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Fed Black Ops and TAO (Hackers) stop me from submitting FOIA Military on two websites.
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February 2, 2016
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February 12, 2016 - 7:44 am
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Fed Black Ops and TAO stop me from submitting FOIA Military on two websites.

TAO (Tailored Access Operations) has officially been renamed TAO  Terrorist Access Operations because they terrorize and make miserable the good decent people in America like me.  

From what I can piece together I get the TAO regional call center in San Antonio (was FBI gangstalking harassment call center) and whenever I make a phone call to TWC Aetna, HC.gov, BofA, Fidelity, TXU (any utility), State Farm, my doctors (I am a medical experiment and my doctor dentist neck surgeon visits are televised on CCTV and I get a lot of street theater because of it).   TAO is on my radar and they are going to prison.  Period.  Dot.  The End.  

TAO also makes weapons used against me that I will not disclose in a separate facility in San Antonio. 

Anyway, TAO hacker/computer guys stop me from submitting two different FOIAs on these two sites and I filed a tips.fbi.gov (sounds stupid but it is a big statement).   Progenitors will be making bigger statements.


It will not let me upload all the screenshots I have (all are under 100k and are jpgs).  Two socom.mil  foia error messages below.   wont let me upload national archives screen error at end after I put in all the information (classic TAO).   I get the same types of error messages when I try to put in a credit freeze with any of the three agencies because it will enable TAO and Fed Black Ops to steal my money faster.   I go to Bank of America branches and try to file my 9 page Fraud by Fed Black Ops writeups and no one will take them because when we call 'Fraud' internally we get TAO and the phony BofA employees there are ALWAYS reptilian hybrids...  shit it looks like the Star Wars cantina (bar) scene when Luke Skywalker walks in to me...   not that I can kinda 'see' again.

foiarequestnotsubmitted.jpgImage Enlargerfoiadoagainchanges.jpgImage Enlarger


All of TAO is going to prison and when we are at our lowest everyone will understand why.  Fed Black Ops knew back in 2012 after the alliance hacked the cabal darknet and the opm   they are cooked and done and they know it.  TAO was not even on my radar until they turned it all up recently.  Maybe...  just maybe...  I have been surrounded by holographs my entire life and all the horrific things done to me (and our country / world) have come from holographs.  Just maybe.  Progenitors get things done the way they want. 




When I try to upload a couple of my super soldier photos from the infamous 1992 Somalia Beach Landing CNN covered where I yell, 'GET THAT LIGHT OUT OF MY FACE' they magically disappear because the within a few years to be imprisoned TAO lizards will not allow me to post any super soldier photos.   I am going to put TAO on a gerbil and hamster only diet (even though the food replicators will be everywhere) and they will be so happy come feeding time.   Might change them over to snakes as an experiment to see if they will eat their own type.   Oh...  NO human babies or any blood for you to keep up you holographs.   You will just have to rot in prison after we defeat you.   You have to be soulless and satanically evil to torture me all these years...  because anyone with a soul would see I am the good guy real quick and feel bad about it.   At BofA when you lean into me and your eyes glaze over and you enter into that orgasmic feeding of loosh off of me...  well..  it is all on CCTV and everyone can see you as the baby eating shit that you are.   I can  see  it.  And you know it. 

If (or when) we are at our lowest point I will have many important things to do.  So to speed up the system I will make myself judge, jury and prosecutor.  I will have your internal records to go over and will deal with you appropriately.  And whatever I do it will be 1% of what the Reptilians would have done to you if...  Luke didnt show up.

They dont use human or ETs or aliens for fighter pilots out in space especially for long range across the galaxy flights.  All computers.  Everything is too fast even for the ETs to react so computers are used (from what I have been told). 

After the 1996 Archon invastion of the Congo I had Fed Black Ops walk up to me and say (exactly), 'Dont worry, we would have been eaten, too'.   From what I remember, they had big smiles.  Happened in 96 97 98 2012 and 2013 and probably many more years.

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February 2, 2016
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February 12, 2016 - 7:58 am
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I forgot to mention...   I went to   tips.fbi.gov   and filed a criminal activity tip with the feds. 

When you stop laughing and come back into reality you will   'see'   that things have changed a bunch and me filing criminal tips with the feds for fed activity... 


something has changed.   the worm has turned.  It turned a long time ago.   you holographs at tao are too f'ed up on meth and ice and your intense hatred of me to notice. 


oh yeah...  no human kids for you to rape in my prisons.  and no meth or any other drugs.   yeah.. I know you think you are the holographs with all the connections (and right now you are) but all that black ops money is going away.   drugs are being cut off.   and maybe on the outside you could score 'some'...  not like you do now.   you wont be on the outside.   you will be incarcerated at a correctional facility where you will receive intensive behavioral therapy (that I will supervise closely and with love) hope to change your holographs from meth/ice addicted degenerates who eat and rape human babies into something that can be allowed among the human population again.   I doubt it will work.   But 'rehabilitating' your behaviors will never get old and will always bring a smile to my face.   Like it does now. 


Why do you continue to screw with a possible Progenitor?  If I bust off that holograph you wear everyone will know why.

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February 2, 2016
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February 13, 2016 - 2:59 am
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Clarification needed.  I have no problems working with human holographs of satanic, reptilian hybrids.  Check my Fed Black Ops profile.  Or all the CCTV footage.  My entire life has been broadcast and if I was a criminal I would be in prison (and even if I was not a criminal I could be in prison).  I 'see' that I have a large and committed fan base out there. 

Hive minded, satanic, reptilian hybrids all have a really big problem working with me even though they have had unlimited powers (black magick, military, courts, law enforcement, elected officials, FBI Q under DC, TAO in San Antonio, DHS drones and chinooks, Reptilians... it goes on) and black ops money (CCTV mega off the books cash, drug and whatever else money) to destroy or murder me and they can't.  Why is that?  You know the answer better than I do.

I also understand that hive minded, human holographs literally OWN all positions of power in government (all levels), religion, law enforcement (all levels), media (literally everyone you see on tv or movies is a holograph.  I have yet to see a human like me).  military (higher you go, more holographs) and business (look through corporate officer photos online...  even after retouching and taking the best shot available most of them do not even look human... buy you know this... I am preaching to the choir).  

Human holographs are the reason we are about to go through what we will go through... the Reptiles who run the world are trying to jackhammer hell on earth into us.  Even the most rabid, insanely meth'd up lizard out there knows and understands all of this and might or might not admit it. 

Anyway, I can work with human holographs and have no problems as long as they stop fucking me over again and again and again...   Reread this paragraph. 

I had been up all night before I typed the comments above and I reread it.  is 4am here. 

I believe what I typed above is moderately restrained for someone who: 

1  has been abducted 39 times (once for 3 years and I do not know which 3) by military and Reptilians (both on world and off world) for 'medical experimentation' which is also known as torture.

2.  discovered back in spring 2015 I was in Project Mannequin and Nov 2015 Super Soldier

3.  awoke in Sept 2014 when the earth's rotation (or whatever) changed 3 degrees

4.  is absolutely the most alone human on the planet.  Literally no one can or will help me.  And when I email anyone who can help me they get a NSL (National Security Letter) they are not allowed to read and do not get a copy of to prove what it says.  If I am allowed to speak to someone there are boundaries (from what I can see.  Have only spoken to one person).  The ultimate evil in our galaxy must see my good as a tremendous threat.  Fed Black Op and TAO will not even let me try to get my military records online.  I believe they want me to mail or fax so they can sabotage everything off the books (without electronic trail of online).  I will not allow this and Fed Black Ops and TAO will allow me to get my military records online.

5.  There is no law enforcement to go to.  If I call 911 I get the TAO call center in San Antonio and if I ever get to see law enforcement they will be Federal Black Ops cut outs in local LEO uniforms because they will be on CCTV so they have to get their street theater together.   Of course, local, state, Federal LEOs are Masonic (I just discovered within the last year...  it is ok to laugh.  That is how powerful the Reptilian attacks are (NSA psychotronics are from Reptilians).  I had no idea why Masons (which include the KKK) wanted to torture or murder me dead (like all the other groups out there Unions, certain Churches, Big Corporations, Defense Contractors, Fed govt institutions, certain Military groups).  I had no F'in idea why all these groups that should really like me wanted me tortured and dead.  Wasnt until spring 2015 that I finally accepted that ALL INSTITUTIONS that we know of have been horrifically Satanized (or Reptilianized... same thing). 

Stop and think for minute...  I am not a criminal in any way.  Why would any level of law enforcement hate me.  I have an accounting degree and understood business... why would any corporation do all those bad things to me?  I always supported the military... why would defense contractors have it out for me?  

And if I was the Last Starfighter or Luke...  why would all of this be done to me?   If doesnt make sense to someone who has been denied info, memory wiped too many times, caged and tortured for 40+ years and has no memories. 

The worm has turned. 


One more thing...  I realize that posting here is a waste of time.   It will be like AR15.com on Texas forum where literally ALL OF THE OTHER POSTERS WERE FEDERAL AGENTS, CONTRACTORS AND INFORMANTS and nothing else.  After I shot the trophy boar in March 2010 there was a tidal wave of supporters who went to ar15.com to see the photos and arfcomm had real server/bandwith issues.  They had to limit Texas forums to just users who had userids from Texas ip addresses.  

Also,  I do not see the actual internet.   And my cell and internet connections used to go through a military server at then EDS (now HP) who took a look at that server and hit the eject button on it for it to land at then McAfee security (now Intel Security) just down the street on Preston Rd and whatever that street name is.  HP and Intel Security are literally within a mile or two from each other and probably under 7 miles from me when I am up there. 

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February 2, 2016
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February 13, 2016 - 3:21 am
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BBC on this day  Dec 9 1992 Somalia Beach landing search  http://news.bbc.co.uk/onthisda.....013143.stm

NBC 1992 Super Soldier video youtube  feature=youtu.be

I tried to post a super soldier Somalia photo again.  Was landing with Navy Seals and Force Recon.  To all the passive/aggressive Federal Black Ops TAO bitches... I did not say I was in the military or in Seals/Marines.  I said landing with Seals/Marines.  You little clit sized penis bitches will be imprisoned due to stopping me from getting to file online foia's and will be dealt with in a legal manner.   Smoke that ice/meth while you can to forget what is coming.  No matter how much you smoke, TAO is still going to prison and the people could possibly be running you down in the streets to turn you in.  Possible? or Probable?  Time will tell if I am right.

Who put you on my radar and why?  If you had stayed off the Progenitor radar you could have slithered off to the bushes at the truck stop where you would go back to your previous job of selling $5 blowjobs to big fat truckers.  5 military bases in San Antonio can do the take downs.   I hope to supervise or be there.  I am smiling big. 


I have been told that when Progenitors repeat everything over and over again the probabilities of what they say goes way up.  I repeat all of this so much that we have to be in the mid to high 90 percentile. 


Have a nice day!

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February 2, 2016
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February 13, 2016 - 3:33 am
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I try to print these pages using the print icon to a pdf file and get 1 blank page.   TAO at it again. 

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February 2, 2016
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February 13, 2016 - 5:56 am
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A couple of the reasons I am a high value target by the ultimate evil in the universe are below:


You know...  this is the only thing I need to post up here.   Everyone already knows all the other things I post. 

Not allowing me to try to get my military records online will be dealt with after disclosure by a new legal system setup just for this.

New information for many of the feds...


Golden Rule Life Statement Read to Walter George

I am documenting what was repeatedly read to me over the years.

Over the past few years these 3 groups of people

-Federal agents / contractors / informants who were gang stalking me
- Friends / handlers / private gun range members
- Honeypot dates paid for by the FBI sent to me

have repeatedly read (at least 30 times) Preston James' Golden Rule statement from http://www.veteranstoday.com below:

The Ruling cabal’s greatest secret is that they are unable to infect and control those Americans who refuse to violate the Golden Rule (except in self-defense) know and keep a strong commitment to the US Constitution and Bill of Rghts and refuse to be compromised or accept the lies and evil of the Ruling Cabal or its representatives or agents. These researchers believe that individuals cannot become infected with this Cosmic Parasite or demon unless they have been somehow compromised to believe that it is okay to violate the Golden rule.

Those born with a lack of conscience, extreme narcissists or psychopaths can obviously become infected quite easily if this is true. So as this narrative goes, the Cabal recruits by searching for those that are easily compromisable. If someone has strong character, deep integrity and refuses to harm others  unless in self-defense, the cabal is not interested in these folks. Cabal wannabees must be comfortable pedophiling and sacrificing young innocent children and creating mass-murder and mass suffering through the  pre-arrangement and provocation or wars and mass death and destruction.


When this was read to me I had no idea what a cabal or elite or anything like that was and I just didn't care. FBI 'black ops' told all these people to read this for a reason that I can only speculate about. I did not stumble across this article until Dec 2014.

Honeypot dates (paid for by FBI and were Monarch betas) would read this long statement to me from their cell phone and go, 'Awwwwwww. You live by the Golden Rule and dont do any of this stuff'. In other words, I am a solid, good guy and they know it.

What were the possible reasons this statement was read to me over and over again?


Kinesiologist Clearing Practitioner name removed
Summary of session of Jan 27 2016

30 Booby traps (special type of Wernicke’s commands) were found and removed

Muscle testing indicated 32 abilites (that is a lot!)
Muscle testing indicated 8 extra rare/valuable abilities (that is a lot as well)
Muscle testing indicated 39 abductions; some for up to 3 years long.


The following Booby traps (special type of Wernicke’s commands) were found and removed:

1. “Die if you remember this.”
2. “Kill yourself if you remember this.”
3. “Get cancer and die if you remember this.”
4. “Have a heart attack if you remember this.”
5. “Be dead if you remember this.”
6. “Dissolve if you remember this.”
7. “Be a vegetable if you remember this.”
8. “Go crazy if you remember this.”
9. “Be insane if you remember this.”
10. “Die of kidney failure if you remember this.”
11. “Die in agony if you remember this.”
12. “Die of a stroke if you remember this.”
13. “You’ll be insane if you remember this.”
14. “Die of blood poisoning if you remember this.”
15. “Freeze your brain if you remember this.”
16. “Drown your lungs if you remember this.”
17. “You’ll die of stroke if you remember this.”
18. “Die quickly if you remember this.”
19. “Turn on yourself if you remember this.”
20. “Die from your abilities if you remember this.”
21. “Explode if you remember this.”
22. “Phase away if you remember this.”
23. “Dematerialize if you remember this.”
24. “Attack your blood if you remember this.”
25. “Attack your heart if you remember this.”
26. “Attack your abilities if you remember this.”
27. “Lose your mind if you remember this.”
28. “Die screaming if you remember this.”
29. “Go utterly insane if you remember this.”
30. “Drop your body if you remember this.”

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February 2, 2016
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February 15, 2016 - 12:49 am
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DHS TAO blocks Super Soldier comments on Operation Restore Hope (this is the DHS TAO version that has me scrubbed out of it.  Is only 3:03 long.  CNN Version is 4:25 and has the famous 'GET THAT LIGHT OUT OF MY FACE'.     I have details written up on another posting. 

When I am logged in to another gmail account I can not see my comments posted days ago from my youtube account   Super Soldier Military Records Now.    see other postings for more detail.

TAO is going to prison forever.  I want TAO lizards to live as long as those holographs can because I dont want those satanically rotten Reptilian spirits to reincarnate.  I promise they will receive excellent health care. 

Progenitors can get this done.

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