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FOIA help needed for super soldier military records. I rarely ask for help.
February 3, 2016
3:54 am
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February 2, 2016
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DRAFT  I Gotta leave now.  Will be back for more.   I havent said anything that millions of CCTV viewers dont already know more about than I do...

gotta go. remember, I pdf to make sure no one changes my legal writings.   and we are very close to disclosure and currency deval...   black ops money is almost gone that funds your organizations. 

One more thing...   odd and peculiar computer behaviors will not let me upload a bbc web online photo available to public (is only 215k). 

Here is link   I am on right in black bandana.  I will not post the odd error messages so the magical computer genie should play ball.   Hell...  you got this zipped up so that no one in the real world gets to see it and it will be like arfcomm where ONLY FEDERAL AGENTS, CONTRACTORS AND INFORMANTS SEE ANY OF MY POSTING AND RESPOND TO THEM (the public already knows what you have done to the hero of the day for 40+ years)  Its like Luke Skywalker destroys the death star, gets his medal, should be hero of the day and goes back to a planet full of satanic storm troopers.


Dear FBOp,  I will post nothing controversial... I guess we can call it that.  Note: Fictional Thoughts -  I have never posted to any forums or started a website because 'PTB' could possibly go in and change posting to say something illegal and I will never know.  So I will make sure that I print and save to pdf to document (and everyone knows how I love to document).  Currency issues could be coming.  Rest assured that my off world protection (more fictional thoughts) is the reason I am here (as you so well know).  Why am I so valuable to EVERYONE? 

John,hope your server does not get overrun (like arfcomm did when I posted porky pig on wall photos) and if the Feds cause you problems let me know we can go offline with email.   (Might be better to start that way). 

You know... this is all so f'd up.  I have been a golden monkey making money (of which I receive none) for CCTV, I believe I have a sizable fan base who like me and a fan base that feeds off my loosh.  At least half of the country and probably many parts in the world at least have an idea of who I am.  All of these people and Foreign Intel (per sources) and the media and sports and Hollywood all know more about me than I know about me.  I have been told that Star Wars is real and that some kid was the Last Starfighter and he blew up the Death Star and received the medal (like the last scene in Star Wars) and on and on...   and I cant post to a forum asking for FOIA help without a sea of 'interested parties' coming in.  Am I connected to Progenitors?  Time will tell.

Note on military records.  It is highly illegal to claim to be in the military and not have any records to prove it (even though I have photos and videos).  If my VA type paperwork was burned up in the vault at age 6 or 7 think about what they would do with my real paperwork.   I want to stay with 'military type unit'.    I dont know if I was in the military...  I do not even know if I was paid a check (another FOIA) because most super soldiers do not get paid because they are under mind control.  It could be that I was at home going to high school and college (I have an accounting degree.  I can see the shock on your faces) and then drugged and off to run a mission across the world and then back when mission is done.   Everyone reading this can answer... except me.  I dont know how I was in 2 places at same time (ex 1992 Somalia Beach Landing yelling get that light out of my face while watching it at home in Shreveport) except for clones or screen memories. 


Codename Haynesville told me that I flew out of Barksdale, Shreveport Regional (after runway extensions for me, spec ops c130s and spec ops c5 galaxy's) and after 1992, Carswell (now NAS FTW).

Age 2 - parents put me in Monarch Project, then to Project Mannequin (Super Soldier   I have a couple of web photos and some vcr tapes clips off of youtube).   Back in 2011, I was told many times that my military records were burned at the  St Louis?  VA records fire.   My records were in the 6th floor central vault area that was burned up.  Fire looks suspicious to me.  I told guys, 'I was approx 6 or 7 years old... I could not have been in the military at that age and you are stuck on stupid'. 

I only know what I was told by others.  I have ZERO brain memories Project Monarch/Mannequin, any space activites, any Super Soldier military type activities or 

I will skip over possible approx 6 year old 20 and back activities.  Mars Defense Force is not covered by FOIA.  Earth Defense Force is probably not covered either...  or maybe.

1983 - possibly in Yosemite Secret Service wreck.  Was told I was only survivor because I wore seat belt and 3 others died.  I only know what I was told.  I was 16 I replied and thought they were stupid.  

 1983 - Grenada - told by others I was in group dropped on wrong side of runway and they couldnt figure out if I was both the commander and guy who hot wired bulldozer and drove bulldozer blade up down runway as cover to get to other side of runway.  I was 16 years old.  How was I in Grenada.  They said I did other stuff on the video, too. 


 1992 CNN Somalia Beach Landing.


  • Date Added 12/9/92
  • Video Source CNN
  • Video Length 00:04:25:03    (this is important... web has been wiped of this video and another video with 3:03 was added that had all of me taken out). 
  • video title
  • Video Description
  • 00:49:02:27 [SOMALIA FIELD TAPE #25]--VS small group of Navy Seals on dune at beach surounded by press with lights; Seals move inland followed by press with lights, one says "get that light out of my face" otherrwise they don't talk to reporters; they crouch in bushes. (4:25) /
  • cnn id 90562357
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February 3, 2016
5:28 am
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January 11, 2016
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I would love to help, but unsure what you're asking for or expect?

That archive website via CNN has an abundant amount of serious videos that should be made public and free especially the UFO and Alien ones. 

February 3, 2016
1:46 pm
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February 2, 2016
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A couple of the reasons I am a high value target by the ultimate evil in the universe are below:


You know...  this is the only thing I need to post up here.   Everyone already knows all the other things I post. 

Not allowing me to try to get my military records online will be dealt with after disclosure by a new legal system setup just for this.

New information for many of the feds...


Golden Rule Life Statement Read to Walter George

I am documenting what was repeatedly read to me over the years.

Over the past few years these 3 groups of people

-Federal agents / contractors / informants who were gang stalking me
- Friends / handlers / private gun range members
- Honeypot dates paid for by the FBI sent to me

have repeatedly read (at least 30 times) Preston James' Golden Rule statement from below:

The Ruling cabal’s greatest secret is that they are unable to infect and control those Americans who refuse to violate the Golden Rule (except in self-defense) know and keep a strong commitment to the US Constitution and Bill of Rghts and refuse to be compromised or accept the lies and evil of the Ruling Cabal or its representatives or agents. These researchers believe that individuals cannot become infected with this Cosmic Parasite or demon unless they have been somehow compromised to believe that it is okay to violate the Golden rule.

Those born with a lack of conscience, extreme narcissists or psychopaths can obviously become infected quite easily if this is true. So as this narrative goes, the Cabal recruits by searching for those that are easily compromisable. If someone has strong character, deep integrity and refuses to harm others  unless in self-defense, the cabal is not interested in these folks. Cabal wannabees must be comfortable pedophiling and sacrificing young innocent children and creating mass-murder and mass suffering through the  pre-arrangement and provocation or wars and mass death and destruction.


When this was read to me I had no idea what a cabal or elite or anything like that was and I just didn't care. FBI 'black ops' told all these people to read this for a reason that I can only speculate about. I did not stumble across this article until Dec 2014.

Honeypot dates (paid for by FBI and were Monarch betas) would read this long statement to me from their cell phone and go, 'Awwwwwww. You live by the Golden Rule and dont do any of this stuff'. In other words, I am a solid, good guy and they know it.

What were the possible reasons this statement was read to me over and over again?


Kinesiologist Clearing Practitioner name removed
Summary of session of Jan 27 2016

30 Booby traps (special type of Wernicke’s commands) were found and removed

Muscle testing indicated 32 abilites (that is a lot!)
Muscle testing indicated 8 extra rare/valuable abilities (that is a lot as well)
Muscle testing indicated 39 abductions; some for up to 3 years long.


The following Booby traps (special type of Wernicke’s commands) were found and removed:

1. “Die if you remember this.”
2. “Kill yourself if you remember this.”
3. “Get cancer and die if you remember this.”
4. “Have a heart attack if you remember this.”
5. “Be dead if you remember this.”
6. “Dissolve if you remember this.”
7. “Be a vegetable if you remember this.”
8. “Go crazy if you remember this.”
9. “Be insane if you remember this.”
10. “Die of kidney failure if you remember this.”
11. “Die in agony if you remember this.”
12. “Die of a stroke if you remember this.”
13. “You’ll be insane if you remember this.”
14. “Die of blood poisoning if you remember this.”
15. “Freeze your brain if you remember this.”
16. “Drown your lungs if you remember this.”
17. “You’ll die of stroke if you remember this.”
18. “Die quickly if you remember this.”
19. “Turn on yourself if you remember this.”
20. “Die from your abilities if you remember this.”
21. “Explode if you remember this.”
22. “Phase away if you remember this.”
23. “Dematerialize if you remember this.”
24. “Attack your blood if you remember this.”
25. “Attack your heart if you remember this.”
26. “Attack your abilities if you remember this.”
27. “Lose your mind if you remember this.”
28. “Die screaming if you remember this.”
29. “Go utterly insane if you remember this.”
30. “Drop your body if you remember this.”

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