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Disclosing Without Disclosing
January 14, 2017
8:19 pm
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July 18, 2015
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Re: 22 extraterrestrial races that have genetically intervened with the Human Genome. They comprise a UN type federation of off World beings interested in Humanity. That 22 extraterrestrial races provided the genetic material for Humanity. That we are a composite of a lot of different alien races 22 to be exact.

Opposing that aliens theory is The Facts Recorded in The Bible is 22 Hebrew Tribes from begatting and Not from some alien manufacturing. That those off World beings interested in Humanity were Invaders of Earth aliens invading capturing and taking away Humans as slaves food experimentation etc scenarios as is currently the case. I rest my Case.

It is probable the barbarians Germanic Nations were made by aliens as they don’t exhibit to be Human much and seem to align with the aliens made them theory and align with achieving alien agendas and give up and sell out The Human Races and The Earth to aliens agendas Historically.

January 18, 2017
2:57 am
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Member Since:
July 18, 2015
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What it is .. is what is stated at the top of the page.

The Truth Is - there are not many People who can handle knowing The Truth.

Though that is not entirely True.

THE TRUTH is none can handle knowing THE TRUTH so far as The Survey states.

Not one Person or Group Surveyed so far has even been slightly interested in knowing THE TRUTH because it is so far removed from what they have been programmed to know or want to know. (they would rather be ignorant of THE TRUTH and don't have the time to even examine the information presented along with the corroborating statistics data and evidence of THE TRUTH. They are not interested. They have not got the attention brain span due to aspartame poisoning IQ devastation from fluoridated water etc. etc. and are more interested in achieving alien objectives Pillaging Earth for alien Nations as is apparent CSGM Chemtrails DNA destruction Eugenic Campaigns etc. etc.)

This is no surprise as NONE in all of History have been able to figure out what The Music Of The Spheres is all about and Why. That is Why there is so little information about that subject even though it is one of if not the Most Important Subject in all History.

Someone Must have figured it out because we are all here along with The Earth.

Why am I so confident I have presented THE TRUTH to Everyone ?

Because as an Electrical Engineer (this puts me in the Top 1% of Intellectuals in The World) close enough is not good enough. It has to be Precise or Precisely Accurate.

A Theory can be interesting though does not compare with being THE TRUTH Fact or a Fact or a Concept.

Because 95% of all Historical information and dates presented above is copied and pasted straight out of The Encyclopedia Brittanica and other software versions of Encyclopedias including The Bible that is The Establishments own accepted information on those subjects. Then 2% is from Books by accepted and recognised Academics in those fields and is what all other Academics do is refer other accepted recognised Academics. The other 3% is from my own researches and findings backing up The Establishments own accepted information on those Subjects though filling in the gaps like in an aptitude test. 100% out of 100% or more is desired.

I have presented The Known Truth to The Establishment in its entirety as The Establishment has compartmentalised History and by doing so does not seemingly know THE TRUTH and has been covering up THE TRUTH as Standard Operating Procedure SOP for many decades.

I have presented my findings and researches of THE TRUTH to The US Government the Library of Congress LOC the Australian Government The National Library of Australia NLA the British Government the British National Library BNL and the N.S.W. Library for many years without not one literary question about any of it from anyone to date. This is not surprising as covering up THE TRUTH has become Standard Operating Procedure SOP in all departments of all Governments under Barbarian Law.

Normally Anyone being able to explain anything way far better than anyone can understand it is usually Awarded a Professorship from a Literary Group like a University.

This being The Case I am a Professor of THE TRUTH a Professor of Music Of The Spheres and all the inter related Subjects to do with and concerning The Music Of The Spheres and have been for many years as I can explain all of History better than anyone or any Literary Institute can understand it or is prepared to.

This is not some random bunch of statistics and data it is another presentation of my Thesis and base of my Professorship minus the corroborating statistics data maps and evidence of THE TRUTH that has been presented to various Government Departments for many years.

Seeing the Western World is under Barbarian Law (since Australia being captured in 1770) that is at the time dismantling and disabling The Law Laws Civil and Common Law to be accountable only to Maritime Law and Corporate Law only this also is not surprising. Though by doing that really is illegal under Common Law and Hebrew Law. Dismantling Habeus Corpus being one of those steps being totally illegal under Common Law illegal to do so explained in my paper entitled Corruption of The Law by the law. It can only occur under Barbarian Law as is the case.

In fact the only comment received in over 20 years of presenting THE TRUTH to Literate Governments Literary Institutes and Anyone is the comments above about "jumping up and down an rooting in the aisles". Obviously from an American as the word "rooting" has very different interpretations from America to Australia. In America it can be done by oneself in Australia it requires a partner and would raise eyebrows and undoubtedly get the pair kicked out of the venue.

I have well explained that The Bible The Old Testament and is and contains The History of The Human Races that they all are directly descended as recorded from The Hebrew Tribes and when they first appeared Historically. Explained what the Pyramids are for and Why they are all on The Earth Grid Power System and What it is for and Who made them and Why and that they were all made by The Hebrew Tribes under Contract to THE HEBREW CREATOR GOD. That it is a Global Power System and Shield that Protects The Earth from invading alien species this is Why there is ignorance and refusal to understand and rebuild The Earth Grid Power System by the Reptillian’s currently controlling The Earth and Earth Peoples because it is designed to Protect us from them and other invading alien species to supply unlimited Power for and to The Earth required to be able to do The Event The Music of The Spheres also called In The Services Of The Songs In The Houses Of God.

That The Great Flood occurred in the 10th milenium bc along with the Last Pole Shift and the last Ice Age and the sinking or flying away of Atlantis and and impact on Earth of a Near Earth Object NEO that created all of the above.

That Moses was in the 25th century bc and was the Historical figure of Sargon I the 1st Great Civilisation Builder who defeated and expelled the Summerian’s the invading alien foothold that had a foothold for 600 years on Earth.

That The Bible the Old Testament contains the History of alien invasions of Earth including the current invasions of The Earth by the Reptillian’s and other invading alien species.

That Earth Peoples were Definitely Not made by aliens and the aliens fool you into believing their see rap instead.

That King David was Not a Jew and was from the Celtic Royal Hebrew lineage of Asher.

That Jesus was quite real and was not a Jew and was a Celtic Royal Hebrew from the Celtic Royal Hebrew lineage of Asher and established The Church Of England in 64 ad. This is Why the Western World identifies with Jesus because He was a Westerner. Can You name any other Historical Identity recognised by the Western World that is a Jew ? The Jews oppose Even to this day to have Monarchy and do not have Monarchy even though The Bible describes and focusses on The Accounts of The Royal Hebrew Lineage and the History of.

That GOD THE HEBREW CREATOR GOD is quite Real and is where Earth's Laws and Civilisation’s are derived from who made Ancient Agreements with all alien Nations including barbarians called THE COVENANT that they all have to abide by and are Sworn to abide by by all their own Ancient Ancestors. They are all currently breaking Ancient Agreements of and from their own Ancestors made to THE HEBREW CREATOR GOD.

That The Bible the Old Testament was already written and was brought through from the Age before by Noah Asher and brought through all History by The Federation Of Byblos until shortly after the time of King Arthur (290 ad-539 ad).

That King Arthur was quite Real and was descended from the Celtic Royal Hebrew lineage of Asher.

That The Knights Templars were Established and Patronised by The House Of David from the Celtic Royal Hebrew lineage of Asher.

That The Knights Templars discovered and Claimed the Americas North and South for the Celtic Royal Hebrew lineage of Asher in the 1200's hundreds of years before Christopher Columbus who only discovered America while hunting for the whereabouts of the Knights Templars for the Roman Catholic Inquisition and had an undisclosed 100 year War against the Knights Templars defending the Americas.

That The Knights Templars discovered and Claimed Australia for the Celtic Royal Hebrew lineage of Asher in the 1400's and Australia was involved in an undisclosed 300 year War against combined Roman Catholic Countries as described on Maps of the period.

That The Celtic Royal Hebrew King from the lineage of Asher was killed by Captain Cook and Germanic Anglo Saxon and Roman Catholic Inquisition invaders of Australia for the Roman Catholic Inquisition and The Celtic Royal Hebrew King's Family went into captivity. The City Of God was pillaged by this combined Roman Catholic Invasion with clandestinely Pillaging that went for hundreds of years making it heresy to believe in the existence of a Great South Land.

That the current Celtic Royal Hebrew King from the lineage of Asher (that's me) is to be given back the Countries of Australia America North and South England and Europe (under Charlemagne’s Royal Title) including The Knights Templars Treasure (as it was for The King to do The Event) and Everything pertaining to The Hebrews as is stated in The Book For The Hebrew King to be able to do The Event called In The Services Of The Songs In The Houses Of God also called The Music Of The Spheres that re Claims The Earth back for The Earth and its Inhabitants from alien invaders who are currently Pillaging and Destroying The Earth (and Environment Laws to be established) and rebalance the currently collapsing Universes by doing The Event.

Easy said than done.

January 18, 2017
3:17 am
Forum Posts: 18
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July 18, 2015
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The King Unites The Celts.

Who are The Celts ?

The Celts are Brown Haired People Fair Haired People Blond and Red Haired People.

These are The Celts they are throughout many Countries.

Not only History is recorded in The Bible the Old Testament current modern History is recorded in detail as well as Future History much more than Prophesy it is an accurate recording of all of History.

Here is an excerpt ..

A Seed Shall Serve Him

It Shall Be Accounted To God For A Generation

I Have Raised Up One From The South He Shall Come From The Rising Of The Sun.

That Man Was Born in Her. That This Man Was Born There. There Shall Come Forth A Rod out of The Stem of Jesse and a Branch Shall Grow out of His roots. A Root of Jesse. upon some Mountain or into some Valley. Mount Zion Wherein Thou Hast Dwelt.

O God other gods besides Thee Have Had Dominion Over Us.

To Hear The Groanings Of The Prisoner to Loose Those That Are Appointed To Death.

The Wicked Have Robbed Me

They Took Counsel Together Against Me and limited Me. They Devised To Take Away My Life. They Pondereth All His Goings. Abide In The Covert To Lie In Wait. Ye Have Killed The Peoples Of God. They Shall Kill Him After That He Is Killed He Shall Rise The Third Day. After Three Days and an Half The Spirit Of Life From God Entered Into Thee and Therefore Sprang There Even Of One and Him as good as dead. They Took Counsel Together Against Me and limited Me. They Devised To Take Away My Life. The Wicked Watcheth and seeketh to slay Him. They Pondereth All His Goings. Abide In The Covert To Lie In Wait. They Hath Broken My Bones. They Hath O Broken My Teeth. Woundedst The Head out of The Houses Of The Hebrews Slain Upon Thy High Places. Ye Have Killed The Peoples Of God. After Three Days and an Half The Spirit Of Life From God Entered Into Thee and Therefore Sprang There Even Of One and Him as good as dead. He Shall Be Raised Again. They Shall Kill Him After That He Is Killed He Shall Rise The Third Day. They Took Counsel Together Against Me and limited Me. Their Tongue Is As An Arrow Shot Out it speaketh deceit a false witness will utter lies. They Hath Conceived Mischief they brought forth falsehood. They listed The Riches That He Hath Not Gotten ? Strangers Be Filled With Thy Wealth Thy Labours Be In The Houses of a stranger. They Hath Hedged Me About That I cannot get out. They Turneth Their Hands Against Me all the days. The Wicked Watcheth and seeketh to slay Him. They Pondereth All His Goings. Because of their Sins also they have dominion over Our Bodies. They Devised To Take Away My Life. He Hath Bent His Bow and set Me as a mark for the arrows. Behold The Plagues Was Begun Among The Peoples. His Taste Remained In Him His scent is changed. Ask him That Fleeth and her that escapeth and say What is done ? They Hath Made My Chain Heavy. They Proceed from evil to evil. They Devised To Take Away My Life. They Pondereth All His Goings. Abide In The Covert To Lie In Wait. Cursed Be Their Anger For It Was Fierce and Their Wrath for it was cruel ! Neither Turned They from their wicked works. Ye Have Killed The People Of God. After Three Days and an Half The Spirit Of Life From God Entered Into Thee and Therefore Sprang There Even Of One and Him as good as dead. He Shall Be Raised Again. They Shall Kill Him After That He Is Killed He Shall Rise The Third Day. His Bones are full of the sin of His Youth that shall lie down with Him in the dust. We Are Counted as sheep for the slaughter. Yea Forty Years ! Yea For Thy Sakes are We killed all the day long ? Is There Not a Lie in My right hand ? They Took Counsel Together Against Me and limited Me. Their Devices Against Me all the days. They Proceed from evil to evil. Have Done To Him Whatsoever. They Weakened My Strength On The Way. Thou Hast Trodden Down Strength. They shortened My Days. They Hath Filled My Days With Bitterness. They Turneth Their Hands Against Me all the days. I Am Deprived Of The Residue Of My Years. Thou Hast Done Deeds To Me That Ought Not To Be Done.

Out Of Asher His Bread Shall Be Thin He Shall Yield Royal Dainties.

Asher Continued On The Sea Shore and Abode on His Beaches.

The Archers Have Sorely Grieved Him. His teeth not white with milk.

The Remnant Shall Be very small and feeble. Instead Of Well Set Hair baldness instead of a Stomacher a girding of sackcloth and burning instead of Beauty. I Said O God Take Me Not Away in the midst of My Days. Therefore I Will Not Refrain My Mouth. I Will Speak Of The Anguish Of My Spirit I Will Complain In The Bitterness of My Soul.

When They Hath Made Plain The Face.

When We Shall See Him there is No Beauty That We Should Desire Him.

Surely He Hath Borne Our Griefs and Carried Our Sorrows.

The Captive That Is Shut Up and left of The Hebrews. Neither Hath He Gone Into Captivity.

It Is Written Of The Son Of The Man That He Suffer's Many Things and be set at nought.

I Say To You Is Come Already They Knew Him Not but Have Done To Him Whatsoever They Listed.

Shall The Son Of The Man Suffer Of them.

So Wilt Thou Recover Me and Make Me To Live ?

The Bands Of The Wicked Have Robbed Me but I Have Not Forgotten Thy Laws.

For I Have Kept The Ways Of God and Have Not Wickedly Departed From God.

For All His Judgments Were Before Me and As For His Statutes I Did Not Depart From Them.

I Was Also Upright Before Him Have Kept Myself From Mine Iniquity.

Yea He Is Hungry and His Strength faileth He Drinketh no Water and is faint.

He Was Oppressed and He was afflicted. Yet He Opened His Mouth.

The Founder Melteth In Vain For The Wicked Are Not Plucked Away.

The Righteous Perisheth and No Man Layeth It To Heart. They Have Not Known Nor Understood. For It Is A People Of No Understanding.

Behold God Will Help Me Who is he that shall condemn Me ?

Sing O Barren Thou That Didst Not Bear. God Was Ready To Save Me Therefore.

O Thou Afflicted tossed with tempest and not Comforted.

He Shall See Of The Travail Of His Soul and Shall Be Satisfied By His Knowledges.

For God Hath Comforted His Peoples and Will Have Mercy Upon His afflicted.

Behold God Will Come With Vengeance Even God With A Recompence He Will Come and Save You.

A Controversy

For God Hath A Controversy With His Peoples.

Who Raised Up The Righteous Man from The South ?

Yet We Did Esteem Him stricken smitten of gods and afflicted.

Because That He Had Heard That Ye Had Been sick. Indeed He Was Sick to Death.

For He Longed After You All and Was Full Of Heaviness. God Had Mercy On Him.

My Covenant Was With Him Of Life and Peace and I Gave Them To Him For The Fears Where With He Feared Me and Was Afraid Before My Name.

The Laws Of The Truth Was In His Mouth and iniquity Was Not Found in His Lips He Walked with Me in Peace and Equity and Did Turn Many Away From iniquity.

God Is Well Pleased for His Righteousness' Sake. That Is In The Sight Of God Of Great Price.

Thus Saith God Thy Redeemer The Holy One Of The Hebrews I Am God that Teacheth Thee to Prophet and Leadeth Thee by The Ways That Thou Shouldest Go.

Remember Now Thy Creator In The Days Of Thy Youth.

I Have Even Called Thee By Thy Name.

I Have Surnamed Thee Though Thou Hast Not Known Me.

That Thou Mayest Know That I God That Called Thee.

By Thy Name Am God Of The Hebrews. For My Name Is In Him.

Thus Saith God I Have Anointed Thee King Over The Hebrews.

I Girded Thee Though Thou Hast Not Known Me.

God Said To Him Surely I Will Be With Thee..

I Have Loved Thee Therefore Fear Not For I Am With Thee.

That Leadeth Thee By The Way That Thou Shouldest Go.

Fear Not For I Have Redeemed Thee I Have Called Thee By Thy Name Thou Art Mine.

Thou Israel Art My Servant Jacob Whom I Have Chosen The Seed Of Abraham My Friend.

Thou Whom I Have Taken From The Ends Of The Earth and Called Thee From The Chief Men Thereof and Said To Thee Thou Art My Servant I Have Chosen Thee and Not Cast Thee Away.

Even Every One That Is Called By My Name For I Have Created Him For My Glory I Have Formed Him Yea I Have Made Him.

His Name Should Not Have Been Cut Off Nor Destroyed from Before Me.

God Reigneth He Suffered No Man To Do Thee Wrong. He Is God His Judgments Are On All The Earth.

I Will Break the bows the swords and the battles out of The Earth and Will Make Thee To Lie Down Safely.

For When Thy Judgments Are On The Earth The Inhabitants Of The World Will Learn Righteousness.

Because They Have Cast Away The Laws Of God Of Hosts and Despised The Words Of The Holy One Of The Hebrews.

Because They Have Transgressed The Laws Changed The Ordinances Broken The Everlasting Covenant.

Nor Hearkened To Thy Commandments and Thy Testimonies

Who Hath Believed Our Reports ?

He Will Destroy from This Mountain The Vail That Is Spread Over All Nations.

Over All The Peoples and The Faces Of The Covering Casts.

For God Will Plead Their Causes and spoil the souls of those that spoiled Them.

For I Am God and There Is None else. There Is No God Else Beside Me A Just God and A Saviour.

Behold I Have Told You Before

For I God Will Hold Thy Right Hand

Trust Ye In God For Ever For In God Is Everlasting Strength. God Thou Wilt Ordain Peace For Us.

He Is The Tower Of Salvation For His King and Sheweth Mercy To His Anointed.

Thou Art My King O God Command Deliverances For Jacob.

To Whom is The Arms Of God Revealed ?

The Eternal God Is Thy Refuge and Underneath Are The Everlasting Arms.

Behold God Will Come With Strong Hands His Arms Shall Rule For Him.

God Hath Sworn By His Right Hand By The Arms Of His Strengths.

I Will Give Thee The Treasures Of Darkness and Hidden Riches.

Of Secret Places That Thou Mayest Know That I God That Call Thee By Thy Name Am God Of The Hebrews.

His Heart Was Lifted Up in The Ways Of God moreover. Therefore Will I Divide Him A Portion With The Great.

Be Afraid Of The Ashyrian He Shall Smite thee with a Rod.

Beware Of Him Obey His Voice Provoke Him Not for He Will Not Pardon Your Transgressions for My Name is in Him.

The Spirit Of God Shall Rest Upon Him. The Spirit Of Wisdom and Understanding.

The Spirit Of Counsel and Might. The Spirit Of Knowledges and of The Fear Of God.

Shall Make Him Of Quick Understanding in The Fear Of God.

He Shall Judge After The Sight Of His Eyes Re Prove After The Hearing of His Ears.

That Before They Call I Will Answer while they are yet speaking I Will Hear.

The King's Favour Is Toward A Wise Servant. His Wrath Is Against Them That Causeth Shame.

The Wraith Of The King Is As Messengers Of Death A Wise Man Will Pacify Them.

I Will Bless Them That Bless Thee and Curse Them That Curseth Thee.

Lies Shall Not So Effect It. Lies Shall Not Be So.

Every Tongue That Shall Rise Against Thee In Judgment Thou Shalt Condemn.

Look Even Out The Best and Meetest of Your Master's Sons and Set Him on His Father's Throne and Fight For Your Master's Houses.

He That Is Slow To Anger Is Better Than The Mighty. He That Ruleth His Spirit Than He That Taketh a City.

Thou Even Thou Art To Be Feared Who May Stand in Thy Sight ? When Once Thou Art Angry !

Art Thou Not He That Hath Cut Rahab and Wounded the Dragon ?

There Shall No Man Be Able To Stand Before You For God Shall Lay The Fears of You and The Dread of You upon All The Lands That Ye Shall Tread upon as He Hath Said to You.

Whosoever Shall Gather Together Against Thee Shall Fall For Thy Sakes.

God Hath Loved Him He Will Do His Pleasures on Babylon and His Arms Shall Be on The Chaldeans.

Shall No More Again stay upon them that smote Him and Shall Stay Upon God and The Holy One Of The Hebrews in Truth.

Behold I Send An Angel before Thee to Keep Thee in The Ways and To Bring Thee into The Place That I Have Prepared.

Now Therefore My Sons Obey My Voice According to That I Command Thee.

If Thou Shalt Indeed Obey His Voice and Do All That I Speak Then I Will Be an Enemy to Thine enemies and an Adversary to Thine adversaries.

The King At Home Reigning From His Room

Wherefore If They Shall Say to You Behold He Is In The Desert Go Forth.

Hear Ye The Rod Who Hath Appointed It. Depart Not Hence I Pray Thee Until I Come To Thee and

Glory Of This and Tarry At Home. For Why Shouldest Thou Meddle To Thy Hurt.

That Thou Shouldest Fall even Thou and The Hebrews With Thee ? and Reigned in His Room. Thy Walls Are Continually Before Me.

I Am Risen Up In The Room Of David My Father and Sit On The Throne Of The Hebrews As God Promised.

Behold He Is In The Secret Chambers Believe It Or Not.

He That Ruleth His Spirit

Give The King Thy Judgments O God and Thy Righteousness To The King's Son.

He That Is Slow To Wrath is Of Great Understanding. God Made Me Have Dominion Over The Mighty.

Then He Made Him That Remaineth Have Dominion Over The Nobles Among The Peoples.

That They May Know From The Rising Of The Sun and From The West That There Is None Beside Me.

He Will Turn Again He Will Have Compassion Upon Us He Will Subdue Our Iniquities.

Called Him To His Foot Gave The Nations Before Him and Made Him Rule Over Kings !

The Mountains Shall Bring Peace

Yea Strife and Reproach Shall Cease. Violence Shall No More Be Heard In Thy Land Wasting Nor Destruction.

Wasting Nor Destruction Within Thy Borders but Thou Shalt Call Thy Walls Salvation and Thy Gates Praise.

So God Alone Did Lead Him there was no strange god with Him.

There Shall Be No strange god in Thee. Neither Shalt Thou Worship Any strange god.

He See No Unclean Thing In Thee and Turn Away From Thee.

These Things Will I Do to them and Not Forsake Them. No Oppressors Shall Pass Through Them Any More.

I Have Put My Words In Thy Mouth I Have Covered Thee in The Shadow Of Mine Hand.

Break Forth Into Singing Cry Aloud.

Take An Harp Go About The City Thou God That Hast Been Forgotten.

Make Sweet Melody Sing Many Songs That Thou Mayest Be Remembered.

Joy and Gladness Shall Be Found Therein Thanksgiving and The Voices Of Melody.

Shall Be For Them That Dwell Before. The Voice Said Cry He Said What Shall I Cry ?

The Whole Earth Is At Rest Is Quiet They Break Forth Into Singing.

The Rod Of Thine Inheritances

Now Concerning His Sons and The Greatness Of The Burdens Laid Upon Them and The Repairing Of The Houses Of God.

Behold They Are Written in The Story Of The Books Of The Kings.

I Will Make A Man More Precious Than Fine Gold

Even A Man Than The Golden Wedge Of Ophir. Even To Thee Will I Give In Mine Houses.

For He Is The Former of All Things and The Hebrews.

Out Of The Houses Of The Hebrews Look To Abraham Your Father to Sarah that bare You.

Of The House Of Jacob For Jacob My Servant's Sake and The Hebrews Mine Elect.

Verily I Say To You That He Shall Make Him Ruler Over All His Goods.

I Will Bring Forth A Seed out Of Jacob and Out Of The Hebrews.

The Remnant Of Jacob To David and To His Seed for Evermore.

The Prayers Of David The Son Of Jesse are ended.

Behold My Family Is Poor In Manasseh and I Am The Least In My Father's House.

The King Whose Name Is Rod. For God Is He That Goeth With You.

Set Him On His Father's Throne and Fight For Your Master's Houses.

The Holy Head Is A Crown Of Glory if He Be Found In The Ways Of Righteousness.

The Righteous Hath Hope in His Life. Among The Righteous There Is Favours.

Glory and Honour Are In His Presence Strength and Gladness Are In His Place.

God Shall Arise Upon Thee His Glory Shall Be Seen Upon Thee.

I Even I Have Spoken Yea I Have Called Him I Have Brought Him and He Shall Make His Ways Prosperous.

For I Know Him That He Will Command His Children and His Households after Him and They Shall Keep The Ways Of God to Do Justice and Judgment That God May Bring upon Abraham That He Hath Spoken of Him.

For He Is Thy Life and The Length Of Thy Days That Thou Mayest Dwell in The Land that God Sware to Thy Fathers to Abraham to Isaac and to Jacob to Give Them.

The Rod Of Thine Inheritances That Thou Hast Redeemed This Mount Zion wherein Thou Hast dwelt.

Mine Hands Also Hath Laid The Foundations Of The Earth and My Right Hand Hath Spanned The Heavens When I Call to Them They Stand Up Together.

A New King

Now There Arose Up A New King over gods. God Hath Called Me.

Behold His Reward Is With Him and His Works Before Him. Yet Out Of Thee Shall He Come Forth To Me.

That Thou Mayest Be My Salvation To The End Of The Earth. Shall He Be Great To The Ends Of The Earth ?

That Is To Be Ruler In The Hebrews Whose Goings Forth Have Been From Of Old From Everlasting.

Even The First Dominion The Kingdom Shall Come. God Shall Send The Rod Of Thy Strength Out Of Zion.

The Sanctuary Of The House Shall Be In The Midst Thereof. Yet Have I Set My King Upon My Holy Hill Of Zion.

In The Majesty Of The Name Of God They Shall Abide For Now.

In That Time Shall The Presents Be Brought To Rod Of Hosts. In Glory Every One In His Own House.

Out Of Jerusalem Shall Go Forth A Remnant That Escaped Out Of Mount Zion.

Shall Yet Again Take Root Downward and Bear Fruit Upward.

I Will Bring Forth A Seed Out Of Jacob out of The Hebrews an Inheritor of My Mountains.

Mine Elect Shall Inherit it My Servants Shall Dwell There.

Hearken To Me O Jacob and Israel My Called. I Am He I Am The First I Also Am The Last.

There Shall Come Forth A Rod Out Of The Stem Of Jesse and A Branch Shall Grow Out Of His Roots.

His Name Shall Be Called Wonderful Counsellor The Mighty Rod The Everlasting Father The Prince Of Peace.

In That Day There Shall Be A Root Of Jesse That Shall Stand For An End Sign Of The Peoples.

Say Ye God Hath Redeemed His Servant Jacob. For Jacob My Servant's Sake and The Hebrews Mine Elect.

Hear Ye This O House Of Jacob That Are Called By The Name Of Israel.

I Have Even Called Thee By Thy Name I Have Surnamed Thee Though Thou Hast Not Known Me.

Therefore My Peoples Shall Know My Name. Therefore They Shall Know In That Day.

As I Live Saith The King Whose Name Is Rod Of Hosts.

Is The Rod Of His Inheritance Rod Is His Name. From Rod Of Hosts That Dwelleth In Mount Zion.

As For Our Redeemer Rod Of Hosts is His Name The Holy One Of The Hebrews.

The King Whose Name Is Rod. For God Is He That Goeth With You.

King Moab and The Crown Of The Head Of The Tumultuous One.

The Key Of The House Of David Will I Lay Upon His Shoulder.

To David and To His Seed For Evermore.

I Am The Son Of The Wise The Son Of Ancient Kings !

A Leader and Commander To The Peoples.

For Every Matter Pertaining To God and Affairs Of The Kings.

That He Commanded To A Thousand Generations.

There Came A Voice Out Of The Cloud Saying This is My Beloved Son Hear Him.

Since Thou Wast Precious In My Sight Thou Hast Been Honourable.

The Ancient and Honourable He Is The Head.

Thou Art My Servant I Have Chosen Thee.. Called Thee From The Chief Men Thereof.

Rod Of Hosts Mustereth The Hosts Of The Battles.

When I Call To Them They Stand Up Together.

Behold My Servant Whom I Uphold Mine Elect.

Mark The Perfect Man Behold The Upright. For The End Of That Man Is Peace.

I Have Raised Him Up In Righteousness. To Bring Jacob Again To Him.

God Is Well Pleased For His Righteousness' Sake He Will Magnify The Law and Make it Honourable.

When Rod Of Hosts Shall Reign In Mount Zion and In Jerusalem and Before His Ancients Gloriously.

The First Begotten Of The Princes Of The Kings Of The Earth.

That Is To Be Ruler In Israel Whose Goings Forth Have Been From Of Old From Everlasting.

I Am The Root and The Offspring Of David and The Bright Morning Star.

He That Hath The Key Of David He That Openeth and No Man Shutteth and Shutteth and No Man Openeth.

In Mercy Shall The Throne Be Established and He Shall Sit Upon It In Truth In The Tabernacle Of David.

That God Promised You That As All Good Things Are Come Upon You.

O God Thou Art God I Will Exalt Thee I Will Praise Thy Name. For To Prophet Is Ordained Of Old.

For Thou Hast Done Wonderful Things Thy Counsels Of Old Are Faithfulness and Truth.

The Work Of Righteousness Shall Be Peace and The Effect Of Righteousness Quietness and Assurances For Ever.

Remember These O Jacob and Israel For Thou Art My Servant. O Israel Thou Shalt Not Be Forgotten Of Me.

He Said Hear Ye Now O House Of David is it a small thing for You to weary Men but Will Ye Weary God also ?

Thou That Art Full Of Stirs.

The Righteous Shall Inherit The Land and Dwell Therein For Ever.

I God Will Hasten It In His Time My Servants Shall Dwell There.

The Remnant That Is Escaped Of The Houses Of The Hebrews.

Ye That Fear God Praise Him All Ye The Seed Of Jacob.

They Shall Put Upon Him All The Glory Of His Father's Houses

For He Is God Of gods and King Of Kings.

He Had A Name Written That No Man Knew but He Himself. He Shall Stand and Feed In The Strength Of God.

I Will Lead Him Also and Restore Comforts To Him and To His Followers.

As I Live Saith God Thou Shalt Surely Clothe Thee. Rod To Eat Sufficiently and For Durable Clothing.

The Kings Government

God Stabilised The Kingdom In His Hand. Upon His Kingdom To Order It.

Authorities and Powers Being Made Subject To Him.

Then The Heavens and The Earth and All That Is Therein.

Shall He Take Away From Off All The Earth For God Hath Spoken it.

Thou Hast Increased The Nation O God Thou Hast Increased The Nation Thou Art Glorified.

This Man Shall Be The Peace When The Ashyrian Shall Come Into Our Lands and When He Shall Tread In Our Palaces.

It Is An Abomination To Kings To Commit Wickedness. For The Throne Is Established By Righteousness.

Righteous Lips Are The Delights Of Kings They Love Him That Speaketh Right.

He Will Turn Again He Will Have Compassion Upon Us He Will Subdue Our Iniquities.

For God Is A God Of Judgment Blessed Are All They That Wait On Him.

Who Is A God Like To Thee That Pardoneth Iniquity and Passeth By The Transgressions Of The Remnants Of His Heritages ?

He Retaineth Not His Anger For Ever Because He Delighteth In Mercy.

He Said Moreover For There Shall Be Peace and Truth In My Days. Give To God Ye Kindreds Of The Peoples.

Give To God Glory and Strength Give To God The Glory Due to His Name.

A Divine Sentence Is In The Lips Of The King. His Mouth Transgresseth Not In Judgment.

He That Loveth Pureness Of Heart For The Grace Of His Lips The King Shall Be His Friend.

Hear O Ye Kings Give Ear O Ye Princes.

I Have Sworn By Myself The Word Is Gone Out Of My Mouth In Righteousness and Shall Return That To Me Every Knee Shall Bow Every Tongue Shall Swear.

First To Bring Thy Sons From Far Their Silver and Their Gold With Them.

To The Name Of God To The Holy One Of The Hebrews Because He Hath Glorified Thee.

That Prepare A Table For That Troop That Furnish The Offerings To That Number.

That He Who Blesseth Himself On The Earth Shall Bless Himself In God Of Truth.

Incline Your Ear Come To Me Hear and Your Souls Shall Live.

I God Will Hear Them I God Of The Hebrews Will Not Forsake Them.

I Will Have Mercy Upon Her That Had Not Obtained Mercy and I Will Say To Them That Were Not My Peoples.

Thou Art My Peoples and They Shall Say Thou Art God.

So God Will Cause Righteousness and Praise To Spring Forth Before All The Nations.

Who Then Is A Faithful and Wise Servant Whom So God Will Cause Righteousness and Praise to Spring Forth Before All The Nations.

In The Top Of The Mountains and Shall Be Exalted above The Hills and All Nations Shall Flow to it.

As For Me This Is My Covenant With Thee Saith God.

Yea They Shall Vow A Vow To God and Perform It.

Make An Agreement With Me Buy A Present Come Out To Me and Eat Ye Every One Of His Vine and Every One Of His Fig Tree..

If Thou Say To Me We Trust In God.

I Will Make An Everlasting Covenant With You Even The Sure Mercies Of David.

That To Me Every Knee Shall Bow Every Tongue Shall Swear.

I Have Declared The Former Things From The Beginning.

Who Hath Declared From The Beginning That We May Know ? Before Time That We May Say He Is Righteous !

They Went Forth Out Of My Mouth I Shewed Them I Did them Suddenly and they Came To Pass.

Glorify Him and Fear Him All Ye The Seeds Of The Hebrews.

As Soon As They Hear They Shall Be Obedient To Me.

How Say Ye To Pharaoh ?

Now It Is In Mine Heart To Make A Covenant With God Of The Hebrews That His Fierce Wrath May Turn Away From Us.

All The Congregations Made A Covenant With The King in The House Of God.

Made A Covenant Between Him and Between All The People and Between The Kings That They Should Be God's People.

Send Ye The Lamb To Be The Ruler Of The Land. From Sela To The Wilderness.

I Will Walk Among You and Will Be Your King and Ye Shall Be My Peoples.

For They Shall See Eye To Eye When God Shall Bring Again Zion.

When A Man Shall Take Hold Of His Brother Of The House Of His Father Saying.

Thou Hast Clothing Be Thou Our Ruler Let This Ruin Be Under Thy Hand.

So Is Pharaoh King Of Egypt ? To All That Trust In Him. Yea For The King It Is Prepared.

Let The Counsel Of The Holy One Of The Hebrews Draw Nigh and Come That We May Know It !

They Shall Put Upon Him All The Glory Of His Father's Houses.

That Confirmeth The Word Of His Servant and Performeth The Counsel Of His Messengers That Saith To Jerusalem.

They Shall Bring All Your Brethren For An Offering To God Out Of All Nations Upon Horses In Chariots In Litters Upon Mules Upon Swift Beasts To My Holy Mountain Jerusalem Saith God.

Shall Come They Shall Bring Gold and Incense They Shall Shew Forth The Praises Of God.

They Shall Come Up With Acceptance On Mine Altar and I Will Glorify The House Of My Glory.

Their Kings Shall Minister To Thee.

The Sons Of Strangers Shall Build Up Thy Walls For I Know their works and their thoughts.

It Shall Come That I Will Gather All Nations and Tongues They Shall Come and See My Glory.

Set Them In Their Own Lands and the Strangers Shall Be Joined With Them They Shall Cleave To The House Of Jacob.

Take Counsel Together It Shall Not Come To Nought. At The King's Commandment They Made A Chest.

The Collection According To The Commandment Of Moses The Servant Of God.

All The Vessels Of The Houses Of God Great and small and The Treasures Of The Houses Of God The Treasures Of The King..

Also All The Dedicated Things Of The Houses Of God.

For The Congregations Of The Hebrews For The Tabernacles Of Witness.

Now Gather Thyself In Troops and O Daughters Of Troops.

They Come To Thee Thy Sons Shall Come From Far and Thy Daughters Shall Be Nursed At Thy Side.

Keep Not Back Bring My Sons From Far and My Daughters From The Ends Of The Earth.

For He Said Surely They Are My Peoples. For They Shall Not Be Ashamed That Wait On Me.

Set Up My Standards To The Peoples They Shall Bring Thy Sons and Their Arms Thy Daughters Shall Be Carried Upon Their Shoulders.

Say Ye To The Daughters Of Zion Behold Thy Salvation Cometh Behold His Reward Is With Him and His Works Before Him.

The People Shall Take Them and Bring Them To The Places and The Houses Of Hebrews Shall Possess Them In The Land Of God.

I Make Sackcloth Their Covering. See All They Gather Themselves Together.

Saying My Counsel Shall Stand and I Will Do All My Pleasures.

He That Hath A Bountiful Eye Shall Be Blessed. A Stranger Doth Not Intermeddle With His Joys.

The Throne Of God and Of The Lamb Shall Be In The City and His Servants Shall Serve Him.

Open Ye The Gates That The Righteous Nations That Keepeth The Truth May Enter in.

For A Spirit Of Judgment To Him That Sitteth In Judgment and Set Them In Their Own Lands and The Strangers Shall Be Joined With Them They Shall Cleave To The House Of Jacob.

They Took off The Captains of hundreds and The Nobles and The Governors of The Peoples and all The Peoples of The Lands and Brought Down To The King From The House Of God and They came through The High Gate into The King's House and Set The King Upon The Throne Of The Kingdom.

In That Time Shall The Presents Be Brought To God Of Hosts.

Bring Forth My Presents and Set Them Before Thee.

Neither Take A Gift for A Gift Doth Blind The Eyes Of The Wise and Pervert The Words Of The Righteous.

Be Ye Clean That Bear The Vessels Of God. As The Children Of The Hebrews Bring An Offering In A Clean Vessel Into The House Of God.

They Shall Declare My Glory among The Gentiles. Surely The Isles Shall Wait For Me The Ships Of Tarshish.

Of The Gentiles and Shalt Suck The Breast Of Kings.

The Forces Of The Gentiles Shall Come To Thee.

We Have Heard Of The King Of Moab He Is Very Proud of His Heritages.

Who Are These That Fly As A Cloud ? As The Doves To their Windows ?

The Gentiles Shall Come To Thy Light and Kings To The Brightness Of Thy Rising.

We Have Heard Of The Pride Of King Of Moab He Is Exceeding Proud.

His Loftiness His Arrogancy His Pride and Haughtiness Of His Heart.

He That Walketh Righteously and Speaketh Uprightly.

That Men May Bring To Thee The Forces Of The Gentiles and That Their Kings May Be Brought That Are Left Have I Gathered All The Earth and Sheba and Dedan and The Merchants Of Tarshish With All The Young Lions.

Let Them Give Glory To God and Declare His Praise In The Islands.

Those That Remain Shall Hear and Fear and Shall Hence Forth Commit No More Any Such Evil Among You.

A Confederacy

Say Ye A Confederacy To All Them.

To Whom This Peoples Shall Say A Confederacy.

All Nations Shall Serve Him For He Shall Deliver The Needy.

Kings Shall See and Arise Princes Also Shall Worship. They Will Not Meet Thee As A Man.

Their Kings Shall Minister To Thee. Yea All Kings Shall Fall Down Before Him.

So Wilt Thou Recover Me and Make Me To Live ?

A People That I Knew Not Shall Serve Me Strangers Shall Submit Themselves To Me.

To Pledge For He Taketh A Man's Life To Pledge.

The Sons Also Of Them That Afflicted Thee Shall Come Bending To Thee.

All They That Despised Thee Shall Bow Themselves Down.

The Kings Of Tarshish and Of The Isles. Shall Bring Presents The Kings Of Sheba and Seba Shall Offer Gifts.

In That Day Saith God Will I Assemble Him That Halteth.

I Will Make Him That Halted A Remnant and Her That Was Cast Far Off A Strong Nation.

I Will Gather Her That Is Driven Out and Her That They Have Afflicted.

Many Nations Shall Come and Say Come and Let Us Go Up To The Mountains Of God and To The Houses Of God Of Jacob He Will Teach Us Of His Ways We Will Walk In His Paths.

For The Law Shall Go Forth Of Zion and The Word Of God From Jerusalem.

It Shall Be Exalted Above The Hills and Peoples Shall Flow To it.

I Will Send Those That Escape of Them To The Nations.

To Tarshish Pul and Lud That Draw The Bow. To Tubal and Javan To The Isles Afar Off.

That Have Not Heard My Fame Neither Have Seen My Glory.

Upon Horses In Chariots in Litters Upon Mules and For The Priests and For Levites Saith God.

All Judah Brought To Jehoshaphat Presents.

Calling A Ravishing Bird From The East The Woman That Executeth My Counsel From A Far Country.

So Wilt Thou Recover Me and Make Me To Live ?

Comfort Ye Comfort Ye My Peoples Saith God.

Kings Shall Be Thy Nursing Fathers and Queens Thy Nursing Mothers.

Let Them Come Near Then Let Them Speak Let Us Come Near Together To Judgment.

Have Mercy Upon The Whole Houses Of The Hebrews and Will Be Joyous For My Holy Name.

In The Day That God Bindeth Up The Breaches Of His Peoples and Healeth The Strokes Of Their Wounds.

I Create The Fruit Of The Lips Peace Peace To Him That Is Far Off and To Him That Is Near Saith God and I Will Heal Him.

When I Would Have Healed The Hebrews.

I Have Seen His Ways and Will Heal Him Neither Shall His Face not now wax pale.

Thine Health Shall Spring Forth Speedily and

I Have Blotted Out as A Thick Cloud Thy Transgressions and As A Cloud Thy sins Return To Me For I Have Redeemed Thee.

I Even I Am He That Comforteth You.

By This Therefore Shall The Iniquity Of Jacob Be Purged and Shalt Thou Have That Thy Days May Be Lengthened In The Land That God Giveth Thee.

For I Have Poured Out My Spirit Upon The Houses Of The Hebrews Saith God.

Concerning The House Of Jacob Jacob Shall Not Now Be ashamed.

Shalt Not Remember the reproach of Thy widowhood Any More.

For Thou Shalt Forget the shame of Thy Youth.. Fear Not For Thou Shalt Not be ashamed.

Neither Be Thou Confounded For Thou Shalt Not Be Put to shame.

The Consumption Decreed Shall Overflow With Righteousness

Give Ye Ear and Hear My Voice Hearken and Hear My Speech.

For I Have Heard From God Of Hosts a Consumption Even Determined Upon The Whole Earth.

For God Of Hosts Shall Make a Consumption Even Determined In The Midst Of All The Lands.

Shall He Take Away From Off All The Earth For God Hath Spoken it.

Upon His Kingdom To Order It.

Because Of God That Is Faithful and Make The Desolate Cities To Be Inhabited.

God Hath Made Ruler Over His Household To Give Them Food In Due Season !

The First Shall Say To Zion Behold Thee and They Will Give To Jerusalem.

The Governments Shall Be Upon His Shoulder and Of The Increases Of His Government and Peace.

I Will Commit Thy Governments into His Hands He Shall Be A Father To The Inhabitants Of Jerusalem and To The Houses Of The Hebrews.

The Governments Shall Be Upon His Shoulders and There Shall Be No End Upon The Throne Of David and Of The Increase Of His Government and Peace There Shall Be No End.

The Zeal Of God Of Hosts Will Perform This. Upon The Throne Of David and Upon His Kingdom.

To Order It and To Establish It With Judgment and With Justice From Henceforth Even For Ever.

Even To Him To Whom The Possessions Of The Land Did Belong.

All The Tithes Of The Land Whether Of The Seeds Of The Land.

Or Of The Fruits Of The Trees Is God's It Is Holy To God.

If A Man Will At All Redeem Ought Of His Tithes. He Shall Add There To The Fifth Part thereof.

Concerning The Tithes Of The Herds Or Of Flocks Of Whatsoever Passeth To The Rod The Tenth Shall Be Holy To God.

He Shall Search Whether It Be Good or bad.

Shall He Change It and If He Change It at all Then Both He and The Changes Thereof Shall Be Holy.

He Shall Be Redeemed

For I Will Have Respect To You and Make You Fruitful and

Multiply You and Establish My Covenant With You. The Glory Of God Shall Be Thy Re Reward.

Bring Forth My Presents and Set Them Before Thee. He Had Riches and Honour In Abundance.

Shall He Greatly Multiply To Himself Silver and Gold.

Heaped Up Silver As The Dust and Fine Gold As The Mire Of The Streets.

I Will Give Thee The Treasures Of Darkness and Hidden Riches Of Secret Places.

As Yet Shall He Remain At Nob That Day He Shall Shake His Hand Against The Mount Of The Daughters Of Zion The Hill Of Jerusalem.

Incline Your Ear Come To Me Hear and Your Souls Shall Live.

I Will Have Mercy Upon Her That Had Not Obtained Mercy and I Will Say To Them That Were Not My Peoples.

I God Will Hear Them I God Of The Hebrews Will Not Forsake Them.

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You .. may have Your feathers ruffled about me stating that I am the next the current Celtic Royal Hebrew King from the lineage of Asher. You may be offended for whatever reason or motive makes no difference as You also could or may also Qualify to be the next Celtic Royal Hebrew King from the lineage of Asher by getting a tick in every box for the 40 Verifications in The Bible Where and Who the next Celtic Royal Hebrew King from the lineage of Asher as described in The Bible. That's all .. and by now You have been killed Three Times and been Risen from the dead 3 Times by an Identity known as GOD The HEBREW CREATOR GOD and Production Companies etc. etc. and has a tick in the 40 Verifications of Who and Where the current Celtic Royal Hebrew King from the lineage of Asher as described above in The Biblical Accounts is.

In the immortal words Directives and Orders of Admiral Hugh Webster US Navy League Corporate Director in Washington DC and San Diego California Admiral Webster said "Tell it all. This is Most Important to our Country. Don't leave anything out". OK.

There could be hundreds of different extra terrestrial cultures out there and some may be Extremely Hostile like the Reptillians. Presently at least 19 various types of alien cultures have invaded Earth that have various Agendas on Earth. The Military Industrial Complex run by the Reptillian bloodline families in Europe invited them to visit and stay.

The Nazis Won WWII being Financed by Wall Street from the start under Directives of Rothchild Corporation (Reptillian's) who have financed all Wars since the 1700's and fuelled many before. This of course would be TREASON except Wall Street has committed and Financed many Treasonable Actions though no one seems to say much about it let alone Do anything about it. The word Allies derives from 2 words all lies. Heisenburg made The Bomb in 1938 for Hitler before the War started. Heisenburg's Documentary was on TV telling the story of his capture by American Forces. Nuclear Physics [the mathematics] is from Heisenburg who evolved it from American John Keely who invented non polluting Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Power in the 1840's. Nuclear Physics It's all Keely's including the jargon for Nuclear Physics. The Nazi's had anti gravity flying Machines that flew at 2,500 miles an hour. They had Stealth Bombers and developed Electrical Weapons. The Nazis had The Bomb and effective methods to deliver it. The Nazis Nuked America twice just to let them know it worked. Australia was then Nuked 600 times in the ensuing years. The CIA initially was made up 50% from Nazi SS Gestapo and NASA Nazi America's Space Agency was 100% German staff headed by Werner von Braun the Top Nazi Scientist for Rocket and anti gravity craft. The Nazis Won WWII that's Why we all started watching Italian Mafia Movies and heard of the Yakuza. The Nazis went to South America North America Australia and the South Pole where Admiral Byrd encountered the Nazis with anti gravity flying craft and nuclear torpedo's in Operation Hijump. The Nazis continued their Eugenic Campaigns against American Canadian Britain Australian and New Zealand's unsuspecting Populations assassinating and Pillaging targeted Citizens from those allied Nations for decades. The Germanic's (Barbarians) being Warmongering Nations all of History (54 Tribes) traceable to the 19th century bc. used the Trick of saying We Won that made us put our guns down and go off to the pub being inebriated unaware and easy pickings for the Nazi hit squads killing millions all unrecorded for what they were. My Story would be the same or similar with many other Allies Australian's American's British Canadian and New Zealander's. My Father fought in the 2nd World War a Decorated Royal Australian Army Special Forces Sgt. For me ever since I was born I have been having "Accidents" that I have not been Compensated for yet. So much so my Dad told me I was "Accident Prone". I was born on a "so called" "Accident" my Mother having a broken pelvis from the motor vehicle collision on the way to the hospital. In David Icke's book The Biggest Secret documents Germanic Masonic hit squads making Assassinations look like accidents documenting the hit on Dianna that covers that subject. Does not go into how long these types of Population Assassinations had been going on by the Nazis or the Masons though the Jesuits have been for centuries of Assassinations including many American Presidents. America and Allies under Nazi Supervision went to Korea and Vietnam at the same time fighting in the alien Invasion Wars in Greenland by two different alien groups opposing each other during the same years as well as Operation Hijump.

Then The Russians (Financed by Wall Street from the start under Directives of Rothchild Corporation) who were technically and Legally Our Allies were turned on by The Nazis in effect continuing the War against Russia who eventually Won the Cold War with infiltration and Space Particle Beam Weapons Platforms. I doubt you could find many Australian's that knew anything much about the Cold War. We LOST the Cold War and the Russians took over and we see Russian Mafia movies. Russia has a very strong Allie in China they live next to each other for all of History.

Also with current NSA wifi networks and Invasive Operating Systems like Microsoft and US Government Intelligence Agencies Electrical and Electronic Warfare and their "trumped up" wars against whatever whoever whenever it is possible that even Dedicated Systems Security may be impaired by these invasive uncontrolled groups (who ignore all Laws as if they don't apply to them ie: illegal operations) for whatever reason or motive. They (the US) even have a War currently going for years now against Dissenters. Even though proving that they (the US) are Dissenters of The Law and ignorant of being Dissenters of The Law. A Historically documented Charge. Dismantling Habeas Corpus is a Classic Example of this contempt and Dissenting of The Law by the US. Guantanamo Bay another all easy to give a GUILTY Verdict on the US the NSA and on Corporate Law and the Corporations involved with being Dissenters of The Law. Without telling anyone they just go to war because they have a War oriented Economy (as though it is the only type of Economy (this is Why the Economy is not economical).

I am a General Scientist this means that I can go into any field or subject or problem previously unknown or known and find out exactly what it is all about and/or does or what really happened or occurred and give alternative objective solutions to previously unsolved and/or unknown complex technical problems. One General Scientist comes along every hundred years or so. This is Why and How I have solved the many unsolved Historical Mysteries or History Mysteries like Music Of The Spheres in Greek, Precession Of The Equinoxes also known as In The Services Of The Songs In The Houses Of God in the Hebrew. No one in all History knows what Music Of The Spheres is about or understood what it was/is all about and why there are such scant details about this subject because there are so many diverse subjects all interconnected and extremely relevant to the outcome. Someone must have though as The Earth is still here. A General Scientist would be a Prime Requirement to Perform The Music Of The Spheres Event as there are so many diverse subjects combined and entwined that one would have to be extremely competent at many diverse subjects. To ignore or leave out 1 subject out of the equation would be Multi Universally Catastrophic as it is a Multi Universal Event. It is recorded in The Bible (Old Testament) (that contains the History of the Human Races and History of The Earth and traces the Histories of The Hebrew Kings etc) as occurring 10 times before this time being the 11th time being Required to be Performed again. History is already written, all of it, as The Bible contains The Start to The Finish the whole History of The Earth from The Start to The End and is extremely accurate about modern days global events occurring and the texts must have been written thousands of years before. How do You write and record events thousands of years before that are extremely accurate thousands of years later in modern times ? Containing also the History of aliens Invasions all pre written thousands of years before and extremely accurate depictions of modern day Invasions of Earth. There is even a book about the next World. So How Do You accurately Write and Record Global Events thousands of years before that are extremely accurate in modern day ? It's not possible. Except it is. These are some of the many mysteries surrounding The Identity known as GOD who is well described in The Bible as being and known as a very accurate Writer of Histories. With knowledge's way far beyond Human or alien understandings way far. The Author of The Book known as The Bible is described in The Bible as God who seems to have said so and so and some scribe somewhere close wrote it down on papyrus and put it in a Book known as The Papyrus Book. Exactly what Byblos means the name of Earth's 1st City after The Great Flood of Noah 10,500 years ago. Byblos translated gave the modern name of The Bible. It was then brought throughout all of History by The Hebrew Tribes and The Federation of Byblos (who met every 200 years from 10,500 bc to King Arthur's time 290-539 ad The Church Councils Of Tyre headed The Federation Of Byblos in 515 ad) until Ashi 381 ad: Ashi In Babylon City collected stories of God and The Past Histories and The Laws into A Set Form Written on Scrolls called The Torah and The Pentateuch that later became The First 5 Books of The Old Testament. Ashi compiled The Old Testament The Bible.

If Someone can accurately write modern History thousands of years ago and it all being extremely accurate Intelligence Reports telling You before it happened thousands of years later then that Writer has got Extreme Credibility with Me. I know how accurate the accounts are. How do You do that ? Giving Credibility to The Identity known as God and The Writer (the Scribe) of The Bible Texts that Wrote and Recorded all of History from Start to End who seem to know what They are talking about if They can do that. ie: Extreme Credibility as far as Highly Advanced Highly Accurate Intelligence Reports from a Highly Credible Source of immense amounts of Relevant Information.

When did Barbarian Law take over ? A) different times in different places.

The Bible contains Laws being The Laws that modern Civil Laws derive from Hebrew Law that's consistently been going for several thousand years or so until being taken over by Barbarian Law Leges Barborium and the Barbarian Germanic Tribes in the 6th century ad until Emperor Charlemagne re instated Hebrew Law for Europe until dying in 814 ad: 28 January Charlemage died. Charlemagne's Empire Of The Church Of Jesus survived by Only One Generation it contributed decisively to eventual reconstitution of a Western Europe fragmented since The Roman Empire of a Common Intellectual Religious and Political Inheritance later centuries could draw on.

Charlemagne did not create this inheritance single handedly hard to imagine it occurring without Charlemagne. One of the Poets at Charlemagne's Court called Charlemagne Rex Pater Europae King Father of Europe. In Truth there is no other Man who similarly left his mark on European History during the centuries of The Middle Ages. After Charlemagne died The Romans sought to undermine The Church Of Jesus Traditions and eventually managed this in the 8th century when they deposed The Fisher Kings after some 300 years of Regnal Succession. The Romans again sought to undermine The Church Of Jesus Traditions and eventually managed this when Charlemagne died after some 237 Years Of Royal Succession. After The Death Of Charlemagne Partitions Of The Charlemagne's Empire and Gaul occurred.

768: Charlemagne Carolus Magnus Charles The Great as King of The Carolingian's 768-814 conquered The Lombard Kingdom in Italy Charles took the field against The Saxons no fewer than 18 times subdued all The Saxons annexed Bavaria to his Kingdom Fought Campaigns in Germania Gaul Breton Spain Hungary Southern Italy with exception of The Kingdom of Asturias in Spain. Gaul With The British Isles United Into One Superstate practically of all The Christian Lands of Western and Southern Europe under Charlemagne.

768: The Royal House Of David Septimania granted to The Royal House Of David in 768 Kingdom of Septimania replaced the area known as Languedoc with early Princes of Toulouse Aquitaine and Provence all descended from The Asher Bloodline of The Holy Grail. The Royal House Of David had been given Privileged Rights of Princely Independence by Emperor Charlemagne.

768 ad: Early Princes Of Toulouse Aquitaine and Provence were all descended in the Messianic bloodline of The Holy Grail. Septimania was granted to The Royal House Of David in 768 and Prince Bernard of Septimania later married a daughter of Emperor Charlemagne.

774: Rome Falls To Charlemagne Charlemagne Defeats and Conquers Italy and Rome and The Lombards become Kings of Lombardy.

774: Charlemagne Created A Papal State in central Italy.

Under Royal Hebrew Kings Entitlements Grail Kings and Queens Are Rightful Kings and Queens of The Earth.

774: Charlemagne's Governmental Reforms were Intended For The Entire Empire in The Reign Of Charlemagne in Italy 774-814 that effected slow integration of The Reforms into The Political World.

Rome's Ecclesiastical Constitutional Traditions A Result Of Charles assuming Imperial Title and Functions Gave Rise To All Ecclesiastical Concepts of The Holy Roman Empire with All The Bonds Of Cannon Law and Constitutional Traditions of The Carolingians.

The Holy Roman Empire was Based On The Precedents of Charlemagne's Royal Imperial Title and Position.

Legal Procedures Became Standardized and Reliable as surviving documents of Court Cases show.

Creation Of The Holy Roman Empire Court Administration Chiefly Legitimized by Charles's Efforts to Raise Cultural Levels internally. When Charles came to Power Carolingian Kingdom's Cultural Administrative and Legal Institutions were still relatively undeveloped as with everywhere in The West.

Legal Documents Of Charles's Reign bear witness to a Great Concern born of profound Moral and Religious Convictions with The Administration of Justice and with Public Enlightenment of The Church Of Jesus they also show discrepancies between the Ideals and Reality.

775: Charlemagne Subdues Saxon Tribes in Europe from 775 on it was his goal to subdue the whole Saxon Tribe converting it to Christianity and integrating it into his Kingdom.

814 ad: 28 January Charlemage died. Charlemagne's Empire Of The Church Of Jesus survived by Only One Generation.

843 ad: After The Treaty Of Verdun The Carolingian Empire Divided - between Male Heirs of The Carolingian Dynasty West Francia roughly modern France East Francia roughly modern Germany. Brothers Charles II King of the West Franks Louis the German and Emperor Lothair I re divided their territories at The Verdun Treaty.

Separate Kingdoms Of France Germany and Italy came into existence. Germany France and Italy Were The Major New Kingdoms that emerged after The Treaty. The Romans were then able to regain much of Italy eventually leaving The Eastern Roman Empire to evaporate and changing their names from Byzantines back to Romans and Italians.

850: The Donation Of Constantine - this document some 1248 years ago led to just about every social injustice that has since been experienced in The Christian World called The Donation of Constantine.

All Monarchical and Governmental Practices has for centuries been based upon the initial precept of this charter but the precept is wholly invalid. Many dynasties that have reigned have done so with little or no Royal Hebrew Sovereign Heritage. They have gained their positions because it suited The Romans and The Roman Catholic Church to crown them as its puppet representatives.

851: With The Sudden Contrived Demise Of The Grail Family in 851 a new style of Kingship was introduced in the West Kingship not by any Right of Succession but by Individual Decree of The Pope.

The New Style Of Papal Kingship was made possible by the Donation of Constantine now known to have been forged was not open to debate at the time. It was an entirely new hybrid form of male dominated Churchianity based upon a contrived Apostolic Succession of Popes.

The Roman Catholic Church had little to do with The Church Of Jesus Christianity that Rome had Officially Superseded The Church Of Jesus in 851 ad. a Royal Hebrew Church with a Book Ideology and Peoples dating back to Cain that Rome had persecuted for centuries.

The Age Of The Great Schism

860: The Age Of The Great Schism between The Eastern Roman Catholic Church and The Western Church Of Jesus founded in 64 ad in Breton.

8th cent: The Roman Church Prevailed from the 8th century and continued through The Dark Ages to the present day.

8th cent: Under The Strict Terms Of Royal Hebrew Sovereign Practice all Christian Churches Monarchies and Affiliated Governments from the 8th Century have been Illegitimate.

The Roman Catholic Church held Enormous Financial Political and Military Power.

The Celtic Church continued in opposition under the direction of The Grail Family from The Family Of Jesus They Were The Legal Rightful Heirs Of God. Under Royal Hebrew Laws of Royal Hebrew Kings Entitlement The Asher Family are Rightful Kings and Queens of Earth as is written in The Bible.

The Grail Family and Followers were forced underground living in fear of their lives at every turn singled out for punishment since they did not conform to Roman Papal Dictates.

The Most Powerful In Gaul Were The Dukes Of Aquitaine and Burgundy Counts of Flanders Toulouse Blois and Anjou.

Barbarian Law was then re installed by The Roman Catholic Church in 851 ad in Europe.
1066: France England Germanic Law Predominated - in the north while the south remained predominantly subject to Roman Law. A Central Form of Government was imposed by The Normans after their Conquest of England in 1066 and The Common Law that developed there was largely similar to Germanic Law being based on Barbarian Tribes Customs.

Germany Scandinavia Northern France Northern Italy Germanic Law - is The Law of Peoples of Ancient Germanic Stock in what is now Germany Scandinavia northern France and northern Italy. It covers The Period from the rise of the earliest Germanic Tribes that moved into former Roman provinces after the fall of The Roman Empire to the period when The Oral Laws of individual Germanic Tribes developed into National and Codified Territorial Laws. This development occurred at different periods in different Tribes.

Germanic Law Unlike Roman Law - consisted essentially of Tribal Custom and not of Legal Codes promulgated by a Central Government. The Customs of a particular Tribe or Nation evolved from popular practices was unwritten and was applicable only to the individuals belonging to that particular Tribe or Nation. The Germanic Law was not attached to The Territory or Nation but rather to The Tribe so when a nomadic Germanic Tribe moved it took its Laws with it rather than subjecting itself to The Laws of The Nation or The Territory that it moved into to conquer.

The Tribes Germanic Peoples - were divided into Tribes that were made up of clans with a King at the head of The Government. The King was assisted by The Tribal Assembly and by his Council. Property Law did not clearly distinguish between Legal Title and physical control. Land originally belonged to each family collectively but gradually family ownership developed into Private Ownership by The Family head although for a long time he could sell or part with land only with the consent of the heirs. Property descended on his death to the nearest descendants usually male. Later as the importance of Christianity grew Ecclesiastical Law derived from Roman Law gained in importance. The Church sought to legislate matters such as marriage and succession that had previously been the subject only of secular Tribal Law.

It’s Very Important To Know How The British Royal Crown - was placed into the hands of The Popes Knights Templars and how The Crown Templars became the fiscal and military agents for The Pope of The Roman Church.

1213: 15 May The Concession Of England - this all becomes very clear through The Concession Of England to The Pope on 15 May 1213.

The Charter - was sworn in fealty by England’s King John to Pope Innocent and The Roman Church. It was witnessed before The Crown Templars as King John stated upon sealing the same. I myself bearing witness in The House of The Knights Templars.

We Wish It To Be Known - to all of you through this Our Charter furnished with Our Seal not induced by force or compelled by fear but of Our own good and spontaneous will and by The Common Counsel of our Barons do offer and freely concede to God and His Holy Apostles Peter and Paul and to Our mother The Holy Roman Church and to our Lord Pope Innocent and to his Catholic successors the whole Kingdom of England and the whole Kingdom Ireland with all Their Rights and appurtenances we perform and swear fealty for them to him our aforesaid Lord Pope Innocent and his Catholic successors and The Roman Church binding our successors and our heirs by our wife forever in similar manner to perform fealty and show homage to him who shall be Chief Pontiff at that time and to The Roman Church without demur. As a sign we will and establish perpetual obligation and concession from the proper and especial revenues of Our aforesaid Kingdoms The Roman Church shall receive yearly a Thousand Marks Sterling saving to Us and to Our heirs Our Rights Liberties and Regalia all of that things as they have been described above we wish to have perpetually valid and firm and we bind Ourselves and Our Successors not to act counter to them. If we or any one of Our Successors shall presume to attempt this whoever he be unless being duly warned he come to his Kingdom and this senses be shall lose his Right to The Kingdom and this Charter of our obligation and concession shall always remain firm.

Britain Given To The Roman Church

1213: By Swearing To The 1213 Charter - in fealty King John declared that The British English Crown and its Possessions at that time including all future possessions estates trusts charters letters patent and land were forever bound to The Pope and The Roman Church The Landlord. Some five hundred years later The New England Colonies in America became a part of The Crown as a possession and Trust named The United States.

Fealty - n. L. fidelis. Fidelity to a lord faithful adherence of a tenant or vassal to the superior of whom he holds his lands loyalty. Under the feudal system of tenures every vassal or tenant was bound to be true and faithful to his lord and to defend him against all his enemies. This obligation was called his fidelity or fealty and an oath of fealty was required to be taken by all tenants to their landlords. The tenant was called a liege man the land a liege fee and the superior liege lord.

1213: Britain Is Owned By The Vatican From The Treaty - of 1213. Elements of Ecclesiastical Law Vol.1 53-54 25. A 1040 form is for Tribute paid to Britain.

1213: May England King John - of England 1199-1216 the grandfather of Edward I surrendered England and Ireland under his Great Seal to the Roman Cult leader Innocent III as his feudal overlord. This was ratified by the Papal Bull known as Bulla Aurea Golden Bull.

1215: January England - the reign of King John in 1215. Since the first Chancel of The Temple Church was built by The Knights Templar this is not a New Ruling System by any means. The Chancel or Chancery of The Crown Inner Temple Court was where King John was in January 1215 when The English Barons demanded that he confirm the rights enshrined in the Magna Carta. The City of London Temple was the headquarters of The Templar Knights in Great Britain where Order and Rule were first made that became known as Code. Remember all these terms such as Crown Temple Templar Knight Chancel Chancery Court Code Order and Rule we tie together their origins with the present American Temple Bar System of thievery by equity chancery contracts.

1215: June England A Brief - yet bloody rebellion of the barons following this move resulted in the promulgation of the Magna Carta or Great Charter as a treaty between the rebellious barons and The King by June 1215.

1215: Magna Carta - 1215. 39) No Freeman shall be captured or imprisoned or disseised or outlawed or exiled or in any way destroyed nor will we go against him or send against him except by the Lawful Judgement of his peers or by The Law Of The Land. 40) To No One will we sell To No One will we deny or delay Right or Justice.

1215: 15 June Most - who have commented on this Charter only emphasize the payments due to The Pope and The Roman Church. What should be emphasized is the fact that King John broke the terms of this Charter by signing The Magna Carta on 15 June 1215.

The Penalty - for breaking the 1213 Agreement was the loss of The Crown Rights to The Kingdom of England to The Pope and The Roman Church.

Roman Church Takes The British Crown

1215: 24 August England To Formally and Lawfully Take The Crown - from The Royal Monarchs of England by an Act of Declaration on 24 August 1215 Pope Innocent III annulled The Magna Carta later in the year he placed an Interdict prohibition on the entire British Empire. From that time until today The English Monarchy and the entire British Crown belonged to The Pope and The Roman Church.

By Agreeing To The Magna Carta King John - had broken The Agreement Terms of his fealty with Rome and The Pope.

The Pope and The Roman Church Control The Crown Temple - because The Popes Knights established it under The Popes Orders. He who controls the gold controls The World.

1216: 24 August Rome - initially the reaction of Rome was to condemn the Magna Carta and on August 24th 1215 Innocent III issued the bull Etsi Carissimus declaring it both illegal and unjust. Subsequent Magna Carta issued at the commencement of each of the reigns of English monarchs as a tradition until the 16th Century ensured any offending clauses were subsequently removed such as the original clause 61. in Briton in 1216 by King John with in the Americas in 1492: North America discovered in 1492 by Columbus enticed the countries of Western Europe with its promise of free territory. Both England and France held colonies in North America. France did not limit themselves to previously unclaimed lands. France attempted to gain land in Germany and Italy during this time.

1492: 3 August Spain Columbus - weighed anchor 3 August 1492 a few hours before the deadline for all Jews to be out of Spain. Michael Bradley Holy Grail Across the Atlantic.

1492: Spain The Mysterious Consortium Of Wealthy Men Columbus Flagship The Santa Maria - bore Templar crosses on sails to hide from being shot by Templar Ships and allies when Columbus set sail from Palos. Columbus' voyage financed not by the sale of Isabella's jewelry as so commonly thought but by a Mysterious Consortium of wealthy men to take them to The Americas that included Jews and other heretics ?

1492: Arrival Of Spanish and Portuguese Columbus’s - arrival in America in 1492 initiated contact between European Conquistadores and The People of The New World.

1617: World Map Australia - referred as Terra Australis Incognita. Pictured On The 1617 World Map - is a strange looking Animal resembling a reptillian an alien species with The Globe of The World and associated with Rome The Roman Catholic Church and The Vatican who had funded and supported all the wars against The House Of Jesus and The House Of David to invade and take Gaul and Breton then later against The Knights Templars The House Of Jesus and The House Of David to invade and take North and South Americas then The Templars Trading Zones then invaded Terra Australis. Re naming Terra Australis as Ingognita and heresy to believe in the existance of a Great South Land to be able to Plunder The City Of God as described in The Bible and The Land clandestinely for hundreds of years.

1649: England The Bank Of England - financed by The Bank of Amsterdam. The establishment of The Bank of England had been made possible by The Bank of Amsterdam that financed Oliver Cromwell to take over England. The Money Changers immediately consolidated their financial powers and plunged England into a series of costly wars.

1649: England The Commonwealth Wars - in England 1649-60. The Monarchy and The Church of England were repressed both were restored in 1660.

1650: England Bankruptcy Of The Governments - by middle of the 16th century the English government was in state of financial collapse. Spain Netherlands including Antwerp and a great part of France were ruined. The capitalist victors compared their position with that of the vanquished and congratulated themselves on their spoils. The Bankruptcy of The Governments sprang from the combination of modern administration and a military method with a mediaeval system of finance. They entrusted to bureaucracies work that would have formerly been done by their own boroughs and gilds officials have to be paid. They were constantly at war using a professional infantry creating in it a highly external capitalized industry. They sold offices Established Monopolies and crushed the tax payers by indirect taxation.

The Church Of Jesus and The Templars Were Plundered They Plundered The Church Of Jesus and The Templars and spent gorgeously as income property that should have been treated as capital. They departed with The Crown Estates and left an insoluble problem to their successors.

Germany Rulers Of The Money Market

The Templars - when they were exhausted after 300 years of War against combined Roman Catholic Countries and were gone what remained was The Money Market and to The Rulers of The Money Market sooner or later all states came. The dependency on The Financiers became disastrous. The Range Of Interests That German Banking Houses were involved was astonishing. The Hapsburgs Valois and Tudors were dancing on wires held by a Money Power. Political Struggles were an opportunity for Gain.

It Was Predominantly Catholic Cities - that were The Commercial Capitals of Europe with Italian Catholic Bankers who where its Leading Financiers. Germany Dictates Economic Organization The New Interest The Control Of Capital and Credit In Germany its economic aspect of development rose to a position of overwhelming pre eminence by The New Interest based on The Control of Capital and Credit. It ceased to be a servant and became a Master. It Claimed The Right of a predominant partner to Dictate Economic Organization in accordance with its own exacting requirements.

The English Church found itself swept of its feet by the swift rise of a Commercial Civilization especially by the mysterious iniquity called Usury.

Money Power Banking Business Public Robbers Financial Organizations Grew - to bring monies into The German Market previously dominated by Catholic Italian Bankers. By this their spirit and co operation as a Nation was transformed. Germany established the rise to the combinations Controlling Output and Prices by The Power of Mass Capital by the exactions of rings and Monopolies that brought in bulk to drive weaker competitors out of the field and plunder the consumer who were the common place of the social reformer. German social life was ridden by the conscienceless Money Power Banking Business. Craftsmen and peasants suffered greatly that stirred up passionate anti capitalist reactions. Merchants Bankers Lawyers and The Clergy were deemed as Public Robbers and should be exterminated like wolves.

1650: Initially The New World Was Colonized By Knights Templars - and Puritan Protestants fleeing persecutions from The English Civil War mid 1600’s. It is believed by Freemasonry that America will represent this New Philosophical Atlantis to establish a Universal Democracy to shine upon a World Government of Nations.

1650: England although still a Monarchy England had The House of Parliament ever since the mid 1600’s no King dared to stand off with it.

France only increased the absolute power of the King throughout this time period.

1653: England Oliver Cromwell becomes Lord Protector of England. England became a dictatorship under Oliver Cromwell..

1653: Cromwell's Protectorate Edith Miller reports The Rose Croix had spread rapidly among The Puritans Miller Occult Theocrasy 157. During Cromwell's Protectorate 1653-1658 he surrounded himself with Rosicrucian Masons Baigent Holy Blood Holy Grail 144. From Masonic sources during the Civil War Cromwell frequented a Rosicrucian Masonic Lodge called Crown he could not have done unless he were a Rosicrucian Mason himself Darrah History and Evolution of Freemasonry 174. In exchange for financial support from Amsterdam Jews Cromwell promised to symbolically rebuild Solomon's Temple for them in Freemasonry. Cromwell is typical of many Protestant Reformers who joined Freemasonry to win political freedom. Cromwell's revolution was more Masonic than Protestant.

1662: England The Settlement Act Under Charles II - of England the concept of Settlements as plantations of working poor controlled by the Church of England was further refined through the Settlement Act 1662 and Poor Relief Act 1662 including for the first time the issuance of Settlement Certificates equivalent to a birth certificate passport and social security rolled into one document. A child's birthplace was its place of settlement unless its mother had a settlement certificate from some other parish stating that the unborn child was included on the certificate. From the age of 7 upwards the child could have been apprenticed and gained a settlement for itself through called indentured service or voluntary slavery. Also the child could have obtained a settlement for itself by service by the time it was 16. Under the reforms of The Settlement Act 1662 and Poor Relief Act 1662 no one was allowed to move from town to town without the appropriate Settlement Certificate. If a person entered a parish in that he or she did not have official settlement and seemed likely to become chargeable to the new parish then an examination would be made by the justices or parish overseers. From this examination on oath the justices would determine if that person had the means to sustain himself. The results of the examination were documented in an Examination Paper. As a result of the examination the intruder would then either be allowed to stay or would be removed by means of what was known as a Removal Order the origin of the modern equivalent of an Eviction and Removal Notice when a sheriff removes people from their home.

1665: Australia The Blaeu Map is a Dedication to the Papal Ambassadore in Venice probably a gift for mercenary reasons in 1665. Pope Innocent XI in the center ten horsemen depict reigning Monarchs of the time Charles II of Spain Johannes III of Poland Louis XIV of France and the Sultan of Turkey who the West was at that time at war with. Australia depicted as Magal Lanica Terra Australis Incognita. Countries are in Gold ink.

1694: England by the end of the 1600's England was in financial ruin with 50 years of continuous wars. British Government officials met with The Money Changers to beg for The British Money supply for political purposes. The Money Changers Price Was High they put forward for a Government Sanctioned Privately Owned Banking System that could issue money created out of nothing. The First Privately owned Central Bank.

1694: The Bank Of England Sold Shares to get started like any Privately Owned Corporation with investers who's names were never revealed who were supposed to put up 1 and a 1/4 million pounds in gold coin to buy their shares. Only 750,000 pounds was ever recieved. Even though the shares were not paid for The Bank of England was chartered in 1694 and began to issue loans of several times the amount of money in reserves all at interest and began direct taxation of the British People by unknown Private individuals. The Privately owned Central Bank of England soon controlled The British Economy. Prices for items soon doubled. The Bank of England started The Money as Debt System with a Royal Charter for fractional lending of gold receipts at a ratio of 2:1. The System now is Worldwide and creates virtually unlimited amounts of money out of thin air.

Unknown Unnamed Anonymous International Banking Shareholders The Money Changers There Seems To Be Unknown Unnamed Anonymous International Banking Shareholders that seem to be able to hijack whole Nations through their Banking Systems and never seem to Pay for what they procured. ie: they get The Bank Shares for Free ? with no one to this day seems to Object to this occuring or to have occured. Default Of Loans these same unknown unnamed anonymous International Banking Shareholders seem to have Defaulted on the loan by not paying for this loan. Even under their own laws have Defaulted on the loan by not paying and should have had this Possession ie: The Bank of England. re possessed and to pay the interest back to the date when aquired. To continue utilising The Bank of England without Paying for it is called Fraud.

UK Josiah Stamp Banking is conceived in iniquity and born in sin. Bankers own The Earth. Take it away from them but leave them The Power to Create Money and Control Credit and with the flick of a pen they will create enough Money to buy it back again. Take this Great Power away from the bankers and all Great Fortunes like mine will disappear and they ought to disappear for this would be a better and happier World to live in. Any system that gives so much Power and so much discretion to a few men so that mistakes excusable or not can have far reaching effects is a bad system. It is a bad system to believers in Freedom just because it gives a few men such Power without any effective check by the body politic this is the key political argument against an Independent Central Bank. If You want to continue the slaves of bankers and pay the cost of Your own slavery let them continue to create money and to control credit - Sir Josiah Stamp

1698: England The British Treasury Owed 16 Million Pounds to The Bank of England in the 9 years since the initial loan. Taxes were again increased.

A Southern Continent possible existence of a Southern Continent was a source of constant speculation for 1500 years or more. In Medieval Times enthusiasm for the idea of a Southern Continent below the equator waned in the face of Roman Catholic religious scepticism and ridicule. By 15th and 16th centuries voyages of the Portuguese into the Southern Hemisphere brought about a revival of interest in The Ancient Theories. Late 15th century Portuguese Spanish and Dutch explorers looking at their World Maps and charts suspected the existence of a land mass in the Pacific south of the Dutch Indies. Northern shores of Australia had been sighted a number of times though no record of a landing. Some maps by members of the Dieppe School among whom were Jean Rotz later chart maker to Henry VIII and Pierre Descelier give a clear indication as early as 1542-46 of such a land area. Other maps by Ortelius 1570 Arias Montanus 1571 and Cornells de Jode 1593 add their support to an undiscovered continent. By end of the century Portuguese and Spanish had exhausted their efforts. Dutch East India Company from Java the Duyfken in 1605-06 sailed into the Gulf of Carpentaria to make the first recorded landfall in Terra Australis later to become known as the Land of Eendracht after another Dutch ship made a landing in 1616 later still to be called New Holland. These discoveries recorded by Hessel Gerritsz on charts dated 1627-28 by Philipp Eckebrecht on a World Map of 1650 by Henricus Hondius in 1630-33 by Jan Jansson in 1633 on a map that shows Duyfken's Eyland to the south of New Guinea and by Willem Blaeu in 1636. First chart by an Englishman showing the northern coastline is of Robert Dudley from Dell Arcano del Mare 1646-61. Until the results of Tasman's discoveries in his voyages of 1642-44 became available most Map Publishers continued to issue maps showing vague outlines of the northern shores of the Continent with a dozen names or so. Even after Tasman it could not be claimed that any of the Maps of the time were very informative. Joan Blaeu's map of 1648 was an improvement on that of 1636. French geographers were adept at supplying imaginary detail Thevenot published in Paris in 1663 a sparse map showing all the western half of the Continent with a hint of New Zealand. A close copy of that map engraved by Emanuel Bowen for publication in 1744 in Harris's Collection of Voyages. New Guinea Tasmania and New Zealand were shown as part of the main continental land mass. Voyages of Dampier in 1686-91 and 1699 of Cook between 1768 and 1778 Flinders in 1801-03 and French explorers Comte de la Perouse and Louis de Freycinet and others ensured the coastal outline was mapped. Antique Maps Carl Moreland David Bannister.

17th cent: The Masons' Guilds the Masons were originally Stonecutters with the completion of the building of The Cathedrals in the 17th century and especially in England during The Reformation they admitted as members men of wealth or social status.

1701: The Act Of Settlement - was passed by the British Parliament granting the status of a British citizen to the Protestant heirs of Mary II and her husband William III of the House of Orange. Catholics with better claims to The Throne were passed over in accordance with the terms of the Act of Settlement. 1701: The Act Of Settlement 1701. Whereas in the first year of the reign of Your Majesty and of our late most gracious Sovereign Lady Queen Mary of blessed memory an Act of Parliament was made entitled An Act for declaring The Rights and Liberties of The Subject and for settling The Succession of The Crown wherein it was amongst other things enacted established and declared that The Crown and Regal Government of The Kingdoms of England France and Ireland and the dominions thereunto belonging should be and continue to Your Majesty and the said late Queen during the joint lives of Your Majesty and the said Queen and to the survivor and that after the decease of Your Majesty and of the said Queen the said Crown and regal government should be and remain to the heirs of the body of the said late Queen and for default of such issue to Her Royal Highness the Princess Anne of Denmark and the heirs of her body and for default of such issue to the heirs of the body of Your Majesty. It was thereby further enacted that all and every person and persons that then were or afterwards should be reconciled to or shall hold communion with the see or Church of Rome or should profess the Popish religion or marry a papist should be excluded and are by that Act made for ever incapable to inherit possess or enjoy The Crown and government of this realm and Ireland and the dominions thereunto belonging or any part of the same or to have use or exercise any Regal Power Authority or Jurisdiction within the same and in all and every such case and cases the People of these realms shall be and are thereby absolved of their allegiance and that the said Crown and government shall from time to time descend to and be enjoyed by such person or persons being Protestants as should have inherited and enjoyed the same in case the said person or persons so reconciled holding communion professing or marrying as aforesaid were naturally dead.

1715: England World Map William Godsell - a Correct Map of The World with Australia mapped completely and named as New Holland.

1738: Masonic Grand Lodges - in England Scotland Ireland France and Italy.

All Masons Ex Communicated By The Pope

1738: Italy Rome Papal Anti Masonry - tended to center around the fact that the international ties of The Lodges appeared seditious to Nationalists. The intense Secrecy of The Masons gave rise to many speculations concerning prurient and subversive activities. Because Masonic Secrecy threatened the practice of confession and since Masons tolerated membership by People of different Religions all Masons were ex communicated by The Pope in 1738.

1760: England George III - 1760-1820 was the first of this imported lineage to be born in England. The current Royal Family reigns under the terms of this Act. Certainly it is within the Power of The Parliament of The United Kingdom to repeal the Act. The Monarch Reigns at the pleasure of the Parliament not as a descendant of a Ruling British Lineage or divine rule. As stated by Sir Kenneth McCaw QC The Monarch in The United Kingdom is a Constitutional Monarch who occupies The Throne by virtue of an Act of Parliament and bears a title conferred by that Act. At P15 People Versus Power by Sir Kenneth M McCaw QC ISBN 0 03 900161 X.

The Monarch and The Monarch’s Representatives State Governors Governor General - are limited by the current Legislative Power of The Parliament of The United Kingdom that under Domestic and International Law excludes The Right to Bestow The Power Of Assent to bills within The Sovereign Territory of The Commonwealth of Australia a Member State of The United Nations nor can this Power Of Assent be bestowed by a Government that is subordinate to Clause 9 of an Act that is current Domestic Legislation of The Parliament of The United Kingdom.

Power Of Assent Is A Sovereign Power held by The Australian People alone. They cannot bestow this Power upon a Citizen who is subordinate to The British Parliament. A Nation’s Sovereignty Is Not Negotiable A Nation’s Sovereignty Is Not Negotiable under Domestic and International Law ! Sovereignty King Very Good Supreme Ruler Sovereignty = King Supreme efficacious-ty. Efficacious producing or Sure to Produce Desired Effect. Supreme Exempt from external control Very Good Supreme Ruler.

1768: Naples Jesuits Expelled from Naples Malta and Parma 1768. England and Russia Roman Catholic States All The Jesuits Were Expelled Except In England and Russia being strictly Roman Catholic States.

1770: Australia Captain Cook and barbarian Germanic Saxon British Fleets "discover" Australia. Captain Cook having a copy of the Dauphin Map to find Australia.

1776: Australia Gosford founded.

Privatisation Legally is illegal under Sovereignty Law, Hebrew Law and Civil Law. I Contest Privatisation (Privatisation was made possible under Corporate Law, Maritime Law) as being illegal under Australia's Sovereignty Law and Laws, Hebrew Law and Civil Law and want Australia and Properties lock stock and barrel back from the Corporations that illegally took it. When that's done I Contest under Sovereignty Law and Laws, Hebrew Law and Civil Law that the Americas North and South Canada New Zealand England and Europe were all illegally taken under Corporate Law, Maritime Law as All were taken in Breach of Sovereignty Law and Laws, Hebrew Law and Civil Law and want them back (to be able to get Everyone to do The Event) lock stock and barrel from the Corporations (Roman Catholic Church Corp Vatican Corp Rothchild Corp Germany Corp etc alien groups) that illegally took them from the Knights Templars (all Lands and Properties confiscated by the Roman Catholic Church) and the Church of Jesus and the House Of David as all those Nations are under Sovereign Law and Hebrew Law when illegally taken by alien groups.

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Every Few Thousand Years The Earth Requires - an Event documented in The Bible as In The Services Of The Songs In The Houses Of God that Requires a Specific Family name for The King Of The Kings Of The Hebrew Tribes to Know How and Why and to Lead The Hebrew Tribes to Construct Monumental Constructions at a Specific Time and at Specific Locations on The Earth and throughout the Universe's and Perform The Event a Musical Marathon utilizing the combined Acoustic Resonant Harmonic Reciprocal Frequencies output from the Performers and The Pyramid Constructions of Pyramid Power for the allotted time period that re balances all The Universes and Saves them all from Collapsing and being Sucked into Blackholes.

The Solid Evidence Of This Event - is the existing Global Pyramid Constructions all exactly on The Global Earth Grid System and throughout the Universes left over from previous Events. This Evidence is how Serious past Generations of Hebrew Tribes and alien Groups took this Situation occurring. That's why it was/is documented in The Bible. The Book containing The History of The Hebrew Tribes of Earth. Last time it occurred and was Performed was in the time of Moses Asher in the 25th century bc over 4,500 years ago that went for over 60 years. Blackholes being observed is The Evidence of that alloted time period occurring.

Don't Worry - as The Specific Time went past over 20 years ago now even though I tried for many years before to inform many Earth Governments of this Event occurring. Dumbing down campaigns and eugenic campaigns of Barbarian Nations and alien Groups won out instead. Showing how low the aptitude of current Earth Governments and aliens Groups Really is.

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Here are some relevant stats You possibly already know.

13 Billion Years - ago The Universe was formed.

4 1/2 Billion Years - ago The Earth was formed.

2 Billion Years - ago The Ancient Builder Race on Earth.

The History Of Where The Sovereign and Sovereignty - came from is The Story of The Sovereign Royal Hebrew Kings going back to Jesus Asher to King David Asher to Noah Asher and before.

Was Jesus a Jew ? No Jesus was a Celt.

This is Why Jesus is recognized in the Western World because He was a Westerner.

This also explains Why the Jews don't really recognize Jesus with most Jews saying He was a usurper of sorts and they are still waiting for their Dude.

No not King of the Jews. Jesus Asher was a King Of The Hebrews King Of Kings Tribe Of Asher that Technically and Legally would be over The Jews.

No. Jesus did not die on the Roman cross was given poison to knock Him out and rescued by Family moved to Gaul with wife and Family then to Breton.

Jesus was a Celt. A Celtic Hebrew King from The Kings of The Kings Hebrew Tribe of Asher LEGITIMATELY traceable from Jesus Asher to Noah Asher. King David or David Asher also was not a Jew and was a Celt.

The Celts go way back past near everyone way past the Jews the Arab's and Italians who came from the Greeks way past the Germanics and Vikings as far as You can trace anyone is the Phoenicians (that go back to 30,000 years) all documented in The Bible as seafarers. Wherever the Phoenicians went the Celts were there. Both were seafaring Nations around the same times. Wherever the Celts went shortly after those Nations arose. They were like the Navy of the Hebrew Tribes.

Jesus and Sons built Glastoneberry Abbey in 64ad Founding The Church Of England in 64ad the First above ground Christian Church in the World. The Romans after King Arthur's (290-539ad) time destroyed Glastoneberry Abbey and all other Church Of England buildings all the way through the 6th century. Glastonbury Abbey destroyed 5th to 6th century along with any other building connected to The Church Of Jesus and Church Of Breton at this time. The Element Of Jesus The Teacher passed almost out of sight not to return until The Enlightenment of The Protestant Reformation in 14th century and Invention of Printing that brought The Bible to The People.

Even though Glastoneberry Abbey was built by Jesus and Sons being The First Christian Church (above ground) in The World it still is in a delapidated condition compared to the lavish Roman Catholic Churches in Rome and Italy.

Glastoneberry Has a few Music Festivals here and there.

This subject Really gives You an inkling of How gullible ignorant insincere and callous so called Christian Groups Really can be.

In Reality this Building Should have been restored and Funded by all the so called Christian Groups instead near all Donations to that Book called The Bible have gone to Fund Rome and Italy the same Nation and Groups that Destroyed all early manuscripts from many Nations had Great Persecution of Christians threw them to the lions for sport and crucified Jesus a Celtic Hebrew King of Kings.

They say Jesus died because of or for Our Sins.

That's a Correct Statement if You are Italian German Jew or Roman Catholic.

If You are not one of these You had nothing to do with it.

Died because or for Our Sins is the Italian or German or Jew or Roman Catholic way of saying they killed HIM.

I was Christened Church Of England.

Many may say oh Anglican.

I say No from The Church Of England.

The Angles Clan was one of the last Barbarian Tribes to be converted to Christianity in the 8th century by Charlemagne who converted many Barbarian Tribes. Conversion was by the sword in those days.

Whereas The Church Of England and Glastoneberry Abbey Established and built by Jesus and Sons in 64 ad way before any other so called Christian Groups and more LEGITIMATE than any other so called Christian Group.

This is why The Roman Catholic Church tried for over a thousand years to take out The Church Of England and sort of achieved that by changing it to The Anglican Church thereby defaming THE LEGITIMATE CHRISTIAN CHURCH GROUPS. LEGITAMIZED by and endorsed by Jesus and Family. That has to be as LEGITIMATE as can be.

Instead The Church Of England gets nothing much from so called Christian Groups and gets taken out eventually (after King Arthur (290-539ad) 6th century) (The Great Schism in the 9th century) (64ad-2012) by Rome the most ILLEGITIMATE Country to be in charge of that Book called The Bible.

So .. No I'm not Anglican I was Christened Church Of England.

I should explain How if what I am saying is correct about the Book The Bible being already written and brought through from the time of Noah from the Age before. ie: Bible already written

The Town and City of Byblos First Phoenician Town founded after the flood in the end of the 10th millenium bc with The Flood occuring around 10,500 bc.

Byblos translates to Papyrus Book exactly what The Bible is a Book of paper a paper book.

The Problem with this subject is that if it really was already written and brought through from the Age before and it documents ALL of History from the Beginning to The End with some before and after as well.

The Problem is if that be the case is How it got here from such an Ancient Time ? That's a Real Mystery solved.

Have You heard of The Federation of Byblos ? as they are The Only Group that could have pulled off such a feat as bring through a Book from The Age before and somehow getting it to here in modern day. The Federation of Byblos met every 200 years from the 10th millenium bc to just after King Arthur's time in the 6th century ad.

What it Really means is that History is already accurately written and recorded in The Bible. Whether You choose to believe that or not is irrelevant. The Real Phenomena is that History is already accurately written and recorded. How could that be ?

How accurate is it of modern day references ?

The Books cover Historically what is known as Foothold Situations on Earth when alien Invaders were trying to take over The Earth for instance like the Sumerian Foothold Situation for 600 years until Conquered by Akkadian Sargon I and now from 1700's to now of the Reptillian Foothold situation.

In modern day from the 300 year War in Australia of The Knights Templars and Grail Family against combined Roman Catholic Countries. Recording the Pillage and Destruction of The City Of God by combined Roman Catholic Nations declaring it Heresy to believe in a Great South Land Pillaging The Land clandestinely for over 150 years to when the sea turned red on D Day. The Book focusses on those who Pillage The Land innitially by The Eagle.

The Eagle - referring to America except .. who Owns America ? Who Gives America Orders is ?? .. England Owns America lock stock and barrel since .. and .. England is Owned by The Roman Cathololic Church since the 12th century Concession Of England and Magna Carter signing. The Roman Cathololic Church was taken over by Germanic Nations after King Arthur Plundered and Pillaged Rome in 313 ad. Hence the 9 Black Popes and The Vatican are Germanic Corporations. Described in The Book as from the Germanic Tribe of Gershom. ie: German .. so America is probably another one of those little flags on the Germanic Conquest Map. If You do Advanced Mathematics You run into a subject called Nuclear Physics. The mathematics is from Heisenberg ie: German ie: Germans made The Bomb in 1938. The German sold out Earth doing a deal with the Reptillians getting Advanced Antigravity Crafts that flew at over 2,500 miles an hour to deliver Bombs. After the last Great Battle of WWII Operation Highjump Task Force 68 in 1947 where 46 Allied vessels over 5,000 troops invaded the German part of Antarctica. Only 1 boat returned to America the USS Burton. Germany Won WWII. Germany the whole time had been Financed by Wall Street who was under Direction by the Rothchild Corporation who had financed both sides of every war back to Napolian and before.

Nazi America then aligned all Allied Troops against Russia (who had only recently been Our Allies throughout WW II) starting the Cold War. The Book refers that Gershom has an Ally refered to as a small People. ie Japanese

The Bear - obviously refering to Russia and another Bear or 2 Bears or Allies ie: Russia / Poland .. with Russia Winning the Cold War Financed by Wall Street. Then after a while ..

The Great Red Dragon - and the Children of the East at the Sea of Chinereth being an obvious reference to China currently Pillaging The Land along with the Bear and the Eagle.

aliens and Historical Foothold Situations on Earth - describing various alien Nations Invading and observing The Earth Greys Reptillians Insectoid Ganglian The Wraith and various other characters.

Describing Mossad/CIA Stuksnett computer virus combined with Haarp/US attack on Fukushima killing 2/3 of life in the ocean with radioactive exposure right up to now with the reference to Syria being a point of contention combined is too accurate descriptions that come from Bible references possibly over 10,000 years ago accounts. How do You get that accurate ? or write record History 10,000 years before it happens and write it in a Book to Prove it.

History is Already Acurately Written and Recorded. Without going into How that could be ?? .. as it is the case ..

It seems to be like an Aptitude Test for those with enough aptitude to be able to read and See that GOD's Intelligence Reporting is quite inexplicably Accurate in modern day. Because GOD is quite a Profound Intellectual to be able to accurately write and Record all of History before it happens would HE not know You may have a few questions ??

So If You are looking for Clues well GOD actually is Highly Literate and Wrote the Answers to explain Your Questions in a Book Of The History Of The Human Races called The Bible.


Behold It Is Written Before Me.

Therefore God Himself Shall Give You A Sign He Will Lift Up An End Sign To The Nations From Far.

Hear The Words Of The Book That Ye May Know and Believe Me and Understand. I Will Set A Sign Among Them.

Then Shew Me A Sign That Thou Talkest With Me. Give Ye Ear and Hear My Voice Hearken and Hear My Speech.

Hear O Heavens Give Ear O Earth. Hearken Ye Peoples From Far.

All Ye Inhabitants Of The World and Dwellers On The Earth See Ye.

Whoso Readeth Let Them Understand This Shall Be A Sign To Thee.

This Is The Words That God Hath Spoken. For The Vision Is Yet For An Appointed Time.

Let Not All The Troubles Seem Little Before Thee That Hath Come Upon Us.

On Our Kings Princes Priests Prophets and On Our Fathers and On All Thy Peoples Since The Times Of The Kings Of Ashyria To This Day.

Because Of All This We Make A Sure Covenant and Write It and Our Kings Princes Levites and Priests Seal To It !

This Gospel Of The Kingdom Shall Be Preached In All The Worlds That Confirmeth The Word Of His Servants.

This Shall Be Written For The Generation To Come.

Ye May Tell It To The Generations Following That Ye May Know The Righteousness Of God.

Take Heed Now ! Declare Ye Tell This Utter It !

The Book seems to focus on .. The Three Woes.

I would say that possibly The First Woe has past and was Planet X passing Earth a while back.

The Second Woe is possibly Planet X returning currently expected in the next few days/weeks. Planet X is a whole Solar System currently smashing it's way through The Milky Way Galaxy that is one third the size Bigger that Jupiter complete with it's own Sun and about 18 Planets plus billions of asteroids following.

The Third Woe .. possibly is the Solar Flash or Earth turning to dust and the entire Universe's System Collapsing.

History the word is made up of 2 words ie: His Story

1493: Italy Rome The Papal Bull - provided for Countries to be taken over by The Roman Catholic Church as a Papal Right.

Exterminating The Reformation

1534: Spain Jesuitism - was born in Spain 1534 for the express purpose of Exterminating The Reformation reared in France developed in Papal Rome.

1534: Spain Jesuit Ignatius of Loyola - read the first and second points of the second week of The Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius of Loyola. Ignatius of Loyola who's real name was Inigio Lopez De Recalde founded The Society of Jesus Jesuits 1534 in Spain.

1534: Portugal Spain The Jesuit Vatican Tyranny - originally Instituted in Portugal Spain 1534 by The Vatican For The Sole Purpose Of Exterminating The Reformation.

Roman Catholic Church - it is also The Real History of where The Roman Catholic Church The Black Popes Germanic Tribes came from ..

Italy Rome and Germanic Tribes - had waged war against everyone all their history and has continued to do so to the present day. It's well documented in The Bible that Rome and the Germanic Tribes was/is into Persecuting The Hebrew Tribes even having for years Great Persecution of Christians and had Italian Emperors called Nero and Caligula so I find it hard to believe that while Italy and Germanic Tribes were having Great Persecution of Christians feeding People to lions for group participation entertainment they were at the same time being pious Christians. Seems unlikely. The willing intent and non stop wars and Destruction Against and of The Church Of Jesus by Italy and Germanic Tribes Historically is obvious. When they say Jesus died for our sins. That is a correct statement if you are Italian a Roman or from the Germanic Tribes and Roman Catholic Church. If You are not then You had nothing to do with it. The Italians Romans the Germanic Tribes and Roman Catholic Church killed Jesus according to their own translations of The Bible.

Italians and Germanic Tribes Translations Of The Bible - is a subject in itself of some of the most disgusting Translations of The Hebrew Texts done by the Roman Catholic Church.

The Holy Roman Empire Of The German Nation - was a land of many policies. In The German Empire there were some 1000 separate semi autonomous political units many of them very small such as the Imperial Knights direct vassals of The Emperor and particularly numerous in the southwest who might each own only part of one village and others comparable in size with smaller independent states elsewhere as Scotland or the Dutch Republic. At the top came the lands of the Austrian Habsburgs covering the elective kingdoms of Bohemia and Hungary as well as Austria the Tyrol and Alsace with about 8000000 inhabitants next came electoral Saxony Brandenburg and Bavaria with more than 1000000 subjects each then the Palatinate Hesse Trier and Württemberg with about 500000 each. These were large polities they were weakened by three factors. First they did not accept primogeniture. see The Black Popes

1764: England The Currency Act - is introduced that outlawed in America the creation of it's own money and put America on the Gold Standard that made Americans pay their taxes in gold. This plunged America into a Depression.

United States Owned By The Vatican

1782: 16 July England The King Of England - financially backed both sides of the Revolutionary war. Treaty at Versailles 16 July 1782 Treaty of Peace 8 Stat 80. The United States did not declare Independence from Great Britain or King George. The United States or DOC is owned by The Vatican Bank lock stock and barrel according to Tupper Sausseys archival research. The Pope can abolish any law in The United States.

1796: The Jay Treaty - of 1796 reveals who held the upper hand in finance and commerce Requiring The US Government to repay certain debts owed by British merchants and by American Civilians. Norman French Attorney Kings esquires is for the ongoing subjugation of Mankind cannot be exaggerated.

Corporations - artificial entities of The State that operate under Statutory Law are under the executive control of attorneys who have The Final Word in all corporate activity and legal matters. Based on duplicitous use of Peoples names corrupted into a corporate all capital letter format judges and attorneys have convinced virtually all Persons by specious behavior with deliberate omission of The Truth and officially insistence upon contrived falsehood. Men and Women speak and act for themselves under The Common Law.

1796: America Is A British Colony The UNITED STATES Is A CORPORATION - Not A Land Mass it existed before The Revolutionary War. The British Troops did not leave until 1796.

Italy and Rome Was Taken Over By Germanic Tribes - for over 600 years from 330ad-900ad.

Britain Was Taken Over By The Roman Catholic Church - in 1215 ad.

The Catholic Church was taken over by Germanic Tribes many centuries ago ..

When You say Jews You always miss out saying German Khazar Jews. To be precise. As You know ..

The Khazars Make Up 95% Of The World's Jews

The Khazars Self Styled Jews - throughout The World today make up about 95% of The World's Jews.

Rothchild Aggressive Conquest Of The Whole World Ultimate World Domination

The Protocols Edited By The Elders - under finance from The Rothchilds (German Khazar Jews) and edited up to date. Parts and summaries of The Edited Satanic Plan by Weishaupt (a German Khazar Jesuit Jew) have been published from time to time during the centuries as The Secrets of The Elders have leaked out. see also The Khazars Illuminati CFR The Black Popes and The Crown

The Early Hebrew In Comparison To The Later Protocols - that are more like The Exact Opposite of The Hebrew meaning was the mis translations.

Exact Opposite Bible Translations

Exact Opposite Bible Translations - incorporated by various different Tribes originating from Talmudism of Babylon where the exact opposite is translated by various Groups The Khazars The Roman Catholics The Jesuits The Black Popes Illuminati Priory of Sion etc Germanic Tribes and Satanist Groups.

1896: US Sacramento Strange Craft Of The Sky - an Airship was reported.

1897: US Aurora Texus UFO Crash - reported of a being not from this World. The pilot of the ship is supposed to have been the only one on board and while his remains are badly disfigured enough of the original has been picked up to show that he was not an inhabitant of this world that he was a native of the planet Mars.

1926: 9 May Admiral Byrd North Pole - with Floyd Bennet Admiral Byrd flies over the North Pole on 9 May 1926.

1928: Admiral Byrd - flies over the Antarctic in 1928-1930.

1929: 2 November US Bankrupt -

1933: Admiral Byrd - flies over the Antarctic in 1933-1935.

1933: US Admiral Byrd - a 33rd degree Mason went to Antarctica with 82 members in the Expedition 60 were Freemasons.

1935: Antarctica Admiral Byrd - establishes Lodge 777 in Antarctica.

1938-1939: Antarctica Atlantis Nazis - alegedly discover Atlantis on their 1938-1939 Expedition. Pre Adamite ruins discovered.

1938: Antarctica Germany Invited Admiral Byrd - to explore the German area of Antarctica named Neuschwabenland who declined the offer as he had prior commitments.

WWII - American tanks were outgunned by the more armoured and more advanced German tanks. US tank crewmen suffered staggering losses against the superior enemy tanks.

Over 100,00 Nazis poured into Columbia, Paraguay, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Ecuador, Venezuala, Panama, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Uruguay, and Guatemala are known to have housed members of the Nazis many gaining work in those Governments and buying up huge tracts of lands that were mainly innacessible areas.

The Nazis - had developed many drugs including Beyor's heroin and LSD in South America they set up the Cocaine Industry that is all produced throughout the South Americas.

Nazis build 260 anti gravity machines in WW2.

Night Vision - developed by the Germans during WWII bringing heat energy into a visible spectrum using an infra red light and a reciever.

1943: In his 2014 book Hunting Hitler Jerome R. Corsi said Hitler made his way to Argentina with the help of US intelligence agents that had been secretly working with the Nazis since 1943. Allen Dulles then an agent of the Office of Strategic Services or OSS the predecessor agency to the CIA was communicating secretly with top Nazis from his office in Bern Switzerland Corsi said. Corsi presented documentary evidence that Allen Dulles wartime mission in Switzerland included helping Martin Bormann Hitlers secretary to funnel billions of dollars of Nazi ill-gotten financial gain out of Germany and invest in the US and Argentinian stock markets to provide a financial cushion to survive in hiding after the war.

1943: 13 March After 13 March 1943 records show a drastic change in the Fuhrers behavior and personality. Working from the premise that Hitler was murdered in 1943 and replaced by a look-a-like this story reinterprets the events that took place from 1943 to 1945. At the center is Martin Bormann and his plan to make use of Hitlers double in an attempt to stop anti-Nazi generals seizing power.

1945: 18 July Hidden away in the National Archives Corsi found a US naval intelligence report written 18 July 1945 by the Naval Attaché in Buenos Aires who notified Washington there was reason to believe U-530 had landed Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun in the south of Argentina before the submarine journeyed on to surrender at Mar del Plata. (Shocking evidence Hitler escaped Germany WND 5 January 2014)

Recently released FBI documents are beginning to show that not only was Hitler and Eva Brauns suicide faked the infamous pair might have had help from the director of the OSS himself Allen DullesIn a Los Angeles letter to the Bureau in August of 1945 an unidentified informant agreed to exchange information for political asylum.

The Argentinian government not only welcomed the former German dictator but also aided in his hiding The informant went on to not only give detailed directions to the villages that Hitler and his party had passed through but also credible physical details concerning Hitler Further proof comes in the form of architect Alejandro Bustillo who wrote about his design and construction of Hitlers new home that was financed by earlier wealthy German immigrants.

With all of the newfound evidence coming to light it is possible and even likely that not only did Hitler escape from Germany he had the help of the international intelligence community. Released FBI documents prove that they were not only aware of Hitlers presence in Argentina they were also helping to cover it up. (Lisa Pattrick Historians Lied: Hitler Did Not Die In Germany Top Information Post 12 February 2014)

1945: In the aftermath of Germanys surrender in 1945 western Allied forces suspected that Hitler had committed suicide but did not immediately find evidence of his death. At the time it was feared that Hitler may have escaped in the closing days of the war and searches were made to determine if he was still alive. FBI Files indicate that the Bureau investigated some of the rumors of Hitlers survival. (FBI Records: The Vault)

1945: August In his 1995 book The Greatest Illusion: The Death? of Adolf Hitler Australian historian Fred C. McKenzie summarized how Stalin was staid in his confidence the Nazi dictator still lived. In August of 1945 Stalin personally accused the British of sheltering the fugitive Fuhrer in their sector of Berlin. Of similar note was Hitlers Double: Tatsachenroman published in German in 1997 by Walter Laufenberg an award winning German author who wrote and published several novels.

1945: The Soviet Forensic Commission autopsy findings aimed to show that the real Adolf Hitler did in fact die in 1945 and that his corpse was burned in the Berlin Chancellery garden. It was Hitlers double or political decoy that Stalin assumed had escaped with the help of British intelligence. To understand the consequence of this statement we ought to focus on what is considered to be the fastest growing crime in the modern world identity fraud. Innocent people have actually incurred criminal charges created by their imposters. Jail time has even been the fate of some.

1946: 2 January Operation Hijump Admiral Byrd - leads Operation Hijump a large very well equipped Expedition to the Antarctic. Admiral Byrd led over 4,000 military troops from the US Britain and Australia. The Operation made front page headlines around the World with reports about the Admirals personal movements broadcast around the World daily from January 2 until his return to America on 14 April 1947.

1947: March early Antarctica Operation Hijump USS Burton Island Icebreaker - evacuated remaining surviving members of Operation Hijump from the Bay of Whales after the Naval Task Force 68 had been wiped out losing 58 boats from the US Australia and New Zealand after encountering very strong Nazi Defences of nuclear torpedoes and Nazi anti gravity craft that flew at 2,500 mph.

1947: 14 April Antarctica Operation Hijump USS Burton - the only survivor returns to America on 14 April 1947.

1950: US German Flying Saucers - over 60 US Army and Navy aircraft B-29's, B-17's, Corsairs, P-80's, At=6's, P-51's. C-47's, C-54's, F-7's were lost over this 2 month period from May 1950 to April 1951. A 120 airmen were killed and 74 others were injured in these incidents. Timothy Goode Need to Know p59.

1951: US Advanced Designs UFO's - from 1951-1963 William Thompkins worked at Advanced Design under Elmer Wheaton and Dr Klemperer where UFO's and antigravity technologies were studied for designs of future US Navy6 Space Battle Groups.

1952: In 1952 Dwight D. Eisenhower reportedly said: We have been unable to unearth one bit of tangible evidence of Hitlers death. Many people believe that Hitler escaped from Berlin. New questions were being asked that various British intelligence envoys wanted to write off. Were Hitlers doubles automatically guilty of at least accessory to murder even if no evidence was presented? Could a political decoy be held accountable because his presence as a double at a site of a mass murder was enough to implicate him in the murders that were carried out there?

1952: US Nazi Paperclip People - infiltrate the American Military Industrial Complex

1952: US Meeting With US Govt Officials - and the Nazi breakaway group that had moved on to .. and parts of Argentina.

1952: Eisenhower Campagn - was Howard E Hunt later was investigating Kennedy and later in the Nixon Administration.

1956: 24 December Admiral Byrd's - last statement in his diary. This can be the only help for mankind. I have seen The Truth and it has quickened my spirit it has set me free. I have done my duty against the monstrous industrial complex. Now the long night begins to approach but there shall be an end. Just as the long night of the Antarctic ends the brilliant sunshine of Truth shall come again and those who are of the darkness shall fall in flight for I have seen the land beyond The Pole that center of the great unknown.

1957: 2 March US Admiral Byrd - dies at age 68. Admiral Byrd's son named Richard Byrd who was present in Operation Hijump when he dies is also at the age of 68.

1958: 27-30 August Antarctica US Nukes - on August 27 and 30th and 9 September the US drops several nuclear bombs on the German part of Antarctica doing 4 days of bombing. It is alleged that the US returned and nuked the Nazi portion of Antarctica for 4 days. This 4 days of nuking is the origins of the hole in the Ozone Shield above Antarctica and the origins of Global Warming.

1984: According to another 2014 book the evil dictator fled to Paraguay via Argentina before settling in a small town in the state of Mato Grosso Brazil. Simoni Renee Guerreiro Dias who wrote Hitler in Brazil His Life and His Death claimed that contacts within the Vatican guided the Fuhrer. The Nazi-hunting author held agrainy photo that proved Hitler did not die in his bunker and escaped to Brazil where he lived to the ripe old age of 95. The man at the center of the controversial claim was pictured two years before his death in 1984 posing with his black girlfriend. Hitler is said to have used the assumed name of Adolf Leipzig and was known to the 12,000 locals in Nossa Senhora do Livramento as the Old German. Simoni Renee Guerreiro Dias claims this picture proves Hitler lived in the small town of Nossa Senhora do Livramento with his girlfriend Cutinga.

Conspiracy theorists have long argued Hitler escaped from Germany and fled to South America following Adolf Eichmann and Josef Mengele. This theory became the center of a 2013 row when a journalist in Argentina accused two British authors of plagiarism.

Gerrard Williams and Simon Dunstan claimed in a 2011 book Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler that the Fuhrer fled with his mistress Eva Braun to Patagonia and had two daughters before dying in 1962 aged 73. The book was later made into a film. The Argentine journalist Abel Basti accused the British pair of using his research to verify points made in the book a charge Williams and Dunstan denied.

The claims about Hitlers life in Argentina were ridiculed by historian Guy Walters who described them as 2,000 per cent rubbish when the book came out. He added: Its an absolute disgrace. Theres no substance to it at all. It appeals to the deluded fantasies of conspiracy theorists and has no place whatsoever in historical research.

Academics in Brazil have also rubbished the theory Hitler lived and died in Nossa Senhora do Livramento. Candido Moreira Rodrigues a history professor at Mato Grossos Federal University said: Theres nothing new in people who claim to be historians coming up with the most far-reaching theories about Hitler supposedly living in south America and subsequently dying in one of the countries in this region.

Tens of thousands of Nazi fugitives escaped after the war including the notorious Adolf Eichmann and Josef Mengele. Investigators probing Hitlers demise were hampered by the lack of any physical evidence for his death. Fantasists were given added ammunition he didnt die in his Berlin bunker when 2009 DNA tests on skull fragments found near the bunker and believed to be his turned out to belong to a woman.

(Gareth Morgan The INCREDIBLE picture that proves Adolf Hitler lived to 95 with his Brazilian lover Express 24 January 2014)

Pans Labyrinth (Spanish: El laberinto del fauno The Labyrinth of the faun) is a 2006 Mexican-Spanish dark fantasy film written and directed by Guillermo del Toro. In fascist Spain of 1944 the reflective youthful stepdaughter of a sadistic army officer escapes into an eerie but charming fantasy world set against grim reality in Francos Republic.

1985: Alien Confederations - had been making a careful study of the Earths Bio Rhythmic Cycles for decades something barbarian Science Groups did not really get into until around 1985 to 1986. They wanted the experiment to take place exactly when it did in August 1943 so they could tear that massive hole in Hyperspace.

Genetic Experiments On Animals and Humans

Underground Bases - all over the place aliens constructed many bases without Nazi US Govt knowledge where they conduct heinous genetic experiments on Animals Human Beings and improvised creatures of their own devising.

Nazi US Government Authorized All Alien Activities On Earth

Grays Responded - they have The Right to continue their activities since barbarian Illuminati Germany and Nazi US Government authorized their activities in America and on Earth.

Grays Referring To Nazi Backed CIA NSA Secret Government - that infiltrated America after winning WWII using murder and manipulation established alien projects without Congressional consent.

Humans - because of these unlawfull agreements by Nazi US Govt. Humans will be permanently abducted killed and eaten for sustenance purposes while the Nazi US govt. lies and deceives and disregards intervention techniques.

They Kill Eat Humans - and Animals destroy Earthly property.

Manipulate The Thoughts - of the masses and World leaders by mind control and persuasion techniques. Against Peoples Knowledge the Nazi US govt. have ruined many Humans lives for decades now.

1985: US Aspartame - 14,400,000 lbs of aspartame is consumed in the US escalates and infiltrates into many drinks and foods Worldwide.

Aspartame Effects - protein synthesis effecting DNA symptoms reported to the FDA by Department of Health and Human Services of headaches dizziness double vision poor equilibrium change of moods vomiting or nausia abdominal pains and cramps change in vision diarrhea seizures and convulsions memory loss short term memory loss fatigue weakness hearing loss and other neurological problems rashs sleep problems hives hyperglycemia change in heart rate itching numbness tingling local swelling change in activity level difficulty in breathing lymphatic system problems seizures silent strokes cardiac arrest oral sensory changes change in menstruel pattern brain damage with most symptoms associated with the Human nervous system most effected has an impact on bio transmitters in the brain biogenic omines and seratonin production. When you take in a lot of aspartame in conjuntion with carbohydrates decreases the availability of L trytophan a building block for seratonin.

With All The Technology - today all the advances in medicine and sciences People are getting sicker and buying more pharmaceutical drugs to cure the things the chemical companies started to begin with so you'll be paying money to the chemical companies they will manipulate politics so you get to consume all of their poisons and toxins things that are totally untested and see 5-6 years after People coming down with new kinds of diseases never heard of before.

1988: US AIDS Bayer Pharmaceuticals - deliberately dumped a vaccine known to be contaminated with the AIDS virus on The European and Latin American market after it killed People in America. Thousands died from AIDS an action that The US government allowed to happen through the FDA. The AIDS virus made in the USA.

Mercury - is still being added to vaccines at completely unsafe levels considering it is a well known neuro toxin. A recent study by University of Calgary unveiled concrete evidence that mercury ions alter the cell membrane of developing neurons in babies and young children directly contributing to autism. Mercury in vaccines found to be 250 times higher than recommended. Mercury Kills the Brain mercury vaccine autism link. Vaccine officials knew about MMR risks SV40 Polio Vaccine and Cancer Now Beyond Coincidence Polio Vaccines Are Causing Cancer Polio Vaccine Contaminated with Cancer Given to Millions of Americans. The Pentagon restarting Mass Vaccinations despite health fears. Mercury in Flu Vaccinations five times the CDC's safe level reccomendation. Three People die after receiving flu vaccinations. Japan's Compulsary flu vaccines reveal no benefit and cause more Flu and Vaccine related deaths with complaints over autism link to vaccines.

The FDA - has supported rulings and penalties calling for up to 30 years in prison for those who advocate the use of non toxic harmless herbs and food supplements for the alleviation of metabolic disease. Vitamin B 17 or Laetrile or Amygdalin has remained suppressed to this day.

1991: The US Government - prior to 1991 had full knowledge of the devastating effects that DU depleted uranium would cause and still used it and still does and intends to still keep using DU on enemies and allies.

America Intentionally Annihilates All Earth Species

Use Of Depleted Uranium Weaponry By America - is breaking all International Treaties that will slowly annihilate all species on Earth including The Human Species yet America intentionally continues to do so with full knowledge of its destructive potential to The Whole of Earth.

Leuren Moret UC Berkeley Research Scientist - internationally known expert on radiation calls DU The Trojan Horse of nuclear war it keeps giving and keeps killing.

There Is No Way To Clean It Up - and no way to turn it off because it continues to decay into other radioactive isotopes.

Depleted Uranium DU What It Is and How It Is Used

To Use Radioactive Uranium As A Fuel - for commercial reactors or for nuclear weapons it must be enriched. The enrichment process is then followed by gaseous diffusion in two streams one is enriched and the other depleted. Before A Use Was Found For DU it was stored in vast amounts as a radio active byproduct called nuclear waste.

Discovered By US "Experts" - that solid dense metal DU projectiles in all forms missiles bombs shells and bullets greatly increased their ability to penetrate and destroy a target.

The Pentagon - had a new technology DU it hoped to use in combat and has done so now for the past 15 years.

1991: DU Weapons Sold By US Govt To 29 Countries - used in 1991 Gulf War when The US broke an International Taboo Prohibiting DU usage.

Since Then The US - has fought wars in Yugoslavia Afghanistan and again in Iraq using DU projectiles.

In All These Conflicts - thousands of tons of solid DU weapons have been used causing far more devastation so far from radiation and chemical toxins than from targets destroyed and those killed in target areas.

Worst Of All DU Contamination Never Ends

Spreading Affects From DU Contamination - never end resulting in all those exposed to it and their loved ones with whom they have contact and their offspring the likelihood of having one or more of virtually any illness disease or disability imaginable often leading to early death or at the least a lifetime of pain suffering and great expense to Civilian Communities.

DU Is The Deadly and Unwelcome US Gift To Earth - that keeps on killing.

US Threat To All Planetary Life

1991: The Threat To All Planetary Life - from US DU weapons used since 1991 and continued use in Iraq and Afghanistan is the equivalent of 400,000 Nagasaki bombings and increasing daily as US forces are now conducting 4 to 6 daily bombings of target sites in Iraq using DU bombs.

Leuren Calls DU The Trojan Horse - of nuclear war it keeps giving and keeps killing.

There's No Way To Clean It Up No Way To Turn It Off - because it continues to decay into other radioactive isotopes. As DU Decays it continues to release more radiation.

DU Used As A WMD - in war as the US has done so now four times and continues to do so in Iraq and Afghanistan and intends to continue using DU.

US Weapon Of Mass Earth Annihilation

DU May Be The Ultimate Weapon - of Mass Earth Annihilation. UWMEA

Controlled Medias Silence Of Mass Earth Annihilation

Why Is There Not - a Mass Worldwide Public Awakening to this threat to demand an immediate end to its use for any purpose. Greatest Damage From DU comes from radiation residue after its use.

When DU Weapon Strike A Target - it penetrates deeply and aerosolizes into a fine spray then contaminates the air and soil around the target area.

Residue Is Permanent - microscopic and submicroscopic particles remain suspended in the air or are swept into the atmosphere from tainted soil carried by winds around The Earth as a radioactive component of atmospheric dust that falls to The Earth indiscriminately causing radiation contamination everywhere that affects every living thing and cannot be remedied.

Saturation Radioactive Contamination - causes virtually every known illness and disease from severe headaches muscle pain and general fatigue to major birth defects infection depression cardiovascular disease many types of cancer and brain tumors also causes permanent disability and death.

1991: US Government - prior to 1991 had Full Knowledge of devastating effects DU would cause and still used it still does and still intends to keep using it on enemies and their own troops and their allies. Will Nations In Europe wake up to the fact they were covered with DU by Aldermaston DU and Chenobyl have made it to the UK.

Depleted Uranium In India Spreading Worldwide

India started to to document the extent of DU pollution that came out of Afghanistan and fallen on India. A recent Urgent Deal between Bush and India a Pre emptive Strike to shut down efforts in India to prove DU has struck them.

Studies - clearly establish correlation between cancer and exposure to a decoction of pesticides used in India's farmlands in some of these regions especially Punjab incidences of cancer of blood lymphatic systems esophagus bone cervical cancers etc ranges from 5.12 to 10.3 per 10,000 persons.

Bush Cheney Cabal's - use of DU weapons.

Depleted Uranium - was used in the last four wars by the US and its allies Gulf War 1 Bosnia Kosovo the Balkans Afghanistan and Gulf War 2. Effects of contamination manifest within a few hours to five years.

Evidences clearly indicate that depleted uranium is blowing in the wind all over The World. Effects on health are showing up in distant lands. Earlier gulf war veterans and local civilians were affected now the US is showing six fold increase in lung cancer cases.

1991: US Psychopath David Rockefeller We Are Grateful - to the Washington Post New York Times Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected the promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for The World if we had been subjected to the bright lights of publicity during those years. The World is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a World Government.

The Supranational Sovereignty - of an intellectual elite and World Bankers is surely preferable to the National auto determination practised in past centuries. David Rockefeller address to Trilateral Commision 1991.

Psychopath Nickolas Rockefeller Admitted Elite Goal Of Microchipped Population - admissions of Nick Rockefeller including 9/11 and the war on terror is a hoax the Rockefeller's creation of Women's Lib and the elite's Ultimate Plan for World Population reduction and a microchipped society. Rockefeller told that the elite's Ultimate Goal was to create a microchipped Population and that the war on terror was a hoax. Rockefeller predicted an Event would trigger the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan eleven months before 9/11. Rockefeller's family foundation created and bankrolled the Women's Liberation Movement to destroy The Family of Humans and that Population reduction was a fundamental aim of the global elite using the criminal run for profit Federal Reserve System. Rockefeller The End Goal is to get everybody microchipped to Control The Whole Society to have the bankers and the elite People control The World. Rockefeller Eleven months before 9/11 happened there was going to be an Event and out of that Event we were going to invade Afghanistan to run pipelines through the Caspian sea we were going to invade Iraq to take over the oil fields and establish a base in the Middle East and we'd go after Chavez in Venezuela. Rockefeller told he would see soldiers looking in caves in Afghanistan and Pakistan for Osama bin Laden that there would be an Endless war on terror where there's no real enemy and the whole thing is a giant hoax so that The Government could take over The American People. The Rockefeller's funded Women's Lib we're the one's who got all of the newspapers and television stations owned by the Rockefeller Foundation. Rockefeller told of two primary reasons why the elite bankrolled Women's Lib one because before Women's Lib the bankers could only tax half The Population and because it allowed them to get children in school at an earlier age enabling them to be indoctrinated into accepting the state as the primary family breaking up The Traditional Family model. Rockefeller often keen to stress his idea that The People have to be ruled by an elite that one of the tools of such Power was Population reduction that there were too many People in The World and World Population Numbers should be reduced by at least half. The New World Order a World Government is just the beginning. Once in place they can engage their plan to exterminate 80% of The World's Population while enabling the elites to live forever with the aid of advanced technology. The global elite's bloody rise to Power reveals how they have funded dictators and financed the bloodiest wars and are the practitioners of the psychopathic pseudo science of eugenics that have taken control of governments Worldwide as a means to carry out Human depopulation.

aliens Had Infiltrated All Governments Of Earth

They Are Of The Set Mind - that The Masses would react negatively to The Fact The US govt Was No Longer In Control of Many Aspects of Human Life on Earth and the aliens Had Infiltrated all Governments of Earth.

This Sudden Realization - could lead to anarchy and an overthrow of The nazi Government whether out of fear and panic or whether out of a Total Mistrust of the US and World govt's that had broken The Constitution's and kept The Truth 50 years from The People who had The Rights to know what was going on after decades of illegal corrupt US nazi governments polluting and destroying Earth.

1997: US New alien Human Race 55 Million UCLA - doctors at UCLA five years before examining a young boy born with AIDS. He had been checked at birth at six months and again at one year. He still had AIDS. He wasnt checked again until five. When they checked him this time all traces of the AIDS virus were gone. It was as though he had never contracted AIDS. They didnt know how his system became immune all they knew was that it did. They checked everything they could think of including his DNA. It was here where they found a change. This young boy did not have Human DNA. We have 64 codons in Human DNA in normal Humans only 20 of these codons are turned on. The rest are inert or not working except for three are the stop and start programs. This young boy had 24 codons turned on he had found a way to mutate that made him immune to AIDS. When they were testing him they found that he was immune to everything. They found that his immune system was 3000 times stronger than a normal Human’s. Then they found another child with the same situation coming out of AIDS and turning on the same 24 codons becoming immune to AIDS and other diseases. They found 100 then 10000. UCLA now believes 1% of The World alien Population has made this change. They now believe 55 million children and adults are no longer Human by DNA definition. There are so many People doing this now that science believes a New alien Human Race is being born at this time. It is almost impossible for these People to become sick. November 1998 UCLA announced that in 1997 AIDS dropped off by 47% the biggest drop in history for any major disease.

1998: Recognizing the serious nature of identity fraud and the long-term ramifications to its victims the Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act of 1998 criminalized fraud in connection with the unlawful theft and misuse of personal identifying information regardless of whether it appears in or is used in documents.

America Makes Australia A DU Target

2000: The US Has Been Carrying Out Ship To Shore Target Practice - or bombardments on Australia at North of Perth WA for over a period of about two years. Big weapons standard issue rounds You can bet DU weapons are used.

Questions Asked Of The Australian Minister For Defense - before Minister Hill gets over the Hill and on to the UN.

Even If Australian Parliamentary Experts - claim DU weapons are not a problem where is the Parliaments Authority to take risks of such magnitude ? Why is it not possible to err on the side of caution ? Joe Bryant PO Box 270 St Marys NSW Australia.

US Navy DU Bombardments Of Australia - expose the whole Southern Hemisphere to DU contamination.

Nazi US Government Authorized All alien Activities On Earth

Grays Responded - they have The Right to continue their activities since barbarian Illuminati Germany and Nazi US Government authorized their activities in America and on Earth.

Grays Referring To Nazi Backed CIA NSA Secret Government - that infiltrated America after winning WWII using murder and manipulation established alien projects without Congressional consent.

An alien Occupied Staging Area

The Draco's - are returning to The Earth they say was their Ancient Outpost before The Coming of The Original Uni Terrestrials.

Ignorant US Nazi Barbarian Govt's.

To Use Earth - as an alien staging area caused all the other 170 different alien species to want their share of the Metagene Secrets and Earth since the Grays easily took Earth from ignorant unknowledgable US Nazi barbarian Govt's.

170 Various Trans Dimensional aliens Visiting Earth Now !

These 170 are in most cases various sub species of Humanoid and reptiloid species various other trans dimensional species are also visiting Earth like the Insectoids etc. This also includes various Humanoid and reptiloid species who are products of genetic integration with various Animal life forms.

Humans - because of these unlawfull agreements by Nazi US Govt. Humans will be permanently abducted killed and eaten for sustenance purposes while the Nazi US govt. continually lies and deceives and disregards intervention techniques.

Earth Races Conquered Over Sixty Years To Date

Long Term Gene Depletion and Mutations Out Of Control

Interested In Long Term Genetic Control - introducing genetic information into conquered Earth Races in order to keep succeeding generations subjected to Draconian elite by sabotaging certain Human Genetic Strengths and subduing conquered Earth Peoples.

The Human Genome Project - may well have the greatest direct impact on Humanity of any scientific initiative before us today said David Shirley Director of the Berkeley Laboratory.

Destruction Of All Of Earth's Plant Life

Why Germany Du Pont - and barbarian governments endorsed destruction of all Earth's Plant Life through infertilisation of Earth's Plant Life and seeds using cross pollination of Earth's Plants to only last one season at same time lower nutritional values to Humans creating ill health.

Immanent Is Earth Being Barren - and devoid of all Plant Life through this technique called in The Bible The Famine Of The Earth.

Nazi US Govt. Develop Deployed Malignant Bacteria Viruses and Biological Warfare

From Rigel - the CIA and Nazi scientists developed and deployed malignant strains of bacteria and viruses and biological warfare techniques against unsuspecting Earth Populations including AIDS Hep C Bolo etc etc etc.

Nazi Extermination Of All Human Populations Of Earth For The aliens

To Weaken - and exterminate all Human Populations of Earth for the aliens. This is the continuation of the same techniques the Nazi's had been doing all WWII.

This Is Why In Past Times - the aliens and barbarians were expelled from The Earth sentenced to live in space for doing what is currently being done to Earth and the inhabitants of Earth by barbarian governments and alien groups.

Ignorant Barbarian Governments - totally ignorant of these Histories were easy prey for the aliens through ignorance greed and lack of intellect and aptitudes.

They Are Untrustworthy Manipulators and Mercenary Agents - from another Extra Terrestrial Culture same as the Nazi German US govt. and associated Groups Bildebergers Trilaterals The Monetary Commission World Bank Illuminati etc. etc. etc. all working against Earth for the aliens.

The irrational fear of the devil looking for a soul to steal is a meandering reference to identity theft. After the US Civil War identity fraud was a frequently occurring problem in the American south: It has always been a question how far fanaticism or imposture could go and to what extent credulity might be exercised. It has always been a question how much real crime may be mixed with sincere but mistaken piety and how far the human character is susceptible of being at once a knave and a dupe a sincere dupe and at the same time an operator on the credulity of others.

2000: In the year 2000 the Identity Theft Resource Center in San Diego estimated that more than 700,000 Americans had their personal information used illegally. In one dodgy case of identity theft the criminal a convicted felon not only incurred more than $100,000 of credit card debt obtained a federal home loan and bought homes motorcycles and handguns in the victims name but called his victim to taunt him saying that he could continue to pose as the victim for as long as he wanted because identity theft was not a federal crime at that time before filing for bankruptcy also in the victims name.

After the September 11 terrorist attacks in America authorities were not sure they had the real names of some of the airplane hijackers. It was established that September 11 was a case of multiple identity fraud. One of the men named as a terrorist reportedly telephoned US officials from Arabia to protest that he was not killed in a hijacked airplane but that his identity had been stolen by the terrorists.

2001: 11 September US World Trade Center Gold Missing - one of The Worlds largest gold deposits was stored under the World Trade Center the gold totalling more than $160 billion. The Comex Metals Trading Division of the New York Mercantile Exchange kept 3,800 gold bars weighing 12 tonnes and worth more than $100 million in vaults in the building's basement. Comex also held almost 800,000 ounces of gold there on behalf of others with a value of about $220 million. It also held more than 102 million ounces of silver worth $430 million. The Bank of Nova Scotia kept gold in the Comex vault reported $200 million of gold lost in the wreckage. Comex also held precious metals for Chase Manhattan Bank Bank of New York and Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking. New York Mayor Rudolph Guiliani reported 230 million in gold was recovered from the World Trade Center. Where did the other $159,770,000,000 go to ? Is this the Biggest Bank Robbery in all of History to date ? How do You move 19,200 tons of Gold and how long would it take ? with The Biggest Cover Up of The Biggest Bank Robery in all of History still going to date !

2001: US The CIA Factbook - these are the external debts of a few countries a lot of them from The First World.

Australia US$222 billion Austria US$32 billion Canada US$253 billion China US$159 billion France US$117 billion Hong Kong US$48 billion Israel US$18 billion Italy US$45 billion New Zealand US$53 billion Russia US$199 billion South Africa US$25 billion Sweden US$66 billion United Arab Emirates US$15 billion United States of America US$862 billion. = 2114 billion dollars of The Earth's money owed to The International Banking System Shareholders.

Germany Is The Richest Country In The World

2001: Germany Is The Richest - most financial Country in The World. Top 1000 Richest People are mainly Nazi executives with many Japanese names on the list.

These above stats seem to indicate The Main causes of Earth's Problems beside alien invaders .. who these groups seem to be achieving alien agendas goals for alien groups.

2002: Germany Is The World's Financial Leader - many of The Top Richest People in The World Top 1000 are German with a Big Percentage being in or from The Nazi Regime. Many Japanese interests grace the pages of The Top 1000.

Assertions Advanced Herein The Public Is Warned - against physician assisted mass murder termed Latro Genocide.

Genocidal Imposition - is expected to serve mainly economic and political depopulation of Earth of Humans The Objectives of many alien Nations to date.

The Eugenics Movement Supported By Corporate Funds

In Both The US and Germany The Eugenics Movement - was in large part supported by Corporate funds.

Nazi America Kills Us All and The Earth For Fun and Sport

Did You Expect Any Less - from moron psychopathic nazis ?

Depleted Uranium - is a deadly toy in the hands of psychopathic American moron idiots. A particle of DU ingested or inhaled can cause one or more of the 90+ seriously debilitating diseases fatal or temporarily non fatal. Half life of DU is 4.5 billion years destroys living things and the environment destroys perfectly healthy lives.

Safe Disposal Of Nuclear Waste

After Fifty Years - of non stop lies and deceit from AEC US govt. Nuclear Industries and all military groups about being able to "Safely" dispose of extremely hazardous nuclear waste this is "the technique" used by these groups.

2002: US - in 2002 the US Attorney General ordered federal prosecutors nationwide to speed up investigations and trials of people accused of stealing identities. The rapidly growing crime of identity theft was a key catalyst behind the funding of terrorist groups like al-Qaida a Washington law enforcement official said in 2002. Terrorists use stolen credit cards passports and Social Security numbers to pay for their operations and create false identities to hide behind Dennis Lormel chief of the FBIs financial crimes unit told a Senate subcommittee. (David Ho Associated Press 10 July 2002)

2006: 12 February US Groups - implant electronic tags in workers.

Permanent Radioactive Contamination Of Earth Achieved By Barbarian Nations

2006: Earth Totally DU Contaminated - for 9 Billion Years.

Earth and Peoples Totally Contaminated Already With A Half Life Of 4.5 Billion Years

2010: 29 January US Doctors Of Death One Of The Most Remarkable Recent Discoveries - about The Human Body is that Most of OUR Cells NOW are not all Human Cells anymore.

US Doctors Of Death Germ Cells - have replaced YOUR HUMAN Cells. Unbelievably there are 10 Times as many bacterial cells in The Human Body Now as there are Human Cells.

In Addition Much Of OUR DNA - is NOW composed of viral remnants from past virus' infections. Reported by New Scientist writer Frank Ryan in I virus Why YOU are only half Human NOW. After many years of bombardments of every discovered virus' plaques bacterias and toxins.

2010: 5 February US DARPA - an arm of the US Defense Department. Katie Drummond of Wired.com reported the Pentagons mad science arm DARPA is looking to re write the laws of evolution to the US military's advantage by creating synthetic organisms that can last forever. The plan would assemble the latest bio tech knowledge to come up with living breathing creatures that are genetically engineered to produce the intended biological effect. DARPA wants the organisms to be fortified with molecules that bolster cell resistance to death so that these lab monsters can be programmed to live indefinately forever killing Humans.

2012: Alien Abductions - almost 1,000,000 million Americans dissappeared in 2012 from the US without a trace of 2,300 per day for a year. In Mexico the number reached to 25,000 per day never to be seen again. The alien invaders groups on and in The Earth will always prevent any race from advancing too far.

Genetically Modified DNA Of Humans

The Niburians Genetically Modified The DNA - of Earth Humans so they would become compliant slaves under their Total Control.

2013: Reptillian Gahoul Control Of Earth Remains - that continues through the Roman Catholic Church and the Financial Corporate oligarchy. Alien eugenic campaigns agendas of against all of Earth ensues through coal seam gas mining that pollutes water tables leaving gross environmental destruction to lands chemtrail bombardments genetically mutated toxic foods destruction of air land water and food resources of Earth continues with dumbing down campaigns against all of Earth.

The Gahoul Asguard Protected Planets Treaty - addendum 10815 clause 326 No Human Planet will be allowed to advance technologically to a point where they may become a threat to the Gahoul. Definition of such threat shall rest solely in the hands of the Gahoul system lords requiring forfeiture of Earth's Stargates and Limiting Earth's developement. There is no Greater Secret than The Stargate Program.

2014: Alien Takeover Of Earth - near Completion. After the extinction of the Asguards The Earth was no longer under a Protected Planetary Treaty. In Dark Skies Majestic 12 was taken over and infiltrated by Ganglians a parasitic alien race by 1970. In Stargate The Trust whose ties go through all governments business and corporations on Earth are taken over by gahoul a parasitic alien race by 2010. With Reptillians the Ganglians and Gahouls make hosts of the richest 40%. With these persistent combined Invasions of Earth and governments Earth is taken over and Plundered of Resources by alien corporations. Corruption of The Law by the law renders the law as a tool of the rich who are taken over by parasitic alien races who fund Eugenic Societies to extinct the Human Race and Destroy Earth and all life on Earth. Alien races underground and under oceans in their own bases of Operations launch non stop missions against all Earth's inhabitants continually.

2014: 29 October Aliens Science World News - reports Science has discovered there are no aliens. Science supports non Disclosure.

2014: Chemtrail Bombardments Of All Earth - continues claiming millions of lives annually and Gross Environmental Vandalism Globally. Lung diseases going from 13 to 8 to 3 of the biggest killers Globally. The Bildeburgers following and carrying out the orders of the rich elite to Destroy Earth and all life on Earth. Dumbing Down Campaigns aspartame etc. make it so Earth can be Destroyed in front of everyones eyes and no one does or can do anything about it.

2014: Geoengineering - is warming the Planet reducing the amount of sunlight. Creating global dimming with 20% less sun called solar radiation management that means blocking the sun. Crop loss globally is doubled by created drought conditions heavy metal contaminations and too much moisture creating fungal overgrowth that destroys plants and crops creating global drought conditions. With ozone depletion the entire Earth is being negatively terraformed intentionally wrecking the Planet. Fish enmasse are dying from lack of oxygen in the water. Sea salt is sprayed on land that salinates landmasses killing floras globally due to salination of soils. Aluminium is linked to altzheimers disease parkinsons disease dementia autism ADD and ADHD and other neurological disorders. Aluminium builds up in the body and is a silent killer. Barium compromises the immune system after barium exposure the human body is weakened and more prone to cancers and all other diseases. Respitory mortality rose from 8 to 3. Spraying sulphur dioxide creates reproductive toxicity. Toxins in the rain causes Symptoms of respitory irritation heart palpitations sinus problems coughing lots of mucous and generally feeling unwell. Blood tests show aluminium barium strontium and other heavy metal particulates. Weather Control Chemtrails or geoengineering spraying aluminium barium and strontium have made the trees of Earth to be in extreme decline with tree degradation creating global warming. Metal particulate aerosols act as a blanket to contain heat to create more global warming.

Malathion - a nerve gas developed by the Nazis during World War II to kill people is being sprayed heavily on population centers in California. The excuse used is that it will kill the Mediterranean fruit fly. The helicopters come from Evergreen in Arizona a known government and a suspected CIA base. Pilots are contract pilots furnished by Evergreen. Evergreen has been named as one of the bases where drugs are flown in from Central America. The City of Pasadena passed a law making it illegal to spray malathion within the city limits. The law was ignored and the city took no action. When the people of California literally revolted against the spraying of malathion the Governor of California stated that he did not have the power to stop the operation. What higher power is there that could prevent a governor of a state from halting the spraying of an insecticide nerve gas ? A warning was issued to cover up automobiles and belongings because malathion could destroy paint some plastics and other property. People they said would not be injured. It is a lie. The true extent of radioactive gases waste and toxic material especially cesium 137 strontium 90 uranium mine and mill tailings thorium 230 radium 226 and radon 222 that has leaked or has been purposely planted in the atmosphere soil and ground water is far beyond anything you or I can imagine. Every investigation has revealed that the true figures regarding radioactive leakage are much larger than official figures and the real numbers may never be known. Cover up has become SOP (standard operating procedure) at all levels and in all departments of government.

Geoengineering - is defined as the artificial modification of The Earth's climate. Such materials include Welbach material and oxides of metals aluminium barium strontium aluminium hydroxide aluminium oxides barium carbonates strontium titanate strontium oxides copper sulphate potassium iodide and unknown chemical and biological pathogens. Asthma ADD Alzheimer's Autism are all linked to aluminium and linked to resiratory mortality rates along with avian flu HPV Morgellons Syndrome. In the state of Colorado and elsewhere dioxin is turning up in the drinking water in alarming levels. It should not be present in any amount. Where is it coming from ? Dioxin is one of the deadliest chemicals known to man. Colorado citizens attempting to do battle against the dioxin contamination are met with closed doors denial and attacks upon their characters. We have watched the news in horror as story after story unfolded revealing that the Army and the CIA had released germs and viruses into The Population to test their biological warfare capability. It was really to reduce population. It is a matter of public record that investigations into cover-ups of radioactive leaks into the atmosphere and into ground water have revealed that some leaks were not accidental but were on purpose. Some areas of the Country now have such a high rate of cancer that virtually everyone who lives in these areas will die other than a natural death.

That Germany and Germanic Nations Won WWII. Germany had nukes by 1938 using them on the US twice and antigravity machines that flew at 2,500 miles per hour to deliver them. That Germanic Nations were Financed by the US and Wall Street Bankers under directions of Rothchild Corporation. ie: the Reptillian connection

That Germany and Germanic Nations Made Agreements - with alien Nations against Earth and all of Earth's Nations and inhabitants Conspiring to sell out Earth to various alien Nations.

That Earth - currently is a laboritory Planet for extraterrestrial Agendas who are Pillaging and Destroying The Earth !

That Human Intelligence Progress - is and has been held back by Extraterrestrial Forces so as to populate the whole Planet with extraterrestrials under control of the Reptillians.

ie: With Aspartame Use - all offspring are born with holes in the brain. Aspartame Effects protein synthesis effecting DNA headaches migraines dizziness double vision poor equilibrium change of moods vomiting or nausia abdominal pains and cramps change in vision diarrhea seizures and convulsions short term memory loss fatigue weakness hearing loss and other neurological problems rashes sleep problems hives hyperglycemia change in heart rate itching numbness tingling local swelling change in activity level difficulty in breathing lymphatic system problems seizures silent strokes cardiac arrest seizures oral sensory changes change in menstruel pattern brain damage with most symptoms associated with the Human nervous system most effected has an impact on bio transmitters in the brain biogenic omines and seratonin production liver problems nausea numbness muscle spasms weight gain depression fatigue irritability tachycardia insomnia vision problems hearing loss heart palpitations breathing difficulties anxiety attacks slurred speech loss of taste tinnitus vertigo memory loss and joint pain can lead to chemical imbalances that cause depression and other mood and emotional disorders neurological damages permanent motor dysfunction and visual disturbances leading to blurred or dimmed vision and eventually blindness brain chemistry problems fibre mialgia lupus increased brain tumor rates causes cancers leukemia lymphoma increases in malignant cancer rates and death associated with ingestion of aspartame.
Aspartame found to deplete neurotransmitters in the brain the dumbing-down has a chemical cause. A bombshell study that received almost zero coverage in the media has found that aspartame depletes neurotransmitters in the brain impairing normal brain function. At the same time it increases brain chemicals associated with fear and danger potentially turning ordinary humans into panicked fear-driven "animalistic" organisms.

Alien Abductions US - on average 90,000 People are missing in the USA at any given time according to Todd Matthews from the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System or NamUs a national database for missing People. Some of these People never turn up ever again. Missing People in the USA statistics for missing People every year throughout the World you are talking millions. Where are all of these People going ? Why do some UFO abductees say that they see other People on board Mother Ships ? Why is this information being suppressed from us ? What does the military and our government know ? Is the government trading off extraterrestrial technology with aliens and allowing them to abduct us for experiments harvesting or propagation for other Worlds ?

10 Secret Space Programs

2015: 27 March 10 Breakaway Civilisations Corey Goode - has described his former covert background with a number of Secret Space Programs run by various military corporate and earlier Human Civilisations. He say that contrary to widespread perceptions in the UFO Research community of a single Secret Space Program belonging to a Breakaway Civilisation there are up to 10 Breakaway Civilisations indigenous to Earth. Each of these has its own Secret Space Program. He says that there are currently 3 Major Secret Space Programs belonging to various national and international entities on Earth. One of these is a large corporate entity similar to what is described in the movie Avatar.

Multi National Covert Space Programs - the other two are Multi National Covert Space Programs that are similar to NATO in their manner of operations and activities.

Breakaway Civilisations On Earth In Addition - there are between 5 and 7 Secret Space Programs belonging to earlier Breakaway Civilisations on Earth including Nazi Germany and another dating as far back as 500,00 years ago.

Interplanatary Conglomerate - adding another level of complexity to what is really happening with the various Secret Space Programs that off World Extraterrestrial Civilisations interact or collaborate with one or more of the Secret Space Programs. There are many who have been a part of the 3 seperate Secret Space Programs that are independant of The Secret Earth Governments one of which is a powerful Interplanatary Conglomerate that owns most of the Mars bases.

Ancient Earth Breakaway Civilisations - there are also 5-7 Ancient Earth Breakaway Civilisations that have bases here on Earth. All of the groups mentioned above are all allied with various and different off World entities and UN type Federations both with the Human like ET's and the non Human ET's all with different agendas.

Shadow Civil War - there is also a Shadow Civil War going on among some of these Secret Space Programs and their off World allies to End Control of The Secret Earth Governments using the Babylonian Money Magic Slave System to Control Earth and Humanity.

2015: NWO 93% Population Control For Money - is the easiest way to describe the new Codex Alimentarius that in effect is being run by the US and primarily controlled by Big Pharma with the aim of reducing the World's Population from its current estimate of 6.692 billion to a sustainable 500 million an approximate 93 per cent reduction. A policy of Global Food Control. Food is Power. When used to cull The Population it's a Weapon of Mass Destruction. Some Codex standards that are proposed to take effect in the near future that will be completely irrevocable once initiated include: All nutrients (eg. vitamins and minerals) are to be considered toxins/poisons and are to be removed from all food because Codex prohibits the use of nutrients to "prevent treat or cure any condition or disease". All food (including Organic) is to be irradiated thus removing all "toxic" nutrients from food (unless consumers can source their food locally). The precursor to Codex harmonisation in this area began in the USA in August 2008 with the clandestine decision to mandate the mass irradiation of all lettuce and spinach in the name of Public Health and safety. If the safety of The Public was the main concern of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) then why were People not alerted to this new practice ? Nutrients allowed will be limited to a Positive List developed by Codex; it will include such "beneficial" nutrients as fluoride (3.8 mg daily) sourced from industrial waste. All nutrients (eg. vitamins A B C D zinc and magnesium) that have any Positive Health Impact on the body will be deemed illegal in therapeutic doses under Codex and are to be reduced to amounts negligible to health with maximum limits set at 15 per cent of the current Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA). You will not be able to obtain these nutrients in therapeutic doses anywhere in The World even with a prescription. Potentially permissible safe levels of nutrients under the Codex are not yet set in stone. Some probable examples based on the European Union (EU) system may include: Niacin: upper limit of 34 µg (micrograms) daily (effective daily doses range from 2000 to 3000 µg). Vitamin C: upper limits of 65 to 225 µg daily (effective daily doses range from 6000 to 10000 µg). Vitamin D: upper limit of 5 µg daily (effective daily doses range from 6000 to 10000 µg). Vitamin E: upper limit of 15 IU (international units) of alpha tocopherol per day even though alpha tocopherol by itself has been implicated in cell damage and is toxic to the body (effective daily doses of mixed tocopherols range from 10000 to 12000 IU). It will most likely be illegal to give any advice on nutrition (including in written articles posted online and in journals as well as oral advice to a friend a family member or anyone). This directive applies to any and all reports on vitamins and minerals and all nutritionists' consultations. This type of information may be considered a hidden barrier to trade and may result in economic trade sanctions for the involved Country. All dairy cows on The Planet are to be treated with Monsanto's genetically engineered recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH). All animals used for food are to be treated with potent antibiotics and exogenous growth hormones. Deadly and carcinogenic organic pesticides including seven of the 12 worst (eg. hexachlorobenzene toxaphene and aldrin) that were banned by 176 countries (including the US) in 1991 at the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants will be allowed back into food at elevated levels. The Codex will allow dangerous and toxic levels of aflatoxin (0.5 ppb) in milk. Aflatoxin produced in animal feed that's gone mouldy in storage is the second most potent (non radiation related) carcinogenic compound known. Use of growth hormones and antibiotics will be mandatory on all livestock birds and aquacultured species meant for Human consumption. The worldwide introduction of unlabelled and deadly GMOs into crops animals fish and plants will be mandated. Elevated levels of residue from pesticides and insecticides that are toxic to Humans and Animals will be allowed.

2015: Chemtrails - have nano particles that may either have implants in them or trigger existing implants and these are taken into the lungs and then into the blood stream. Water and food have chemicals and nano particles that can serve the same purpose.

Chemtrails Barium - compromises the immune system after barium exposure the Human body is weakened and more prone to cancers and all other diseases. Respitory mortality rose from 8 to 3. Spraying sulphur dioxide creates reproductive toxicity. Toxins in the rain causes Symptoms of respiratory irritation heart palpitations sinus problems coughing lots of mucous and generally feeling unwell. Blood tests show aluminium barium strontium and other heavy metal particulates. Malathion a nerve gas developed by the Nazis during World War II to kill People is being sprayed heavily on Population Centers.

Population Control For Money - is the easiest way to describe the new Codex Alimentarius in effect is being run by the US and primarily controlled by Big Pharma with the aim of reducing the World's Population from its current estimate of 6.692 billion to a sustainable 500 million an approximate 93 per cent reduction.

Tobacco Fields - in the U.S. have been fertilized with the radioactive haillings from uranium mines resulting in a tremendous increase in the incidence of lip mouth throat and lung cancer. Look at the incidence of lung cancer per capita before 1950 and compare it to the lung cancer per capita at the present time. Are those who smoke committing suicide or are they being murdered ?

This Generation and Civilisation Of Earth - has been appallingly Bombarded way more than any other Generations in The History of The Earth. With pertusis fluoride chlorine DDT pesticides virus flu's food additives msg aspartame genetically mutated foods nanofoods CFCs chemtrails strontium barium aluminium bacterias radio active particulates DNA Destructions Reproductive Toxicity Sudden Death Syndrome SDS electronic warfare mass mind control experiments and dumbing down campaigns etc. etc. and the creation of a modern day Dark Ages. All these DNA Destruction techniques combined would have to eventually have an Effect on You. While mass Pollution of Earth escallates to Gross Environmental Vandalisms by Coal Seem Gas Mining Corporations and all the various Corporations for military industrial groups projects. The US Government trading in Democracy for feudalism. Using electronic warfare against Whales Dolphins and Humans to killing all the bees with Monsanto Pesticides. IQ Devastation DNA Destruction Reproductive Toxicity ie: Destruction of The Human Race and Earth Genes and Earth are Modern Barbarian Medical Marvels. Tobacco fields in the US have been fertilized with the radioactive haillings from uranium mines resulting in a tremendous increase in the incidence of lip mouth throat and lung cancer. Look at the incidence of lung cancer per capita before 1950 and compare it to the lung cancer per capita at the present time. Are those who smoke committing suicide or are they being murdered ? With numerous various dumbing down campaigns eugenic campaigns and non stop chemtrails for many years assuring eventually gradual and complete respitory breakdowns to the World Populations with ZPG as a reality is looming.

NWO Extermination Of The World's Population 80% The NWO Plan - to exterminate 80% of The World's Population while enabling the elites to live forever with the aid of advanced technology.

93% Population Control For Money - is the easiest way to describe the new Codex Alimentarius in effect is being run by the US and primarily controlled by Big Pharma with the aim of reducing The World's Population from its current estimate of 6.692 billion to a sustainable 500 million an approximate 93 per cent reduction.

95% A Total World Population - of 250-300 million People a 95 percent decline from present levels would be ideal. Psychopath Ted Turner.

The New World Order Extermination Plan - to exterminate 80% of The World's Population has gone to 93% or 95% leaving only 5% of the richest people inhabiting Earth. US GMF Over 80 per cent of all processed foods sold in supermarkets contain them. Nanotechnology will be used in 40 per cent of the Food Industries by 2015. Food when used to cull The Population of The Earth is a Weapon of Mass Destruction. Leaving only 5% of the richest people inhabiting Earth that may not be able to live above ground because of Destruction of The Environment air water and food poisoned and living breathing creatures genetically engineered and programmed to live indefinately forever killing Humans and Earth Totally DU Contaminated for 9 Billion Years ! If an alien invasion occurs to The 5% of the richest people inhabiting Earth from space above and/or below ground may not have much of a chance at survival. This is Why Extermination Of The World's Population is occuring. Are You thinking about having Children a Family and a Life in the future ?

So Who is to Blame ? - for all this pathetic psychopathic Carnage that has occurred and is occuring to The Planet Earth that has existed for 4.5 billion years to being Destroyed by financial psychopaths in under the last 100 years ? These financial psychopaths always hide behind someone else to allay blame from themselves is the modus operandi consistently used.

The NWO UN and World Governments Blame The People Of Earth - for them having to Genocide The People of Earth because there are too many of them.

The Truth Is - there are too many aliens and alien Nations on and in The Earth that all seemingly want to exterminate all living things on Earth and get the Barbarians the Germanic Tribes to do it.

The People Of Earth - know it is the Banks Corporations Eugenic Societies Chemical Industrial Companies Military and Military Industrial Complex Groups UN Governments and the Politicians that are to Blame. Barbarian Germanic Nations and Rothchild Quite obviously. Not too hard to diagnose Gross mis Management of Earth Corp and it's Resources if interested.

The Eugenics Movement Supported By Corporate Funds In Both The US and Germany The Eugenics Movement - was in large part supported by Corporate funds. The alien invaders groups on and in The Earth will always prevent any race from advancing too far.

NASA Discloses Publically Announce - that 20% of all stars seen have Earth like Planets that can be lived on meaning there are over 40 billion Earth like Planets out there.

2016: Canada Former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellier - said that of aliens visiting Earth are actually comprised of 182 different species all with their own agendas.

2018: March Antarctica Buzz Aldrin Tweeter - we all are in Danger evil itself.

2018: Military Industrial Complex MIC - is trading with over 900 extraterrestrial Civilisations.

2018: US Pentagon - anounces $8.5 Trillion unacountable and missing .. again.

$982 Trillion - Templars Wealth

2018: 4 September ZPG Sperm Count Zero - over the past few decades Humans have become increasingly infertile so much so that within a generation we may lose the ability to reproduce entirely. What is causing this is the infertile foods that eating infertile foods after some time we become infertile. Wifi in the rush to get Wifi out Safety Standards were not set because it had been around since the turn of the century and used existing Standards. The Problem with this back then the Standards were set around the antennas being on the roof and far away as possible and not for being inside hoises and classrooms that have been sterilising all in range for years. Some Countries are adopting Safety Standards for schools though not all like Australia who does not seem to care about sterilising ustralian childrenh for some reason. This is all part of the NWO Plans to wipe out the Human Races and takeover Earth by the NWO. Blame Kissinger and the Reptillians for suggesting it along with Monsanto infertile seeds and the NWO. Within a generation the Transhumanist Agenda will replace Humans with their Agenda currently being implimented by chemtrail spraying of smartdust.

Disclosure Obama - the aliens won't let it happen (Disclosure) You will reveal all their Secrets they exercise Strict Control over us.

How thick as a brick would You be to believe a bunch of square dipstick so called "Scientific Authoritarian Experts" that Chemtrails would stop or slow down Global Warming that they created in the 1st place with nukes. Did You notice that not once or one ever put forward in the Global Warming Meetings (on whether or not there is Global Warming) that the 2,600+ Nuclear Blasts called "Tests" had anything to do with Global Warming even though Everyone knows that nuclear blasts create a bit more heat than warm. When the US nuked the Nazis down in Antarctica for 4 days that created the hole in the Ozone Layer also had the effect of melting the ice there as well. Then years of "testing" nukes down there in the 1950's also had a hand in melting Antarctica. Yet the vested interests disputed whether or not there was or is Global Warming for many years and not sure why Antarctica has melted. Now Antarctica has melted sealevels will rise flooding Coastal areas. Now after over 40 years of Chemtrail Spraying Everyone and Everything over 16 million+ People were slaughtered last year from Chemtrails not to mention all the Animals and Trees with Massive shrinkage to forests occuring. We are told through Disclosure that We have the technology to clean up Earth except it won't be released for another 20 years in the dribble dribble dribble of Disclosure. The Earth has had so many Lethal Destructive Fatal Blows already from US Military spreading Depleted Uranium around the Earth that Earth is contaminated already for 4 billion years to Coal Seam Gas Mining CSGM permanent destruction and contamination of the water tables to Chemtrails that now Earth is 20% dimmer creating Global Cooling that by 2040 Earth will be a white frozen Planet virtually uninhabitable on the surface but it's ok I suppose living underground. Then there has to be at least a half a dozen other Lethal Destructive Fatal Blows to Earth and us all that are so nasty that they have been classed as National Security Secrets and are locked away for 50 years before anyone ever finds out what they are. This is what happens when You put bunches of square lamer dipstick Military Groups and Military Industrial Complex Groups in charge of Earth and Earth's Weather with Haarp and Weather Satelites .. speaking of .. Fukishima (Cia/Mossad stukesnett computer virus) that 2/3 of all life in the ocean are now dead. Then because no one will do anything about that and geiger counters are not bound to be in fish and chip shops to see how radioactive the fish are You are buying will probably kill 1/3 of Earth's Population from eating the remaining radioactive contaminated seafoods.

There are Conservation and Pollution Laws that Should be Anti Pollution Laws that have no teeth. You and I could get busted for dropping a cigarette butt in the street but it's ok for all the above to occur. If Conservation and Anti Pollution Laws were Real war should have been Banned years ago and all planes grounded to be replaced with non polluting transport land sea and air. CSGM should never have started. Sadly this was not the case.

It's ok though because we have 321 alien nations fighting to save Earth for years now. Don't hold Your breath while waiting though especially for the million People that are abducted in America every year for food for the aliens (this is only a percentage of the Global figure annually that has created an Intergalactic Human Slave Trade of the sale of Humans to aliens for food experimentations and sex slaves for many decades now) so that those 321 alien groups that have been fighting to Save Earth and us all Really in Legal Terms are called Accessories to the Fact and are as guilty as the rest by standing by watching all this carnage occur to Earth (even though they have the technology to stop it) instead of saving anything. The non interference law does not seem to stop the Reptillians from doing all this carnage.

So that by the time Disclosure occurs and we get all that wonderful Advanced Technology that has been held back from us all that we all Paid for instead of feeding the starving and housing the homeless we all will be dead. Getting the Earth Military Groups to kill Earth and us all as that is what they have trained to do with a blank cheque for anything that will destroy Earth and kill Humans even the Phil Fantastics at Darpa have created organisms that will continually kill Humans forever. How intellectual can they be.

What a Intelligence Coo to get Earth's Military Groups to kill us all for fun and profit and Destroy Earth thereby achieving alien goals and agendas for them .. save them having to do it. Just get Earth's lamer dipstick Military Groups to achieve alien goals for alien groups instead. How thoughful. It's ok though as we have Planet X incoming and they will leave and go somewhere else one of their Breakaway Civilisations on another Planet Paid for by Earth and do the same things there where they go to.

Smartdust Nanoelectronics Research and Trans Humanism Agendas -

Speak For Yourself

You hear someone over there saying We All came from the monkeys. No I didn't ! Speak for Yourself. You may have came from the monkeys if You believe that and RH Positive etc may be Your blood group. Still it makes You wonder if We came from the monkeys How come there is monkeys ? What happened to them didn't they jump through the rights hoops ?

Then there is the 22 alien Nations (Disclosure) that currently claim to have made or manufactured 22 Nations (or is it 38) on Earth. You may think You were made by some aliens. No I didn't come from some alien group ! Speak for Yourself.

My Story is I'm a Human with a completely different Recorded History by Intelligent Beings to be able to pre Write all of History accurately thousands of years ago to let all know what The Story is. You have all heard of the Book it is called The Bible. I don't know what anybody else thinks or thought while or when reading The Bible or if they do. Most people that discredit The Bible obviously haven't read it and/or are probably some disgruntled Catholic or ex Catholic that suffered by going to a Catholic School. Or also if You are only interested in discrediting the Recorded History of the Human Races then You Probably are illiterate or an alien or from an alien takeover group. ie: not a local or maybe from the Monkey People ..

What I found in The Bible was the Entire Recorded History of the Human Races all Recorded in a Book. When and where each Race originated from and came in to History. Amazing it's like an accounting Book Written by some Super Intelligent Being known as GOD.

Romans Italians and Barbarians The Germanic Tribes Translations of The Ancient Hebrew Texts

Of course it was easy to tell that The Bible had been tampered with heaps along the way and that the Romans Italians and Barbarians the Germanic Tribes translations of The Ancient Hebrew Texts is somethings else.

I thought it Still is possible The Original Word and Hebrew Information still could be in there.

Unto - near Everybody has heard the word in The Bible of unto nearly every forth or fifth word though have You ever thought about it ? What's unto ? Well to means to do something like a Postive + motion to do something. Whereas un means not to do something -. It's like a word that cancels itself out. You were just about to do something then .. the un .. got You and You pulled away. It's a negative Positive. Because it's so confusing it's Probably part or equivalent of Operation Mindfuck by the Roman Catholic Church and alien associated Groups.

Which - You have which nearly every second word so that You are continually saying which which witch witch over and over.

Then You have And and not just and but continually starting sentences with and this and that continually so that they sound sort of ill literate when with the Texts we are talking about inside this Book is The Start or begining of Literacy by an Incredibly Intelligent Identity known as GOD that Wrote a Book called The Bible to let us all know all that are literate enough to Read and Write ie: known as Literacy Skills.

GOD is an Identity Claiming to have Made Everything all this all the Universes all the Planets all the Animals and all The Humans and the aliens as well and Wrote a Book about it to All that might be interested If You are Literate enough to be able to Read it.

The Romans - were well known Historically to be liars so much so that if they lost a battle they would say they Won. The Romans were infiltrated by the Barbarian Germanic Tribes most of their Generals were Barbarians that eventually caused the Fall of The Roman Empire.

If the Romans didn't want You to know something do You think they would leave it or change it ?

eg: He shall rise in the North towards the Rising of the sun.

Does that make any sense to You ?

If You turn it around backwards it says He shall rise in the South towards the Rising of the sun.

That makes sense. If You are in the Northen Hemisphere the Sun would or does rise from the South. Making that statement in the Bible quite accurated when Corrected.

Romans Italians and Barbarians The Germanic Tribes Translations of The Ancient Hebrew Texts is a subject a whole book could/should be about.

So ..

* If You take out the unto's and make them to to.

Then You take out all the witches that can be changed to that and take out the that that's that's because the witches were added by the Romans Italians and Barbarians Germanic Tribes Translations of The Ancient Hebrew Texts.

* Take out all the sentences that start with And so it doesn't look and sound like they are stupid.

When You get to where it obviously doesn't make any sense then reverse it and it may be more correct.

You may then have a closer and/or more Correct Interpretation of what the Original Hebrew Scripts had intended and/or were or are trying to convey to You if You are from one of The Hebrew Tribes that make up all of the Human Races on Earth because it is The Book that holds all that information about The Human Races on Earth where they all came from and went to as well and names the lot and much more if interested.

With a Software Version of The Bible - with a search function finding The Bible a very accurate History Book of The Human Races etc. Thing is to lock in and correctly date an Identity in The Bible then after a few Identities have Locked in accurately then it is fairly easy as The Bible Records Events in days weeks and years so they all eventually Lock in .. then You may have an Accurate Account of History of what the Original Hebrew Scripts had intended and/or were or are trying to convey to You by The Book called The Bible. ie: Old Testament.

gods Gods and GOD

All throughout History there seems to be many gods and Gods. Not many Claim to have Made EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. The Ones that Claim to have made EVERYTHING and EVERYONE are called CREATOR GODS.


There is not many CREATOR GODS. There is Only a few that actually Claim and have Claimed Historically to have made all this stuff like universes galaxies space time continuums etc etc making all the Flora Fauna and Animals Humans and aliens as well as categorically naming them in a Book. ie Literacy Skills +. If You can make all this stuff You should be Literate enough to Write about it and They are and do and did.

* from India Vishnru and the life of. ie: in The Mahabhararta

* RA from the Egyptians as their CREATOR GOD with RA Recorded as making EVERYTHING and EVERYONE and Ruling the 4 corners of the Universes from a South Land for over 4,000 years .. a few times. RA appears at the start and end of The Ages to do The Ceremony documented in Egyptian History and The Bible or go to a New World and The Journey to The New World as being the most Important in Egyptian History. ie: the Most Important Account of History and in History of the History of the Ancient Egyptians. Concerning Ra In History about when and where He Lived as the Ancient Egyptian Historical information concerning RA was/is way far more than unbelievably incredible.

* The Hebrew CREATOR GOD known as GOD out of The Bible. ie: Old Testament

and ..

If RA was such an Important Identity Recorded Historically as The Most Important Ancient Egyptian Histories to note and that The Bible was and is The Written Recorded Histories of The Human Races from The Begining of time even before .. right through to the end of time all pre Recorded in a Book called The Bible accurately Recording all of History thousands of years before it happens.

How is that possible ?

You tell me ..

Firstly You would have to know that History Already Is Accurately Recorded .. and How You would Accurately Record History thousands of years before it happened ? When You know History is already Accurately Recorded You don't have to waste time wondering if it really does accurately Record All of History or not and can go onto much Bigger Understandings of The Information conveyed of Why and How would You or Do You do that ?

* One way to Accurately pre Record All of History before it has all happened is that it Has All Happened Before and those accounts are of seeing and Recording what occured at that time and it repeats conditions like a repeating Historical Storyline.

It is The First Responsibility of Every Citizen to Question Authority. Benjamin Franklin

Extinction of the Human Race is occurring while they are waiting to be saved. Wifi (with no Safety Guidelines) has created Global infertility along with infertile foods everyone has been exposed to and 3G 4G and 5G will be the end of us all. It is said within a generation Human's will be unable to reproduce. So even though Emery Smith has a Great Story .. everyone will be dead by the time the technology is available to be used.

The GITMO trials ?? How may shades of whitewash are used in Politics. Everyone knows all the Presidents had doubles or standins or clones so the clones are who is getting executed more than likely and George Bush senior probably was aged regressed back to his 20's with his wife and went of to their pedophile paradise planet of their choice same with the rest of them more likely.

Basically We are not supposed to be here. I mean Earth is not supposed to be where we are in the way of incoming Planet X. Earth was supposed to do The Event Music of The Spheres back in 2002 though at the time I could not get anyone interested to do The Event (recorded being done 10 times before) and so Earth is where it is due to ignorance and alien dumbing down campaigns. Both Keely and Tesla put forward techniques to move Earth. This also explains why and what Pyramids and Menhirs Globally and Universally are for as all Universes are currently collapsing due to not doing The Event. The Ancient Alien crew want to know what happenned ? It was the way it is. Over 1 million People get abducted every year in America alone (a fraction of the annual Global figure) for food for the aliens sex slaves and experimentations. Over 16 million People were slaughtered last year from chemtrails not to mention all animals and trees dying and forests shrinking dramatically every year. We (Humans) all get blamed for Destroying Earth and the Reason for wanting to get rid of Humans to save The Earth when We all know it is not us. It is those in charge that are Destroying and Polluting The Earth using dumbing down campaigns to make us think we did it when it was and has been them the whole time. This is the 1st time in all recorded History where Humans are so dumbed down they believe alien propaganda that we are Destroying Earth when We All know it is them. All other previous Foothold Situations have eventually been repelled except for this time. What Emery says sounds Great except in the time I have been listening to the Troops last year Fukishima took out 2/3 of all life in the seas and 16 + million People were taken out from chemtrails and millions were abducted for food for the aliens. Talk is cheap and Really by the time the dribble dribble dribble of Disclosure is always coming soon We all will be dead and Earth will be Destroyed by aliens that just go off to Destroy the next place because We were Fooled and did not Unite to Repel them like We All did 10 times before recorded in The Bible.

2019: US Caravans - at the wall are financed by the US Congress.

40 billion Earth like Planets in this Galaxy alone.

Ahm .. yeah .. as an Electrical Engineer a few years back there was a Problem that was in America and the best the Yanks had whether Police or Military could not find out wtf as it was happening so fast that they did not know. It had to do with child porn. Anyway the only clue they had was it roared through Australia before roaring off to wherever. So the Yanks got the Australian Federal Police onto it and after a while they came up with nothing. The Feds fronted a Buddy of mine who is a anti Child Porn Crusader who tried for a month or so before he gave up.

The Feds asked him if he knew anyone who could Help find out what was happening ?

he said .. ah .. Roo is a bit of a Wild Card ..

.. and he dobbed me in .. and the Feds fronted me indirectly asking me to Help them. I said I'm not into that subject. They said neither were they and would I Help them.

After 2 days I got into what was like at OK Corral except there was only me against heaps of them and before I got Blown Away (lots of pretty colours) I was up them to the hilt and within a week gave a Report back to the Feds explaining how it was done what it was and where and who it was that was doing it. It went straight into Parliamentarians ville .. It was cited to me as a 56 Million Dollar industry at the time.

I even gave them a copy of the exact program it was done with. A Brilliant program that could run millions and millions of web sites simultaneosly and change anything at any time automatically so that by the time the Feds got there it was gone. That's why they couldn't find anything.

They were looking for People.

I knew straight off that it must have been moving fast and seeing Humans don't move and think that fast in general it must have been a program doing it and went looking for a program .. after OK Corral.

They paid me in kind .. with a file that I could walk through walls with. I didn't tell them I already had it. Had my own one.

The Federal Policeman put in my report and within a month he was transferred and that was that and now that industry is 10 times that figure although a lot of Human Trafficking criminals are being caught and Prosecuted by US President Elect Donald Trump at the moment finally.

Did You know 1/3 of the US Congress has been involved with and maintained Child Sex Pedophile Rings and the Sex Slave Trade and Human Trafficking that created an Intergalactic Slave Trade of Humans for sale to alien groups for food and sex slaves been going for over 40 years now.

So You tell me Why there are no Australian Politicians with any spine that will do the same here ? Who's got Your back ?

Because they are all Catholics and all that is and are Catholic Problems created and maintained by Catholic Groups.

You could figure that 1/3 of Australian Politicians (Catholics) have been involved with the same sick trades.

When are We going to be able to Fight Back against these sleazeball Pedophilles like Trump has in America ?

.. and the arse has fallen out of the market the stock market and the housing market .. the Federal Reserve Banks are about to get abolished for Ripping Everyone for centuries now .. the Rothchilds are liquidating Everything and getting out to some breakaway Planet before they all get Executed (it's been suggested) along with the rest that have just been Executed recently like George Bush snr for killing JFK and Child Sex Pedophile rings and Human Trafficking selling Humans to alien groups by combined Catholic groups ..

So .. that's the Big Question ??

Who is going to Execute the Rothchilds ?? 1st ..

It's not like they have not got it coming to them.

The Amount of millions of millions of People they had slaughtered over hundreds of years their Karma is waiting in the wings for them. And so be it.

We are talking the whole Family of course. It's not like they don't deserve it.

They had no problem taking out the Russian Royal Czar's whole Family maybe the Russians will beat the Yanks to the punch.

How many American Presidents were killed on their orders ?? .. I don't know why Trump is waiting.

How many Countries they pillaged for hundreds of years ? I hear China is in place and ready to go.

How many People they broke with their manufactured depressions ?? and all those fake bank bailouts they engineered to Ripp off Everybody for so long now. Just those last ones that Bush engineered was over $80 Trillions of the Yanks money alone and still rising rapidly.

They know they have it coming as well. Of course they do .. they are probably surprised they made it this far. Everybody knows they have it coming.

.. and their Money Confiscated in Compensation for their Many Gross Crimes Against Humanity from them that they Ripped off Everybody for centuries would do well being handed out to supplement Boost and improve the World Economy.

.. and they are not Jews they are Khazars. 95% of the World's Jews are Khazars. Ever since the Khazars married into the Jews they have been wiping them out. They will actually be doing the Jews a Favor by taking out the Rothchilds and the Khazars. It will save the Jews from extinction at the hands of the Khazars. It's the Khazars who have been creating all this conflict in the World for centuries and the Jews have been getting blamed for it.

Definately would be a Strong Blow to the Reptillians and alien groups that have been Ripping us all off for centuries and put a Stop to Financing the alien groups involved in Human Trafficking.

It wouldn't Stop the Catholic Church from maintaining their Child Pedophile rings and their cannibalism of Humans and Human Sacrifices. If/when the Rothchilds get taken out it would leave the Jesuits Vatican and the Catholic Church as the culprets left who are involved with the Human Slave Trades and Human Trafficking.

Did You know 1/3 of the US Congress has been involved with and maintained Child Sex Pedophile Rings and the Sex Slave Trade and Human Trafficking that created an Intergalactic Slave Trade of Humans for sale to alien groups for food experimentations and sex slaves been going for over 40 years now.

Over 1 million Americans get abducted by aliens nazis and Secret Space Program Groups for food experimentations and as sex slaves to aliens. That is only a percentage of the Global Figure.

That the Military Industrial Complex is Trading with over 900 alien groups dealing in Human Trafficking for many decades now.

Have set up whole Breakaway Civilisations whole Planets in Space financed by Earth that are at least 1,000 years in front of us.

March 25, 2019
7:43 am
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Worth considering is ..

The Bailout Scheme For The Banks - back in 2008 3 October US President G W Bush and Congress Approving a $700 Billion Bailout Scheme for the banks involved with Derivatives (a Scam that fell) that went to $840 Billion to 8.5 Trillion $9.7 Trillion or $23 Trillion to $$74 Quadrillian as Reported at the time that went missing off The US Stock Markets ?

No Reports - about the same subject at the time or now are the same. The only consistency is that they all are consistently different statistics about the same subject. Everytime You look it goes dramatically up.

The Same Problem - with The World Stock Market Costs ?

Is It Or Was It $700 Trillion - taken out of The World Market or $$74 Quadrillian that supposedly disappeared out of The World Market at the time from the same US Banker Bailout Scam ? Where - did all that $$74 Quadrillian go to and who to ?

Initially Reported Costing $700 Billion Bailout Scheme - then to $840 Billion that grew to $23 Trillion is The Massive Scam or Bank Robbery in all History. Was it $23 Trillion at the time or was it $840 Billion ? Big difference. Or was it $840 Billion that on the way to 2010 was taken and turned out to be $23 Trillion then to $$74 Quadrillian along the way ?

A Much More Massive Scam - than the Bank Bailout itself that cost $1Trillion + ? .. then to go to being a $22+ Trillion Dollar Windfall of a Scam if ever there was. The story of the story Cost much more than the story itself. Robbing America right in front of them all for $23 Trillion that started at $700 Billion to $840 Billion ..

.. and the $$74 Quadrillian - that disappeared out of The World Market to some International Corporation from somewhere for some reason ?

Financial Engineering - was it all Financially Engineered way before it started or occurred ?

The US$23 Trillion++ and the $$74 Quadrillian - that allegedly disappeared out of The World Market from the same US Banker Bailout Scam is The Most Massive Scam or Bank Robberies in all of History to date besides Rothchild taking The Bank of England Hitler taking The German Bank Funds and Fort Knox losing its gold the Rockefeller's sold cheaply and the 911 19,200+ tons of Gold that went missing.

The Cabal is a global network of criminal syndicates. Was a a global network of criminal syndicates involved ?? Historically the Rothchild's are involved with Massive Money Scams are they involved with a global network of criminal syndicates ??

2016: Canada Former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellier - said that of aliens visiting Earth are actually comprised of 182 different species all with their own agendas.

2018: Military Industrial Complex MIC - is trading with over 900 extraterrestrial Civilisations. What do they Trade ? A) Humans in the Human Slave Trade for over 4 decades.

2018: US Pentagon - announces $8.5 Trillion unacountable and missing.

2018: 4 September ZPG Sperm Count Zero - over the past few decades Humans have become increasingly infertile so much so that within a generation we may lose the ability to reproduce entirely. What is causing this is the infertile foods that eating infertile foods after some time we become infertile. This is all part of the NWO Plans to wipe out the Human Races and takeover Earth by the NWO. Blame Kissinger and the Reptillians for suggesting it along with Monsanto infertile seeds and the NWO. Within a generation the Transhumanist Agenda will replace Humans with their Agenda currently being implimented by chemtrail spraying of smartdust. Wifi 3G 4G and 5G sterilising everyone else is overkill.

2019: US $21 Trillion In Unaccounted Government Spending - from 1998 to 2015. Two Federal Government Agencies the Department of Defence and the Department of Housing and Urban Development have accumulated more than $21 Trillion in undocumented expenses between 1998 to 2015. This is while more homeless in America is currently recorded. The Gargantuan nature of the Undocumented Federal Spending Trend Should be a Great Concern to all taxpayers.

June 10, 2019
12:38 am
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I delighted in that post from August the 6th. I'm anxious to complete my very own little research yet I delighted in it, continue keeping' on!

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