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My Truth About Aliens
April 16, 2018
11:06 am
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April 16, 2018
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Greetings fellow UFO researchers. I am a long time UFO researcher my self. I have been studying this field my whole life because I have realized that the following topics are some of the most important issues that mankind has ever had and that by focusing on these things that I may be able to fix many of the problems that all races of people on earth have been dealing with for a long time. The following topics that I want to discuss are the gray aliens, the supposed race or Annunaki race, the pyramids around the world and the type of technology that is relate to technologies developed by my hero Nikola Tesla and the movie the Matrix. Although I recognize that my opinions may be flawed I do believe that there is enough truth in my opinions that even if I am wrong hopefully others will be able to carry on where I left off. I am using examples of things that we already talk about ordinary to try and clear up the big cage of lies that we have been forced to build around our own selves without adding more bs to it.

First of all is the Gray Aliens. These are my favorite Aliens. When i think about their known biology behavior and technology In my opinion they must be the most similar to people morally and the most physically compatible to be around. We each have different strengths and weaknesses that compliment one and another. We are physically larger and stronger than them, but their minds are more powerful than ours. The fact that our biology is so similar it may be possible for humans to develop a telepathic connection with them but It likely would be up to them and I doubt they would do it without our consent. I also believe that if they did this with a human it would be very hard on us because they are way more powerful than us. It may be like an Exercise when we go to the gym. It may be hard on you the first time but after that people likely build up a tolerance toward them. This also may explain the feeling that people have reported when being near them , the feeling of being short on breath when near them. They are likely feeling the energy that the aliens emit but they have no way to process it, so it feels oppressive. This may be a way to keep unknown beings down like a defense. but I doubt it is meant as an attack. I also bet that they express them selves this way, from a smile,love, emotions and their position. They likely dont use it to read people minds but as a way of showing their expression to others and it likely increases your intelligence. Imagen flying around in groups in space, they likely know where they all are, this must make them very good pilots. When it comes to morals this must make these aliens the most moral of all races. In our government when a decision is made or in court when a final decision is made, it takes the approval of a group. Well these aliens seem to be all connected to each other and when they make a decision if one of them has a flaw or is under the influence of a negative force, that group mentality likely makes sure that they make very few mistakes and I doubt they do things like abduct people,because that likely violates their system of behavior that is built into their bodies. People reported alien abductions to be coming from these aliens. Although I doubt that they have, they may have made mistakes, there may have been misunderstanding between them and people and there may be a few different races of similar beings. So although I doubt they do that normally. We should always use caution around any alien race until we know for sure. When ever you look up Gray aliens you see the story of the attack by aliens at the Dulce base. People seem to think that the aliens were working with people on genetic projects. I doubt that these aliens want to have anything to do with our genetics but stop us from cloning our selves because cloning is a monster that we should all make sure never happens. When we are born and when we die should never be messed with for more reasons than I can need to type. I think that people who got a hold of lower level alien propulsion used these crafts to abduct women to artificially put sperm into them that has artificially created dna in it. Then they let the baby grow and re abduct the woman to reteive the fetus. Then they wore alien costumes to cover up what they did. They aliens probability found out about this and were [beep]off. They likely tracked down all of these crafts all the people involved and erased them. I would have done the same. I am not 100% sure of this but they may have done our race a huge favor. When I mentioned lower level craft I meant that they likely have higher level ships some of them may be invisible like the famous Nikola Tesla Philidipha project. These people may have been people who got a peak at technology that they weren't capable of making. I think that when it comes to this kind of technology if you cannot prove that you can build it your self or are obviously in the ballpark already, you should not be allowed to work with it, because if one person makes one mistake they can cause monstrosities on another level.

Due to this information I have come to a final conclusion about these Gray aliens is that they are likely more qualified to use higher level space crafts than people because they likely have better judgment than us and likely can save us from doing harm to each other. If this this the case then I bet we can help them too.

Next is the supposed Annunaki alien race that has been appearing all throughout our history. I honestly know very little about this race because whatever it is I hate everything I have ever heard about it. I don't even want to type about it at all so I am going to make my point very short. I think whatever it has been doing to our race was very wrong. I bet that the gray aliens and this aliens hate each other. When I think about both of these races they are the complete apposite. Humans seem to be somewhere in the middle. Because people all have totally different personalities these races may choose to interact with people that have dominate character that suits that race. This race seems to associate with the building of many of the larger pyramids on the planet. These structures were built in places with indigenous people who could not have built these building without the influence of a higher intelligence at least and maybe more advanced technology and that evidence has seem to have vanished as fast an as it a arrived. I have also noticed that the larges of all the pyramids have been built in a place with the lowest technological advances of all people Africa. I also noticed that these people are the most athletic people ever. This must mean that they must have been using people for physical labor. There are pyramids all over the world in every place other than were white people are indigenous. They left a pyramid on earth suggesting that they had taught us a lot about building and this likely made the locals more advanced. This at first glance looks like a friendly build. I doubt it was though. That race of aliens likely used very advanced crafts to get here, and they may not have even made that technology them selves. They may have found a crashed craft and figured out how to use it. They seem like they don't like building things alone they like getting other people to do things for them, I doubt a race like this build space ships like that. This may mean that there is a primitive race of monsters flying around the galaxy and this is exactly why people should never let this technology get in the hands of people who cannot prove that they can already built it. This race may have left a mark on earth saying that we had a friendly but they may have been kidnapping people when ever they needed to build something and when they did they may have been herding us into ships and taking us away somewhere to make things for them, if this is true there may be planets where humans are still enslaved, if this is true, imagine the misery of living on an alien planet and knowing that your their slave on another planet.
Imagen if they cloned people, and they just made clones out of people and used them for slaves and were coving this up.

My final topic is the movie the matrix. I hate that movie. It made a lot of people think that the united states government is run by a bunch of pale faces men in black suits and that we are enslaved by a machine. Some of this may be possible I don't know for sure, but it if is true I bet the Gray aliens don't like it and don't need this machine spreading around the universe and finding the Gray aliens, so personally assume if there is any truth to this, the Gray aliens got rid of it or are going to. Lets stop making [beep]movies and start clearing up the [beep]cage we were forces to build for our selves.

This is all I wanted to talk about, because when I was growing up I had been faced with all sorts of movies ideas and opinions that left me crazy and lost for most of my life, and at this point I feel that if people don't clear up these thing and solve these problems our race may be bound somehow and may never get out, and it may not just be our planet it may be on many planets and if this is true we need to find them.

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