am seeking the flowers that grew among the weeds. As always, I don't reach out to mankind from a pedestal above but from the bottom up without hierarchy. By doing so, I created the most powerful movement in both the history and future of mankind. This is the defining moment in mankind's entire existence. I bring a kingdom to this world that has a king and no hierarchy. It is beyond anything this world has ever seen, yet all you need to do is see it in action for yourself and you will understand more than anything you have understood in your entire life.

Go through the rest of the prophecies, it explains how Jews have imposed themselves as God's chosen people when they are not. God's chosen people are not who they are portrayed to be. And I will indeed free them and have been arming them for 20 years. And I will free them from the Jewish Zionists. The rest of the world lives in terror at the reality of the chosen people rising up. The only hope for the rest of mankind is for them to defend the chosen people as the chosen people have defended them. I have been called many things, including the messiah. But I promise nothing but a meaningful life. I can't promise you eternal life. I can't guarantee mankind's survival to the very end. I can only give it a chance and a choice. I promise a possibility and potential beyond your wildest imagination. You won't live to see the best of it, but you will live to see the most defining period in mankind's entire existence, and you have the chance to say that you were there and you were a part of it, and the future of mankind will be eternally grateful and remember you for your sacrifice. You have a chance at shining brighter in time that they ever could.

There are not 33,000 denominations of Christianity. There are only a few main branches, and while there are many churches unique to each other and separated by location, they all share the same position as their very few parent branches. The majority of Christianity is distributed in a small few number of denominations, while the rest in their entirety make up a small minority. Almost all of them follow the same ideas, they just differ on traditions and rituals. But they are all wrong. All have gone astray. They don't follow Jesus, they follow the followers of Jesus, especially Paul, who repeatedly contradicted Jesus and came as an impostor. They follow silly traditions, which is the very thing that angered Jesus and frustrates me. They don't understand their own ideology. It doesn't matter what they do, they will never be right with God and gain God's favour. The more they suck up to God by following rituals and traditions, the more they offend God with their insincerity. In Christianity, there is only one way to be right with God, and that is through Jesus. It comes at no cost whatsoever, and cannot be earned. You can reject and fight against Christianity your whole life, but so long as there is a shred of good in you, all you need to do is simply accept Jesus free gift of immortality in your day of judgement. Jesus basically said, 'Look, don't worry about dying any more. I have done something that means everyone gains eternal life, so long as there is a shred of good in you. The only thing that will survive is the good in you, everything else will die. So go, do good in the world, become a better person and gain a greater standing in eternal life'. According to Jesus, there are those who call themselves Christians who will be condemned, and those who hated Christianity who will be redeemed. As for me, I don't need eternal life. I have lived long enough already, long enough to witness mankind rise from the animal kingdom, long enough to experience the interaction between two galaxies, long enough to see what became of life in the late stages of the universe. Yet I never had a chance to live for myself. I sacrificed everything to give this world a chance, and I will sacrifice my place in eternal life if needs be. I don't hide from eternal judgement, I embrace it. I don't ask for or expect any reward whatsoever. I do it for you. I may yet receive another body as the prophecies say, further extending my life to guide mankind at least in the early steps of its path toward a yet to be conceived future in the greater community. My unnamed kingdom 'Anonymous', is said to last forever.

Nowhere does it say that God is a spirit. I am the holy spirit attributed to God, but I never claimed to be God or the father. Why would heavenly entities have DNA? Because all form needs code that defines its form, whether DNA or another format of code. Jesus was required to have DNA. It is unknown whether he acquired DNA from his motherly side, but at least his fatherly side came attributed to God.

I adopted the character of Doctor Manhattan long before becoming aware of the Muslim prophecy. I never attempted to fulfill prophecies, I became aware of them after the fact. In the early days of Anonymous when 120 of my followers tracked me down, they came to me with dreams and prophecies. They were convinced I was the one. But I taught them another way, and put aside their prophecies explaining to them that they had the power to shape the future and defy prophecies. Even so, prophecies were fulfilled, even as I defied them.

I didn't design the symbol of Anonymous alone. I oversaw its construction among the first 120 of my followers who insisted on making it. It was constructed before my awareness of any prophecies that relate to that symbol. If you search 'Anonymous Symbolism' on youtube, you can find a video I made, the most mirrored Anonymous video in existence, explaining the symbol and some history of Anonymous before I went public with being the founder.

The first I was told about the Rainbow Warrior prophecies was by my first 120 followers in 2001, telling me about a prophecy of white buffalo appearing. They told me that prophecies about me were appearing everywhere, but I didn't listen to them. I told them not to be concerned about prophecies and shape their own destiny. I ignored it and forgot about it, until it was brought to my attention during my campaign to reach out to Anonymous publicly and directly in my Manhattan campaign in 2015. People started calling me the Rainbow Warrior, and I had no idea what they were talking about until someone explained it to me and gave me web links to the prophecy which have since all been removed from the internet. So I became aware of the Rainbow Warrior prophecies after the fact, like with all prophecies. I never actively tried to fulfil any prophecy, and always rejected them until recent times. I was always of the position that destiny is the result of free will, that mankind has a choice. I still am of that position. I will do what I will do, prophecy or not. And should prophecies get in the way, I will defy them. I am not trying to fulfill any prophecy. Yet the prophecies only serve to verify who I am and endorse my plan for mankind. The very ocean parts before me. Even the heavens orchestrate themselves to my plan. Even my unseen enemies bow before me and dare not strike a blow. The only one who strikes a blow is mankind itself, the very one I sacrificed everything to save.

Since you have seen me in yellow, you have made the effort to follow the link trails. There are many link trails, with more information than you could hope to measure, all proving everything I say. I didn't just come out of nowhere with an unbelievable story. While most of the evidence has been destroyed by the government, I still have a long, well documented history. I have simply hidden in the shadows until recent times. I am the founder of Anonymous. I am the man of prophecy. I am Terran, and I never forgot that I was always terran of Earth, returning just in time. I am the one everyone has been waiting for, the one everyone is waging wars over to force my arrival. I am here. I am real. I am he. Listen to my story.

Hull. England.
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July 10, 2018
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July 26, 2018 - 2:50 am
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You aren't seeking more fame? I wonder why you continue to post on forums.

I have read some of your book. I didn't see any solutions to the problem we are in.

How would you solve Israel? How would you solve the LGBT issue?

You refer to their lifestyle as a perversion. Would you ban it? How would you do that without looking bad? I think the cabal's plan is difficult to stop because it is a moral knot. Whatever we do it involves doing bad things. And we would only be able to do those things if the majority of the 7 billion people on this rock know the truth.

I don't see that happening yet. Surely you have to convince them and that would involve becoming mega famous. You like debate. But I don't think most will bother with that and just dismiss you as a crank. As they do Icke.

I've been trying to convince people of my research for years. And that's amongst the conspiracy set. Not much luck. Pretty much given up the Icke Forum. Morons.

I have been on a similar journey to you. Very weird things have been happening all my life and are increasing. I turned up in a comic book once as a quasi super villain. I learned of a new comic book shop in my city. I was into 200AD and that's it. This shop had hundreds of comics. Never heard of most of them. The first comic that I picked up was DOOM PATROL. It had a robot face on the cover. Flicked through it and there I was. A guy of my age, lived in the same city as me(Hull, England. Never been featured in a comic book ever, trust me) and had the same first name. There were other striking similarities. And it turned out that it was the right comic for me. Surreal. My kind of thing. And later I discovered the writer, Grant Morrison, was a practising magician!

I could fill a book or two with all the coincidences I've had, and I have them every day now.

Big ones. I even found a magic stone with my face on. But only I can see the face. It has many images on it. Then I found out I could do very bad things with it. Something I stopped once I was satisfied it really did work. But the bad things happen anyway.

But all this can be explained. It's all just coincidence. 7 billion people. There's bound to be one or two who suffer coincidence clusters. Basic maths.

And if those coincidences happen to make sense, like someone is telling you something? Just another coincidence.

But we know better, don't we?

My coincidences tell me I'm a very bad person. A servant of the devil. Can that be true?

And then there's the voices. I don't hear voices as most crazies do. I have thoughts that aren't mine. I think they were always there but these others waited for me to be ready to really communicate with me. Now we talk all day long. They tell me things. Two months before 9/11 they asked me "Would you like to see a plane crash into a building?"

It was they who suggested I take the most prominent letters from the twin towers attack and convert them into letters. They spelled out the name ICKE. Who, of course, predicted the event.

Isn't coincidence odd.

I could go on and on and on.

I read your take on the number 666. Not sure how you got to 600,000. 6+6+6 is 18. R is the 18th letter. Robert. Isn't the beast made up of 18 people? One yet to come? R again.

The number 666 is the number of a name. Gematria? Nero Cesar? Maybe.

  1. bobby. bbb.

My name is Robert, as you may have guessed. All three of my names have six letters in them. 666.The numbers and letters of my national insurance number add up to 666 if you do it right. With the letters NZ left over. Nazi? Nazarene?

My name is an anagram of ALBATROSS. In Coleridge's RIME OF THE ANCIENT MARINER the albatross is said to be a metaphor for Jesus. But in that poem the albatross brings bad luck to the sailors he is trying to help, because they kill him with a CROSSbow.

A christ turned bad. Antichrist.

All three of my names have a code within them. To ALTERNATE. This fits my personality. I am always shifting from one camp to the other. My voices want to know who's side I'm on.

I am generally a nice person who wants to see this world free again. But then some muggle goes and pisses me off and I become much darker.

Al Fayed erected a statue of Diana and his dead son. They are releasing an albatross. He says the bird represents the holy spirit in Christianity and Islam. BS? I think so.

I seem to have the power to influence reality.

Hull. England.
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July 10, 2018
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July 26, 2018 - 4:33 am
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And as far Jesus being the son of God. If God had fashioned himself a body of dna and supplied half of that to Jesus. That does not mean Jesus is the son of God in a very real sense. More he is the son of God's DNA. Unless God took a part of his soul and made it into Jesus' soul. But how is that different to us?

Why could Jesus do miracles and we can't though? If we all come from the same place.

Jeremy Martin
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July 16, 2018
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July 26, 2018 - 4:35 am
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It's not about me and it never was. That's the whole point. If you think it is, then you just don't get it and haven't watched my movie.

I have provided many solutions to many problems.

Israel = While Jews have done great evils in the world, they have the right to a homeland. Jews and Arabs have only lived there for 200 years, before that it was empty for a long time. Of the past 200 years, Jews have always outnumbered Arabs in Jerusalem. Arabs have no right to that land. Those who call themselves Palestinians are lying terrorist immigrants from Jordan. Every one of them should be forcefully booted out and Jordan forced to accept them. There's your solution to Israel. And if any Arab country makes a threat against Israel or any other country, invade them, completely destroy all traces of Islam and occupy their land permanently. There is a big industry of lies nicknamed 'Pallywood', look it up.

LGBT = It is a corrupt fetish pervert sex cult. The solution is to name and shame it for what it is. People who engage in LGBT should not be punished for engaging in it, but they should be punished for advertising it. They should be treated as outcasts of society and treated with social stigma, but not treated with violence over what they do with other consenting adults behind closed doors.

Looking bad? The solution is to stop being so morally bankrupt that you give a damn about what anyone thinks, and stand up for morality and truth. No apologies, no censorship, no excuses.

Whatever we do, every action or inaction we take is harmony, oppression, apathy and defence in some context. Everything you do is all four simultaneously. The question is context.

You don't need 7 billion people to agree with you in order to establish morality. You start with yourself. You build something better, and you exclude the filth of mankind. Closed borders. Start booting out immigrants. Of those that remain, they must contribute and defend the people whose land they live in. If they do not, boot them out too. The rest of the world is an ethnostate, why is it that the West, all of the West and only the West isn't allowed to be? Zero tolerance.

You don't see it happening? Trump? Brexit? Alt-right? #walkaway? Eastern Europe banning Muslims? The Arab spring? Wikileaks? Snowden? Withdrawal from the UN?

People can accept or dismiss for their own reasons. And they will be judged accordingly.

You were a comic book character in 200AD? Prove it. There were no comic books in 200AD.

There are likely many millions of people with your same first name, and many of them in your local vicinity. Nothing unusual.

If you can fill a book with coincidences, then prove it and write it. Many people are plagued with coincidences, myself included.

There is no such thing as a magic stone. If only you can see something, it is likely your imagination.

By your comments, you are a servant of the New Age cult. You might not even realise it. The only way to free yourself from the puppetry of evil, is to take responsibility for yourself, use your mind as it was meant to be used for reason, and abandon fetishes for the whim of primal emotions. Your primal emotions are the strings by which you are controlled.

Believing your thoughts to be frequently coming from somewhere else, is a classical sign of psychological disassociation. In other words, ideological virus mind rot.

David Icke and New Age cultists like him have a long history of making false predictions that don't come true. Shoot enough bullets into the dark with enough vague meaning that it can mean almost anything, and eventually you are going to hit something.

If you bothered to read what I said about the 'number of the beast', I explain that the interpretation of 666 isn't the number specified, but a recent false translation. It is 616, or 636, or 6(threescore)6 or 600, 60, 6. It is a mystery number that is only to be understood in the final days by one man.

6 = 6

6 = 6 0's, 000000 (6000000

6/1/3/threescore = 6 zeroes in the threescore number system, separated by a comma each 3 zeroes. 6,000,000.

It is not the 'number of man', it is a number attributed to a specific man. The greatest number attributed to any man is Adolf Hitler and the alleged 6,000,000 Jews he is falsely accused of killing. You have been introduced to 'the greatest story ever told', also look up 'the greatest story NEVER told' for more about the number of the beast and the big lie.

If numbers concern you so much, then this number and second in history will bake your noodle:

Image Enlarger

Or what about the number 11?


There are coincidences that have meaning, and coincidences that don't.

If you want to free yourself from the voices/thoughts/puppetry that haunts you, watch my entire movie.

Through our actions, we all have the power to influence reality. But if you are talking about a magical ability to conjure thought into reality, then prove it. I remind you that it is you that was given dreams symbolising me before my arrival, to confirm who I am.

Hull. England.
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July 10, 2018
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July 26, 2018 - 5:02 am
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So you do not know that the creation of Israel for the jews is a part of the cabal's plan?

You seem to hate Islam and Muslims. I find this odd for a supposed Messiah type. I think if you WERE the prophesised man then you have gone off track and failed. You just seem to be a right wing Christian.

And Gays should be stigmatised for being openly gay? sorry dude. You ain't no saviour anymore. You are just a well read angry person with a schizoid persona now.

I guess Satan wins. He always does. Because God is just not up to the job. We are in this mess because of God. The karma should flow to him.

I meant 2000AD the comic and I did not say I was in that comic. You are obviously not paying much attention. I guess if it's not about you then it isn't worth reading. You've fallen for all the traps. Anger. Silly solutions and arrogance.


You try to think of rational solutions to my experiences? A man who sees a computer as a horse so he can shoehorn another weak prediction into his story? I guess you are the only special person in the world. Wow. When WILL you ego burst?


Still not getting the 666 thing. It is just nonsense. I don't think you get the idea of the word threescore. it has nothing to do with zeroes. A score is 20. Hence threescore is 60. 3 times 20.

Do you really think you came up with something that nobody ever saw before? And it is supposed to be a number of a NAME. how is six million a name? Unless it is Steve Austin.:))

The number 666 in Greek Gematria works out as Nero Cesar. 616 has been used in its place because in Hebrew Gematria Nero Cesar works out as 616.


Sorry, pal. But me having a dream about a prat like Icke in yellow underpants means you are the same as he: a failed saviour. I'm sure Jim Jones style people came flocking to you. fact: most folk are cretinous slaves. That includes God. He is basically selling the drug of choice:love. To enslave people.

You are being played, Maturin.

Played by your own messed up ego.

I wanted to see how well you were doing, Maturin. You are no threat.


I will not be reading your response or interacting with you again. There is no need. You have failed.

Jeremy Martin
Forum Posts: 17
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July 16, 2018
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July 26, 2018 - 9:18 am
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I know of many conspiracy theories about Israel, most of which were invented by Muslims. I also know the truth. I don't need to kick a villain when they are down. I will defend any villain who is falsely accused. I will criticise any hero who falsely accusers. I am a respecter of no man. I respect morality and truth. I love the good in all creatures, and hate the evil in all creatures.

I reject Islam because of what it is. It stands out differently to all other religions. Since 9/11, this is the list of terrorist attacks in the name of religion while quoting commandments from that religion's 'holy texts' that command its followers to do it...

Christianity = 0
Hinduism = 0
Buddhism = 0
Atheism = 0
Islam = 33,551


If you don't hate evil, then you are evil. How have I gone off track? What do you actually know about Islam and what the Koran and Hadith actually say? Would you tolerate evil in the false name of peace? Would you allow oppression and genocide and turn a blind eye in the false name of peace? Would you be 'accepting' of evil in the false name of love? Would you allow evil to thrive in your own community and corrupt it in the false name of 'unity'? 'Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises', most villains come as a friend in the false name of peace, love and unity. I operate in a system of values that I had before mankind's rise above the animal kingdom, and those values have been confirmed and refined by how they do things beyond this world. I have combined everything I knew with what I learned, and created an eternal system known as Anonymous. Understand that system.

LGBT should be stigmatised for what they are, a corrupted fetish sex cult. No-one is born homosexual. It's a choice. Almost all homosexuals change their sexual orientation many times in their life time. I have turned many of them away from their misguided ways. LGBT is a cult. After gaining ground in their campaign to erode family values and destroy the West from within, they are now pushing for pedophilia, beastiality and necrophilia to be accepted as a sexual orientation. Look it up, they aren't even trying to hide it any more, because they now have government backing. LGBT represents 300% more domestic violence, where 70% of Lesbian relationships are violent. LGBT represents 700% more drug use. LGBT represents 2,000% more promiscuity, where 28% of LGBT men have over 1,000 partners, 43% over 500, 83% over 100, while straight men have an average of only 10. LGBT represents 6,000% more AIDS, and is the primary spreader of AIDS. LGBT represents 10,000% more STD's. 85% of convicted pedophiles are LGBT. In a survey, 75% of LGBT privately confessed to pedophilia.

If you want to understand God's plan, then watch my movie. It is far beyond anything mankind has considered yet. Without evil, mankind cannot rise to its destiny. Without fear, there is no courage. Without courage, there is no heroism. Without suffering, morality cannot be realised. All is explained in my movie. Karma is a disgusting concept. With Karma, it is advised against helping anyone. Blaming all their problems on Karma, they must have deserved it somewhere. In Karma, there are no victims, it's all their own fault. And the perpetrators are treated as simply exercising God's will. Karma is the worshipping of evil and the abandonment of good.

Again, just because you have the same very common name as a single comic book character, doesn't mean that you have any meaningful connection to that character. But sometimes it can mean something. Having a rare first name of Jeremy, people associated the Jeremy in the movie Powder as being in parallel to me and the shroud of supernatural mystery that always surrounded me and the abilities I was suspected and accused of having and feared and condemned over as a child. They spitefully called me the devil, knowing all along that I was from the other side. Far more than simply having the same name, I share much of the same story as Powder. Even the Doctor Manhattan meme I chose, has no hair just like Powder. Doctor Manhattan has the same abilities as Powder. Doctor Manhattan appeared in thunder and lightning during public meal time, just as Powder's powers were revealed in thunder and lightning at meal time. And that's just a glimpse of the parallels in the movie industry about me. Even the movie industry is full of heavy symbolic prophecies about me. Many stories of a chosen one full of the same cryptic symbolism screaming whispers at you, preparing mankind for my coming. The goodness in the world hears my call, they recognise my voice. In their hearts they will know it is truly me.

Your experiences are text book ideological viruses, psychological dysfunction, unreasonable. They come from a corruption of the desire to be something more than the thing they hate. This is how ideological viruses infect mankind, during times of psychological vulnerability they attach themselves to the primal nature.

If my explanation of a symbolic white horse is poor, then provide an argument, a premise and evidence otherwise. Show a single better explanation. if you cannot, then concede that my explanation of the symbolism is superior.

My ego is so absent that I come to you with a name devoid of context. I come to you as a king without hierarchy. I wield a torch above mankind but within the reach of all men, available to all who can wield it. To accuse me of having an ego, clearly shows you never even watched my story. I am anti-ego. I founded the very movement that revolves around being anti-ego, anti-celebrity. Why do you think my millions of followers wear a mask?

Threescore was a term used in a different context at different periods of time. The mystery of the number is said to only be revealed at a certain time. Therefore the context of the word only applies to that time. How else to hide the meaning of a mystery than by using a definition that doesn't apply until the right time? Clearly the number is not 6 or 60, since there are many different failed attempts at interpreting the middle number where the earlier Papyrus referred to it as 1. The original number has been lost to history, yet retranslated through time so that it would be revealed at the right time. Learn from the theme of the rest of the prophecies, mysteries are hidden in plain sight in an ultimate orchestration through mankind's affairs, revealing the extent of their unavoidable destiny. But you never watched my movie, so you have no idea.

The number of the beast is not the number of a name. It is not the number of a man either. It is a number attributed to a man. The man himself is not evil, but the number itself is a symbol of the evil. And that evil is the false attribution of that number to that man, revealing the Jewish conspiracy, the very people referred to elsewhere as being the impostors of the chosen people. Not only is my explanation valid, it is the only explanation that is supported by all the other prophecies. If you think you can do better, than by all means try. In other places I have offered a monetary reward for anyone who can, and no-one has been able to. They have all withdrawn their attempts in shame.

The Greek version of the number of the beast is not one number but three, '600, 60, 6'. It is a mystery of the power of tens. Not 666.

You had a symbolic dream about me to penetrate your stubborn mind and give you a chance. Don't waste it.

Jim Jones didn't have a following the size of an entire nation that has every government shaking in their boots. You are so oblivious. Why don't you just watch the movie?

If you think love is enslavement, then you don't know love. Watch my whole story if you want to know what love is.

You are being played, biological automaton. You are a puppet. I am a puppeteer. I move of my own will.

If I have an ego, prove it. Repeatedly accusing someone without evidence when they come to you with a gift, is exactly what an ego does.

I am no threat to mankind. I am trying to save it. I am a threat to your ego.

I made this thread for the flowers of mankind. Not for the weeds. If you don't want to be a part of the solution, then peacefully stand aside and leave the world to those of us who believe in a better world. If you insist on being a part of the problem and refuse to stand aside, you will be removed by force in the war to end all wars.

Hull. England.
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July 10, 2018
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July 28, 2018 - 2:46 am
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If there is more domestic violence in the lgbt world it is because there is more masculinity. Lesbians have a partial male brain. Gays are still men. TRannies are still men.

Solution: get rid of masculinity. The source of all evil.

Men are more likely to commit crimes. 8 times more likely. So it makes sense that if you have two men in a relationship(be they gay men or lesbians) you are doubling the chances of violence. This is also why they are more promiscuous. Men are.

The rest of what you said is not worth responding to as you give no evidence. Or it was just your opinion. You dismiss my experiences you are also dismissing your own.


I have been told who we really are.

You are not the man of prophecy and I am not the beast.

What happens is that people make predictions. If they are connected to religion then a lot of people read those predictions. This sends out an energy that attempts to make those predictions come true. The time we are now living in is full of new magical energies that make those predictions more likely to come true.

Does not mean we are really those things.

What God has done has sent us to soak up those prediction energies. To make them a point. The aim is to become a cul de sac. So he sends losers like us. We attract those energies, make them sort of real, then that's it. The energies die off. If those energies were to find more successful candidates to possess then we would have a problem. There is no saviour or destroyer. Just the world evolving at its own pace.

Your job is done. You subsumed the energies and failed. You'll find that any attempt to become the man of prophecy will fail from now on.

Jeremy Martin
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July 16, 2018
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July 28, 2018 - 12:50 pm
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More masculinity in LGBT? Where men are feminised and 70% of lesbian relationships are violent? Lesbians do not have a male brain. Complete nonsense. If lesbians only like women, then why do they only like women who look like men? If they are men inside, then why do they only like other women who are also men inside? Women liking women, pretending to be men liking men. If they really had a male brain, then they would be attracted to proper women. A woman can't have a male brain any more than a dog can have a cat tail. LGBT is a corrupt fetish sex cult with a culture of pedophilia, beastiality and all manner of corruption.

Solution = expose, reject and expel LGBT from society. Masculinity is the only thing holding the world together.

Men are not more likely to commit crimes. Men are more likely to get punished and framed for crimes, while women are more cunning and manipulative about it and get away with it due to an anti-male corrupt system designed to attack men because they are the only obstacle in the way of Zionist conquest. The plan is to attack the male sex, the White race and those with moral and intellectual fortitude. There is a system in place with many 'victim statuses' to falsely portray the worst and/or weakest of mankind as victims, and use them as a sacrificial puppet to attack the strong.

Nothing you say is worth responding to, yet I respond anyway. I give more evidence than you can hope to review, while you don't offer a shred of evidence. You are a lying hypocrite playing toxic games of role reversal. The evidence against LGBT is extensive and widely available, despite extreme censorship. Even Wikipedia has a page dedicated to the rampant frequency of lesbian violence, with feeble excuses to try and justify it.

You don't even know who or what you are.

If I am not the man of prophecy, then provide an argument, a premise and evidence, and deal with my extensive evidence. You are indeed a beast, you are an uncivilised puppet to a corrupt fetish for primal emotions. You reject morality and truth in favour of instant gratification.

Here is a prediction for you, 'Andromeda is smaller than the Milky Way'.

For 50 years, scientists and astronomers have insisted that Andromeda is massively larger than the Milky Way. I have insisted all along from personal experience that it is smaller. Just recently, the scientific and astronomical community has thrown out 50 years of science and astronomy after discovering I was right all along. There's a prediction for you. There's evidence. Nothing to do with 'sending out energy' New Age cult nonsense. There is no such thing as magic, you are indulging fantasy in abandonment of truth.

What God has done is send me to fix your crap once and for all. And if I fail, all mankind will be completely destroyed. And if I succeed, all who stand in the way will be removed by force in the war to end all wars. Your imaginary 'magical energies' won't save you. You are not evolving, you are rotting and going backward in evolution while permanently burning the bridges forward.

I am not attempting to be the man of prophecy. It is prophecies that move around me, not me who moves around prophecies. My job is far from done. You are completely oblivious.

If you want to indulge moral and intellectual rot, then do so on your own terms and rot to oblivion in the corner out of the way.

Hull. England.
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Clearly the truth I gave you struck a nerve. What I said obviously rang true. You are a cul de sac agent and now you know it. Your conscious mind(ego) cannot yet accept it. My words were not meant for you but for the true you that lives in the subconscious. Now that true you has the answer it will do its work and control you better. It could take five years for this process to bear fruit. Does it not make sense? Haven't you always felt this man of prophecy thing did not fit with your personality?

Didn't it always seem a bit ridiculous?

It is. But you have awakened now. Or begun to. Doesn't this explain why you have no followers on Twitter? Despite being the creator of anonymous and the man of prophecy?

It has already come to an end. It just means you need to notice.


Here's some more things to think about. You have stats concerning the LGBT community. Which makes them look bad. Have you ever thought that those stats are fake or exaggerated?

There's a cabal of satanists out there in positions of power. Who want to steer us towards fighting amongst ourselves. Faking stats is the easiet thing in the world, especially as they are anonymous.

The cabal hate LGBT people because they are more like God. God has both female and male qualities, which makes him gay and lesbian. If he is capable of fancying people then he would be attracted to both sexes.

The LGBT community have male and female characteristics. Like God. I'm not saying that makes them any better than us straights. But the cabal are insane.

The cabal do not want us to be both sexes. They want us either male or female. Not both. It is only by being both that we gain spiritual balance.

So why do the cabal promote LGBT causes? because they know people like YOU hate them. Hence they want to create a dichotomy and begin a fight. Which you are assisting. Well done you, 'prophecised man'.

The cabal know you cannot turn someone gay or lesbian through interacting with them. Promoting LGBT doesn't increase their numbers. Just encourages them to be more overt.

If I am wrong then please give me the names of all the people who were in charge of gathering these stats. And prove they are not cabal. No? of course not. You can't. And yet you believed them. The paedophile stat should have rung alarm bells. Child abusers do not admit what they have done, gay or otherwise. But you believed.

You say being gay is a choice. Ok, you recall your childhood well. So you fancied both little boys and girls did you? And then decided just to fancy girls? Or did you fancy none of them? If so why did you choose to fancy just girls? Because your daddy fancies mummy? Gays come from straight families. I would wonder why they decided to go against the paradigm. You'll probably say they came from disfunctional families that did not offer a good example to live up to(I would think that would put you off any relationship). Prove it. Give me evidence of a million such cases. I should think that would be a fair amount of data for us to make a fair assesment. No? Ok. Then I sae a gaping hole in your beliefs. But hey, just ignore me. Forget these words so you can carry on being the man of prophecy. Oh, lordy lord I'm wise and holy. I am famous in heaven! Follow me and I will make you gays straight. You did nothing of the kind. What you did was make people supress their natural urges to please you. Just as Jim Jones made dozens of people kill please him.

The problem with people like you is that you only think so far. You read something, like the sound of it, and decide that's the truth. You don't question it. If it appeals to your prejudices then it pleases you and because you think you are the man of prophecy that must mean anything that pleases you must be the truth.

LIke Mohammed in the cave. DING! Truth.

This applies to stats on the IQ of non whites.

As for black people being more criminal. That's because they cannot earn a good living any other way. Because they are oppressed by whites like you(well you are Australian).

Your argument is that Australians are doing ok for themselves despite being descendants of criminals. The first Aussies were not opressed by another race. They were given land and opportunities. In fact they helped to oppress the indigenous people of that land.

Give black people a chance, without the racism they face every day(which contributes to their angry behaviour), and we might see a fair test of their characters.

It's a fact that most paedophiles are white btw. But if you like you can say that stat is fake. 🙂

Where I live we have very few blacks. What we do have is chavs. White trash who burgle and kill and rape etc. Because they are poor. They see no reason to play fair in a world that isn't fair. A world created by God. God created us unequal. And he wonders why things turned out bad? All karma gravitates to God. In the end. In fact you could see this world as God's karma. Instant karma.

As for love. It is a scientfic fact. Emotions are created by endorphins like serotonin, oxytocin, PEA.

Why did God create us with drugs in our brain? Surely love is spiritual. We should feel it anyway. No. When you deplete these drugs like dopamine you become your true self: depressed. You don't just become blank. You become sad. The truth of us. The default setting. Why are we sad? because we no longer feel God's love(a drug).

God gave us these drugs to guide us back to him/her. Why? because he wants us to think and act a certain way. Like the meds they gave you. Meds dull the mental pain. Love does the same thing. It makes us feel and therefore think in a more positive way. Just as drugs like dope do.

All the love you feel is a drug. You are a slave to it, and all your negative emotions.

So what about God's spiritual energy of love? It acts the same as the drugs in your brain. IT AFFECTS HOW YOU FEEL AND THEREFORE THINK. In Favour of how God wants us to be. Love is slavery. All is slavery.

But one form of slavery is better than another. We should choose love, but never forget that we are just puppets. Even God.

But hey, you could decide that all this scientific evidence was faked by the cabal. Oh, but then you'd be admitting that your statistical evidence is too...

You call yourself a puppeteer. See? a few hours with me and you are already seeing yourself for what you are. Part of the cabal's plan. It is they who seeded the religions and the prophecies of you. They need you to fulfill their plan. But it's ok. God chose you and me because we are losers. You and I will come to nothing in the end.

As for your view on what happened before the universe. Nothing is not a thing. The clue is in the word nothing; no thing. There is no logical reason why God came into being. It just happened. We will never know how it happened. Because there is no answer. As there is no answer for why we are conscious.

As for Muslim terrorism. All because we interfered in their countries and gave Israel to the Jews.

The Afghan Russian war was sparked of by the USA. The guy behind it, Zbigniew Brzezinski, admitted it. In an interview he said " it was to give Russia their Vietnam." They trained the arabs, set them to war and Russia intervened. They then became terrorists using that training and turned it on us, rightfully so. But your racism won't allow you to see that.

It is all part of the plan to set one people against another. A plan you have become part of, as intended.

You are a Bob. Change your ways now before it is too late. I dare not imagine how much Karma you have accrued by teaching lies.

You have failed. Imagine a world in which you succeed. Gays would not be able hold hands in public. If they went on a pride march there would be people protesting it. Do you even realise what would happen if you gave people license to shame the LGBT people? There would be physical attacks on them. Transvestites would presumably not be allowed to exist. They certainly would not be allowed to walk the streets, if they dared to.People who want gender surgery would be turned away. And probably reported to the authorities and locked up and given drugs like you were. But this is probably getting you excited. Know what I mean?

As for non whites, they would all grow up knowing they were inferior to whites. We already have that. See what it's like? It would increase racism. Less blacks would get good jobs. More crime. Because of you, who are nothing but a cul de sac agent mopping up a few stray energies.

But you would probably send them all back to Africa etc. Do you realise we would have to increase our hold over these countries? They already hate us. You would increase that hate. Well done you. The more of a presence we have in these countries the more terrorism would thrive there. But what do you care as long as Whitey is ok.

And people would worship Hitler. And venerate the KKK(I would like to see some proof that they only murdered criminals. Forensic evidence: cctv footage. Finger prints. Witness testimonies. And then I would like to see you form a court, appoint a judge and jury and try the evidence. Because that's what you'd need to prove your point. Isn't going to happen. But no doubt you have a youtube film with a racist in a beard telling it how it is)

And God knows how they would feel about jews seeing as you have conflicting views on them. All people would see are the negative views and it will give them license to hate them even more.

Can't you see you are being used to bring in the new world order? That was Satan's intention when he created the notion of a man of prophecy.

What use has Anonymous really been? You never see them on the TV anymore now the novelty has worn off. Pissing people off is what they do. Hacking? Protesting? The cabal love you. Because those two forms of attack give them license to create more laws and take away more freedoms. You started this. Well done mr messiah mop up man.

And you are now reduced to posting on this dead forum. And only two people have taken an interest. One has vanished, wisely. And I have seen you for what you really are. Not doing too well eh? Don't know if you've noticed but there's not many sites that would cater for what you sell. Banned from the others were you? You should head for the Icke forum. They're morons. The kind of people you like to debate with so you can feel like you have a supernatural ability to always be right. Just like the Christians you went up against. Big wow. When I was 18 I talked a Jehova's Witness into believing in the soul. Idiots who only read Satan's Bible are easy prey.


What you need to do is become like Assange and get a website and post your evidence of government corruption on it, then you can go and live with blondy. I don't think you have the balls. Or you have doubts about your evidence. Weak is it?


Not that Wikileaks has changed the world. LIke your book. Smart of you to put the offensive stuff in the middle btw. Lure them in before you do a shit in front of them and ask them if they like it. Typical Scientology tactics.

Jeremy Martin
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