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CIA Director David Petraeus has stepped down citing affair
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August 27, 2012
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November 14, 2012 - 3:09 am
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Leon Panetta. Need I say more? The guy is a slime ball. I wouldn't trust him to guard a warm cup of piss. He and his minions sitting there grinning while summarily dismissing Congress. The MSM haven't sounded the alarm and they aren't going to.

The modern definition of ‘racist’ is someone who’s winning an argument with a liberal.

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April 9, 2009
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November 14, 2012 - 4:01 pm
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"blackvault" wrote: [quote="Cole_Trickle"]
2 ) Petraeus has information in regard to what actually happened in Benghazi and someone doesn't want that truth to be told under oath. You will eventually have it know that someone within the State Dept....past or present KNOWS who the actors are.


Hey Cole,

So, I think we may have come to some common ground here, and wanted to ask you a question. As you know, I've been following this Benghazi thing since literally day one. I had FOIA requests filed by September 12th on the incident, due to the fact that to me, something smelled fishy.

Now, it sounded like you disagreed with my that there was really anything to the Benghazi cover-up, and cited Duff's work as proof that there was much LESS going on than I was thinking.

That said, it sounds like the the recent events like Patraeus stepping down - you believe now that this COULD be a pretty big cover-up led by some really smart people.

Am I right to see that the recent events is showing you there is more to this story?

So you know, I am not looking for a "yes, you are right" kind of answer... because I don't claim to be right. Where my curiosity lies is whether those who were skeptics on whether or not this was a cover-up a month ago, are now beginning to think otherwise.

I am far from completing this, but made a huge revision to the Benghazi page last night... and am actually working on more stuff now. ... -9-11-2012

I can answer yes: However when I say that one should know that the cover up I'm speaking of has nothing to do with the one put forward by the Israeli controlled mass media. The one that said OBAMA in some way ordered a stand down of those wanting to help, or the one where it was said that he thought this incident would hurt his re-election chances SO HE COVERED IT UP.

Those ideas are so insanely inaccurate that they don't deserve comment. Many people who are interested in this are missing the big picture simply because they've never been taught how to ask proper questions, or see the trees for the forest so to speak. Obviously you're not in that group.

In short Benghazi was " without doubt " an organized hit carried out by highly trained teams of " oh what to call them " simply can't be denied....only the bought and paid for talking heads would ever say otherwise.

Believe it or not...Obama ( it has been leaked by both CIA and FBI sources ) is trying his best to do the right thing......some say if he keeps at it he may pay with his life or the lives of many innocent Americans via another 9-11 type event. Me....I think that's mostly reckless saber rattling by the usual fearmongers in an attempt to scare the average Joe into submission. Nothing more.

This is a key point to all of this: Yet to be told by MSM....Benghazi was an attempt to draw the US into more military action within the Mid-east region-----mostly the Iranian situation. A situation which is being embellished and manipulated by Israel....OBAMA knows this and isn't going to play ball.....This is the real reason why Benghazi happened...

He's eventually going to have to fess up and tell the American people, sadly only a select few will accept it as truth and these are the things that the rogue elements of this Government know and are taking advantage of..have been ever since about 1975 or so....Think Argo as it relates to current conditions.....This is no accident as that was an event which took place in 78-79--and might as well be something out of todays environment.....Not much has changed and that would be an excellent place to start, also would make a great question.

Paula is a professional ( another fact that can't be denied ) only WHO was she working for? The stories about all she is are a pure bullshit cover, one I think is designed to eliminate any further US INTELLIGENCE EMBARRASSMENT.....It's why the General was given an he gladly accepted......others in his position are not going to get off so lightly...This has been told by many sources within the agencies.

In short she had access, how and why is something they will guard at all costs....Made them look foolish, played by the OLDEST TRICK in the book.

You're gonna find that Paula B......Accessed a secure server and heisted classified Docs. Then you're gonna find that the other Woman down in Florida isn't what she claims to be either......but I can say without doubt that at this point that is purely conjecture on my part, nothing more than my opinion. Only now are those questions being kicked around as the other Generals e-mails become public. 😉

Did you see the photos I posed of the Aspen Institute security meeting? You need to go back and browse those very closely.......all the players are there( including Paula B ) has to see massive Red Flags when they look at those photos and ask yourself.

What is really going on there? Who are these people most concerned with? and of course....What are they really trying to establish?

I notice several men absent wedding bands.... Men in high Governmental/public positions of AUTHORITY......I find that VERY VERY REVEALING...

Last thing:

It's my opinion that Obama was intentionally kept out of this loop....( all of it ) so he comes off looking like an Idiot, or fool. One concerned only with the election and the best part........HE KNOWS THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED and knows it's been in the works for months in not longer.......A reason, among others.....why heads will be rolling all over the DC area within the coming months.

Clinton will try to avoid giving testimony of any kind on Benghazi. I think because to preserve any political aspirations she may still have, she'll be forced to either Lie or expose those within who orchestrated the attack. This should be simple for everyone who's actually followed this story in detail.

Don't be shocked to learn that this event is actually a matter of life or death to more than a few insiders, and I'm not talking about careers here. This is why so many opt to fall on swords as opposed to simply standing up and saying...........

This event will be proved to have been a highly sophisticated op carried out by a highly paid agent..............We all know who the agent was/is.....the question is who are the employers!!!!!



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